Davey's Little Bitch

Karen is naked at the bathroom mirror when he knocks at the door. There’s a pair of cotton thong panties on the bed next to a bodycon dress, micro-length with a plunging neckline, strategically purchased just for this occasion. It’s either a full size too small or a perfect fit depending on your point of view. She thinks it’s just right. She wouldn’t wear it past her front door but for indoor play it’s perfect. She slips her naked body into the dress’s confines. The panties are pointless. Not giving them a second thought she folds them back into the drawer. The dress is that much more dangerous without them. In fact, the only thing deadlier is the attitude of the woman wearing it. Tonight she will take no prisoners. An ironically aggressive stance for someone whose favorite sex position is “bound and gagged”. She might be a sub but she’ll annihilate him if he’s not ready. If he’s only been coached that “she’s hot”, which is most certainly possible and which she most definitely is, he’s going to get more than he’s anticipating. Much more.

“Just a minute!” 

She shouts to buy enough time for finishing touches – a coat of pink to her lips, an accent of girlish innocence that contrasts with the red alert of the tight dress. She adjust her boobs for maximum cleavage and marches to the door. She calls in an excited voice as she approaches. 

“I’m coming!”

Unlocked, she examines him through the one inch gap the security chain allows. He is wearing a fitted, untucked button up shirt with a buttoned down collar, tight jeans and leather boots. A classic ‘guy’ look. She examines his face for a moment just to make sure it’s him. It’s him. She closes the door to take a few deep breaths and visualize her plans. 

Two weeks ago her boyfriend Dave asked her to sleep with one of his best friends from his time in Seattle. Her initial shock made him downgrade the request to “just a thought” with the explanation that they’d be good together, whatever that means. Then he lost his nerve and said they should just forget about it but she just kept quietly turning it over in her mind, weighing the pros and cons without telling Dave she was considering it. Tom, the old friend, is geographically distant. That helps. She won’t be bumping into him at social gatherings, having to pretend she hasn’t seen him naked. Another factor is that Tom is gorgeous and seeing him naked is rather appealing. Pictures of him on Facebook really made her warm to the idea of a guilt-free hookup. He could be on the cover of GQ in an Italian suit or shirtless in Men’s Health. He was exactly her type: refined looks but unpretentious, masculine with kind eyes and a warm smile. The kind of guy you could imagine banging a supermodel or walking a puppy. Finally there was the fact that he and Dave were nearly a matching pair. Dave could be clueless but he was still a catch. Sweet and warm by day, a force of nature by night. She smiled at the thought that Tom and Dave would make a good couple if Dave weren’t so unrelentingly straight. With no drama she announced that she’d changed her mind and to send Tom to her apartment, Friday night, the same day he’d be arriving. Two weeks of contemplation was enough, now she felt impatient. She’s ready to fuck this guy without hesitation but she also wants to give Dave more than he bargained for when he thought to lend her out to his buddy. Now that the moment has arrived her sexual confidence is surging. She unchains the door and gets down to business.

She grabs him by the front of his shirt and pulls him into the entryway without a word. It’s so abrupt and rough that for a second he wonders if she might punch him but she drops to her knees and fights with his belt buckle instead. Unfastened and unzipped, she gives him a devilish grin that promises bad behavior and dares him to keep up with her wickedness. The amazed smile he returns is boyish but so, so very handsome. The fact that he is even more beautiful than in his pictures probably has something to do with how he responds to this onslaught with such calm confidence. Men are only as sexy as they behave, after all. Tom’s got the looks and the verve. She’s relieved at how well he’s living up to her fantasies of him. She has only to convince him to put her into abject sexual servitude and compliance. Passivity was probably not the first impression she made. She has to warm him up, push him until he understands just how badly she needs to submit. She drops to her knees and with a few tugs brings his jeans down around his. She starts with a wink and a teasing tongue extended from an open mouth then breaks eye contact to engulf his rising cock. She makes a muffled sigh like she’s relieved to finally have it there. He keeps expanding until her mouth is filled and then some. She blindly fumbles for the bottom button of his shirt while he starts unbuttoning from the top. By the time she’s undone one he has the rest. With eyes are closed she enjoys his heavenly abs with her hands. Caressing fingers communicate her joy to his rock-hard thighs. A hand on his hip and another cupping his balls she delivers him to the back of her mouth and then beyond, into her throat. He responds to her oral talent with moans and long drawn breaths. Catching her breath, she opens her eyes to meet his again. That same devilish look on her face. Tom excitedly puts his hands on her face and in her hair. She drops her jaw for a second insertion. She’s challenged by the task of swallowing his thick cock but buoyed by the sensuality of his soft, velvety skin gliding between her lips.

After a few minutes of delivering what she feels may be the best blowjob she’s ever given she stands to undress and, more pragmatically, stretch her sore knees. She leaves him literally hanging in mid-air: his cock points at her with the accusation of sudden neglect. His urge to be in her body fights with the desire to watch her strip. He steps back to get her in full view. Her dress is so short that she only has to lift it an inch to give him a glimpse of snatch. She pivots to show him how the dress barely covers her round ass. She takes a wide stance and arches her back. With two hands she slowly lifts the dress. Her ass cheeks make their debut and then her whole ass crack appears as she brings it to her waist. Arms crossed it comes up and over her head in one smooth movement. She turns to face him again with it coquettishly dangling from a finger. She rather pointedly flings it somewhere across the room in a gesture of liberation. He stumbles getting his boots off but manages to stay upright. She rips the tight jeans from his legs, her fingers curled under the cuffs, one leg and then the other. His jeans end up somewhere across the room in the vicinity of her discarded dress. She goes from an aggressive crouch to kneeling subserviently at his feet once more. After all the drama she’s created the first words she speaks are shockingly utilitarian.

“I have to phone Dave.”

“Uh, ok?”

Her phone is aside him, on the lamp table. She dials, Dave answers, she talks. Some of what she says bears a resemblance to what has just transpired and some she makes up out of whole cloth. But she doesn’t lie out of malice or because she has to – it’s just sport, part of the game.

“Hi, baby. He’s here. I thought you’d want to know.”

“You won’t believe it – when I opened the door he had already unbuttoned his shirt and was starting to unfasten his belt. I was scared and tried to close the door but he slammed his shoulder against it. He’s so strong that he broke the chain right off the door and knocked me to the floor. I tried to get up but he just pushed me back down. Then he made me suck his cock. At first he didn’t even close the door!”

She says this in the most surprised and innocent voice she can muster but her delivery contains a hint of irrepressible glee. On the other end of the line Dave is speechless. Lacking a quick response she continues.

“There was nothing I could do, baby. I felt totally helpless. Then he made me get undressed. He said he wanted to see my tits and my pussy. And then, omg, while I was taking off my clothes he said if I had a single pussy hair he would make me shave while he watched. But I had already shaved just before he got here because I wanted my pussy lips to be super smooth for your friend. Thank god I had. That would have been so embarrassing to shave my pussy right in front of him.”

Listening to this, Dave gets a boner that’s busting out of his jeans so he unzips and his cock springs into his hand. The words that tremble out of his mouth convey an obligatory concern for her well-being but what he really wants to say is don’t stop talking.

“Yes, I think I’m ok, baby. My jaw is just a little sore from that rough treatment. Then what? Well, then he took off his shirt so he was standing there in just his boots with his jeans around his knees. His dick was standing straight out ready to be shoved back into my mouth again. But then he yanked off his boots and made me help him with his jeans. Then when we were both naked he told me to show him my ass. He made me stare straight ahead with my hands on the wall and bend over. He told me to keep bending over until he could see my pussy in the gap between my open legs. When I turned back around he was standing there stroking his cock. I didn’t know what would happen next. I thought he might try to fuck me right then! So I asked if I could call you. He said yes but I’d have to lick his balls and suck his cock some more if I wanted to talk to you.”

Dave produces a stuttering response phrased as a question. It’s obvious to Karen that Dave is too busy beating his meat to really talk. 

“I… I guess you’d better do what he says?”

But Tom says nothing. Instead he takes a rough fistful of her hair and drags her face to his hanging sack. She waddles closer until her knees are between his feet. Karen measures the progress of her plan: Dave is in a mental and physical frenzy and Tom is already taking ownership of her body. Her skin glows with anticipation. Men are so pliable, she thinks, so easily bent to female desire. In the game she has devised Karen is a point ahead of the entirety of the male of the species. But if she’s honest she knows these particular boys are scoring pretty hard themselves and gives them a point each for a three-way tie.

“Davey, I have to go do this now. Can you wait?”

She passes the phone to Tom and though unpracticed he plays it brilliantly.

“Hey Dave, this is Tom. I have your little bitch right here and she’s licking my balls, just like I told her to. She’s lifting my cock to take each of my nuts into her sweet little mouth and, oh yeah, stroking me at the same time. She’s dragging her tongue across my dick from the base to the tip. Now, ohhh yes, sucking it some more. Dude, she is so pretty with my cock in her mouth. She’s going to love it slamming her pussy.”

Karen has fantasized about Tom daily for the past two weeks and yet he keeps exceeding her sky-high expectations. She gives him a point for his incredible on-the-spot bravura. He hands the phone back to Karen. She provides the high-pitched feminine voice in the duet, improvising a lascivious libretto.

“Oh, Davey, before Tommy got here I got all dressed up to look nice for him. I wore a sexy dress and did my hair and put on this really pretty pink lipstick. Now my hair is all tousled and my lipstick is smudged all over my face. My dress is somewhere on the floor, I don’t even know where, and I have my little fingers wrapped around his big cock. I must look like such a little slut.”

Dave presses the phone tight to his ear to hear her whispering, not softly enough that Tom can’t hear it all. This time, she means every word. 

“Hey, Davey? Can I tell you something? It made me feel so good to have Tommy forcing his cock into my mouth like I was his fuck toy. Omg, Davey, my pussy is just dripping wet.”

Dave takes a plastic squeeze bottle from his bedside table with “L&M Personal Lubricant” on the label but in his mind it reads “Karen’s Pussy Juice”. He slathers his cock with the slippery stuff, sliding a tight fist down the shaft and rubbing the head with his slickened palm until his hard-on rages. He narrates every detail of these masturbatory preparations to her. Karen continues, full voiced.

“Davey, honey? His cock is really big. I don’t know if it will fit in my little pussy. Tommy, do you think your big cock will fit inside me?”

Tom lifts Karen from her haunches. Tom’s a head taller but their faces meet and they really see each other. A ghost of an emotion passes through them. An undeniable tenderness that intensifies the playfully dark drama. Tom tells her to get her ass on the sofa. She traverses the room with a slow swaying gait. Tom trails two steps behind gazing at her pendulating ass. She plops down, bounces a couple of times on the cushion and giggles. She reclines and shyly pulls her knees up tight. He gives her a stern look and an upward nod. She understands the gesture of dissatisfaction and delivers on the promised exhibition of her most private parts. With an arm hooked under each knee, she lifts them to her shoulders then plants her feet on the sofa cushion. Her knees fall apart. A pink blossom appears between alabaster thighs. Her feigned shyness morphs to real feelings of vulnerability moderated by a sense of power and ripe, voluptuous desirability. They lock into their roles. Tom is held captive by her beauty and the immediacy of her sexual availability. For her part, she feels like captured prey. She toys with her pursuer to delay her consumption but in doing so only makes herself all the more delectable. Her hands squeeze her breasts and tug at each erect nipple. Her fingers pass over her vulva in circular repetition until her clit is swollen and proud. She tests her penetrability with a finger, then probes more deeply with two. A point for the cat for a successful hunt but one for the mouse too for this elaborate scurry. Tom is starving and ready to pounce. He retrieves the phone from the cushion where she’s dropped it.

“Hey, Dave. Your little bitch is masturbating for me now, pinching her titties and playing with her clit and, jesus, showing me her tight little hole. She must really want my cock in her. I’m watching her pretty fingers sliding into her cunt. Oh man, your bitch is so fucking hot I can’t believe it. Listen, I’m going to have to fuck her silly very soon. God, she’s so sexy, Dave. Holy shit.”

His speech is less calculating and more compulsive – Tom is losing his composure and his self-control. Tom’s enjoyment of cuckolding Dave takes a backseat to a driving need for Karen’s sex. He gives the phone back to Karen so he can jerk off with both hands, one for his shaft, the other to manipulate his balls. 

“Baby, he made me spread my legs so wide. He’s looking right into my tiny pussy hole and imagining his huge cock completely filling it up. I’m so wet. My juices are just flowing out of my cunt. I think he can slide right in now if he wants. He’s standing right between my spread legs stroking his huge cock getting ready to fuck me.”

Dave goes to the living room to commune with a box of tissues on his own couch to replicate the remote action. Tom drops to his knees and pulls Karen’s ass right to the edge of the sofa. He drags the head of his cock across her slick vulva for point-of-entry lubrication before burying it deep inside her. 

“Ohhhhh, Tommmmy. Oh, Davey, it feels so good, omg.”

She expels an involuntary breath with each deep thrust like a slow motion laugh – haaa, haaa, haaa. Dave too is panting with excitement and edging himself to orgasm without quite going over. Together the three of them leave behind all pretense and are immersed in real feeling. Tom plunges into her repeatedly while rubbing down her clit with a moistened thumb, a gentlemanly consideration of his playmate’s pleasure. The thought that she is losing the game to Tom’s masterful skills thrills her.

“Davey, he says I have to give him my ass so he can fuck me from behind.”

Tom’s erection slides out of Karen’s body and points to the sky. She goes from a spread-eagle half-sit to laying fully flat on her stomach across the length of the couch. She then raises her hips so high it looks like she’s levitating. She rests her face on folded arms. 

“Like this, Tommy? Can you fuck my pussy like this?”

She shakes her ass to encourage him but he doesn’t need it. In a split second he’s behind and ready to mount.

“Omg, Daveyyy, Tommyyy… omg, omg!! Ohhh, yes, yes, yessss.”

Tom enters her like a sledgehammer. In three ruthless thrusts he destroys her will and ego. She loses her sense of self in his countless and unfathomably deep delivery. Speaking to Dave again, Tom appeals to manly camaraderie. They bond over sharing the same desire for Karen. 

“Dude, I am so deep in Karen’s pussy right now. I’m looking down at her cute little asshole and just fucking the shit out of her. Oh, I’m loving this, man. You should be here too, fucking her mouth while I fuck her in her pussy. That would be so great, wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t you love it, Karen?”

She raises her voice in enthusiastic agreement. That would be so great. Tom gives her the phone so Dave can hear her concurrence.

“Oh baby, Tommy is the only boy who can fuck me the way you do. I want to have both of you at the same time like he says. You could both do anything you want to me. Make me suck your cock while Tommy licks my pussy. Oh, he’s fucking me so hard, baby. His thighs are slapping against my ass. Oh, Tommy, this is so fucking good.”

Tom suddenly smacks her ass, a hard slap with his open hand as a reward for her exquisite surrender. She yelps her gratitude. 

“Davey, he just spanked me so hard. It stings! My pussy just feels even hotter. I think I’m going to come, baby.”

Karen howls as she orgasms. She pushes her hips back taking him all the way to the hilt. Speared on Tom’s dick she pulsates boundless ecstasy. Tom has to brace himself against her force, his resoluteness driving him even deeper. Karen takes him fully and gyrates on his erection. A point to Tom for giving her that earth-shattering orgasm but a point to her as well for the happy meal she’s right now feeding his still hungry cock.

“Ohhh Dave, she just came soooo hard!”

Tom laughs and the other two chuckle between gasps for air.

“I’m balls deep inside her and she’s grinding her ass against me. Oh, god, you should have felt her fucking pussy squeezing my cock when she came. You should be experiencing this too. If you were here I could pull out now so you could take over banging her. Man do I owe you one.” 

Dave is flushed red but it is envy that is overtaking him. The vicarious thrill he’s been receiving suddenly feels weak.

“Hey, Tom, I can be over in like 30 minutes.”

But Tommy’s blue balls are not going to wait that long.

“Oh, Dave, I’m sorry man. I just can’t wait. I’m about to come. I’m going to explode all over her pretty tits. God man, I’ve been admiring those sexy tits all night.”

Karen flips onto her back for him and waits for his hot cum to hit her chest in forceful spurts, splashing onto her shoulders and neck. She lifts her head and offers her mouth as a caress to his dick’s retreat. Depleted, Tom’s trembling legs give in. There’s just enough room for him to lie on his side next to her. His nose nuzzles her cheek and his fingers tickle the folds between her legs. She turns her head and they share sweet kisses and mutual, post-orgasmic masturbation. 

Some moments pass while they make out before she thinks of Dave again. She feels a little guilty for forgetting him. Karen holds the phone with locked elbows and snaps a supine selfie. She examines the pic before texting it off. She’s a mess. Streaming seminal residue across her neck, speckles of congealed flecks in her hair, and a liquid puddle in the valley between her breasts. Her once smooth makeup is now incongruent splotches of color. But her smile is radiant and her eyes have never looked more alive. The image bubbles onto Dave’s phone.

“Hey, baby, I just sent you a picture.” 

Dave pinch-zooms to extreme close-up, savoring her sloppy, slutty beauty.

“You look so fucking hot, Karen.”

He stares at the image and masturbates furiously, confessing his love to Karen. He expels the evidence of that love into a pile of crumpled tissues. His groans are comical but she takes joy in his joy and hums her appreciation. She’s lost track of the score but gives a million points to Tom for all-around awesomeness and, to be fair, gives the same to Dave. It was his idea after all and he’s been such a good sport. Karen lost badly but she’s never been happier in defeat. Suddenly the competitive spirit with which she began the game returns to her and she plots an opportunity for a second chance at victory. 

“Tommy, baby, let’s go lie down.” 

She drags him to the bedroom. When she speaks into the phone again her saucy tone is back. 

“Davey, Tommy wants me to tell you that your slut has to hang up now. He just found the restraints I bought this morning and absent-mindedly left on the bedside table. I can’t believe I did that! He’s coming at me now with the ball gag and, omg, you should see the look on his face. I’ve got to go!”

Karen lowers her voice to a whisper.

“Hey, Davey? I just want you to know that I will always be your little bitch.”