Kelsie's Invitation

Kelsie's Invitation

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Mark relaxed back in his desk chair. A long week had culminated in a tight deadline, but he made it with 20 minutes to spare. Mark worked at a small corporation that focused on creating, maintaining, and offering cultural community events within the city he lived. It was a good starter position, interesting, always changing, with a relaxed but focused environment that favored young working people. Mark spun in his chair, loosening his tie slightly as he looked out the window of his fifth floor office; the city he lived in was nothing major, but he was proud of the work he was doing. Already, the residents had taken notice of the new events and programs the company was putting on to bring downtown back to life. It had been Mark’s goal, and to finally have feedback that showed it off felt really, really good.

“Get it in on time Mark?” He turned around, sighing happily. Kelsie, one of many young professionals trying to make their mark there, stood at the entrance to his office, her 5’6” frame illuminated in the lowering sunlight. The long, flowy white skirt she wore was contrasted by a red top that showed off just the smallest bit of appropriate cleavage. Her smile was intoxicating and although Mark didn’t hesitate to speak, he couldn’t help but notice the beauty she always held so confidently.

“Yeah, just barely,” he said, “Sounds like things are going well. I think Mr. Richards is going to be happy with how things are going.”

“Good to hear.” She took a step into the office, approaching his desk and sitting down on the edge. Her long legs tucked underneath her, she looked like she was posing for an invisible camera. They talked about the report casually, making small talk as the day wound to an end. She eyed him up when he wasn’t looking; a tall, good looking guy wearing a tighter buttoned shirt and now loose fitting tie. He was certainly attractive with his short haircut and striking blue eyes, and although the number of young attractive people was high at the company, she had certainly taken notice of him.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” Kelsie said, scooting off the desk and smoothing out her skirt. “Sounds like four or five of us are going to get a few drinks at the bar downstairs. I was gonna ask if you wanted to join, but got distracted…” Her words turned into a small laugh as she innocently tucked a bit of golden brown hair behind her ear, her eyes seeming to smile as she did.

“No problem,” Mark said, “But yeah, I would love to join. I could use a bit of fun and relaxation.”

Mark grabbed his bag and walked out to the elevators where he waited for Kelsie to catch up. She came down the hallway, carrying her purse and a water bottle; her hair flowed as she walked in small heels, elegantly, and Mark couldn’t help but stare. He smiled as she approached, hit the elevator call button and said, “Ready to go?”

They rode the elevator down to the first floor, arriving on the commercial floor. A few shops called the building home, but the real attraction was the bar at the end. Named “The Middle Class” it was a pretty obvious call out to the professionals in the area, but it served good food, fair priced drinks, and was up scale enough to bring a stylish crowd. It was already half full as Mark held the door open for Kelsie to enter. She thanked him, flashing another of her signature smiles.

Their officemates were sitting on the couches in the far corner of the bar, so it was a short walk through a small standing crowd. It was mostly other professionals from the area, young men and women relaxing after a long week. Normally Mark would have been much more interested in some of those women, but as Kelsie walked in front of him, his eyes were on her. There was something different about her today; she still seemed like the nice innocent girl he had come to know, but he couldn’t help but feel her lingered smiles a bit more than normal. They said hello to their coworkers and settled in, ordering a mojito for Mark and a strawberry margarita for Kelsie. Conversation turned to work for a short time, they made a toast for the success of the project, but conversation soon changed away from work, as it should have.

“So who has plans for the weekend?” a young blond woman named Alice asked.

“Nothing for me,” Mark said, “Probably go for a run tomorrow but that’s about it.” He looked to Kelsie, wondering what her plans were.

“Just having a little me time,” she said, with a noticeably small smile. She sipped her drink, looking over the edge of the glass at Mark in a way that made his stomach tighten, just slightly. Others chimed in that they were visiting friends, parents, making dinner for their girlfriend, normal everyday things. Mark barely listened as he watched Kelsie in the chair across from him; every laugh, each smile… it drew him in in a way that it always did. He certainly wouldn’t say he was in love, but he certainly couldn’t admit that she intrigued and attracted him in a way that no one else in the bar was capable of.

Twenty minutes later, a few people left, leaving Mark and Kelsie at the bar with three others. Another left after finishing her drink, prompting Mark to think about leaving soon as well; his drink had been empty for some time and besides his suddenly strong attraction to Kelsie, he had no reason to stay. She had just finished her second drink as well and was laughing easily now, clearly enjoying herself. She flashed smiles at Mark now and again, even if nothing was said that justified the look. He couldn’t help but glance over her body, the curve of her breasts beneath her shirt, the bit of her calves that showed beneath her long skirt. She was beautiful, and elegant, and truthfully, sexier than he had ever realized previously.

“Well, I think I’m ready to head home,” Kelsie said, checking her watch. Mark instinctively did as well; an hour and a half had passed as the sun had gone down outside. Mark stood as well, grabbing his nearby bag and taking an opportunity.

“Yeah, me too,” he said, hoping for an excuse to spend just a little more time with Kelsie, “It’s dark out. Let me walk you to your car?” It was an innocent enough gesture, one he would do for anyone, but it was an offer for Kelsie that offered him the excuse he wanted.

“Sure,” she said, stringing her purse over her shoulder, “thanks.” They said goodbye to the remaining people and walked from the bar. The hallways were dimly lit, the shops all closed and the only bustling part of the building was the bar they left behind. Mark attempted to make small talk, but couldn’t really find the words; every time she looked at him or him at her, a jolt of energy shot through him. He opened the exit door, stepping through and holding it open for her, like always.

Kelsie had stopped in front of the elevator however. “What’s up?” Mark asked, a touch of concern on his voice as he held the door open half open.

“Well,” Kelsie said, the word trailing off. She had her keys in her hands, playing with one of them absentmindedly. “I think I left something in my office. Mind coming up with me to get it?” Mark nodded, letting the door close as she hit the elevator button. He couldn’t help notice that she put her keys completely away as they stepped inside the small chamber.

As the doors closed, all they could hear was the sound of the elevator rising. Mark stood to one side, only glancing over to Kelsie halfway through the ride. She was leaned back against the wall, arms on the railing, holding her head back in a way that displayed her neck and collarbones. She was pale, with only a tiny hint of color. With her eyes closed and Mark staring, the air of tension was suddenly noticeable, and Mark began to feel confident. He knew… he hoped he knew, where this was going. Of course, the wrong assumption would go a long way to never seeing her smile again. The elevator dinged, the doors opened, Mark watched Kelsie step out to the office doors, and followed suit.

“I’ll wait for you here?” Mark offered, stepping into the dark office as she unlocked the door and held it open. It appeared everyone was gone by now, as no lights were on in the common area of cubicles, nor the more private offices of the boss and management. Mark’s office was down near the end, next to Kelsie’s; they were two of the few people not in management to get a, albeit small, office, barely long enough to take ten steps in and only doubly wide the span of Mark’s arms. It was one of the perks of being on the phone most of the days, talking to city council members and the like, that they got a little more privacy than the rest. The blinds on the window were closed most of the way, though if they were close enough, people outside would certainly be able to see them.

“You can come with if you’d like,” Kelsie said, calling over her shoulder. In the dim light coming through the windows from the city lights, he could faintly see the silky looking outline of her fit body. Kelsie entered her office and turned on a small lamp on her desk, instead of the overhead light. It illuminated the small room; a desk with drawers, her office chair, a bookshelf with old reports and a few books, a picture or two on the walls, and a small padded reading chair in the corner. Mark had seen Kelsie in here thousands of times, even caught her sleeping once over a report, but after hours, it seemed like a much more intimate space.

Kelsie placed her purse on the desk, turning back to face Mark, her hands folded in front of her. “I have a bit of a confession to make,” she said.

“You didn’t forget something, did you?” Mark replied before she could continue, stepping into the room and closing the door behind him. She giggled, tucking her hair behind her ear in just the way Mark found so attractive, so cute, so sexy.

“Was I that obvious?” she said in a sultry tone, leaning back on the desk. Her small but firm chest stuck out in a purposeful way, one of her legs extended forward while the other bent, causing the skirt to pull up only slightly. Mark could tell she was no stranger to this kind of action; the way she placed her hands was all too deliberate, but she maintained her sweet girl manner nonetheless.

Mark walked towards her, stepping to stand on either side of her extended leg, moving over her before saying, “Not at all. I can’t say I knew for sure what your intentions were, at least not until now.” His hands came to rest on her, one on the outside of her left thigh, pressed into the soft fabric of the skirt, the other on her right shoulder, his pinky touching her cool skin. Mark leaned in, passion and lust filling him more and more, ready to kiss her, inches away, something he only just this night realized he wanted to do, badly, when she spoke.

“I just want you to know something,” she said, pulling back just enough to look up at him. He waited, showing no signs of turning tail now. “This isn’t anything. I’m not looking for a boyfriend. You’re a nice guy-“

“You’re a nice girl,” Mark said, a sly grin passing over his lips. She returned it with a giggle, but continued.

“You’re a nice guy, really fun to talk to, passionate about everything you do… but I’m not looking for anything serious… I don’t think I even want anything past tonight.” Kelsie paused, gauging Mark’s reaction before saying, “If you’re cool with that, I want you…” She leaned forward, passing her hands over his back, wrapping her fingers in his hair and pressing her lips against his ear and whisper, “I want to show you I’m not such a nice girl after all.” She bit his ear and that was all Mark needed to hear.

His response was to meet Kelsie’s lips with his own, kissing her hard and catching her by surprise. An audible moan escaped her throat as he pressed against her, scooting her to sit on the desk completely. Mark stood between her legs, leaned over her as she rest her shoulders and neck against the wall, kissing as passionately as they did lustfully. Mark played his hands over her body, clenching her thigh with one hand to pull her crotch against his, separated only by the fabric of her skirt and panties underneath; his other hand was on her ribs, under her top, slowly reaching upward.

Kelsie wrapped her legs around him, pulling him harder against her. She was breathing heavily, surprised by his confidence, his enthusiasm, and what she had hoped for, his passion. Her hands gripped the desk tightly as he ground himself against her, their bodies already connecting in just the right ways. But she wanted more and made it known, grabbing his teasing hand under her shirt and pushing it up to her breasts. Mark grasped her breasts, small handfuls beneath what felt like lacy material.

They both needed more.

Without a word, Kelsie sat up, lifting her arms above her head as Mark removed her shirt in on swift motion. As he guessed, she wore a completely lace bra, so much so that he could already see her hard nipples behind the fabric. Mark took a moment longer to enjoy them, mentioning to Kelsie how gorgeous her breasts were, before rejoining in the kiss they had been sharing. This time, his hand was on her waist, just behind her, holding her to him as his other massaged her nipple. Kelsie rocked against him, forcing herself to break the kiss to moan against Mark’s neck; he took the opportunity to kiss her neck, sucking on the supple skin that she had flashed to him only minutes before.

As he did, her hands snaked from behind his back where she was holding him, to his waist, desperate to undo the belt he wore. Fingers flew over leather and metal, an audible sound as she pulled the belt out and tossed it against the door. She eagerly unbuttoned him, unzipped him, grasping his thighs as she slid his pants to the ground and then aggressively pushed him back to give her room.

Kelsie slid off the desk like water, dropping to her knees as Mark kicked his pants aside, turning to lean against the desk as she ran her hands over his boxers, up and down his thighs, inside and out, over his hip bones, and finally, grasping his hardness beneath. She stroked him, a tight grip, moving slowly up and down, kissing intently just above the waistband of his only remaining clothing before finally dropping them.

Her eyes widened as she saw him for the first time, her fingers wrapped around just below the head. To Mark’s enjoyment, she looked pleased, if not surprised; he wasn’t a large man by any means, but he was happy and from the looks of it, Kelsie was more than appreciative. He curved up, just slightly, his uncircumcised skin already pulling back to show the dark, red purple gland beneath. She didn’t even look up at him, only at his cock, as her lips moved closer, touching at the base as she gently squeezed the head with two fingers. She kissed, inch by inch, sucking slightly as if to give miniature hickeys along his length. Mark groaned his enjoyment, placing his hands back on the desk on which he leaned, doing nothing more than enjoying what she was doing for as long as he could.

Kelsie’s lips spread as she passed over the tip. Her hand flowed smoothly over his skin, gradually gaining speed, taking more and more each time. Mark could tell she was experienced, again another sign of her lack of innocence. Before his eyes, she moved faster and faster, never tripping up, never skipping a single stroke that match the bobbing of her head. Mark ran his hands over her head, interlacing his fingers in her hair but leaving her in control. She seemed to enjoy the gesture, moving faster, sucking harder. It was by far the best blowjob Mark had ever received and he knew it wasn’t going to last much longer.

Just before he pushed her away, in an effort to stop her from swallowing him to an orgasm, she pulled her mouth away, sucking on him the entire way to a loud “pop” that sent a jolt through Mark’s body. Kelsie grinned as she saw him react, her fingers still gently playing over him as she moved close to him again. She kissed him, deep, passionate, her tongue in his mouth; he wasn’t afraid to kiss her just because she had gone down on him, especially when she kissed so well.

The kiss broke and Kelsie quickly moved to sit on the reading chair in the corner, a small kind of recliner (without the reclining ability. It was just big enough for her to sit on, laying back just a bit, her luscious breasts showing through her bra. “My turn,” Kelsie said with a wicked smile. Mark wasted no time, lowering himself to kneel in front of her, his enthusiasm apparent as he placed his hands on her thighs. Mark pressed against them, massaging her from her knees to her waist over the skirt she still wore; she cooed, settling back in the chair in a pleasured, relaxed way. His hands slid over her knees, down her legs to the hem of her skirt, slipping his fingers under the fabric he couldn’t wait to remove. Up her legs, bringing more and more skin into view, on her knees, the outside of her things, up towards her waist to remove her panties… and found nothing.

Kelsie giggled at his apparent confusion. “How long?” was all Mark could ask.

“I told you I forgot something in my office!” she asked gleefully, “I took them off before we left for the bar, when I stopped by here to get my purse. They’re in the top drawer of my desk if you need to check.” Mark didn’t, moving to remove her skirt instead. She pushed his hands away with a now devilish grin, lifting her legs to place her heels on the chair. Her skirt was just high enough to make Mark gasp as he got his first look at her beautiful, glistening slit.

She spread her legs, one over each arm rest, pulling her skirt up to expose herself completely. Her outer lips separated slightly on their own, the lighter pink showing underneath. Mark could clearly see her opening and it took every ounce of will he had to not enter her right then and there. Her clit was covered by its hood, peeking out ever so slightly. The entire area was glistening, even in the dim light of a single bulb. Mark watched Kelsie reach down with one hand, smoothly touch her outer lips, then just barely inside, up and down. She circled her clit with one finger, fleetingly closing her eyes in pleasure, before pressing the flat of her finger against her opening. Kelsie watched Mark’s face as he stared at her finger, disappearing inside her; her fingernail, up to the first knuckle, halfway, and finally all the way deep inside her. Kelsie wiggled her finger around, biting her lip as she did before sliding it out and offering it to him.

Mark took her hand, immediately sucking her finger clean. She pulled it way and barely flashed a grin before pushing his head down, directly to her awaiting clit. Mark’s warm, heavy breath met her awaiting skin in a way that gave her shivers and made her lift her hips to meet his mouth. He closed his lips around her clit, moving his tongue to press against her with the flattest part. Kelsie moaned as he began to move his tongue up and down, rubbing her in a way that she found surprisingly perfect. She threw her head back, getting louder, the noises of her whimpers and groans mixing with the sucking and licking coming from Mark.

He did everything he could to pleasure her. Up and down her clit, stopping, only to catch her by surprise by sucking gently before tonguing her again. Kelsie was sweet and Mark was thirsty for more and more. He traced down, over her inner lips as he pushed her legs up more, granting him access to her opening. She gasped, clamping her thighs together on his head as his tongue flicked out against her opening, probing just inside her. “Fuck,” she groaned, urging him deeper; it was a new sensation for her, something no one had ever done, and she wanted it to continue, more and more, deeper.

Mark sat back on his heels suddenly; Kelsie’s gut reaction was to reach out and pull him back, but he pushed her hands away. His fingers were on her immediately, pressed against her, pushing his middle finger inside her. Kelsie stared him in the eye, biting her lip as he pressed his finger in further and further. She was surprisingly tight, swallowing his finger as Mark found all the right places to press; the smooth sides, the patch of roughness that made her squeal with pleasure. His tongue was back on her clit, massaging her from the outside as his fingers pleased her from within. Kelsie’s legs shook as she held them as wide as she could, urging him to go faster, to give her more, tucking her increasingly messy hair behind her ear.

And then she felt it, that bundle of emotion, of desire, building, growing, spreading inside her belly, down her legs and arms, making her skin tingle and muscles tighten. A quick scream escaped her lips and her finger nails dug into Mark’s shoulders. And then she was over the edge, squirming beneath him as he pushed her farther and farther, her back arching and eyes looking towards the heavens. It was so much, and too much, and not enough all at once until she pushed him away with her hands and then feet, curling into a shivering ball of pure ecstasy.

Mark watched in amazement, his cock sensing his excitement and becoming fully erect again. He stroked himself absentmindedly as he watched his coworker shake on her reading chair; he couldn’t help but wonder if this was the first time she had ever cum on that chair before. Kelsie collapsed in a relaxed, pleasurable state, her legs still wide; a bit of her cum snuck out of her, a white glob that was proof of her enjoyment. Mark left her to enjoy herself, sure that this was not the end of the night; Kelsie watched him through messy hair, stroking himself slowly and her desire began to grow once again.

“There’s a condom or two in my purse,” she said, waving a tired hand, “Get one so I can get that cock inside me.” Mark did as he was told, opening her purse and finding the condoms in a small hard case. He grabbed one and tore it open, turning back to stand over Kelsie. She sat forward as he approached, reaching out to stroke him again as he prepared to put it on. But when he tried to do so, she took it from him gently, smiling much sweeter than before, and slowly rolled it over his cock. Mark watched himself disappear underneath the white material, snugly holding him as she finished, stroking him once or twice more. “Since you gave me such a great orgasm,” she said, still touching him, “I’ll let you decide how you want to fuck me.”

Mark thought for only a moment, before grabbing her arms and pulling her to her feet. “Get on the desk then,” he said, pushing her towards it and helping her sit back. Mark hiked her skirt up and felt her with his hand once more; she was wet and ready, already biting her lip, anticipating him entering her. Mark leaned in, pressing the tip against her, pressing a bit more until the head of his cock disappeared inside her. She groaned as he did, relaxing back when he started to go in and out, in and out. They started slow, but as Mark stood over her, his hands on her hips, he picked up speed. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him into her harder and harder. Each thrust was met with a wet slap of skin on skin that reverberated throughout the room, Kelsie’s breasts nearly jumping out of her bra in front of Mark’s eyes. As much as he enjoyed the view though, he wanted more, harder; he wasn’t going to let this one time encounter go to waste.

He flipped Kelsie over, making her stand in front of him, pinning her against the desk. She laid her face down, allowing him to hold her hands, excited by the thought of being controlled. Mark lifted her skirt and pressed in between her thighs, entering her again and immediately thrusting as hard and fast as possible. They moaned together, as they fucked, Kelsie’s occasional scream cutting through after a particularly hard and deep thrust. She was loving every minute of it, even when he unexpectedly slapped her ass, or pulled her up enough to reach around and pull her bra down to play with her breasts.

Mark was getting close, and as much as he wanted to continue, he told her. “I’m gonna cum soon Kelsie,” he said, gripping her hips tight, watching her ass bounce as he slammed into her.

“Not yet,” she said, pushing him back. It crossed Mark’s mind not to listen, but she was insistent, assuring him he would like it. “Sit down,” she said, pushing him to the office chair, a typical armless wheeley chair. He did and she was on him in seconds, her feet barely touching the floor as she rode him. Kelsie was able to stand and drop in just the perfect way that sent his cock deep inside her, giving her the opportunity to quickly grind on top of him before doing it again and again. She turned around a minute or two later, her hands on Mark’s knees to face away while she fucked him. Her ass was amazing, tight, with just enough bounce. It was pushing Mark to the very edge; his breathing became even heavier, even stronger.

“I’m gonna cum,” he said repeatedly, guiding Kelsie up and down. She nodded.

“Cum inside me,” she said, “fill it up. I want to feel your cock pulse inside me.” Mark pulled her down onto him once more, held her deep inside him; his moans filled the room, likely the entire floor as his body shook. Kelsie looked over her shoulder to watch him as he came, again and again, filling the condom inside her. She rocked her hips in a circle, urging every drop of out him until he finally relaxed, breathing heavily, both of them covered in sweat.

They cleaned up slowly; Kelsie tossed the condom into a plastic bag along with the wrapper, making sure it was placed at the bottom of the trash so no one would see it. As Mark dressed, Kelsie went to her desk and pulled out a pair of pink panties, which she slipped on underneath her skirt, before putting her shirt back on.

They left the office in silence, riding the elevator down to the first floor without a word. It wasn’t an awkward silence; more tired, content, and more than content with pleasure. As they walked to her car, they again agreed that it was nothing more than a fun time and would be business as usual on Monday. As they stood outside her car, Kelsie kissed his cheek, gave him a signature smile, and drove away. Mark couldn’t help stand there a moment, thinking about where this could lead, before shaking his head and walking to his apartment a few blocks away.