The Dude I'll Fuck

I think he’s worth a song
The dude I’ll fuck
He’ll wear chaps and a thong
He`ll drive a truck
And when he sees I’m gay
He'll strip ‘em off, and have his way

He'll slip it in my mouth
I'll wrap my hand
Before he takes it south
My prostate gland
By his cock undeterred
Will get a rub and push, oh my word

Maybe he’ll cum inside me
Maybe on me, maybe not
Still I'm sure that he’ll cum somewhere
Maybe heavily spunk tasty hot and creamy

He'll want to run straight home
That's nothing new
I’ll turn his cum to foam
Keep wood, load two
And so I’ll make him trust
Build up his lust the dude I’ll fuck

Maybe he’ll cream my heinie
Maybe my knee, maybe not
Still I'm sure that he’ll spill somewhere
Maybe deeply his hairy balls so heavy

He'll say he ain’t no homo
That's nothing new
I'll say of course I know
His wood, that’s true
Will lie and show his lust
I'll turn him gay the dude I’ll fuck