A Walk In The Woods

Info Raphael
13 Feb. '16
A Walk In The Woods

((This work of fiction is written and owned by Raphael. Enjoy.))

When Morgan and I first started living together, we changed a few things in our lives. We started cooking healthier meals, ate less junk food, and going for walks in the evening after dinner. Our walks became something we both looked forward to throughout the day, in part because it gave us time to talk and connect, and in part because it was still summer and that meant plenty of shared showers after. However, as we had been walking almost every night for two and a half months, we had grown tired of the same path every time; we usually walked along the road, through the outskirt neighborhoods. It began to feel more like work as opposed to fun.

As a kid, I spent many of my days walking through the woods that was across the road from my house. Morgan and I had gone into the woods once or twice and had a fun time, so I decided that we should do that again. Morgan thought it sounded fun, so we found a nearby park that we could go to instead. It had walking trails through the woods, but there was nothing to stop us from going off the path. The woods were similar to the ones near my childhood home; variety of hardwood trees, random boulders to climb on, fallen trees, and forgotten tree forts made years before. Our walks through the woods were blissful adventures, where we held hands, danced, and felt like kids again.

On one such walk, we had been in the woods for half an hour in the early afternoon, exploring a new direction. We came across a small river, about 20 feet across with shallow rolling water over smooth stones. Despite her requests, I was curious to get to the other side, so I took off my shoes and stepped into the icy water. I shivered, but pressed on. The other side of the river was no different, just more plants and trees; definitely not what I had hoped for. In the meantime, Morgan had given into her curiosity and removed her shoes and socks. We met in the middle of the river, our toes rubbing over the stones, feeling slightly numb. We talked and giggle. I threatened to pick her up and drop her in the river. She didn’t believe me, and she was right not to. That didn’t stop me from splashing her though.

Morgan swore as the chill water splashed across her face, and her back as she turned away from me. Eager to get me back, she kicked a splash of water, getting my legs and shorts wet. We went back and forth a few more times before finally calling a truce, her clothes more wet than mine, but both of us feeling refreshed from the heat.

Sitting back on the river bank, our feet touching to gather some warmth, Morgan complained about her shirt and how uncomfortable it was, as soaked as I had made it. I laughed and told her that if it was so uncomfortable that she should just take it off. I expected her to punch my shoulder or stick her tongue out at me, but instead she looked around quickly. We were in a valley in the woods, but the trees were thick; it made me suddenly feel very secluded, alone… and it must have done the same for her.

In the way that only a woman can, she removed her shirt in a single fluid motion. Her skin glistened softly in the faint light and she reclined back onto her elbows; she was showing off and I was mesmerized. Her breasts rose and fell as she breathed purposefully, held in by a black bra with simple lace around the edges. In that moment, I was sure I had seen her look more beautiful previously, but when that was had escaped me. My body moved before I even thought to, moving to kiss her, but she stopped me, a finger against my chest, and told me that she took her shirt off to stay dry and that my shirt was wet.

My shirt had barely gotten a drop of water on it during our fight. But I stripped it off, setting it on the grass beside us, leaning in at the same moment. Our lips met, slightly wet and infinitely warm, filled with relief. We kissed again, inching even closer together, again and again and again. She played her hand through my hair, wrapping her fingers around the back of my head, keeping me just barely against her so I couldn’t stop, even if I had wanted to. I did the same, a few fingers under her ear, cupping her jaw and the base of her head, massaging gently. We smiled as we kissed and she took my hand, placing it on her stomach.

Morgan felt cool. Her skin was dry, but felt energized and connected to my touch. As we kissed, I played a finger along her, gentle circles around her belly button, up her side, across her ribs and down the other side. She squirmed, smiling as she was forced to pull away from my lips. I kept going as she kept pulling away, yet unable to stay away as we continued to kiss, pleasurable shivers passing through her body in waves.

Her chest was rising and falling faster, as was mine. Our kissing was gradually growing more intimate, our lips parting more often, my tongue tracing over her upper, hers over my bottom, with a small touch in the middle. My hand on her stomach was wrapped around her side, my own body partway over her. She tilted her head away from me and I instinctively began to kiss her neck. Hard, meaningful, kisses. Her breathing was all I could hear, suddenly cut in by a moan that escaped her lips as her hand grasped mine, sliding it from her side to her breast. She held it there, not squeezing, just applying pressure for a moment before letting go.

Her head turned and we caught each other’s’ eye, though we said nothing. Laying flat on the ground, her arms wrapped around me tightly, as if fearing I was going to let her go while standing on the edge of a cliff. My hand rest on her breast, which still rose and fell quickly, my heart pounding in my ear. I leaned over her, straddling one of her legs, my body pressing down against her. She welcomed my weight, pulling me in for another kiss. And then another level was crossed.

We were once again kissing, hard now, all worries and cares gone from our minds. All I could think about was her lips on mine, the rough lace from her bra in my fingers, her firm breast in my hand, and the way her leg slowly rose up between mine. We were both moaning deep, trying to stay quiet for some reason as the fingers of my free hand held hers, intertwined, against the ground. She dug the fingernails of her other hand into my back, just enough to feel them; I could tell she was holding herself back. I was trying hard to as well, but my fingers inched over her bra, moving must barely beneath the top of the fabric, flowing over her smooth skin.

Morgan pushed me back suddenly, forcing me to my knees, her hands instantly moving to the button of my shorts. She told me she needed me in her hands, she need to touch me, feel me. My body suddenly ached for her in a whole new way, and I gripped her shoulder as she struggled to undo my pants. Finally, frantically, she undid them, unzipped me, and pulled me out into the afternoon air. I was hard in her hands and she seemed to breathe a sigh of relief as her fingers flowed over my skin. She gripped me firm, then soft, her fingers playing from the base to the tip, gently moving up and down. Morgan took her time, despite her sudden need to touch me, and together we moved so I once again lay over her.

Her hand moved between us, gently stroking me between her fingers, no end goal in mind but simply touching, enjoying, pleasuring. We kissed more calmly now, interrupted with small gasps as she touched more sensitive spots, my moans soft against her ear as I once again began searching for her breast. I pulled her bra strap down, off her shoulder and to her elbow, peeling away the cup of her bra. Morgan’s breast was exposed, her nipple hard and inviting. I held myself above her, taking her beauty in. I played a finger over her as she continued to touch me, making her grip me tight as I once again sent a few waves of pleasure through her. It radiated as I gently moved, massaged, and rolled between my fingers. She arched her back as I did; her nipples always were very sensitive.

As I did this, Morgan’s touch became more deliberate. Her grip became tighter and stayed as such. I leaned in and kissed her neck, moving down to her collar bone; her fingers could barely touch me, but still she reached and strained for it. My lips closed around her nipple, making her moan. She let go of me, instead wrapping her hand around my head as my tongue flicked over her. Her body jumped without her permission to do so, suddenly energized again, rocking and begging me for more. I jumped down her body, fumbling with the button on her shorts and mimicking her struggles before. It seemed like forever, but finally I had them undone, her legs in the air as I stripped them off, her black panties caught in the fabric and off her as well.

There was a moment, as she lowered her legs to rest on either side of me, which moved slower than the rest of the world around us. The river continued to run and birds softly sang, but as she lay with one breast exposed, her legs opening for me, her beauty on display for only me, I fell in love all over again. I felt a compelling urge to hold her in my arms, just to hold her.

But Morgan brought time back to life by moving her hands to her knees. She slide her palms down her thighs, intently watching my reaction. Her fingers slid to her lips, just barely touching herself, just enough to pull herself apart. She glistened and I knew it was a sign of her passion for me, a signal of how badly she wanted me to be a part of her. My shorts were still pulled aside, and in that moment, every fiber of my being urged me to lean forward, to enter her in a single motion, to make hard, ferocious, insatiable love to her.

I refrained. Morgan lifted herself to meet me as I leaned forward. I kissed her thigh, moving towards her as she settled back against the ground, a sigh of disappointment escaping her lips. I knew I couldn’t disappoint her more. I moved to kiss, just above her clit, around the sides of her lips, teasing her in an agonizing way. She reached for my hair, but I felt her movement and pushed aside her hand, tracing around her most sensitive points with my tongue. I could feel she wanted more, and finally… finally, I passed the flat of my tongue from the bottom, slowly, to the top.

She moaned and reached again for my hair, this time gripping me against her tight. I closed my lips around her, gently sucking her clit my tongue pressed on and over it. Morgan squealed in delight; I could sense she was smiling. Her squeals changed to passionate moans as I slipped my tongue between the folds, finding her opening sweet with her lovely taste. I pressed in, deep, circling around and just inside her, much to her delight. I moved between there and the bud at the top of her rose, my tongue doing everything to make her feel more and more pleasure.

This continued for a short time more. She thrashed under me, unsure what to do with her hands; they moved between holding me against her, to playing with her breasts, to ripping up the nearby grass in anticipation, in desire. Her body shook as she labored for breath, and suddenly she sat up, telling me no more, telling me she didn’t want to wait any more. I nodded, leaning in to kiss her neck, taking the opportunity to unhook her bra and tossing it aside. She gripped my shorts, pushing me to stand so she could take them off.

As I knelt before her, both of us naked, and exposed, Morgan leaned forward and took me in her mouth. I didn’t expect it, but I didn’t push her away. She quickly moved up and down, her hand wrapped around my base as she took me deep into her mouth. Her lips gripped me tight as she placed all of her attention on me, swirling her tongue around me as she took me in farther and farther. It simply felt like nothing else, and in the moment, I couldn’t wait any longer. As if reading my mind, she leaned back, again on her elbows, her chest thrust out to show off.

And then I was against her. I could feel her warmth flowing through me, though we barely even touched. My heart was pounding and I suddenly felt like I was about to do something I had never done before. I pushed in Morgan, the warmth expanding as her body enveloped around me. She nodded to me encouraging me to continue. I did, inch by inch, slowly entering her private chamber until I was fully consumed. I collapsed on top of her, my head just above her breasts and I felt her wrap her legs around mine, holding me inside her. Slowly I pulled away, and slowly back in; we moaned together, breathy expressions of love, of pleasure… of slowly building lust and need.

I watched her face and she watched mine and I began to move easier, moving slightly faster each moment. I felt like her body instinctively pulled me back, the wet, the warmth too inviting to leave. We kissed. We held each other. I touched her breasts, making her jump as I ran over her nipples. She dug her nails into my thigh, each time I entered getting tighter for just a moment. I could feel the passion inside me building and as I leaned into her neck, I pulled out once more, slowly.

Morgan’s moan echoed in the forest as I slammed into her. She immediately found my rhythm, allowing me in again and again, hard each and every time. I felt sweat began to form on my back. Nothing was stopping me, not when she pulled me in to kiss me, her tongue fully invading my mouth, and not even when I wrapped my arm around her back and flipped her over to ride me. She took to her new position in an instance, never missing a beat as she ground herself against me. We could both feel her stretching as I filled her to whole new levels, our moans never ceasing, our kisses, our bodies never ending.

She sat up to tower over me, her hands on my chest. I could barely see myself where I entered her, our bodies glistening as she rode me. She wanted more and she told me again and again. I told her I wanted, I needed more of her. We were a couple possessed, driven to insanity by the feeling we gave to each other. She rolled off me, onto her side where I entered her from behind. I gripped her hip tightly to give me leverage as I fucked her hard, deep, her legs pressed together making her feel as tight as ever. I reached up to grab her breast, holding it tightly, squeezing, tugging, playing with her nipple. It drove her on.

Without a word, she moved away from me, to rest on her knees. She looked back at me, a pained look on her face; her eyes begged me to fuck her as rough as I could. I obliged, kneeling behind her and entering her from behind. Her gorgeous ass bounced as I gripped her hips, pulling her to me as I thrust into her. I leaned back, making her move to me and watched as her body covered my entire length, watching as I disappeared inside her again and again. I took her arms behind her back with one hand, gripping her hair with another. I pulled her up to be nearly flat against me. And still we fucked, with our every want being fulfilled. As I held her there, I held her breast in one hand, just the way she liked, finding her clit with my other hand. I pressed hard, grinding my hand into her hard nub.

It only cause Morgan to press against me harder, grind against me faster. Her body shook at my touch and when I didn’t think she could take any more, she pushed my hand away and took over for herself. She collapsed forward, flat against the ground, her ass raised just enough to I could still pleasure her from the inside. With her legs together and her body shaking, I felt my body tighten. I fucked her hard, deep, filling her as she shook beneath me. I told her, again and again, how amazing she was, how perfect her body felt, what she was about to make me do. She let out a scream as I pressed into her once more and came, holding her steady as she orgasmed beneath me. We were one, together in that moment, our bodies deeply interconnected.

I collapsed to the grass next to her, slowly rolling to my back as she nuzzled up against me. Every ounce of lust, of desire, of passion, was gone and replaced only by our need to be close, to feel each other’s love. I pulled her close to me and closed my eyes as she rest her head on my chest. We said nothing for an amount of time. We just listened to the sounds of the river, the wind through the trees, and birds chirping their goodbyes to the day. It was only when we noticed the sun was starting to set did we move from our grassy spot. Our clothes were strewn around and we helped each other dress. I held Morgan in my arms as we finished, told her I loved her, and that she was the most incredible woman I had ever known. We kissed, long, passionately, but just once. It was all we needed.