I walked into the backyard and saw her, my best friend's wife, Alice. As soon as my eyes came to her, I felt my pants tighten somewhat. I couldn't say what it was, but for some reason I found myself lusting after her.

Maybe it was her green thong that was sticking out that I seen on her many times before, the way she had let her breasts out front and center with her new red top, or it could have been the way she had curled her brown hair.

In any case, I slowly approached her as she stood by the small bar they had installed especially for that barbecue. My whole body vibrated, and my eyes became glued to her knockers. I tried to be nonchalant about it, but I suddenly felt a tap on my left arm.

I immediately peeked up at her as she had her eyebrows up and her head shaking. I jerked back somewhat and felt like something choked my heart. I also felt drops of sweat coming down my head, and I glanced around to see if I attracted any attention.

I saw no one looking at us, so I glimpsed back at her. She just smiled at me as she has her hands on her hips. My eyes widened as I thought she'd bust me, but she didn't say a word. Although, then she tugged down on her top a bit and gave me a better view.

My dick became even harder as I glared at them. I couldn't help it, and I had to cover up my crotch too. Of course, she knew what I was hiding, but I didn't want to let people notice my hard dick. I bit down on my bottom lip for a moment too, but then I heard some tapping.

I looked back at her and saw her holding a beer. I smirked again at her as she took the cap off and handed it to me. I slowly took it as she didn't speak, but giggled a bit and seemed unable to part her eyes from me.

She brought out another beer and took off that cap as well. She tapped her bottle on mine, and she took a drink. I found somewhat frozen and unable to take my eyes off her. I tried my best to just glance at her beautiful face, but it was impossible.

Oddly enough, even with over twenty other people there, no one spoke a word to us. It almost seemed like a dream because she appeared to be flaunting her beauty for me, but not busting me. I loved it, but felt haunted by it too.

I knew she didn't want me to be too visible about it, but the invitation seemed to unmistakable. Then I pressed my crotch on the bar, and I jiggled around a bit also. I tried to fight the urge to feel my wood, but then she leaned towards me.

She delivered an even better view of her melons. After a lustful moment, I was about to utter something, but her right-hand pointer landed on my lips. Her head slanted down a tad, and she rubbed my lips from side to side very slowly a couple of times before it dropped.

My mouth opened up wide, and I closed my eyes for a split second. I was unsure what to make of all this, but I knew Alice was flirting with me. I felt my heart and brain screaming at me to stop this before anything happened, but my member had a different idea.

She remained frozen too with her breasts barely touching the bar. Then I saw my best friend, Mac, come to us. She turned to him, grabbed a beer and opened it for him. They both shared a few words, but I wasn't paying attention to that.

The whole time, I found myself sweating up a storm. Even as the temperature came down a few degrees, and my eyes stayed wide open. As if I knew Mac suspected that something was going on between his wife and me.

After a moment, he slapped my arm, smiled and walked away. As he was out of sight, Alice lazily peeked back at me and grinned again. I was unsure what to think, but then she came out around the bar and stood in front of me.

My lips were about to move again, but she shook her head no. I just fulfilled her unspoken order and kept quiet. After a brief staring contest, she glanced over my right shoulder. A few seconds later, she looked back at me and brought her hands to her hooters.

She started to push the sides of her top towards her tits, but with that, I knew the message was clear. I automatically transported my palms to her hands and shook my head no. She just featured an odd look, with a hint of disappointment.

She crossed her arms and then my eyes went down. I knew she was eyeballing me, but I did my best to ignore it. Although, after a moment I heard her tapping her nails. I felt commanded to glance back at her.

She viewed my crotch and pointed at it a few seconds later. I just covered my face with both hands, but I felt her pulling them down after five seconds. Her head slanted to the side, and she had the lustiest look I could imagine.

Needlessly to say, she found my weak spot and brought her hands back to her top. I couldn't resist, and my eyes drifted back down her rack. She pushed her top on both sides and let me see her pink nipples for the first time.

My whole body abruptly began vibrating as if I had a quarter slot. I examined both of Alice's tits over the course of thirty seconds. I didn't seem to care if someone noticed, but we were in the back, and I did block people's view of her.

Her bosoms looked to be at least c-cups, with perfect sized nipples too. They were worthy of checking out even though they were my best friend's wive's boobs. She knew I was a 'breasts' man as she had caught me checking her's out before.

I licked my lips and rubbed my schlong nonstop the whole time. Alice didn't move them at all; they were just still for the full thirty seconds, but then she covered them back up. I took a deep breath and wiped my forehead.

I couldn't help, but to cheese. My dick was as hard as a diamond, and she knew what both of our intentions were. She peeked over my shoulder again and then closed the gap between us. My fists clenched as much as they could and later our eyes met.

She snatched my hands and instantly placed them on her breasts. My head immediately went back and applied pressure to her boobs. Her hand's covered mine and her lips pressed down onto my neck. My eyes closed and I felt tingles going throughout my body.

She caressed my hands for a moment before her palms set down on my cheeks. My head came back down to her and then her lips came onto mine. We kissed for only a few seconds, but I loved it.

From one second to the next, I felt her hands crash down on my crotch, and she scrubbed it with both of them. I had to scan the perimeter again and check to make sure no one could see us.

As I saw the coast was clear, I shoved her hands off my wood. I shook my head no, but she shook hers yes. She yanked her top down as far as she could and slowly backed away from me. I wasn't about to look away from her, so she signaled me to follow her.

I felt incredibly conflicted as she walked backward and pushed down her shorts somewhat. I could see that thong from the front for a change, and my cock got the better of me. I lazily began following her, although, I left a gap between us.

As she made it the glass door, she mouthed 'Bedroom' and disappeared into the house. My arms rose up and began waving them around. After ten seconds, I stopped and tried to calm myself down. I fought with myself relentlessly for a moment.

Although, then I saw Mac coming my way. I just bolted out, hoping he figured I needed to use the bathroom. Anyway, I rushed into the house and went directly to their bedroom. I had to dodge a few people, but I made it in under a minute.

I saw the door closed, but I stopped in front of it and took an extra deep breath. I shuddered and rubbed my face for another moment as I just weighed the pros and cons in my head. I already knew what I was going to do, but I couldn't just do it.

My cock felt to be harder than a rock, and I even felt the veins in it pumping hard. It hurt a bit, but then I found my hand calmly coming towards the knob. I couldn't grab onto it just yet, but then the door suddenly opened.

My eyes widened, and my jaw dropped as I unexpectedly got a view of Alice's nude body. I scanned everything in front of me very slowly. My head rose at the speed of a snail going by, and after every inch, my smile got a little bigger and I lips became even wetter.

Her perfect breasts and that freshly trimmed pussy caught my attention. After a full minute, my eyes made it hers. She grinned back at me and blinked a few times too. Her long eyelashes just made her insanely cute, and she had me even more willing to walk through that door.

She placed her hands on her hips and waited me out. Even as she just let me see her nude figure, I couldn't just go in there with her. The invitation was crystal clear, but having sex with her and just fantasizing about it are two different things. 

Neither of us said a word, but then she put her hands towards my crotch again. Both of them came down right over my dick, and she rubbed it up and down a few times. She had me moaning and breathing profoundly, so I closed my eyes too.

After a moment, her hands swiftly flew up, and she snatched my arms. She hauled me right in there and shut the door. My heart seemed to be trying to break out of my chest, so I placed my right hand over it.

After a few seconds, I made eye contact with her again, and she immediately came towards me. I put my other palm up, and it clashed onto her chest slightly. I shook my head no, even though I decided earlier to let this happen.

She took my hand in both of hers and brought it up towards her mouth. Her tongue came out and landed right in the middle of my palm. I fought the urge to shake or laugh, but she began licking it mercilessly. My mouth opened as much as it could and felt myself weakening.

Our eye contact remained hardy, and so did my erection. I couldn't help, but to stay. It seemed we were already a little too far down, so no matter how much I fought with myself, I knew there was no way I was going to leave unless of course, we were going to get busted.

After another moment, her tongue came off my hand, my arm came down, and she lazily strolled towards me. Her lips came within only a few inches of mine, her hands made the trip to my crotch once again, but this time, she undid my pants.

She did it blindly and pushed them down somewhat too. My schlong finally made an appearance, and she managed to wrap her right hand around it. As much as I wanted to keep it silent, my lips moved again, but she immediately covered it with her other hand.

She gave a dirty look as she shook her head no. Even as she had my cock in her hand, it went limp a bit. She peeked at it for a second, but she brought her lips close to mine after that. Although, she stopped less than an inch away.

She dared me to finish the closing, which I did after twenty seconds. She failed to move her hand, but she convinced me. We kissed each other for a minute as we both closed our eyes. I couldn't help, but to bring my palms over to her butt.

I made her body come closer to mine, and her other hand came to down to the base of my pecker. Then she began stroking it slowly as our lips stayed together. I moaned somewhat and had her rub her breasts on my chest.

Regardless of the reasons why Alice was pulling my strings, I just enjoyed this turn of events. I also brushed her butt cheeks frequently, which seemed to make her giggle. As it was hotter in the house, she forced drops of sweat form on my forehead and back.

Her tongue even made a couple of appearances in my mouth, which created an even sexier atmosphere it seemed. I had to smile a bit myself, but only a few seconds later, she leaned away from me.

I swallowed and feared it was over, despite where her hands were. Her eyebrows just rose, and I could only figure she knew what was going through my mind. She glanced down again and tightened her grasp. Not a point to where it hurt, but to send her message still.

We heard a little chatter out in the hallway, but then she lowered herself to her knees. I had a somewhat intrigued look on my face as my mind went to one place. She cheesed right at me, although she put her pointer from her left hand to her lips.

I nodded and licked my lips several times. She stroked my wood as softly as she could, and puckered her lips. They lazily set down on the head of my dick, and she kissed it for me. I twitched back and forth, yet I held my position.

It was straightforward that she was teasing me, but we both knew I liked it. She even lifted my pecker and delivered a string of kisses across the thing, starting from the top. I took off my t-shirt, and she pulled my boxers and shorts down to my feet.

I escaped from my socks and shoes as she stood back up with me. I wasn't even going to attempt to praise this chick, but yet Alice placed her finger again on my lips. Her sexy seduction was quite sweet, with the perfect mix of mystery to go along with it.

We stood naked together, but it didn't last long before she lowered back down onto her knees. She didn't break eye contact, and she placed both of her hands at the base of my cock. A little bit of drool plummeted out, though it didn't get her.

She just snickered and rubbed the head against my right cheek. My hands stayed at my sides, and they turned into fists again. She had even done what I had fantasized about before, but it all seemed to be a fantasy. I knew it was real, but it felt unreal.

My head slanted back as she kept rubbing my schlong all across her face. The very tip of my johnson was extra sensitive and made me jerk around even more. I had the desire to scream, but I repressed it the best I could.

I just imagined my manhood in her mouth as my eyes closed. It was wrong because who she was, but I couldn't help it. I was attracted to her, and she evidently knew it. What other reason could there be for her actions?

A moment later, she tapped my chest. I immediately glanced back down at her, and we both slathered our lips. For the first time, I saw her about to speak, but I waved my finger back and forth. She just laughed and flipped me the bird.

Then my hands calmly made the trip to her head, and both of her hands came back to base. Her mouth opened up, but her head failed to move forward. I jiggled and felt overjoyed like I was just seconds away from opening up gifts on Christmas morning.

From one second to the next, she advanced her head and let my wood calmly enter her mouth. Both of my hands jumped up right on my face, and they stayed as I finally felt her mushy lips rub on my schlong.

I wasn't sure just how long my member was, but she automatically took over half of it into her mouth. She kept her lips in the same spot as I fought the craving to fill her mouth with my boiling hot cum. It came as no easy task, but I held firm.

Her lips were refreshing, and she delivered the perfect sensation just by letting them touch my dick. Her hands slithered up onto my stomach and started rubbing it slightly. I felt obligated to look back down at her.

I saw grin and then she began thrusting her lips ever so slowly. Even as I was naked, my body seemed like it was in a pool. She snatched my hands and placed them back onto her head. So they followed her head as it calmly went back and forth.

I knew what it was then: I wanted her. Whether I wanted to admit it or not, I did. Once I genuinely had my manhood in her mouth, I knew there was no turning back. So I enjoyed the intense feelings she was giving me.

She couldn't make eye contact, but she didn't need to at all. Her mouth did all the gratifying, and she even had me spark a couple of tears on my face. Feeling her suck my dick was unlike any other feeling I could describe.

Every time she moved it in either direction, it felt life-affirming, so she had me in the palm of her hand. I began grinding my teeth together and tried to catch my breath as pleasured me to no end whatsoever.

Oddly enough, the intimacy was pushed to the max when she made eye contact with me. My hands were able to slide on her head as she was getting somewhat worked up too. Even as it was moving slowly, she appeared to be worked up also.

With each passing thrust of those lips, I felt my cock getting harder, so I was pushed a bit further to giving her my seed. Letting my fantasy come true so that I could shoot every single ounce of my load right onto her beautiful face.

Although, she brought her lips back and let my dick out. She instantly took it in her hand and began stroking it in small movements. She smiled at me again and grabbed onto my wood with her other hand too.

Her hands moved even faster, and I started hitting my palm frequently. She also ran them from side to side as she caressed her lips with the head. She knew how to be as sexy as possible without making me just lose it.

Her tongue also played the unique sexy role of massaging the head, including the very tip of it. As that happened, it felt like she was poking at my nerves. The thought of what to do when it came time to shoot was flying through my head.

I had no idea, but I just knew I'd figure it out at the moment. Considering how stunning Alice's whole naked body was, there was a ton of possibilities for us to create real magic. The kind of magic that would be perfect masturbation material for years to come.

Her head even started jerking around back and forth. That forced her to rub her tongue right on my dick hole. The pleasure was phenomenal, so I suddenly felt a massive surge of tingling feelings going throughout my body.

As if I died and gone to own personal heaven, I felt the best physical and emotional pleasure of all time. My cum was boiling, and her mouth was acting as the hot flames heating it up. It was only a matter of time, but I did whatever I could to make this last as long as possible.

She took my entire dick back into her mouth and held her lips back there. She just sucked on it hard for a moment, and she instantly had me begin to tremble. No matter if I thought I couldn't feel any better at one moment, her lips proved otherwise.

With the mixture of fear of getting caught, sensing her lips on my cock and the emotional connection I felt, she gave me the perfect BJ. I loved it, and even felt some love for her, despite that the sexual act sparked it.

Just as quickly as I cherished her for starting it, I suddenly felt pushed to the edge where I had to unleash my seed. Just as she wanted, I didn't speak, I just tapped her head, and she knew what was about to happen.

My schlong slipped out again, and she positioned it a few inches above her face. She licked her lips and closed her eyes halfway. I did my best to watch the whole thing, but as I felt my load surging through my body, I had to shake and close my eyes somewhat as well.

Even up till then, I hadn't felt as pleasant as I did at the last second before my first stream came bolting out. My dick perceived to be as hot as hell, but it was unbelievable. She kept it right in the same place as I shot off five shots of cum.

I managed to see some of it, but not all. I didn't need to because I felt the marvelous thrills and created the image in my head as my hands covered my face. With each passing shot, the excitement became stronger, and I felt the love for her a little more.

I never had such a powerful orgasm before, but I was very joyful that it happened with her. I felt somewhat sorry that she cheated, but then I peeked at her. I examined her face and saw every single inch of it submerged in my seed as she just smiled at me.

She calmly stood up with me and came close to me. Her hands snatched my and brought them to her bosoms, and that ensured that my cock wasn't about to go limp. Everything and nothing needed to be said.

After a moment long staring contest, her right hand came up to her lips and tapped them a couple of times. I nervously chuckled and shook my head no. Her eyebrows rose, and she leaned in closer to me. Only because my hands were on her hooters, I indulged her.

As our lips were together, she snagged my rod and instantly began stroking it. As if it was possible, I felt even more amazing kissing her with my cum splattered on her lips. I had to moan a bit more during our make-out session, but I didn't kill the mood.

After a ten minute make out session, her lips came off. As much as I didn't want to, I had to talk, but she shook her head no yet again. Even as our hands were plenty busy, she didn't want either of us to speak a word.

We both just smiled at one another, and I thought about her. The lust was mutual, but I was unsure precisely what her motives were. Regardless of what they were, I just got my dick sucked by my best friend's wife.

She pointed her head towards the door, and I peeked at it as nothing happened. I just put my hands up and shrugged my shoulders. Her head slanted down somewhat as she featured a sad face. So then she bent down to her shorts.

She pulled out my phone and played with it for a few seconds. Then she got right beside me, we both put an arm around each other, and she put the phone a couple of feet away from us. I saw the camera up and then she took a picture.

She let me see it, and it was perfect: I could see both of us and her melons too. I just cheesed and then she bent down again. She rummaged through my shorts and pulled out my phone as well. She handed it to me and then a few seconds later, it went off. She nodded, and I pulled up a new text.

It was the picture, and it had a little message. It read, 'Maybe next time, I'll let you talk, Paul, but until then, enjoy this memento, from your sweet lady Alice. I've always thought there were sexual connections to us, and you proved me right in the end. We better go now, Mac might come looking for us.'.

I nodded, and we both blew each other kisses. I could only imagine that Alice wanted to do it again, so I decided not to push my luck for the time being. We both got dressed, cleaned up slightly and went back out into the hallway.

We both came out into the backyard separately, but we both wound up back at the bar. I couldn't look at her much as I was afraid someone might notice me cheesing at her. Although, I managed to keep a low profile.

Mac found us there, and he kissed her on the lips. My skin crawled somewhat, but I still found myself relieved that he was none the wiser. Then he leaned down and pulled out three beers. He took the caps off, and we all grabbed one.

All three of us clanked our bottles and took a long drink. As we did, Alice's eyes met mine, and I saw her grin somewhat too. Needlessly to say, my cock became rather hard again. All I could think about was her blowing me, and me possibly fucking her.

I had no idea if that would happen, but for the time being, I kept my hopes high as she suggested something might happen again in the text. Even though she was my best friend's wife, I knew would never be able to resist.