The Last Chance Saloon And Whorehouse

It was almost ten on a Friday night when I walked in the door of The Last Chance Saloon and Whorehouse.  I had to check out a couple of things before I brought Tiffany there on Saturday.  I spent an hour doing that, and then was on my way home.  It was going to be a great night for both her and for me.

The Last Chance Saloon and Whorehouse is a small country bar out on the edges of a small town in middle Tennessee.  I can’t tell you exactly where it is, because we still go there sometimes.  I like having Tiffany seen, but I sort of like picking who does the looking and when.

It is a saloon of sorts.  It has a long bar and small, round tables, but there aren’t any men playing cards at the tables.  Those tables are for the patrons to have a place to gather around and a place to set their longnecks.

It isn’t a whorehouse, though on some Friday and Saturday nights, it would be easy to think it was.  The young and some of the not-so-young girls dress in as little as possible in hopes of attracting one of the young guys prowling around the small dance floor.  That Friday was no different.  There were skimpy little tank tops galore, half-buttoned plaid shirts, cut-off jean shorts with only the seam left between what had once been legs, and jeans so tight they looked painted on.

Before I met Tiffany, I was a regular there.  It isn’t a ritzy bar with tablecloths and padded chairs and a bartender in a bow tie.  It doesn’t have waitresses in short dresses showing lots of cleavage.  Instead, the tables were bare wood with more than their share of cigarette burns, and the chairs were just stools with the occasional vinyl seat patched with duct tape.  

The bartender is Rosie, a voluptuous woman with dyed, dark red hair, and a pair of huge breasts that threaten to spill out of the cotton shirts she unbuttons enough to show her deep cleavage and the lace bra that causes it.  Rosie has an ass that looks like it would be really comfortable if one was slamming his cock into her from behind.  Nobody ever gets to do that, though there are more men who’ve tried than not.  Rosie belongs to the owner, or so she says.  Jake, the owner, just laughs about that and says it’s more like the other way around.

Kelly and Gina are the waitresses.  Neither one is ever going to be on a magazine cover, but they’re nice to look at and they’ll hug you hello when you come in and hug you goodbye when you leave.

The place hadn’t changed much since I’d last been there.  The little dance floor was still there, and that was one of the things I wanted to check on.  The DJ, Freddy, was still up there in his booth, playing music, and a few girls were on the dance floor doing a line dance that seemed to require rolling their asses a lot.  The guys were eating that up.

The air didn’t seem quite as smoky as I remembered.  That was probably the fans I saw Jake had installed since I’d last been in.

Most of the light in the place comes from the fifty or so neon beer signs that hang on the walls.  The only real lights are above the dance floor so the guys can watch the girls.  Freddy turns those down low when he plays a slow song so it’s hard to see who’s doing what to whom.  There’s usually a lot of doing out there in the dark.

All in all, it’s just a comfortable place to kick back, have a beer or two, and talk with some friends.  It’s also a place I thought Tiffany would like.  I was going to help her like it all I could.

I figured she was asleep by the time I got home, so I sent a text message to her phone.

    “Lets dance tomorrow night.  Soft bra and cotton shirt, thong panty with low cut jeans.  Pick you up for dinner at 7.”

The next morning, while I was making coffee, my phone bleeped.

    “I can’t dance.”

I typed back.

    “You’ll learn.”

A couple minutes later my phone bleeped again.

    “Red bra and panty OK”

I smiled as I typed back,

    “Red is great but make it a soft one.  I want those sexy tits swinging.  No granny’s though, just a thong.”

My phone bleeped again.

    “Don’t have a thong”

I’d expected as much.  Tiffany is a little different than most women.  She is secretly somewhat of an exhibitionist, but she’s too afraid to follow through with her fantasies.  She wants and needs to be told to do what she really wants to do.  I really like telling her to do those things because doing those things puts her libido into overdrive and we always have a fantastic time afterwards.

I typed back

    “Get one.”

I smiled when my phone beeped again.

    “My butt will jiggle if I wear a thong.”

I had the answer ready for her.

    “It’s either a thong or commando.  Take your pick.  I’ll pay for the thong if I get to take it off you sometime.”

The last bleep gave me the response I’d hoped for.

    “Going shopping for thong.  See you at 7”

We had dinner at a steak house, and then I drove to The Last Chance Saloon and Whorehouse.

Tiffany giggled.

“You’re taking me to a whorehouse?  Do I have to be a whore?”

“I guess you can be one if you want, but it’s not a whorehouse.  Jake just liked the way it sounded.  What I expect is for you to have a good time.  Here’s a twenty.  That’ll take care of the cover and a couple drinks before I get there.”

“Before you get there?  Aren’t you going in with me?”

“Nope.  Tonight, we’re gonna play like we don’t know each other and I’m picking you up.  You just take that sexy ass in by yourself, find a table and order something to drink.  I’ll be along in a bit.”

“I’ve never gone to a bar by myself.”

“Well, as they say, there’s a first time for everything.  Now get that hot ass out of my truck and inside.”

I watched Tiffany’s big breasts jiggle when she got out of the truck, and followed her deliciously swaying ass all the way to the door.  Then, I turned on the radio and looked at my watch.  I was going to give her fifteen minutes.  I figured that would be long enough.

Five songs and fifteen minutes later, I shut off the radio, locked up the truck and went inside.  Doris smiled when she took my five at the door.  

“Haven’t seen you in a while.  Guess you found something better, huh?”

I grinned.  

“Doris, you know I’ve had the hots for you since we first met, but I can’t get you in bed no matter what I try.”

Doris fluffed her snow-white, short hair and giggled.

“You’re young enough to be my boy.  It wouldn’t feel right.”

She giggled again.

“Probably feel like fun though.”

Tiffany was sitting at a table midways down the dance floor, with six guys all crowded around her.  Her eyes were sort of glittering and she was smiling.  What I was pretty sure would happen, had.

I took a seat at the bar to watch.  Rosie tapped me on the arm, grinned, and said “Usual?”, and then sat the Corona on the bar.  I gave her my five and when she brought my change, I stuffed a single in the wine carafe she uses for tips.  She thanked me, and then bustled off to the other end of the bar.

About then, Freddy dimmed the lights and put on a slow song.  I saw Tiffany shake her head, then some talk between her an one of the young guys.  She smiled, and then slid off her stool and walked out to the dance floor with him.

The guy was Steve Bishop, and I knew he wouldn’t try anything.  He just held out his arms, and when Tiffany moved closer, put his right hand on her back and took her right hand in his left.

Steve couldn’t really dance.  He just rocked back and forth with Tiffany, but I could tell she was enjoying it.  She was saying something to him, and he was nodding.  When the song ended, they walked back off the dance floor to the table.  There were still three other guys standing there.

Freddy always plays two slow songs back to back, and when the second started, Tiffany smiled and slid off her stool again.  This time she was with Mike Young, a big burly farm boy in his early twenties.  I knew Mike and grinned as I waited for them to get to the dance floor.

Tiffany held up her arms like she’d done with Steve.  Mike smiled, lifted Tiffany’s hands up to his shoulders and then put his arms around her and pulled her in tight.  I knew he had to be feeling her breasts mashed into his chest.  I knew Tiffany was feeling his hands cupping her ass cheeks, too.

I knew Tiffany was probably blushing.  Even in the dim light, I could see her little smile.  Mike bent down and whispered something in Tiffany’s ear, and she whispered something back.  Mike chuckled and held her a little tighter.

When the song ended, Tiffany walked off the dance floor with Mike.  He had his hand still cupping her right butt cheek.  She climbed up on her stool, and Mike moved his beer to stand beside her.  Evidently Tiffany thought his hand on her thigh was a bit forward, because she looked at him and smiled as she moved his hand to the table top.  Mike just grinned, tipped up his longneck and drained it, and then walked over to get another from Rosie.

It was fun watching Tiffany with those young guys.  I couldn’t tell what they were talking about, but Tiffany kept smiling.  She kept smiling until Freddy dimmed the lights again.  This time, the guy was Jerry Robinson.  Jerry liked his beer, and once he had a couple in him, liked his women a lot more than they sometimes wanted.

Tiffany knew the position after Mike, and put her arms around Jerry’s neck.  He pulled her in tight, and promptly slipped his hands under the waist of her jeans.  I saw Tiffany say something to him, and saw Jerry answer as he pulled his hands out of her jeans and grabbed her ass cheeks.

As the song played on, Jerry and Tiffany rocked back and forth on the dance floor just like all the other couples.  Just as the song ended, he said something to Tiffany, and then squeezed her left tit.  Tiffany pulled her hand down from Jerry’s neck, and gently removed his hand from her tit, and then said something to him.  He grinned and squeezed the butt cheek he still had in his other hand.  He gave Tiffany a little pat on the ass on the way back to her table.

I sat at the bar through three more slow songs and watched Tiffany get fondled, squeezed, and patted through each of them.  It was evident she wasn’t accepting any of the offers I was certain she was getting, because the guys were slowly drifting away to other tables.  I’d been in the bar often enough to know the young guys always jumped on what they called “fresh meat” in hopes of getting lucky.  Sometimes they did, at least often enough they kept trying.  If not, there was always Marsha or Betty or Grace or Wendy or a few others.  They were women who came for a good time and hoped to have a good time after they left too.

I picked up my beer and walked over to Tiffany’s table.

“Hi there, little lady.  Haven’t seen you in here before.  How you doing?”

Tiffany batted her eyelashes at me.  I knew she was playing, but she couldn’t have faked the sparkle in her eyes.  Whatever the guys had said and done had her aroused, just like I’d planned.

“I’m doing fine.  How about you?”

“Well, I’m OK.  I’d be better if I sat at your table, though.  I’d have come over earlier, but you seemed to be attracting a lot of attention.”

Tiffany smiled.

“Yes, it seemed that way, but they’ve all gone.  I guess I wasn’t what they were looking for.”

I chuckled.

“Honey, you were exactly what they were looking for.  I figured they just couldn’t sell you on their ideas since you didn’t walk out the door with any of them.”

Tiffany grinned.

“Their ideas were…interesting, but I have this boyfriend, and I don’t think he’d like it if I let them do what they suggested.”

“Oh, and what would that be?

“I can’t tell you here, not in front of everybody.”

Freddy dimmed the lights again and started a slow song.

“Maybe you can tell me on the dance floor.”

Tiffany didn’t bat an eye.  She just draped her arms around my neck, pressed her big breasts into my chest and her tummy into my belt buckle.

I chuckled.

“Thought you didn’t know how to dance?”

Tiffany giggled softly.

“I don’t, but this isn’t really dancing.  This is foreplay on the dance floor.”

“Foreplay?  You’re getting aroused?”

“You could say that. It was those young guys squeezing my butt and boobs, and telling me what they’d like to do to me.”

“What did they say?”

“Oh, just stuff.”

I already had my hands on Tiffany’s ass cheeks, so I just squeezed them and lifted up.  Unless I missed my guess, that lift tugged a little on her pussy lips.  She rocked her hips into me just a little.

“What stuff.”

“Well, the first guy was really nice.  He didn’t grab me or anything.  He just said he thought I was sexy.  After him…well, the second guy, Mike he said was his name, asked me if my boobs were real.  I said yes, and he said he’d love to find out for sure.  I couldn’t stop him from squeezing one.  That’s when he said he’d like to see them hanging over his face when I rode his cock.

“The next guy said he liked a woman who was old enough to know what she was doing.  I asked him to take his hands out of my jeans because I was old enough to know I didn’t want him doing that.  He just laughed and squeezed my butt.  Then he told me he had a camper on his pickup if I wanted to get fucked until I couldn’t walk by myself.

“After that, it got kind of confusing.  My boobs have been rubbed, squeezed, and mashed into a bunch of really nice chests and one really fat belly.  My butt feels like it’s been massaged until it’s jelly, and the things those guys wanted to do to me…and wanted me to do to them…”

I chuckled again.

“Sounds like you had fun.”

“Kind of, but now I have a problem.”

“Oh, what’s the problem?”

Tiffany pulled my head down and whispered in my ear.

“I’m tingly all over, and my panties feel squishy.  I think I need to be fucked.”

I unlocked the passenger door on my truck to let Tiffany inside.  She got in, but not until she’d wrapped her arms around me and kissed me until I couldn’t breathe.  She caught her breath when I cupped her pussy and massaged a little.

“You do need it, don’t you, Tiffany?”

Her voice was low and sultry.

“Yes… bad.”

“Well get in.”

Tiffany climbed into the seat.  I got in behind her and shut the door.  In the light of the parking lot light, I saw the questioning look on her face.

“Bill, what are you doing?

I grinned.

“You said you needed to be fucked.  I’m gonna fuck you.”

“Right here?”

I undid Tiffany’s belt buckle and unbuttoned her jeans.

“Yea, right here.”

“But there’s not enough room.”

I reached down and pulled the lever on the side of the seat.  The back of Tiffany’s seat went down until she was laying almost level.  I pulled down her zipper.

“Yes there is, if we get a little creative.  Lift up that ass so I can get your jeans off.”

“No.  Somebody will see.”

“Tiffany, my truck is high enough nobody is gonna see in the windows unless they’re standing on a ladder.  Besides, even if somebody did see in, all they’d see is me on top of you.  Now lift up your ass.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.  Now…your ass?”

As I peeled the tight jeans off Tiffany’s ass and then down her legs and off her right foot, my cock was getting so hard it was starting to hurt.  I stopped for a minute to pull my jeans down to my knees.  Tiffany had raised her head up and was watching.

“You look really hard.”

“Well, watching all those guy rub your ass and squeeze your big tits didn’t just affect you, you know.  OK, bend your legs up and put them around my shoulders.”

Tiffany did, and I felt her satiny thighs brush my arms.

“Now, put your feet on the dashboard and scoot down until you’re almost off the seat.”

She was just as wet as she’d said.  I knew that when I took off her thong.  It was soaked.  So was the hair on her pussy and the top of her inner thighs.  As I unbuttoned Tiffany’s shirt I moved forward and let my rigid cock touch her soft lips.  Tiffany spread her thighs a little wider and the head slipped through the hair and pressed against her entrance.

I spread her shirt out, then lifted her bra up and over her breasts.  They fell out of the cups and settled gently on her chest.  I stroked both her nipples, and Tiffany moaned.

“I think I’m ready.”

“That’s good, because you’re gonna get a parking lot fuck.”

“What’s that.”

I moved my cock down until I had the head at her entrance again, and then pushed in.  Tiffany caught her breath and didn’t breathe again until my belly was pressed tight against her thighs.

“It’s where I fuck you hard and fast until you cum.  No playing around, just my cock ramming into your pussy.”

I started stroking, not really fast, but faster than usual.

“Feel anything, Tiffany?”


“What do you feel?”

“Oh…I…oh…I feel your cock.  It’s so… mmm….so deep.”

“I’m gonna cum inside you, you know that don’t you?”

“Yes…I… oh God…I want you to.”

“You’re so damned tight…I love fucking you.  Suck one of those big tits for me.”

Tiffany’s eyes had been closed.  They popped open.


I rammed my cock in and out three times really fast.  Tiffany moaned.

“Lift up one of those big tits and stick the nipple in your mouth and suck it.”

Tiffany lifted her right breast, opened her mouth, and tentatively sucked her nipple.

“I said suck it, not play with it.”

Tiffany’s cheeks sucked in as I saw her nipple slide inside her lips.  Just as quickly it popped back out because Tiffany gasped.

“Oh God, I didn’t know it would do that.”

“Suck it again, and don’t let to go this time.”

Tiffany not only didn’t let her nipple get away again, she was sucking at the same speed I was stroking.  She held her right breast in her right hand.  With her left, she was lightly stroking the nipple on her left breast.  It seemed as if she was getting slipperier.

When Tiffany started to moan around the stiff nipple in her mouth, I slipped my hand down over her mound to her clit and rubbed it gently.  Tiffany gasped and her hips lurched.  I stroked the wet little tip, and she gasped again.  It was time to make her cum hard.

I started stroking a little faster and rubbing her clit in earnest.  Tiffany tried to keep sucking her nipple, but when her hips started to rock up and down, she let both hands fall to her side and started making little mewing noises.

I let her take us both away.  When she came, Tiffany’s pussy clamped down on my cock and she cried out.  When I pulled back out against that tight squeeze, I lost it, rammed my cock back inside her, and filled her with cum.  She was still rocking her hips when I’d shot my last, and still panting when I pulled out my cock and rolled over into the driver’s seat.

When the applause started, Tiffany tried to hide under the dashboard.  She couldn’t, so she shrieked and tried to cover her breasts and pussy at the same time.  She did get her shirt closed back up somewhat, but in the light of the parking lot, her dark hair contrasted enough with her skin, the three guys and two girls in the pickup bed beside us could easily see she was mostly naked.  Tiffany shrieked, “Get me out of here”, and then curled up in a ball.  

“Just as soon as I get my pants back on.”

“Well, hurry.  They’re still looking at me.”

“Yeah.  I’d be looking at your big tits and bush too.  I’ll bet the guys would like a turn.  Want me to ask them?”

“No, don’t you dare.  Just go.”

She was trying to get her jeans back on when I drove out of the parking lot.  I put my hand on her thigh.

“Just leave them off until we get to your house, Tiffany.”

“But somebody will see me.”

“No, but if they did, all they’d see is a really sexy woman who’s just been fucked by a guy who’d fuck her anywhere, even if her mother was watching.”

“You wouldn’t.  Not with my mother watching.”

I laughed.

“I think she knows all about having sex.  She had you, didn’t she?”

“Yes, but…”

“No buts.  Just relax.  Feel free to flash those big tits if you want.  I’ll help you get dressed when we get to your house.”

As it was, I helped Tiffany a little before we got to her house.  She was close enough I could reach over and stroke her inner thigh.  Since she didn’t stop me, I moved my hand up, then up some more until I was touching her pussy.  I slipped a finger between her lips and stroked up.  Tiffany moaned.

“Damn, Tiffany, are you still hot?”

“Yes…it’s because they saw us…they’ll recognize me the next time we go there and…”

“And they’ll want to do the same thing to you?”


“You might like Mike.  I hear he has a big cock.”

Tiffany groaned as I touched her stiff clit.

“No, I don’t want Mike.  Just…Ohhhhh…just you.”

“Just me for what?”

“To fuck me.”

“Want me to pull over and do it, like back in the parking lot?”

“Oh God no.  At home, in bed.”

I tickled her clit again.

“Want me to stop this until we get there?”

“No, just don’t make me cum.  I want you inside me when I do that.”

It’s a good thing that bar wasn’t far from Tiffany’s house.  By the time we got there, she was breathing pretty hard again and starting to arch into the two fingers I had in her pussy.  Now, fucking her in my truck once was OK, a little contorted on my part, but OK.  Her bed would be much nicer.  I pulled up in her drive, got out and walked around to her side and opened the door.

“OK, we’re here.  Get out.”

“Aren’t you going to help me dress.”

“Tiffany, it’s one in the morning.  There aren’t any lights on anywhere.  Give me your key and I’ll go open the door.  Then you can run in.”

I admit I was going to let her get half way and then turn on her porch light, but I didn’t.  I figured Tiffany’d had about all the excitement she wanted for the night.  I just closed the door behind her and locked it.

When I turned around, Tiffany was standing there, naked.

“You got me going again on the way here.  What are you going to do about it?”

“Well, I’ll play with those big tits  and finger that tight little pussy until you’re wet.”

“I think I’m already wet.”

“OK, I’ll finger you until you’re begging for my cock.  Then I’ll fuck you slow until you’re going crazy wanting to cum.  When you do, I’ll fill that tight little pussy up until it runs back out.  How’s that?”

Tiffany walked up and put her arms around my neck.

“I was kinda hoping for more than once.”

I just picked Tiffany up, walked back to her bedroom and dropped her on the bed.  She spread her thighs and lightly scratched her mound as I stripped off my clothes.  When I laid down beside her, Tiffany snuggled up to my side.

“Tell me how you’re gonna fuck me.”

I pulled her soft thigh over my body.

“Just like this if you’ll move a little on top of me.”

 Tiffany raised up and lowered her left breast to my chest.

“What comes next?”

“Well, I tweak your nipples like this…and then squeeze your ass cheek like this…and then slide a finger in your pussy like this.”

“Mmmm.  That feels really good.  Does it get better?”

I slipped my fingertip up to Tiffany’s clit and gently rubbed beside the stiffening little nub.  Tiffany sighed and her hips rocked down on my thigh.

“Tiffany, every time with you gets better than the last time.”