As She Rises And Falls

As she rises and falls

On his cock and his balls

She has finally learned

What she missed.


Feels him humping his prick,

Feels him twitching his dick.

She is taking him deep

As she wished.


She had watched a long time,

Read his verse and his rhyme,

Liking all that he wrote

About lust.


Now she shudders and quakes, 

All his power she takes,

As he rams with a grunt

And a thrust.


She is crying for more,

Wants to act like a whore,

Getting screwed like a tramp,

A fuck toy.


She just wants to be used,

Have her body abused

In a way that will fill

Her with joy.


Screaming out how it feels

As she rocks on her heels

Bouncing down, deep inside

Of her slit.


She's fulfilling her dreams,

As she cries and she creams

Taking all of his rod,

Every bit.


He is twisting each breast

While she beats on his chest

Needing all of his cum,

All his spunk.


Now he groans as he bucks

And she moans as she fucks.

They are screwing so hard

She feels drunk.


All the poems he wrote

She would read, she could quote,

So she hoped that he'd fill

Every need.


Now he's shagging her ass

Which she once thought was crass

But now takes it with glee

And with greed.


He completes all her needs

Doing nasty sex deeds

That she read in his works,



He's a poet, you know,

Filled her heart with a glow,

And her pussy as well;

Now she's free.