Mr. Smith's Lady

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23 Oct. '17

Cassie had moved in almost the day after we had agreed to get married. It wasn’t hard really, she spent most of her time at my place anyway. I had thought that she had most of her clothes already moved in but I was enormously wrong. We spent a weekend packing up mostly clothes and consolidating our furniture. That meant that we mostly sold my more comfortable and more ragged older things and replaced it with her more stylish newer things. It wasn’t all that bad actually and in retrospect I was surprised at how much of my things we decided to keep.

 It wouldn’t have been bad at least if Cate hadn’t been there for almost all of it. Cate and Cassie were best friends from preschool and I had only had to deal with Cate once before. Cate lived a few hours away in the town they had grown up in. So thankfully she wasn’t a constant fixture but when she did come it was for a long weekend with no brakes. She had jumped when she had heard Cassie was moving. She wasn’t mean or stupid but she talked a lot and usually about things that I had no reference for and Cassie seemed to forget everything else around her when Cate was around. That was the main problem I thought as I hooked up my TV and movie players on Cassie’s entertainment system and heard the bursts of hilarity coming from our room.

I looked down at my watch and was surprised that Cassie hadn’t left for work yet.

“Hey Cass!”

More hilarity. And I walked over to the closed door and knocked.

“Cass, shouldn’t you be heading to work soon?” the hilarity died down and the door swung in.

“Yeah, I was just getting ready to go.” Cassie smiled up at me and slipped under the arm I had braced against the door frame. “I’ll see you later Catey!” Cassie gathered up her purse and apron and was almost out the door when she remembered me. “Oh! Bye Hun, love you!” she rushed back in and stood on her toes to give me a quick peck before rushing out the door.

Apparently this was funny to our guest and she giggled coming over to the door. I walked back to the TV to resume putting the color coded plugs into the corresponding slots. Cate just stood in the door watching me.

“Cass said maybe we could get to know each other while she was at work” Cate laughed after she said it. If she hadn’t I probably would have.

“Oh?” I didn’t know anything I could say that wouldn’t be rude.

“Yeah, thought it would be nice if we could all be one big happy family I guess.” She said it with not a little doubt in her voice.

“Yeah, Cass is like that.” I was trying to look focused on my work so she would cut the conversation short.

“Yeah, I think she’s nuts.”

I looked up at that, I did too but I didn’t like other people saying things like that about Cassie.

“Why’s that?” my voice had a bit more edge in it than I had meant it to.

“Because I don’t really like you. And I’m pretty sure that you don’t like me either.” She crossed her arms and leaned against the door frame.

I couldn’t think of anything to say and decided that I was sick of playing nice if she was.

“Good call. Let’s just do our own thing and be nice when Cassie is around and when she isn’t we can ignore each other, sound good?”

“Sounds great!” she said it with a nasty little smirk and didn’t quite slam the door in my face.

I fumed over to the TV and resumed plugging things in.

I got up and when I had finished and started testing everything to make sure that it had gone back together correctly. I was flipping through the input feeds when I heard a short bark of laughter out of the bedroom. She was probably texting someone. I gritted my teeth and kept flipping through menus. It wasn’t long before Cate came out of the room.

She stopped in between me and the TV with her hands behind her back and a disturbing grin on her face.

“Need something?” I didn’t bother using a friendly voice.

“Oh, maybe you could just tell me something.” Her evil grin widened and she drew her bottom lip between her teeth rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet.

“Spit it out Cate.”

“What,” she started shaking with barely contained laughter. “Is this?” she brought out a cloth shopping bag from behind her back and it took me a second to recognize it.

“Give it to me.” I growled it. It was a command.

“Sure!” she smiled innocently at me and handed the bag over.

I snatched the bag out of her hands and was debating the benefits of telling her off.

“Just one question?”

“What?” I spat.

Cate reached into her back pockets and drew out two objects that had been in the bag.

“Who gets these and who gets to use this?” she held a pair of handcuffs in one hand and a riding crop in the other.

I dropped the bag and grabbed the cuffs and went for the whip. She pulled it out of the way just in time for my fingers to close on air. She scooted to the other side of the living room putting a couch between us, she was laughing. I was fuming.

“I bet you’re the bitch aren’t you? I was wondering how Cassie made you fun enough to keep fucking!” She sneered it and I just stood ready to kill the woman in front of me. “God that’s a little sad, have to resort to toys already? It hasn’t even been a year yet!”

“Fuck you Cate, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Give it to me and leave me alone for the rest of the night.”

“Or what?”

“Or I tell Cass. She won’t like you snooping around our room and sticking your nose into our private lives.”

“Fuck you. She used to tell me everything until she met you. She’s probably too embarrassed to tell me about what she has to do to be able to fuck you on a regular basis.” She was sneering at me trying to think of what to say next.

“Give. It. To. Me.” I fell hard on each word and didn’t leave any humanity in my voice. It was a command.

Cate heard the tone and flinched. She tried to cover the involuntary movement and glared at my outstretched hand before finally handing the crop over. She stocked past me and I closed my fingers around the slender rod.

“Very good.” I said it calmly when she had gone a few steps into Cassie’s and my bedroom.

She spun around and glared at me as I picked up the bag, putting the whip in my back pocket and holding the hand cuffs in my right hand.

“What did you say to me?” she spat.

I walked into the room past her. She glared up at me and turned to follow me with her hateful gaze as I threw the bag of tricks onto the bed. I turned and faced her. I let one loop of the cuffs fall, dangling the other cuff from one finger on my left hand.

“These are for Cassie to wear, she usually gets the silk rope unless she’s being bad.” I said it calmly, matter of fact.

“You’re sick” she glared up at me and I could tell she was just about mad enough.

“You want to try them on?” she swung her open hand at my face.

‘Perfect’ I thought as I caught her wrist in an iron grip. I snapped the hanging cuff over the raised hand and closed it tight. She was caught off guard and I had time to loop the cuff around the bedpost and catch her other wrist and close the remaining cuff around it. I stepped back from her and stood there waiting for her situation to sink in.

“What the fuck?! You fucking sick bastard! Let me go!” she was going to be getting hysterical soon and while the neighbors were separated by a few walls and a fence if she screamed loud enough they might hear.

I sat on the end of the bed and calmly waited for her to stop rattling the chain on the bedpost. She stood glaring at me.

“Let me go you mother fucker!” she didn’t yell it but her voice was raised and I could tell she was trying to be forceful.

“I will but I’m going to talk first and you’re going to listen ok?”

“Fuck you!” she was mad and it was making the skin at her neck flush. I had to admit that though she was an insufferable bitch she at least had nice tits.

“Maybe if you’re good” I whispered it.

“What?” she had honestly not heard me.

I continued as if she hadn’t spoken. “The handcuffs and whips and toys where Cassie’s idea. It made me pretty uncomfortable at first I almost broke it off then. But she said she had been reading these books and wanted to try this kind of stuff. It started out pretty normally and it’s still mostly just plain vanilla sex most of the time but occasionally, on special nights, she wants a bit more. That’s when the handcuffs or silk rope come out. When that little bag comes out I’m Mr. Smith, or sir, and she’s just Miss. Like I said it was a bit weird for me at first, it’s grown on me though.”

“You’re fucking sick!” she was just staring at the bag on the bed and her disgust had just a little hint of something else in it.

“I really see where you’re coming from, honestly. But haven’t you ever wondered about it?”

“No! You’re fucking sick!” She repeated.

“You said that.” I stood up pulling the bag to me and started looking through it.

“Are you going to let me go now?” I could hear the worry in her voice but there was some pure unaffected curiosity there too.

I continued shifting through the contents of the bag making a plan. She waited, obviously thinking I was searching for the key. When my plan had started to take form I spoke low and soft.

“You know I think I understand you.”

“You don’t know shit about me you bastard.” She sat on the bed holding onto the bedrails awkwardly across her body.

“I don’t know, you might be surprised.” She just glared at me so I continued. “You love Cassie but you’ve always been a bit jealous of her.”

“Fuck you.” She breathed.

I knew I had hit a chord, might as well see if I could play a song then.

“I mean, I get it. That small little tight body. That blond hair with just a little curl in it. Hell in a sports bra and yoga pants she looks like a fitness commercial.” She looked down at her feet so I continued. “I’ve seen the pictures of her old boyfriends too, most of them just dumb jocks but they’re all the kind of guys that women drool over. Even now she’s moving into my house, it’s not big but not many people our age have their own place. I know I’m not as good looking as a lot of those guys but I am successful. Own my own place, and I stay in shape when I bet a lot of those jocks are growing a beer gut and losing their hair while working the night shift at some convenience store. So there she goes again right? Perfect Cassie always getting her perfect life. It’s got to be a bit tough.”

Cate just stared at her feet I could tell she was holding back tears. She was shaking slightly. I took a long time to take her in and really look at her for the first time.

She was almost the opposite of Cassie. The only similarity was their height, barely 5’5” to my 6’4”. She had longer hair that was died red. It had been a different lighter shade the last time I saw it but it was still red. Now a dark Auburn that fell down over her very full breasts. Where Cassie was petite and tight Cate was curvy and full. She wasn’t fat by any means but had a figure that would make her feel insecure next to someone as freakishly toned and tight as Cassie was. As much as I loved Cassie’s body I did miss a good pair of really juicy tits, and Cate looked to have that.

She spoke finally and it was barely a whisper. “I think you’re just a sick asshole that forces Cassie to do this sick shit.”

I smiled. I was hoping for something like that. I pulled a little box out of the bag and passed it in front of Cate’s eyes. On the top of the box was a message laser etched into the wood.

‘For Mr. Smith

Use this often and with care.

-Miss C.’

I laid the box in Cate’s lap and opened the box. Inside was a leather rod about four or five inches long with a streamer of silk ribbon coming out either end. It would have been hard to identify except for the teeth marks in roughly in the center of the leather.

“That was the first really serious prop she got for us, before that it was old neckties tying her to the headboard. It was also when she gave me the name.” I said it as softly as she had just spoken.

Cate stood up and let the box fall away from her and turned her back to me. She stared down at her wrists that where still attached to the bed. I picked up the bite gag and stood close behind her as she began to tremble.

“So now you’re thinking of how Cassie just gets everything she wants. Even her weird little fantasies without her man thinking she’s some kind of freak.” I knew that if she hadn’t been thinking that she would be now. It was the last barb I had and my plan swung on it. I stood to the side of her and held the gag by one long silk string so that the roll of leather dangled in front of her face. She turned her head staring at it. Her lips parted slightly and her jaw worked side to side under her red rimmed eyes.

Perfect. I deftly took the ribbon of silk on the other side and guided it into her open mouth stepping behind her and pulling it firmly. I gathered the ribbons in one fist and held them while I shifted her hair away from her neck with my other hand. I maneuvered the silk under her hair at the base of her skull and tied it down firmly but not painfully, I had a lot of practice.

She started to make muffled protests and I let her for a while waiting patiently for the garbled speech to stop. When it did I ran my finger along her spine. She shivered at the touch.

“I’m giving you a chance Cate. One chance. You can have one night in Cassie’s place, have her pleasure and most importantly have her man. You’ve had almost three decades of playing second fiddle to Cassie. Tonight you can take a bit of revenge. I know she means a lot to you, and she does to me too but I know how old it can get, how frustrating it can be. So how about it Cate? How about taking Cassie’s man tonight? Doing it the way Cassie would?”

Cate stayed still and silent in front of me for a long time. She started shaking again after a while and nodded her head.

“Ok. You’ll be my little Lady then. Do you want the gag out my Lady?”

She nodded softly in front of me. I stood back and brushed the hair back around her shoulder. I ran my fingers down her spine again and continued down between her ass cheeks and under her body grasping roughly. She let out a strangled noise and I whipped my hand up to the neck of her tank top and ripped it off her back. Her scream was muffled by leather.

I pulled the riding crop from the bag and ran it down her cheek letting her see what I had and then over her shoulder and down her spine resting it on her right buttock. I think my lady needs to be whipped for the things she called me earlier. What do you think my lady?” She looked wildly back at me and tried shifting away from the crop mumbling into her gag.

I flicked my wrist and the leather pad snapped across her ass with a loud ‘thwack’ the noise was worse than the pain and she squeaked against the gag. I snapped it across twice more and she became still and silent.

“Good! You learn fast Lady.” I swatted her juicy ass once more and heard her breath come out hard around the leather cylinder. Her back was tensed and I could feel the wariness radiating from her. I could tell she was thinking ‘just how much of a freak is Cassie?’

I reached below her with the whip and rubbed it along the inseam of her form hugging jeans while I reached around the front of her to unbutton them. I pulled them slowly down her legs letting them bunch up on the wood floors at her feet.

I left her there to pull a straps that were secured to the bedframe out and lay them on top of the mattress. I selected one that was at the center of the long side of the bed on the side farthest away from Cate and two that came up about two feet apart on the near side at the center.

I made a show of unlocking the handcuffs and reattaching her hands together and I could feel a resistance as I pulled her towards the center of the bed.

“My Lady, this will be a lot more fun for you if you just give into it. Be my good girl and when I have you on the bed I’ll take that out of your mouth. Ok?”

She nodded warily at me and was surprised when I pushed her forcefully down on the bed and straddled her stomach to secure the strap to the cuffs. I backed down her body and pulled the cup of her black laced bra down below her right nipple.

“Looks like you wanted me to notice these” I said fingering the frills that pushed at the full skin under her large breasts. I sucked the pink circle into my mouth and swept my tongue around the center until it started to stand in my mouth. She let out a sigh and made another attempt at speech. I ignored her pulling the fabric up to cover the exposed skin and made my way down to her legs and spread them apart into the padded loops on the other side. Her feet hung over the side a bit and I checked that the restraints were tight but not uncomfortable.

 She looked at me meaningfully and indicated that she would like the gag out. I pretended not to notice.

“Ah before I forget!” I rushed out of the room and closed the door behind me. I turned to the thermostat and cranked the control for the room as low as it could go and turned the fan on high. I walked to the fridge and pulled out a beer to consume slowly as I perused a magazine.

When the beer was done I went to check the thermostat. It was a nice and cool 65 degrees in the room which was perfect. Just cool enough to feel uncomfortable on a bare unmoving body but not cold enough to be too long warming up. I walked back to the kitchen and got the water running as hot as it would and filled a large pot with the water. It steamed as I carried it to the room and I went in.

Cate’s head snapped towards me glaring but she didn’t try to say anything around the obstruction. She really was learning fast. I set the pot on the floor by the bed and smiled down at her mostly naked curves and felt my excitement build. I shut it way for the time.

“It’s gotten a bit cold in here don’t you think?” there was an edge of malice in my voice.

Cate just glared at me. I continued to smile down at her before turning away again. I set the thermostat to 82 degrees but with now fan power so it would be slow and silent. After that I got two wash cloths and brought them into the room with me. I sat by Cate’s legs on the bed. I could tell she was starting to regret her accepting my offer and I was glad that she was right on track.

“You know my Lady, I’m very picky about my women being clean.” I bent over and dunked one of the wash cloths in the warm water and wrung it most of the way back into the pot. I held the damp cloth up and I could see the distrust flash through her eyes, she thought it would be cold.  She couldn’t see the wisps of steam that dissipated before they reached the top of the bed. I smiled and watched her face as I lowered the hot towel to her toes. Her eyes bulged and relaxed as the heat sank in and the numbness started easing out of her foot.

I kept working my way slowly up her legs. Sometimes having to exchange the water for warmer. Surprising her that her more sensitive and interesting areas where treated with the same gentle respect as the rest of her body and no more as I shifted thin lacy cloth out of the way to bring a bit of warmth to the skin underneath. When I started working down her arms towards her fingers I was almost done. The soft sounds of pleasure at the warmth were coming regularly from her and I decided that it was the time to explain a few things.

“You know I noticed last year when I took Cassie skiing that there wasn’t a much better feeling than getting warm after being out in the cold for a while.” Cate narrowed her eyes at me, she didn’t quite understand yet. “The thing about that is that you have to be cold first, you have to know the discomfort to really appreciate the comfort. That’s actually what this is about partly, a little pain makes the pleasure more… pleasurable. The other part is that you’re pleasure is completely in someone else’s, my, hands.”

I pressed the warm cloth to her hands and noticed that the temperature in the room had risen nicely and I was starting to sweat. Cate looked up at me. I could tell she was trying to gauge me and wondering how far I would take this.

“Do you think you can handle that? If you can I would much rather hear your screams and moans clearly. It helps me know how far I can still go and where I’m giving you the most… sensation.”

Cate nodded shallowly into her chest and I smiled. Before taking the gag out I pulled her bra down below the large and surprisingly firm mounds of flesh. The material stretched and pushed her lush tits up and I knew it was a little uncomfortable. I rolled the pink little nipples between my first finger and thumb until they were both standing rigid. I reached under her head and pulled the silk string.

Cate worked her jaw to relieve the tension that had formed in the muscles and gazed up at me still unsure. I smiled down at here and she flinched at the hungry look in my face.

“Are you happy to have that thing out?” I asked.

“Yes.” She hissed.

“Then wouldn’t it be polite to say so?” I inquired reasonably. When she just glared at me I smiled and twisted a nipple quickly with each hand. She gasped with the shock of it more than the pain. I pinched with ever increasing pressure as she squirmed. When she started to speak I eased off.

“Thank you.” She said it clipped and full of sarcastic resentment.

“You’re very welcome Lady. And…?”

She looked blankly at me and I started putting the pressure back on her breasts. A short scream came from her and she twisted under my hands I eased back slightly to let her collect her thoughts.

“And… um, thank you Mr. Smith?” she was panting slightly but was getting it.

“My pleasure Lady. You’re learning very quickly.” I released my hold on her tits and bent over them licking delicately and sucking the nipples gently into my mouth I spent a long time on them squeezing and licking. Her panting changed from that of pain and desperation to ones of lust and eventually impatience. I continued.

“God fuck me already!” she moaned as I played gently with a hardened nipple between my teeth.

I turned my head to peer up at her not letting the pink skin from my mouth and raised an eyebrow allowing her to recant. When she didn’t I bit down, not hard enough for blood but so that she definitely knew she had done wrong. She screamed again and I let the skin fall from my mouth and positioned my head over the other nipple challenging her with my eyes.

“Fuck! I mean uhm. Sorry sir, can you please fuck me now?” the question in her voice was more to do with how she was asking than what she was asking.

“All in good time Lady”

I moved down low over her abdomen. And fingered the matching lacy panties. Cate groaned as I brushed her inner thighs. A reached into the bag of tricks and found what I was looking for quickly. I held the object out in front of Cate’s recumbent and restrained form.

“Do you know what this is my Lady?” I turned it in my fingers.

“Uhm, a brush, a makeup brush it looks like.” She looked at it confused and added hastily. “Sir.”

“Right! Very good! More precisely it’s a camel hair brush.” I took a fist full of the fabric covering her sex and pulled quickly down making the seams part and ripping it from her. She screamed from surprise and quickly quieted when I started playing the soft bristles of the brush around her newly exposed skin.

“I’ve heard, but never really looked into it, that men in the middle east used to use camel hair brushes as a way to extract information from female subjects.” She looked fearfully up at me and shut her eyes tight shut when I started stroking the tool across her lips.

“You see they held the person down, much as you are, and applied the brush until the woman was rendered delirious from orgasm after orgasm until they were almost driven mad by it and ready to answer anything the questioner might want to ask.” I said it calmly as I increased the pressure on the brush.

It wasn’t long before Cate’s breathing came harder and moans started building in her throat. I spread her lips apart and took long slow stokes over her clit. Her moans grew into breathy screams and her full chest started heaving as I continued to work.

Cate’s entire body gave a shudder as she let out a high pitched scream. I eased back with the brush and let the shaking die down and as I saw her eyes come back into focus. I returned the brush to her slickened skin and resumed my work.

I brought her to full screaming wet orgasm five times and uncounted smaller ones on the way. After the second I didn’t pause with my brush strokes and let her writhe in her tethers. After the third shattering orgasm she had quieted, not being able to catch enough breath to scream her pleasure.

When her whole body had arced off the bed on the fifth orgasm and I lifted the brush from her dripping red lips. I watched her catch her breath and she struggled at it for a minute before her breath caught enough to resemble someone who had ran at their best pace for the limit of their endurance.

I raised the brush to her nipples and the sensation from her frayed nerve ending sent more spasms coursing through her. She would be out of it for just about long enough I thought. Moving quickly I slid her gasping and shaking form down the bed loosening the strap attached to the cuffs and flipped her, switching the restraints on her legs to the opposite limb and tightening the straps. Her legs trailed off the edge of the bed and were spread apart. I left slack in the restraint over her wrists.

Cate was still shaking but had started to notice her new position. I slapped her round ass in front of me and it gave off a loud and satisfying clap.

“Fuck!” she shouted when the sting of my hand brought her back from her daze.

“Fuck?” I asked.

She paused not realizing that it was a question at first.

“Shit give me a second I don’t know if I can take much more right now.”

“Wrong.” I said removing my shirt.

“Fuck me.” She complained.

“That’s what I intend to do. Though usually I require a more polite request. I think since it’s your first time I can make an exception.” I had removed the last of my clothes and reached out to spread her cheeks for me and as my hardened tip rested on the crease of her lips she started to scream.


I thrust myself hard inside her and ignored the discomfort of slamming home my dry cock, it was still very wet inside her from my previous ministrations. I pulled slowly from her as the scream tapered off and waited for her to breath out her next breath before slamming myself into her again. I timed my thrusts to force out breath that she didn’t have and soon she was silent with the need of more air than she could take in.

I grabbed the bra that was still clasped around her and pulled her back to me. When she had risen half off the bed I reached around and gathered the bunched fabric beneath her ample chest and tore the bra from her. Cate didn’t have the breath for more than a whimper but I could feel her tight pussy growing wetter on my thrusting cock. I pulled a breast into each hand and squeezed slowing my thrusts and allowing her to catch her breath.

I found the nipples beneath my palms, firm and enflamed and guided my fingers to them pinching and twisting. I continued this whenever her movements or calling out started to loose coherency, delaying her next climax and letting the tension build in her.

When the time between buildups, and my interrupting them, started to become almost constant I reached my left hand to her throat and squeezed enough to cut off her air and used my right hand to pull her against me and finger her exposed clit as I continued to drive into her. Her scream came strangled and her pussy sent a hot gush coursing down my shaft as I pulled out of her only to give of another weaker one as I rammed myself back in.

I let her limp body fall to the mattress and gently pulled myself out and waited for the soft clenching of her cleft around my hard rod to push hard into her. I was paying too much attention to Cate’s hot cunt gripping my cock to notice that I had started to build myself. I pulled out of her with a final splash of Cate’s uncontrolled pleasure making the wood floor slippery.

I breathed hard controlling myself and put my mind to rearranging Cate’s bonds one last time. I turned her over. She had caught her breath in the time I had taken to gain control of myself. And her eyes where almost clear as I straddled her finally naked form to get at the bonds on her wrists. I paused while I was over her abdomen and brought her lush tits together around my rigid cock I pushed and welcomed the slightly uncomfortable feeling of my drying dick sliding through her not quite sweaty enough breasts. I pulled her nipples together as I drew slowly in and out of the warm fold of skin and she craned her neck forward to lick the head of me when it pushed through.

I pulled her hands down over her body and when I was done manipulating her restraints her head lolled off the side of the bed while her hands were pulled down over her own sticky wetness. I walked around the bed and grasped her hair in a hand pulling down. Her mouth gaped open but before a sound could come out I shoved my cock into it.

I didn’t go too deep and she could still breathe around me but I directed her to lick off all of the drying stickiness she had left on me. A pulled out and settled my hanging sack into her mouth.

I was surprised when I looked down her body and saw that she was gently circling her own clit with her fingers. I grasped her tits and pulled away to put my length back in her soft warm mouth. I moved in and out as she sucked on me like a particularly thick milkshake. I buried myself deep in her and felt her throat open to snuggly accept my enflamed head. She started gagging on me and I twisted her purpling nipples as I pulled out and she coughed spat the saliva that had surged into her full mouth in response to her air being temporally cut off. I waited for her breathing to become measured again.

“Please Mr. Smith, will you please fuck my face and blow your load down my throat?” I couldn’t believe that she had actually said it unprompted it took me a second to overcome my shock.

I knew she didn’t really want me to do what she had asked me but wondered if she had suggested it because she wanted it over with or that she hoped to avoid that by suggesting it and hoping I would finish another way to be perverse. Or, maybe she was giving into things and though she knew it would be unpleasant she wanted to please her Mr. Smith. I could ponder that later now I wanted to do just what she had suggested.

“What a vulgar little suggestion! I would punish a more experienced young lady for saying such vulgar things. Tonight though I think I’ll allow it!”

The tempo of her fingers increased and I saw that occasionally her finger disappeared inside herself curling up and caressing the soft inside of her own cleft.

I moved my cock into her mouth and sometimes pulled completely out again to watch the streamers of saliva that bridged her lips and my evermore excited cock. When I felt the pressure build to its final height I plunged my length into her throat. My first throbbing pulse shot down her throat as my mat of hair came to rest on her chin. I let out a loud grunt and let myself throb twice and pulled back pulsing again in her mouth as I shoved myself back down. I continued to pull myself free for long enough for cate to gulp single breaths before I shoved back in. My hot come starting to trail down her cheeks.

My cock continued to spurt out its lust into the little Lady’s hungry mouth and I was breathing very hard when the last few dry heaving pulses shot sensation up my spine. I collapsed onto the bed next to her and it was a while before either of us could talk. She spoke first.

“Mr. Smith?”

“Hmmm. Yes my Lady?”

“I need to clean myself up before Cassie gets home and you probably need to change the sheets.”

“Hmmm, no I think Miss can change the sheets later.”

Her eyes opened wide, scared.

“You can’t!”

“Can’t? I already did.”

“What? Oh fuck Cassie is going to kill me. Fuck you! She’s going to kill you too!”

“For that I think I’ll leave you here until miss gets home, she is going to want to see this anyway.”

“What?!” it was all she could think to choke out I knew.

“I told her when I left you here to cool down. She’s very excited. We’ve been talking about having someone to join us for a while now. And tomorrow you two can take my card to find some replacements for the things I tore off you tonight and maybe a few new things?”

I smiled down at her shocked face and went to get myself rest and rehydration before Cassie got home. I would need it to finish off the night as well as it had started.