The Haunted House

Info silverhawk
26 Sep. '17

It was the Saturday before Halloween, and the sign over the open gate said “Knollwood Farm”.  Brittany turned in and drove down the gravel lane to the big farm house at the end.  Just to the left of the farmhouse was a huge machine shed and a barn almost as large.  In front of the barn stood an old fashioned, horse-drawn farm wagon.  As she and Timmy got out of her car, she heard the neigh of a horse coming from the barn.

The church had decided to have a Halloween party for the children of all the members, and had found Knollwood Farm offered all they needed.  The evening would begin with face painting for the younger kids, a trip through the ‘Haunted House”, really just the machine shed, and then an old-fashioned hay ride on a horse drawn wagon that the brochure said would also be scary.  After the hayride, the evening would end with a marshmallow roast over an open fire.  There would also be coffee for the adults in attendance, and cocoa for the children.

Brittany had been excited about everything except the hayride.  She’d been on one as a girl, and had discovered she was allergic to hay.  Much to the dismay of the boy she’d gone with, she began to sneeze as soon as the wagon started to move.  Brittany knew he wanted to steal a kiss or two, and had wanted that too, but her sneezing put a stop to that.  She’d sneezed for two days after, and hadn’t been near any hay since.  

Timmy thought it was a great idea, and talked about it all week.  Brittany thought the fact that Cheryl, the girl Timmy seemed to talk about a lot, was also going and might have something to do with his excitement.

The haunted house was scary, even for Brittany.  The inside of the big machine shed had been divided into rooms with paneling, and the rooms were laid out so one had to walk down one specific path through them.  It was filled with screeching ghosts who jumped out at them when they walked past, animated figures of people in coffins, and some sort of leggy things that seemed to fall on Brittany’s bare shoulders and hair.  She knew it was all just part of the show, but feeling something that seemed to have a thousand legs brushing your neck was still creepy.

Brittany walked out of the haunted house, following Timmy and Cheryl.  He was holding Cheryl’s hand, and Brittany smiled.  He was growing up fast.  She’d have to have another talk with him one of these days.  He was fourteen and at the age where girls had become interesting.  That should have been Ricky’s job, but since he’d left, she’d had to be both mother and father to Timmy.  She watched Timmy help Cheryl into the wagon.  He climbed in after her and sat down beside her.  Brittany went to find the coffee pot.

The man who was setting out paper cups on the table smiled at Brittany when she walked up.  He was a little taller than Brittany, and she thought he must eat a lot because his belly was fat enough his belt was down under it.  The day’s worth of whiskers made him look a little mean, too.

“You’re not going on the hayride?”

Brittany chuckled.

“I don’t want to sneeze all next week.  I’m allergic to hay...any dry grass actually.”

“Well, I can understand.  With me, it’s the fall ragweed.  Doc gave me a shot that helps some, but it’s still a pain since I’m outside a lot in the fall.”

“I suppose I should go see about it, but as long as I stay away from hay, I do OK.”

The man stuck out his hand.

“I’m Jack.”

Brittany smiled.

“I’m Brittany.  I take it this is your farm?”

“Yeah, all five hundred and seventy two acres.  You want some coffee or cocoa while you wait?”

“Coffee, please.  Did you build the haunted house?”

Jack nodded his head.

“Always liked building things, and figured maybe people would pay to see what I build.  Been doing this for ten years now, and every year, I build something to make it a little better.  Must be working, because the same people come back every year.”

“I’d never heard of it before the church arranged for the party.  When are you open?”

“I never really advertised much, just that first year.  After that, people told other people, and the newspaper came out and did an article on us once.  Been busy every Friday and Saturday night in October since, well, except for the Saturday closest to Halloween.  Most towns pick that night for trick or treating, so nobody comes out then.  They will this year though.”

Jack handed Brittany a steaming styrofoam cup.

“Careful.  It’s hot.  Cream and sugar?”

“Just cream, please.”

Brittany took a tiny sip from her cup.  It was good coffee, as good as she made, and it was hot.  She sat the cup down on the table to cool a little.

“What’s different about this year?”

Jack laughed.

“It was Marsha’s idea, really.  She’s my wife.  She likes to dress up on Halloween, but there’s no place to go so she can show off.  She said we ought to have an adult Halloween party, so that’s what we’re doing.  It’ll be the same haunted house, except for a few things I won’t show the children, and the same hayride.  We can’t serve alcohol, but it’s OK if people bring their own.  Should be fun.  Wanna come?”

Brittany smiled.

“You’ll probably only have couples and I’m not a couple.”

“You aren’t?.  I thought since you had a boy…”

“I was married, but I’ve been single for the past ten years.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

Brittany smiled.

“Don’t be.  I’m happy.”

Jack grinned.

“Well, you should still come.  I figure it’ll be a lot of fun.  Marsha’s got her outfit all done”, Jack grinned again, “what there is of it.  She’s gonna dress up like an old-time saloon girl and she’s hoping all the men will think she’s hot.  She put it on for me last night.  She’s gonna be hot enough to fry eggs.  Bet you would be too.”

Brittany laughed.

“I think you must be thinking of some other woman.  I’m not all that sexy.”

Jack wiggled his eyebrows.

“Don’t sell yourself short; you would be if you dressed right, maybe as a pirate wench or a nurse.  Say, would you like to see what I made for the adult party?  If you were coming, I wouldn’t spoil the surprise, but since you aren’t…”

Jack led Brittany through the maze of rooms.  He’d evidently turned off the ghosts and screams, though the furry things still fell on Brittany’s shoulders.  Jack laughed when she shrieked at one.  

“They’re just cut up rubber bands on fishing line.  Can’t see ‘em when it’s so dark and they feel just like a spider crawling on you.  Ah, here we are, right at the end.  You went out the door that says “exit”.  At the adult party, they’ll go in here.”

Jack unlocked and opened a door that had “Dungeon” written in red letters that looked like they were dripping blood.

“Almost have it finished.  Kinda proud of it too.”

Brittany looked around the room.  In the dim light, she could make out rings screwed into the walls and something that looked like a big bird cage hung from the ceiling.  In the center of the room was a heavy table with some sort of big gears at one end, and off to the side was something that looked like a saw horse, but was taller and made of much heavier wood.  The top was padded.

“I’ll have a few more college kids in here, like the ones who dress up as my ghosts and zombies, but ones that are old enough and not too shy.  I’ll have a couple half naked girls tied up to the wall over there, and a guy in the cage up above that looks like he’s starting to rot.  He won’t be real, of course.  I got a guy making him for me out of paper mache.  I should get him on Monday.

“Over there is my whipping bench.  Haven’t decided if it’s gonna be a guy bent over it with a girl in a black corset and high heels and a whip, or a girl getting her bare butt whipped by a guy, but it’ll be one or the other.”

Brittany was getting uncomfortable with all this.  It wasn’t that she was shocked or anything because she was anything but shocked.  It was that nobody in the church knew the secret she kept from them and she wanted it to stay that way.  What she was seeing made her remember that secret, and she didn’t want Jack to see what that was doing to her.

When she’d been married, and before Timmy, they’d experimented a little with bondage and discipline.  Brittany was by nature a submissive women.  Rick wasn’t exactly the domineering type, but he enjoyed their games.  The first time he’d tied Brittany to the bed and then fingered her to so many orgasms she cried for him to stop, he’d decided he liked it.  Once Brittany could breathe again with gasping and panting, she realized the orgasms were the best she’d ever experienced.

They’d tried other things after that.  Usually she was tied in some manner so she couldn’t escape what Rick was doing, but that made it just that much more exciting.  She trusted Rick not to really hurt her, even when he bent her over the bed and used the wide leather swatter on her butt cheeks.  She’d feel them growing warm from the swats and also feel herself becoming aroused.

As Jack talked, Brittany could imagine the two girls tied against the wall.  Their breasts would be exposed and as they struggled, those breasts would wobble back and forth, just as her breasts did when Ricky had tied her to the rings he’d installed on one wall of their bedroom.  Maybe there would be a man with them.  He’d twist and pull on their nipples and probe between their thighs with his fingers.  Ricky had done that to her and she’d gotten so aroused she’d almost pounced on him when he untied her.

She could picture herself bent over the whipping horse with her wrists and ankles strapped to the legs.  Her legs would be spread wide apart and the full, soft lips between her thighs would be exposed to anyone who looked.  Some man would tease those soft lips with a flogger enough she’d begin to breathe faster, and then use the flogger on her butt cheeks.  She’d gasp at the sting, then gasp again when she felt the flogger brushing her sex again.  She’d feel herself getting wet, and then moan as the flogger stung her butt again.

He’s slide his cock in her, just like Ricky used to do, and tease her with short strokes until she was begging him to fuck her.  He would, slamming his cock into her hard enough his belly would slap against her butt.  When the orgasm hit her, she wouldn’t be able to move much, so the contractions that wracked her body would be even more intense.

Those thoughts were making her nipples stiffen, and she knew if she checked, her panties would be damp.  Jack’s voice brought her out of the daydream.

“Hey Brittany, you OK?”

“Oh, yes, I’m fine.  It’s just really scary.”

Jack patted the big heavy table.

“Thank you.  It’s supposed to be scary.  This is my rack.  They used to use these to torture people by stretching them until their arms and legs popped out of the sockets.  I’m gonna have a half-naked girl stretched out on it.  The guys oughta like that a lot.  Hey, maybe I should have a guy getting whipped on the bench so the girls have something to look at too.  What do you think?”

Brittany’s mind was reeling a little.  As Jack was talking, images of her in those predicaments were flashing through her mind.

“Uh…I suppose the women might like to see a man getting whipped.  You wouldn’t use a real whip, though, would you?”

“Nah.  Nobody would get hurt, even on my rack.  Hey, wanna try it out?  I haven’t been able to get Marsha out to do it, and I need to see if my ropes are long enough.”

“No…I don’t think so.  It looks too scary.”

Jack grinned.

“Aw, I won’t hurt you.  Just hop up there and lay down.  I’ll just put my ropes on you and see if they’re long enough and then you can get back off.”

His voice was almost pleading.

“Come on, Brittany.  I really need to see if it’s gonna work right before next Saturday so I can fix it if it won’t.”

Jack had been so nice, Brittany couldn’t very well refuse.  She was also feeling the same feelings she’d had when Ricky strapped her to the bed.  She hopped up on the table and smiled.

“You’re sure you’re not going to stretch me?”

“Just enough to check my ropes, that’s all.  All you have to do is lay down.”

Brittany felt a soft leather strap being fastened around her left ankle.  It felt like it was padded and lined with velvet.  Soon after that, she felt another being fastened around her right.

Jack came back to her side.

“The ankle straps seem to be OK.  They don’t hurt, do they?”


“OK then.  Raise your arms over your head so I can do your wrists.”

Brittany felt another strap being buckled around her left wrist.

“This seems OK too.  Let me do the right one now, just to be sure.”

When her right wrist was securely buckled into the strap, Jack came back smiling.

“Everything looks like it’s gonna work all right.  I’m gonna crank it up a little just to make sure.  Don’t worry, I’m not gonna hurt you or anything.  You’ll just feel the straps getting tight.  They gotta be that way to look real.”

Brittany heard a clank, clank at first, but no tension on her wrists or ankles.  When it came, it didn’t hurt.  It was exciting.  

A lot of her enjoyment of the games in their bedroom was the feeling of helplessness she always had, and the knowledge that Ricky could do anything he wanted to her and she couldn’t stop him.  That feeling had gotten more intense when he’d dared her to go to an adult club one night.  She’d ended up tied hand and foot to a table while three men stroked and teased her body until her mind was screaming for release.  

By the time Ricky had waved his stiff cock in her face, she was so worked up she’d have done anything they wanted to any of them.  She’d sucked Ricky’s cock while one of the men slipped two fingers in her and stroked them in and out.  Another man pinched her nipples until they were long and stiff, and then tightened the loops at each end of a chain around each one.  

Ricky had spurted in her mouth just moments before she felt the orgasm building.  She felt the fingers stroke faster, and then a sharp tug on the chain that sent shocks to her core as her breasts were stretched up from her chest.  She shrieked as the orgasm caused her to arch off the table as high as the straps would allow, and gasped over and over as the fingers kept stroking in and out.  They didn’t stop until she’d had another orgasm, groaned and fell back on the table.

The same thing had happened twice more that night.  She’d taken each man in her mouth and had two more orgasms.  As they drove home, she’d asked Ricky if they could go back to the club the next weekend.  He said it would be fine with him and asked if she thought it was OK for him to play with some of the other women.  Brittany had thought about that for a while, and then asked if Ricky would end up liking one of them more than her.  He’d just chuckled and asked her if she liked any of the three guys that night more than she liked him.  After that night, they went to the club most weekends until they decided to have a family.

Once Timmy was born, she’d hoped they would go back to the club, but Ricky didn’t seem interested in doing that.  He hadn’t really seemed interested in her either.  When she found the entry on their credit card statement for one of the motels in the city, she knew why.

He didn’t try to deny it, and when she filed for divorce, hadn’t questioned the alimony or child support.  She didn’t really miss him anymore except for the nights when she lay alone in bed and thought of the games they used to play.

As she felt the tension on her wrists and ankles increase, her heart began beating faster.  It beat faster still when she realized how the rack worked.  Her legs were being pulled apart because the ankle straps were fastened at the corners of the rack instead of the center.  When Jack stopped cranking the machine, her legs were splayed wide.

Jack came back to her side.

“How’s that feel?  Too tight?”

“No, I don’t guess so.  It doesn’t hurt or anything.  It’s just embarrassing having my…well, I feel pretty vulnerable.”

Jack laughed.

“You know, the books all say they used these racks for torture, but I’d bet those guys had their share of woman on ‘em, and what they did to ‘em wasn’t exactly torture.”

“Well, if they were spread open like this, the women couldn’t have stopped them.”

She giggled.

“I suppose some of them didn’t want to stop the man either.”

Jack grinned.

“You think so?  I wish Marsha thought like that.  I been telling her she oughta try my rack, but she’s likes bein’ in control of what happens to her and all.  She said she’d be glad to truss me up though.  I told her I’d have to think about it.  I sorta like being in control myself, if you know what I mean.  Makes it kinda weird sometimes, us both wanting to be in control, but we figured out how to deal with that.”

“Oh?  How?”

He chuckled.

“I let Marsha be in charge of what she really wants to and she lets me do the same.  Everything else, we sorta share.  It’s worked pretty good so far.  You like being in control of things, or would you rather somebody else did it for you.”

“Well, when you’re on your own like I am, you have to be in charge.  I think I like that, but sometimes it’s a real headache.”

He grinned.

“If I remember right, you used to be the other way, didn’t you?”


“Yeah, you used to like having a man doing what he wanted with you.   I uh…I recognized you when you went through the haunted house the first time.  You probably don’t remember me do you?  Tout Va ring any bells?”

Brittany felt a tingle run down her spine.  Tout Va was the adult club where she and Ricky had gone, and where she’d first discovered she liked multiple men doing things to her.

“You went there too?”

“Yeah, me and Marsha.  It was her idea at first.  She liked making me do what she wanted.  I didn’t like that so much.  Somehow she found out about Tout Va, and we went one Saturday night.  Didn’t stop going until it closed up a couple years ago.  That’s another reason she wanted me to build my dungeon.  That’s the kind of party it’s gonna be.”

Brittany looked as his face.  There was something familiar about him.  She tried to imagine what he’d looked like fifteen years before.  He smiled and the gold front tooth tripped her memory.

“I remember a Jim who looked like you.”

He smiled.

“Yeah, I was Jim and Marsha was Ruby.  We didn’t use our real names so nobody would know who we really were unless we wanted them to.  Always liked playing with you.  It was a shame you stopped coming.”

“I got pregnant.  That’s why we stopped.  After that, Timmy took up most of my time and then after…well, I didn’t think it was right to leave him with a sitter and go on my own.”

“You still like what you did there?”

Brittany lied.

“I don’t know.  It’s been so long.”

He grinned.

“Wanna find out?”

Brittany frowned.

“I don’t think so.  I wouldn’t want Timmy to come back from the hayride and find me like this.”

Jack smiled.

“That hayride takes an hour and a half.  They won’t be back for another hour at least.”

Brittany was imagining how she would look naked and stretched out on the rack, and those thoughts were causing her to be very alert and to tingle all over.  It was just like when she’d been strapped to the table at Tout Va.

“Are you sure they won’t be back sooner.”


He lightly stroked her thigh through her jeans and Brittany felt the same tingling sensations she thought she’d never feel again.  She shivered and Jack chuckled.

“Just the same as back then.  One little touch and you get goosebumps.  Want me to stop?”
Brittany couldn’t say anything because she was drifting into a world she’d mostly forgotten about.  It was a world where she felt helpless and where men could do anything to her.  It was a world she’d loved at one time.  Now, those same feelings were coming back and she found she craved the feelings.

Jack chuckled.

“Guess that means no.  Let’s see if you’re still as hot as you used to be.”

Brittany felt her top being pulled up and then Jack’s hands on the button of her jeans.  She felt cooler air on her tummy when he pulled down her zipper and spread the front open wide.

“Hmmm.  Blue panties.  I wonder if the top matches the bottom.”

Jack lifted the hem of Brittany’s top and peeked underneath, then pulled it up over her breasts.

“Don’t believe it’s quite the same shade of blue, but it’s blue all right.  It’s a big one too.  What size you wear now, Brittany?”

“Thirty four, thirty four D.”

Jack squeezed her right breast and then massaged it a little.

“I thought at least a C.  Marsha’s a C.  I keep telling her she needs a D because her tits sort of pooch out the top of her cups, but she says a C is fine.  She likes her tits squeezed.  You still like your tits squeezed, Brittany?  They feel really nice.”

Brittany felt more than Jack’s hands massaging her breast.  She felt the tightening in her tummy that always happened, even when she did it herself.  When Jack stroked over her bra where her nipple sat on her breast, the tightening got more intense.

“Yes, I still do.”

Jack pinched Brittany’s nipple through her bra and she caught her breath.  He smiled, massaged Brittany’s left breast, then carefully slipped his fingers under the bra band in front.  He lifted it up and over Brittany’s breasts, then whistled.

“Damn, they’re bigger’n they look.  Must be the bra.”  

“I’m a little embarrassed by how big they are, so I buy bras that flatten me out some.”

“You shouldn’t be.  They’re great, especially the nipples.”

Jack brushed his fingertip over Brittany’s right nipple, pushing it down toward her tummy.  As his finger slipped off, it popped back up, stiffer than before, and Brittany moaned.

“Oh God, I can’t believe you remembered that after all these years.”

“Oh yeah, I do.  I remember you like this too.”

He pinched her nipples between his fingertips lightly and then increased the pressure until Brittany gasped.  Then, he twisted them and pulled up.  Brittany gasped again and then moaned.

“Oh, I haven’t felt that for years.  Again.”

“Nope, I’m in charge here, remember?  You used to shave your pussy.  I wonder if you still do.  Guess I’ll have to see for myself.  We need more light for that, though.  Now, you just sit tight and I’ll be right back.”

Brittany heard a door open, and a few seconds later, the room was flooded with light.  The door closed, and Jack came back to her side.

“OK, now that we can see what we’re doing, let’s have a look in those blue panties.”

He lifted the waistband of Brittany’s panties and laid his head on her tummy to look.  Brittany felt his whiskers poking her soft skin.

“Mmmm.  Wonderful.  It isn’t a big bush, but it’s a bush.  Never liked a full bush, really.”  Jack laughed.  “Too many hairs to get stuck in my teeth and throat.  Trimmed, like yours, is just hot. As I remember, you used to like that, being licked I mean.

“Oh yeah…do it to me.”

“Maybe later.  Right now I’m gonna see how wet you are.”

She watched as Jack slipped his hand inside her panties and down to cup her lips.  When one of his fingers slipped between them, Brittany moaned again.  Jack chuckled.

“You’re wet Brittany.  Did you know that?”

He slipped his finger into her entrance and stroked it in and out slowly.  Brittany rocked her hips into his hand.


“That means it’s time to get down to business.”

Jack untied her shoes and slipped them off her feet, than walked back to the big gears . Brittany heard the clank, clank sound again, and the tension on her wrists and ankles lessened.  She felt Jack unbuckle the strap around her left ankle and release it. She felt Jack’s hands on the waist of her jeans and looked down to see him working them over her bottom.  

When they slipped down to her thighs, Jack pulled them down her legs and pulled her left foot out of the jeans.  He then did the same with her panties.  For a second or two, Jack stroked Brittany’s inner thigh, and then she felt the strap being buckled around her ankle again.  Jack left the end of the table, and Brittany heard the clank, clank again as she was stretched out.  Jack came back to her side.

“Now that we got everything out of the way, we’ll see if you still like your pussy licked or not.”

He bent over, pulled Brittany’s outer lips apart, and slipped his tongue between them.  The sensation caused Brittany to rock her hips and then shudder.  Jack chuckled.

“Brittany, I’m thinking you want that pussy licked in the worst way.  I’m gonna lick you ‘til you cum.”

Brittany felt her lips being spread open again, and then the wet warmth of Jack’s tongue as he licked her from her entrance to her clit.  She moaned as the tingles raced to her center.  Jack didn’t say anything.  He just kept licking up and down, up and down, occasionally pushing his tongue into the opening into her body and moving it around the entrance.

The sensations were more intense than she remembered, so intense she was losing control of herself, and that loss only made the sensations that much more arousing.

“You like this, don’t you, Brittany.”

“Oh God, yes.”

“You need to cum, don’t you.”


“Beg me for it.  If you want to cum, you have to beg me for it.  Beg me.”

Jack slipped a finger inside Brittany and moved it in and out slowly.

“Beg me or I’ll stop.”

It was when Jack curled that finger up and massaged just inside Brittany’s entrance all her thoughts evaporated and were replaced with the craving she’d forgotten a man could cause her to have.

“Please…please make me cum.”

“How do you want to cum?  Look at me and tell me.”

“Fuck me and make me cum.”

Jack smiled at Brittany.

“That comes later.  How do you want me to make you cum now?”

He put a second finger inside Brittany and massaged the same spot.  Brittany felt warmth flow from somewhere and make his stroking fingers slipperier.

“Keep doing what you’re doing to me.”

Jack leaned down and licked Brittany’s clit again, harder this time.  She moaned and rocked her hips up into Jack’s face.  He stopped and smiled again.

“Just fingers or do you want me to suck your clit?”

“Suck it…suck it and make me cum.”

The sensation of Jack’s tongue sliding over her clit, and then sucking it made Brittany gasp.  She knew she was getting wetter.  She could hear the little squishing sound of Jack’s fingers inside her as he stroked.  She also knew she was rapidly approaching the point where just as when she fingered herself, she’d need to feel his cock inside her.  At home, she used the special bottle of body lotion, the one that was tall and round.  Would he put his cock in her and make her feel like she did in the tub as the shocking waves raced through her body?

She stopped thinking then.  She couldn’t both think and absorb the searing, shocking sensation that raced through her body.  Jack kept sucking and moving his fingers in and out over that one spot inside her, and the sensations overpowered everything else in Brittany’s world.  She was just a writhing body, helpless to do anything except cry out, arch her back into Jack’s face, and then shudder as his fingers milked more wetness from her body.

Jack stopped, and Brittany opened her eyes and looked down at his smile.

“You still want to cum, Brittany?”

“Yes, make me cum, oh God make me cum.”

The intense sucking on her clit and the rapid rubbing of that spot just inside her entrance took Brittany away again.  She strained against the straps and ropes that held her to the rack, not in an attempt to get away, but in an attempt to drive Jack’s fingers deeper inside her and to press her clit tight against his mouth.  When he pinched her right nipple, Brittany cried out.  She was so close.

Jack rolled Brittany’s nipple between his fingers and then pulled her breast up.  She cried out again and her hips began to dance.  The sucking sensations increased in speed and caused Brittany’s back to arch up.  Jack sucked her clit, hard, and she felt his tongue rasp over the swollen tip.  She gasped, then cried out again as the shattering spasm racked her body.  

Jack didn’t stop until Brittany was writhing in an attempt to keep her clit away from his sucking mouth.

“Oh God, stop.  I can’t anymore.”

Jack just chuckled.

“Oh yes you can.  I’ll let you rest a bit, and then we’ll try out the whipping bench, and you’ll see.”

Jack got off the table and walked away for a few seconds.  He came back with a heavy dog collar and a leash.

“This’ll make sure you stick around so I can stick you.”

Jack fastened the collar around Brittany’s neck, tied it to a ring on the rack, and then walked to the front.  Brittany heard the clank, clank of the gears.  She was still panting when Jack un-buckled the straps from her wrists and ankles.  She couldn’t move when Jack pulled her jeans and panties from her right leg, and then moved toward her face.

“Let’s get them tits out in the air.  I like a woman naked when I fuck her.”

Jack pulled Brittany to a sitting position and then pulled her top over her head.  In a few more seconds, she felt her bra being pulled away from her chest.

“Ah…that’s better.  Them big tits are out where I can get to them.  Now, hop down.”

Brittany padded along beside Jack as he led her to the whipping bench.  She was powerless to do anything as he spread her legs wide and strapped her ankles down.  She was powerless when he pushed her down over the padded top and fastened her wrists to the other side.

Jack chuckled.

“Works better than I thought it would.  That pussy of yours is all pushed out so I can find it with my cock real easy, and them big tits are hanging down just like I figured they would.”

Brittany heard a zipper being pulled down and then the sound of shuffling feet as Jack moved behind her.  When his cock head touched her wet lips, she shuddered.  Jack laughed.

“You want it, don’t you?”


“What do you want?”

“I want you to fuck me.”

“Is that all, for me just to stick my cock in your tight hole?”

“No…fuck me until I cum again.”

Brittany groaned as his cock slid into her.  He wasn’t gentle about it, and that  would have excited her enough.  That his cock was so thick it stretched her pussy tight as he rammed it inside her caused Brittany to moan and try to push back into the rapid thrust.

So securely was she strapped to the bench, Brittany could barely move.  She could only remain doubled over the padded top and feel Jack’s massive cock stroking in and out of her body.  The stretching and stroking were taking her away again.  At home, in her bed or in the tub, just fingering herself had made her too sensitive to do it again.  Now, maybe because it wasn’t her clit that was being stroked, she felt the familiar tightening begin again.

It was the angle of his cock inside her as well as his girth that was arousing her so much.  She’d sometimes imagined being in this position, and had bent over to hold on to the edge of the bathtub when she used the lotion bottle.  Jack was different from that, and the difference was amazing.  Her lotion bottle was different, too, but places Brittany couldn’t reach with the lotion bottle were being stroked by Jack’s cock, and her lips were stretched so tight, the sensations never seemed to stop.

As Jack pumped his rigid cock in and out of her pussy, he talked to Brittany, and his words only increased her level of arousal.

“You like it, being fucked like this, don’t you?”


“You gonna cum for me?”


“You want to cum?”


“Then tell me that.”

“I-..oh God…mmm…mmm…I want…mmm…want to cum.”

“You like your nipples sucked when you cum, Brittany?”

The strong contraction at those words took Brittany’s breath away.

“Y- gasp…yes, suck them.”

Jack chuckled.

“Can’t reach ‘em Brittany.  You’ll have to do it.”

Jack reached down over the whipping bench, cupped Brittany’s left breast and held it to her mouth.

“Suck it, suck that big nipple now.”

Brittany closed her lips on the stiff nub and sucked in.  The shock caused her to gasp and the nipple fell out of reach.  Jack pushed her breast back into Brittany’s face.

“Bite it this time.”

Brittany closed her lips, and then her teeth on the swollen nipple.  The sensation caused her to gasp again, but she kept her teeth on the rigid nub.  Keeping them there caused her to bite a little harder, and Brittany’s entire body lurched.  Jack stroked her ass cheeks until the lurching subsided.

“You just keep sucking and biting that big tit.  I’m gonna fuck you until you can’t walk by yourself.”

Jack increased the speed of his strokes until each one slammed into Brittany.  She felt his soft belly hitting her ass cheeks and his balls slapping her mound with every stroke.  With each ramming thrust, Brittany felt the tension in her body building.  It grew stronger, then stronger still until she thought she would scream, and still Jack rammed his cock through her wet lips.

“Bite that nipple hard, Brittany.  I want you to cum when I fill that tight pussy up.”

Brittany bit hard enough to almost cause pain, and the sensation that racked her body was intensified by Jack’s belly slamming into her hips.  She gasped around the nipple between her teeth and tried to push back again, only to feel Jack pulling his cock out.  She wanted to scream for him to fuck her harder, to fuck her faster because she was nearly there, but before she could, she felt his fingertip on her clit again.  

The cry this time did cause her to lose the nipple, but it didn’t matter.  The fingertip that fluttered over her swollen clit made Brittany lose control of everything.  Her body became just a pussy and a clit and the sensations that raced from each to her brain.  She was close, so close…

Jack slammed his cock inside her again.

“Cum for me Brittany, cum for me now.”

The words made Brittany slip from the precipice and into the abyss of blackness.  She didn’t feel Jack’s cock throbbing over and over as he shot inside her.  She wouldn’t have cared anyway, even if it would have been possible she’d become pregnant.  Her mind could only try to contend with the racking spasms and shooting shocks that raced through her.

Brittany was still panting when Jack pulled out his cock.  He left for a second, and then Brittany felt a towel between her wide-spread thighs.

Jack chuckled.

“We’re a complete service haunted house here.  Even have towels for you to clean up with afterward.”

He gently wiped her juices and his cum from her lips and thighs, then patted her on the ass.  

“You’ll be a little squishy on your way home, but you won’t leak too bad.  Better get dressed.  It’s about time for the hayride to be back.”

As Brittany pulled up her jeans and zipped them, Jack squeezed her bare breast again.

“You liked tonight, didn’t you?”

Brittany felt the warmth of the blush.


“You come to our party next Saturday and you’ll get more of the same.  What do you think about that?”

“I – I don’t know how I’d get out of the house.  Timmy -”

“Well, you think about it, OK?  Just to help you remember, you take this with you.”

Jack pressed a small USB drive into Brittany’s hand.

“I put in cameras and microphones all over this room when I built it.  Marsha likes to watch as well as get herself fucked good.  I figured she’ll like watching us.  Thought you might too.  Just put it in your USB port and it’ll load by itself.  The video will be in eight little screens on your computer, but if you click on one, it’ll fill up the screen with that one.”

Brittany and Jack were sitting at the table drinking coffee when the wagon pulled up.  Timmy jumped down, started toward Brittany, then turned back to help Cheryl down.  She said something to him, and then walked off with a couple of her friends.  Timmy came over and sat down.

“You should have gone with us Mom.  It was great.”

“I’d have been sneezing for a week if I had.  That’s all right.  The man who owns the farm showed me how he makes things for the haunted house.  I didn’t mind waiting.”

No, she hadn’t minded at all, thought Brittany.  The thought of coming back the next Saturday gnawed at her mind.  There would be more people than just Jack to see her.  What would they think of her body?  Would the men want to fuck her too? Would they maybe tie her to the rings on the wall and fuck her standing up?

Brittany said goodbye to Jack as Timmy got in her car.  Jack grinned and his voice was almost a whisper.

“Don’t forget about next Saturday.  Wear something sexy.  The people are all friends of ours, so you’ll get treated right.  We’ll probably show them your movie, so you’d be the star of the evening.”

Brittany said she’d think about it, and she did – all the way home.  She thought about it when she used the bathroom before changing to her sleep clothes.  She thought about it as she washed Jack’s cum from the crotch of her panties and hung them up to dry on the shower curtain rod.  She thought about it as she rubbed the wash cloth over her red, swollen lips to clean herself.  

Brittany picked up her laptop as she walked through the house turning off lights, and retrieved the USB drive from her jeans when she got to the bedroom.  She turned on the laptop and after it booted, inserted the USB drive in the port on the side.  For a few minutes, there was just a little circle rotating on the screen.  Then, she saw the eight pictures of the room at the haunted house pop up.  The first minutes were just of Jack strapping her into the rack.  After those, Brittany stared at each, one at a time as she watched Jack unzip her jeans, then pull up her top.  When she came to the part where he began licking her, Brittany spread her thighs and slipped her finger between her lips.

She jumped at the sensation when her fingertip touched her clit.  It felt good, but she was so sensitive she’d never be able to go further at least until morning.  Brittany moved her hand to her breast and pulled up.  As her mouth closed over her nipple and then sucked, Brittany stifled the moan.

Brittany pulled the USB drive from the laptop and put in the bottom of the dresser drawer where she put her winter sweaters, then shut off the laptop and crawled between the sheets.

If she did go back…Maybe the men would stare at her wide hips and big breasts.  Maybe they would want to do her.  Maybe they would do her, just one at a time, but each one before the night was over, and each one would make her cum so hard she’d have trouble standing up afterward.  

Her mind reeled at a second thought.  Maybe more than one would do her at a time.  Maybe they’d tie her to the rack and while one split her soft lips with his cock, another cock would bump against her mouth.  She imagined taking his cock in her mouth and sucking it like he’d tell her to do.  Brittany fell asleep with the vision of being tied up to the rings she’d seen on the wall and Jack standing in front of her, ramming his big cock in her pussy and talking to her.

“You like being fucked against the wall, don’t you, Brittany?”


“How should I fuck that tight little pussy?”

“Oh God, fuck me hard…mmmm…and faster, fuck me faster.”

“Why should I do that?”

“I need to cum.”

“Do you want me to cum too?”


“Where should I cum, Brittany?”

“Cum inside me.”