A Double Work Out

Stephanie and Chris had been taking it in turns to be my personal trainer at my local gym. I had signed up for a 3-month course and it was coming to an end. I felt like I had got to know the both of them very well while they pushed me through this intensive training program, so I arranged for a session with them both to celebrate at the end.

When I arrived both Steph and Chris were waiting to greet me. They looked like the ultimate power couple, both tall and tanned. Steph lean and trim with an outstanding chest that could turn on even the pope. Her brunette curls brushing where her nipples would protrude through her tight lycra crop top with matching shorts. Chris had glassy blue eyes, and muscles, but not too many, enough to know he could throw you around given half the chance. He looked like your typical new age man, he took very good care in his appearance but his 12 o’clock shadow and large hands let the rough and ready sneak out.

They greeted me with hugs and kisses on the cheek and we got down to it. We started with some light cardio to get the blood pumping, I began jogging on the treadmill. I always found the mirror in front a distraction, I find myself getting lost in the motion of my own breasts, bouncing, up and down, imagining them without the sports bra covering, imagining the cause to be different, imagining Chris beneath me. I shook off the distraction and looked over at my instructors for approval of my hard work, Steph smiled and nodded at me but Chris, well Chris’ attention seemed to be elsewhere, the same place that mine had been, on my bouncing breasts. I acted like I hadn’t noticed, but I couldn’t help but blush at the thought that I was turning him on.

I stopped for a break, a cold drink of water, feeling a little cocky I poured some over my face and chest, I wanted to see how far I could push Chris before he needed to excuse himself. But it was Steph that had flushed at the image, she looked me up and down before she coughed and gestured to move onto weights.

The three of us stood in a line in front of yet another large mirror, we each chose our dumbbells and began to lift, up from the side, around and down to the front, and back the other way. I couldn’t concentrate anymore, my mind stuck on Steph. I watched her out of the corner of my eye, hoping she wouldn’t notice me following the bead of sweat that trickled down her neck, around the curve of her perky breast and disappearing into her cleavage. I imagined myself nuzzling between them, taking her hard nipples in my mouth, one at a time and biting down on them.

I was in a dream, not focused on my surroundings or the real reason I went to the gym, to work out. I kept picturing myself riding Chris on the weight bench, or with my hands between Steph’s thighs. I got carried away and lost my strength, dropping my dumbbells at my feet. Bent over, Chris leaned over to my ear and whispered “I can see you watching her, I don’t blame you” his hand caressed my neck, then made his way to my ass. “Steph, I think Cherry needs to stretch out, to… loosen up a little”, Chris and Steph exchanged a seductive grin.

Chris helped me upright, he stood behind me, all the time still facing that mirror. I could see Steph in the reflection, splashing herself down with the same water bottle I had, copying my previous attempt at turning Chris on. I couldn’t help but bite my lip as she rubbed the water all around her chest, pinching at her nipples as she walked toward us. “do you like Steph, Cherry?” Chris asked as he reached around to mimic her motions on my own, now erect nipples. I replied with a breathless “yes”, I could feel myself getting wet with every tug, watching our every move in that mirror. Steph positioned herself to the left of me, caressing my inner thigh while she poured the water down my chest, I quietly moaned at the attention I was receiving, getting lost in the 2 pairs of hands touching and stroking my skin.

I felt as though my senses were heightened, like even the gentlest of brushes could send me over the edge, but I had to maintain control, I wanted to enjoy this, I had been fantasising about them both for so long, but I had never thought I would have both together. Chris leaned in once again, this time not saying a word, I could feel his erection pressing against my hip. He guided my hand under his shorts and around his thick length, moving my hand with his own, showing me how he liked it. I could feel the moisture at the tip, I spread it down the length of his penis, easing my motions and making them smoother while Steph singled handily undid the drawstring of my shorts. Her hand felt soft and warm as she moved it under my waistband, cupping my sex and twisting her manicured nails through the fluff of hair I like to keep. “you’ve been waiting for this haven’t you?” Steph asked, “The wetness waiting for me here says it all baby”, I let out a whimper as she slowly thrust a finger inside, she giggled in response and my knees went weak.

Steph and Chris escorted me to the weight bench, Chris dropped his shorts just enough for his erection to be released and sat upright on the bench. Steph helped as I fumbled with my own, I only had a thong underneath, but she felt my shorts needed to come off. As they dropped to the floor Chris guided me on top of him, facing away, facing Steph. As I knelt over him I could feel the tip pf him brushing over my sex, teasing me as I begged him to enter me. Steph straddled me, and the weight pushed me on to Chris, his length filling me, it was so hard not to come. I found myself facing her breasts, I pulled on her top to free the right one, as I took it into my mouth she moaned and held my head. With her other hand she cupped my own breasts and I couldn’t hold back anymore, as I thrust my hand between her legs and up into her shorts Chris brought his hand around to play with my clit while I rode him. He started to grunt, noise was no issue as the trainer room was private, though I could envision other patrons hearing us outside, most of them disgusted but one or two getting off in the shower at the thought of it, not that we cared either way.

As Chris’ thrusts got faster, so did mine. I could feel Steph’s juices flowing around my hand, my fingers pushing harder and harder into her as I lifted her top to reveal both of her firm breasts. I changed to her left nipple, standing firmer than I had ever seen them I bit down. She moaned loudly and quivered around me, I had never been so turned on. Chris pushed us off him and moved from the bench. “I want to watch you fuck each other” Chris exclaimed, taking his length into his own hands. Steph remained straddled over me but push me back to lay on the bench. She took those manicured fingers and plunged them into me, making me scream out in pleasure. I felt my head tilt back off the bench and my back arch, she leant forward to follow me and continued to thrust, her fingers going in as mind pulled back, in and out, over and over. She felt warm all over, her fingers inside me, her sex, perfectly shaven and slick with her own juices, I couldn’t believe my luck.

I got lost in ecstasy, coming again and again until I couldn’t take any more. Steph took hold of my right breast, tugging at my nipple, sending sharp shocks down my body. She took the other into her mouth and returned the favour I had done for her, sucking and biting me, my head titled back once more, and my eyes rolled in pleasure. I was so engrossed in this beautiful woman on top of me that I did even see Chris move to stand over us. He was pulling furiously at his penis while watching us play.

I felt the restriction of Steph’s shorts come away as Chris pulled them down to her knees. Chris’ hand joined mine between Steph’s thighs, she shouted out as his finger joined my two inside her. We could no longer keep control, Chris pulled my hand away with his and entered her hard with his throbbing length, she reciprocated with a hard push into me. Suddenly her two fingers turned to three and she bit down on my nipple with force.

I could feel myself slipping away, all three of us on top of each other and pushing harder and harder. Chris’ grunting turned to moaning, his voice vibrating through me like a toy. Steph echoed Chris with her screams and I had to let go. My muscles stiffened as I felt it building, “I’m gonna come” I moaned out, “Yes, Baby, Yes!” Steph voiced, and Chris replied with a lasting a forceful thrust. It rippled through us and one by one we came.

I left the Gym that evening feeling a sense of accomplishment. I had joined the gym to get fit, and my body and physique had definitely improved, but I had never expected to end on a work out like that, so I signed up for another six months before I walked out.