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19 Oct. '17

Sean had seen them many times. Whenever he was on his way back from the nursing school, through the park, he saw them there. They were usually killing time, making fun of all the people happen to pass by, like they had not a single worry in the world. Baggy clothes, spiky hair, and way too much attitude.

He hated guys like those. They were just a bunch of punks, trying to act and look cool, when they were good for nothing. He hated passing by them. They always made fun of his glasses, or his clothes, or his hair. Or worse, although they could not really guess that, and they were just obnoxious and rude.

“Dude, what a sexy chick!”

“What chick? Don’t you see it’s a sissy?”

“Hey, sissy boy!”

“Where are you going, four eyes?”

“Are you taking it up the ass?”

“Do you spit or swallow?”

Luckily, they were never doing anything else but spewing all that crap. He’d tried going around the park, but in several days, it had proved too tedious, especially when he wanted nothing more but to hit the bed and grab a bite after school, not necessarily in that order. He’d decided he was not going to be intimidated by some idiots.

There was another reason why he didn’t take the longer road, but he was not so keen on admitting it. Among those punks, there was one guy who really had Sean’s imagination fired up. Sean had noticed him from the first day. Those corn rows did not look bad on him at all. His hair had to be pretty long, to have it styled like that, and still have long rows going down mid back. He could have been Latino, as he had dark skin, but Sean wasn’t sure. His features looked more Native American, but again, he could not tell. He kept the sides shaved, and that gave him a pretty bad ass look.

The problem was the guy looked like the exact embodiment of Sean’s most erotic fantasies. He had really beautiful dark eyes, thick eyebrows, and well defined, arched lips. He wore baggy clothes, too, like the rest, most of the time, so he had no clear idea about the guy’s body. Yet, he could bet the youngster’s body was lean and hard, covered by perfect olive skin and …

He shook his head. From the moment he’d realized he was gay, he’d sworn that he would not fall for the wrong kind of guy. Of course, because his mom had made him promise that, but also because he knew she was right about it.

He was now in nursing school, and he had to keep his head on books, not boys. He hadn’t done anything yet, with anyone, and he already had visions of himself rocking in a wooden chair, surrounded by cats of various sizes, without ever doing anything with anyone all his life. That made Ann, his best friend, give him a casual slap once in a while, to wake him up to reality. ‘Casual’ was what the energetic brunette called her heavy punches that were almost always throwing him off the bench, whenever she wanted to empower him, as she used to say.

“Really, Sean, you’re the cutest guy I know,” she insisted. “You’re tall, blond, you have the sweetest blue eyes I’ve ever seen, but you’re single. The problem is you don’t go anywhere you could meet guys. I don’t know, like clubs or something.”

“No, no, no,” he gestured frantically. “I don’t have the guts to go there.”

“Why? Have you ever spoken to another gay guy, at least?”

“N-no. Ann, it’s not like they’re walking with a sign on their heads telling the world they’re gay!”

“Ugh,” she said, frustrated. “Are you sure you’re even gay? You’re not just saying it? Because, if you lie to me, I will strangle you bare-handed! You know I had the hots for you from day one!”

That was how most of their conversations went. He could still not believe he’d let her convince him to go to the drugstore and buy condoms and lube. The saleswoman had looked at him, a bit surprised, then she had snickered and blushed. He’d taken the items home and thrown them deep in the back of a drawer. At least, he would not have to deal with Ann’s bickering on that particular subject anymore.

He’d realized he was gay during seventh grade. His math teacher was the most beautiful person he’d ever seen in his life, and he’d dreamed about the man until the school had ended.

It was a good thing his mom was open-minded about everything. When confused and a bit scared he’d told her about his crash and the fact that he didn’t really like girls, not in that way, anyway, she had comforted him. She’d always made him feel ok with himself, and this had been just another matter to openly discuss with her.

But his mom could not help him with his shyness. Neither could Ann. In high school, he had feared the others’ ridicule if he were to give even the slightest clue about his sexual orientation, but, now, that he was no longer a kid, he should have started going out and trying to meet someone. Only that each and every time, he had found an excuse to avoid doing exactly that. He could not even muster the courage to create a profile on a dating site, and that pretty much summed up how terrified he really was with the prospect of talking to someone with the same sexual preferences.

He could not even say what he was scared of. He loved staring at naked guys’ pictures, he jerked off to them, and he was dreaming about meeting them in real life. Maybe it was because he wanted the first time to be special; he wanted butterflies in his stomach and everything to happen out of the blue, and … yeap, his mother was right. He had read way too many fairytales for his own good.

Compared to what was happening in his imagination, the idea to go to a club and hook up with some guy for casual sex seemed quite horrendous. He could not imagine walking into a place like that and find Prince Charming who wanted more than just sex. He knew where that was going, and he didn’t really want it.

The fact that he was still a virgin could also be off putting for most guys, he thought.

“Really, where do you get all these ideas from, Sean?” Ann chided him. “And trust me, first time does not have to be special that badly. My third boyfriend was actually the first to make me see stars and butterflies and everything you say. You know, your first time might not be perfect, even if you try your best.”

“I don’t want it to be perfect,” he said, blushing.

“Yes, you do.”

“Alright,” he admitted. “I want it to be at least pretty perfect. Is that so wrong?”

Ann slammed her head against the desk. “No, Sean, it’s not. But you won’t stay this cute forever, honey.”

“What the hell? We’re barely 20!”

“Yeah … and sooner than you think, you’ll have wrinkles and urinary incontinence and you’ll forget where you left your teeth …” she said theatrically.

“Wow, my whole life flashed before my eyes …” he said ironically, while opening his book. At least he could concentrate on learning and stop listening to her altogether. A certain wooden chair and a certain bunch of fluffy cats came to mind, though.

Only that for a few weeks, he had more trouble concentrating than usual. Daydreaming was a flaw of his, but with the guy from the park on his mind, it was beginning to get worrisome. Sean had noticed how his dream guy never was among those to taunt him. He was laughing with the others, and one time – Sean remembered that moment in very vivid details – he had stared directly at Sean, and smiled.

That was the sexiest grin Sean had ever seen. And it had been directed at him. He had no idea what it meant … but it had been directed to him. It was all that mattered. Of course, after staring back into the guy’s black eyes, he had almost run away, afraid something bad would happen. But right then, that moment, when they had looked at each other, the noise around had faded away, and Sean could no longer hear the others, even though they had been pretty loud, like usual.

And after that, the short exchange of glances had happened again. And again. And again. That was why Sean could not take the long road to school. Those glances were keeping his imagination well fueled … and he could already count many orgasms built on the fantasies stemmed by the brunette’s hot stare following him for the few seconds needed for Sean to pass by the rowdy pack.

Now it was late and quite cold, as he was walking back home, through the park. He was hoping to catch a glimpse of the guy he liked, so he could go to sleep hoping for some nice dreams. From afar, he noticed how the two benches where the rambunctious gang usually sat were empty. His heart sank a little. Maybe they chose another park where they could harass the passersby and he was probably never going to see his dream guy again.

Now that there was no one to taunt him, he chose to pass closely by the place where he’d last seen the boy. He was about to move along when something made him stop. From a nearby bush, a large patch of white drew his eye. He got closer, feeling an unpleasant sensation in the pit of his stomach.

When he pushed the branches to the side, he almost jumped. There was someone there, with his face down, unmoving, dressed in a white jumpsuit.

“Oh, no,” he exclaimed, and the form on the ground moved.

He knelt next to the man, touching him.

“Can you hear me?” he squeezed the man’s shoulder a little.

“Oh, fuck,” came the muffled words. “Leave me alone, I’m just resting.”

“Really, out here, on the ground, at this hour?”

When the guy turned to look at him, Sean felt his jaw becoming slack. The handsome face he knew so well was marred by a few cuts and bruises. Even in the faint street light, he could see the situation was not good at all.

“Are you hurt?”

Now that was a stupid question. “I’m going to call an ambulance,” he scooped up his phone, ready to dial.

His phone was almost torn away from his hands. “No ambulance,” the guy said shortly, then groaned, touching his ribs.

“What do you mean ‘no ambulance’? You are hurt,” Sean said with determination and pried his phone away from the guy’s hand.

Even in his situation, the other boy moved faster than him. “Alright,” he said, a bit put off, “who should I call then? Where do you live?”

“None of your business,” the guy said sharply. “Just go away. I just need to rest a little, that’s all.”

“Are you stupid?” Sean argued. “Give me the phone.”

“Only if you promise you won’t call an ambulance. There’s nothing broken.”

“What are you? A doctor?”

“Promise, or I’ll eat your phone.”

Sean didn’t know whether to laugh or slap the guy.

“Alright, I promise,” he eventually said and the phone was returned to him. “What can I do for you, then?”

“Nothing, go home or something.”

“No,” Sean replied, seeing the guy ready to get back to his so called resting position, and trying to ignore the blond boy. “I cannot leave you here, like this! Let me call one of your friends, at least!”

“Don’t you think I would have called them already? Beat it! Why are you still here?” the guy tried to act tough, but Sean could tell he was in pain.

“I found you. I am responsible for you. Try to get up. I’ll help you walk.”

“Walk where?” the other asked, looking at Sean suspiciously.

“Since you don’t want to go to the hospital or tell me where you live, I’ll take you to my house. It’s not much, but I can see to your wounds and make sure nothing is broken.”

“You’re a doctor or something?”

“No, just a nurse in training,” he answered without even thinking.

The laugh that followed made him grind his teeth.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing. I thought only girls could be nurses.”

Sean had a mind to leave the obnoxious sexy boy there, on the ground, but it was too late and too dark and too cold to do that.

“Come on up. Don’t give me lip.”

With a groan, the boy eventually pushed himself up and Sean caught him right away. He was right to be worried. The guy had difficulties walking on his own.


Sean had no idea how they’d made it up the stairs. But at least the brunet was trying to help and not be too much of a burden. He was glad for the dim lit corridor. The guy’s body, leaning against his, felt warm and it was making him hot, as well. He could not remember ever being so close to another guy. He was basically keeping in other in his arms.

The small studio on the second floor was not much, but it was home. Sean had made sure to make it as comfortable as possible and he was glad to have a place to call his own. He hurriedly helped his unexpected patient to sit on the small bed he had in the bedroom.

He convinced the guy to take off his shirt so he could see all the damage. Luckily, the boy had been right; there was nothing broken, from what he could glean by touching the lean torso everywhere. He really hoped his red cheeks did not give him away; that would have been way too awkward. The least he could do was to pretend him being flustered was caused by having to carry the other two flights of stairs without a break.

Sean tried to focus on caring for his patient. He’d been right; the guy had perfect olive skin stretched over taut, sinewy muscles. As he touched the bruised areas on the back and ribs, he could feel the muscles dancing under the skin.

He went to take some disinfectant and medicine to treat his patient. When he returned, he almost dropped everything to the floor. The guy stood on his bed, completely naked. He was pretty sure his cheeks were now on fire, as he could not help a quick, nervous look at the other boy’s penis. It was not difficult, either, since the guy’s organ was quite large, resting on a pair of hairless balls that made Sean’s mouth water in a split second. Apparently, the brunet was perfectly waxed everywhere.

“I believe this is what you should look into,” the guy woke him up from his shock, showing him a long, nasty cut, along his right thigh, up to his side. “Sorry about this. I don’t wear underwear. But I guess, being a nurse and all, you see naked guys all the time.”

“I am not a nurse yet. I’m just going to nursing school,” Sean murmured. He hurried to see to the guy’s injury.

He had to give it to the guy. He made no sound while Sean cleaned the cut. Luckily, it was not deep enough to require stitching, so he used the band-aids he had to cover it entirely.

“Thanks,” the guy eventually said, letting himself relax on Sean’s fluffy pillows.

“It’s nothing,” the blond responded and helped him lay down, covering him with a blanket.

“I’m Max, by the way,” the patient spoke, while slowly closing his eyes.

“I’m Sean,” the nurse in training replied. “I will bring you something for the pain. Do you want something to eat?”

“Nah, just get me that pill, and I will rest a little.”

When Sean came back with the pill, Max was already snoring softly.

The blond let the pill and the glass of water on the nightstand and went to the kitchen to grab a bite. He had the guy he had dreamed of for the past two weeks naked, in his bed. Only that it was nothing like in his dreams.

Who could have beaten him up like that? Sean wondered. It was a good thing that Max had not been hurt badly. But the pants were kind of ruined, and the jumpsuit was dirty. He just took everything to the washing machine. Since he doubted his clothes could fit the guy, he just decided to save what could still be saved.

He was lucky to have a little sofa to sleep on. No matter how tempting sounded to sneak under the covers with Max, he could not risk shocking the guy like that. So he dozed off in front of the TV, thinking of how hot the brunet’s skin must have felt against the cool sheets on his bed.


The next morning, he was glad to find the guy’s clothes completely dry. He took some thread and a needle and proceeded to repair the torn fabric. At least, that way, Max could wear them until he got home.

Loud bangs on the door startled him. Who could be on Saturday morning, so early?

“What on earth are you doing? Are you trying to take down my door? And it’s Saturday, Ann!” he complained, while opening the door for his friend.

Ann passed by him and went straight for the kitchen to grab a glass of water. Sean saw the door to the bedroom open and Max’s naked chiseled torso in full display. Good thing he hadn’t been woken up by Ann’s entrance. Oh, no, he had to get the door, before his friend saw anything.

He went quickly for it, when he heard Ann squealing in delight. It was too late.

“Oh, no, you brought someone home. Oh my gosh, Sean, I can’t believe you found yourself a guy.”

“It’s not what you think, Ann,” he closed the door eventually and started pushing her towards the exit. “Now would you please leave?”

“Of course, of course, I bet you now want some morning sex,” she winked at him. “But later,” she whispered, “tell me everything.”

“I told you,” he whispered back. “Nothing happened.”

“A sexy naked guy is in your bed. What kind of fool do you think I am?” she stared at him, looking perfectly affronted.

“Out,” Sean continued to push her.

“Alright, alright, but you do know you owe me,” she pointed a finger at him, but eventually made her exit, after he nodded desperately.

He closed the door behind her friend, and was about to go to the kitchen, trying to make no sound whatsoever, when a voice stopped him dead in his tracks.

“So, you’re gay?”

Like a deer in the headlights, he turned and stared at Max who was looking at him, his arms crossed across his chest and the blanket rolled around his waist, covering him down to his ankles.

“Are you hungry?” he asked, instead of answering.

“That chick talked about you getting a guy in your bed … Have you sampled the goods?” Max continued, pushing the blanket down and showing himself in all his naked glory to Sean. Just to make things clearer, he grabbed his penis, flaunting it a little.


His eyes traveled quickly to the guy’s dick, now looking a bit longer than what he remembered from last night.

“You know. Have you touched my cock? I was dead to the world, I don’t remember,” the handsome boy got closer, cutting Sean’s retreat to the kitchen and placing both his hands on the wall, trapping the blond between his long sinewy arms.

“Just because I like guys, it doesn’t mean I’m a rapist!” he almost yelled.

Thanks, Ann, really, thanks a lot! He mentally screamed at his friend. Now he was going to get a beating from a guy he had helped. He closed his eyes tightly, waiting for the blow. He was no good with fists. Maybe after a punch or two, the guy was going to give up and just storm out of his small apartment, and that was going to be it.

When he felt something moist and hot against his lips, his eyes shot open. His eyes at half mast, Max was kissing him. Sean pushed him back, completely flabbergasted. His knees were shaking and butterflies were running wild in his stomach.

“What? Don’t you think I’m hot? Am I not your type or something?” Max asked a bit taken aback.

“Wait, wait,” Sean pushed his hands through his hair, not knowing what to think or do. “Are you gay, too?”

“Nah,” Max shook his head, smiling. “But I’m willing to make an exception, just for you,” he moved closer again.

“Why?” the blond mumbled, intoxicated with the other’s proximity, fully aware of how naked the guy was, while Sean himself was completely overdressed.

“You saved me, and I don’t like owing anyone my life,” the sexy youngster whispered against his lips.

“You’re exaggerating, I just cleaned a few cuts and …”

His lips were covered by the other boy’s hot mouth. His eyes rolled in his head. He should have fought against the strong arms holding him, but it felt so amazing, that he let Max push his tongue inside and caress his with long, languorous strokes.

It was the first, proper kiss in his life and it was making his head spin. He had no idea when he’d grabbed Max’s neck and started kissing back. He could tell he was desperate, but he couldn’t stop.

Max broke the kiss first. “As a nurse, you should know men need to breathe once in a while,” he joked, and Sean felt his cheeks on fire. “You have a beautiful mouth,” his sexy patient caressed his lips with calloused fingers. “Would you like to suck my cock?”

Like in a trance, Sean nodded. Of course he wanted. He’d watched enough porn to know he truly wanted to feel how was like to have a throbbing beautiful cock in his mouth. Max took him by the hand and they walked together to the bedroom.

Max lay on the bed, parting his legs, exposing a glorious erection. Sean stared at it in awe. How could the guy say he was not gay, when he was so hard from kissing? Not that Sean himself wasn’t equally hard.

He licked his lips, while kneeling between the guy’s legs. With unsteady moves, he touched the sensitive organ and placed his lips on the engorged mushroom. Max hissed and Sean stopped.

“Don’t stop. It’s just really good,” Max encouraged him and Sean slowly engulfed the head in his mouth.

It tasted manly. Sean decided in an instant he loved it, so he pushed more, surprised to see that he could not go too far. The guys in the videos he liked watching, always took dicks in their mouths like they were lollipops. He had to do something wrong, he frowned. He tried to adjust his position, but that didn’t work either.

When Max pushed against his shoulders to make him stop, he thought the guy hated it.

“You don’t like it?” he stammered, looking up.

“Where do you keep your rubber?” the guy stood up.



He straightened up. He was going to get fucked. With trembling hands, he started to rummage through the drawer he knew he had thrown the condoms and the lube bought that day. Thanks, Ann, thanks! He thought on a completely different tone this time, when he eventually found them.

“Here they are!” he said triumphantly, and the items were quickly grabbed from his hands.

“Get on the bed. Undress,” Max demanded, while he was unwrapping a condom with a frown on his face.

He threw away his clothes, and lay on the bed, with his face up. He watched Max fitting the condom on his hard cock and gulped. He was going to have a guy he didn’t really know fuck him, and despite of how fast everything was happening, it seemed completely natural.

The brunet looked at him, a bit amused. His cock bobbed up and down as he moved to get closer to the bed.

Sean stood there, his arms glued to his sides, not knowing what to do.

“On your fours would have been better,” Max whispered, while climbing next to him, and Sean made a surprised face that caused the other to laugh wholeheartedly.

Now there was too little space in the bed to move at ease, with Max almost all over him. He tried to get up, but the other boy pushed him back.

“It’s ok like this, too,” Max’s hot mouth hovered over his, as his legs were pushed apart, allowing the brunet to get between them.

Now Sean could feel the other’s throbbing heat against his own length, and let out a moan.

“That’s nice, but I haven’t even started,” Max joked and bit playfully on Sean’s bottom lip.

Strong, bony fingers were now in his hair, as they were pushing against each another with all their might. On his own accord, Sean raised his legs and circled the brunet’s midsection, as he was skillfully kissed. The blond was quite certain that he could live off that sweet tongue he was now sucking on greedily. As the guy’s hard dick pressed into his balls, he squeezed tighter.

He would have never guessed he was such a slut on the inside. But hell, if he didn’t really want it! Suddenly, the wooden chair and the cats of various sizes seemed nothing but a funny joke. Sean was going to lose his virginity and to a hot guy he had been dreaming of, on top of it all.

Max stopped for a bit, and Sean whimpered.

“Lube,” the boy explained, and he fiddled with the bottle he had dropped on the bed next to them.

Something cold, but not unpleasant was now against his back entrance, and Sean felt his heart beating faster. Slender fingers moved inside him, opening him up for the first time. He had played with his own fingers around the sensitive hole, but he had not dared stretch himself too much. Now the invasion felt exquisite, and despite the fear, he felt the need for more.

Max steadied himself to guide his dick towards Sean’s entrance. When the blunt head pushed against his virgin hole, the blond almost jumped, startling the other.

“What?” Max asked, with a small frown. “I guess you’re ready.”

“U-hum,” Sean murmured and tried to relax, while the brunet positioned himself again.

This time, Sean willed himself not to move. A cock was so much different compared to fingers. It felt impossibly large, and the pain was there, raw and real. He panted, grabbing the other’s arms. Max withdrew.

“Hey,” he called, and Sean looked at him with difficulty. “Are you a virgin or something? You’re way too tense.”

The blond stared at Max, like a kid caught doing something very, very wrong. The brunet groaned rolling his eyes and tried to stand up. Sean grabbed his arms tighter.

“No, don’t stop. Fuck me.”

He had no idea where he got the courage to say those words. What if it hurt? He could deal with it! He was a man, god damn it!

“Are you sure?” Max smiled. “I don’t do virgins.”

Sean’s face fell.

“But I’ll make an exception, just for you,” the brunet continued, and his fingers were pushing again at Sean’s entrance, this time slower, stretching gently, but steadily. “The idea is to relax. Trust me. It will feel better after a while. It’s just the beginning that sucks.”

Sean had a mind to ask Max how he knew how it felt, but the slow, torturous movement of fingers going deeper and deeper inside him made him moan and he forgot all about it.

“Yes, you’re doing great,” Max praised him, while leaning forward to kiss Sean some more.

The skillful lips descended on his chin, then on his neck, making him pant with desire. Max knew all the right moves, as he captured an erect nipple in his mouth and sucked at it. Sean whimpered, as the brunet moved to give the other nipple the same treatment. In the same time, the fingers buried deep inside him were working wonders. Sean doubted he could be more aroused than that.

“Now, I’m going to replace my fingers with the real thing. Don’t panic. I’m just an average guy, so there is no way I can break you or anything.”

Max could play the modest all he wanted; when he pushed inside again, Sean could bet the brunet had too many inches in both length and girth. But as Max caressed his ear with praises and compliments, he let himself open up more and more.

“It’s alright now. I’m all in,” Max smiled and placed a small kiss on Sean’s beautiful lips.

They stared into each other’s eyes, as the brunet started to move. Sean’s baby blues grew wide, his mouth forming an ecstatic ‘o’ as he was being penetrated for the first time.

“That … feels … amazing …” he let out, between moans, and Max grinned, although Sean could tell the brunet’s lovely eyes were becoming blurry and unfocused, too.

“Damn, you’re tight, I think you’ll rip my dick off,” he joked, but bit his own lips while saying that. “You’re so good,” he added, and started moving faster.

A small, strangled cry let Max know he’d hit the right spot. “There, Sean?”

“Oh, yes, please, do it again!” the blond begged.

“Like this?” Max teased and continued to piston Sean’s small bud of pleasure with ample, well guided strokes.

He was being fucked and he was being kissed, his head spinning, his thoughts a mess. A strong hand was in his hair, pulling at it just enough to make him want to scream in ecstasy, while its sibling sneaked between them and captured Sean’s cock that was already weeping in delight.

As the slender fingers started pumping his organ, he knew he was not going to last for too long.

“Oh, Max!” he exclaimed, freeing his mouth from the brunet’s scorching lips, to voice his orgasm, the first shared with another human being in his entire life.

“Damn,” Max cursed softly and increased his own rhythm, without letting go of Sean’s cock, holding it in his hand, like a precious thing.

Sean felt the hot appendix in his ass pulsating as Max stilled and groaned loudly.

He felt bereft when the boy withdrew from him.

“Did you …?” he asked, knowing, but wanting to be sure.

With a satisfied grin, Max took out the rubber from his cock, and tied it up, not without dangling it a little in front of Sean’s eyes. “I think you sucked a week’s worth of cum out of my dick. You had quite a lot yourself,” he smiled and pointed towards Sean’s belly, covered by the blond’s own spill.

Sean smiled happily at Max. “Thank you,” he said, while letting himself on the pillows.

It had felt amazing. Clearly, he was now going to face the world with new strengths. He was no longer a shy virgin. Well, maybe he was still shy, but not a virgin, and that was still something.

Max threw the condom and climbed back in the small bed, next to him. Sean turned on the side, to make enough room for the other. The brunet caressed his cheek, staring into dreamy blue eyes. “I thought virgins always want to wait for the right person. You know, perfect and shit.”

“Well, I guess this was pretty perfect to me,” Sean whispered.

A sexy smile was the only answer.

“I washed and sewed your jumpsuit. It’s folded on the sofa,” he added as he drifted off to sleep.

“Cool, thanks,” Max answered and continued to caress him, letting Sean get engulfed by sweet dreams.


He woke up feeling a bit cold. He had slept for a couple of hours, he thought, as he tried to get up. A sudden sensation of discomfort in his lower back made all memories from earlier come back to him.

“Max,” he called tentatively, but he didn’t have to be a detective to know the boy was already gone.

He sat gingerly on the edge of the bed. The fact that Max had left without at least saying goodbye hurt a little. Not much, but still.


“So, are you going to see him again?”

“Really, Ann, are you even listening? He left right after we did it, and I don’t know anything else except his name. Plus, he told me he wasn’t gay, so it was just a one time thing,” he said exasperated, as he sat next to his friend, ready to eat his lunch.

“Yeah, right, not gay,” Ann snorted. “Did he pop a Viagra or something to nail you that good?”

“You and your vocabulary. No, of course not. I mean, I didn’t see him do it, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“It was mostly rhetorical. No guy fucks another guy unless he’s at least bi,” she made an annoyed gesture with her hand, like she had seen hundreds of such situations before. “Plus, if he made you barely stand for days, he must have been pretty enthusiastic about it. Just sayin’,” she shrugged and attacked her sandwich.

“Hey, Sean,” someone called and the blond looked up.

He almost dropped his sandwich. In front of him stood Max, corn rows and sexy grin and everything, but minus the baggy clothes. He had a pair of skinny jeans, a tight blue shirt and a white hoodie. He also had a bag on his left shoulder.

Ann was the first to break the silence. “Told you,” she slapped Sean over his shoulder, and then she got up. “I let you two catch up,” she winked at the blond, and threw an appreciative look in Max’s direction.

“Your friend from that morning?” Max asked.

“Yes,” Sean said, overly conscious he was still staring.

“Care to join me for a short walk?”

“Yes, why not,” Sean got up, a bit like an automaton. “What are you doing here?”

“Going to school. Thought about searching for you. I found you pretty quickly. It’s not hard to find a boy in a school full of girls. Especially a cute one,” he smiled at Sean.

“Weren’t you with those guys?”

“Nah, not anymore. A bunch of douchebags. They ran away and left me there. I thought about going back home and back to school. So, do you have a boyfriend?”

“So fast? No,” Sean shook his head. He was not going to admit he could not think of anyone else. Plus, there had only been a few weeks since their hot encounter. During which he’d had enough jerk off material, thinking of Max and that amazing first time.

“Do you want one?” the brunet asked casually, as if he was talking about the weather.

“Sure,” the blond said ironically. “I’ll go check when boyfriends go on sale. Saving up till then.”

“Saving up?” Max leaned onto him, whispering in his ear. “How about saving up for me?”

“You?” Sean went around the corner, unsure of where they were going.

The small park was almost empty, as they were walking. Max gestured for a bench nearby. He lay back, with the same sexy smile on his lips, as usual.

“Yeah, me.”

“Do you want to be my boyfriend?” Sean looked at him, pursing his lips. He tried to ignore his heart beating wildly in his chest. “Should I point out that you’re not gay?”

“I’ll make an exception, just for …”

“…me?” Sean cocked his head to one side, staring at Max. “Come now, Max, at least I’m not a virgin anymore. There is no way a straight guy …” he tried to remember Ann’s words, and he scrunched his nose.

Max laughed and placed a quick kiss on his nose. “Maybe I’m in the closet. Care to take me out of there, or would you join me? It may be a little cramped, but we could manage.”

Sean’s cheeks were on fire. “Stop joking,” he whispered, as Max got closer and made their lips connect. “Someone can see us.”

Point taken, Max withdrew, not without licking his lips.

“Seriously, I want to be your boyfriend,” the brunet spoke.

“I can’t,” Sean fiddled with his own fingers. “You like girls, and, if you didn’t notice, there are plenty around.”

Max laughed. “You already know I’m joking. You’ve just said it yourself.”

“So you’re joking about wanting to be my boyfriend?” Sean sprang from the bench, but Max caught his hand and dragged him back down.

“No, dumbass, about not being gay.”

“But why would you …”

“… lie? Figure it out yourself,” Max sneaked a hand, beneath Sean’s t-shirt, leaving goose bumps everywhere, as he caressed the boy’s abdomen.

“Your friends?” Sean murmured.

“Good, you’re getting smarter,” Max nodded.

“That night … did they …”

“No. But they left me and ran away, so they were not really friends. You, on the other hand … you took me home, a perfect stranger, and took care of me. So, I want to be gay with you.”

“Gay like in happy?”

“Gay like in I want to be with you every day,” Max spoke softly, smiling seductively at Sean.

From that day, Sean never walked back home on his own.

The End