Cyber Kisses

Info mysteria27
12 Feb. '16

Cyber kisses to you 
A friend and even more
A cyber date to screw
Our spouses are who we adore

You listen and hold my hand
We share very sexy thoughts
You tell me you understand
We're careful not to get caught

My trusted friend for many years
My sexy devil with a grin
You constantly wipe away my tears
With you I always win

You're always here for me
Our conversations are hot
I finally can now see
Please talk to me a lot

In a kitchen or by a pool
Hot sex seen by everyone
College professors at school
I enjoy our naughty fun

Sexy images to excite
Role-plays or hot sex
Words crafted to delight
Tingles that make us wet

Wonderful emails to read
Conversations while you work
Let's get to the cyber bed
Winking at you with a devilish smirk

Happy Valentine's Day
To you out in cyber land
Come and visit me and we'll play
A cyber date that is planned


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