Night Shift

Night shift.

I was the FNG, fucking new girl. And because of my lowly status I didn’t get much say in when or where I worked. Though where I worked wasn’t really a problem when you worked in a van. I was a shiny new EMT having finished my training and probationary period only three weeks ago. So now, being able to be part of a real team they put me with one of the most experienced people they had, a paramedic, and on a shift that no one wanted. No one except my new partner anyway. We worked the graveyard shift in a place that only had two teams working those hours because of the semi-rural area, which usually meant that we were overly busy at either end of the shift with too much time for paperwork in the middle.

My new partner liked the shift because when we were busy it was usually with the nastier kind of calls; Gunshot wounds, most accidental some not, machinery involved accidents and unseen pedestrians. It wasn’t that he liked seeing these things or enjoyed other people’s pain but he was well equipped to handle the nastier things that many, even people in our profession, would prefer not to. I think he felt that those things just tended to happen and if that was the case there might as well be someone like him around to attempt to negate the consequences. He was also an asshole. Large and mean having to wear the long sleeved uniform to cover his tattooed fore arms. I suspected that he had come from some military branch because of his business like manor in the face of carnage, but also because of the tight sheer he always kept his hair in and the full beard that about half of veterans seemed to adopt. I hadn’t asked because unless working he kept a stony silence that encouraged those around him to do the same.

On my first shift I had met his last partner, a nice older lady that was due in three months and was switching to the day shift before her maternity leave and would return to work day shift after. She had been already in the parking lot of a box store complex that we usually parked in to wait for calls, knowing her former partners habits after over a year working together. She had pulled me aside and warned me about my new partner.

“Jakobe is a bit gruff, if he’s not talking then just let him be, he’ll come around after a while. But he’s really good at this stuff so pay attention and try not to get in his way until you figure him out.” It was good advice but kind of putting a nice face on something that in reality was much worse.

On my third night we had responded to a call of a teenage boy who had dropped a box knife and with freakish randomness the blade had slit open the artery behind his left ankle. When we pulled up the boys’ dad was almost sitting on the kids’ leg holding the wound down with towels. I had jumped out and ran over trading places with the kids’ father.

I lifted the waded towels to see how bad it was and was shocked that an inch and a half long incision was responsible for all of the blood staining the dry grass around me. I was a bit more shocked when the blood spirted from the wound with enough force to splatter the top of the towel that was hovering a foot above the cut. I wasn’t squeamish I just wasn’t ready for that small a cut in that part of the body to spray like that. But it was an arterial bleed, if a smaller artery. I clapped the towel back over the wound and put all my weight on it. Even though the area had liberal spurts of blood over it I thought that the boy had probably only lost a pint, he wasn’t in immediate danger. I asked the father if the kid had been moved, he said no and I was relieved that I was probably right about the pint. The blood was trickling around the towel and I knew I wasn’t able to put enough pressure on it. I turned to see Jakobe moving our way with the gurney and I called out to him even though he was only a few yards away.

“Definite arterial bleed, lost about a pint I think.” Jakobe glared at me. “I don’t think I can fully stop it but it’s slowed” I was amped and was calling out everything I could so that my partner would know what we were dealing with.

He lifted me bodily from the ground and kneeled over the teenager, “hey what’s your name?” he was pressing down a fresh towel after glancing at the wound, there wasn’t any blood seeping around the towel, and he contained it.

“Uh, Ben.” The kid was starting to look shockey.

“Well Ben this is bleeding a lot but you have five or six more pints in there and we won’t start worrying unless you lose about three times what you already have, and I’ve got it stopped now. Nothing to worry about.” Ben relaxed a bit but was still breathing fast. I lowered the gurney next to him.

“Do we need the board?” I was breathing almost as fast as the kid.

“No.” He was clipped with me and returned to the kid. “Ok Ben we’re going to get you on this cart and I’m going to need a little help from you, ok?”

The boy nodded and I lifted him under his arms as much as I could while Ben tried to push with his good leg and Jakobe kept the towel down. A little more blood seeped out and Jakobe recruited one of the guys on the fire truck that had followed us to hold down the wound in the van while he told me in the fewest word’s to start a saline IV and call ahead to see if we couldn’t give the boy something to keep him from total shock. Jakobe drove.

After the boy was safely in the emergency room and we were sitting in the parking lot filling out the paper work when Jakobe had turned to me. “Next time, unless the patient is completely out of it or it is completely necessary don’t discuss it in front of them. The kid started going into shock when you said arterial bleed and he probably knew enough to know that was serious but not enough to know that he got a minor one. Shock probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference with this kid but if you send the wrong one into shock you will kill them.” He hadn’t spoken to me the rest of the night and I had been able to hold the tears back until I was home.

I hadn’t been lectured since but the silence was still oppressive as we sat in the van reading or doing inventory or eating. Jakobe always brought his own food and it always smelled good but when I looked at the labels it made me lose my appetite. Things like; boar back strap, rabbit stew, elk loaf, and even one just simply reading bison. It wasn’t that I was a vegetarian but the exotic kinds of meat were off-putting to someone who bought their meat as burger or roasts or chicken breast.

We were starting to work well together though and I found that silence probably meant that there wasn’t anything to correct or criticize. And one night I decided to be bold.

“That smells good.” We were sitting in the van and Jakobe was reading a cheap paperback while shoveling food into his mouth. I was nibbling on some kind of protein bar and looking at my phone and trying to find something worth reading on a social media stream.

“Thanks” was all I got back.

“You made it?” I couldn’t stand much more silence

“Yeah, shot the doe last year at my parents. This is almost the last of it”

He had shot it last year? So he had killed and cooked the thing he was consuming? I knew that it wasn’t any different than what happened to the meat you buy in the store but I couldn’t quite bring the thought of killing something though to eating it. Buying it sure… he had shut me up and we didn’t talk the rest of the night.

The next day we got up into the van and started stowing our things. He passed over a large Tupperware, boar and barley soup the label read.

“What’s this?”

“It’s better than those bars you’ve been trying to live off”

“This is for me?”

“If you want. Try it later”

 “Uh, thanks” I got a grunt in reply and we got a call on the radio soon after.

Later that night we were in the usual spot and Jake had opened his container and it smelled amazing. I looked down at my pack full of all the different types of food that could be formed into a bar and individually wrapped. I took a deep breath and picked up my own container. I lifted the lid and smelled a hearty soup. I noticed it wasn’t the same thing that Jake was eating himself but didn’t mention it. I looked up from the container to see a plastic spoon thrust in front of me.


I wasn’t sure if I was thankful but took the spoon and scooped up the smallest piece of meat that I could see. It was delicious. Tender and full of herbs and spices and the kind of flavor that made you want to just keep eating. I noticed, after I had been spooning up the soup as fast as I could without making a mess for five minutes, that the eating noises from the driver’s side of the van had stopped. I peered over to see Jake grinning for the first time I had ever seen. It was nice.

“Better than a granola bar huh?”

“Well it’s something different anyway.” I was glad that there was something besides silence but I don’t think I could have been strictly nice after so long either. It looked like the passive aggressive response was the right way to go anyway. He reached his own bowl out to me.


“What is it?” He didn’t answer, just nodded down at the container. I looked inside and saw a bed of stir fried vegetables and layers of thin sliced meat over it. I knew he wasn’t offering so I could try the broccoli so I fished out a slice of meat with my spoon. It was tender but dense and I could taste rosemary and a little honey on the brown crust around the edges it tasted like poultry but not quite anything I had ever had before. “Oh my god” I was still chewing not wanting to swallow it and not have more to take its place.

“Quale. Season opened last week.” He smirked, knowing that I was still unsure of what I saw as nature and not really food. I gulped the bite down and my stomach started turning a bit but my taste buds over ruled them and my stomach quieted. I grabbed a larger piece of quale before he took the bowl back.

“Hey, Sharon said that I should probably mention that if I’m not telling you different then you’re doing it right” Sharon was his last partner. It was probably the most I had heard him say at once since he had told me off.

“So… is that a way of saying good job?” He grunted and shrugged I was mostly sure that it did mean that coming from him.

After that he always brought extra food. Sometimes we shared out of the same large container and sometimes we would pass two back and forth between us. I would try to bring bread or something else to add to the meal but he hardly ate the bread only using a small crust occasionally to scrape up the residue in the bottom of the bowl. I finally found that the best thing I could add to the meal was supper strong coffee and made sure to bring a separate large thermos of the black stuff while my thermos had liberal amounts of cream and sugar.

I asked how he drank it black one day, especially when it was so strong.

“The guys used to mix the grounds with their dip”

“Dip?” I was thinking sour cream and chive and couldn’t fathom someone putting coffee grounds in it.

“Cope” my face was still blank he smirked “chew” he tapped his lip and it sunk in.

“Eck, why?”

“Navy works twelve on twelve off sometimes, it can be hard.” He said around a mouthful of rabbit.

“Oh, I haven’t seen you chew”

“Didn’t like it much. Only did it when I couldn’t smoke”

“You smoke?” I hadn’t seen him do that either.

“Used to, been three or four weeks. Been a bit tense”

“Is that why you’ve been such an asshole?” I had said it before I could stop myself and blushed.

“No, that’s all me. But maybe doesn’t help” he smiled and we got a call.


It had been a busy start of shift with mostly drunks leaving bars and even one real bar fight. We hadn’t had a call in half an hour and I decided to change out of my pants that had been vomited on by a particularly nice drunk girl that had fallen down the stairs out of a bar. I was in the back of the van sitting on the gurney and pulling the soiled uniform pants over my shoes. I glanced up towards the front and saw Jakobe turned around in his seat facing me. I raised my eyebrows and stared him down until he turned back. It wasn’t uncommon to have to change pieces of the uniform on a shift, sometimes a few times in a shift. We had seen snippets of each other in various stages of undress on numerous occasions, that had been where I saw the tattoos down his arms but the only one I had seen clearly enough to remember was a bird in flight on his left pectoral. 

Later that night we were passing a vegetable stir fry across the cab and to my surprise this time Jake started the conversation.

“You run?”

He had caught me with a huge piece of broccoli and green bean in my mouth, I chewed carefully before answering. Jake sipped his coffee patiently.

“Uh yeah, at the gym sometimes.”

“Never liked treadmills.”

“So you run outside.” It wasn’t a question I knew Jake was in great shape, he was the one that carried the equipment in and out of homes and down paths that we couldn’t reach in the truck. He was hardly ever out of breath when we got where we were going. So that tattooed chest wasn’t just the result of pumping iron.

“Yeah, harder but not as boring. Goes by faster. You should try”

“Sure, but why do you ask?”

“Nice legs” it was dim in the cab and he wouldn’t look at me so I didn’t know if he was blushing as much as I was. We ate in silence for a while and I finally had to try to lessen the awkwardness.

“So, uhm, do you run around town or on like hiking trails and stuff?”

“Around where I live mostly, good bike shoulders. Sometimes I’ll do a hiking trail, but there’s usually too many people on them.”

The silence resumed but it was less weird in the cabin so we both let the quiet settle over us.

The next night we were called out to help get someone out of the local mostly dry river bed. All the sand in the river bed meant that people liked to ride dirt bikes and four wheelers down there. The main problem was that those were the only vehicles that can get down there. We had to carry a male in his mid-twenties with two fractured ankles out on a stretcher and waded through knee deep stagnate water to get him back to the ambulance. We dropped him off at the local emergency room and drove to our normal spot to fill out our papers. I finished first and went into the back to change my pants and socks. I had pulled off my boots and socks and flopped back on the gurney. My calves where still twinging from the carry through loose sand. Apparently I was laying there for a while and I opened my eyes when I heard Jake coming into the back.

“You ok?”

“Yeah just taking a second, that lift took it out of me”

“Yeah, wasn’t easy” that was as close to praise as it got in the van. Jake sat down next to me on the gurney and started pulling off his own boots.

I sat up and unbuckled my belt and stood to remove my wet pants. I stepped to the end of the gurney near the doors at the rear and turned my back. You couldn’t be too shy with your partner. I dropped the pants and stepped out of them reaching for my extra pair in the overhead cabinets. I dropped those too with a scream spinning around. “God you scared me!” Jake had reached out and brushed the back of my calf with his fingers.

“Sorry.” He smirked and didn’t look very sorry. He just sat there turning his socks out looking at me. Mostly looking into my face but taking slow purposeful looks down my bare legs before returning to my eyes.

“See something you like?” I put as much sarcasm in my voice as I could.

“Yes” he didn’t look back down at my legs but stared into my face. It was a long time with no movement in the back of the van. Jake reached up slowly and took my hand and pulled me closer. I didn’t fight it, and stepped over his leg to stand with my feet next to each other in between both of his. I was facing him. Jake did what he did best and stayed silent. I looked down as he looked up not breaking away. He lifted his hands to my waist and pulled me close one hand on either side of me.

His head was just below my chest and he lifted the hem of my scrub top and kissed me once high on the abdomen. He looked back up and when he didn’t see any anger on my face he started pulling gently down on my panties.

I didn’t really understand what was happening and especially didn’t understand why I didn’t have a problem with what was happening. When the small piece of cloth hit the floor I stepped out of them like I was a robot programed to do it. Jake lifted one of my legs up and rested it on his shoulder. He kissed the soft skin on the inside of my thigh. It made me reach up to hold the overhead bars and when I had a firm grasp Jake lifted the other leg to his other shoulder.

He began slowly. Kissing the soft exposed skin leading into the valley of my legs, bringing his hands up to brush along my back. I let out a long breath and as if it had been a signal he really got to work. He pulled me hard to his mouth sucking and licking. I was high enough to keep my hands on the bars and rest my back against the wall. I let go one hand to hold the back of his head to me. His tongue lashed out over and over and his beard tickled my thighs. I was beginning to have trouble holding onto the bar overhead when he suddenly stopped. Blood was rushing through my ears and I didn’t notice anything else around me.

“Don’t” I breathed. I had wanted to say don’t stop but Jake had lifted me off of him and laid me gently on the gurney rushing forward to the driver’s seat.

“On our way. Over.” I heard him say and I came back to myself. “Throw me my boots. We got one, not serious but on the other side of town”

I passed his boots forward and pulled on the clean pants after retrieving my underwear from under the gurney. I brought my boots forward and buckled in. As soon as I did the van was pulling away. My boots where on a few minutes later. I don’t think either of us said a word to each other the rest of the night.

We pulled into the carpool at the dispatch center and started collecting our things in silence when Jake had parked. I reached for the handle to get out and stepped down to the pavement. “Well, have a good weekend” I didn’t know what else to say but needed to say something.

“You too” his voice was warm and engaged and I had learned that his tone was a big part of having a conversation with him. But that was apparently all that we had to say to each other. I headed to my car and started piling my things inside.

I heard Jake shut the door of the medical truck behind him and I slipped quickly into my car and just sat there not being able to form coherent thought. I heard Jakes old dusty truck roar to life from five spaces over, and listened to the tone change as it backed out and idled behind me to drive out. I didn’t notice it stop and back up and pull into the spot next to me. I was startled out of my thoughts when someone, Jake, tapped on my passenger window.

I stared at him through the glass and he smirked when I finally reached over to roll down the window on that side. I had to actually crank it down. He put his hands on the sill and peered around the interior of the car. I waited for him to start. It took almost thirty seconds.

“Uhm, you have anything fun this weekend?”

“Not really, I was going to probably go over to my parents place, you know free laundry and food, sit in their backyard and try to get a tan.”

He looked at me. Obviously he didn’t think of me as the type to work on a tan. “My sister’s wedding is at the end of the month and the bridesmaid’s dresses are strapless.

“Ah.” apparently this was acceptable to him.

“Well, uhm…” I didn’t know what to say and didn’t like the awkward silence. I would rather not talk without him around than not talk with him.

“Uh yeah sorry. That sounds good.” He turned back to his truck and I saw the hesitation and waited. He turned back slowly. “Do you like dogs?”

“Wha? Uhm, yeah, why?”

“Well I have a washing machine and some private land in the hills if you wanted to have a beer or something while you tanned, less talk, less wedding planning too, might be able to read a book.”

“And you have a dog?”

“Oh, yeah. He’s pretty nice” he reached into the open window of the truck and took a note pad out and scribbled something out. “Just if you want, let me know…” he turned quickly after handing me the paper and got in the still running truck and sped away. The note was his cell number and address.

I couldn’t focus on much at my parents’ house and never had much patience for my older sister’s hysterics. It was only a few hours from the awkward talk beside my car that I was texting Jake.

“You’re right about the wedding planning, still have a chair in the sun?”

The response was quicker than I had expected.

“Yeah, anytime.”



I drove over slowly, he didn’t live far out of town but the directions my phone gave showed a few miles on dirt roads. I couldn’t stop thinking about the moment in the van with my legs almost wrapped around his head. I hadn’t had much experience like that with men, only two men actually. Neither had done that. I knew that it wasn’t something unheard of either though and tried to put it out of my mind. Hopefully this was just a quiet place and I could just relax for a while. Sure.

I pulled into a driveway marked by a gate entrance made of what looked like two telephone poles. The only thing that made me not hesitate more was the clear numbers mounted on the pole to my right. When I pulled up I was confused because there was no house. Only a large ocean going sailboat mounted on stilts, a travel trailer and a sea container. These were positioned around each other in an open circle and I parked close to Jake’s truck. I was wondering if I shouldn’t just text some excuse to Jake and drive away again. I glanced at my phone and then out the passenger window toward the landed boat.

There was a huge hairy monster outside my window, my first thought was bear, and I screamed. It started barking at me. After three loud barks it sat on its haunches and looked at me through the glass. At eye level. Wagging its tail. A few seconds and Jake walked up beside what I was guessing was some kind of dog that he had been feeding steroids. He pointed at the ground and the dog laid down at his feet. I opened the door slowly.

“He’s fine, just a big pushover. His name is Ellejay”

“You asked if I liked dogs not genetic experiments from the ice age.” I said stepping out of the car and closing the door.

“Heh, yeah he’s definitely not a lightweight.”

I reached my hand out with my fingers closed in case he decided to nip off a finger or two for a snack.

“What’s Ellejay stand for” I was sniffed and I had to control a flinch when it’s mouth opened wide in a yawn before sweeping its tongue up the entire length of my hand and halfway to my elbow.

“Great manners buddy. Over.” The dog flipped on its back and splayed its paws in the air like a dyeing bug. “Ellejay is Little John.”

“Ah, that would make you the prince of thieves.” I knelt down to scratch the huge ball of fur in front of me and found that much of the mass there was thick fur.

“I guess so.” He smiled, glad that he wouldn’t have to explain it further.

“And this is your… house?”

“It’s where I live”

“A boat? On land?”

“Yeah I’m fixing her up. The quarters are pretty much done its just making a lot of additions to the equipment and rigging her out” he looked the boat over, lots of people live on their boats and anything that’s not on it I put in the trailer, like a real washer and dryer and some kitchen stuff.

I don’t think I had heard as much from Jake in any one night as I had five minutes on his property. He was much more comfortable here and I liked hearing him talk. He had built an actual staircase to the back of the boat. It was called a stern I was informed, and really did have his own little world on board. It was big for a boat but not huge, a fifty footer I was told. Though I was a little confused by it I was also impressed by how cozy it was inside.

“But why? I mean she’s beautiful and it’s nice in here but…”

“It’s a ship on dry land, yeah. Well I got the undeveloped land pretty cheap and I got the boat pretty cheap, it wasn’t even able to sit in a marina when I got her and it needed to be fit out on land before she gets back in the water and it needed a lot more before what we’re going to do together.”

“And what’s that?”

“Well were going to earn my second swallow tattoo together.” I stared at him blankly before he pulled down the neck of his shirt to show me the bird on his left peck. “I got this one with the navy” he let his collar go. “And the next one will be with her and Ellejay on nothing but sail power.”

“I still don’t know what that has to do with a bird.”

“It’s an old sailor’s custom. A swallow, the bird, migrates great distances but always returns home. So in the old days when you went on a long cruise and came back safely you got a swallow tattoo to show that you were a good sailor that made it back.”

“Oh, that’s very, uhm, historical”

“Yeah but you didn’t come out here to be bored or get covered in dog slobber. I’ll show you the deck, I don’t have any chairs but I rigged a hammock” he led the way out and he showed me how to get in the hammock without falling out the other side. I asked for a bathroom to change in and he told me where it was.

“But you can change out here if you want, no one but Ellejay and me. I’m going below for a bit to set a patch on the hull. Want a beer or something? I make a pretty good margarita if you’re interested.

“Uh no I can’t”

“Planning on driving away soon?” He smiled.

“Uh, no.”


“What? Oh! No, legally.”

He looked blankly at me.

“I’m nineteen”

His face flushed crimson above the beard and he kept staring. I could tell he was thinking about what had happened in the ambulance earlier and was trying to decide if he was going to hell or not.

“I’m an adult, I’m just not twenty one yet.” I said it with a bit of anger coming into my voice and my look was challenging.

“No, I, uh. Well I won’t tell if you don’t. Uhm… about the drink that is…” he opted to be quiet then and was obviously regretting breaking from the normal and being so chatty.

“Whatever is fine, its ok I get that a lot.”

“Great.” He hurried off to the kitchen, galley I guessed even if it was on land, and I breathed out.

What the hell was I doing here? I could have just gone back to my apartment. But I knew why, no one had done what he had to me before. My two previous boyfriends had been nice guys but just as awkward as I had been with sex. I was a little sheltered but knew enough to know that the enjoyable feeling of having sex wasn’t all there was, that women had a reaction similar to the one that men did but it was sometimes harder for them to get there. I also knew that the man didn’t have to always be on top but that was academic knowledge for me too. I didn’t feel comfortable doing it for myself as my friends talked about and really didn’t want to go into one of those shops to get the equipment for it. So sex hadn’t been a huge priority for me, especially since my last boyfriend dumped me because I worked at night and wanted to sleep for at least eight hours in the day. That had been the day after Jake had lectured me. I put those thoughts away as fast as I could and started changing on the deck, I would have to squeeze by Jake to get to the ‘head’ as he called it.

I had just wrapped a short sarong around my waist and pulled off my jean shorts beneath it to leave my underwear and was lifting my shirt over my head when I felt hot breath on my back a few inches above the sarong. My breath quickened thinking of Jake but I couldn’t help thinking at the same time that it would be really creepy if he had snuck up behind me and was on his knees behind me or something. It was Little John. I scratched his ear and he flopped over in front of me. I pulled the t-shirt the rest of the way off, I was already wearing my bikini top from my parents’ house, and knelt down to scratch him. What normal human can resist a dog tummy? And this was a huge dog tummy. My fingers disappeared in his dark black fur and he started kicking at the deck his a hind paw.

“You shouldn’t do that.”

I shot to my feet, it was Jake with a tall glass in his hand. “Why? He seems nice” I folded my arms over the bikini top feeling self-conscious.

“He’ll never leave you alone now” he handed over the drink and I saw the rim edged with something and smelled. “Margarita rocks, I made it light.”

“Thanks, I thought margaritas were blended though?”

“Uh,” he smiled “yeah unless they’re on the rocks…”

I understood as he said it but it was too late and I felt like an idiot.

“Sorry I…”

“Nothing to be sorry for, I’m the one distributing alcohol to underage people. Cold water and beer in the salon.” He pointed behind him to a little blue cooler in the room behind him. “Need anything else?”

“No I’m good thanks.”

“Oh uh,” you could see he didn’t know how to say what he wanted to. Right now I was just hoping that the ambulance wouldn’t come up, ever. “Be careful with the booze, I’m not trying to get you wasted and it can dry you out in the sun… you know that though. Uhm I’ll be down below if you need anything. Uh sorry.”

He turned and walked away and I slumped into the hammock, why did I come?

I woke up from uncomfortably graphic dreams and thought that hand licking wasn’t very sexy, but that hadn’t stopped Ellejay from trying it apparently. I retrieved my phone and saw that I had been in the hammock for almost eight hours and looked down at my skin, prepared for a glowing red. But it wasn’t and only then noticed a large square of thick canvas had been draped over the deck. I heard some clanging below and peered over the rail. I saw Jake swinging open the latches on the sea container and go inside. He had taken off his shirt and something in the back of my mind was approving vigorously. He returned soon with two bags in his hands and starting towards the stairs at the stern of the boat.

“Hey” I called out.

“Oh, hey!” he picked up his pace and headed up the stairs edging carefully around the narrow deck at the sides of the boat around the cabin. “Got dinner if you’re interested, or breakfast.”

“Does the name change what we’ll be eating?”

“I can put a fried egg on it if its breakfast.”

“Food sounds good” I laughed and walked down into the salon to keep Jake company while he heated things up. “Do you have a magic freezer that just keeps making food that you reheat?”

He looked up and grinned at me through the steam “I wish. I usually take a weekend to make enough food for the month and freeze it. Some days I add fresh things that don’t keep well or were a good deal but mostly I blow a whole weekend on it but then I’m set.”

“You do that all in here?” I looked around the tiny area skeptically.

“Ah, no. the trailer has the bigger cooking stuff, the whole thing is pretty much a kitchen. I’ll show you later if you like.”

“Great!” there was a silence that followed and it didn’t seem awkward after all the time we had spent not talking. But I finally remembered. “Hey thanks for putting up the shade, how long was I out there before that?”

“Oh, yeah. Probably only a half hour or so and I sleep out there sometimes so I already had it ready. I could tell you where taking more than a nap and after I pulled the shade up I sacked out in my bunk. I usually sleep a bit later in the day and wake up right before our shift though. You?”

“I haven’t really found what I like yet, mostly as long as I get seven or eight hours I’m ok though.”

“Learned to sleep in the day already though, that took me a while”

We lapsed into another silence but I could tell Jake was wanting to say something. I knew a lot of his silence was deciding the most efficient and straight forward way to communicate but after more than three minutes I was done waiting.

“Jake, what’s up?”

He grimaced a little at his thought process being cut short but struggled past in another few seconds.

“I just wanted to say sorry for earlier.”

My stomach dropped out then and I wanted to run away and when Jake continued my brain was lagging behind a few seconds so he was staring at me for a while after he finished.

“I didn’t mean to make you feel like a kid or something but I didn’t want you to think I was trying to loosen you up with alcohol either. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you do a tough job that not many people can do.”

“Oh… that! Oh yeah no worries, um wait, are you saying I’m good?”

“I’m not asking for a new partner”

“You know you’re an asshole right?”

“Yeah I know.” He grinned and stirred his pots and pans and when he laid the spoon and spatula back down he looked up. “What did you think I was talking about?”

Shit. Shit, shit. “Oh nothing”

“Sure” he started ladling and spooning things into dishes and bowls and laid them out on the table. I was thankful because we had practice not talking while we ate and I didn’t think we would deviate now. Jake as usual didn’t tell me exactly what I was eating, knowing that I handled the knowledge better when I was finished. It was all good as usual and I was right about the talking. What I failed in was that Jake wouldn’t let go of something if he wasn’t ready to and he always finished first. “You didn’t think I was saying sorry for what happened in the ambulance where you?”

Damn it. My face went red and I choked on a piece of vegetable. He rubbed my back that, I just remembered, had only bikini straps over it.

“Because for myself I’m not. Should I be?”

“Um I don’t know” I coughed. He maddeningly waited patiently for me to get my breathing under control, rubbing my back with his warm calloused hand the whole time. “Uhm, probably wasn’t smart to do it at work” he nodded expecting me to go on, damn him. “Uhm, I really don’t know I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“Yeah me neither actually.” He actually looked embarrassed and I was incredulous.


He grinned. “Really. Sharon was my first partner after the navy and I promise that baby isn’t mine.” He apparently thought that was pretty funny and chuckled under his breath for a while. It probably would have been funny, or at least humorous, if I hadn’t been so flustered. Jake shut up when he noticed my distress. “Did I say something?”

“No, it’s just. Shit, can we not talk about it?”

“Sure, we can talk about whatever you want. I like to know what you’re thinking though, but whatever you want to talk about.” He started clearing dishes and I was grateful. I think he knew I needed a minute and when he was done he brought two beers with him. He raised one, questioning. I took it and swallowed half very quickly. He just smiled and sipped at his.

“Ok, so don’t laugh but, I’ve never done that before” he looked blank and I took another gulp, it seemed to help. “I mean, no one has ever done, uhm, that.” I stopped not wanting to finish.

Jake still stared blankly but soon it started to sink in. his eyes bulged and he almost spit beer. He contained himself quickly and took another sip to clear his throat. It was still a bit raspy when he spoke.

“If you mean that no one has ever, uh, well hell. Eaten you out before?” he looked over.

I nodded at my lap and refused to look up to see that smirk I was starting to like but would hate if I saw directed at me now. I saw I was still just wearing my sun clothes and wanted to cover up desperately. The sun was starting to go down.

“And I’m the asshole? I mean I am but, shit who have you been dating?”

I don’t know why I laughed but I did. I still couldn’t look at him but I felt like sharing, maybe his oppressive silence was a strategy that was finally paying off. I don’t think I could have stopped myself from talking now.

“Only two guys. The first, well it was both of our firsts and didn’t last long. I don’t know the second one… I don’t know I think he was just kind of selfish. I didn’t know much better… I guess I still don’t. I mean I liked it after the first time but. Well I know that there’s more I just haven’t ever. I mean…” I finished the beer and heard Jake get up he walked past me and up on to deck and when he came back he had my jacket and draped it over my shoulders then retrieved another beer and handed it to me.

“Go easier on that one.” He sat down on the other side of the salon instead of across the table and I looked up through my eyelashes at him. “Guys are like that. Some always are but the ones who figure it out find that they get a lot more repeat business and maybe don’t even have to ask for it. I’m sorry. Really.”

I got up and went to sit next to him I hadn’t even started my second beer and I left it on the table. Jake just put an arm around me and let my tears roll silently on his shoulder. After a while when Jake probably deemed it safe he asked me what I knew about stars, I told him the truth. I knew nothing. So he gently took my hand and led me outside and sat me short ways in the hammock. He pulled back the canvas curtain to show the stars. I had seen the stars in the country before but it had been a while. He lay next to me in the hammock and I laid my head on the swallow tattoo.

I hadn’t fallen asleep again but I didn’t know when Jake had stopped talking, and don’t think I had heard a word about the stars he was pointing out. He was making gentle circles on my shoulder with the arm I was laying over and the other was reached out gently stroking the outside of my thigh, I hadn’t noticed when he had started doing that either.

“I’m sorry I don’t think I was listening”

“It’s ok, astral-navigation isn’t for everyone”

I laughed and he never stopped moving his hands, he was waiting for me. I knew that he would be ok with me not making a move and that’s what decided me.

I stood up out of the hammock and faced him like I had in the truck. I slid my panties off under my sarong and they didn’t make a noise on the deck. Jake reached up slowly and meaningfully, I could stop him at any time he was telling me. But I didn’t want him to stop not until…

He kissed me high on my stomach, beard brushing my skin, and then lifted me turning me onto the hammock where he had been, and kneeled on the deck in front of me. I positioned myself so that the edge of the hammock held the sarong across my butt and my head rested halfway off the other side. My arms spread out holding the edge of the hammock. Jake put my legs on either shoulder and started slowly kissing my thighs, just as he had done at work. This time though he didn’t suddenly rush in, in fact I didn’t notice the first two whisper light strokes across my lips. After that they the strokes grew in pressure. I still wasn’t sure of myself or what was happening but I let out a moan that left my hindbrain and bypassed the forebrain. As if it had been a que he sucked my lips into his and moved his tongue along my clitoris. My uneasiness was manifesting itself as clinical detachment, something it was familiar with around Jake at work. I tried fighting it down and was shocked out of my internal struggle when a hot and slightly rough something shot inside me. I wanted to scream but my subconscious morphed it into a slow groan that I even found sexy. ‘He has his finger inside me?’ my clinical mind said ‘he’s got his finger inside me!’ my animal brain agreed. Their tone was completely different though. His digit moved slowly in and out of my cleft and he kept bearing down on my lips with his whole mouth, sometimes licking sometimes sucking sometimes doing both at the same time, his beard tickling and softer than I would have believed. My clinical brain marveled at that, ‘how was he doing both at the same time? Does he condition his beard? I let out an enormous yell to shut that annoying part of my brain off and it made Jake pause and start pulling his head back and I let go of the hammock and pulled his head to me with both hands and the contact made my clinical brain short circuit and put the animal in the driver’s seat.

“FUCK YES!” I shouted, Jake thought it was for him and doubled his efforts, literally using two fingers now. The uncomfortable friction of his callouses started to fade and he made slurping sounds that my clinical mind would have found rude at the least and probably closer to disgusting. Right now I thought it was really hot.

“Don’t stop” I breathed between moans and he didn’t even slow. His hand had stopped moving in and out and his knuckles where resting against my entrance while his fingers mad a beckoning gesture directly across from his lashing tongue.

It all started to melt in my mind then not even my animal brain being able to bring out a distinct message, just “yes, yes, yes, oh god, yes, FUCK, YESSS!” I had screamed it and I just held on to Jakes head tighter, forcing him harder down to me. The last thing I remember clearly was Jake’s unemployed hand pressing against my stomach as if to hold me into the hammock.

The next few minutes where nothing and everything. My vision went black and then burst red and faded to stars. My whole body shook and twitched and clenched. A dazed half recognized feeling of relieving a very full bladder and the relief of it. The shocks spreading through my limbs not comfortable but not uncomfortable. I didn’t realize my eyes where open and streaming and the stars in my head had faded to the ones in the sky. My eyes weren’t just streaming, I was crying and I felt the hammock shift and a weight beside me that I rolled towards. Arms wrapped around me and I tried to stop crying but couldn’t. So I tried to control my breathing. It was difficult but I started to. I didn’t want Jake to see me crying so I curled into him as tight as I could and shook. I was so happy! But I was sad to, I didn’t know actually and my conscious brain whispered that what had just happened was too scary, too confusing, the animal basked in delicious sensory overload and couldn’t be bothered to weigh in. My head swam and my conscious brain started gaining control again.

“Can I lay down somewhere that’s not moving?” Jake didn’t say anything and just picked me up and walked with me down into the boat.

The walk was worse for my spins than the hammock had been but I knew that there would be calm at the end and held what little I had together in place. I noticed my head was still spinning but the spinning was things spiraling back into place. The darkness helped. I laid on my side curled into a ball, the shakes finally dying off. Jake was sitting at the end of the bed resting his back against the curved inner wall. Almost no light filtered through the round hole windows beside us and I felt the aches of knotted muscles all through my body, it seemed like it took bravery to stretch myself out and when I started to Jake reached out to pull my feet onto his lap and then lightly reach under my legs to massage my calves gently. After a while I heard in the darkness.

“Are you ok?” it was the same voice he used on the job to our patients and it made me smile.

“I’m.” it took me a second to realize it but my whole head came in with the same answer. “I’m really good. Really, really good. Hmmm I’m actually great.” I cooed, actually cooed. I don’t think I had ever cooed before and right then it fit me. It was as if the logic and wildness had gotten together discussed it over at length and where shocked how fully they agreed. “You’re such an asshole.”

“What?” it came out as a barking laugh and he gripped my leg tighter.

“Did you have to…? I don’t know, did you have to do that so… much?”

“What in particular?”

“Yes” I just left it at that.

“I’ll try to remember next time.”

“Asshole, what makes you think there’s going to be a next time?” I was teasing and I thought it was obvious.

“True.” He said it so seriously that I sat up and my head bumped the low ceiling over the bed.

He heard the bump and jumped up and to tap on a light at his end of the room, I guess someone really did buy those things. He saw me rubbing my head and my legs swinging over the side of the bed, displaced from his lap when he jumped up. He stood by the light looking down at me. He was taking my whole body in. I patted the mattress next to me and he hesitantly and carefully sat down. I curled in close to him and lifted a leg across his lap. The side of his neck was in front of me and I leaned in to kiss it. I whispered in his ear.

“There better be a next time.” I pulled his earlobe between my teeth and let go to say “soon.” I pulled his face to me and kissed him, I wondered vaguely why I hadn’t done so before but was soon lost in it. He held my thigh and caressed it up and down and I remembered that he had known I was a runner because I had ‘nice legs’ I melted back into his lips and he laid out beside me pulling me with him. We kissed for a long time facing each other on our sides.

I felt his arm shift under me and wrap around my shoulders, his other coming around to circle my waist and he rolled back bringing me on top of him. I continued to roll to the other side of him and before he could bring me back on top I reached down to unbutton his shorts. My hand searched along his abdomen until it found his waistline. I kept moving my hand farther and felt the hard roll pressing against the fabric. I moved back up finding his zipper and drawing it down and had to bring both of my hands down to deal with the button. I started pulling down and Jake lifted himself up so that I could manage. I was half sitting up over his chest now and scooted down to move the damn things out of the way. I couldn’t believe it when his dick jumped straight up when the shorts had gone low enough, I was a small girl and I could wrap one hand at his base and the other on top of the first fist and his head still protruded from the top. I knew because I did just that. I had to squeeze slightly to touch my first finger and thumb together. It didn’t scare me as I thought maybe it should have. It just excited me. While I was in my trance Jake shifted the shorts down off his legs and kicked them from the bed. He ran the fingers of his free hand down the curve of my neck while his pinned hand was planted solidly in my lower back. I let go of him and stretched back up his body kissing my way up his chest. He pulled me to him and closed his mouth on my neck sucking and nibbling.

“Can I be on top?” I knew that technically I could but had never done it.

Jake chuckled. “I don’t know can you?”

“I don’t know I never have.” I could feel him tense in surprise when I answered him.

He didn’t say anything just pulled me over him and reached down positioning himself at my entrance. I reached down too and felt the wetness between my legs and held his shaft as I lowered myself on him. He filled me completely and when I had to let go of him he kept filling me, stretching me around him. I panted, my hands on his tattooed chest and let his heat radiate into me. He gathered the fabric of my sarong in his fists.

‘How the hell had that stayed on’ I wondered. He pulled the fabric and brought me forward on him, I felt every inch of skin slide out of me until I felt the larger round of his head almost slip out. He stopped pulling and I sank back on to him pushing down and back to fill me again. He found where the sarong had been folded into itself and pulled it off letting it join his shorts. I moved slowly up and down sliding my body parallel with his, letting him stretch me out making room for him. He pulled the string on my bikini top and I moaned when he pulled me up his body and off of him to suckle me. He bit lightly and I started to pant but Jake was fastidious about giving equal notice to both of my breasts. He pulled me back down and I slid along his chest reaching behind me until my hand found him standing at attention. My cleft quivered and throbbed and I guided him into me again. My legs where stretched out along the top of his and my body molded to his. I took all of him into me and felt my clit rub snugly on the base of him. I moved, not letting him out of me and felt his body become slick with the sweat of our combined heat. I continued to grind my hips into him and felt the spark light in my stomach and spread though me as I moaned over my partner. I gasped and shuddered and wanted to get off of him but didn’t want him from inside of me too.  I held myself to him and felt myself gush out soaking us both. I pulled off of him and scrambled to the side lying face down on the sheets, my breath returned easier this time. It hadn’t been as strong.

I continued to cover my face in the pillow fearing I might start crying again. I didn’t. I felt a hand tracing my spine and down the back of my leg to the knee and come back up repeating once or twice. I felt the pressure of a hand on top of mine and then on the other hand and Jakes warm body skim over my back. The mattress on either side of my legs sank and I felt the sticky wetness of Jakes dick brush between my legs.

I froze I had heard about this and didn’t really think it was something sane people did and was about to tell him no when I felt the familiar pressure on my lips. Not where I was expecting it. I wasn’t able to think about being embarrassed or feel naïve because he thrust into me hard enough to force all thoughts out of my mind. He pulled out slowly, almost carefully and I breathed again. The second time I had been expecting it but my vision still turned red. He kept doing it, slowly pulling his length out and slamming hard in. when I thought I couldn’t take any more of the slow bliss-full torture or the hard, deep, shattering ecstasy he brought himself home hard once more. I waited for the slither of his enflamed cock sliding out past my clutching lips but it didn’t come. He started moving against me as I had on him his length stirring inside me. The swollen head dragging along my frazzled nerve endings. I felt his chest against my back and he wedged an arm under me, snaking under my arm on one side and pulling the opposite shoulder down to his grinding hips, his forearm pinned diagonally across my chest. I was screaming incoherently at this point, my throat starting to feel raw as where other parts and I didn’t think I could come again when it struck me like a snake. I tensed and I could feel the orgasm leave as soon as it came only to strike again. My head swam with stars and I could feel myself tighten on Jakes thick shaft. He must have felt it to because he groaned into my hair and started jerking rather than grinding. The change in motion made me come again and I felt Jake pull his cock almost out of me. As if in protest my cleft clenched in a final explosive orgasm and I felt him swell in me thrusting deep. A fountain of warmth spread into my stomach and again he pulled back and thrust filling me with his molten lust. He pulled himself back again and went too far, thrusting under my light mat and spending himself in hot wet throbs that sent warmth gushing up the outside of my stomach. He collapsed on top of me pinning me down for half a minute before moving to the side and pulling me to him. I curled myself up and clung to him communicating in silence like we had practiced for so long.

“Asshole.” I said after a long time.

“Mmhmm” he agreed.

Though this time of the day was when most couples got together to enjoy one another, maybe a bit earlier in the evening than for most, what we had just done equated to late morning sex and we were both wide awake and would be for quite a while longer. I wondered if I should go home and if I did what would I do? Maybe go to the gym? Thank god there was a 24hour place close by… what now?

“Shower?” he suggested. That sounded great, I hadn’t had one since the previous day before work and I had been sweating a lot recently I noticed, as well as having various other… things, staining my skin. Some mine some his.

“Please!” I said and got up looking into the tiny bathroom attached to what I took to be the captain’s quarters.

“Ah, you could use that one, bang up your elbows probably even as small as you are.”

I glared at him not needing to repeat my earlier comment and he got slowly to his feet. I had known he was tall and wide across the shoulders, I couldn’t really miss it but, it’s very different when someone is standing in front of you and you’re both naked. Jake was one of those people whose presence seems to expand when he loses clothes, his arms always seemed bigger when he wasn’t wearing long sleeves and his chest broader when his shirt came off. Now he was fully naked. It was distracting.

“Come on I’ll show you.” He lead me out and down the stairs off the boat I felt strangely comfortable walking around Jakes odd little compound without anything on.

“Always walk around your place naked?” I teased.

“Only with pretty women around.”

His comment had made me miss a step. I hadn’t thought of that, shit, Jake was really good looking I’m sure he had his share of women come and go. I saw flashes of his teeth in the darkness as we headed towards the sea container. He squeezed my hand. And we walked carefully in our bare feet across the compound.

“So that makes this the first time.” He said quietly when we had reached the far side of the container. Thank god it was dark. The heat in my face made it feel like I was glowing.

There was a tall wooden box standing six feet from the edge of the container. About the size of six refrigerator boxes pushed together, two deep and three long. I had thought that maybe the shower was inside the shipping container and stared at the wooden construction for a long time.

“That’s not a shower. Is it?” I was incredulous.

“Yeah, why not? A lot of really nice resorts do it this way. Down in the Caribbean some places only have outdoor showers.”

I thought he might be joking with me and laughed but he led me through the door and we were definitely in a shower, one with smooth clay tile on the walls and what felt like smooth river stones under foot. The floor was significantly higher than I had expected and Jakes head could peer out of the open ceiling. I had to stand on my toes and grasp the top of the wall to look out myself. The tiles where still a bit warm from the sun and it stopped the breeze from touching my skin but I was still cold and let go of the edge of the wall to cross my arms over my chest. Jake was swinging up long tubes with shower heads on them so that they stood over the sides of the enclosure like stadium lights pointing in. There were four that pointed in at roughly the center. Four! I had no idea why that many but it looked nice. Each head could be adjusted to point almost anywhere in the shower and I was excited to see what it would be like. Jake flipped a switch and soft little lights came on in the walls of the shower like the ones that are in swimming pools. I was starting to shiver and had a scary thought.

“You have hot water here right?” I was standing roughly in the middle of the space hugging my shoulders and Jake smirked at me. That didn’t make me feel any better.

“What do you think I am?” he asked. That made me relax a bit. “A luxury spa?” my stomach flipped over and at the word spa he had turned a knob. I heard the gurgle of water and felt the dread flash though my whole body before all four shower heads started spluttering to life. Jake crossed to me before I could run away and held me to him stopping my escape. I screamed and kicked at him and he just stood there laughing at me while I struggled in his arms.

“YOU FUCKING ASS!” I shouted in his face. He just continued laughing, falling deeper into his hilarity. He pressed me closer to him and I quieted when I noticed the water temperature rising. When it was steaming into the night and my form had become limp and content in his arms he bent his neck down to kiss me. After a while I pulled back to look up at him, I was smiling like an idiot. I didn’t care.

“Still a fucking asshole” I couldn’t keep the smile off my face while I said it. He grinned and slid his hands down to cup both cheeks and pull me tight against him.

“You know, you keep saying that and I’m going to start thinking that’s how you want it.” He spread my ass apart and gave me an evil grin. My grin evaporated and I clenched my cheeks together. He let go and they almost clapped. He turned his head into the spray and let out a full laugh and it filled me with joy and I laughed with him. He turned and retrieved soap and a green shower loofa. I took the loofa from him and raised my eyebrow.

“Guys use these?”

“Why not? And I like green.” It felt like all I could do was grin up at him like an idiot.

He took it back from me squeezing his very guy smelling soap on it and rubbing it between his hands to build a lather. I thought he would start scrubbing himself down but he turned to shut off the lights and turn the heat up. I was plunged into darkness. I could barely see his outline in the mist and steam. He stepped back to me and ran the soapy scrub across my back. The water was almost too hot now and the wet steam in the air was making it harder to breath. He pulled me to him and wrapped his arms around me scrubbing my back and down to my butt, circling and massaging with his other hand. He must have scrubbed every inch of my back three or four times before he spun me slowly around and continued in the same manor. My back formed to him and I tilted my head back to rest against his shoulder. I opened my eyes and saw the stars spread out above me. I basked in the attention to every detail of my body and he sometimes bent low to nibble an earlobe. After he had done as thorough a job as I had ever imagined on the front of my body he knelt down and scrubbed my legs to my toes and back up again, circling his attention around me. He spent a long time and I felt a little ridiculous just standing in front of him like a statue he was worshiping. I also loved every second of it.

When he had scoured me clean I took his free hand and guided him up. I took the loofa and added more soap. I circled behind him and stood cleaning his dark form in front of me and then stepped in front to clean his chest and down. I couldn’t bring myself to scrub his equipment and washed slowly around it and continued down the front of his legs getting to my knees. When I reached his toes I started back up reaching around to rub the soap up his calves and up. I sat up on my knees and kissed his navel and groped more than washed his ass. He looked down.

“You missed a spot.”

Asshole. I sat on my heels blushing and reached out to gently dab at him. Without the adrenaline of lust running through me I had to force myself not to die of mortal embarrassment.  He took the back of my hand and added pressure to my weak motions and let go when I started to move my hand more confidently. I scrubbed under him, between his parted legs and kept my other hand firmly at my side. My eyes were getting used to the darkness and I saw the shrunken form in front of me start to grow. I dropped the loofa and pulled my hand back but didn’t let it fall. My embarrassment slowly evaporated and was being replaced by lust. I reached out again and my other hand came up to mirror its counterpart. I placed my hands on either side of Jake’s waist and pulled him gently to me. His feet came to rest on either side of my closed knees and I gently kissed the tip of his growing appendage. He let out a deep breath and I took him into my mouth. I put my mouth over half of his dick and I could feel the blood rushing into it making him grow in my mouth. Running my tongue along under him I felt the head swelling at the back of my mouth. I pulled back gently running my teeth along the shaft until I was stopped by the bulge of the head. I circled my tongue all around it not knowing what I was really doing but liking the freshly clean taste of it and the flush it brought to my own parts.

Jake reached under my arms bringing himself out of my mouth with a faint popping noise that he groaned at while hoisting me up. He pulled me close and whispered in my ear.

“You can finish that later.” He waited for me to wrap my arms around his neck and bent low holding the back of my legs just above the knee. “Hold on.”

He lifted me guiding my legs around his waist and sliding his hands up to grasp my ass holding me to him. I wrapped each calf around the back of his thighs. I had no idea what was happening and I felt some shame at my lack of knowledge in this area. Jake didn’t seem to mind showing me though and I didn’t mind learning from him. He took one hand off of me and it made me hold tighter to him. He reached down and guided his now fully standing cock to my hungry lips. He had to lift me slightly to maneuver himself to the front of me and felt with his fingers for my opening. I gasped when he found it already slick and ready for more of him. He settled the tip so that my lips were the only thing holding him to my entrance. He waited and I looked into his eyes.

“Please” I moaned. He eased me down onto him. He lifted me up and down and my legs tensed around him. It felt amazing but I was scared of losing my hold on Jake. I knew he could carry me easily but I felt precarious hanging back from his neck and bouncing on his hips in the slippery deluge from the four showerheads. Jake seemed to think the same thing, or his arms where getting tired. He carried me a few steps and pressed me up against the wall. The tile was cool on my back and it startled me. One of my growing moans squeaked out and I laughed. Jake paused to smile down at me and I kissed him urging him to go on. He thrust into me and I pivoted my hips forward to take him in as far as I could. He settled his legs farther apart and moved his hands down my legs securing his hold. I was pinned to the wall by his torso and he moved rhythmically in and out and I moaned in time with it. Jake pulled back and I stared up and down him drinking it in watching his shaft disappear into me. I was raw and my nerves where already frazzled and it wasn’t long before my hands curled into claws and raked down his back as a tingling, almost stinging, sensation filled my womb. I cried out and clutched him to me shaking in his arms as my cleft seized around his hardness. He kept the rhythm and continued his pounding thrusts. My screams melted into the steam cloud around us. When I went completely limp Jake stopped and lowered me gently to the floor. I leaned against the tile wall and breathed in mist. Jake waited patiently and lifted me to my feet when I looked up at him. We cleaned ourselves off again. This time more individually and more business like though Jake took it upon himself to make sure my breasts where extra clean. Jake shut off the water and folded the shower heads down and I stood by the door starting to shiver.

“Did you bring towels?”

“Shit, just mine that was here” he opened the door and retrieved a towel from a little cupboard that was built into the wall. He passed it to me and I shook it through my jaw length hair and wrapped it around myself.

“So do you have a plan to get back to the boat without getting our feet dirty?”

He raised his eyebrows. “I usually wear sandals…”

“It’s ok, Ellejay looks big enough, and I can ride. Wouldn’t want your hard work getting me clean to be wasted”

“Ellejay isn’t exactly a model of personal hygiene and I’m a bit offended that you’re ready to ride something besides me already.”

I blushed and raised my arms like a toddler wanting to be picked up “I guess you’ll just have to do it then” he sighed and stepped down out of the shower and held his arms out. I slid into them resting my head on his shoulder.


I parked in the lot and brought my backpack full of food bars with me. I hopped up into the passenger’s side of the ambulance and Jake put it in gear and backed out.

“Hey.” I said


“Good weekend?” my tone was bored and uninterested.

“Eh, not bad, nothing special though.”

“Asshole” I was still wearing the same panties that I had worn to Jakes.

He smirked. “Hey I was thinking about something but didn’t want to be too forward.”

“Too forward? Jake we were naked together almost all weekend”


“So go ahead, what were you thinking?” I was becoming wary.

“Well, I didn’t know what you thought about this weekend…”

“Um, it was great, I had fun. Why?”

“You know uhm, what it meant.” He was almost mumbling.

My stomach turned over, I thought he was about to give me the whole run around about; keeping his options open and, nothing serious right? Or; I really like you but, or you’re young you shouldn’t be with someone like me. Truthfully I didn’t know what I thought about it. I hadn’t had time yet. When I had been silent for a long time Jake decided to continue. He glanced over to see the grave look on my face.

“We’ll it’s not really my place but uh”

“Just say it Jake, get it over with”

“Uhm, well do you have a date for your sisters’ wedding?”

My expression didn’t change and I waited a long time before speaking. “What? You think you can just invite yourself?” I saw his jaw clenching and unclenching and just kept going. “Think that the maid of honor is just going to be giving it away? Or is it pity? You think that I can’t get a date on my own? You’re such an asshole Jakobe. Just answer me one thing, ok?”

“What?” he growled through his clenched jaw.

“Do you own a suit? Or are we shopping for one this weekend?” I smiled over at him.

There was a long silence from the drivers’ seat and I worried I had gone too far.

“That was two questions.” He smirked.