Norton Towers - the apartment block for sexy girdled seniors - 3

Unlike the other tenants in Norton Towers, Dora dressed smart but demurely. She was fairly attractive for a 60 year old but one thing I did notice was the fact that her demure dresses were always very tight – especially across her arse. One evening just as I was ready for home, she buzzed down asking a big favour.

“Robert, I know you’re ready to leave but I am getting severe cramps in my thighs, I can hardly move. I am a bit embarrassed but as I know you’re discreet, could you by any chance come up and get my legs going, so to speak”. She went on to explain that what normally relieved the problem was gentle massage. Agreeing to ‘help’ her, she asked me bring the pass key to let myself in.

In the flat I announced my arrival “Robert, I am grateful for this", she replied. I’m in the lounge”. She did look pained and I was sorry for believing otherwise. Slumped in her usual tightly fitted dress she said, “I am really embarrassed about this Robert, will you help me to the bedroom and I also as you cannot massage me over this dress, I will also need your help to remove it.

Helping her up her then led me by the hand to the bedroom. I pulled down the zip and peeled it off, revealing a fine figure and arse encased in a sheer see through high cut open crotch  girdle.

Placing her gently face down on the bed, I noticed a bottle of body lotion on the bedside table. “Will it be ok to use this, Dora”? Giving me the okay, I poured some into my hands and rubbed them together to take away the chill and started massaging her calves.

Moving up to the thighs, she passed remarks about the pain gradually going away and added “ What must you think…an old lady like me…not such a great body as when I was younger”

“I would not say that, you have a fine body Dora. Can I just spread you legs a bit so I can reach the inside of your thighs, you want me to do you all over, don’t you’”… with emphasis on ‘do’ element.

Looking her lovely arse I slowly rolled up her girdle movingmy hands into her soft flabby buttocks.

“ Oh that’s a relief. You know, Robert, I can feel the circulation coming back. I have never had a massage by a man before. Do they do it differently?”

“Well, Dora, I am of the school that believes in giving ladies a really deep penetrating work out. You know, reviving the places that don’t get the attention they should do…now are you happy for me to do that for you?”

“Um, Robert, do your best.”

As I gently continued she lifted her arse to ensure my fingers  had access to her anus and very hairy cunt.

Slowly rimming her arsehole casually she said, “Oh that’s interesting Robert, a nice tingling sensation. You know, when my late dear husband was fondling me I always hoped his hands would go there. I really do like it.”

With that I then gently eased my finger right up. “Oh, Oh that’s good. Don’t stop”, she sighed..

 By now my balls were aching for action, “Dora, you are a lovely lady but you are making me horny, so let me show you some real action.”. Stripping off I put a pillow under her and sat astride her and began to slide my cock up and down from cunt to crack. Easing it right  into  her arse I slowly began to fuck her, slow and steady.

More to the point, it turned out that Dora, was ready to explore other things as well. Later as we were having a chat and she had calmed down, she told me that her tits were really sensitive and would love me to suck and fuck them when, as she explained, “we can do it next time”.

I said that would be great and when I owned up to being turned on seeing ladies expose their very hairy fannies wearing open crotch girdles she promised to shop trimming it in return for me helping her. “You know Robert, give me a couple of months and we will both enjoy the best experience yet. I promise you.”