Katie's Night

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14 Feb. '16

Katie’s Night


It was one of those beautiful nights that you wish maybe one day it will happen again. You might think me strange, but I wanted this night to be Katie’s night, my wife. I love her. She is beautiful. And I want her to be happy, always. Curious?! Here’s what happened.

It started slow. In fact, it started real slow. Katie and I met at college, and we’d been together since then. I was her first lover. And she was my first girlfriend. Yes, both virgins when we met. But ever since we met, love has taken over, between us. ‘Katie loves Andrew,’ was her first Valentine to me. ‘Andrew loves Katie’ has been an imprint in my heart, ever since I laid eyes on her. And what lovely eyes, blue like the deep ocean on a summer day, beautiful ray of lights seeping through. Magical, they draw you in, deep.

We got married recently, only six months ago. And even though it’s wonderful, marriage has a way of grounding you. It makes you look to the future, kids and a family, and forget the past, wild parties in college. Marriage is great, but it doesn’t allow you to be free. Or at least that carefree feeling is gone. You are not quite living in the moment anymore. And so, on our six months anniversary, Katie and I decided to have a party at our place. Nothing fancy, just a few friends over for drinks.

Funny, but this night, that starts slow, with only a few drinks, some music, and a bit of dancing, turns into a wild night, wilder than we could ever have imagined. In the end, it changes our lives, in the sense, that our marriage will never be the same. For better or worse, it doesn’t matter, I still love Katie. In fact, I love her more than ever. All I know is that I wanted her to have the night of her life.

Everybody was having a great time at the party, my best friend, Tyler, included. Though the couple of girls he was interested in turned out to have boyfriends, so he didn’t get their numbers. Oh well, no big deal. He usually doesn’t have trouble getting girls anyway. He’s always been this way. Girls just love him. And I guess he deserves it. Deep down he is a nice guy, though you couldn’t tell, the way he acts like a bad boy.

It was nearing midnight, and everyone but Tyler had gone home. Katie, Tyler, and I decided to keep drinking. And we did get pretty drunk. The music was still playing, and suddenly, we found ourselves alone, all three of us. Things got steamy between us. As a way, to spice up our marriage, I decided that Tyler could have a go at Katie. So, as we started dancing together, all three of us, Tyler started grinding up against Katie. And I allowed it. I admit the alcohol may have been making some of the decisions by now. I was grinding up against Katie from the front while Tyler was up against her, from behind.

As Katie and I started making out, Tyler began to fondle Katie’s breasts, ever so softly, yet seductively. Katie was in shock that I wasn’t doing anything to stop his advances. Of course, she could have stopped him too. Just walk away. Go upstairs and close the bedroom door behind her. And the night would have been over. I would’ve called a cab for Tyler to get home safely. That’s it. That’s all. But no, she didn’t stop him either. And so, as one thing leads to another, Katie surprises herself by accepting Tyler. All of him.

It turns out to be the most erotic night of our lives, truly satisfying, for each one of us.

But let me back up a bit. We are still in the living room. Music is still on. The dancing has turned into grinding, fondling Katie’s perky tits as she gets excited and her nipples get hard. Katie and I make out so beautifully; it’s exciting to be watched. And Tyler certainly takes in the view that Katie has to offer. She has the sexiest body, slim but with curves in all the right places. Smooth skin and a lovely glow about her that just never ends. So we both play with her tits. She loves it. Then we start touching her ass. She loves it even more. Tyler and I exchange some glances, as we know where this is heading. He’s cool. I’m excited. This threesome is happening tonight.

Katie, now, decides to take over. She unzips my pants, gets on her knees, and starts to give me head. It feels better than ever, being watched is great. She keeps using her tongue just right on the tip of my cock that’s getting so hard, I’m about to blow. But I hold it. I get down on my knees as Katie moves her cute little butt up on the sofa. And Tyler is getting an eyeful of Katie’s tight pussy as I start to go down on Katie. Going down on her like that, is so exciting, my cock is throbbing. I just have to fuck her, now. But before I can get on top of her, Tyler pulls out his pumped up cock. Obviously, he enjoyed the view. And Katie is more relaxed now, she’s getting into this threesome, big time, she grabs Tyler’s meat and starts to give him head. Fuck, the sight of my wife’s sexy lips on Tyler’s cock makes me even more excited. She looks so beautiful giving head.

I need to fuck Katie.

She gets on all fours, as I slip inside her drenched pussy, she’s so hot. And she continues to take Tyler’s cock inside her mouth, seductively, passionately enjoying the moment of having two cocks inside her, one at each end. This night is going into overdrive, real soon. In fact, it is getting so steamy hot, I can’t hold my load, and I come much too fast. Faster than I wanted, but this is all new to me. New to all of us. And doggy style being one of my favorite positions, I just let go, and it felt wonderful. Now, with my cum still dripping out of Katie, Tyler decides he wants to fuck Katie doggy style. And she’s so excited now, she turns around quickly, still on all fours. And as she starts to lick her pussy juice off my cock, Tyler slips inside her wanting pussy. Her moans let him know that he’s on the right track. So he thrusts deeper inside my wife. I’m getting excited watching her take a new cock; her first ever, besides mine. It’s my gift to her. Tonight is Katie’s Night.

What shocks Katie a little bit is the way Tyler is being forceful with her. Taking her to a place she hasn’t been before, calling her a slut as he fucks her faster and harder. At first, she’s not sure if she likes it, but soon she starts to enjoy being called a slut. There’s something about the impact of that name while fucking. It made her even more wet, more willing to try something new. More capable of enjoying the moment. Tyler fucked Katie doggy style for quite a while. And as her screams got louder, I started touching her body, feeling the heat emanating from her every hot breath. She looked more beautiful than ever. I had to taste her. So I slipped down underneath Katie to lick her pussy as it was getting jammed by Tyler. He didn’t stop. At least, not right away, he took his time coming. But when he did, he pulled out of Katie’s stretched pussy and came on her back and ass. It was a huge load. Katie was covered in cum. Yes, she was loving the feeling of having us both.

It was time to take this to the next level, so we all went upstairs to the bedroom. Katie gave up all inhibitions, left her nervousness downstairs, and relaxed more and more. We were ready for more dirty dancing, in the bed. Tyler and I wanted to take it easy on her, because Katie had never had two guys at the same time. But there was no going back. This night was getting steamier by the second. All I could think was how beautiful my wife is.

I laid on the bed, Katie got on top of me, I slipped inside her still dripping wet pussy. Tyler played with her ass a bit, then he entered her from behind as she let out a wild moan. Yes, Katie was having a wild night alright. It was her first time with two cocks competing inside her pussy and ass. She was loving every second, letting out deep moans and the wildest screams. Hearing the word slut, again, made her even wilder. She wanted to enjoy this moment, fully. So she moved closer to me, so Tyler had to slip out of her ass. He smiled and got on the bed, pulling her onto him. Katie instinctively moved on top of Tyler, with her back to him, as he slipped his cock back inside her ass, she wailed loudly. I took it to mean, she wanted it again, so I got on top of her, fucking her pussy madly. She loved every single second, the bad girl. Beautiful bad girl.

Soon, Tyler comes, and he goes to the bathroom to wash up. When he returns, Katie wants more, this time, she wants Tyler inside her pussy while I take her ass. It’s on. Whatever Katie wants, she will have. So now, Tyler gets on the bed with Katie facing him, taking his cock up her pulsating pussy while I fuck her tight asshole. It feels so amazing, it’s all I can do to hold back my building load. We, then, move around again. Now, I’m on the bed, Katie is lying on top of me, getting fucked in her little tight asshole, and taking Tyler’s violent thrusts in her cunt. She is a slut. She loves it. I love her.

Every moment of this night is so beautiful, I can’t tell you how wild it is compared to our regular lives. But hey, you gotta enjoy the moment sometimes. After a few more moves, Katie is now exhausted, but still feeling the blissful moment. Tyler and I come on Katie, and she is drenched in cum. My beautiful slut is happy.

Tyler came three times that night, I did twice. Does it change anything about how I feel about my wife? Not at all, I love her. In fact, I love her more than ever. She is my heart and soul. And sharing her body, only makes her more beautiful and vibrant. We may just do this again.

For now, we all go to sleep, our threesome bed, envelops us all. And in the morning, we take a nice long shower together. And guess what happened? More sex. So hot. It’s amazing to have Katie enjoy my best friend and me.

I love you, my sweet, Katie.

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