Runnin' (After the Femmies)

Info Xenosmilus
19 Sep. '17


→ One time, one time, brodie, one time!
→ Where? Runnin' to the femmies
(Yeah, I know what you mean)
No matter what I do, they got ya boi still runnin’ after the femmies
(Put them motherfucking knee-highs on tight, baby girl…oooh my...)

[Young Lil’ Fresh]
I just got nuttin' on my mind, gettin' in some trouble
Licking cocks on any block, leavin' cummy cum puddles
For some ass ridah's delight, now we in a pounding all night;
I can’t help but shoot creamy puddles on the faces of these girly angels or devils, a’ight?
It's on me, but if I get in a committed relationship, remember me as a whore ass G
A still-open but inactive tindr on these heiffers so they all remember me
With my vest on my chest, my tool dedicated to my one-and-only piece
Slut Life motherfucker, got me runnin' after the femmies!

Buster, you know that's true
Catch a fruit like Gay-Dog, chillin' with his bro crew
Every damn day, when a sexy fay switch by,
We callin' out “Hey bay bay?!”
Switch that ass over this way, so we can spray ‘n’ play?
Gave me the cold shoulder, his f-hag keep gettin bolder
She tryin’ to cock block my 8 inch stock.
His ass so plump, damn, I hope I don't spill
Baby chill, shit is real, cocks back a feel.

[Big Thang Wang]
Still runnin' after femmies, I gets no sleep
So busy dreamin’ dat out my shorts the pee pee peepin’,
Player pimpin like a motherfucking track star, on the late night creepin’
My B.Y.C., pluggin' up cuties’ backyards,
White or black, red or brown, my yellow monster always pulls the hottest hottie’s card.
So I grabs my piece before I lose my cool and in my draws make a spilly,
And instead of me chasin', these sexies chasin’ me,
A player O.G..
I lick head slits, no slots, cum shots on hot spots, ass so tight
I feel like a great dane on a chihuahuah with the knots.

[Hook: Jam-My-Cum-Man]
Now it's scarier den war, me trying to get him number,
But pretty girly boy he tell me no, got me feeling like a rude ho
I wanna dem to cock me, me butt take more steel pipe then gun store,
Femmy boy they call me a butch whore,
Look around, look around, haters gonna hate
Hate him me on social media as fast as you can, but you can't match me
Look around, look around, haters gonna hate
Me blast white on you boyfriend back, and him blast back on me

Yo I was, schemin' and fiendin' for lots of booty, man!
San Fran to Dallas to Mitch-i-gan,
I’m goin’ crazy around all these cuties, all bubbly booties,
My smuttish fame, I bottom too so I loved those pains,
But now confidence pimp plays and pays so I run the game
The insane Marty John cock, my mile high got him riding higher than a plane
On them suckin’ suckers with my fuckin' ruckus, i.e. fuckus.

[The Notorious D.I.C.K.]
Check it, I grew up, a fuckin' screw-up
Learn to dress right, dress tight, sexy chub on sight, my DMs fuckin' blew up
He’s sloppin' my rocks overnight
The moment I saw him flip his hair,
I knew right there,
as I stare,
I wanted him sloppin my rock, flirting and perking chickees by the flock
And we gettin' it, the dirty slobs is jealous of us, so they sweatin' it
I'm gettin’ blown more than smoke, my BBC python ain’t no circus ass joke
And provoke the astrogliiiiide to slide and incite inside my genetic tiiiiiiide,
so let the drama slide
We keepin' it real, fuck how a hater feel,
Squeezing this fem's soft ass cheeks, stroke her jutting steel,
Shhh baby, we just got back from Red Lobsters, now YOU gonna be my meal!  


They got me runnin' and mumblin’ since about one oh,
Sweatin’ buckets with the nervous to impress this uppiteeeeeeeee ho;
I hope he wanna see my five point six oh;
But my erection got no collection of recollection that my brain's fear section is overloaded with reflections of rejection;
I'm movin' swifter than the next, no time for rest, just Netflex;
Cause in my mind, all I wonder is can this heiffer twerk flex?;
My homie slipped up and now he all nice,
He hooked up with a weekend drag queen, now they married, white picket fence fo’ life!;
Tell me is it MEEEEEE or my upbringin'?
I spit that power-top shit, FUCK singin'!;
I hope shorty got those knee-highs OOOONNNNNN tight,
Cause I ain't tiring out,
I'd rather hard-fuck this beautiful motherfucker all night;
Ya boy runnin' through these numbers, BIIAAATTCHH!
Monogamy never catch me,
Cause I'm rekt'd and slut happy on his SNIIAAAAATCH!
Don't say you never heard of me, til one marries me,
I'm a butch top legend;
He’s gigglin in my car while I buyin mags in that 7-11;
I'm rollin' with a Purple Head
We givin' most to them hoes and yo
I got no love for those dramatic ass hos,
Too busy chasin' after the femmies!