The Exhibitionist Neighbor - Part 1

Info Raphael
16 Feb. '16

Andrea was new to the neighborhood. Just out of college, she landed a great job at a museum, restoring and protecting various pieces of art. Along with it came a sizeable raise from her previous job working at Walmart. It afforded her the luxuries of a new car, and most importantly, a new house. It was small, definitely a starter home nestled in a decent neighborhood of starter homes, but she was single and it worked well for what she needed.

Most of her neighbors were younger to middle aged couples, starting their lives together, people she didn’t really connect with on any real levels. Her next door neighbor was the worst of all, a grumpy old man who never had a kind word to say. It was made worse by the fact that the houses on the block were built simultaneously in a quick land development deal, in a mirrored fashion. This meant that Andrea’s driveway was closest to the driveway of her neighbor on that side. It also meant that the master bedroom and main bathroom was on the side closest to the old man’s house, and his master bedroom and bathroom. It was a… quirk, that Andrea hadn’t been a fan of from the start, especially since there were windows from both her bedroom and bathroom that looked right outside to the house next door. Andrea had learned quickly that with the houses no less than 20 feet apart, she had to keep the shades closed 99 percent of the time.

A few weeks passed. Much to Andrea’s relief, the old man moved away; she enjoyed the thought of the empty house next door. But the house only remained vacant for a few weeks before a young woman named Melissa moved in. She was a year older than Andrea, an insurance sales rep who was also just starting out on her own. A few days after Melissa moved in, Andrea was coming home from work just as Melissa was settling in on the front lawn, getting one of the first tans of spring. Andrea couldn’t help steal small glances out of the corner of her eye as she walked back down the driveway to get her mail; stretched out on a beach chair, wearing a white bikini, it was hard not to check the attractive woman over a few times. Andrea thumbed through her mail as she approached her garage, but Melissa’s voice cut across the small yards, catching her attention.

“Hey Andrea!” Melissa called, lifting an elegant arm above her head. Andrea waved, thinking that was it, but Melissa called again saying, “Put your suit on and join me! I’ve got drinks already made!” Her smile was inviting and put Andrea at ease as she called back.

“Sure, a drink sounds nice.” Andrea entered the house, dropping the mail on the counter nearby. She stripped off her blouse as she walked through the house, tossing it into the hamper in her bedroom as she entered. She did the same with her black pants, standing in front of her dresser in just a white bra and grey panties. Fixing her hair, she looked around the room, noticing the slats of the blinds were open just a tiny amount. She stepped quietly to the window, separating the blinds a bit more with two fingers. Melissa was stretched out, one knee up, bronzing in the sun. She sure is attractive, Andrea thought, letting her hand fall as she turned around. Andrea removed her bra and panties, tossing them aside before looking for her favorite bikini, a black one that showed off her D cup breasts perfectly. Her body was curvy, though she tried to stay healthy, despite her love for ice cream and fast foot. She slipped the silky material over her breasts, pulled on the bottoms, covered herself in a beach skirt for a bit of modesty, and soon left the house.

Andrea walked across the damp ground in bare feet, greeting Melissa as she arrived. Up close, Melissa was even more alluring than before, with a toned stomach, perky breasts, legs that went to the end of the block, and an ass that was the result of thousands of squats. Melissa had brought out a second chair and offered Andrea a fruity drink, which she gladly took after a stressful week. They made small talk, waving to judgmental neighbors who drove or walked past. They got along well, and opened up easily, their conversation turning from work, to family, to boyfriends and sex. Melissa did have a boyfriend, though she did admit that he was more of a fuck buddy than anything else. Andrea had to admit that she hadn’t been with anyone since college, having taken more time to focus on moving and getting a job, but she certainly wasn’t against the idea. The girls laughed together, enjoying each other’s company as the sun set and a cool breeze forced a chill to pass through Andrea and prompt her to say good night and head home.

She went about her night, showering the day away, eating dinner, watched some TV and around 11 o’clock, returned to her room to get ready for bed. With a gently bedside light turned on, Andrea changed removed her bra and changed into an oversized tshirt, leaving her sweat pants on the floor to sleep in just that and her underwear. She was feeling a bit turned on, having watched an especially racy episode of her favorite TV show, and didn’t think she would be needing pants for much longer anyhow. Andrea brushed her teeth, zoning out as she did, her thoughts passing back to the episode, the last guy she had been with, her neighbor laying out in the sun… the last one surprised her, bringing out a small laugh. She had never been too interested in girls and could never really see herself in a real relationship with one, but seeing her neighbor in her bikini for an hour or so evidentially left a mark on her.

Andrea left the bathroom, stopping at the edge of the bed to pull down the covers. A light from outside the window, the blinds still opened just enough, caught her attention, and for the second time that day she pushed the blinds apart just enough to look through. The light came from across the lawn, from Melissa’s bedroom; the shades were pulled up and Andrea could see directly into the main part of the room, right to where Melissa stood, her side facing the window, wearing just a small pair of blue panties and nothing on top.

Andrea’s heart skipped as she realized what she was seeing, frozen and mesmerized. She watched Melissa apply lotion to her arms, tummy, her small breasts and surprisingly hard nipples. Andrea’s stomach flipped as she did that, the dark caps disappearing for a moment before springing back up. Melissa lingered there, passing her hands over her breasts again and again, focusing on her nipples more and more. Her right hand crossed her chest to play with her right nipple, tugging on it just enough; Melissa’s head rolled back just slightly in obvious response to pleasure, the profile view she gave Andrea a view that was as teasing as it was enticing. Andrea felt a small twinge between her legs and instinctively put her hand at the waistband of her panties, stopping only out of fear of making too much noise and somehow getting caught. As she watched, Melissa lowered her hands, bending over the bed to pull down the covers, and immediately turned to the window. She reached up to the cord on the blinds, looked out, her breasts on full display, perky, dark nipples that made Andrea slide her hand lower, her middle finger stopping just on top of her clit. But she froze, suddenly religious and praying that Melissa couldn’t see her, her body so aggressive in its will to be touched, her mind begging her not to move and give away that she was still there, watching behind the blinds. And then Melissa smiled, raised a hand in a small wave, and dropped the blinds.

Andrea was unmoving, stunned; she had known. Melissa knew she was being watched and didn’t care. In fact, to Andrea’s mind, trying to find a logical justification, she might have even done it on purpose. Andrea finally looked back to the room, her mind swimming, covered by a wave of emotion and passion. She ripped the bedside drawer open and removed her silver vibrator, laying out on the bed. She put the small toy directly onto her clit through her panties, like she had a million times before, but never with such necessity, such vivid purpose. All she could picture was Melissa playing with her nipples, glimmering with lotion, the way she smiled and waved, and then was gone. Again and again she played it over in her head, pulling her panties aside, sliding the smooth toy deep inside her. Her moans filled the house as the toy disappeared inside, again, again, out to circle her clit before plunging in all the way, filling her over and over. She played with her nipples, imagining she was watching her neighbor, her sexy exhibitionist neighbor. Andrea's back arched as she pleasured herself, turning her head and instinctively biting the pillow beside her, clutching the bed with her free hand as she got closer and closer and closer, her toes curling and arms tingling, the buzzing of her toy filling her ears as Melissa's smile invaded her mind. She came in a fantastic way, body shaking, legs closed tightly as her body shivered inside and out. Her moans filled the house, much louder than usual, before finally collapsing back on the bed. Her toy fell from her hand, dropping to the floor as exhaustion pushed her to sleep, and pleasurable dreams.