Look What you made me do

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20 Oct. '17

It’s just a regular Friday morning. Finally got baby to bed. Everyone else’s downstairs playing on their iPads. I told them that mommy was going upstairs to take a 'nap' and to not come upstairs until they heard me or baby awake. This is my time to relax. I clean up the living room. Walking to the kitchen grab myself a couple water. And head upstairs. For once, the bed is nice and clean and ready for me to flop. But first, I have to pee. I’m not even going to bother to pull my pants back up. I just slip them off, and slip off my bra. Grab my phone and collapse onto the bed. Sweet freedom. I bend my knees up, and spread them wide open like I'm about to take a dick. But I'm not going to take a dick, I'm going to lay here, silent and still, and relax. The open air feels like cool silk caressing every nook and cranny of my pussy at once. It is simply refreshing. I just sit back, and watch the birds in the trees, and enjoy the kiss of cool silk now covering my whole lower body. I look down, see my nipples sticking straight up. I snap a couple pictures to look back on (or maybe share), and go ahead and slip out of my shirt. I look down again at my boobs, and just admire them. They look so plump and perky. This gets the blood pumping in my pussy, which makes the breeze even cooler down there.

Suddenly, I hear my phone ding. I pick it up, its Ed.

 "I love you" he writes.

 "I love you too sweetie. How's work?" I reply.

He doesn’t reply, so I go on to see what else I've missed while I was in my trance. I have two missed Facebook messages. One is from the girls. They are talking about their boys, and about how much they hate the school. I'm so glad I don't have to deal with that anymore.

The other is from Justin: "Good morning beautiful" it says, with a kiss emoji at the end.

 "what's up?" I type back.

 "My dick is up thinking about your tittays" he fires back, almost instantly. He follows that by a picture, just for proof I guess.

It's a dark, grainy picture of his clean shaven body and his dick in his hand. It's a wonderful looking dick though. His dick is much bigger than Ed's is, which is nice. It looks like it would fill me up all the way, just the way I like it.

I shoot him a heart eye emoji and an "I'm glad I can be of service" back.

 *Ding* a text message from Ed, "It's pretty good" he says, "I miss you"

 "I miss you too" I reply.

Notification from Justin on Facebook "So when do I get the FULL service?"

Do I want to give him his "full service?" I don't know. That's the question I keep asking myself. I mean, I love Ed. He is my hubby, and he really, really knows how to get me off. On the other hand, it would be fun to feel what it feels like to have another dick in me. Especially one that's juicy. It's been a while since I had something new. I feel the tingle in my clit. I set my phone down, and reach down to feel it, and I’m already getting wet just thinking about Justin's monster cock. Or is it from thinking about Ed's double orgasmic pussy massages?

Either way, I dip my middle finger into my pussy, then make single a wet circle around my clit with it. My heart beat gets faster, and a shock goes through my clit, and can't help but let out a short "Mmmhh." Bringing my now wet fingers to my nose I smell my sweet juices. Just the scent is relaxing, and arousing at the same time. I feel my heart start to beat out of my chest as I rub the pussy juice off all over my nipples. My breathing is heavy, and my whole body is now radiating with pleasure. I want to keep going, but I need to stop. I'm not doing that today, I'm just chilling.

"Someday" I pick up my phone and write to Justin.

I send him one of the pictures I took earlier. The one where my cleavage is perfect, all the way down to my black cami, which is just barely covering my areola. You can ever so slightly see my erect nipples through my black cami in the picture. My face is seductive, but innocent. This picture would get me horny if I looked at it. But I don't need any more pictures to get me in the mood, I'm already there.

"This will have to do for now" I tell him.

At this point, I need to get up and use the bathroom. I try to stand up but have to stop for a minute. When I close my legs, the sensation of my lips closing back over my clit is like heaven. I can't stand up.

I stop, take a breath and get back to what I was doing. I swear I'm not going to use them, but after peeing, I grab my toys and lube, put them in the end table, and lay back down. I pick up my phone and see that I have two missed messages, one from Ed, it's a selfie of him giving me a kiss, I reply to him with another one of the pictures from earlier, exactly like the one for Justin, but this one with a kiss face. Ed gets a kiss face since he's my hubby. I wish I could kiss him for real, and he could kiss me back, on both sets of lips. The second message is from Justin;

"that's nice, but now without the shirt" it says.

I'm not sure if I want to do it, But let me snap one anyway. Laying down on my side, I squeeze my tits between my left arm and the bed. They look like perfect cantaloupes with nipples pointing straight ahead. I give a 'come and get me' smile and snap a photo. It’s glorious picture. Like a mix between Playboy and a fine art portrait the shadows on my face show off my dimples. My boobs look amazing, like something you’d see in Playboy. It looks soft and round and plump. Another one of his photos I go lesbian for if it was sent to me. I debate whether I’m going to indulge him and actually send it or keep it for myself. I decide to send it.

“Brb, I have to go rub one out for that”

Find myself imagining in doing just that. Looking back at this picture from earlier see is rubbing up and down the shaft of his penis. See his body swarming from left to right. I see his head bulge every time his hand gets down to the bottom of the shaft. I see him rolling his balls into his hand. He switches back-and-forth between his balls and his cock. His back is arching. His head his bulging. It looks like it’s going to explode he rubs harder and faster. And he does just that. Come shoot from the tip of his cock and runs down his hand as he stops he rubs his ball some more mother want to come continues to shoot outs in spurts.

Back to reality: I find myself rubbing one out as well. I was so caught up in thinking of him rubbing his cock, I sub-consciously started rubbing my clit without realizing it. Oh but I realize it now! I feel my fingers circling my clit over and over again getting wetter it every Rub. I stop and I stick my middle, and ring fingers in my pussy deep as I can get it and I feel around inside of there until I hit the spot. And I keep hitting the spot. I’m breathing like I've just rain in a marathon. I reach over and snatch Everything I can out of the end table. I grab my little vibrator, the 'purple egg' as I call it. I turned it on and begin to rub my click with it. I rub it up and down my pussy, and around my clit. Then I stop, and open up my lips to let My throbbing clit out. I shove the egg between the lips and close. Squeezing it into my clit, I can feel the vibration throughout my entire pussy. Writhing all over the bed, I reach to grab the rabbit and the lube. In all of my squirming, I can’t keep the in the egg between my lips, So I reach down and shove it in my pussy while I get the rabbit all lubed up ready to go. I spread my legs, purple egg still vibrating my whole pussy, inside and out, and press the rabbit's spinning shaft against my clit. The spinning of the shaft rubs my clit in a way no man could.

The rubbing…

The vibrating…

The writhing…

It’s just so good.

Yanking the egg out I shove the cock of the vibrator deep in my pussy as I can fell the shaft spinning, rubbing my pussy walls from all sides. The rabbit is laying comfortably on my Clit like it's part of me, It's little ears tickling my lips ever so slightly. I feel the beads on the shaft roll on every inch of my pussy while I back it out little by little until the tip is rubbing the outside of my lips then I shove it back in. Showing the rabbit back in my clit I sit there and I enjoy for a second. Then I start fucking my pussy with it. I Get it all the way in there, and gently shoving the rabbit into my clit, Then pulling it all the way out to let the cold air touch my lips, then repeat. I close my eyes and I imagine that it’s Ed’s cock ramming deep inside of me. His dick sliding in and out, and in and out. I put the rabbit down and just rub my wet, lubed up pussy, making sure to touch every spot just the way I like it. I Close my eyes again, only this time I see Justin again, stroking his cock. It's his turn now. I want his big cock to fill me up. Still rubbing I reach and I feel around until I find big red. Big red doesn't spin, it doesn't vibrate, but boy can it fill me up. I squirt a dab of lube on my hand, and I rub it on big red. Suddenly, I'm not lubing up Big Red, I'm stroking Justin's cock. Still rubbing, my finger is Ed's tongue licking my pussy. I stopped and I shove Justin, ehm. Big Red deep in my pussy… As far as it’ll go until I was completely filled up, then inched it out slowly feeling the ribs in veins pop out of my pussy. Then I let big red fuck me deep, and fuck me hard. Going from the beginning of my pussy to the end over and over.

By now I can hardly breathe. Heart pounding out of my chest. I can’t help but moan;

"mmmhhhhhmmmm" the goosebumps on my arms stick up higher.

"ooooohhhhh my god", I can't help but to arch my back up

with every thrust of moan;

"oh", "oh yes", "oh my god"

I go back to rubbing my clit, which by now feels like a jolt of electricity every touch it. I rub, circling my Clit, faster and faster with every thrust deep into my pussy. Justin's cock deep in my pussy, while Ed licks my clit just right. I shove Big Red deep inside me and leave it there and while I continue to rub my pussy.

I feel my pussy squeeze onto Big Red...

My clit is pulsating as I rub…

My back arches…

I start to lose my breath…

And then…




A lightning bolt shoots through all my extremities my pussy squeezes on Big Red. I muster up the strength to grab it ad push it deeper inside. I hold it there while my pelvis is thrusting uncontrollably, shoving my pussy into the massive cock. I collapse, and all I can do is lay there… Shaking… Trying to catch my breath. Electric still shooting through my pussy. I just open my legs and enjoy the cool breeze my pussy, my wet, electric pussy.

I clean myself up, and pick up my phone. Yet again, two missed messages:

From Ed:
"You're so sexy. I can't wait to come home to that body" was the first message, followed by "look what you made me do," along with a picture of his dick all but popping out of his pants under his desk. It was so hot. I wanted so bad be there to unzip his pants, whip it out and sit on it, and ride it until my pussy was warm with his cum.

But I only replied "My bad"

From Justin:
"Look what you made me do" with a picture of his dick covered in his cum. It was just like I had imagined dripping, and throbbing. I wanted to lick all of that cum off of that dick and suck it until I felt that bulge again, then let him explode again all over me.

But I only replied "My bad"

All I can think of now is what they made me do.