Sam, Sam, The Handy Man - Part 1

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05 Oct. '17

A couple of years ago, I got tired of people half my age telling me how to do my job when I'd been doing it since most of them were in diapers.  There were several alternatives from which to choose, most of which would have been considered antisocial.  A couple of my favorites at the time were decidedly illegal.  After careful consideration of the consequences of these and at the urging of my wife, Jenny, I took a look at my finances and decided I could retire.

So, one day I was sixty-two and unhappily employed, and the next, I was free to do anything I wanted.  I fixed things that had needed fixing for years, played my old accordion until Jenny said she was going to burn it, and went fishing every Wednesday.  In between, I chased Jenny around the house.  We've always both loved sex, so Jenny didn't mind all the attention.

After a couple of months, the things that needed fixing were all fixed, my accordion was once again safe in the hall closet, and it was too hot to fish.  All I had to do then was chase Jenny.  She didn't mind having sex on the pool table, or being bent over the back of the love seat.  I think she got a real kick out of straddling me while I lay on my weight bench too, but when I tried to get in the shower with her one afternoon, she sighed.
“Sam, I like all the attention, I really do, but Tiffany will be here in an hour for coffee.  I need to take a shower and get ready.”

Tiffany is Tiffany Taylor, a fifty-five year old with dark auburn hair who would probably have qualified as a trophy wife if the term had been around when she married Tom.  I'm sure that's what Tom was looking for.  Tom's an OK guy, but he's really wrapped up in his job and presenting the image he thinks that job demands, so much so that it's impossible to hold a conversation with him.  As far as I know, he doesn't do anything but work.  If he isn't checking his tablet for stock quotes, he's answering his smart phone and solving some problem at the office.  I don't think I've ever seen him in anything but a suit and tie or some high-priced golf clothes.  Tom has never picked up a club that I know of but he likes to look like he does.

Tiffany fits the image Tom wants to present.   She always dresses to show off her assets like most women do, but Tiffany does it like a fashion model.  The tops she wears are tight enough and cut low enough to pull a man's eyes right to her cleavage, low enough to make most women a little jealous, but not so low as to earn her the label of 'slutty'.  

Tiffany doesn't have to do anything to get that cleavage because Tiffany is very nicely endowed.  If I hadn't accidentally bumped into her one day, I'd have sworn her breasts were not all her, but they felt just like Jenny's when she mashed them into my chest, only bigger...lots bigger.  Her ass isn't big by any means, but it’s wide enough to look very female, and it was an ass I'd have loved to get my hands on.  Tiffany's long, slender legs do wonders for any dress, but when she sheaths them in black nylon and puts on heels, she's more seductive than any woman has a right to be.

There's a little secret in Tiffany's life, though...she likes girls, and she likes Jenny in particular because Jenny introduced her to the pleasures one woman can give another.  It was one of those happy accidents that sometimes happen.

One night when Tom was out of town, Tiffany came over to watch TV.  She and Jenny are both infatuated by anything to do with vampires, and there was a popular series on that night.  I went out to my workshop to watch my own TV there.

As Jenny told me later, during the show, two of the vampire girls kissed each other.  Tiffany giggled and asked Jenny what she thought that would feel like.  

Jenny innocently said, “Well Sam's not here.  I guess we could find out.”

Tiffany didn't know what she was getting herself into.  Jenny has liked girls since that vacation to Tampa.

We met Jill and Troy there through a couple who were mutual friends.  Jill and Troy were a little younger than us, but we hit it off and had dinner with them one night.  In the course of conversation, we learned they were nudists. It was with more than a little reluctance we accepted their invitation to join them at a clothing optional beach not far from the hotel.

Jill and Troy were no strangers to this beach and steered us to a spot behind a low sand dune.  We spread out our blanket and sat down, that is, Jenny and I sat down.  Jill and Troy stripped to the skin before joining us on the blanket.  Jill finally convinced Jenny that nobody would see us because of the dune, and she took off her top.  As she was peeling the bottom of her suit off her sexy ass, she looked at me and asked what I was waiting for.  I grudgingly took off my trunks.

Jill was absolutely gorgeous with her totally tanned body.  Her breasts weren't all that big, but they were nearly perfect and her ass was a wonder to behold.  I was soon trying unsuccessfully to hide my stiff cock, and Jill thought it was funny.  She giggled and said I'd get used to seeing naked women after a while.  I was hoping that was true, but with Jill sitting across from me with her legs open, all I could think about was how her shaved pussy would feel around my cock.

I know Jenny was thinking the same about Troy.  His tan didn't stop anywhere either, even on his cock, and it was that cock that grabbed Jenny's attention.  It wasn't any longer than mine, but it was as thick as a ring bologna.  I saw her slowly lick her top lip and then innocently scratch her left nipple.  Jenny was getting aroused.

We were on the second round of beers we'd brought along when Jill asked Jenny if she'd ever watched another couple have sex.  Jenny said she'd seen a porn film or two.

“No, I mean really, like in the same room with them.”

Jenny blushed and said no, she hadn't.

“Would you like to?  We think it's really erotic for someone to watch us.  We'd invite you to join us, if you'd like.  If you don't want to do either, that's OK too.  We'll just sit here and talk.”

Jenny has always been adventurous where sex is concerned, and I could tell she was interested, but a little hesitant because of the setting.

“You mean you'd do it right here, out in the open?”

Jill chuckled.

“Yeah, right here on the sand.  Nobody else'll see us because we're behind this sand dune.  Don't tell me you wouldn't like to see Troy hard.  I saw how your mouth fell open when he pulled off his trunks.”

Without waiting for an answer, Jill reached over and wrapped her slender fingers around Troy's cock.  He smiled at Jenny and then laid back on the blanket.  Jill moved a little closer, bent down, and gave his cock head a kiss.  Jenny's eyes were glued to Troy's swelling monster, so she didn't see him slide his fingers between Jill's thighs.   Jill stopped for a moment, opened her thighs a little wider, and then wrapped her lips around Troy's cock again.

I'm sure it took longer than it seemed, but it wasn't long before Jill threw one leg over Troy, straddled him, and started to impale herself on that thick shaft.  It took her a few short strokes to get it all in, but once she did, Jill sat there for a moment and then started riding him.

 His size did some really neat things to Jill's shaved pussy.  She was stretched tight, and when she stoked down, her long inner lips sort of stuck to his shaft and then disappeared inside her.  When she lifted herself up, they came back out and slid along his wet cock like a second skin.

Jill was getting there fast.  She gasped every time she bottomed out on Troy's cock, and shuddered when she pulled her tightly stretched pussy up.  Troy reached up, grabbed one of Jill's rigid nipples between his thumb and forefinger, rolled it and then pulled.  Jill slammed herself down over his cock so hard we heard the slap of her ass cheeks hitting his thighs.

“Oh God, Baby, yes.  Harder Baby, harder.”

Troy twisted both her nipples and then lifted them up.  Jill's breasts were hanging by her nipples when Troy wiggled his hands.  Jill thew back her head and moaned,  “Oh Baby, I'm gonna cum.”

Troy shook his hands again and Jill began to rock her hips over his cock.  Another shake and she cried out, then gasped and ground her pussy down as far as she could get it.  Troy groaned, then arched his back.  We could see his hips pumping as he shot his load into Jill.

When Jill stopped panting, she leaned forward and dangled her breasts over Troy's face.  He sucked gently on each nipple as Jill eased herself off his cock.  Then she rolled beside him and facing us again.

“God, that was fantastic.  What'd you think, Jenny?”

Jenny was sitting there with her fingers lightly touching her pussy and a far-away look on her eyes.  I knew that look.  If we'd been at home, she'd have been climbing all over me and trying her best to get my cock inside her.

“I – I, uh – yes, it looked like fun.”

Jill grinned.  “I'd let you try him but... well we don't switch partners.  I hope you can understand.”

Jenny was still staring at Troy's softening cock.  He smiled at her and made it twitch, then grinned when Jenny smiled back and chuckled.

“I can understand why.”

Jill smiled.  “Thanks. you two feel like doing anything?  We get a kick out of watching too.”

“Oh, I – I don't think I could...not with you watching.”

Jill scooted across the blanket to sit beside Jenny.  She put her arm around Jenny's bare shoulder.  Her breast softly pressed into Jenny's arm.

“Honey, it's just us here and you're so sexy looking.  I can see you're all worked up.  I'll bet you're as wet as I am.  You need to get off, don't you.”

Jenny dropped her face and giggled.  

“Well, it would feel good, but I'd be embarrassed to have Sam in me if somebody walked by.”

Jill stoked Jenny's hair, then her shoulder, then ran her fingertips down Jenny's back.

“There are other ways to get off.”

When Jenny looked up at her, Jill kissed her softly on the lips for just a second or two, then pushed her gently back onto the blanket.

“I know you must help yourself once in a while.  I do all the time.  I like helping other girls too.”

Jenny squirmed a little when Jill slipped her fingers to the inside of Jenny's thigh and stroked up.

“I – I'm not a lesbian.”

“Neither am I, Honey...neither am I.”

Jill lightly ran her painted nails over Jenny's breast and then traced a circle around her stiffening nipple.

“Just sometimes, I like girls.  This doesn't feel bad, does it?”

Jill's fingertips moved down over Jenny’s tummy and stroked the soft bush between her thighs.  Lowly, she let her fingers move down over Jenny's pussy and then I saw them curl in just a little.

“God, Honey, you're soaking.”

Jenny flinched a little as Jill's finger slipped inside her, but when Jill kissed her again, Jenny kissed back and opened her thighs.

I was horny as hell.  My cock was standing at attention and I wanted to fuck something so bad I could taste it.  I looked over at Troy.  He was raised up on one elbow and slowly stroking his cock.  I was way beyond caring what anybody thought at that point and started stroking too.

Jenny was hotter than I'd thought.  Jill had only started stroking the two fingers she'd slipped into Jenny's pussy, and little moans were already coming from Jenny's half-open mouth.  When Jill sucked softly on Jenny's left nipple, Jenny gasped.  I saw Jill smile as she lightly bit down on Jenny's nipple and then pulled back just a little.  

Jenny shrieked and came.  I say she came, but it was actually more of an explosion.  She wrapped both arms around Jill and arched up into the air.  She gasped, then started to pant.  Jill kept stroking her fingers in and out, and I saw her thumb rubbing Jenny's clit.  Jenny gasped again and her arched body began to shake.  She murmured something, just a babble really, then gasped and arched even higher.  Then she sighed and eased her body back down on the blanket.  Jill kissed her again, this time an open mouth, searching tongue kiss, and Jenny pulled her close, moaned, and kissed her back.

I learned something about Jenny that night.  When we got back to our hotel, I locked the door and turned around to see Jenny, walking toward me and shedding clothes as fast as she could.  Her voice was low, soft, sultry, and breathy.

“Come fuck me, Sam...come fuck me now.”


“I need your cock inside me...and I need it now.”  

She cupped both breasts and rubbed her nipples.

“Come suck on my nipples, then fuck my pussy.  I need to be”

So, I did...twice that night and once the next morning.  Jenny tried like hell to stroke and suck me hard enough for another, but I was shot.

Since that day in Tampa, Jenny has had several women, and it's always the same after she does.

Anyway, when Tiffany asked what it would feel like to kiss another woman, Jenny showed her.  That night, she also showed Tiffany what it felt like to have another woman kissing and sucking her nipples, what it felt like to have another woman's fingers in her pussy, and what it felt like to have another woman lick her clit until she came three times.

As Tiffany told Jenny afterwards, Tom wasn't only too busy with his business to talk to me, he was too busy to pay attention to the things Tiffany needed, including a really good fuck once in a while.  To take off the edge, she'd been reading books she bought on line and playing with the selection of toys she'd gotten from the same source.  One of her books was titled, “The Secret Loves of Natalie Vance”, and was about Natalie's exploits with other woman.  Tiffany had been dying to try it, and thought she might convince Jenny to try it too.

Tiffany was addicted.  She and Jenny “had coffee” once a week, and more often if Tom was out of town.  I didn't mind at all, because I knew I was in for a wild night afterwards. I'd been trying to convince Jenny to let me watch, but she didn't want to push Tiffany that far.  I was starting to imagine how that might play out when Jenny's voice snapped me out of my daydream.

“Tiffany is here.  Now, go out to your workshop.  I'll call you when she's left and you can come back in.”

Jenny giggled.  

“You know what I'll want then.”

I said ‘Hi” to Tiffany, then went out to my workshop.  While I was there, I put away some tools I'd been using to fix Jenny's washer.  It was then the idea hit me.

I always fixed things at home because it cost a small fortune to hire a plumber, carpenter or electrician, if you could even find one who'd come out for a small job.  Surely other people had the same problem, but not the ability to do the work themselves.  I had the ability, the tools, and nothing else I absolutely had to do.  I could maybe make a little money and keep myself busy at the same time.  By the time Jenny called me on the intercom, I had a plan.  

I had to put my plan on hold for a couple of days, one get Jenny's libido back on an even keel, and another to rest up.  After that, I had some business cards printed.  My business was called “Sam, Sam, The Handy Man” because Jenny liked the way that sounded, and the business card said no job was too small and I was only a phone call away.  Figuring most problems are discovered and handled by the lady of the house, I dropped a stack of my cards at every beauty salon and spa in town that would take them, and put some on the bulletin board at the grocery store.  Now, all I needed was someone to call me.

As it was, I didn't get a call for my first job.  I got a personal invitation.  Tiffany had come over for coffee again, and before I headed to my workshop, she asked if I could help her out.

“My kitchen sink has a leak, and Tom's out of town, not that he could fix it anyway.  How 'bout coming over tomorrow and fixing it for me?”

The next morning, after licking Jenny to one orgasm, and then fucking her through another, I packed up my tools and told Jenny I was going over to fix Tiffany's sink.  She said she was going shopping and would see me when she got back.  Then she kissed me and told me to be sure to wash up when I got back because she had some plans.  Before I could ask her what she was planning, she got in her car and drove off.

Tiffany let me in when I knocked on her door, and led me to her kitchen.  Her little low-rise shorts showed just the hint of her ass cheeks, and her high-heeled sandals made those cheeks jiggle deliciously.  She stopped at a small puddle in front of her sink and stood facing me with those hot legs spread just enough to cause a gap between her shorts and her inner thigh.

“It started this yesterday.  I thought I'd just splashed water on the floor, so I mopped it up, but it came back after I rinsed some apples.  It's running out from under the cabinet door.  Think you can fix it?”

“I'll have a look.  It's probably just a loose joint in the trap.  I'll go out and get my tools.”

When I got back with my toolbox, Tiffany was on her hands and knees with her head inside the cabinet under the sink.  Her shorts had sort of slipped down, and the little rhinestone “Y” of her black thong panty was reflecting the sunshine coming through the window.  When I sat my toolbox down, Tiffany backed out of the cabinet and turned to face me.

“I see a little drip coming from the bottom of that big bendy thing.  Is that what you mean?”

My answer would have been a little faster if I hadn't been staring at her breasts.  They would have been hanging down deliciously if she hadn't been wearing a top.  Instead, they were doing their very best to flow over her bra cups and fall out.

“Uh...that bendy thing is called a trap, and it probably just needs to be tightened up.  Let's have a look.”

I didn't think my saying “let's” meant both of us, but that's how it happened.  I got down on my hands and knees with my flashlight and stuck my head inside the cabinet.  I was moving my light to a better position when my arm bumped into Tiffany's breasts.  Instead of moving back, she moved closer and pushed her breasts tighter into my elbow.

“Where?  Oh, yeah, I see it better now with your light.”

“Yep, that's your problem and I can fix it in a jiffy.  I'll just get my wrenches.”

I tightened up the trap nut and tried to get my cock to lay down at the same time, but it wouldn't.  I had Tiffany run some water down the drain and hoped that would help.  It might have if every time I looked up I wasn't looking up the leg of her shorts at her black lace covered pussy lips.  After a few seconds, I knew the leak was fixed.  It took a lot more water before I could stand up without embarrassing myself.  

Tiffany thanked me for coming over so fast, and asked how much she owed me.

“Just consider it a favor.  You're Jenny's friend and besides, you're my first customer.  I'm celebrating by not charging you.”

Tiffany laughed.

“Kinda like losing your virginity?”

I grinned, more at the way her breasts jiggled than at her joke.

“Yeah, I guess you could put it that way.”

She grinned.

“I was a virgin...twice.  Once up until I was twenty, and once up until...well, I know Jenny told you about us.  That's why you go out to your workshop every time I come over, isn't it?”

“Yes, she told me.”

“Did she tell you why I like coming over for coffee?”

“Yes.  Tom isn't...well...taking care of you.”

“I need it so bad, and Jenny's been a big help.  She’s been showing me what girls do together.  The other night, she told me what happens with you afterwards too.  I said I wish I had someone to do that.  Jenny told me...did she say anything about it this morning?”

“No, she just told me to wash up when I got home because she had plans.”

“So, she did tell you.”

“Tell me what.”

“That you can do for me what you do for her, that is, if you want to.”

“You mean...”

Tiffany pulled the top over her head and I saw why she'd been jiggling so much.  Evidently the only bra she had on was one of those elastic ones built into the top, because when she peeled the top off over her head, her breasts sort of fell out of it and then bobbed seductively against her chest.  Then bobbed again when she lowered her arms and tossed the top over the back of a chair.

“Yes, that's what I mean.  I've been starving for a stiff cock for years, and I trust you and Jenny not to tell anybody.  Oh, and don't worry about Tom, he only wants to show me off when I'm with him.  He told me to do this a long time ago.  I just never found a man I could trust.”

Tiffany slipped the shorts off, and then her black thong.  She was shaved as smooth as a baby's butt and when she turned around and bent over her kitchen table and spread her legs wide, her long, slender lips opened right in front of my eyes.  

Tiffany turned around to look at me, wiggled her delicious ass, and grinned.

“So, are you gonna do me or just stand there with your cock pushing out the front of your jeans.”

“I don't have anything with me.”

“You don't need anything.  I'm safe.”

Tiffany grinned.

“Now, a little foreplay, if you please.  Then I want to feel your stiff cock inside me.”

I'm a little slow sometimes, but I'd finally figured that's what Jenny meant by washing up when I got home.  I didn’t think it would be right to disappoint her.

I also figured I was in for quite a ride.  Tiffany's pussy lips were already glistening with wetness, and it seemed like they were swelling just a little.  I ran my hand down her gorgeous ass cheek, and slipped my middle finger inside her.  She wasn't just wet.  Tiffany was so slippery/sticky wet my finger slipped all the way in to my palm without stopping, and I felt more coat my finger as I moved it in and out.  Tiffany spread her thighs a little more and moaned.

I slid my hand up her side, wrapped it around her left breast, and squeezed.

Tiffany whispered, “Oh, I like that. nipples too.”

It was stiff as a gumdrop and a little bigger.  I rubbed my finger over the tip, then pinched it gently.

“Oh, yeah, just like that.”

By now, Tiffany's pussy had soaked my hand.  I slipped in my ring finger as well, and she groaned.

“God...that feels so good.”

When my index finger found her clit, Tiffany started to grind her swollen lips against my hand.  I pushed gently on her little rosebud with my thumb and she gasped.

“Oh, God Sam, put it in... put it in me now.”

Tiffany was tight, but she was so wet my cock slid home on the first stroke.  Her ass slapped against my belly and when she rocked that ass up, my cock went just a little deeper and bumped into something very soft, very warm, and very wet.  I gave her nipple another little pinch and started to stroke my cock in and out of her.

Tiffany could not keep her ass still for even a second.  She pushed back against my thrusts to force my cock in as far as her ass and my belly would let it get.  She moved it from side to side.  If I pinched her nipple, she rocked it up and down.  I was getting there way too fast.  There didn't appear to be any way to slow her down, so I reached around her and fingered her clit.  

Tiffany started to pant, then moaned, then rammed her pussy back over my cock.  If I hadn't had my arm around her to reach her clit, I'd probably have ended up on my back behind her.  As it was, my cock bumped into that soft spot again, and I felt my balls start to draw up.

I fingered her clit a little faster and pulled down on her nipple.  Tiffany slammed into me again, then her hips rocked up.  I gave up and let go.  My cum raced up my cock and shot deep inside Tiffany's rippling pussy.  When my cock spurted again, Tiffany cried out.

“God...Oh God...don't stop...don't...don't...Oh”

I felt her pussy clamp and unclamp around my cock over and over as Tiffany came.  After my third shot, she squeezed another few dribbles out of me with all those contractions.  Even after her ass stopped trying to drive my cock deeper, those little contractions continued to milk my cock.  

Tiffany purred out a little “Mmmm”.

“Leave it in me for a while.  It feels good to have one in there again.”

Well, I did leave it in, at least until it fell out on its own.  When it did, Tiffany raised up and turned around.  Her nipples were still stiff with little ridges and bumps all over the dark circles around them.  She looked at the floor and then back up at me and giggled.

“It looks like my little trap needs tightening too.  We made a puddle on the floor.”

I looked down in time to see a few drops of my cum and her juices drip from her pussy and form long, thinning strings before landing on the floor.

I chuckled.

“I probably can't fix this one.  It's pretty tight already.”

Tiffany, reached down and lifted my soft cock.

“Then I guess you'll just have to bring this over and plug it up once in while.”

Jenny was still shopping when I got home, so I put my tools in my workshop and headed to the shower.  I'd been standing in the spray for a couple of minutes when the shower door opened.  There was Jenny, naked, and holding a bottle of her body wash.

“Mind if I join you?  I need my back scrubbed.”

I scrubbed her back, then soaped up her soft breasts.  I love the feeling of Jenny's breasts in my hands anyway, but when they're all slippery with soap, they feel fantastic.  She was enjoying it too.  The water was warm, but her nipples were firm little bumps that tickled my palms.  I slipped one hand down her back and between her thighs.

Jenny giggled.

“If you keep doing that, you're going to have to fuck me right here.  Got anything left for me after Tiffany?”

Well, I didn't fuck her in the shower, but I did carry her wet little body to the bed and fuck her there. After dinner, Jenny wanted me to tell her everything that happened with Tiffany.  As I went through the story, Jenny started playing with her pussy, and by the time I'd finished, she'd spread her lips open and was running two fingers over her clit. She dragged me into the kitchen, bent over the table and told me to fuck her just like I'd fucked Tiffany.  It was midnight before she finally had enough of my cock.

It seemed a bit odd to me at the time, but right after I fixed Tiffany's sink, I stated getting calls from women to fix things.  Usually those things were just leaky toilets and broken appliances, but sometimes...Well, I'll save some of those times for another story.