Becoming Lavender_mist

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11 Oct. '17

It had all been a game, at least that’s what she’d been telling herself and it was all Jerry’s doing at first.  He’d been the one to suggest he post some of their private photos of her on an adult website.  When she didn’t agree, he registered her on the site as “lavender_mist”, and posted six pictures of her anyway.  Four were of her in a swimming suit when they were on vacation, but the last two were of her nude, one he’d taken when she got out of the shower and the other after they’d had sex one afternoon.  In that one, she was lying on their bed with her thighs open and smiling.  He didn’t put much in her profile, just the state where they lived and that she was interested in hearing what men thought about her body.  

At first, she was angry with him and demanded he give her the password for the account.  She went to the site that night to delete the pictures, but when she read the comments men made about her body and what they’d do with her if she were with them, it didn’t seem so bad.  In fact, she was secretly thrilled that men still found her attractive and sexy.  Angie was almost fifty, and after three kids, she thought her body was anything but desirable.  She was certain Jerry was the only man who would be interested in her.  Lately, that his interest had been failing too.

She completed the profile with her height, weight, and bust, waist, and hip measurements, and added a list of things she liked.  She also opened a private  email account as “lavender mist”, and added the address to her profile.  Then she took more pictures herself when Jerry was at work.  A few she took while pointing the camera at the mirror in the bathroom.  The rest she took after figuring out how to hold her cell phone to capture what she thought men would like to see.  One Friday afternoon, she posted four more pictures – two of her breasts, one of the reflection of her backside in the bathroom mirror, and the last a picture of her mound with her thighs squeezed tight together.

The next day she began getting comments and emails from all over the world.  Some of the comments were very descriptive and some were downright nasty.  She loved them all, even the nasty ones.  Jerry hadn’t touched her in days, and even thinking another man might want to do what they said was exciting.   If she closed her eyes, she could visualize what the nasty comments would mean if she was really with the man who wrote them.  She’d felt the first tingles of arousal then, and took those tingles to completion with her fingers.

When she tried to arouse Jerry that night, he said he was tired and rolled over.  Angie told him about the new pictures and the comments and emails in hopes of making him jealous enough to want her again.  It didn’t work.  He just told her to have fun as long as she didn’t actually sleep with another man.

The next afternoon, she took two more pictures and posted them.  In the first, she was holding her lips open and added the caption “I need something here”.  In the second, she had inserted a finger between those lips.  The caption she added was “I wish this was you”.  An hour after the pictures were on the site, she had over a hundred comments and sixteen emails all saying what they’d do to her if they’d been there.  She had two orgasms before Jerry got home from work and didn’t try to get him to do anything that night.

Angie was prepared for the string of men’s comments that followed over the next few days.  They excited her with thoughts of what might happen, and those thoughts caused her to pleasure herself until she climaxed.  Afterward she would read the comments again.  In her mind it was sort of like what she used to do with Jerry once they’d finished.  She’d snuggle up to his side just to feel him against her, and that kept the good feelings from the orgasm until she fell asleep.

What Angie was not prepared for were the comments and emails from other women.  A few women left comments on her pictures, but many more wrote to her and sent pictures of themselves.  They wrote of being aroused by her body, of wanting to caress her breasts and nipples, of needing to kiss her, and of wanting to taste her.  They always wanted to know if they caused her the same feelings with their pictures.

At first, she thought the emails might have been written by men, and she learned by chatting with another woman that a couple were, but the others…There was sensuality and feminine feelings to be read between the lines of cold text, feelings that only a woman’s writing could convey.

One afternoon, she read a comment from another woman, and had to chuckle.  The woman, who called herself “amberdream” wrote that she would love to feel Angie’s nipples with her tongue.  Just for fun, and because she was a little bored, Angie replied that she thought that would feel really great and that she’d like to do the same to the woman.  As it so happened, amberdream was also on line, and immediately replied to her comment.  Angie flirted a little, blushed a lot at her own comments as well as the other woman’s, but found both the reading and writing aroused her.  When amberdream left, Angie started writing the same type of comments to other women’s posts.  

That night, Angie lay awake beside Jerry thinking about amberdream.  What would it be like, having another woman touch her? She’d never had that fantasy before, not even as an oversexed teen, but now…If she kissed another woman, would it feel the same as kissing Jerry?  Her hand strayed to her breast.  If she touched another woman’s breast, would it feel the same as touching her own?

Ahhgh, this was crazy.  She wasn’t a lesbian.  She liked men, well, one man anyway, and she liked what other men wrote about her pictures.  True, the other women who posted pictures were sexy for the most part, and a few caused some unfamiliar stirrings in her core.  She just couldn’t believe those stirrings were caused by the pictures.

The next time she visited the website, she saw a post by a beautiful woman who called herself “scarlet_eve”.  The woman was lying on a bed with one hand cradling her breast, and the other was covering her mound except for the two fingers that were inside her.  Her head was thrown to the side of the pillow upon which her long, auburn hair splayed, and her face wore the expression that could only mean she was experiencing an orgasm.  Angie suddenly felt a flush of excitement, then the unmistakable stirring of arousal deep inside her.  The caption on the picture said “Girls, I need someone to help me.”  

Angie quickly typed the comment, “I would.  You’re beautiful.”

The next night, Angie’s heart skipped a beat when she saw the email from scarlet_eve.  Scarlet_eve introduced herself as a married, bi-sexual mother of two who was looking for a female partner.  She had seen Angie’s pictures, liked what she saw, and wanted to get better acquainted.  At the end of the email, she said her real first name was Christine, and she hoped Angie would reply.

Several emails later, Christine and Angie exchanged phone numbers, and began calling each other when time permitted.  The first few calls were mostly social, and served to put Angie at ease with Christine.  She found Christine to be intelligent and witty as well as being beautiful.

As the number of calls increased, so did the sexual content, and after six months, both women were masturbating during the call.  At the end of one call in July, Christine said, “Angie, we’re laying here, almost together, and helping each other get off by what we’re saying.  Why don’t we meet and see what happens?”  Angie had been surprised, then shocked, and then intrigued all within the space of a few seconds.  Without thinking any further, she said it might be fun.

Yes, it had started as a game, and now the game was going to become reality, that is, if she could go through with it.  Christine lived only three hours by car from Angie, and they’d arranged to meet at a hotel about midway between them.  Angie had told her husband she was going to visit a friend and would be back in a couple of days.  At ten-thirty, she locked the house, started her car and backed out of the drive.

As Christine drove up the interstate bound for her meeting with Angie, she realized she was happy for the first time in months.  She had never intended to become involved with another woman, but two years before, she had.  Life had been good then.  Her husband understood what she needed and approved.  Denise had been a wonderful friend and a wonderful lover.  They had spent many enjoyable days together as well as many erotic, satisfying nights.  

Then, for some reason, Denise disappeared.  Christine was frantic for days, attempting to make contact with Denise by every means she knew, but nothing worked.  She finally resigned herself to the end of the relationship and vowed it would never happen again.  Then she saw the pictures of the woman who called herself “lavender_mist.”

Lavender_mist was about her age, and enjoyed many of the same things as she.  When Christine received a reply to her email, she could read the personality of the woman in the writing and she liked that personality.  What began as a tentative friendship had turned into a series of emails with ever increasing erotic content, then phone calls that started as social and became sexual experiences she’d not felt since she’d been with Denise.  It seemed natural to invite Angie to spend a couple of days with her, just to see if they really felt the same way about each other.  At noon, she turned into the parking lot of the Hampton.

The little brunette who met her in the lobby looked just like the picture she’d sent in one of her emails.  Angie had a nice figure and a pretty face, and looked soft and sensuous in her jeans, frilly blouse and heels.  When Christine walked up to her, Angie smiled, and Christine knew she’d been right to ask for the meeting.  After a friendly hug, Christine asked if Angie had checked in.

“No, I haven’t.  I – I thought I’d wait until you got here so…well, so if you didn’t like me or something, I could just go home again.”

Christine’s touched Angie’s hand.

“Angie, why wouldn’t I like you?  It’s not like we’re complete strangers.”  Christine smiled.  “We’ve shared a lot more than most women ever do.  I like you, Angie.  That’s why I asked you to meet, but if you’re unsure, let’s have some lunch before we check in.  We can talk some more while we eat.”

The hotel restaurant was almost deserted when the waiter seated them in a booth.  After finishing their salads, they ordered coffee.  Christine sipped hers, wiped her full lips with the napkin and smiled at Angie.

“So, you were worried I might not like you?  Why?”

“Well, I’m not pretty, like you, and I’m not very sexy, and….”

“And maybe you’re just a little afraid?  You are pretty and sexy, by the way.”

Angie blushed.  “No…well, I suppose I am…a little.  I – I’ve never…I never thought I’d be doing anything like this.”

“Angie, it isn’t wrong for two friends to be together, is it?  That’s all we are, right now, just two friends.”

“Well, no, it’s not wrong, but if we stay here together, we’ll be more than just friends, won’t we?”

“Only if that’s what you want, Angie.  I’m not going to push you into anything.  We’ll go slow and see what happens.  After all, you might not like me.”

“I like you, Christine.  It’s just that I’ve never thought about a woman this way before, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.”

“Well, tell you what.  We’ll get a room with two beds.  If things aren’t like you thought, I’ll take one and you can have the other, and we’ll still be friends.  How would that be?”

“I guess that would be OK.”

Christine didn’t show it, but she was relieved.  Angie had consumed her thoughts since that first phone call.  It wouldn’t have been easy for her to explain why because she really didn’t understand why herself.  There was just a connection she felt with Angie on the phone, a connection she would have called infatuation for lack of a better word, and yet, it wasn’t like what she felt for her husband.  It was different, but just as strong.  She only hoped Angie had the same feelings.

“Good.  Let’s go check in then.”

“We’re in room 306”, said Christine when she came back from the desk, and I got us both key cards.  She giggled.  “I told the man my lover was joining me tonight and would need a key.  You should have seen the look on his face.”

Angie was glad to have a reason to laugh, because it took some of the edge off her nerves.  “I’ll bet he’s expecting a man to come to the desk and ask which room you’re in.”

“Now, I never said what sex my lover was, just that my lover was joining me, so I didn’t lie.  How’s it feel to be my lover?”

“Ask me that tomorrow…if that’s what happens.”

When they dressed for dinner, Angie was a little self-conscious, and changed her undergarments in the bathroom.  She came out in her bra and panties.

“I haven’t been this naked in front of another woman since high school”, she laughed.  

Christine slipped her foot into the stocking, and then looked up at Angie.

“Didn’t you just hate taking a shower with all the other girls?  I was a late bloomer, or so Mom was fond of telling me, so all I had were nipples when the others all had breasts.  They used to tease me about it and it hurt.”

“Yeah, I hated that too.  I had breasts, but I was pretty chubby.  They teased me too.”  Her voice softened.  “They’re nice, by the way.”

“What’s nice?”

Angie shrugged and smiled.  “Your breasts.  I think they’re beautiful, at least they are in your pictures.”

“Why, thank you.  So are yours.”  Christine grinned.  “…at least in your pictures.  Maybe we can see what we’re really like…after dinner?”

Dinner lasted until nine, but they were in no hurry.  Angie needed time to think, and Christine wanted to give her that time.  They talked casually over their meal, but Christine didn’t miss the look in Angie’s eyes.  There was an internal struggle going on inside the little brunette’s head.  Christine could only stay calm and hope.  That connection was still there, stronger in person, and growing stronger by the minute.

Christine had put the bottle of Chablis on ice before they left the room for dinner.  When they returned to their room, Christine held the frigid, wet bottle with a towel, screwed in the corkscrew she’d brought along, and began removing the cork.  After a little struggle, she was rewarded with the “pop” of the cork slipping from its confines and the scent of Chablis wafting to her nose.

“I didn’t bring wine glasses, so these will have to do”, she said softly.  

“I don’t think we’ll mind”, replied Angie in an even softer voice.

Christine poured the crystal liquid into each glass, then walked to where Angie sat on the couch and handed her one.  Angie took a sip, then a gulp, and grinned at Christine.

“So, is this how you seduce all your lovers, by getting them drunk?”

“I don’t have any lovers, Angie.  Not yet, anyway, and no, I don’t want you drunk.  The wine, well…it helps relax things a bit, I suppose.  Mostly, I just like wine.  If you don’t, that’s OK.”

“Oh, I like this.  I’m just nervous, I guess.”

Christine sat down beside Angie.  

“I can help that if you’d like.”

Without waiting for an answer, Christine put her hands on Angie’s shoulders and began to lightly massage.

“Oh…that feels great”, breathed Angie.  

“I know.  I treat myself to a massage once in a while, and this is one of the things the guy does.  He turns me into jelly by the time he gets done.  I can barely walk out of the place.”

“What else does he do to you?”

“Well, he massages my back.  If you want to feel that, you have to lie down on the bed, though.  I don’t want to wrinkle my dress, so I’m going to take it off if that’s OK.  I wish I’d brought some baby oil or something.  It makes the massage better.

“Yeah, I probably should get out of this skirt and top too for the same reason.  Would some skin lotion work instead of oil?  I have some of that.

When Angie was stretched out on the bed, her face on the pillow, Christine straddled her thighs.  She warmed a little of the body lotion in her palms and then began to gently rub it over Angie’s shoulders.

“ Angie, I don’t want to get lotion all over your bra band.  It is OK if I unhook it?”

Angie murmured, “OK”.

Christine was enjoying this as much as Angie.  For the first time in months, she was feeling the petal-soft skin of another woman under her hands, and the memories came flooding back.  She quickly returned them to that special place in her mind, and began making new memories, memories of Angie, and hoped there would be more before the night was over.

Angie flinched when Christine moved her hands to Angie’s side and brushed the swell of her breast, but she didn’t ask her to stop.  She didn’t flinch when Christine gently stroked the side of Angie’s other breast.  She just said, “Mmmm.  You’re making me feel so relaxed.”

By the time Christine’s hands reached the waistband of Angie’s panties, it was obvious to Angie that this massage was more than an attempt to relax her, and when Christine gently pulled her panties down over her hips, Angie didn’t want to resist.  She just raised her body, and let Christine pull them down to her knees, then raised her legs so Christine could pull them completely off.  She shivered when Christine lightly stroked her bottom, and parted her thighs just a little when she felt Christine slid her fingers between her cheeks.

Christine had been barely able to keep up the façade of the massage, and when Angie opened her legs, she stopped trying.  She moved to the side of the bed.

“Angie, would you turn over?”

She unconsciously licked her bottom lip as she watched Angie turn over, and smiled as the little brunette tried to keep her bra in place.  Moving to the head of the bed, Christine leaned over Angie, and smiled.  “I’m going to kiss you now, Angie.”

Angie’s heart began to pound as she watched Christine’s lips part and descend towards her own.  When they met, the feeling was electric.  She felt Christine’s tongue lightly brush first her lower lip, then her upper lip, and felt a gentle suction.  Without thinking, Angie responded by putting her hand on Christine’s neck and pulling her close.  Little tingles raced through her body and seemed to collide with each other deep inside her core.  

She felt Christine’s tongue again, and opened her mouth.  The quick little touch of Christine’s tongue on hers caused Angie to catch her breath.  Then, with a quiet little smacking sound, Christine broke the kiss, brushed Angie’s hair from her face, and looked into her eyes.  Her voice was soft and low.

“Angie, I don’t want to stop, but if you want me to, I will.”

“No, I don’t want you to stop.  Just go slow, OK? “

Christine quietly slipped off her bra and panties, then eased down beside Angie.  She gently lifted Angie’s hands from her breasts and tossed her bra to the foot of the bed.

“They are”, she whispered.

“Are what?”

“Your breasts are beautiful, just like in your pictures.”

“Oh”, whispered Angie, and then a louder “Ohhhh” slipped from her throat when Christine closed her lips over Angie’s right nipple.  The little electric shocks shot through her again and tightened her tummy.  She closed her eyes and let them surge through her, again and again, as Christine teased her nipple into a stiff nub of sensitivity.  

The waves became stronger when Christine used her fingertip to lightly brush Angie’s other nipple, and a low, quiet moan slipped through her lips.

Christine cupped Angie’s breast, squeezed gently, then caressed down over Angie’s tummy.  Angie felt fingertips slip between her thighs, and then Christine kissed her again.  At the same time those fingertips parted her sex, Christine’s tongue parted Angie’s lips.  All she could feel was the sensation of Christine warm, wet tongue searching for hers, and Christine’s fingertips exploring her inner lips, her hidden clit, and her entrance.  Angie moaned again and stroked Christine’s back, then sought out her breasts.

Christine shuddered when Angie’s fingers brushed her long, taut nipple.  It had been so long since she’d felt that gentle touch, that feeling of satin soft hands exciting her.  She purred a tiny moan into Angie’s mouth and slipped two fingers into Angie’s wet opening, then gently, but firmly slid them up to the top of Angie’s open lips.  Yes, she was almost ready.  Christine could feel the little bump of Angie’s swelling clit, and rubbed beside it.  Angie immediately groaned and arched her body into Christine’s hand.

Christine felt Angie tense as she moved to the foot of the bed and gently pulled her thighs apart.  Angie tried to pull them together again.  Christine looked at Angie and smiled.  “Don’t worry, Angie.  I won’t bite.”

“It’s not that”, breathed Angie hoarsely,  “Jerry always wants me to wash before he…”, she stopped talking and moaned as Christine rubbed her clit.

Christine moved up to Angie’s face, kissed her, and then whispered,  “Jerry is missing out on something very special then.  I want you just like you are.”

She kissed Angie again, then nibbled down between Angie’s breasts, then over her tummy, and then nuzzled the hair on her mound.  Angie felt Christine part that hair with her fingers, and then a shock that took away her breath as Christine’s tongue touched her outer lips.

Angie was going to tell her no, but her body wouldn’t let her.  Christine’s tongue was soon creating waves of pleasure that blocked out everything else.  Angie looked down over her rippling tummy and saw Christine eyes looking back.  Christine stopped, smiled, asked, “Do you want me to stop”, and then closed her lips around Angie’s clit.  All Angie could say was a murmured “no” followed by a little cry.

Time seemed to stop for both of them.  Christine slowly brought Angie to the brink, let her coast back down, and then took her to the edge again.  When she felt Angie’s hands pushing down, Christine circled Angie’s clit with her lips, sucked in firmly and brushed her tongue over the throbbing tip.  Angie cried out and began to shake.  Another firm suck, and Angie shuddered as the first wave of the orgasm swept through her.  Christine didn’t stop until Angie gently pushed her away.

Angie felt Christine lay down beside her again, the then felt those soft lips touching hers.  She inhaled, and caught her own scent on Christine’s face.  She kissed back, and tasted that scent.  She and Christine had talked about that during their phone calls, and Christine had said she liked tasting herself on another woman’s lips.  She didn’t know if it was the memory of what they’d just done, or something else, but the scent and taste caused a little tingle in her clit.  She devoured Christine’s lips with her kiss, then whispered in Christine’s ear.

“I didn’t know it could be like this.”

Christine cradled Angie’s face against her breast.  “I hoped it would be.  You’re very special to me.”

When Angie woke, sunlight was peeking around the closed curtains of the room, allowing in just enough light to show her the woman lying beside her.  Christine was still asleep.  Angie thought about the night before, and the same stirrings she’d felt before Christine’s fingers brought her to a crashing orgasm began all over again.  

Christine turned over, and the bedsheet fell away from her breasts.  Angie touched the soft skin, then stroked the exposed nipple.  She smiled as little ripples started to form on Christine’s nipple bed and her nipple swelled a little.

Christine was dreaming, dreaming of Denise, dreaming of Denise caressing her breast.  It felt so wonderful to feel it again.  Christine moved through the mists of sleep until she was almost conscious.  The light caress to her nipple brushed away the mist and she opened her eyes.  Angie was looking at her.

Christine rolled on her back and stretched.  As she relaxed back onto the bed with a quiet sigh, Angie kissed her, broke the kiss, then kissed her again.  Christine felt Angie’s hand squeezing her breast, then lightly pinching her nipple.  

“Mmmmmmm.  Angie, that is a fantastic way to wake up.”

“I was hoping you’d like it.  I – I wanted so much to touch you, but I don’t know what you like.”

Christine stroked the curve of Angie’s hip.

“I like the same things you like, Angie, because we’re the same.  We’re both women.  I liked that a lot.”

“Can I see you?”

Christine pulled the sheet from her body.  “I’d love for you to see me.”

Angie looked at the woman stretched out beside her, her eyes taking in every soft curve.  Yes, they were the same, with the same full curves of mature women, the same soft tummies that had cradled their children before birth, the same nipples that had nursed those children to sleep.  Angie let her hand fall on Christine’s thigh, then slip around to the soft skin on the inner surface.

Christine smiled at Angie’s first fumbling caresses, then caught her breath when Angie’s fingertips touched her mound.  She closed her eyes and relished the special sensation of Angie’s fingers caressing her outer lips, then gently separating the hair and opening them.   She felt the first tentative touch to her large, inner lips, and the familiar feeling of her body becoming ready to be entered.  

Then everything stopped.  She opened her eyes.

Angie had her hand to her face and was smiling.

“I didn’t believe you when you told me on the phone.  I believe you now.  It’s really erotic.”

She slipped her fingers between Christine’s pouting lips again and rubbed gently.

“You’re wet, too.”  

“I know”, whispered Christine.  “You’re making me that way.”

Angie softly kissed Christine’s erect nipple, then brushed the tip with her tongue.  Yes, Christine liked that, at least if the little jerk her hips made said anything.  She licked the nipple again, then sucked it into her mouth and pulled gently.

Christine was in ecstasy.  She wanted to embrace Angie, to feel her breasts crushing into her own, to have her fingers exploring Angie’s sex just as Angie was exploring her.  She resisted the impulse and allowed herself to enjoy the sensations of another woman making love to her.  There would be time later, after Angie had learned about what she liked.  The sucking sensation on her nipple caused her to gasp.

“Oh God, Angie.  How did you know?  I can have an orgasm just from that.”

Angie whispered back, “I didn’t, but I liked it when you did it to me.  I want to see you have an orgasm.”, and then sucked on Christine’s nipple again.  She felt the already long and firm nipple grow even stiffer.  She also heard Christine’s moan and felt the woman’s hips rock over the finger she was slowly slipping in and out of Christine’s passage.

Almost before Christine knew what was happening, she was there.  She felt the warm flush of her body releasing more fluid, and then the tightening sensation in her thighs.  She gasped as Angie sucked again, and rocked her hips in an attempt to rub her clit on Angie’s hand.  Angie sensed her need, and slipped her fingers up to the swollen little button, then gently rubbed it in circles.  

In a flash, Christine came with a heave of her hips off the bed and a little cry on her open lips.  Angie’s fingers kept circling her sensitive clit, and the wave surged through her again.  With another cry, she fell back to the mattress and pulled Angie’s face tight to her heaving breast.

Angie had moved her fingers to Christine’s outer lips, and was gently stroking.  As Christine slowly relaxed, Angie slipped from her embrace and marked a little trail down her tummy with nibbling kisses.  When she reached Christine’s mound, she paused to inhale.  That same feeling of arousal followed Christine’s scent to her brain.  Angie gently spread Christine’s thighs and lay between them.  She parted Christine’s swollen lips, took a deep breath, and tentatively licked the rippled inner lips.

The taste was so erotic to her, maybe even more than her own that she’d tasted on Christine’s lips the night before.  Angie licked Christine’s outer lips, then her inner lips again, and finally, the little pink bump she felt at to top of Christine’s slit.

Over the crinkly hair on Christine’s mound, Angie could watch her lover.  Christine lay there, her mouth open in a silent moan, and was brushing her nipples with her fingertips.  Angie slipped her hands up Christine’s sides and gently replaced Christine’s hands with her own.  As she began to roll Christine’s nipples between her fingertips, the woman breathed a soft groan and her hands found Angie’s head.  Her hands caressed Angie’s hair.

Christine’s brain was reeling.  The first orgasm had taken her by surprise, a result of being with Angie for the first time, she thought, but now…

Every part of her ached for Angie’s touch.  Every fiber of her being wanted to feel the shattering climax that was building inside her.  It was too soon.  She’d wanted this first time to be longer, but the sensations were too intense.  Angie’s fingers on her nipples were enough to make her scream out the thoughts that sped through her mind, but the tongue that had just found her clit was taking her to heights she’d not known for a long time.  

Christine felt the first gentle suction that Angie applied to her swollen clit and the rush began all over again.  Angie’s firm pinch to her nipples, and then the sensation of her breasts being pulled by that firm pinch pushed her over the edge.  Her body raced away with all control of her actions leaving her mind to experience the shattering spectacle of lights and colors that burst in her head just as she arched again and again into Angie’s face.  Her thighs squeezed Angie’s head in their spasms of passion, and still the woman kept sucking.  Christine cried out as the second shattering bolt flashed from her toes to her belly and tightened it into one churning spasm of pleasure.  

Her nipples were being pinched and pulled, the softness of Angie’s hair caused the skin on her inner thighs to tingle, and her clit was engorged from the suction Angie was using.  When Angie firmly rubbed her soft tongue over the tip, Christine’s entire world exploded into the oblivion of thought replaced by raw, mindless sensation, of her body quaking with realized desire, of the feelings of…Christine couldn’t bring herself to think the word…not yet.

Christine suddenly realized she was lying very still, and felt only Angie’s fingers brushing the hair from her forehead.  She opened her eyes and saw Angie’s worried look.

“What’s wrong Angie?”

“I – I think you feinted or something.  I’m so sorry, Christine.  I didn’t mean to do that to you.”

Christine put her arms around Angie’s neck, pulled her close and kissed her.

“Angie, don’t be sorry.  That was…I can’t describe it.”

Angie’s beaming smile flashed.

“So, I did it right?”

“Mmm.  More than right.  How did you know to do all those things?  I thought this was your first time.”

“Well, some of it was what I like, and some of it was what you told me you were doing when we talked on the phone, some of it you did to me last night, and some of it…I guess I got a little carried away by the way you responded.  It seemed like something you’d like.”

“Angie, I want to snuggle for a while and then take a shower with you.  After that, we can have breakfast and decide what we’re going to do for the rest of the day.  I already know what I want to do tonight.”

Angie snuggled to Christine’s side.  “I know what I want to do tonight too.  I want to make love with my lover again.”

Angie lay quietly for a while, stroking Christine’s back, and then raised to look Christine in the face.

“Christine, is it possible for two women to…well…feel about each other like…like women feel about men?  Can they fall in –“

Christine gently put her hand over Angie’s mouth.

“Don’t say it, Angie.  Not yet.  It’s too soon.”

“Well, I’ll be thinking it then.  It’s wonderful to feel that way again.”

“I know, Angie”.  Christine stroked Angie’s soft cheek.  Believe me, I know.”