Amanda's Favorite Fantasy

Info Raphael
13 Feb. '16

((This work of fiction is written and owned by Raphael. Enjoy.))

My college years were pretty routine; I went to class, lived with my buddies, and had a few girlfriends, but nothing too crazy. It definitely wasn’t anything like what you’d see on the great teen boob movies, but I had a good time for the most part. This story happened during my senior year and is one I’ve wanted to tell for some time.

Amanda and I met in class my junior year of college and started dating soon after. She was your typical nice girl; brown hair cut just above the shoulder, smart and focused, committed to her course work and extracurricular activities, loved to run, and enjoyed life. This included sex. She was no virgin when we met, but she was far from a girl who had been around a long time. It was something we both shared, and as great as our relationship was in everyday life, neither of us had been with someone to which we connected so well sexually. Weekends flew by in sessions of passion, her breasts bouncing in my face as she rode me to orgasm, her face later being sprayed with cum after she got me off on her knees. Breaks only lasted until the next accidental (or purposeful) touch to an exposed bit of skin.

This continued well into my senior year. We were as close as ever, but I had long come to find that Amanda had a wild side. Despite our large number of love making sessions, it took her time to expose her fantasies and secrets to me; her large drawer of sex toys, her hint of a voyeuristic side, and while watching porn one night, her “I’m not really against it per say” attitude towards swinging and group sex. I hadn’t really thought about the last secret too much; it was an off handed comment and not something we ever actually pursued.

Just before winter break, I was forced onto a committee for my major that met once a week. I was pretty pissed about it to begin with; it was only 5 of us, talking about how to grow our major and I assumed nothing would get done (in the end, nothing did). Of the 5 members, one was Lina, a short, outgoing girl with almost platinum blonde hair, topping off at maybe 5’3”. She was a cool chick and it didn’t take long before we made a connection on a friendly level. I was in a relationship after all, and I came to find out she was too, to a guy named Andrew. The four of us double dated over winter break and found we all got along very well. At any given time, some combination of the four of us were hanging out, whether it was the girls and the guys, or Amanda with Andrew. In any case, we became good friends.

One such night, Amanda, Lina, and I were hanging out, planning to watch a movie and do some homework. It was a normal night, even after Amanda starting talking about sex. It wasn’t an off the table topic of conversation; I knew more about Andrew’s dick than I probably wanted to admit, and I was more than willing to share details of mine and Amanda’s sex life if it meant hearing about the crazy positions Lina and Andrew were able to do thanks to her small stature.

This particular night, Lina got just a step bolder and asked us both what our deepest sexual fantasy was. Mine was something basic, not even all that great; probably to have sex with a room full of girls or something. I honestly don’t remember, because after I said that (and got booed at), it was Amanda’s turn. She was surprisingly hesitant; being so open and in friendly company, she usually wouldn’t have been. Finally she just said it.

“I want to swing with you and Andrew.”

A stunned silence filled the small apartment. Lina looked to me for confirmation, but my surprised look (more at her bold proclamation than the idea that she fantasied about swinging) didn’t give her any help. “Wow,” Lina said, taking a sip of wine from her glass, “wasn’t expecting that.”

“Me either,” I said. I couldn’t help but laugh, which broke the tension for a moment.

“I guess I’m flattered, to say the least,” Lina said, taking a breath that helped her relax.

“Well, you’re incredibly sexy,” Amanda said, “and Andrew sounds like he’d be a great partner. And I know that Derrek here thinks you’re sexy too. We’ve talked about how hot the stories you guys tell us are.”

“Well, that’s true,” I said, meeting Lina’s gaze, “But we haven’t talked about swinging with them.”

Another pause. Then, with her usual outgoing nature, Lina asked me, “So, do you want to?” I didn’t answer right away. “I mean, we’d have to figure some ground rules, but… pretending I was okay with it, and Andrew was interested… would you guys actually do it?”

Amanda met my gaze as I pondered it. A lot of insecurities passed through my head. A lot of wishes, wants, and other distracting feelings passed through my other head at the same time. Finally, I said, “I think we gotta talk about it a bit more… but if Andrew is okay with it, and you’re sure you want to Amanda-”

“I do.”

“-then let’s give it a shot.”

The night ended soon after that, at least for the three of us. Amanda however was upon me the moment Lina was gone. Her kisses were expectant and pressuring, her hands on my zipper, and had me out and in her hand in seconds. As she straddled over me, kissing me deep, her hand wrapped up and down my hard cock, and in between breaths she whispered, “I’m such a lucky girl…” I couldn’t help, as she slid to the floor and took me into her mouth, that I was in fact the lucky one.

*   *   *

A week later, I was making dinner with Amanda. We were both dressed up, her in a slinky black dress that showed the cleavage of her C cup breasts and the bump of her tight, firm butt nicely, and me in a button up shirt and tie. The doorbell rang just as I was taking the food off the stove; Amanda answered it, welcoming Lina and Andrew in. They were dressed similarly, with Lina in a red dress that clung to her small body, her B cup breasts, and little ass. We made small talk, all trying to get over the nerves of what was to come. It came surprisingly easy; the hard part had been deciding what, if any rules, we had. It was basic stuff, like birth control, but the girls were adamant about no anal, and Andrew and I weren’t too interested in doing things with each other (unless the girls really demanded it… they never said if they would or not).

After dinner, we sat in the living room, talking about classes and having a drink or two. A silence fell between the four of us. We looked around the room at each other, nervously laughing after a minute or two. Amanda made the first move. She slid into my lap, wrapped her arms around my neck, and kissed me. I kissed her back, thought, “here we go,” and forgot about the other couple in the room. Amanda’s kisses were passionate and slow to start, but the sounds coming from the loveseat across the room made us both stop a moment. Lina had mimicked Amanda’s actions as she sat in Andrew’s lap, making out. His hand was on her exposed leg, pushing her dress up; from the angle we were at, we could see her pink panties. It only urged us on, going back to kissing each other.

My hand slid up Amanda’s side, all the way to cup her breasts. She cooed softly as I began to massage her, feeling her nipple harden, even through the lace bra she wore beneath her dress. Amanda urged me on more, separating her lips and sliding her tongue along mine. I followed my tongue to hers, deep into her mouth, catching her off guard by pinching her nipple as I did. She moaned a bit louder and buried her face into my neck to kiss me there.

Looking over her shoulder, I watched Lina and Andrew in a similar situation. His hand was on her breast, his face buried in her neck. Lina and I watched each other, me feeling up Amanda, and her being felt. Both girls were moaning softly, and breathing heavy. I wanted more, so I slid my hand beneath the fabric of Amanda’s dress, to which Lina said with heavy breath, “Let’s see her then.”

Amanda lifted her head to lay back; she was smiling as I pushed the fabric of her dress aside, revealing a black bra beneath it. “Come on,” Lina said, still enjoying Andrew’s touch, despite him now watching intently, “We have been dying to see those tits Amanda.” Amanda giggled and then stood up in front of me, inviting me to unzip her dress. I did, and then reached up to slide the straps from her shoulders. She slid the silky material down her body, exposing her skin and matching underwear, before leaving it piled on the floor. I reached up again, unhooking her bra, and without a second’s hesitation, tossed her bra aside.

Her breasts were perfect, large handfuls with quarter sized areolas and small erect nipples. She sat back in my lap, allowing me to touch her breasts a moment before she said, “Alright Lina. Your turn.” Lina was much more hesitant. Despite her outgoing nature, it took her a moment longer to stand up, allowing Andrew to help her undress. The red fabric pooled beneath her tiny frame in an instant, exposing her small, perky breasts. She wore no bra to remove, now standing in only her pink underwear.

“Very sexy,” Amanda said, biting her lip as Lena turned and showed the back of her thong. Her butt was small and perky, matching her breasts.

“You too,” Lina said, taking a deep breath to relax into the moment. She was about to sit back down in Andrew’s lap, but he stopped her.

“Let’s switch,” he said, answering her confused look. I half expected Lina to slap him for suggesting such a thing, but she nodded. Amanda kissed me once more, gave me a longing look, before standing up and moving over to Andrew. The girls took the same position as before, but now I watched Amanda, topless, lay in another man’s lap as a skinny, blond girl was lowering her ass onto my lap. Before Lina was even sitting, Amanda and Andrew were kissing, his hands all over her breasts.

“Well,” Lina said, smiling slightly as she watched her boyfriend with Amanda. “I guess we shouldn’t miss out either,” she said, turning to me. Her lips were softer than Amanda’s, but she had a sense of urgency I couldn’t deny. Her tongue was in my mouth from the very beginning, only leaving to push my head down to her little tits. I gladly let her, sucking her hard nipple into my mouth. She moaned as I played my tongue over her hard nub, massaging her other with my hand. It wasn’t long before we were kissing again.

I vaguely watched the other couple at this point; I knew he was enjoying her tits and they had removed his shirt. I figured there would be plenty of time for watching as I went back to sucking her nipple, at her suggestion. But I had to do more as I slid my free hand down to her leg. I placed it on her thigh, giving her a moment to realize what I wanted, only to have her answer by sliding my hand up. Lena was hot to the touch, her panties damp. I wasted no time pushing them aside. I realized immediately that she was shaved except for a small bit of hair above her clit. I ran my fingers through it before sliding my finger down to feel how wet she really was.

My finger slid inside her easily, making her moans fill the apartment. It was only then that I lifted my head away to look at her face, pleasure masked upon it. I started slow; despite how wet she was, she was tight and the last thing I wanted was to hurt her at the best moment. My thumb found her clit and I began to massage her from the inside and out. It seemed to be working as she gripped me tightly, moaning for me not to stop. I took the opportunity to look over at Amanda and Andrew; she was on her knees, her head bobbing up and down on his cock. It was a bit of a shock, not only seeing her do that, but realizing that Andrew was actually naked. I can’t say it turned me on, personally, but watching Amanda do it… it certainly was a sexy sight. And knowing what she could do with that mouth of her, I wasn’t surprised to see Andrew’s head thrown back in enjoyment.

We did this for a bit longer. Lina was in ecstasy, trying to kiss me as I was now rubbing her clit quickly. Andrew and Amanda had switched positons; her panties were thrown across the room as he removed them to be able to dive deep into her. Amanda seemed to be enjoying herself, as she met my eye and smiled, right before biting her lip and throwing her head back. Lina was shaking in my arms, my fingers running over her again and again and again. She was begging me not to stop, and finally said, “Fuck, yes, I’m gonna cum.” She forced me onto her nipple again and I gave it a gently bite, making her jump as her orgasm hit. Lina shook in my arms; the other two stopped what they were doing to watch, but quickly went back to what they were doing.

As Lina relaxed, she cuddled against me, breathing too quickly to speak. Finally she managed to say, “I need to repay you for that.”

“I’m glad to receive it,” I said with a grin. She matched my smile and quickly slid to the floor, pulling my pants and boxers off with urgency; there was no longer time for pleasantries. Her little hand wrapped around my cock, her fingers barely touching. I’m no giant, but I couldn’t help but feel large in her care. She leaned forward, licking up the shaft slowly before taking the head into her mouth. She was moving with care, and purpose, timing her hand and mouth in great rhythm. It didn’t take long before she was moving quickly, taking more and more of me inside her mouth.

“Put a hand behind her head,” Andrew said, grinning, “She loves it.” Lina made a noise of agreement, so of course I was happy to oblige. It added a sense of control I didn’t get with Amanda, who was always one to take control if I let her. I started to thrust into Lina’s little mouth; she took it like a pro, and before long, I was almost too far gone.

I pushed Lina away and reached for the condoms I had stashed in the nearby table drawer. Apparently Andrew had brought his own, as I watched him stand in front of Amanda, putting one on as she bit her lip in the way that only a woman with an aching body will do. Lina watched me intently as I put the condom on, shaking with anticipation; I was aching to be inside her. As soon as it was on, she pushed me back on the couch, threw her legs over me, and held herself just above me. I didn’t dare blink as she lowered herself down, her pussy as wet and warm and tight as I remembered from a few minutes before.

Lina started slow, rocking her body as her pussy stretch to fit me inside. Little by little she started to go faster, started to bounce on me. I grabbed her hips and lifted her each time she rose and pulled her down, filling her completely with each thrust. The sound of our bodies slapping together mixed with the sounds of Andrew and Amanda; she was laid back on the couch, in a pseudo-missionary position as he fucked her hard, fast. She gripped him with her legs, pulling him to her; watching her get fucked made me go faster, much to Lina’s enjoyment.

We switched positions multiple times. I bent her over the couch and fucked her from behind, reaching up to play with her little breasts. She begged me to pick her up, and I was happy to, holding her under her knees as I leaned against a wall, fucking her in a way I’d never done to anyone before. The girls even demanded we move closer together, so for a short time I was on top of Lina in a missionary type position as she laid on the couch, with Amanda bent over her and Andrew fucking her from behind. Watching the girls kiss and touch, feeling each other’s breasts, touching their clits… it was too much for Andrew and I.

Part of our agreement was that us guys were not allowed to cum inside the girls, for risk of pregnancy. But neither of us minded. I held off as long as I could, but finally I pulled out of Lina, groaning, “I’m gonna cum.” She quickly laid down in front of me as I stripped away the condom, just in time. Her little body on display for me, I unloaded over her tummy and breasts, some even getting on her chin and neck. I collapsed over her, careful not to get cum everywhere, but unable to stand any longer. Andrew had cum at nearly the same time, so as I relaxed, I watched as he came on Amanda’s face. It was his one request in all of this, so Amanda was happy to oblige, rubbing his cock on her face as he did, and even swallowing some.

The four of us sat on the couches, sweaty, breathing heavy, feeling spent. The girls glistened with cum as we reveled in the moment of what just happened. Eventually, Amanda and Lina hopped in the shower, just long enough to wash up as Andrew and I watched. The night was an overwhelming success, and was one that was repeated a number of times that semester. When we all graduated, it was agreed that we would meet up to do it again in the future. It never happened; Lina and Andrew broke up 6 months later when he moved south for a job, but we still keep in touch with the two of them. Amanda and I are still together, and whenever Lina is in town, we’re sure to invite her over for dinner and some fun.