The Transformation Of Teresa

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15 Sep. '17

The women’s dressing area at the city pool wasn’t someplace Teresa liked changing, but it was a necessity.  She could wear her suit under her street clothes on the way to the pool, but she couldn’t very well drive back home if her suit was wet.  It would be wet because Teresa enjoyed swimming.  It was relaxing and kept her body fit.  

At forty six, she needed all the fit she could get or so she thought.  Over the years and two kids, her body had changed a lot.  What had once been average size breasts had become large enough they sometimes got in the way.  The girlish, firm hips she’d had at twenty were now wider and rounder.  Only by swimming in the summer and exercises to videos on her television during the winter months had she kept them reasonably tight, though she thought like her breasts, her hips were beginning to sag a little.

How her body looked meant more to Teresa now than before.  Before, she’d tried to stay in shape, now that she was single again it was almost an obsession.  Her husband had been ten years older than she, and the doctor said it was a heart attack.  Teresa had grieved for almost a year before her sister, Virginia, sat her down at the family Christmas party.

“Teresa, you can’t keep moping around like this.  Jack wouldn’t have wanted you to.  You have a lot of life ahead of you yet.  He’d want you to make the best of it.”

“I don’t know if I can or not.  I don’t think there are any men out there like Jack was.”

“Sure there are.  You just need to look and maybe do a little fishing.  That’s what I started doing after Kent divorced me.”

“Fishing?  I don’t like to fish.”

Virginia chuckled.

“That isn’t the kind of fishing I’m talking about.  I mean you need to dress up and go out once in a while instead of dressing like our mother and staying home all the time.”

Teresa frowned.

“I can’t do that, not with my bottom and thighs as big as they are.”

Virginia patted her on the arm.

“Teresa, you need to look at other women to see how good you look.  You’re not fat.  You might need to tone up a little, but you have a sexy figure.  I know men who would love seeing you naked.  They sure like seeing me that way, and my butt is bigger than yours.”

That was true, but Virginia was taller so she didn’t look all that big.  As for a man seeing her naked, Teresa knew she wouldn’t do that until she was sure the man was the right one.

“Well, I still feel fat.”

Virginia smiled.

“I tell you what.  Next Saturday night, you dress yourself up – all the way now, sexy dress, stockings, heels, everything – and we’ll go out together.  We’ll have men standing in line to talk to us and maybe that’ll change your mind.  How’s that sound?”

That Saturday, Teresa put on the black dress she’d worn to one of Jack’s office parties, black stockings and black heels.  Men hadn’t really stood in a line beside their table in the bar, but several had come up and asked her to dance to the slow songs the DJ played a couple times an hour.  

Teresa and Virginia had both danced with the men, though to Teresa, Virginia was more rubbing her boobs into the guy’s chest than dancing.  As for the men who danced with Teresa, most of them were too young, and they all seemed to think they should be able to put their right hand on her hip instead of her back.  After dancing with three different men, she started saying no.  It didn’t feel right for another man to be touching her on her hips.

Virginia had just laughed when she told her that.

“Teresa, you have to give them a little taste of what they might get.”

Teresa frowned.

“Well, it looks to me like you’re giving them the full meal, not just a taste.”

Virginia grinned.

“I like feeling their cocks get hard when I do that.  You oughta try it.”

Virginia finally took Teresa home about eleven and said she was going back to the same bar.

“You think about what you did tonight.  I’m going back to see if Harry still wants more than a dance.”

“You’re going to sleep with him?”

Virginia grinned.

“If he does what he said he’d do, we won’t be sleeping much.  His cock felt really thick.”

Teresa shook her head.

“Sister, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

Virginia giggled.

“Why?  Because I like to get laid once in a while?  It’s a natural thing, and it wouldn’t do you any harm either. A good stiff dick once a week or so would do a lot to cheer you up.  It always does me.”

When Virginia left, Teresa undressed and got into bed.  She wasn’t really surprised by Virginia.  Virginia was two years younger, and had always been the more adventurous one.  Teresa hadn’t kissed a man until she was twenty.  Virginia had kissed most of the boys in their high school, and once she went to college, had done a lot more than kiss.

Teresa didn’t think she was a prude.  She’d enjoyed sex with Jack.  It was just that she’d been raised to believe sex should be with the man you love, not with any man who tried.  Virginia had been raised the same way, but their mother’s talks hadn’t affected her the same way.  Virginia wasn’t what Teresa would consider a slut.  She did have some scruples about the men she slept with, but before she and Harry were married, she’d slept with a lot of men.  She hadn’t been able to completely stop that once she was married either.  That’s why Harry had divorced her.

They didn’t go out together again because Teresa hadn’t really enjoyed it.  She did think about what Virginia had said about fishing, though.  That’s one of the reasons she’d started swimming.  She figured a man who went to a bar to look for women probably wasn’t the type of man she wanted.  A man who went swimming might be.  She’d seen a few watching her that day at the pool, and a couple of them were more than a little attractive.  They were there with other women so they didn’t come over to her and say anything, but they still looked.

At about three, Teresa had made her planned fifty laps across the pool. She climbed up the ladder, drained the remaining water through the leg of her suit, and then walked into the women’s dressing area.  There were only a couple women there, and they were nearly finished.  Teresa opened her locker and stripped off the one-piece suit.  She pulled the towel from the locker and began drying her long brown hair.

She was still naked and toweling off when a woman about her age walked into the dressing room.  The woman opened the locker beside hers and started taking off her suit.  Teresa glanced up when the woman sighed.

“Honey, I wish I had your body.”

Teresa blushed.

“Thank you, I guess.”

The woman smiled as she took off her suit.

“It was just a compliment, and you’re welcome.  How do you stay so fit?”

Teresa shrugged.

“I swim about fifty laps of the pool a couple times a week, and I watch what I eat.”

“I thought I’d seen you here before.  If swimming can make my butt as tight as yours, maybe I should do more swimming and less sunning.”

The woman turned to get a towel from her locker, and Teresa looked at the woman’s full hips.  They weren’t really fat.  They were just a little out of shape.  Teresa’s had been the same a few months before she started swimming.  

She dressed then and left for home.  On the way, she thought about what Virginia had said about looking at other women.  The woman at the pool had made her feel better about herself.  She still thought her bottom was too wide, but the woman’s had been wider.   Maybe what Virginia said was right.  Men might like seeing her naked.

Over the next couple of weeks, Teresa began watching other women while she swam.  In particular, she was watching for which women seemed to attract men.  What she discovered was a little discouraging.

The women with the most men around them were all young and their bodies were firm and tight.  She knew she couldn’t hope to compete with them, but she really didn’t want to.  Most of the men around them were young as well, and some of them looked young enough she could be their mother. Virginia had once told her young men could keep going all night long, but she’d never feel right about sleeping with a man that young.

The disconcerting thing was that men her age seemed to cluster around the young girls as well.  So much for fishing, she thought to herself.  Her bait wasn’t what men wanted.

She was lying on a chaise lounge one afternoon after swimming her laps and watching the other people.  Another woman got out of the pool and sat down in the chair beside her.

“It’s pathetic, isn’t it?”

Teresa looked at the woman.  She was a pretty woman and looked about Teresa’s age.  She was frowning.

“What’s pathetic?”

“They way those men keep hitting on those young girls.   Some of them have to be twice as old as the girls they’re talking to.  They’re close to being pedophiles if you ask me.  You’d think they’d want a woman their own age.  I would if I was a man.  

“I suppose that’s just the way men are though.  They think younger girls are sexier than we are.  If only they’d take a chance once in a while, they’d find out those little chickies don’t know anything about sex.

“The girls don’t do anything to discourage them either.  Look at that little blonde with the big boobs.  I’m surprised they stay in that little bikini top they way she’s waving them around in front of the guys.  Do guys really think big boobs mean she’ll be good in bed?”

“I don’t know.  Maybe they’re just hoping.”

“Well, my boobs are as big as hers, but I’m not getting any offers.  Must be her tight little ass.  Look how her cheeks are hanging out.  Well, they’re not hanging like mine would.  They’re too tight to hang, damn her anyway.”

Teresa chuckled.

“I wouldn’t be caught dead in bottoms like that.  Mine would be hanging out too.”

The woman smiled.

“Nah, I saw you get out of the pool.  Your ass is pretty sexy.”

Teresa knew she was blushing.

“Do you really think so?  I never thought of myself as sexy.  The men don’t seem to think so either.”

The woman smiled.

“Yes, I think you’re sexy, but then, I’m a woman.  Those guys in the pool wouldn’t know a sexy woman if one walked up and grabbed them by the dick.”

Teresa had to laugh.

“I can’t see myself ever doing that.”

“Neither would I.  I’ve had enough dicks for a while.”

Teresa didn’t know what to say then, and the woman noticed.

“I’m sorry.  Sometimes I say things without thinking about who I’m saying them to.  I hope I didn’t shock you.”

“No, not really.  I’m not sure what you mean though.”

“What I mean is I’ve had enough of being jumped on and fucked until he does his thing, and then left to finish myself off.  That’s what I mean.  That’s never happened to you?”

“Well, my husband was older than I and sometimes he had trouble…well, he couldn’t hold back long enough.”

The woman frowned.

“You said was.  You’re not married anymore?”

“No, I’m a widow.”

The woman’s face turned sad.

“Honey, I’m sorry I asked you that question and have been talking to you like this.  You probably think I’m not a very nice person.  Maybe we should start over.  I’m Marion, and I’m not married either.  I’m divorced.”

Teresa smiled.

“It’s OK.  I still miss him, but he’s been gone over a year now.  I’m  pretty much over it.  I’m Teresa, and no, I don’t think you’re a bad person.  I think you’re just a little frustrated, just like I am.”

Marion smiled.

“What would you possibly have to be frustrated about?”

“My sister said I should get out more and find another man.  She took me to a bar once, but I don’t think that’s the type of man I want.  They were all kind of grabby, if you know what I mean.  I started swimming to get myself in shape and I thought a man who swims might be better than one who goes to a bar to find a woman.  It hasn’t worked so far…the man thing, I mean.  I think I must be too old.”

Marion chuckled.

“You’re not too old.  Those men out there are just idiots when it comes to women.  You need to be going to places where they understand what a sexy woman really is.”

“I guess I don’t know where those places are.”

Marion smiled.

“I know of one.  I go there sometimes.  It’s more of a club than a bar, and the people there aren’t like you found in the one you went to.  I can almost promise you’ll find somebody there who appreciates you just like you are.  You might even have fun doing it.”

“Where is it?”

“Well, it’s probably best if you don’t try to get there by yourself. I’m horrible at giving directions.  I’d just get you lost.   I could take you there though.”

“You’re starting to sound like my sister.”

“Well, we’re all sisters in some ways, aren’t we?  Besides, I like you.”

Teresa was unsure, but Marion seemed to be trying to help her.  She was a little hesitant about going in the same car though.

“Could we both drive and I’d just follow you?  That way, if I’m not having a good time, I could leave and you could stay.”

Marion smiled.

“Sure, we can do that.  What about tonight?”

“I guess I have time to get ready.  Is it a dressy place?”

“No, it’s pretty laid back.  I usually wear jeans and a blouse or knit top.  Heels would be nice, but any shoes will work.  You know the filling station just outside of town, the one with the pink elephant in front?  Let’s meet there about seven.  I’ll be driving a blue minivan.”

Teresa would have driven on past the building if Marion hadn’t signaled and then turned into the parking lot.  There was no sign by the road saying what the place was.  It was just a building among several in what had been a strip mall at one time.  The area wasn’t the best in town either.

As they walked up to the door, Teresa saw three women go inside.  They were dressed just like Marion had said – jeans and a top of some sort that fit tight enough to accent their breasts.  She had an uneasy feeling then, because the three women were young, just like the girls at the swimming pool.  She prepared herself to sit for a while and then make some excuse for leaving.  She didn’t want to feel too old to attract a man like she had that afternoon.

She heard music playing as they neared the door, and felt a little safer when she saw the muscular young guy standing under the small neon sign that read “Freedom”.  He smiled at them as they walked past.

“You have a nice time, ladies.”

Just inside the door, a young girl in little shorts and a tight tank top stood at a cash register.  Teresa saw the girl’s nipples making bumps in the top and knew she wasn’t wearing a bra.  Why did every woman she saw have to be young and tight everywhere?  It just wasn’t fair, she thought.  If the rest of the women there were like the women she’d seen so far, she didn’t have a chance at attracting a man.  The girl smiled at them and said the cover charge was five dollars.  Marion and Teresa paid her and then walked inside.

The music was some soft jazz, and on the dance floor in the center of the room two women were dancing together.  That didn’t seem unusual to Teresa.  She’d seen women dancing together at the bar where Virginia had taken her.  It just seemed like something younger women liked to do.

Marion pulled on her arm then.

“Let’s get something to drink.  They make a really nice daiquiri here, and that’s what I’m having, a strawberry daiquiri.”

Teresa ordered the same from the female bartender, and while their drinks were being mixed, turned and looked around the room.

She had scanned half the room when she realized there were no men in the place.  There were several people sitting on the stools at the small, round tables, but they were all women.  Teresa tapped Marion on the sleeve.

“Marion, there aren’t any men in here.”

Marion smiled.

“I know.  That’s why I come here. There aren’t any men to pinch your ass or squeeze your boobs.  Isn’t it great?”

“I don’t know.  I’ve never been in a place like this before.”  

“It’s no different than any other place.  It just doesn’t have any men.  Ah, our drinks are ready.  Let’s find a table and sit down.”

Marion steered Teresa to a table near the dance floor.  

“I always sit here.  I like watching them dance.  Some of them are really sexy sometimes.”

Before, Teresa had assumed the two women dancing were young.  Now, up close, she could see one was, but the other was probably forty. The young woman was a slender brunette without much of a figure.  The older woman was blonde and her figure wasn’t slender.  She had heavy breasts, a thicker waist, and wide hips.  Both were smiling as they danced.  Both were touching as they danced, and what Marion had said was true.

It wasn’t at all like when she’d danced at that bar.  There, the guys just grabbed her bottom with both hands or felt up her sides until they were touching her breasts.  Teresa was accustomed to her husband touching her like that, but when those other men did it, she’d felt violated.

The touches the two women made were soft, slow, and gentle.  As Teresa watched, the young brunette smiled and stroked the blonde’s face.  The blonde turned her head, pursed her lips, and kissed the brunette’s fingers, then draped her hand over the brunette’s bare shoulder.  Her fingertips then traced the brunette’s chest down to the shallow cleavage that showed over the top of the tank top.  The brunette smiled, pursed her lips, and pushed them out as if kissing the blonde.

Teresa wasn’t so naive she didn’t understand what the women were.  She couldn’t recall ever knowing a lesbian, but then, neither of these women looked how she imagined a lesbian would look.  Neither had short hair, and neither looked as if they’d tried to dress like a man would.  They were both feminine and  wore makeup just like she did.

The jazz music stopped and a slow love song softly flowed from the speakers around the dance floor. The little brunette put her arms around the blonde's neck and pressed her body in tight.  The older blonde put her hands on the brunette’s hips.  Teresa saw the little squeeze and the grin on the brunette’s face..

Other women got up from their stools and walked onto the dance floor.  Most assumed a similar position as the brunette and blonde.  It looked odd to Teresa to see two women with their breasts touching, but not as odd as seeing them kiss each other.  She’d sometimes kissed Virginia, but always on the cheek, never on the lips.  The women were kissing like a man and woman would kiss.

Well, no, that wasn’t exactly right, she thought.  Men seemed to be a little rough when they kissed a woman.  Her husband had been that way.  He’d hold her tight and press his lips to hers firmly.  She’d enjoyed that, but it wasn’t how these women were kissing.

Their kisses looked feathery-soft, as if each was afraid to really kiss the other.  Often, it wasn’t even really a kiss.  It was just one lightly pinching the upper or lower lip of the other between her lips.  Teresa wondered how that would feel, and ran her tongue over her bottom lip.  Probably about like that, she thought.

Just then she felt a light tap on her shoulder.  She turned and saw a woman of maybe thirty with long black hair smiling at her.

“Would you like to dance”, said the woman.

Teresa tried to be polite.

“Oh, I don’t know.  I’ve never danced with another woman before.  You’d probably do better with someone who has.”

The woman smiled.

“Your first time?”

“It’s the first time I’ve been in a place like this.”

The woman touched Teresa’s hand.

“I’d really like to dance with you.  Come on.  I won’t do anything.  We’ll just dance.”

Teresa looked at Marion.  Marion just grinned and waved.   Teresa reluctantly slipped off the stool.

Teresa felt nervous as she followed the woman onto the dance floor.  The woman didn’t seem to notice.  She just led Teresa to an open spot on the floor, then turned to face her and smiled again.

“I’ll lead this time”, she said, and held out her arms in the traditional dance pose.  Teresa put her hand on the woman’s right arm and took the woman’s left hand in her right.  

As they began swaying to the soft music, the woman leaned closer.

“I’m Lacy.  What’s your name?”


“Your name fits you.  Did you know that?”

“I guess I never thought about it.”

“Well, it does.  I think most people’s names do fit them, or maybe they fit themselves to their name.  I’ve never figured out which, but it seems to be one or the other.”

Teresa had half-expected Lacy to make some proposal about going somewhere else, just like the men at that bar had.  She didn’t know quite what to make of Lacy, but she liked her because she hadn’t done that.

“How does my name fit me?”

“Well, I think a Teresa would be beautiful and graceful, and you’re both of those.”

Teresa chuckled.

“I think you must be talking about some other Teresa.”

“No, really, you are.  I’ve talked to a couple other girls who think you are too.  I’m sure Marion does.  I didn’t know she had a girlfriend.  Are you two a new thing?”

“I’m not really here with Marion.  I just met her and she invited me to come here with her.  We came in separate cars.”

Lacy grinned.

“Oh, I see.  That’s why it’s your first time then?”

“Yeah.  I’m not sure I’d have come if I’d know what kind of place it is though.”

“You mean if you’d known it was a lesbian club?”

“Something like that.  I’m not one of those.”

Lacy smiled.

“I wasn’t either.  I’m not even sure if I am now.  It gets confusing sometimes.  I mean, I like some men as friends, I just don’t want to sleep with them and that seems to be how it always ends up.  I don’t have to worry about that here.  I can just have fun.”

Teresa felt a little more than odd dancing with Lacy, but it didn’t feel wrong exactly.  When she was in high school, she’d danced with other girls because there weren’t many guys who knew how.  This felt a little like that, except she was very aware that Lacy wasn’t like the girls she knew in high school.

Lacy was holding her gently and they were just talking, but Lacy’s voice was low and a little sultry.  She sounded a little like Virginia sounded when she talked about men.  That was both disconcerting and a little…exciting was what it was, though she couldn’t really understand why.  She didn’t want to sleep with a woman, but she didn’t know what to say that wouldn’t make Lacy think she did.

“I don’t know if I could ever be one.”

Lacy chuckled.

“Your mother told you it was wrong, right?  So did mine.”

“She didn’t exactly say it was wrong.  She just said a woman should be with a man and have his children, so that’s what I grew up thinking.”

“What do you think now?”

“I don’t know.  I suppose it’s possible for two women to be together.  I just don’t think that’s me.”

Lacy squeezed her hand gently

“Well, I won’t try to change your mind even though it is tempting.  You’re a very sexy woman.  Maybe you’ll decide it isn’t wrong.”

The song ended then, so Lacy took Teresa by the hand and they walked back to Marion.  Lacy squeezed her hand again.

“Thanks for the dance.  I hope you liked it.”

“I did.  It was different, but I liked it.”

Lacy laughed.

“Different?  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

Teresa smiled.

“It liked it.  Thank you for being so understanding.”

Lacy just smiled and walked away then.  Marion tapped her on the hand..

“I think you like her, don’t you?”

Teresa shrugged.

“Lacy seems like a nice person, and it was kind of fun dancing with her.”

“So, are you going to stick around and dance some more?”

Teresa didn’t want to seem ungrateful since Marion had tried to help, but she didn’t think this place was for her any more than Virginia’s bar.

“I swam a lot this afternoon and I’m really tired.  I think I’ll just go home.  I did have fun though.”

Marion smiled.

“Well, I’m usually here on Friday and Saturday night about seven and you know how to get here now.  Next time, I’ll buy your first drink.”

Teresa took a shower when she got home, and after drying herself, stood in front of the full-length mirror on the bathroom door.  The woman who looked back at her was the same woman she always saw.  She sighed as she lifted her breasts up.  If only they weren’t so heavy, they might not droop as much.  Even the best bra she owned didn’t completely fix that.  If they were higher, maybe men would look and decide to ask her out.

She sighed again at her tummy.  She wasn’t fat, but her tummy wasn’t flat anymore.  Two kids had given her a few stretch marks and a roundness there she wished she didn’t have.  Below that, the triangle of dark brown hair on her mound pointed to her thighs.  Teresa smiled then.  Her thighs were still slender and tight.  Swimming had kept them that way.

Teresa turned sideways and looked at her hips.  They didn’t sag much anymore, but they weren’t as tight as the young girls who wore bikinis with nothing covering their hips.  The one-piece suit she always wore helped that, but she still thought they were too loose.

She started to put on a robe, but stopped and looked back into the mirror again.  Marion and the other woman at the pool had said she had a good figure.  Lacy had said she was beautiful and sexy.  What did women see that and men didn’t?

Maybe Lacy was right.  Maybe she was beautiful and sexy, at least to another woman.  Teresa wasn’t sure she liked that idea.  It was one thing to have the woman at the pool say she wished she had Teresa’s figure.  That was just a compliment, just like Marion comparing them both to the young girls in the pool.  Lacy’s statement sounded more like what a man would say if he was trying to convince her to do more.  She fell asleep wondering if that was what Lacy was really trying to say, and what she would do if it was.

The next week was about like all her others.  Teresa swam on Monday and Wednesday.  She didn’t see Marion at the pool, but the young girls were there in their little bikinis with nothing covering their tight cheeks.  The men were still there too, and were still crowded around the girls.  None of them seemed to even know she was there.

Thursday was her shopping day.  The mall was first on her plan for the afternoon.  She needed a couple new bras because the under-wires on two of hers had punched through the seams and poked her when she wore them.  As she browsed through the display, a saleswoman walked up and smiled.

“Are you finding what you need?”

“Well, I’m just looking right now.  I need a new bra or two.”

The woman smiled.

“Have you tried our new Lady Angelique series?  I absolutely love them.  They give me a lot of support and they make me look a lot younger, at least I think they do.  They’re over here.  Why don’t you try one on?”

Teresa looked at the woman.  She was about her age, and her breasts were large, but they seemed higher and firmer.  The woman had on a buttoned blouse and the cleavage that showed through the open top two buttons was deep, soft, and…Teresa searched for the word that described what she was thinking.  Sexy, that was it, no…not sexy, erotic, that was the word.  The woman looked like the well-endowed women she’d seen on TV and they were erotic.

She picked up one of the bras in her size.  If it could make her look that way, it would be worth the extra cost.

“Maybe I will.”

The salesclerk grinned.

“Once you have it on, you won’t want to take it off.  The sizes are a little different than usual though.  Would you like me to measure you so you get the right one?  The manufacturer gave us special training so we could make sure every woman gets the right size.”

Teresa hurried to put her groceries away when she got home because she wanted to wear one of her new bras to see if it stayed as comfortable as when she’d tried one on at the store.  The salesclerk had said it would.  That was after she’d used a cloth tape measure to determine Teresa’s size.  She was right about the sizes being different.  The bras Teresa had bought were a cup size larger than she usually bought.

Teresa was glad she’d agreed to have the salesclerk measure her.  The woman first measured her chest around the band of the bra she’d worn.  Once she’d written down that measurement, the salesclerk asked her to take off her bra.  Though it was embarrassing to show her bare breasts to another woman, Teresa had done as she asked.  

The salesclerk wrapped the tape measure around her body at the line of her nipples.  The salesclerk didn’t touch her with her fingers, but the tape measure sliding over her nipples made them swell a little.  The salesclerk didn’t seem to notice.  She just looked at the tape measure and wrote down another number.  Then, she looked at Teresa and smiled.

“I noticed that the bra you were wearing doesn’t lift your breasts very much.  Mine used to be the same way.  That’s because our breasts are heavy and the  bra doesn’t give us enough support.  Our Lady Angelique series is designed with support panels for girls like us.  Let me go get one in your size and you’ll see.”

Teresa had bought one in nude for everyday and a black one for…she didn’t know why she bought the black one except that it looked sexy.  She slipped the black bra around her chest, hooked the band of the black bra in the first row of hooks and then turned it around and looked in the mirror.  As she put her arms through the shoulder straps and then pulled them up, her breasts nestled into the cups.  She adjusted the straps like the salesclerk had instructed and then looked back in the mirror.

The bra did make a difference.  Her breasts were higher than with her old bras, almost as high as she remembered them being when she was twenty.  The cleavage between them was just like the salesclerk’s cleavage had been – deep, soft, and, yes, she smiled, erotic.  

Teresa turned sideways and smiled again.  What had been breasts that sat low on her chest were now lifted enough the fullest part was between her shoulder and elbow like the salesclerk had said looked best.  Teresa cupped her breasts and then moved them around.  When she released them, nothing had changed.  She jumped up and down a few times.  Her breasts rose and fell as she did, but always settled back into the bra cups and created the same profile and cleavage.

She wore the nude bra all day on Friday, and just as the salesclerk had said, it felt great all day.  It felt great enough she decided against swimming that afternoon and instead, spent the afternoon trying on different clothes to see how the new bra made her look.  She thought the seams of the support panels showed a little through T-shirts and tank tops, but didn’t show at all through a cotton blouse.  The black velvet dress she put on made her stop and stare.

She’d bought the dress for another party her husband’s company had arranged.  He said she looked sexy in the dress.  Teresa thought it was OK, but the low cut neckline held up by little straps only highlighted her sagging breasts.  The new bra changed the dress from just OK to sensuous.  Teresa grinned as she smoothed the front over her breasts.  It laid just as it should, and she thought her deep cleavage would make her look sexy and desirable to men.

Teresa sighed as she took off the dress.  No, they wouldn’t find her desirable because she was forty six and didn’t have the figure of a twenty something girl.  The same dress that had looked so sexy because of the new bra also showed her rounded tummy and wide hips and men wanted flat tummies and narrow hips.

Teresa fixed a salad and sandwich for dinner, and then settled down on the couch to watch television.  After flipping through the cable channels she usually watched and finding nothing she hadn’t already seen, she was frustrated.  That afternoon, she’d felt excited to feel new and younger.  Tonight, she was just the same woman sitting on the same sofa in front of the same TV and thinking the same thoughts.

She thought about calling Virginia to see if she’d like to go out, but then reconsidered.  Virginia would just want to go back to the same bar with the same grabby men or to another bar with another bunch of grabby men.  Marion was right about Freedom.  She’d felt a little out of place there, but it was comfortable  because she didn’t have to worry about some guy she didn’t know feeling her bottom or her breasts.

When that idea popped into her head, the thoughts she’d had after leaving Freedom and coming home came back.  Was she thinking of going back just to show Marion how she looked, or did she want something else?  What would she do if someone asked her for something else.  Lacy had been very nice about just talking, but Teresa had seen the look in her eyes.  

She smiled when she thought of at least someone thinking she might be more than just a middle-aged widow with sagging breasts and hips, even if that someone was another woman.

Of course, she’d have to say no, but there was a kind of thrill just knowing someone might want her.  She couldn’t say yes, could she?  All her life she’d known a woman’s rightful place was beside a man.  

What would her children think if they ever found out?  They’d think she was losing her mind, that’s what they’d think.  They’d think she’d never really loved their father and was now showing them what she truly was.  They’d never forgive her for that.

Teresa toyed with the idea of being with another woman.  What would it be like?  Would it be like the two women she’d seen kissing at Freedom?  Would she like it if she got kissed?  Would she like it if more than kissing happened?

She laughed at those thoughts because they were so far-fetched from who she was.  No, she wouldn’t say yes.  She’d just go, have a drink with Marion, and then come back home.

She frowned as she looked in the mirror after changing from the nude bra to the black one.  The bra made her look great.  The pink, full panties made her look old.  She rolled them down her hips and stepped out of them.  A search of her underwear drawer produced the black, thong panty she’d bought because it looked sexy in the store.  She’d never gotten the courage to actually wear it.

When she smoothed the waistband around her waist, she grinned.  The salesclerk had chuckled when she bought the thong and said her husband would love her if she wore stockings with it, so she’d bought a black, lacy garter belt and black stockings that day.  The panties made her feel sexy and a little impish.  Teresa found the garter belt and stockings and put them on, then pulled the black velvet dress over her head and zipped it up the back.

She saw Marion’s blue minivan when she pulled into the parking lot of Freedom  After checking her hair and makeup in the rear-view mirror, she took a deep breath, got out and locked her car, and then walked to the door.  The same guy was standing there, but he just smiled and told her to have a good time.

Teresa found Marion sitting at the same table and watching two women dancing.  She tapped Marion on the arm.  Marion turned and her eyes opened wide.

“Wow, Teresa.  What happened?”

She knew she was blushing, but that just made her smile.

“I bought a new bra and I wanted to go out because I like how it makes me look. This was the only place I could think of to go.”

Marion grinned.

“You’re gonna attract a lot of attention.  Let’s get you a drink before you get mobbed by half the women in the place.”

She didn’t get mobbed, but she did see several of the women watching as she and Marion walked to the bar and back.  Once they sat back down, Marion grinned again.

“You look like you’re doing some of that fishing you told me about.”

“No, not really.  I just felt pretty good about how I look and wanted to show somebody.”

“Well, fishing or not, you’re gonna get some bites.  Have you figured out how you’re gonna handle that?  I mean, last time, you kept talking about wanting men to notice you, but there aren’t any men here except Jerry outside and he’s gay.”

“You think that will happen?”

“I’m sure of it.  In fact, unless I miss my guess, it’s happening right now.”

Teresa felt a hand on her bare shoulder.

“Hi, Teresa.  Remember me – Lacy?”

Teresa felt a tiny little tingle in her shoulder.  She turned to see Lacy smiling at her.

“Hi, Lacy.  Yes, I remember you.”

Lacy’s smile got even bigger.

“I hoped you would.  Wanna dance with me again?”

Lacy let Teresa to a spot on the floor and held out her arms just as she’d done the last time.  Teresa took Lacy’s left hand in her right and felt Lacy’s hand on her shoulder blade.  As they began dancing, Lacy leaned forward and whispered in Teresa’s ear.

“Teresa, you look absolutely ravishing tonight.”

“Thank you.  I feel pretty good about how I look too.”

“Well, you should.  You’re really something in that dress, and those stockings and heels are…well, you’re just really making me hope.  Marion said you’d never been to a lesbian bar before last time.  Are you looking for someone?  If you are, I’d like to be that someone.”

“Oh, I don’t know if I could do that or not.  I’ve never…”

“I know how you’re feeling right now.  You’re asking yourself why you came and what you’ll do if someone asks you to do more than dance.  That about right?  That’s what I thought the first time.”

“Well, I know why I came tonight.  I wanted to show someone other than my mirror how I look.  As for the other, I’m not sure.  I did think about it after I went home the last time, but I don’t know if I’d even feel anything.  I mean, I was married to a man for almost fifteen years.  I don’t know if I want to change from thinking like that to thinking…well, you know.”

“Can I hold you a little closer while you’re thinking?  I’d really like to do that.”

Lacy didn’t really wait for an answer.  She just let her hand slide from Teresa’s shoulder blade down to the small of her back.  Teresa shivered at that touch, and then shivered again when Lacy gently cupped her right cheek.  

Lacy whispered, “God your ass is nice”, in her ear and Teresa chuckled.

“It’s kind of fat.”

Lacy let her nails drag over Teresa’s left hip and Teresa felt little tingles race up her spine.

“It’s not fat, Honey.  It’s fabulous.”

Lacy stroked her other hip and then whispered, “Put your arms around my neck.”

When Teresa did so, she felt her breasts pressing into Lacy’s and then both of Lacy’s hands cupping her bottom.  Lacy whispered in her ear again.

“I would absolutely love making love with you.”

Lacy’s fingers lifted Teresa’s cheeks and then squeezed them gently.  She felt those same tingles and involuntarily pressed her body closer to Lacy.  Lacy chuckled.

“I think you like this, don’t you?”

Teresa stammered a little because the feelings were so different and she didn’t quite know what to make of them.

“I – I guess so, but…well, it’s been a long time since anyone touched me like that, and that was my husband.  I’ve never had a woman touch me like that.”

Lacy stroked both hands up Teresa’s back, then to the sides of her breasts, and then back down to her hips.

“Does it really matter as long as it makes you feel good?”

“I-I don’t know.”

Lacy moved her left hand to Teresa’s chin and lifted it so she was looking into Teresa’s eyes.

“You look like you need to be kissed.”

Teresa wasn’t prepared for the nibbling kiss to her lower lip and caught her breath at the sensations.  Lacy did it again and then looked at her and smiled.

“Did you like it?  I loved it.”

“I don’t think I know what I’m supposed to like anymore.”

Lacy stroked a fingertip over Teresa’s lower lip.

“It’s not important for you to figure that out now.  What is important is if you liked it or not.  Did you?”

“Yes, a little I suppose.”

“Then kiss me back this time.”

“I don’t know how to kiss another woman.”

“Just do what you feel like doing.”

Teresa caught her breath again when Lacy nibbled her upper lip, and when she opened her mouth, felt Lacy’s tongue slip between her teeth.  She gasped when their tongues touched, and then pressed her lips to Lacy’s.  Lacy’s little moan reverberated in Teresa’s mouth and caused little shocks that raced through her body to her core.  As their tongues entwined, Teresa tightened her arms around Lacy and pulled herself tighter against her.  She felt her breasts pressing into Lacy’s as Lacy massaged her bottom.  

Lacy gently pulled away then and giggled quietly.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t like it that time.  Your eyes are still closed and your mouth is still open.”

Teresa opened her eyes to see Lacy smiling.

“I didn’t know it would be like that.”

Lacy stroked Teresa’s face with soft fingertips.

“I did.  I want you to kiss me now.”

Teresa didn’t say anything because she couldn’t.  She closed her eyes and parted her lips, then pressed them lightly against Lacy’s.  Lacy moaned when Teresa mouthed her lower lip and then pulled back gently.  Teresa moaned when Lacy’s soft, searching tongue found hers again.  Teresa felt Lacy’s hands on her breasts, gently fondling and squeezing them through her bra.  She gasped when Lacy’s thumbs found her nipples and brushed over them.

Teresa felt her body responding and willed it to stop, but it wouldn’t.  It was as if her body had taken control and left her mind reeling with all the signals of arousal her body was sending.  

Lacy eased back and whispered, “The music has stopped and we probably should too…for now anyway.”

Marion wasn’t sitting at the table when they walked back.  Teresa looked around the club but didn’t see her.  She asked Lacy if she knew where Marion would have gone.  Lacy smiled.

“Marion’s seems a little odd sometimes.  I’m not sure why she comes here.  She doesn’t dance with anybody, and I’ve never seen her leave with anybody.  I don’t think she knows yet what she wants.  She probably just left.  I’ll sit with you if you want some company.  If not, would you dance with me again sometime?”

Teresa smiled.

“I’d feel weird sitting here all by myself.  Please stay.”

Teresa sat down on the stool she’d used before.  Lacy pulled one closer and then sat down beside Teresa.  She stroked Teresa’s bare arm.

“So, was it what you thought it would be, kissing me I mean.”

Teresa chuckled.

“No, better…too much better.”

“Why too much?”

“Well, I like you and everything, and I liked kissing you, but I’m still a little afraid of what that might mean.”

“You think it might mean you like girls?”


“And you still think that’s wrong?”

“I’m just all confused I guess.  I’ve been trying to get a man to notice me for weeks now and none have.  The only people who have noticed me are other women.  First it was a woman at the pool.  Then it was Marion.  Then, I come here once and meet you, and now…I don’t know if that’s right or wrong.  It felt pretty right when we were dancing.  Now, I’m not sure again.”

Lacy stroked her arm again.

“Teresa, I can’t tell you what’s right or wrong for you.  You’re the only one who can figure that out.  What I can tell you is what I believe.  I think some women are born to only like men, some are born to only like other women, and some are born to like both.  I don’t think you can change how you are just because you think it’s something you should do.  It runs too deep.”

“So, I could be a woman who likes both men and women?”

“Sure.  I know a few women who are like that.  I think that may be what Marion is trying to figure out, you know, if she could like both or not.”

“How would I know if I’m one of those?”

Lacy smiled.

“Marion told me you’re a widow.  Did you like it when your husband made love to you?”

“Yes, I guess so.  I never tried to stop him.”

Lacy stroked Teresa’s cheek.

“That sounds like I used to be.”

“You were married too?”

“No, but I had a few boyfriends.  I never tried to stop them either, but one day, I realized I didn’t really like them doing it.  I just let them because it was something women were supposed to do.”

“So, that’s when you figured out you like women?”

“No.  It took me a while longer to understand myself.  I read a lot about it, but I didn’t think that was me.  I figured I was just a woman who didn’t like sex.”

“What made you decide?”

Lacy sighed.

“I was working as a bank teller and this one woman about my age, Sherry was her name, she came in once a month to deposit her paycheck.  She always came to my window and she always said something to me about how nice I looked.  After about six months, she asked me if I had a boyfriend.  I said I didn’t.

“Sherry asked me what I did when I wasn’t being a bank teller.  Well, I didn’t do much except sit at home by myself, so that’s what I told her.  She invited me to come here with her sometime.  She didn’t tell me what the place was or I probably wouldn’t have accepted, but she seemed to be really nice and I was going crazy at home by myself.

“Once I got inside, I almost turned around and left again.  Sherry stopped me and asked if I’d ever thought about liking women.  Well, I’d read a little about lesbians, but I couldn’t see myself doing that.  She just smiled and asked me to stay for one hour with her.  I think it was when she kissed me I started to realize maybe I could be a woman who likes other women.”

Teresa sipped her drink and then smiled.

“I can understand why, but didn’t you feel a little like it was wrong?”

“Sure I did, but Sherry talked me thought that, just like I’m trying to do with you.”

“So you went with her that night?”

“No, not that night.  Sherry wasn’t that way.  She told me she’d like to show me more, but she wouldn’t try to talk me into anything I didn’t want to do.  I didn’t go with her until the next time.”

“What made you decide to then?”

“We danced together and she kissed me again.  Then, when we came back to our table, she touched me, like this.”

Teresa felt a sensation almost like an electric shock when Lacy stroked her thigh through the dress.  It was nothing like when her husband had touched her there.  It was like every sense came alive and was tingling and waiting for something else to happen.  She felt Lacy slide her hand down to her knee and then slip it under the dress.  The sensation became more intense as Lacy stroked up the inside of Teresa’s nylon clad thigh, and she caught her breath when the soft fingertips touched the bare skin at the top of her stockings.

Lacy grinned.

“I did the same thing you just did.  I wasn’t wearing a dress, so it was only through my jeans, but it was wild, that feeling, like my whole body was really, really alive.  I think that’s when I knew.  I know I knew after I spent the night with her.”

“Isn’t she jealous that you’re here talking to me?”

“No.  Sherry moved out of state because of her job about a year ago.  She asked me to go with her, but I couldn’t.  I’m an only child and mom and dad are getting up in years and they need help sometimes.  I had to stay here.”

“Do they know?”

“I’ve never told them, but I think Mom does.  She’s always had this way of seeing what I won’t tell her.  After she met Sherry, she asked me if I was happy.  I said I was.  She hugged me and said that was the most important thing and not to worry about what anybody else thought.”

Teresa felt the fingertips inching higher up her bare thigh.  The sensation was nearly overpowering.  She caught her breath again as Lacy’s fingertips touched her panties.  That soft, gentle touch created a need in Teresa she hadn’t felt before, even with her husband.  The need was so strong she couldn’t think logically, though she tried.

She needed to be touched like that everywhere.  She needed to keep feeling those tingles that raced to her core even if it was wrong.  No, it couldn’t be wrong to feel like she did.  The need she felt seemed natural like Virginia had said, but it couldn’t be natural.  Women were supposed to like men touching them.  Maybe she was just getting carried away because someone finally saw her as more than just an older woman.  Then again, maybe she really wanted this.  

Teresa shivered as Lady stroked soft skin between her inner thigh and lips.  It might not be right, she thought, but how would she know unless…

She looked at Lacy.

“I don’t know how I’ll feel about it later, but could you show me what Sherry showed you?”

Lacy’s apartment was half an hour away from Freedom, and neither talked as she drove them there.   Lacy was quiet because she didn’t want Teresa to change her mind.  

Teresa was quiet because she was anticipating what might happen.  What would Lacy do with her?  Would it be something she liked, or would it be something she’d experience and then decide she was a woman who liked men after all?

Lacy unlocked the door and motioned Teresa inside, then entered and locked the door behind them.  She turned to Teresa and smiled.

“I’m happy we’re here together.  I’ve wanted this since that first night.”

Teresa was nervous.

“I have to tell you I don’t know anything about this.”

“I didn’t either.  Just relax and let yourself go.  If you can do that, you’ll figure it out.”

Lacy led Teresa to her bedroom, turned on the lamp beside the bed table and then turned off the overhead light.  Then she walked to Teresa, took her in her arms and kissed her.

Teresa felt the same tingles race from her lips and tongue to her center.  She put her arms around Lacy and melted into the kiss.  She was breathless when Lacy pulled gently away.

“Would you let me undress you?”

Teresa held up her arms and smiled.  She shivered when Lacy’s fingertips touched her bare back and shivered again when Lacy pulled the zipper down.  Lacy stooped down, picked up the hem of the dress and slowly lifted it.  As the soft material caressed her skin, Teresa felt the same feelings coming back.  She was alive with little tingles and the excitement of anticipation.  The tingles became stronger when Lacy kissed her way up Teresa’s body as she took off the dress.

Lacy carefully folded the dress, laid it on the chair beside the bed table, and then turned back to Teresa.

“God, Teresa, you’re gorgeous.”

Lacy kissed her again, this time fondling her butt cheeks and then gently raking her nails over them and up her back.  Teresa sighed at that sensation then shivered as Lacy unhooked her bra.  Lacy broke the kiss, backed away slightly and slipped the bra straps from Teresa’s shoulders.  Her breasts slipped from the cups, and after tossing the bra to the same chair, Lacy cupped both Teresa’s breasts and kissed her again.

Teresa felt Lacy’s soft fingertips gently squeezing her breasts.  She moaned quietly when Lacy circled her nipple with a fingertip, and moaned again as that fingertip brushed the tip of that nipple.  Without thinking, she moved one hand to Lacy’s breast and stroked it with one fingertip.  Lacy purred out a little moan, then stepped back, pulled the tank top over her head and took off her bra.  Teresa felt Lacy’s soft breasts pressing into hers when Lacy kissed her again.

Teresa got lost in the soft, slow caresses Lacy made to her breasts, back, tummy and hips, and after a while, tentatively cupped one of Lady’s breasts.  It felt like her own breast, but different somehow.  Lacy was soft, yet firm and yielding.  Teresa squeezed gently and Lacy murmured, “see, I told you you’d figure it out.”

Teresa caught her breath when Lacy slipped her hand inside her panties.  The fingers that gently stroked her lips made Teresa’s tummy roll. She stroked down Lacy’s rounded tummy, then over her mound.  She was surprised to find Lacy’s panties seemed damp.  She gently stroked there a few times, then slipped her hand under the waistband.  Lacy moaned when Teresa touched the separation between her lips.

“Let’s get undressed the rest of the way.”

They lay side-by-side and facing each other in Lacy’s bed.  Lacy kissed Teresa until her mind was spinning with the new sensations of soft lips against hers and the electric-like shocks when their tongues touched.  She moaned every time Lacy lightly stroked her nipples, and gasped when Lacy pushed one flat and then moved her fingertip to let it pop back up.

As Lacy’s caresses aroused her, Teresa found she wanted…no needed to touch Lacy in the same ways.  Her hands stroked Lacy’s soft breasts, softly caressed Lacy’s mound, and when Lacy slipped a fingertip between Teresa’s lips, she could only do the same.  Their bodies arched together then, and both moaned.

Time ceased to be as the two women pleasured each other, Lacy with the experience to know what Teresa needed and Teresa with the awe of discovering how she could excite Lacy.  

As Teresa penetrated Lacy’s body with her finger for the first time, Lacy gasped and then whispered, “I want you Teresa.”

Lacy gently opened Teresa’s thighs and then knelt between them.  Teresa felt a fingertip exploring between her lips, then easing inside her.  She gasped when Lacy curled that finger up and gently massaged.  Her thighs opened wide even though she didn’t realize she’d done that.  Lacy stretched out on the bed and held Teresa’s thighs open.

Teresa thought she’d feel Lacy’s finger again.  Instead, she felt Lacy’s lips kissing and nibbling up her inner thigh.  The kisses reached almost to her soft lips and then stopped.  A second later, she felt more of Lacy’s kisses moving up her other thigh.  She was aching for more, but wasn’t prepared for the soft, wet warmth of the tongue that slipped over her outer lips.  The sensation tightened her tummy muscles and made her moan.  Lacy giggled.

“I think you like this.”

Before Teresa could answer, Lacy spread Teresa’s outer lips with her thumbs and then licked from Teresa’s entrance up to the little bump at the top of her lips.  Teresa moaned again and put her hands on Lacy’s head.  Lacy licked her again, and Teresa’s hips rocked up slightly.

Teresa let her mind drift away as the sensations raced from her sex to crash together in her core.  She became just a blank slate upon which Lacy drew the signs of ecstasy with her tongue and nibbling lips.  She didn’t realize it could be like this, so overpowering she could only lie there and let her body react.  

React, it did.  Teresa was soon writhing under the soft, wet tongue that searched her sex from bottom to top and then back down again.  Her hips lurched when Lacy pushed her tongue into the opening to her core and she gasped when Lacy found her nipples, pinched them firmly, and then rolled them between her fingers.

Lacy was enjoying herself.  She’d wanted this since the first time she’d seen Teresa, and she was determined to make this first experience one Teresa would remember and crave.  As Teresa moaned again, Lacy closed her lips around Teresa’s swollen clit and sucked gently.  The response was as she’d hoped.  Teresa gasped and her tummy rolled.

Lacy sucked again, a little less gently this time, and pulled up on Teresa’s taut nipples.  Teresa gasped again and then started to breathe panting breaths.  Lacy moved her right hand to Teresa’s entrance and slipped two fingers inside her.  As she sucked rhythmically on Teresa’s clit, she curled her fingers up and began stroking them in and out quickly.

Through the mists of sensations that fogged her mind, Teresa wondered at how she felt.  It was like nothing she’d ever experienced with her husband, and was more than she’d ever been able to give herself.  She felt the tension building in her body and arched up a little when Lacy pulled on her nipple.  As she arched higher, she felt Lacy sucking her clit and licking the stiff tip at the same time.  The tension in her body increased to the point her body was arched in the air from her shoulders to her hips.

One more tug on her nipple was all it took.  Teresa cried out and her hips rocked into Lacy’s face.  She cried out again when Lacy sucked hard, and her body began to quake.  Her mind became a clouded mix of colors that exploded with sound as she shook from the waves that crashed into her core and left her breathless.

When Teresa fell back down onto the mattress, Lacy eased her body up and then down until her breasts pressed into Teresa’s.  She kissed her, and Teresa tasted herself on Lacy’s lips. The taste was surprisingly erotic, something she’d never have imagined.  She wondered if Lacy tasted the same.

Lacy breathed into Teresa’s ear.

“Did you enjoy yourself?”

Teresa caught her breath as a last small wave swept through her body.

“Oh…I think I still am.”

Lacy chuckled.

“It happens like that to me sometimes too.”

Teresa stroked Lacy’s back.

“Can I do the same things for you?”

Lacy kissed her on the lips, then pulled back gently.

“I’d love it if you did.”

The next Saturday night when she and Lacy walked into the main area of the club, Teresa saw Marion sitting at her usual table.  She took Lacy by the hand and together they walked to Marion’s table.

Marion smiled when they said “Hi”.

“I guess you found somebody who appreciates you, just like I said you would.”

Teresa giggled.

“Yeah, but you didn’t really tell me how much she’d appreciate me or how much I’d appreciate her.”

“Was it that great?”

“Mmm…more than you can imagine.”

“So, you’ve become a lesbian now?”

Teresa squeezed Lacy’s hand and Lacy squeezed hers back.

“I don’t know yet.  I know I really like Lacy and I think she really likes me.”

Marion sighed.

“I’m happy for you.  I wish I could be as happy.”

Lacy smiled.

“You could be.  I could introduce you to Shirley.  She doesn’t have a partner and she’s looking at you right now.”

Marion put her hand on her chest.

“Oh, my…really?”

“Yes, really.”

“I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt anything to just meet her.”

Lacy and Teresa were dancing when the saw Marion smile at Shirley.  A moment later, they walked out the door together.  

Teresa pressed her cheek against Lacy’s.

“Do you think Marion will find what I found?”

“Maybe.  Shirley’s a nice woman.”

“Will she do this to Marion?”

Teresa stroked the curve of Lacy’s hip and Lacy shivered.

“Probably, and if you keep doing it, we’re going to have to leave early.”

Teresa nibbled Lacy’s earlobe and then whispered, “I don’t care as long as we leave together…and we end up in bed together.”

Lacy chuckled.

“You’re not sure if you’re a lesbian, but you want to be in bed with me?”

Teresa squeezed Lacy’s butt cheeks.

“I lied to Marion a little.  Right now, I am, and I can’t see that changing any time soon.”

Teresa slipped her hand slowly up Lacy’s sides and then gently squeezed her breasts.

“I want to prove that to you tonight…and probably more than once.”

Marion and Shirley didn’t connect in the same way as Lacy and Teresa, but once Marion had sampled another woman’s touch, she knew someday she would.  Lacy and Teresa usually see her at Freedom on Saturday nights.  She always waves at them if she’s dancing with someone, or comes over to say hello.  She’s currently with Barbara, a woman a few years younger, and it looks as if she may have found what she was looking for.

Lacy and Teresa go to Freedom every Saturday night, but they seldom stay later than ten.  Neither one is looking to change the arrangement they have so they go only to relax and dance a little.

The lease on Lacy’s apartment ran out two months ago, and Teresa asked her to move into her house.  They share the costs and chores of living, and they share the same bed every night.  Sometimes going to bed means just a good night hug and kiss.  Sometimes it means they’ll take each other to a shattering release  and then the quiet caresses that follow.  They’re happy with both.

Teresa is a little surprised at how much it seems like when her husband was alive.  She doesn’t think of Lacy as a husband.  She thinks of Lacy as a partner who she loves in a way different than she could ever love another man.  Lacy feels the same way about Teresa.  Neither has actually told the other she loves her, but they both know it’s true.   

They haven’t talked about a formal marriage, though each has thought about it.  They have exchanged rings.  The rings are just two simple gold bands, and on the inside of each is engraved the name of the other and a heart.  To them, the rings mean more than any words they might say to each other in a ceremony.  Maybe some day, they’ll have that ceremony, but for now, the little hearts say to them how they feel about each other and that is enough.