Long Live The Queen

Originally published December 2014 as Smokey Saga #41


You’ll really like this one, I’m certain. *wink wink* This stars one of the married couples from the story “How To Wage A Wargasm”: the Phelpses, Leyna and Cyndi. Some of it may not be for everyone—i.e., non-chess folk, so I tried to break it down for Readers who don’t play. Feel free to skip the game segment if you don’t like or get chess—I’m going to boldface all the moves if you wish to take this option—though there is nice action between the combatants leading up to post-play. Also, fun fact: this is the most times I’ve used English’s least common letter, ‘q,’ in a story. (The second least common letter, ‘z,’ ruled in both “Beauty Pool Knockout”s.)


Wednesday, May 7th, 2014, 5:45 p.m.

It was a lovely late spring afternoon. The days grew longer with each circadian span up to the solstice the following month. The outdoor air caressed citizens with a loving vernal kiss of 70°F, comparable to that of comfy building interiors.

Rush-hour traffic carried day workers at its more controlled pace. Some individuals adjourned straight home for a nice, well-deserved nap. Some greeted their families and started supper, or engaged in a recreational activity. Some hopped online to resume social networking and other cyber-play. Some stopped off at the store or the bar. Some nestled into the couch with a book or the remote control.

Financial planning wizard Leyna Iona Phelps was especially eager to arrive home this day, as she was expecting a very special package. She was so excited, it was all she could do to fling her cherry red Impala alongside the curb and seize the wieldy post from the mailbox. She ran to the stoop fast as she could in low heels, and gasped in glee to see the outside door propped open, by a large box just inside.

“Yay!” So jazzed was she by the arrival of this gift from herself to herself, Leyna fumbled with her keys, and dropped them. Once inside, she bounded the stairs with the box at a rate she’d have never achieved under normal circumstances. She placed it on the dining room table, dashed to find the scissors and cut it open. It’d be another hour or two till her beloved bride Cyndi’d come home. Ample time to play with the toy on her own first.

The package had been shipped priority from China, where the product inside was manufactured. She recognized the return address on the corner, and that was definitely hers right there in the center.




Once she got it open, Leyna flipped up the flaps and fished into the sea of Styrofoam peanuts. They cascaded off as she lifted out the box within the box. The treasure was wrapped in a translucent foam sheet, but still through it, she could tell it was even more beautiful than the photo in the catalog.

It was a Renaissance glass and marble chess set. Imaginably, it cost a pretty penny, and Leyna was plenty proud of herself for getting her paws on it. It was an amazing find in collectors’ circles due to its incredible rarity; less than a dozen sets were pressed. Leyna’d loved the game of chess since five, when her Dad taught her to play. Quick study that she was, by the age of six, she was already toppling him left and right. At seven, her folks began entering her in tournaments. As she closed in on birthday eight, she dethroned the Minnesota children’s division champion to take the title herself.

Had she kept playing past nine, possibilities of a future in the game may have developed. But her interests shifted from year to year. She’d still play if her Dad or a friend fancied a match, but otherwise branched into different activities with each year. A part of her, however, had always and would always love the grand game. Her state trophy was still prominently displayed with their other valuables.

Lately she’d begun to get into it again. With the limitless venues of chessplay and other cerebral fitness available online, she’d never a shortage of worthy opponents. The game excited her, filling her to this day with the same childhood wonder she’d held—logically, as a child. Sometimes she imagined herself in medieval war, keeping watch over her double-queendom with her wife Cyndi, who’d go out and fight bravely for her honor. She didn’t relish the idea of throwing Cyndi into the middle of the battleground rather than herself, but someone had to defend the monarchy. And frankly, things stood a much better chance under Cyndi’s protection.

Cynthia Laurie Phelps—née Bieman—was a handywoman, one of the most proficient in town. She had to battle for leadership of her profession, but with Leyna’s money-savvy finesse they made a very nice living. Fortunately, Cyndi wasn’t on call past standard self-employed hours. So Leyna needn’t worry about their evening disturbed by faulty wiring, leaky plumbing, or other shoddy work. Cyndi knew the basics of chess, but wasn’t the maven her wife was. But had Cyndi also spent childhood with bishops and rooks, she would not have done so on the girls’ swim team, there fostering her Sapphic sexuality.

Cyndi worked 8:00 to 6:00 Monday through Friday and 10:00 to 5:00 on Saturday. So like innumerable others, Sunday was hers to either kick back and relax or party hearty. Leyna put in a steady 9:00 to 5:00 each weekday—lunch generously included in her pay schedule—though the nature of her work sometimes involved bringing it home to finish. But her wife didn’t mind. Leyna’s career was just as vital to her as Cyndi’s was to herself.

Both in their early 30s, Leyna and Cyndi were just barely high school sweeties, having first met just after graduation. Their folks ended up beside each other in the audience, become acquainted and been chatting in the lobby following the ceremony. When Leyna and Cyndi emerged to meet them, caps tossed, diplomas in hands, intros were made, and it was very nearly love at first sight.

Timing was fortuitous for such a fledgling romance, with the girls out of school and in constant summer contact. They threw all their interests and passions in a pot and whipped up a delectable cornucopia: Leyna’s affinity for business, numbers, money, classical music and of course the game of chess, mixed with Cyndi’s partiality to building and inventing things, gadgets, tools, technology, movies, cute girls…and hot, kinky sex.

Cyndi’d accumulated a rudimentary talent for chess, but again, held no candles to Leyna’s. It mattered not; it wasn’t as if they had their relationship on the gameplay line. They simply cherished sharing their lives. Their union was truly remarkable in that from the first they’d met and begun dating, they never looked back. They acquiesced that they were in fact soulmates, and vowed never to doubt or question it. They decided fate had chosen to bring them together, and would that it be thus, and so they bowed to its will.

Courtship was no less exciting. Their sporadicity of dates and hours together fluctuated once their 20s were underway, lives nourished by college, extracurricular activities and the ilk. A year passed, then another, another, and another still, but they refused allowing the relationship to get stale. Holding fast by the truth that they were fatemates enabled them to uphold the fresh, evergreen zeal. Going steady was such fun, virtually the whole of their 20s blew by in a whirlwind of delight. They felt as if perpetually holding hands at arms’ length and spinning one another at dizzying speed, year after euphoric year.

It was somewhere near the Christmas of their thirtieth years, when Leyna determined something of a rebirth was being signified. A new beginning. And so on New Year’s morning, she took her dear girlfriend by the hand—at the crack of dawn—and led her to the Andrewsville County Park. Where the chirping birds provided the soundtrack to their peaceful outing. And where Leyna proposed to her by the glow of the rising sun.

Cyndi had a feeling something was up when Leyna dragged her out of bed on this 38° morning, made her bundle up and stumble out to the car with her, but was too groggy to discern what. She was, however, awake enough to honor Leyna’s wishes.

Leyna held her hand with a worked-out speech, fished into her jacket pocket, and lowered to her knee, prompting Cyndi to cover her mouth with a hushed gasp.

“…All this being said…” Leyna shivered, trying to suppress her sniffles till she was done. “…Cynthia Laurie Bieman…will you make us the two happiest women on Earth…”

She was fighting a losing battle with these tears. Wrap it up already! she told herself.

“…And be my wife??” she sobbed.

Cyndi’d never been one for trite clichés. But here was a case in which she positively welcomed them. She fell on her own knees right along.

Oh, Leyna!” she cried, tears flying off her face courtesy of the New Year’s winds. “Of course I will! Yes! Yes, my sweetheart, a million billion trillion times, yes!

And one and a half years of blissful wedlock later, here they were.

If Leyna’s and Cyndi’s marriage wasn’t perfect, it was impressively stellar. And one of the reasons was that they spent a disproportionate amount of time on it. Both went into the union optimistically, managed to avoid the big mistakes, and learned from the small ones. They thought of all sorts of things that could pop up and how to handle them, and made a pact to never go to bed angry. They had the benefits of Leyna’s economic genius to help them financially, and Cyndi’s handy paws for housework. So they virtually never had troubles with money or need to call a professional. On the contrary; they were those called upon to help others out of their jams. And it felt great to be able to help.

On this particular day, Cyndi’d been especially busy. She arrived home roughly an hour after her wife did, tossing open the door with a gigantic relieved sigh.


Leyna looked up with a jolly smile, just as she did each day when her wife came home. In strode Cyndi, dirty-blonde hair pasted to her forehead, face and neck. She aired out her wood-, paint- and sweat-stained plannel shirt, and unhooked her tool belt. “…Damn.”

“Hello, beautiful!” Leyna popped up, prancing along to embrace her sweaty sweetie. “Happy to see your little wifey?”

Cyndi chuckled, lifting Leyna off the floor, making her giggle like a little girl.

“Even more than the inside of my own house!” she replied. “And my own shower.”

Ooh, that sounds good to me!” agreed Leyna. “May I please join?”

Cyndi pretended to have to think about it.

“Oh, I…think that could be arranged…”

Wonderful…” Leyna purred. “And afterwards, there’s something I’d like to show you.”

“‘Afterwards’?” questioned her wife. “You’ll need to wait until afterwards to ‘show’ me this mysterious something?”

“Well, in this case, yes. I trust you’ll approve.”


Wednesday, May 7th, 2014, 7:03 p.m.

Leyna and Cyndi Phelps were constantly in search of new and exciting ways to spice up their sex life. They knew it was one of the keys to a successful marriage. A few weeks before, they’d actually participated in a group sexhibition with another lesbian couple. It was not a foursome, but more a lovemaking competition, with a grand prize of $50,000.

The events of the evening were twofold. Their hostess, a smoking hot cougar named Sandra Burton, intro’d them to the crowd before whom they’d be “performing.” They played Strip High Card, until Leyna and one half of the other couple—whose name was Judy—were completely nude. She and Judy were subsequently blindfolded, tied together hand and foot, back to back, and teased by their vibrator-wielding wives…to see which couple could produce orgasms of greatest quantity and most intense quality.

In the end, they came out even, till Judy and Leyna were too drained to handle any more. Cyndi and Leyna decided to do the noble thing and concede the cash prize to Judy and her wife Sam. The Phelpses did not need the money as much. Judy was a birthday clown and Sam a musician, professions that didn’t quite stand toe-to-toe with a financial planner and a handywoman. Besides, the experience alone sufficed for Cyndi and Leyna. They were in it for the pure fun and adventure.

Leyna learned a few things about herself that fateful evening. She did not enjoy being the first person to shed her clothing. But when Sandra tied her and Judy up together, Leyna and Cyndi both became more than a trifle turned on. Cyndi and Sam were not allowed to touch each other’s naked wives, but the lot of them exchanged honeyed pleasantries as they adjourned outside and hugged goodbye for the night.

Neither of the Phelpses would admit readiness for an outright three( or four)some. But they agreed if one day they were, it would have to be totally consensual, between them and their third (or fourth) party. And one condition on which they stood firm was that both must be involved. Otherwise, the act was nothing more than patent infidelity.

Another thing Leyna discovered at her wife’s disposal, was that as much as it lit her on fire, she had only been on the receiving end. And found herself very much wishing to be on the other side. She could only fantasize how the scenario’d play out were it she slapping the restraints on her helpless wife’s extremities, Cyndi begging and pleading her for sweet release. The prospect fascinated her past words. While not every idea to sizzle things up was a blockbuster, Leyna was pretty certain she had a good one here.

But how to present? She wanted a method of bringing this up to Cyndi as a surprise of sorts. Not simply to come out and say, “I wanna dominate you this time, honey, and make you beg me for mercy.” After this self-realization, Leyna spent several days on an adamant, and memorable way to broach the proposition to her beautiful bride. And just a few days after May arrived…she’d found it.

But first she definitely wanted to shower with her.

Cyndi’s dirty day clothes kept company with a bath towel on the laundry room floor, while Leyna’s lined the path to the mistress bathroom. Cyndi started the shower as Leyna admired from behind.

“Mmm…y’know, there’s just something about a wildly hot sweaty lady in uniform that makes me go crazy,” Leyna teased, tickling Cyndi’s spine with a single fingertip.

Water and wife turned on, Cyndi flipped around and seized her love dove in her arms, searing her lips with a kiss.

I’ll alert the asylum,” she whispered back.

Leyna went faint in her embrace. “Be still, my swooning heart,” she cooed.

Cyndi grinned at her. “You think you’re swooning now…”

Again, she hoisted Leyna into the air and spun her 360° like a Disney princess. Leyna melted. Even as her quivering toes touched carpet again, it felt as if she were floating.

“Oh!” she exulted, face to Cyndi’s sternum. “Heaven help me, you’re magnificent!

“Why, how enchanting,” Cyndi rejoined. “Now tell me something I don’t know.”

As the spray heated and steam began to generate, Cyndi took Leyna by the hand, and all four feet ascended over the edge, crossing the invisible portal, into the Promised Sea.

“I’m gonna scrub your sweet ass till you’re raw,” Cyndi announced. “Just so you’re aware. And that, my friend, is a promise.”

Leyna grinned. “I’d have it no other way.”

They settled in, drawing the curtain behind and allowing their bodies to acclimate. They cuddled, cupping, fondling, grazing patches of soft, ripe flesh. Tender kisses ensued. Loving moans found way into the steamy atmosphere. Cyndi held her hand under the nozzle until a small pool collected in her palm, held it up and sprinkled it over Leyna’s head. Leyna collected a pawful and splashed Cyndi.

“Now, now, we shan’t have that,” Cyndi chided, the authority in her voice compromised by water in her nose and mouth. Her words came out adorably garbled. Ignoring her hollow scolding, Leyna placed both palms on her honey’s face and laid the most intently romantic kiss of the evening thus far. Cyndi proceeded accordingly, and twenty fingers roamed and roved in aimless patterns, about their assigned hot, wet, curvaceous figures.

The kiss lasted, stiffening all four nipples and warming their bodies below torso level as well. When it was over, Leyna smiled, reaching down to whap Cyndi on the ass.

“You were saying, sweetie?”

Leyna was a petite, gentle woman, tinier and smaller than her wife, and yet Cyndi could be astonishingly disarmed by her passion.

“Uh…I forget.”

“That’s what I thought. Big talk for a bare-naked venus in my shower.”

Cyndi picked up Leyna’s shampoo bottle. “Well, let’s get down to business, shall we…”

She lathered her hands and massaged through Leyna’s flaxen hair. It felt so lovely, Leyna let her eyes flutter and emit a soundless groan. When finished, Cyndi placed her under the spray, and it was Leyna’s turn to do her. Cyndi’s preferred brand was Herbal Essences, as they resulted in a series of glorious hairgasms, similar to the ad campaign.

“God, Leyna,” Cyndi gushed, trails of bubbles foaming her face. “I love you so much.”

When Leyna’s hair was rinsed out and Cyndi’s was ready, they switched places. They followed the same pattern. Soon, both were shampooed, conditioned, and ready to migrate south. Again, Cyndi performed the honors on Leyna first, squirting out some body wash and rubbing it in good and thorough.

Both were becoming very, very aroused. Cyndi lathered Leyna all over the torso and back, deliberately leaving her breasts for precious last. Solely to torment her, as she knew it drove Leyna insane. In a good way. The way she liked. Leyna tried to maneuver her body around, steering Cyndi towards her fragile boobs, wanting so badly to be touched…but Cyndi always managed to elude them, until only she was ready.

“Ohhh, you’re so mean when you do that,” Leyna would whine.

“I plead to differ,” Cyndi’d contradict with a self-satisfied smile. “This way, I know you’ll always continue wanting me.” She left out the implied “This is how I keep you in check,” which Leyna understood. Needless to say, when Cyndi finally slathered her heaving, burning tits in glistening wash, it felt as if an eternity had passed. Which was not to say it wasn’t worth it. Leyna gleefully giggled and purred. It got no better than this.

Again, Leyna held her hands at arms’ length to wash Cyndi once it was her turn. Leyna’s technique was more intimate. She stood behind Cyndi, arms around her, gliding her soapy paws from chin to belly and back up. She leaned in, dotting her shimmering skin with warm, wet kisses. Cyndi pressed her palms against the tile wall to hold steady. Leyna’s touch too made her shiver, even in the hot shower. When Cyndi about-faced, they attached lips, closed their eyes, and Leyna’s hands slipped and slid along her wife’s arching back, dripping bubbles and suds down her lovely ass.

Finally, they set about to bathing one another’s nethers. Once more, Cyndi’d do Leyna first. This was why Cyndi’d decided to install an extra strong, sturdy rack to the shower wall. It was not at all for towels, but their own balance. She deduced the faux pas most shower couples made involved a rack with insufficient support, leading to undesirable results. When she installed theirs, they covered the floor with no-slip pads, grasped the rack together and pulled as hard as they could. It held. It was more than durable enough for two women with a collective body weight of 240 pounds.

Their only task now was to make sure their hands didn’t slip from it. Leyna shook hers semi-dry, fastened her grip and lifted one dripping size eight foot from the sudsy water. She kindly requested Cyndi be gentle and careful with her feet. Cyndi’s feet were ticklish, but not quite so much as Leyna’s. And as much as Cyndi loved the sound of her bride’s bubbly laughter, they could tickle-play anytime and anywhere safer than the shower.

Cyndi gingerly soaped Leyna’s peds and ankles, moving to her smooth legs and calves. Leyna began to quiver as Cyndi worked her way up. Both hands held the rack extra tight. Once Cyndi got to her tush, Leyna groaned and slunk against the rack, now as well holding on with her lips. Her wife’s perfect, multi-skilled hands could do anything, including a bathing that was both effective and highly sensual. Leyna felt her squeeze and slap both her ass cheeks, conjuring gooseflesh on her bum. She reached between her legs to soap up her taint, and to the front, saving her pussy for last.

OHHHHHH!…” Leyna praised as Cyndi rubbed dexterous digits into her sex. A collection of happy butterflies fluttered inside her. Torrid droplets poured off her soaked body. One hand between the legs, other reaching around the side to grope her, Cyndi pressed into Leyna’s back and fixed her lips on her shoulder blade. Her digits burrowed to penetrate her waiting cunt. Leyna arched her own back and roared like a lioness.

Cyndi commenced to giving Leyna one of her unforgettable hand jobs. Leyna’s shouts intensified. She took one paw off the shower rack and dug her nails into the caulk. Cyndi was about to catapult Leyna through the stratosphere, but an orgasm standing up in a porcelain bathtub was not the hottest idea. This was the shower dilemma: Cyndi was a bit more capricious, but Leyna was consistently devastated by Cyndi’s masterful touch. Dizzied by this point into such a frenzy, she was unable to wait any longer, and would need to lie down in the tub, placing Cyndi between her legs to finish.

This dragged the shower out another ten to fifteen minutes, and was one of the reasons they only sporadically bathed together. The upside was that Leyna could cum as hard and explosively as she pleased, and cleanup was a snap. It meant Cyndi had to wait to have her feet, legs, ass and cunt washed, or do it herself. But either way, it was okay with her. Pleasuring the woman she loved more than anything in the world was worth it.

Cyndi maintained a bit more control over her libido, just enough to vacate the shower without her own orgasm. But Leyna hoped Cyndi didn’t bring herself to climax right after. Perhaps selfish of her, but should Cyndi cum before Leyna wanted her to, a wrench would be tossed into her plans.

The shower was over. They turned off the spray.


Wednesday, May 7th, 2014, 8:16 p.m.

Such amazing orgasms normally put Leyna in the mood for sleepy-time, but tonight she was too excited. They dried off in the bedroom, where Cyndi slipped a pair of jammies on. These were a Rainbow Brite top with matching p.j. pants she’d had since she was a little girl, which were showing their age. But still comfy. Leyna led her down the hall, stopping to collect and put her garments back on.

“So what’s for dinner?” asked Cyndi.

Leyna positioned herself between her wife and the dining room table.

“We’ll order out. Later. Right now we’re gonna play a game.”

“Game of what?”

Leyna smiled enthusiastically, stepping aside with a flourish for the grand display.

“OOOOOooohhhh…” Cyndi admired, approaching the board. “May I touch it?”

“Can’t play using telekinesis, my dear.”

“What a beauty!” Cyndi commented, smoothing fingertips over about half of the sixty-four squares. They bore a white marbled pattern on the black and an identical black pattern on the white. The sides consisted of pull-out compartments, lined with velvet crushed into impressions of the pieces, which was of course where they were found. “You enjoy,” said Leyna. “I’ll be right back.”

Leyna scurried to the rec room where the board games were kept and retrieved an older chess set. This she toted back to the dining room, where Cyndi pored over the rare glass and marble game. Leyna returned and placed the additional set on the table.

“What’s that for?” Cyndi wished to know. “Are we having company? Forming a club?”

“Much fun as that could be, no…” Leyna replied, removing the new set’s pieces and setting up the board.

“What we’re gonna do is alter the rules just a tiny bit, and play chess my special way.”

The chesspersons were sculpted blown glass, in translucent black and white frit. Small nuances such as crown jewels, swords, armory and shields were red on the black pieces, and blue on the white. Cyndi noticed as Leyna set the board that all the pieces were placed on their assigned squares, except for the kings, which were set aside.

“I…notice as you set the board, that all the pieces are placed on their assigned squares, except for the kings…which’re set aside.”

“Kingo,” confirmed Leyna. She continued setting the board.

Cyndi watched as activity progressed. Leyna didn’t seem too eager to explain.

“…Would we care to share why this is?”

“As we wish…” Leyna set up the thirty other pieces, and opened the box to the other set she’d brought. “As lesbian wives, our household is a husband-free zone. And so Leyna and Cyndi’s Magical Realm of Chessland will reflect that arrangement. The queens are the only ladies on this board, so we’re simply gonna alter the ruling system a bit…”

Leyna retrieved the two queens from the other set she’d produced and placed them on the new set’s board, beside its indigenous queens, where the kings would normally stand. There were now four queens on the board instead of just two.

“…To a lesbian queendom.” She punctuated with the manual gesture for, “See?”

Cyndi nodded. “So, we’re…stealing queens from a neighboring kingdom to co-rule ours.”

“That’s one way to look at it. Here’s another. For fourteen hundred years, we’ve never had a bachelor king on a chessboard. And thanks to the surgeons who perform sex changes on pawns, millions of kings have ended up being remarried. If you’re a strong enough player, your king may eventually become a bigamist. Or trigamist. Which funnily enough is just fine with everyone. Apparently, chess monarchs are orgy freaks.”

Cyndi made a face. “Whoa, this is a pretty sick game.”

Anywho, as we also know, the queen has the most power on the board ’cause around 1500 she was given the ability to do everything all the other pieces can do, except the knight. On the other hand, she’s never been indispensable; it’s always been the king you have to capture to win, who, ironically, is virtually powerless. Take his chick out of the picture, he’s in deep shiitake mushrooms. Unless, of course, one of his pawns gets to the end of the board, sees the surgeon, turns into a girl, and puts a ring on it. That is gonna change this evening.

“What we shall do is not banish them like they’re invading our tree house, or something silly like that. Tonight, Stephen and Larry’re on the sidelines, as our cheerleaders.”

Cyndi raised an eyebrow. “…Stephen and Larry?”

Leyna pointed to the kings. It took Cyndi a second, but she got it.

“Ah. Cute.”

“I thought so. So what we’re gonna do’s have one queen do what she does best, go out and fight, and the other queen’s gonna stay in the castle and give the king a night off.

Here’s the twist, though. Both our queens’ll have their full power: all directions, as many squares as you want. But! Since our additional queens’re standing in for the kings, capturing them, and only them, will be the key to winning the game.”

“I see,” Cyndi nodded. “Interesting.”

“Aside from that, we’ll hang on to all the other rules. Attack the second queen, you say ‘check.’ And she can castle with either rook—just not while in check, of course—and she can’t take any piece that’s protected by another piece. Get it?”

“Got it,” Cyndi assured her. “Prize for the winner?”

“Hmm,” said Leyna, pretending to think about it. “Well, let’s say…loser buys dinner.”

Cyndi chuckled. “Fair enough.”

Leyna beamed with secret satisfaction. The truth was, she already had something very special in mind for the outcome, but wanted, as aforementioned, to surprise Cyndi.

“Oh, yes, and here’s the clock,” said Leyna, removing the double-sided timer from the other box. “Ten minutes to disqual, no takebacks. Now here’s the other twist. Cyndi, sweetheart, d’you remember that sex show we were in at the lady, Mrs. Sandy’s house, where I had to get naked first, and she tied me to the other naked girl?”

Cyndi twitched and tingled inside as she recalled. “…Yeah?”

“Well, I’ve decided to use that as something of an inspiration for this evening as well.” Also inside the old box was a notepad and pen to record moves. Leyna took them out and began scrawling to show Cyndi what she was on about.

“If we were to assign point values to pieces, a pawn would be 1. Knights and bishops are about equal, but bishops are just a little stronger, so we’ll give knights a 2, and bishops a 3. Then we’ve got our rooks, those are a 5. And the queen’s a 9. You with me so far?”


“Awesome. Now, here’s the thing. Anytime one of us loses a piece, no matter what piece it is, we have to take off a piece of clothing.”

“Ooh, I like that!” said Cyndi. “Chess just got interesting!”

“That’s right. Any piece of clothing you want. Now, this might seem arbitrary, but remember, my rules. If we lose enough pieces to add up to ten points—which could be a queen and a pawn, could be both knights and bishops, could be both rooks, any ten points—we get completely naked, and stay that way the rest of the game.”

It was Cyndi’s turn to beam. “Nice.

“Mm-hm…and, I could tell you what happens if we lose twenty points…but I’m gonna let that be a surprise,” Leyna cooed, grinning sadistically.

Cyndi giggled. “Uh-oh.”

“And those are the rules!” Leyna concluded. “Ready to play?”

“Sure. So who goes first?” was Cyndi’s next question.

“Well, white always makes the opening move. And whoever goes first’d be the player who lost the last game. But we don’t have a last game to go on, so we’ll flip a coin.”

Leyna fetched her purse and located a nickel. “Here we go. Call it, sweetheart.”

Cyndi called heads. Heads it was.

“A’right, babe, you’re up!” announced Leyna, perching in front of the black pieces. She smacked the button on her side of the clock so that Cyndi’s began ticking.

“Okey-dokey…” Cyndi chose what on a normal board would be her queen’s knight, to her left—Leyna’s right—rode him out in front of her pawns, and hit her side of the clock.

1. Nc3

“Classic,” Leyna remarked. “Y’know, Cyndi, I’m pretty excited about this. You and I never really played chess, and I always kinda wished we did. ’S a real mind-sharpener.”

Leyna answered with her home queen’s pawn, two squares out, so that Cyndi’s knight could now make the first capture on this pawn, if she so desired.

1. . . d5

The game was underway. Leyna really was excited. To this day she got a small rush from a rousing match. She imagined herself at the fore, looking out from the castle over her queendom and battlefield, sending her defenders out into war. It was the battle for honor that really lit her up inside. It was a powerful fantasy she’d had since childhood. Part of her’d never stopped living in this magical, mystical fairy-tale land she’d created in her mind. It was full of kings and queens, princes and princesses, real and mythical forest creatures, brave knights riding valiantly over rolling meadows, fairies, waterfalls and so forth. It was hither she went whenever she needed a break from the real world. It was her favorite place in the world. Oh, if only it were real.

Leyna’d placed out this intrepid pawn to tempt her wife a bit, to see if she’d take the bait. The pawn was protected by one of Leyna’s queens, so if Cyndi captured it with her knight, Leyna’d capture the knight with her queen. But Cyndi saw this little trap and avoided it. She instead brought out her other knight.

2. Nf3

“Aha,” Leyna said in a flirty tone. “Very clever. Y’know, you can tell a lot about a person by her gameplay. Take me for example. I see something I want, I go after it till I get it.”

To prove her point, Leyna smiled sneakily and snuck the same pawn up another square.

2. . . d4

The “it” Leyna was referring to were Cyndi’s knights. Her move was offensive as well as defensive. By moving her pawn one space further, she attacked the first knight Cyndi’d moved (as pawns moved forward but captured diagonally). With the knight’s ‘L’-shaped gait, Leyna’s adventurous pawn could now be captured by Cyndi’s other knight—the one she’d brought out on her second move. But as before, it was still protected by Leyna’s queen. And so capturing it remained a bad move. Cyndi’s first knight was now threatened by said pawn, so the prudent course of action was to remove it from danger. She mirrored Leyna’s technique, mixing offense and defense together.

3. Nb5

“Impressive,” said Leyna. “Why, Cyndi, how clever of you,” she cooed seductively.

Cyndi’d placed the knight to her left in a new position, where it was no longer in peril. It now attacked this pawn—double-teaming it, in fact, threatening with both knights. The pawn was now in jeopardy. Should Leyna allow Cyndi to capture without reinforcement, whichever knight Cyndi used would be protected by the other knight. And even should Leyna take back with her queen, Cyndi could capture her queen with her remaining knight. And any chess player worth her proverbial salt knew how disastrous that was.

“…Unfortunately, honey,” continued Leyna, smiling at her, “You missed something.”

Cyndi’s face turned uncertain. Leyna answered her next unspoken question with the following move.

3. . . (K)Qxb5

She captured Cyndi’s knight with one of her queens—the “king-queen,” which would normally be the sluggish king.

“What??” exclaimed Cyndi. “But…”

Leyna smirked at her, somewhat wickedly.

“Ah ah ah. I told you, honey. That’d normally be a king, and so yes, your knight would normally be outta reach. But to remind you, according to my rules, it’s another queen.”

“Oh-ho-ho-ho!” Cyndi laughed wryly. “That sucks!”

“Sorry, babe,” Leyna purred with a smug smile. “Rules’re rules. Take something off!”

“All right, fine,” Cyndi shot back. She slipped off her p.j. bottoms, letting them drop to the floor. “That’s the way you wanna play?”

4. e3+


Cyndi had moved what would have been her king’s pawn, out a single square, attacking Leyna’s king-queen, by discovery, with her bishop.

“Aha, nice!” complimented Leyna. “Indeed, that puts my king-queen in danger, and I’m forced to do something about it. Now, I could move my pawn down another space to block it. But that wouldn’t be very smart, ’cause you’ve got that space controlled by your bishop and a pawn. So I’m just gonna put her back at home.”

4. . . (K)Qe8

Cyndi took advantage of this backwards step Leyna made, and captured the rogue pawn with her leftover knight.

5. Nxd4

“There ya go, hon!” said Leyna, removing her bracelet. “Look at that, you won a pawn!”

“You’re condescending me,” Cyndi scolded in a flirtatious tone.

“Be that as it may…”

5. . . e5

Leyna attacked Cyndi’s remaining knight with another pawn.

“Wow, you really hate those knights, don’t you?” asked Cyndi.

“I do. Ever since my tournament days, I’ve suffered from hippophobia,” Leyna admitted.

Cyndi chortled. “Hippo-phobia? What the heck is that?”

“Very simple: fear of your opponent’s knights on the board. Most knights look like horse pieces, and in a few languages the word for ‘hippo’ literally comes out as ‘river-horse.’”

“Whoa, cool. A’right, well, I guess I could move my knight, but I could also do this,” Cyndi declared, bringing out her bishop.

6. Bb5+

“Check!” she repeated.

“Aha, good, good,” agreed Leyna. “And it’s protected by your knight, so I can’t take it with my king-queen. I can, however, show you what’s up this way.”

6. . . c6

Cyndi hadn’t seen that coming.


“Uh-huh,” Leyna grinned, enjoying sticking it to her beloved wife. “Get outta that.”

With two pawns, Leyna was now attacking two pieces at once: Cyndi’s bishop and knight. Cyndi wasn’t sure what to do. It seemed she was losing a piece either way. She needed to think about this. Yet the clock was still ticking.

“Crap!” Cyndi eventually assessed. Oh, Leyna was enjoying this, she could tell.

“Did you forget with whom you’re dealing, honey doll?” asked Leyna, propping her elbow on the table, chin on fist. Her voice dripped with syrupy relish.

Cyndi flashed a half-smile/half-scowl, aggressively making her next move.

7. Bxc6+

“All right, fine, wise-girl; check again!”

Leyna nodded, kicking off one of her shoes.

“Good move, good move. You knew you were gonna lose something, so you might as well get something of mine, and hold on to your knight, which you now know I hate. ’Course, you also know that just means I’m gonna keep going after him.”

Cyndi leaned around the table and stared skeptically down at Leyna’s kicked-over shoe and single bare foot. Her five naked toes innocently drummed the carpet.

“You put your shoes back on on purpose, didn’t you?”

Leyna shrugged.

“What can I say, babe? My rules; I made ’em up.”

“You rat.”

7. . . xc6

Careful, sweetie,” Leyna warned as Cyndi pulled her Rainbow Brite shirt over her head. “That’s five points. You only have five more to go till you’re all nakies.”

“Yeah, well, I also only have two clothes left on my body,” Cyndi retorted a bit sourly.

“Also true,” conceded Leyna. “All right, your move.”

Her leftover knight was still in danger. Cyndi considered advancing him, but noticed Leyna’d be able to take him with her bishop, so she put him back where he was.

8. Nf3

8. . . e4

Cyndi scoffed, shaking her head. “Geez, you really want that thing off the board, huh?”

“Told you; I hate those things.”

9. Nd4

9. . . c5

10. Nb3

10. . . c4

Cyndi stared at her.

“I’m beginning to not like you.”

“Your frustrations only mask your undeniable love and worship for me.”

11. Nd4

11. . . Bc5

12. Ne2

12. . . Ba6

Cyndi could see what was coming. If she didn’t move her knight on this next move, Leyna’d scoot her pawn on c4 down one more, attacking the knight with her bishop. Cyndi decided to just put the knight back at home base.

13. Ng1

Leyna nodded. “Fine, fine; have it your way.” She sent out one of her own knights.

13. . . Nf6

Cyndi decided to see how Leyna’d like being on the receiving end of such threats. She moved up one of her pawns to attack Leyna’s bishop.

14. d4

14. . . x e.p.

Cyndi’s eyes popped open as Leyna tried to keep from giggling.

“Wh—…what the hell was that?!

“That’s an en passent capture, silly,” Leyna explained, doing her best to maintain a straight face. “See, when you move your pawn two squares up, right next to one of mine like that, I can pass it diagonally like I just did, and capture it.”

Cyndi looked at her incredulously.

“…That’s legal?? That’s allowed??”

“It is a completely legit move, sweetie. I’ll go get the laptop and show you if you want.”

Cyndi sighed. “FINE…

She reached back, unhooked her bra, yanked it off and threw it across the table into Leyna’s face. Leyna laughed.

“Whoo-hoo!” she celebrated, whipping the bra in a circle. “Take it off! Take it all off!”

Cyndi took the black pawn in front of her with her own, and off came Leyna’s other shoe.

15. xd3

15. . . xd3

Another caustic scoff escaped Cyndi’s mouth.

Well, so much for waiting till ten for me to get naked!” she complained, shimmying off her panties and flinging them too her wife’s way. Leyna caught them, taking a moment to give them a whiff, then placing them on the table with the bra. Just as a reminder to Cyndi how truly naked and helpless she was.

16. Qf3

16. . . Ne4

Uh-oh, thought Cyndi. Thinking she was seeing what Leyna was up to, she played—

17. Bd2

17. . . Bb4

Hmmm. “Okay, so…I can castle right now, right?”

“That’s correct. You haven’t moved those pieces yet, and you’re not in check.”

18. 0-0-0 (castle queen-side)

“That was a much better play than you might’ve thought it was, too, honey. Otherwise, I’d have had you in just a few more moves.”

18. . . Bxd2

“’Course, you still lost your bishop.”

Cyndi could now capture Leyna’s bishop with her rook, but didn’t want to lose the rook. So she retreated to safety.

19. (K)Qb1

19. . . Bb4

Cyndi studied the situation. My god. She was starting to notice just how vicious her wife could be on the board. She wasn’t sure of her best move right now. She tried to weigh the options. Then, she thought she saw something very sneaky and crafty.

20. Ne2

Leyna raised her eyebrows. “Very interesting…” she mused.

20. . . Nd2+



Cyndi’d not seen that coming. Leyna’d fork-checked both of her queens, with her knight.

What now? Cyndi could move to a1 or c1 to flee the check…but then Leyna got her queen! Oh, that was bad. She could take Leyna’s knight with her rook, but then Leyna got her rook. Well, losing a rook was better than a queen, and at least she got something back this way. She had little choice. She took her knight, and Leyna pulled her dress off.

21. Rxd2

21. . . Nc6

To Cyndi’s amazement, Leyna did not capture her rook. Instead, she placed her knight a few steps out. Cyndi had no idea what was going on, until she took another look.

Oh my gosh, I didn’t even see that! she thought. Now that Leyna’s other knight was out of the way, Cyndi saw that her queen would’ve had a straight shot at Leyna’s rook on a8. But not anymore, now that she’d blocked with her knight. And Leyna was still attacking two of her pieces at once. Well, if she could only save one, it would have to be the rook.

22. Rd1

Again, Leyna surprised Cyndi. She left her knight alone, moving her pawn instead.

22. . . d2

Whoa. She wasn’t sure what was up with this move, till she recalled the sneaky, crafty play she’d made before. Oh, that’s right! Her rook was still in position. If Leyna’d captured her knight with the pawn, Cyndi could have had her queen. Wow, she’d certainly underestimated her wife, that was for sure. Well, if she now had the opportunity to save her knight, she’d better take advantage of it.

23. Ng3

23. . . Ne5

Oh, dear. Leyna was now threatening Cyndi’s queen with her knight. She could capture Leyna’s rook with her queen if she desired, but she’d then be sacrificing her queen to Leyna’s own. Bad, bad idea. Go somewhere else, Cyn. Somewhere else, somew—…aha!

24. Qe4

She pinned Leyna’s knight with her queen, attacking her bishop at the same time. Cyndi thought this was a really good move. That was…until Leyna countered.

24. . . Bd3+

Leyna grinned maliciously at her, provocatively flipping her evil eyebrows.


Cyndi’s eyes widened as she noticed the sudden peril she was in. Leyna had forked both of her queens, again.

And this time, her rook couldn’t penetrate the pawn in its way to get at the bishop. She looked back up. Leyna was leering, ear to ear. Her wicked glee made Cyndi’s cunt tingle.


She was in the same position as before. If she was losing her expendable queen, she might as well take something of Leyna’s in return. Even if the trade wasn’t at all fair.

25. Qxd3

25. . . Qxd3+

“Oh my god, you’re kicking my ass!” Cyndi whined. She had only one move to escape.

26. (K)Qa1

26. . . Ng4

Oh, crap. Cyndi saw the new trap Leyna’d set for her. She was now going after her rooks. She would try to fork them with her knight on the next move. Unless Cyndi somehow averted this plan. There was just one way she could see to do so.

Careful, Cyndi,” her wife repetitively cautioned. “I’ve got nineteen of your points. One more…and there will be consequences.”

27. Rf1

Cyndi moved her rook to protect the pawn Leyna had her eye on. This put the rook in the path of Leyna’s queen, but that was okay; both rooks protected one another.


27. . . Nxh2

Leyna took her knight and captured one of Cyndi’s pawns anyway, the one on the very end that was now rendered vulnerable.

“Oh-ho-ho, dammit!” Cyndi lamented. Leyna nodded.

“That’s twenty, my dear.”

The tone of her voice was so ominous it sent a chill up Cyndi’s spine.

“Wh—…uh…so what happens now?”

“Well, you just sit tight, and I’ll show you.” Leyna stood, pausing the clock.

She sauntered down the hall in her underwear and vanished from Cyndi’s sight line. Cyndi heard a few sounds she didn’t recognize at first, before Leyna reappeared, holding something behind her back. Her wife wasn’t sure if she should be frightened or not.

“Um…what’s…going on?”

“Cyndi, do you remember the sex show, again, when I got naked first, and we kept losing the high card game, so after I was already naked, Mrs. Sandy started tying me up?”

Cyndi took a moment, and nodded discreetly. “…Yeah…”

Leyna’s smile once more broadened, and darkened, as she produced two sets of handcuffs, dangling from either index finger.

“Oh, good god,” Cyndi sardonically chuckle-scoffed.

“Mm-hmmmmm…’kay, hon, gimme your feet.”

Leyna reached under Cyndi’s chair and shackled her ankles, around the bar connecting its back legs. And so now, with their mobilization taken away, Leyna tickled the bottoms of her feet. They were so damn cute cuffed together like that, they were just asking for it.

Cyndi giggled out loud, kicking the little bit she was allowed. “HE-ey! HON-ey!”

“Sorry,” came the flirty voice from behind. “Couldn’t resist.”

The next thing Cyndi felt was Leyna pulling her arms behind her back.

“Wh—…what the…my hands too??”

“But of course, silly!” The other pair of cuffs restrained Cyndi’s wrists to the back of her seat. She darted her eyes back and forth.

“Well…this may be a silly question, but…how’m I supposed to play without hands? I mean, the game’s not over yet, right?”

“Oh, you’ll figure it out.” Leyna resumed her seat, continued the clock, and grinned.

“It’s your move, Cyndi.”

Cyndi sighed and looked at the board. She scooted closer to reach the pieces. She leaned just far enough, and managed to push her rook back into its home space with her nose.

28. Rh1

Leaning over next, maneuvering to avoid bopping the chesspersons over with her boobs, she clicked her clock button using her chin.

28. . . Qc2

This move intimidated Cyndi. Leyna’d placed her queen the length of just two spaces from Cyndi’s king-queen, and left her knight open to be captured. The trick was, though, if Cyndi took Leyna’s knight with her rook, this would leave her other rook unprotected for Leyna’s queen to close in, and seal her wife’s doom: not only nabbing her rook, but also ending the game. Again, Cyndi wasn’t sure what to do. But she thought if she moved her left-most pawn, she could attack Leyna’s bishop, and also provide her king-queen a little room to get out. She bent down and nipped the pawn with her lips, scooting it up.

29. a3

29. . . Bd6

Leyna’s bishop had retreated. Okay, so what to do now…what to do now, what to d—…

Cyndi’s train of thought was derailed by a peculiar sensation she felt beneath the table…

…Softly…suddenly…and in a very particular region.

“What th—OHHHhhhhh…” Cyndi abruptly moaned involuntarily. Leyna’d stretched out her right leg under the table between them…and begun fondling her wife’s naked pussy with her toes. Suddenly, Cyndi Phelps’ hormones started going crazy on her.

Now she understood why Leyna had hand- and footcuffed her up. She’d been forced to surrender her clothing and her ability to move, heightening her vulnerability even more. And now, her evil wife was screwing with Cyndi by forcing a teasingly cruel foot job on her. Soft, fresh, pure skin on skin. It felt devastatingly good. Her cunt instantly secreted at the touch of her bride’s petite bare foot. Unbidden pleasure shot through and made her tingle to the bone. Leyna watched with an inflated, satisfied ego as her wife’s nipples visibly stiffened. Cyndi’d begun breathing much more heavily. In fact, had she been a bit more well-endowed, her heaving breasts would’ve knocked over the remaining pieces.

“Um…Leyna…” Cyndi strained.

“That’s the name, don’t wear ’er out.”

“Leyna, th—…” She tried to take a breath. Her wife wasn’t being very sportswomanlike.

“…This…this isn’t really fair…”

“Nobody ever said that life was fair, Cynthia.”

Cyndi tried to blink her eyes open. Through her blurry vision she saw Leyna again leering at her with those sadistic eyes.

“The clock…is ticking, Cyndi,” Leyna taunted through grinning teeth, pouring it on nice and thick. She pressed the ball of her foot tight and snug into Cyndi’s cunt, thrusting yet more overwhelming passion. Cyndi moaned louder, head lolling backwards in hot vertigo. She was gradually, forcedly relinquishing all faculties.

And Leyna was loving it.

“What’s the matter, Cyndi?…” she heard the voice torment her frazzled brain.

“…Having a bit of trouble concentrating?… ’S pretty intense, isn’t it?…”

For her part, Leyna could not believe what a time she was having. She’d never felt so victorious, or mercilessly callous. She didn’t know she would love it this much. She had already literally beaten the pants off her wife, and was now taking advantage of her. It was sublime to be the domme and make her poor unsuspecting wifey the sub! Leyna was smaller, shorter, not nearly as physically strong…and had yet reduced Cyndi to a randy stoat of a wife-slave, wrapped around her dainty little finger.

She owned her.

“Better hurry, Cyndi…you’re not gonna make it, baby doll…”

Leyna scrunched her toes, trying to inch them up into Cyndi’s now soaking wet pussy. Cyndi had less than one minute left on her chess clock until she’d be disqualified. And frankly, she couldn’t care less about the game anymore either.

Tick… Tick… TICK… TICK… TICK…

At last, Cyndi’s ten minutes were up. Leyna stopped the clock.

“Aw, why, isn’t that too bad…” she cooed. “Your time is up, Mrs. Phelps.

“And you know what that means…”

Cyndi hung her sweating face over the table as if it were a hot stove. Her eyes rolled back, delirious with torrid zeal, wife’s foot lodged in her drenched, helpless coochie.

“I win…

“…And you lose.”

OHHHHMYYYYYGGG—…” Cyndi groaned.

“Y’know, Cyn, I could do this all day, but I think I’ve got something else in mind instead…something even better.”

Leyna plucked her sopping wet foot out of Cyndi’s pussy, prompting a deprived whine.

“Don’t fret, dear,” said Leyna, rising from her chair. She undid Cyndi’s cuffs just enough to release her, then refastened them. She next pulled Cyndi to her feet.

“All righty, up we go. C’mon, then…that’s a good girl.”

Leyna led Cyndi to the adjacent living room, and their seven-foot designer sofa. Leyna sat in the middle and patted her thigh.

“A’righty, wifey-poo. Over my lap, on your belly. And do make it snappy.”

Cyndi smiled, getting very turned on once again. Careful to keep balance, she lowered, leaned downwards across her beloved’s lap, and rotated onto her tummy, rump up. Leyna placed a pillow flat on the cushion Cyndi now faced and sternly pointed.

“Head in the pillow, and keep it there.” Cyndi did as ordered.

“Wufs goih awf?” Cyndi wanted to know, face full of pillow. “Arn fwee orburih diffuhf?”

“Oh, I’m dreadfully sorry, my sweet,” Leyna explicated. “You were under the impression that consequences for losing the game were restricted to paying for dinner. I failed to inform you of the supplementary circumstances.”


“Why, but yes. As you’ve lost, you now must pay the price. This is your punishment.”

Before Cyndi could say or inquire anything more, Leyna proceeded to deliver one initial ass spank. Cyndi exclaimed, but more in alarm than physical pain. Holding her down with one arm, Leyna dealt more disciplinary blows to Cyndi’s tender, goosebumpy tush.

Smack!Hapless girl!” Smack! “Your queen is very disappointed in you!” Smack! “Let your kingdom down, will you?!” Smack!

Cyndi squealed at each spank, which gradually grew in force. Leyna’s handprints began to crop in welts on Cyndi’s reddened cheeks.

“Bury your head in that pillow in shame, young lady, and cry. And don’t you look up until I say so! Long live the queen!”

Cyndi kept doing as she was told, trying not to let it show that she was highly enjoying this. The spanking was a trifle painful, but the feelings of burning rampant desire it injected overrode the agony. It wasn’t a chastisement; it was a thrill ride. And both wives knew it. Leyna knew she wasn’t really punishing her. They were engaging in one of the hottest romps in the recorded history of marriage. Cyndi’s inability to move her paws only enhanced the experience. She was having the time of her life. It must’ve been reminiscent, she thought, of how Leyna felt at Mrs. Sandra’s house, tied up in her basement, while Cyndi dominated her: vibing, dirty-talking, sucking her tits, forcing her through two mindsplitting orgasms…

Smack! “Now say it. LONG LIVE the QUEEN!” shouted Leyna.

Cyndi was still reeling from the intensifying whacks on her rear end to pay full attention.

Smack!SAY it!

Cyndi squealed again.

“Loff liff fuhf fweeh.”

Smack! “LOUDER!”

“Loff liff fuhf fweeh!”

Smack!LOUDER, slave!


Smack! “And call me Your Highness! Show some respect, slave!”


The spanks ceased. Things seemed to abruptly settle down.

“…That’s better,” Leyna purred, in a deep, dark, unsettling voice.

NOW then, slave…”

Cyndi felt her bride lean down behind her, and pet her hair.

“…Have you ever been raped…by a captress queen?…

“…Has she ever raped, and brutally tortured you, as done in medieval times?”

Cyndi’s entire body sizzled. It was all she could do not to spray cum all over Leyna’s thighs on the spot. She forced herself to hold it back, and shook her head.

“Nohf, Orf Fighfif.”

Leyna emanated a malevolent laugh, which sprinkled and crackled over Cyndi like electrified sexual power.

“Well, then, I suggest you get ready, slave…”

Again, Leyna leaned down over her head, lowering her voice to a husky murmur.

…’Cause I’m about to rock your ever-loving world.

Foreplay basically taken care of, Leyna proceeded to invade her wife’s yearning pussy with her right hand, putting her left to use fondling, tweaking, groping, grabbing, prodding, grazing, squeezing…

Cyndi flew into a frenzy. She trembled, laughing, crying, screaming wildly in the pillow. The sensations were overwhelming, multifarious, and monstrous. It pinched, it tingled, it ached, it tickled, it was heaven, it was hell. Cyndi no longer knew how to feel as her senses were drawn every which way. It was hard to process that no more than ten digits were wreaking havoc on her. The way her mind was playing tricks on her, it felt like ten entire hands having their ways with her preyfallen body. She clenched fists, turning her knuckles white. She did the same with her toes, bunching them over the balls of her peds, whapping the tops of her feet on the cushion to Leyna’s right.

On top, Leyna chuckled triumphantly over her. “So precious…” she gushed. “Such a sweet, powerless little girl-toy. Tell me something, my dear…

“…Would you like to cum?

Cyndi nodded vehemently into her pillow.

“Yeff! YEFF!” she insisted.

“Then beg. BEG your queen-mistress for permission to cum!”

“Ohf pfweehf, fweeh-flifwihf, PFWEEHF maehf Ihf CUHF??

“Beg me more, slave! Make me believe how much you’re dying to cum!!”



“YOU REALLY WANT IT THAT BAD, SLAVE?!” Leyna hollered down at her, practically screaming her lungs out. “YOU REALLY WANNA CUM SO BAD FOR YOUR QUEEN-MISTRESS?! DO YOU??!




Leyna’s voice lowered.

Now cum…like you’ve never, cum, before.

Leyna penetrated inside her wife’s throbbing cunt so hard, so mercilessly, so violently, Cyndi was stripped of will to hold it back another second. She didn’t care if she broke Leyna’s rule about her face in the pillow; she was left with no choice. Her head shot up.

OOOOOHHHHHHHHH!! OHHHHGOD!! OHHHHGOD!!” Cyndi exploded, helplessly and uncontrollably, over and over, again and again. Her eruption burst like molten magma from a volcano. All she saw were fireworks and moondust. Her inner dam gave way, eroding everything in its path. Leyna broke out in maniacally cruel laughter. Her fingers became lasers, relentlessly firing off surges of madness that rocked Cyndi to the core. She saw flashes of celestial light. She collided with falling stars. She blew through infinite subspace, leaving her mind and body behind. Rhyme and reason were abandoned in her home dimension. She was gone.

The exponential ecstasy surprised even Leyna, who’d failed to realize her full potential. She’d compelled Cyndi through the ultimate climax, the orgasm to rival all orgasms. The magical, sorceress-like powers of a queen-mistress were not to be underestimated. Those who did so were sentenced to a severe display of the error of their ways.

The dust would settle and clear, but things would never be quite the same for Cyndi and Leyna Phelps again. It was a new turning point in their marriage. The sex life Leyna and Cyndi lived together had been kicked up a milestone. The inception of a new chapter.

The chess game sat unfinished on the dining room table, as Leyna grinned down at her now sleeping beauty, off the cuff of possibly the most eruptive orgasm she’d ever have.

Enjoy your slumber, my pretty,” she mouthed as Cyndi dizzily drifted to Dreamland.

For soon, the evil queen of your soul…shall be back…to capture you, once again.