Dream come true

Info honeykitten
22 Jan. '15

          I was doing it again. Staring. At her. I couldn’t help it. I tried to help it. I tried to think about something else. Someone else.

          But my thoughts always came back to her. Visions of her long, blonde curls tangled on the pillow with my red hair. With her soft, pink lips grazing against my skin.

          Ugh. See? Doing it again.

          “Hi,” she said.

          I smiled awkwardly and straightened my posture. But Amanda walked right by and hugged the girl behind me.

          I stared at them longingly, wishing I could sandwich my curves between them.

          Then it happened.

          Ericka leaned in and whispered something in Amanda’s ear.

          Almost immediately, Amanda grimaced and pushed herself away from Ericka. She stormed off, leaving Ericka standing in a complete daze. I debated whether or not I should go after her. Curiosity, burned inside my chest, to know what was said.

          Amanda and Ericka were always together. Inseparable since they started dating months ago.

          I got up and walked over to the kitchen. That was one of the best things about being the unknown girl in a crowd like this. I was almost completely invisible. No one truly knew me or cared about me. Which meant I was able to walk around freely.

          In the kitchen, everyone laughed. Separated into small groups and gossiping with each other.

          “I heard she cheated,” Rebecca told the crowd around her.

          My heart ached for her. I’ve never had a partner before, so I’ve never been in a situation where anyone could cheat on me. Especially publicly. But I still felt the knife of heartache through my chest.

          I would never cheat on Amanda.

          I decided to follow her after all. She might just laugh at me, but I wanted to let her know that not everyone she met was going to be an Ericka.

          I walked outside. Another crowd of people. Drinking. Gossiping.

          “Anyone out here see where Amanda went?”

          “I think she went upstairs,” Dominic answered.

          I nodded and slinked back inside.

          Upstairs, I found Amanda pacing in one of the bedrooms. I knocked on the door and tried to hide my nervous smile.

          “Who are you?”

          “Sorry. I’m Kim. I just wanted to see if you were okay.” And to tell you that I’m completely in love with you.

          “I’m fine. Thanks.”

          I froze. The entire speech I had practiced and prepared dried and stuck in my throat. My eyes teared up, and my hand stayed stretched out like an idiot.

          “Are you new?”


          “To Denver?”

          “Oh. Um, a little. I moved here a few months ago. But I don’t know anyone, yet. So--.”

          My words trailed off. Amanda’s eyes bore through me. Those big, green eyes. Somehow they were able to stop me from thinking. From moving.
Frozen in place by the most intense green eyes, I had ever seen.

          “Well. Then this is probably a little late. But welcome to Denver.”

          I forced a smile and glanced down at the floor. “Thanks,” I muttered.

          Her long legs peeked out of her white, flowing skirt. And those white heels carried her gracefully across the room in circles.



          “You’re staring.”

          Heat welled up in my cheeks. Embarrassment. Guilt. Shame.

          Oh God! And to be caught.

          I couldn’t think of anything to say. Just say something! I yelled at myself. Anything!

          But still my vocal chords refused to cooperate.

          Amanda smiled and sauntered closer to me.

          “I’m, um. I’m very sorry. I just don’t. I mean I can’t. I don’t know….”

          “It’s okay,” Amanda smiled and tucked a strand of my hair behind my hair.

          The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. Every nerve rippled. Amanda’s touch lit me on fire. It took every ounce of strength I had to keep from ripping Amanda’s dress off her slender body.

          “I….” Still no words.

          She leaned in closer. I held my breath. Waiting to see what would happen. What would she do?

          Her soft lips pressed against mine.

          Oh God. Heaven. She sent me to heaven.

          I cupped her head in my hands and kissed back. Moaning as my tongue slipped between her lips into her hot, moist mouth. I grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled her in for a deeper kiss. She reached around me and shut the door. I leaned back against the door, pulling her with me. My hands rubbed along the small of her back.

          She pulled away. Out of breathe. Her lip-gloss smeared and sloppy in a sheer pink circle surrounding her lips. It made her soft lips look raw, a look I didn’t even realize I liked until just then.

          Her breasts pulsed against mine as she tried to catch her breath.

          “I’m sorry,” she whispered and stepped away from me. “I shouldn’t have done that.”

          “It’s fine. You’re fine. It’s okay,” I tried to convince her. But my voice was so shaky that I wasn’t even sure I could have convinced myself.

          But it must have worked.

          Amanda reached out and grabbed my hand. She pulled me back toward her as she backed toward the bed. My body went into autopilot. Was this truly happening?

          My mind raced with the gossip overheard downstairs. Ericka had cheated. I was only up here enjoying this amazing feeling because Ericka didn’t know how good she had it. The thought sent chills up my spine.

          Amanda leaned in again. God, she smelled good. I returned her kiss with as much passion as I could muster. My fingers tangled in hers. She pulled her tongue away from mine and sucked on my neck. I groaned and threw my head back as she licked at my skin.

          She followed along the buttons of my blouse. When she couldn’t follow the blouse any further, she grabbed the blouse and ripped it open.

          Buttons clicked as they scattered around the room. I leaned back on the bed and let her ravish my body. She reached into my lace bra and grabbed my breast. I arched my back and took in a deep breath. Her moans vibrated against my skin. I reached back and unsnapped my bra. She smiled as it dropped down on her hand.

          Her mouth sealed over my nipple and sucked. Her tongue rubbed against my nipple. Drawing it further into her mouth. Pulling and pressing it up against the roof of her mouth as she sucked and squeezed.

          I glanced down at her full lips wrapped around my nipple. The lip-gloss made my skin shimmer. I grabbed her hair and pulled her closer to me. Rocking my hips in the air as she grabbed my other breast in her hand.

          Lightning shot down to my core. My juices dripped and soaked my panties.

          Amanda sat up straight and stared into my eyes. She unbuttoned her dress and slipped out. Revealing the sheerest pair of bra and panties I have ever seen. I sat up and wrapped my arms around her as I pressed my lips against her neck.

          She cupped her breasts in her hands and rubbed them. Inviting me to do the same. I unsnapped her bra and grabbed her breasts. I stared at them for a minute. Those perfect, supple breasts. Tweaking and fondling her nipples as she licked her lips and groaned. Her hips swayed above the bed. The smell of lust filled the air.

          “Oh, God,” she whispered.

          Oh yes. I thought.

          Hints of cherry and vanilla from my chap stick rubbed off and slathered over her nipples. I reveled in the feeling of her sensitive nipple growing harder in my mouth. Licking and suckling on that nipple. I squeezed and pinched her other nipple. Releasing more moans from Amanda. Every moan lets me know where to touch. How hard. How soft. Then I traded breasts, flicking my tongue over her other nipple. She ushered me back onto my back, holding the back of my neck and pressing her breasts against my tongue.

          I lifted one knee as she rocked her hips against my thigh. Her wet pussy rubbed against me. I continued to suck on her breast as my hand reached around and grabbed her ass. I pulled her closer. Rocking my leg against her core and applying the pressure. I squeezed her tight bottom and dipped my fingers past her waistband.

          She followed my lead and reached down to pull her panties off. She glided her hands up my thighs and kneeled in close. My breathing grew heavy and intense. She bit her lip and massaged my thighs. Yanking my panties off and revealing my hot, swollen core. My hips rocked beyond my control. I groaned. My body ached for more of her.

          She leaned in closer. Releasing her hot breath to graze against the folds of my pussy.

          I groaned and arched my back. She looked up into my eyes and smiled.

          Her hand tickled and teased at my opening. Smearing my wetness all around. The muscles inside flexed over and over again. Begging for more.

          Finally, she plunged her finger into my pussy. Then she drew back. She smeared my juices up around my clit. And I moaned as she pressed her finger back into me.

          My body shuddered. Trembled under her touch.

          She wrapped her lips around my throbbing clit. Pressing her finger deep into my pussy and moaning. She twisted her wrist around and wiggled her finger. Tickling my G-spot as she sucked on my clit.

          My stomach tightened. My breasts swelled. I ached everywhere. Heat built up within me as I had never felt before. I grabbed a fistful of her hair. She grabbed my waist and held me down. Pulling me closer to her.

          Her finger worked in and out of my pussy. My hips thrust against her tongue. Ground against her touch.

          My orgasm built up, ready to rip through me. The muscles in my legs flexed and tightened. My groans grew loud. Intense. Until I was almost screaming. Amanda stayed close inside me. She locked her lips against my clit and sucked harder. Her fingers rode my every thrust.

          Then the door opened. The rippling stopped short. My body still writhed, protesting the sudden abandonment. But Amanda withdrew and turned to see our visitor at the door.

          I held my breath and glared at the beauty standing there.

          “Oh my God, Mandy!” Ericka yelled.

          Amanda sat up. She wiped the corners of her mouth with her fingertips and smiled.

          Ericka slammed the door behind her. “Did you seriously just come up here and fuck her just to get even with me?”

          “Oh no,” Amanda said with a smile. “You see, I’m not cheating.” She looked back at me and bit her lip. “I’m rebounding.”

          I suddenly became very aware of my nakedness. And my scent. I edged myself up to the headboard of the bed and tried to go back to being invisible.

          “Really, Mandy. You expect me to believe that this had nothing to do with how angry you are with me?”

          Amanda stared down at the comforter of the bed. She raised her eyebrows.

          When Ericka realized she wasn’t going to get a reply, she kept going. “God, Mandy. How many times do I have to tell you? I am sorry. I am so, so sorry. I swear I never meant to--. I mean.” She took a deep breath to calm her words. “Okay. Look. Stacy got me drunk. I mean, shot after shot after shot. Then she told me that you were breaking up with me.”

          “She what?”

          Oh, man. What a bitch.

          “I swear. I know it sounds like a big, crazy lie. But I’m telling you the truth. I would never have done anything if I had known she was lying.”

          Amanda glanced up at me.

          I crossed my arms in front of my chest and shrugged my shoulders.

          “Please, Mandy. Please, you have to believe me.” Ericka sat down on the bed and brushed Amanda’s hair with her fingers. “Please.”

          Tears filled Amanda’s eyes as Ericka caressed her cheek. Ericka leaned in and kissed Amanda’s cheek. She continued patting her lips against her soft skin until her lips were pressed against Amanda’s lips.

          Oh God. They were kissing right in front of me. On the bed. While I was naked. And my juices still coated Amanda’s lips.

          But they didn’t seem to care.

          I had tried to become invisible again. And I had succeeded. I debated whether or not I should find my clothes and leave. Amanda’s moans filled the air once again as Ericka flicked and squeezed Amanda’s nipples.

          My body ached from being teased and let down. I slipped off the bed and looked around the room for my bra and panties.

          Amanda and Ericka lay back in the bed. Ericka’s head rests where mine was just a few seconds ago. Amanda licked and suckled at Ericka’s neck and chest. Ericka reached down and slipped her fingers between Amanda’s legs. Relishing in Amanda’s juicy, wet pussy. Amanda threw her head back and spread her knees to let Ericka in deeper. And Ericka obliged. Ericka leaned in closer and sealed her lips around Amanda’s nipples.

          They seemed completely oblivious to the fact that I was there. Amanda put her finger in her mouth. Her hips grind against Ericka’s fingers. She fisted Ericka’s hair in one hand, pulling her in closer around her breast.

          I glanced at Ericka. She was still lost in the rapture of Amanda’s perfect, tight body. I stepped closer to the side of the bed.

          I couldn’t take it anymore. I dipped my fingers down into my pussy. My other hand wrapped around my breast. My fingers swirled and danced around my clit. Teasing my opening. I sat back in the chair and watched Amanda and Ericka writhe. Fondling myself and imagining they had their hands on me. That I was again between them.

          Finally, my long-awaited, hard-earned orgasm took over. I plunged my fingers deep into my core. Arching my back as every muscle tightened and shivered. I clenched my eyes shut and thrust my hips more. Rocking under the waves of my own pleasure. Amanda and Ericka’s groans filled the air with mine. Heavy breathing and sensual moans harmonized.

          When I finished, I sat with my eyes closed. Relished every shiver. Every convulsion.

          I opened my eyes.

          Ericka and Amanda were both staring at me. Ericka’s fingers still working in and out of Amanda’s pussy. Their bodies still grinding against each other. But all eyes on me.

          I smiled.

          Ericka and Amanda glanced at each other, and then both looked at me and smiled back. Amanda held her hand out to me and pulled her fingers back. Motioning for me to join her.