Sam, Sam, The Handy Man - Part 4

One of the things that surprised me after I’d been in the handyman business for a while was how many women there are out there who live alone.  They quickly became a lot of my business.  Even if they understand how things work, when things break they don’t usually want to mess with them. They call me instead.

There are a few women who like doing things themselves but can’t. Such was the situation with Mindy Owens.

Mindy called my house when I was out, so Jenny took her call.  When I got back from that little job, just replacing a screen door lock, Jenny told me a woman had called who needed some help.

“The poor thing broke both her arms and she can’t do much of anything by herself.  She needs her bushes trimmed.”

I put my hedge clippers and a pair of lopping shears in my pickup, and drove to Mindy’s house.

She was right about her bushes.  They were starting to look a little shaggy instead of being nice, clean cut shapes.  I rang the doorbell three times before it opened.

Mindy looked about thirty five or so in the face, and that face was framed by waves of coal-black hair that made her look really exotic.  Her sweatpants looked way too large and hid her legs from me, but the swell of her hips was really nice.  Her breasts were covered by a stretchy tube sort of thing, and it was pretty obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra, but both would be because of the casts on Mindy’s arms. Jenny had said Mindy had a cast on each arm.  I was thinking from the elbow to the wrist, not from the wrist to the shoulder like Mindy had.  She smiled at me and asked if I was Sam.

“Yes, ma’am, I’m Sam.  Jenny said you need your bushes trimmed.”

“Yes, I do.  I always do it myself, but as you can see, I can’t this year.”

“What in the world happened to you?”

Mindy frowned.

“It was my fault.  I was cutting some limbs so I didn’t have to duck under them when I mowed.  A couple grew out from the tree pretty high so I got my ladder out to reach them.  I was smart enough to not put the ladder on the limb I was sawing off.  I just wasn’t smart enough to know when the biggest limb came down it might hit my ladder.  When it tipped over, I put out both my hands to break the fall.  I didn’t break my neck, but I broke both arms.”

“I’ll bet that hurt like crazy.”

“When I did it, yes.  It hurt so bad I cried.  My neighbor lady saw it happen and took me to the hospital.  They gave me some pain pills, and once I got these casts on, it stopped hurting so much..  The doctor said they weren’t broken bad, but the breaks were pretty close to my elbows so he wrapped me up in this plaster.  I have to wear them for four more weeks.”

I was wondering how Mindy managed to get dressed by herself with both arms in a cast that wouldn’t let her bend her elbows.

“I’ll bet that makes it hard to do more than trim your bushes.”

“Yeah, but I’ve figured out how to cope with most things.  I can get dressed if I wear what I’m wearing, but that’s a struggle.  Most other things I can do, I just do them slower.  If I can’t figure out a way to do something, I just don’t do it. That’s why I need you to trim my bushes.”

“Well, I better get started then.”

Now, most of the time when I’m at a customer’s house fixing things, they leave me alone and go do something else.  Not Mindy.  She came outside with me and told me how she wanted each bush trimmed.  I did what she wanted, and when I’d clipped the last twig from the last bush, I raked up all the clippings and put them in a garbage bag.  The garbage bag went into the back of my pickup.  Once I got home, I’d run the clippings through my shredder and use them on the path Jenny had me make through her flower garden.  

I walked back to Mindy to get paid, or so I thought.

“Well, Mindy, that took me about an hour.  What would you say to fifty?”

“I’d say that was fine if you were done yet.  I have one more job for you.  It’s in the house.”

I followed Mindy into her living room and then into her kitchen.  That seemed a little strange to me, but some people have small trees as house plants.  I figured she wanted one of those trimmed.  As usual when I guess what a customer wants, I was wrong.

Mindy smiled at me.

“I always do it in here because the light’s better.”

“Do what?  I don’t see any bushes or plants.”

Mindy fumbled a little with the drawstring on her sweat pants, but finally got it untied.  When she let it go, they fell down around her ankles.  Mindy stepped out of her plastic clogs and the sweatpants at the same time, at least I think she must have.  I didn’t really see her do that because Mindy wasn’t wearing any panties.

Mindy pointed to the mass of black curls that covered her mound and reached between her thighs as far as I could see.

“I need you to trim me too.  I always keep it short on top and bare everywhere else, but I haven’t been able to reach it for almost a month.  It’s drives me crazy every time I look down there.  I don’t like being all hairy.”

“Mindy, I’m not sure I should be doing that for you.  I’ve never done it before.”

“Your wife said you watch her when she trims.  Just do what she does.”

Jenny was trying to be helpful, I knew, but I was going to have to talk to her again about how much she tells people.  

“Well, I can do that part, but Jenny doesn’t shave anything there.”

Mindy smiled.

“You shave though.  It oughta be the same.  I have my scissors and the other stuff I use on the counter over there.  If you’ll help me up on the table so you don’t have to bend over, we can get started.”

I helped Mindy step up on a chair so she could sit on the table.  Once she was there, she stretched out on her back with both feet on the tabletop and her thighs spread wide.

I went to the counter and picked up the scissors.  

“These are what you trim with?”

“Yeah.  I was going to get an electric trimmer, but then this happened.”

“Uh…how long do you leave it?”

“I don’t know.  I always just pinch up some between my fingers and cut off what sticks out.”

I started at the top of Mindy’s mound, and did just what she said.  I slipped two fingers into the curls and then pinched them together.  A line of black hair stood up between my fingers, and I used Mindy’s scissors to cut it off.  By doing that over and over for about ten minutes, I got her bush shortened all the way down to her slit.  

“Well, I think I did what you want.  Have a look.”

Mindy didn’t do anything.  When I looked up at her face, it was turned to the side and her mouth was open.  She seemed to be breathing a little faster than before, too.

“Mindy, are you OK?”

“What…oh, yeah, I’m fine…I’m really fine.”

“Have a look and see if I did what you want.”

“You’ll have to help me.  I can’t push myself up.”

I pulled two chairs out from under the table where Mindy’s head and shoulders were, then put my hands under her arms from the back to help her up.  It didn’t take much effort to get her up because Mindy was helping.  It took a lot of effort to not close my hands around the soft breast I was touching with each hand. Once she was up, I asked her again if what I’d done was OK.

“Looks like when I do it, so I guess it’s OK.  Help me back down so you can do the rest.”

When Mindy was laying on the table again, I went back to the counter and picked up her razor, body wash, and a wash cloth.

“OK, how do I do this?”

“How do you do it?”

“Well, unless I’ve just taken a shower, I splash on some hot water to soften up my beard, then put shaving cream everywhere I’m going to shave, and then I shave.”

“That’s what I do too, except I use the wash cloth with warm water, and I use body wash instead of shaving cream.”

I took the wash cloth to Mindy’s sink and turned on the hot water.  When it was about as hot as what I use when I shave, I held the wash cloth under the tap until it was soaked and then squeezed out most of the water.

Mindy shrieked when I spread that wash cloth over her pussy lips.

“Ow-ow-ow-ow.  That’s too hot.”

I jerked the wash cloth away from her pussy.

“Sorry.  That’s about how hot it is when I splash it on my face.”

“You need to cool it off some.”

I went back to the sink, turned on both taps, and waited until the water felt barely warm.  When I spread the wash cloth over her pussy lips, Mindy chuckled.

“That’s better. It’s a pretty sensitive place, you know.”

I did know, and that had me worried.  When I shave, I tighten up my face muscles depending on where I’m shaving.  If I don’t, I’ll not get a close shave, and I’ll probably nick myself.  Unless Mindy was a lot different than Jenny, she couldn’t tighten up her pussy lips.  I’d have to do it for her, and like she said, that’s a pretty sensitive area.

“Yeah, I know. I should have thought about that.  How long do you leave the wash cloth there?”

“About another minute should do it.”

I waited two, just to be sure.  When I took the cloth away and felt the hair on Mindy’s pussy lips, it felt softer than the hair on her mound.  I picked up the bottle of body wash and squirted some in my hand.

“Mindy, is there an special way you do this.  Like I told you, I’ve never done this before.”

“No, not really.  Just spread it around and work it into the hair, and then start shaving.”

I once heard it said that an officer in the US military was disciplined enough he could count the hairs on a young woman’s pussy and not get an erection.  I guess that’s why my military service had been as an enlisted man.  As soon as I touched Mindy’s soft pussy lips, my cock went from at ease to parade rest and then to attention in less than a minute.  I was thankful Mindy was lying on her back and couldn’t see that.

Massaging in the body wash only made my cock harder.  It wasn’t that Mindy’s pussy was much different than Jenny’s.  It was that Mindy seemed to be reacting.  As I rubbed the body wash over her pussy, Mindy started breathing faster again, and before I was done, her hips had rocked up a couple of times.

When I figured I had body wash everywhere I was likely to shave and a few places I wouldn’t, I picked up Mindy’s razor.  I started at the top of her slit because I really didn’t have to touch her to shave there, or so I thought.  The razor did cut some hair, but it left a lot of stubble just like my razor does if I don’t tighten things up.  

I carefully pressed  Mindy’s lips away from the area I was shaving and tried again.  This time, it looked smooth, and when I stroked my fingertip over the skin, it felt soft and smooth with not much stubble.  I did the same to the other side and it was just as soft and smooth.  

Then, as the saying goes, came the hard part, and my hard part was crying to cum.  Mindy had black hairs growing from her inner thighs to the edges of her pussy lips, and there was no way I was going to be able to shave them without stretching out each lip before I shaved.

I gently pinched Mindy’s left pussy lip between my thumb and index finger and then pulled.  Her pussy lip stretched a little and then slipped out from between my fingers.  I pinched a little more firmly with the same result.

Mindy’s voice sounded a little breathy.

“You have to grab harder than that.  Don’t’ worry.  You won’t hurt me.”

My grip on Mindy’s slippery pussy lip was firmer the next time, firm enough I knew she was feeling the pinch.  I pulled, and the lip stretched out almost an inch.  That tightened up the skin enough the razor didn’t seem to catch anything as I stroked it down her inner thigh and then back up her pussy lips.  I had to change my grip to get the hair on the edges of that lip, but the same firm grip a little lower down did just fine.  I stroked my finger over that shaved spot to check.  It was silky smooth and soft and I thought a little smoother than the areas I’d already shaved for her.

I confess I got a little caught up in what I was doing for Mindy.  In fact, I was so caught up I almost missed the little moan that slipped from her lips.  I stopped and asked Mindy if I’d hurt her.  Her voice was low and more than a little husky.

“No, you didn’t hurt me.  It’s just that this never happens when I shave myself.”

“What happened?”

“It’s nothing, really.  Keep going.”

I moved a little closer to see what I was doing because even though I’d stretched Mindy’s pussy lip, my next pass with the razor still left some stubble.  What I discovered was the hair didn’t all grow in the same direction.  I have places on my face like that.  That’s why I have to tighten different muscles when I shave.

Once I figured that out, I’d just stretch Mindy’s pussy lip in the direction to make the hair stand up and shave that.  Then I’d stretch it in a different direction and shave the hair that stood up.  At first, I was a little worried that all that stretching up and down and from side to side might make Mindy uncomfortable, but she didn't say anything.

I checked how I was doing from time to time, and decided I needed to repeat the area by the top of Mindy’s slit.  The skin on her inner thighs and pussy lips was shaved a lot closer since I’d figured out the lip-stretching thing.  

I rubbed a little more body wash on each side of her slit, stretched out a pussy lip, and shaved that spot again.  After I did that, it felt just like all the other skin on that side.

When I started on the right pussy lip, I discovered I had another problem.  I’d been very careful to only put body wash on the outside of Mindy’s pussy lips, and yet, the inside of the right one was just as slippery as the outside.  That could only mean one thing, and a quick glance at Mindy confirmed my thought.  She’d rolled her face to the side again, and her chest was rising and falling pretty fast.

I hadn’t considered what all that pulling on her pussy lips might do, but I should have remembered what it does to Jenny.  With Jenny, it doesn’t take much pulling and stretching to get her started.  She says it moves her clit around and that’s what does it.  I looked at Mindy again as I stretched her right pussy lip.

Every time I moved that lip, she caught her breath and then let it out slowly.  She didn’t do much when I stroked the razor over her satiny skin, but as soon as I pulled that soft lip in a different direction, she inhale really fast.  When I started using a fingertip to check for stubble on that side, Mindy’s hips would rock up just a little.  

I finished up a few areas I’d missed and then stroked a fingertip over both Mindy’s pussy lips to check for missed places.  I didn’t find any, but with each stroke of my fingers, Mindy’s tummy sort of rolled.  I told Mindy I was done and asked her what she did next.  Her voice sounded a little dreamy.

“Just use the wash cloth to wipe off the body lotion.”

I warmed up the wash cloth with some more warm water and cleaned all the body wash from Mindy’s bare pussy.  Touching those slender lips had kept my cock stiff as a hammer handle, and washing them didn’t help any at all. This was going to be one of those drives home where my cock was pushing out my jeans for the first mile or so.

“OK, Mindy.  I think I’m done.”

“Are you sure.”

“Well, there’s nothing left to shave.  You’re as smooth as a baby’s bottom.”

“Maybe you should check again, just so you’re positive.”

By then I knew I wasn’t just checking for some stray hair I’d missed.

“I can check, but I’m already positive.”

“Jenny said you be willing to do anything I need done.  What I need done is for you to finish what you started.”

I made another mental note to talk to Jenny.  I’d jokingly asked her once if she enjoyed pimping me out.  I was starting to feel like that again, although it was kind of fun.

“OK, if Jenny told you that.”

Mindy was farther gone than I thought.  I did stretch out her lips again, both of them at the same time and had a look to make sure none of the soft black hairs were hiding between them.  While I had them spread, I stroked her rippled inner lips.  Mindy moaned.

“Mmmm…that’s right.  More.”

While I’d been shaving Mindy, I’d been concentrating on getting all the hair without nicking her and I hadn’t noticed much else.  I noticed now.  Mindy’s clit was small, pink, and swollen tight.  I stroked the rounded tip, and Mindy gasped.

“Oh God…again.”

I stroked the stiff little button again and Mindy’s pussy contracted and then pushed out a little.  When she did that, a little milky fluid seeped out and dribbled down over the soft skin between her pussy and her rosebud.  I wiped that away with my index finger and then used that same fingertip on her clit.  Mindy moaned and her hips started to rock up and down.

A couple minutes later, Mindy cried out and lifted her hips up off the table as she came.  I kept lightly rubbing her clit until she fell back down on the table and moaned “Oh, stop.  I can’t take any more for a while.”

Once she’d stopped panting, I helped Mindy down from the table and helped her put her sweatpants back on.  Her face was still a little flushed when she asked how much she owed me.

“Well, fifty for the bushes outside, like I said.  The uh…inside work…I’m not sure if it would be legal to ask you to pay for that.  We’ll just call it fifty.”

It took Mindy a while to get her wallet from her purse and then count out the bills.  I really enjoyed the way her breasts wobbled around while she struggled to get the wallet open.  I drove back home wondering how she got that top on.

Jenny was in the kitchen when I walked in the back door and smiled at me.

“Did you get Mindy’s bushes trimmed?”

“Yes.  You forgot to tell me about one of those bushes, though.”

Jenny grinned.

“Mindy said she couldn’t do much of anything by herself except get dressed and fix something to eat.  I said I thought her husband would be helping her.  Mindy said a husband probably would if she had one.”

“And that’s when you told her I’d help her get off?”

“No, silly.  That’s when she told me she couldn’t reach down there to trim and wished she had somebody to help with that too.  That’s when I said I thought you might not mind.  You didn’t mind all that much, did you?”

“Well, no, but still…”

Jenny started unbuttoning her blouse.  

“Did you like shaving her?”

I smiled.

“Other than doing it was like icing a chocolate cake I’m never going to get to taste, it wasn’t bad.”

Jenny tossed her blouse on one of the kitchen chairs, and slipped the bra straps from her shoulders.

“Did she ask for anything else?”

“Yes, she asked me to finish what I’d started.”

Jenny unhooked her bra hooks and pulled it off.  Her big soft breasts bounced once when she tossed the bra on top of her blouse.  She squeezed them and then stroked each nipple until it stiffened.

“Did you?”

“Well, she said you told her I’d do anything she wanted done.”

Jenny unsnapped the waistband of her shorts and unzipped the zipper.  She grinned at me when she stepped out of them and then hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her panties.

“Did you make her cum?”

“Yeah, once.”

By then, Jenny’s panties were on the floor and she was stroking her pussy.

“Mmm…Tell me what you did and what she did.”

Jenny pretty much had me occupied for the rest of the afternoon.  Dinner was a bit late too, but I didn’t mind.  All that work with Mindy’s pussy had gotten me in a mood that matched Jenny’s.  

I knew enough to know that pre-dinner playtime wasn’t going to be all for the evening, so I used my tongue on Jenny’s clit to make her cum twice before I let her pull me on top of her to fuck her. It was after dinner that really wore me out.  I had to tell Jenny about trimming Mindy’s bush again, and that led to Jenny coaxing my cock to stand up so she could ride it.  It was a fun ride too, but after that, I was shot.

The next morning I was still in bed when the phone rang.  Jenny was in the kitchen and answered it.  I heard her half of the conversation.

“Yes, this is Sam’s number.  I’m his wife.  What can he do for you today?”

“Oh, I see.  Well, I’d want that taken care of too.”

“I don’t’ know if he’s ever done that before, but he’s pretty good with stuff like that.”

“Yes, we know Teresa.  He did some work for her a few weeks ago.”

“Well, it’s great to know she recommended him.”

“Yes, I’ll send him out.  Is about one a good time for you?”

“Fine.  He’ll be driving a blue pickup truck.”

By then I was dressed.  I walked into the kitchen for a cup of coffee, and asked Jenny what the job was.

“That was Sheila Morgan. She lives in one of those fancy subdivisions on the east side.  She has a chain link pool fence that she wants to put those slat things in so nobody can see through it.”

I hoped this would be a simple job, but knowing Jenny, I thought I’d better ask if she’d agreed that I’d do anything else.

“That’s all, just put the privacy strips in her fence.”

Jenny smiled innocently.

“Why would you think there’s anything else?”

“Because you’re always sending me out on calls that end up with me doing something you want me to tell you about when I get  back.”

Jenny grinned.

“You don’t seem to mind all that much.”

“Well, I don’t, but it’s nice to have some warning.”

“Well, this time, all she said she wants is to get some privacy so she can swim without somebody watching her.  She did say something about being disturbed because her next door neighbor was watching her, but I don’t really remember her exact words.”

Sheila’s house was at the end of a cul-de-sac and the houses were all like the ones you see in women’s magazines.  The lots were huge, and the cheapest house probably sold for at least a quarter million.  The yards were all manicured green grass and trimmed bushes with a few small trees that would someday shade the windows on the front, sides and back.  I parked my truck in the drive and walked up the flagstone walk to the front door.

The woman who answered looked as well manicured as the houses.  She wasn’t young by any means, but the years had given her some very delicious curves.  Her jeans fit well enough to show me her ass was about like Jenny’s – wide enough to give a man something to hold on to, and tight enough he’d really like holding it.  Her top was one of those lacy things that let you almost see what’s underneath, but not quite.  The three buttons she’d left undone did let a bit of deep cleavage show, again, not enough to really see anything, but enough to make you want to.

I stuck out my hand and introduced myself.

“HI, I’m Sam.  I think you talked to Jenny this morning.”

“Ah, yes I did.  Come out back and I’ll show you what I have.”

As I followed Sheila through the house I was thinking if she showed me any more of what she had, it would probably be a really fun afternoon.  Her ass had that sexy sway when she walked that drives me nuts.

Her pool was just as luxurious as the house, with a diving board and several chairs and tables on the tinted concrete apron around it.  Only the six foot chain link fence looked out of place.  I would have expected redwood or cedar.  Sheila pointed to it.

“That’s the fence the prior owners put up when they put in the pool.  I wish they’d have done something a little more elegant, but I suppose after spending all the money for the pool and apron, the chain link was all they had money left for.  I bought these plastic strip things that are suppose to go through the links.  I really need them put in.  It’s getting hot and I like to have a swim in the afternoon, but my neighbor over there”, she pointed to the house to her left, “watches me when I do.  He’s a letch if there ever was one.  You do that side first.”

“It shouldn’t be too hard to do.  I’m surprised your husband didn’t already have it done.”

Sheila laughed.

“My husband, bless his heart, is about as inept with things like this as I am.  He does a great job as his investment firm, and that lets us afford this place, but he can’t do much more than screw in a light bulb.  Besides, he’s been at some meeting in New York for the past two weeks.”

Sheila went back in the house.  I went out the side gate to my truck and got my tool box.  

The strips were easy to put in.  There was a channel that had to be put up first, but then all I had to do was slide the strips down through the links and lock them into the channel.  Doing the gate in the fence taught me all I needed to know, and in about an hour I had that side done. I stepped back to Sheila’s yard fence to look at it.

She’d picked the color of redwood, and from a distance it looked like it belonged.  The slats were close enough together I couldn’t see anything either.  Up close, I suppose you could have peeked through the little cracks between the slats, but her neighbor probably wouldn’t be that bold.

I was starting the other side when Sheila came out of the house in a tiny little bikini and flip flops and carrying a cooler.  I could see why her neighbor had been watching her.

The ass I’d thought looked nice and tight in jeans was fantastic in the bikini.  Sheila’s hips were softly rounded, and those rounded curves were just tight enough nothing really jiggled when she walked.  Her ass just moved up and down and from side to side with every sensuous step.

Her breasts weren’t as big as Jenny’s, but they were big enough to give my cock a twinge or two. Sheila’s bikini top covered them, but just, and as her ass swayed, so did her breasts.  I was starting to wish she had asked Jenny for more than just putting the slats in her fence.

Sheila sat down on a chaise-lounge and opened the cooler.  She took out what looked like a wine cooler, popped the cap with the bottle opener on the table beside the chaise-lounge, and then laid back.  I was sliding a slat down through the chain link at the time, but I had to stop.  Sheila had spread her legs, and her bikini bottom had formed around her pussy lips.  Even from ten feet away, I could see the faint indent of her slit.

After that, I was careful to keep the fence between me and Sheila so she wouldn’t see the tent in my jeans.  The slats went up a little slower after that
because I was looking at Sheila as I put in each one.  

The end part of the fence wasn’t as long as the sides, so it went a little faster.  I had about three feet to go when Sheila got up and walked over to me.

“I like it.  I was hoping it would look a little like redwood, and it does.”

I said it looked pretty good from the outside too.

Sheila chuckled.

“My neighbor probably won’t think so.”

“No, he probably won’t.”

“Well, I can swim in peace now.  The gate to the pool isn’t latched, so when you get done, come inside and I’ll pay you.”

I put in the last slats, picked up my tool box, walked to the gate and went inside.  The fence looked just as good from the inside as from the outside.  Sheila was back on her chaise-lounge so I walked over.  She smiled.

“All done?”

“Yes.  I can almost guarantee you’re neighbor can’t see anything now.”

“Good.  Now I can do what I really like to do.”

Sheila sat up and untied the bikini string that went around her neck.  Her breasts promptly spilled out of the cups.  She untied the string around her ribs, pulled the bikini top away and tossed it on the table.  The bottoms came next, and in less than thirty seconds, I was standing there looking at Sheila’s shaved pussy.  She looked up and grinned.

“This is what I really like, but I couldn’t with Mr. Pervert over there watching me all the time.”

I didn’t say anything because I didn’t know what to say.

Sheila grinned at me again.

“Is something wrong?”

“Uh…no…everything looks fine to me.  I just didn’t expect something like this since you wanted the fence fixed so bad.”

She smiled.

“I don’t mind men looking at me.  I really like it.  I just didn’t like him looking at me.  I like you looking at me.  I like what it’s doing to you too.”

I hadn’t had a chance to push my cock up towards my belly because Sheila had been looking at me as she took off her bikini.  My cock was pushing out the front of my jeans.

“What…Oh, that.  Well, yes, you’re doing that.”

Sheila grinned and stroked her hand over her left breast.

“That’s what I like the most – seeing a man get hard just from looking at me.  It makes me all hot and bothered.  Wanna see?"

Sheila didn’t wait for an answer.  She just spread her thighs and used her other hand to open her pussy lips.  I saw her inner lips glistening in the sunlight.

“I’m wet already, see.”

She was, and my cock was starting to hurt.  I needed to leave, and I needed to leave fast.  I would have if Sheila hadn’t smiled at me as she pinched her nipple.

“Know what else makes me all hot and bothered?”

“Uh…what would that be?”

“Watching a man jack off while I make myself cum.  Why don’t you do us both a favor and do that for me?  I know you want to.”

“I don’t know if I should do that.  We’re both married.”

Sheila smiled again and pinched her other nipple.

“I know, but you won’t be fucking me.  You’ll just be doing what you’re going to do when you get back to your place except you’ll be doing it here so I can watch.  Mmm…my nipples are so stiff just from thinking about it.  Don’t they look stiff to you?”

“Well, yes, they do.”

“Then drop those jeans and let me see how stiff your cock is.”

I did think about just leaving, I really did, but she hadn’t paid me yet, and it didn’t look like she was in any hurry to do so.  Then I wondered what Jenny would think, but I only thought that for a couple of seconds.  Jenny would want me to tell her everything, and then she’d try to fuck me into a coma.  I unfastened my belt buckle, unbuttoned my jeans and undid the zipper.  After taking a deep breath, I pushed them and my underwear down to my knees.  My rigid cock bobbed free and Sheila grinned.

“I knew it would be all stiff.  Stroke it for me and I’ll finger my pussy.”

I started jacking my cock and I swear Sheila’s eyes never left my crotch.  She kept licking her lips as first one and then two fingers slipped inside her wet pussy.  She did close her eyes a couple of times when she moaned, but other than that, she was looking at my cock like a dog looks at a bone.

“That looks so hot.  Are you thinking about how it would feel in my pussy?”


“I’m thinking that too.  That big cock head would stretch me out wouldn’t it?”

“Probably so.”

“Then my pussy would feel really tight, wouldn’t it.”

“Oh, yeah.”

Sheila pinched her right nipple and then pulled up.

“Would you be pinching and sucking my nipples?”

“Every chance I got.”

“Mmmm”, she moaned.  “You’re making my little clit so stiff.  I’m rubbing it with my thumb.   Would you rub my clit?”

“Oh yeah.  I love doing that.”

“God, this is making me so hot I need to cum.  Do you need to cum, Sam?”

“You’re too hot for me not to.  I’m holding back right now.”

“Don’t cum until I do, OK, and then cum all over my tits.”

I shuffled closer to get ready and it’s a good thing I did.  It wasn’t long before Sheila started to pant, and her fingers were almost a blur as she moved them in and out of her pussy.

“Oh, Sam…I’m gonna cum.  Cum with me, Honey.”

About the time Sheila cried out and arched into her hand, I felt my balls tighten up.  I groaned as the first spurt flew out of my cock and landed on Sheila’s left breast.  The second hit her right breast on the nipple and the third…well, it was a little off target and hit her in the tummy, but it was a little hard to aim by then.

Sheila giggled as she eased back down on the chaise-lounge.

“Mmmm.  I haven’t been able to do that for a long time.  Oh…you got me too, didn’t you?”

She rubbed a finger through the cum on her left breast and rubbed it around her nipple before sticking the finger in her mouth.

“Mmmm, I need to have you out again.”

I just stood there and let my cock get soft because I wasn’t sure what Sheila wanted next.  I was still standing there when she rubbed my cum all over her breasts and tummy.  She looked up at me and smiled.

“Thank you Sam.  I needed to do that, and a lot of men would have either said no, or they’d have wanted more.  You don’t think I’m weird, do you?”

“No…a lot of people like different things.  It’s not weird.  A little unusual maybe, but not weird.”

“I’m so glad you think that way.  Are you going to tell your wife?”

“Yes, I always do.”

“What will she think?”

I chuckled.

“Jenny’s a little unusual too.  I’ll tell her what went on here and she’d get all hot and bothered too.  Then she’ll try to fuck me unconscious, or at least until I can’t get it up any more.”

Sheila grinned.

“I think I need to meet your Jenny one of these days.”

“I’m sure she’d be happy to meet you too.”

Sheila sighed.

“Well, since Jenny will want you all to herself tonight, I suppose a repeat is out of the question.  Let me get my purse and I’ll pay you.”

I almost forgot to pull up my pants.  Sheila walking naked was a lot hotter than Sheila walking in a bikini.  I remembered when she went inside, though, and was ready to leave when she came back out.  She still hadn’t dressed, and it was hard to concentrate on telling her how much she owed me.  She just giggled when I stammered a little.

“Sam, Jenny already told me fifty an hour.  It’s four thirty now, so that’s three and a half hours.  Does a hundred and seventy five sound right to you?”

I said it did.

Sheila counted out three fifty’s, a twenty, and a five.

“There you go.  Now, you go home and tell Jenny all about today.  I’m going for a swim.”

Well, that’s about all there is to tell.  Jenny, of course, wanted to know what happened.  I told her about putting in the slats and about Sheila in her bikini.  She wanted to know how Sheila looked and I told her that too.  Jenny licked her lips then.  Jenny likes girls sometimes.

It wasn’t until I got to the part about Sheila stripping that Jenny got that look in her eyes.  Her eyes got a lot brighter when I told her what Sheila liked to do.  When I told her I did it, she grabbed my hand and pulled me out back to our pool.

Jenny was out of her shorts and tank top before I could say anything else.  She sat down on our chaise-lounge and took off her bra and panties, then spread her legs.

“Tell me again what Sheila did.”

As I told her, Jenny did the same thing.  When I got to the part about her asking me to jack off, I didn’t bother to wait on Jenny to ask me.  The sight of her two fingers in her pussy already had me wanting to fuck her.  

I knew it was going to be another fun but exhausting night.  I’d already cum once with Sheila, and after I did this with Jenny, I’d need some recovery time.  I hoped Jenny would be happy with my tongue and fingers for a while, and there’s always that rubber cock she has.  I figured it would be about nine before she could get my cock to stand up again.  I was looking forward to that.