Sweet Dreams, Alicia

Alicia was in a very mischievous mood as she waited for the train to pull into the subway station. Monday mornings usually guaranteed that commuters are gloomier, sleepier, and less enthusiastic than any other day of the work week. Alicia, however, felt the opposite. Each passenger had the potential to provide her a sexual thrill.

She enjoyed flashing bits of her body to the unsuspecting and lethargic riders of the underground rail system. Their reaction to catching a glimpse of her inner thighs, or a bit too much of her cleavage, was always more animated, and more pleasing to her, when a potential voyeur was suddenly snapped out of their ‘commuter coma’.

 She would pretend that she was unaware that she was exposing too much skin, or the reactions of anyone fortunate enough to witness her premeditated, lascivious display. But, their reactions never went unnoticed to Alicia. Although she never made direct eye contact with anyone that couldn’t help but sneak quick, clandestine peaks at her body. She was aware of their eyes on her. She could sense the heat of their stare. The thought of a complete stranger looking between her legs to catch a glimpse of her panties, or glaring down her blouse at her large breasts, provided Alicia a most satisfying tingling sensation in her clit. It was a dirty, adventitious game that she enjoyed playing whenever the lewd opportunity presented itself. 'Jerk off material' she would say to herself when she was in a naughty mood.

Her exhibitionism was not exclusive to the public transit system. Alicia liked to play her dirty game at work, also. The cubicle where her desk was located faced the office’s kitchen. It was an annoyance for some of her co-workers. Being seated close to a high traffic area meant frequent interruptions. The motion of bodies caught in their peripheral vision, and hearing partial conversations, had the potential of be annoying distractions.

To Alicia, what was an annoyance to most was an opportunity to feel the satisfying tingle in her clit. If a co-worker walked past her desk and stared as she innocently adjusted her skirt, top, or stockings that did not require adjusting, Alicia would sense their eyes where she directed them to. It made no difference to her if the voyeur was male or female. The effect between her legs was always the same, and always welcome.

Alicia undid the top three buttons of her blouse as she rode up the crowded escalator on the subway platform on her commute home that Monday. She was feeling friskier than usual. It had been over eight months since she had been fucked. Her boyfriend had ended their relationship abruptly and rather callously. Citing, feeling suffocated by Alicia as the reason he had to end their relationship. Alicia didn't believe the explanation that he had provided her. It wouldn't have been the first time she had caught him in a lie. She wasn't in a hurry to jump into another relationship. She decided to focus on her career for a few years. She was young, and had her whole life ahead of her. The few dates she had been asked on, and accepted, since, all ended with no sexual contact. A small vibrator and a medium sized, purple, glass dildo suited her needs just fine for the time being.

She grinned to herself as she popped the third button of her blouse and thought of the toys in her dirty drawer that were waiting to provide her release, while she thought back to the countless eyes that had secretly roamed over her body.

Her commute home turned out to be a frustrating and disappointing one. The train she was on had to be taken out of service, because of a mechanical issue. All of its passengers were asked to exit it. The crowded platform was not ideal for Alicia’s dirty game. Neither was the next train that she boarded. It was much too crowded for passengers to be able to view what Alicia was putting on display.

When Alicia arrived at her townhouse, she rummaged through her large purse for the key to her front door. She ached to feel the humming of her vibrator on her clit as she fucked the glass dildo in and out of her dripping, needful pussy. She noticed a folded leaf of paper wrapped around a pay-as you-go cell phone, held in place by a rubber band.

“What the…?” Alicia mumbled to herself and grabbed the mystery cell phone.

She removed the rubber band and unfolded the leaf of paper. There was a handwritten message on it.

‘You enjoy being watched. I enjoy watching. Perhaps, we can engage in a game. Perhaps, we could reach an arrangement and take our fetishes to the next level, with satisfying results for the both of us? The cell phone I slipped into your purse has my contact number. Text me if you are interested. If I am correct in my observation of you, not knowing who is watching you will take your arousal to never before experienced intensity and heights.’

Alicia became a bit unsettled by the message. She opened her front door, stepped inside, and locked it behind her. She made her way upstairs to her bedroom, disrobed, left her clothes and heels in a messy pile on the floor, and sat on her bed. She turned on the cell phone and launched the Contacts app. True to the note, there was a lone contact.

She thought back to the last time she looked in her purse, prior to finding the note and cell phone. It was at the entrance of the King Street subway station, when she took out a token to pay the fare. That meant that whoever slipped the note and phone in her purse, had to have done so sometime on the subway ride, or on the crowded platform.

Alicia jumped off her bed and bolted to the large bay window of her bedroom. She pulled the curtain away from the edge of the window frame just enough to peak at the outside world with one eye. She scanned the parked cars on her street for any occupants inside them. She twisted her head and looked over to the parkette, directly across the street. There were a few kids playing on the swings, and a two women sitting on a bench having a conversation. She spotted nothing out of the ordinary.

She made her way downstairs to her kitchen. A glass of wine would help take the edge off the anxiety she was filled with. She walked straight to the stainless-steel semi-round step trash can, and stomped on its pedal. The lid flew open, and Alicia threw the note and cell phone into the garbage. She looked at the crumpled piece of paper for a few seconds, and then pushed it deeper into the trash, as an act of defiance to what she was made to feel by the anonymous author of its content.

Alicia opened her fridge, grabbed an open bottle of white wine, pulled the cork off, and took a mouthful straight from the bottle.

“Fuck you, asshole,” she muttered under her breath.

She took another swig of wine from the bottle, and laughed to herself.

“You might have over-reacted, girl,” she said out loud.

As the wine calmed her nerves, she began to try to deduce who could have placed the cell phone and note in her purse. Surely, it must have been someone known to her, it was only logical to assume that. Perhaps, one of the men she had been on a date with, or, a work colleague. She could not possibly fathom that it was a complete stranger.

As she reached for a wine glass from the dish-rack, her eyes darted to the trash can. Alicia was determined not to allow the note to rattle her.

She poured wine into her glass and leaned her butt against the kitchen counter as she took a sip. The more she thought about the note, the angrier she became. She also tried to ignore the hint of arousal beginning to brew, and the slight tingle between her legs.

“How dare you?” she thought out loud, a reprimand to the anonymous author of the note.

Alicia grabbed the bottle of wine, and made her way upstairs to run a hot bath. She would soak in hot, lilac scented water, enjoy her wine, and then make a decision as to how to deal with the creepy stranger, and his absurd request.

The scented, hot water soothed Alicia’s body and mind, and the wine helped quiet her nerves. A few minutes of therapeutic soaking had relaxed her enough to become aroused. The hot bath water was near painful on her pussy. Alicia slowly lifted one leg out of the tub, and let her toes dangle lazily, inches from the bathroom floor. The spreading of her legs parted her pussy lips, allowing the hot water to gently lap at her sensitive inner folds and clit. She moaned, and slightly arched her back at the fiery stimulation between her legs. One hand teasingly made its way over her breasts, belly, and cupped her pussy.

Alicia bit her lip and held her breath as her fingers rubbed, and circled over her clit. She became incredibly aroused by the heat of the water over her entire body. She closed her eyes and rolled one nipple between her finger and thumb. The fingers of her other hand continued to work on her slippery, throbbing opening. She pressed her fingers harder into her tingling flesh, in slow, deliberate circles that traced the shape of her opening. She ached to plunge two fingers inside her, but did not give in to the temptation, allowing her arousal to build and store more sexual tension and energy in every muscle of her body.

She thought back to the lascivious looks she had received during her commute to work. A shiver shot through her as she imagined the men’s cocks twitching, and growing hard, beneath the confines of their pants, as they sneaked peaks at what she so unashamedly had put on display for them. And of the women’s moisture and heat that had built up in their pussies, as they ogled between Alicia’s slightly parted legs.

She could feel the searing heat of each set of hungry eyes that had leered at her. Alicia slid the pad of her index finger the full length of her throbbing slit, tortuously slow. The electric, tingling sensation she expected to shoot from her clit into her belly was much more intense than usual. It thrilled her to feel such a sudden and intense sexual response.

Suddenly, and without warning, the stranger’s offer filled her thoughts. Alicia became very angry, expecting the unwelcome and random thought would spoil her state of arousal. To her surprise, it didn’t. Also to her surprise, it increased her arousal to a level which she had never before experienced.

“Fuuuck!” she gurgled, on the cusp of an orgasm that had unexpectedly spiked at a break neck speed.

Alicia quickly removed her hand from her pussy and crossed her legs, in hopes of staving off the orgasm that threatened to rip through her. It was much too soon, she wanted to relish the new found feelings and sensations much longer. Allow them to build, and store more sexual energy in every muscle of her quivering body, till she was consumed by it, and the only sensation that her body cried out for, was the desperate and violent need to cum.

It was beyond her control, she erupted as never before. Her pussy contracted and twitched, sending exquisite sensations of pain and pleasure from her head to her curled toes.

“Nooo!” she screamed as she rode the monstrous tidal wave of her orgasm.

She thrashed her crossed legs in unison, sending the bath water splashing out of the bathtub, as she grabbed at her breasts with a white knuckle grip.

As her orgasm slowly subsided, Alicia took quick, deep breaths, and exhaled slowly. Her heart thumped hard in her chest, she could hear it pounding in her ears, and feel the pumping of her blood in her swollen pussy and clit, and in her tight rosebud.

Mixed emotions riddled Alicia when her mind was able to hold a thought again. Anger, quickly became the most prevalent. She was angry at the anonymous author of the note, for being so brazen and impudent. And at herself, for having allowed a creepy stranger to have had such a profound and surprisingly arousing effect on her.

She stepped out of the tub, wrapped a towel around her, and made her way to the kitchen. She was going to give the creepy stranger a piece of her mind. Leave him with no doubt that she no way in hell had any intention of playing whatever twisted, perverted game he had in mind.

Alicia retrieved the cell phone from the garbage, and navigated to its text app. She tapped the only contact number available, and typed.

“Listen here, asshole. I’m not impressed. You don’t scare me, let that sink into your sick mind, buddy! I find you repulsive, a coward, and someone that requires professional help. Oh, and fuck you!”

Alicia felt a deep sense of satisfaction as she tapped the send button on the cell phone’s screen.

“That’s the end of that,” she chuckled to herself as she placed the cell phone on the kitchen counter, and poured herself another glass of wine.

A moment later, the cell phone vibrated on the counter. Alicia became enraged at the thought of the stranger having the nerve to contact her again. She picked up the cell phone and read the reply.

“I am pleased to know that my note has not frightened you in any way. If you are not interested in experiencing more intense and thrilling sensations, I will respect your decision and cease communication with you immediately. I will allow you to call me one time. If you wish, you may call me now, and say what you need to say. I will reply via text.”

Alicia shook her head and laughed in disbelief at his audacity. She tapped the phone number on the screen. She was determined to tear whoever was on the other end of the line another asshole.

The ringing stopped; the creep on the other end of the line could hear her.

“Listen here, jerk off. I am not interested in anything you have to say to me, let alone play along with any kind of sick and twisted sexual fantasy you might have. I don’t know what you might believe you know about me, but I assure you; you got it wrong, very wrong. I probably know you. Maybe we work together. Maybe we went out on a date, and you’re sore that I didn’t let you in my pants. But, I was upfront with anyone that I went on a date with. I made it crystal clear, beforehand, that I do not fuck on the first date.”

Alicia took a sip of wine and waited for a text reply. The cell phone vibrated, again. She read the text.

“You are incorrect in all you have deduced and assumed about me. We have never met, or have been formally introduced. My primary interest in you does not involve fucking. I am merely offering you an opportunity to explore your attraction to exhibitionism. No offense intended, but, I know it can be much more rewarding for you. I am sure that the sexual arousal you experience from being looked at, as you deliberately place yourself on display, is very satisfying to you, and makes for adequate masturbation fodder. I only offered you an opportunity to feel more. That was the extent and intent of my offer.”

Alicia laughed and snapped back, “You are a special kind of asshole, aren’t you? Do you see yourself as some benevolent, perverted Santa Claus, with a sack full of Louboutinesque orgasms you gift to poor, little, helpless girls like me, who you believe don’t have a clue on how to get off? How could you possibly know me if we don't travel in the same circles?”

“I am saddened. It appears that I have gravely misjudged you, and your sense of adventure. I believed you to be bolder, more of a risk taker. I would like you to know that you look especially lovely in your royal blue blouse and matching bra. Blue, is definitely your color. I will save you the time to think back on when you last wore it, it was last Wednesday. As to where I noticed you, I will not provide you that information. Please accept my apology for causing you any distress. Truly, that was not my intention. I will not contact you again. You have my word as a gentleman.”

Alicia hesitated to reply. The tone of the stranger’s replies, although they were only typed text on a cell phone’s screen, seemed sincere. There was no arrogance or malice in the words he chose.

Against her better judgement, she asked him a question instead of ending the call. “First off, gentlemen don’t creep ladies out. Tell me where you saw me, creep?” she hissed her words at the cell phone.

“You will forgive me; I will not answer that question. I take my anonymity very serious. I sincerely apologize if I have caused you any distress. As you wish, rest assured I will never disturb you again. Good bye,” the text read.

Alicia was confused by the slight disappointment and panic she felt at the possibility of never communicating with the stranger again.

She quickly replied, “You didn’t scare me. Cowards don’t frighten me, and they certainly don’t arouse me. You’re a liar, along with being a creep.” She held her breath as she stared at the cell phone screen and hoped that the call would not end.

“How so? I have been truthful with you, even if you do not believe me.” The white text popped onto the screen, and Alicia exhaled.

“You didn’t wait for me to finish tearing you a new asshole,” Alicia replied sternly. “At least give me that, after being an asshole to me. Allow me say what I want to say, and end the call when I want to end it. You owe me that much.”

“Forgive me. You are correct. I will listen to what you say to me, and wait for you to end the call.”

Alicia read the text and remained silent. A small aftershock from the intense orgasm she had experienced no more than a few moments ago, traveled from her clit into her belly, and tingled slowly up her spine. The shiver made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. She suddenly felt an anomalous connection to the stranger. It was because of him, after all, that her orgasm had been so incredibly intense.

“What if I want to contact you? Just to remind you how big of a dick you are. It would be at any time of my choosing, and, I would expect you to reply, and to grovel for my forgiveness. Not that I would ever forgive you for being a dick to me. Don’t you think you owe me that, too?” Alicia boldly asked. Her tone exaggerated how angry she really felt.

She grinned to herself as she waited for a reply.

His reply appeared on the screen. “I have apologized to you already. And, I do not grovel. If reminding me of how I misread you is something that you need to get out of your system, I am at your service.”

Alicia chuckled to herself and took a sip of wine, before she replied, “You are serious? You would allow me to call or text you, to tear you a new asshole, at my whim?”

“Yes, I would. There would come a time when you would have no doubt that I will never contact you again, and my only interest was in the possibility of allowing each other to feed off our differing, yet related fetishes. It would ease my mind knowing that you would never again give me a second thought. That you would carry on as you have been, prior to me contacting you.”

Instead of taking the opportunity to end the conversation, and against her better judgement, Alicia asked, “Have you ever done this to anyone else?”

“Yes, they were much more receptive to my offer than you have been,” the stranger texted back.

“Other women have agreed to your offer? I find that very hard to believe,” she snapped back.

“They all agreed. None of the others were as incensed by my offer as you appear to be. Clearly, they possessed a much stronger attraction to being watched than you do.”

“What do you get out of it? You claim that your intentions are purely altruistic, but I don’t believe you. What’s your angle?” Alicia warily asked.

“I get much out of it. It is very arousing to watch a woman who has not an inkling of who I am, put herself on display for me, and perform what I ask. Once I feel a woman trusts me enough, I ask that she allow me into her bedroom, and that she masturbate for me, wearing a blindfold, of course.”

Alicia asked, “You don't have wife or a girlfriend that can play your twisted little game with you? Why freak out unsuspecting women?”

“As beautiful as the idea of finding one’s soul mate resonates in us, unfortunately, it is a rare occurrence. We all at one time in our lives have hoped to meet that one special person that we are so powerfully attracted to, and could trust absolutely, that we could never be tempted by the fruit of any other. As I ventured deeper into my attraction to voyeurism, I discovered that what I found more fascinating is two people locking eyes for the first time, and each wanting the other for instant sexual gratification. I am a Voyeur; you can easily understand how powerful my arousal is to the idea of that kind of attraction. What I have discovered about myself is that the sensations are multiplied in me, at the possibility of someone who knows nothing about me, and has never laid eyes on me, willingly wanting to engage in what I have offered. I did disclose all of this to you in the note. I am not playing any angle, as you put it.”

Heat flared in-between Alicia’s legs. The stranger’s words were arousing and beautiful to her.

She waited a moment before asking her next question. “Do you ever allow them to see you?”

“Only if they ask that fuck them, which they all eventually do, after I have watched them masturbate for me, wearing a blindfold, on their own beds.”

Alicia huffed and replied, “I thought you had no interest in fucking me.” Her own words fanned the flames that licked between her legs.

“I did leave certain details out by design. How would you have reacted to my offer if I had added that I would fuck you, if you asked me to? I am a patient man. I enjoy watching women becoming aroused and cumming, without them being able to see me. If I cannot gain their trust to do that for me, they certainly will not allow me to fuck them.”

Alicia topped off her glass of wine and asked, “I guess you won’t divulge where you have seen me, pervert?”

“I will not.”

Alicia sarcastically replied, “Of course you won’t. All because you are a gentleman, and want to protect me from being distracted. I am certain we cross paths on the subway line. Which station though, is the mystery to me.”

“As unbelievable as that might sound to you, it is the truth.”

She took a sip of wine and replied, “If all you have said to me is true, it might make you a very interesting and unique man. It’ll take more than just saying it to convince me that you are sincere.”

“I am aware of that. Are you reconsidering my offer?”

Alicia laughed, “Good night, asshole. I’m hanging up.” She ended the call as she smiled to herself.

“Sweet dreams,” appeared on the cell phone’s screen.

Alicia's smile broadened as she typed her reply. “Fuck you, creepy stranger guy.” She added a smiley face emoticon, and sent her reply.


Alicia woke in a cheerful mood the next morning. Chatting with the stranger had eased her mind. She now believed that he would never contact her again, if she told him that is what she desired. She also realized that ending contact was not what she wanted. Alicia slipped on her white, terry cloth bathrobe, and headed to her kitchen.

The cell phone was on the kitchen counter where she had left it. As she waited for the electric kettle to bring water to a boil for her coffee, Alicia pretended to ignore its existence. She twisted her lips and fidgeted as she impatiently waited for the electric kettle to whistle.

“For fuck’s sake, Alicia. You are an adult, in your own home,” she chuckled out loud and reached for the cell phone, hoping to find a message.

She was disappointed not to find any. Alicia typed a message, “Good morning, asshole,” and sent it.

She poured boiling water into her mug, then, stirred the instant coffee, as she added milk to her cup. The cell phone vibrated. Alicia quickly picked it up and eagerly read the reply.

“Good morning. It is just a hunch, but I gather it is safe for me to assume that you are still very upset with me.”

Alicia chuckled as she brushed her hair away from her face. She replied, “You are a genius.”

A moment later he texted back, “I will reply to any messages you send me today, later this evening. I am afraid you caught me on my way out the door. I leave this cell phone at home. Enjoy your day.” Another message was received as she read. “It pleased me to receive a message from you this morning. You have a very eloquent and charming way with words, by the way.” A smiley face emoticon was at the end of the text.

Alicia laughed out loud. She did not reply. She was satisfied, and a bit relieved, that he had kept his word to her and kept their lines of communication open. For reasons she could not yet explain, the thought of the stranger ignoring her was a bit disappointing to think about.

Alicia's commute to work, work day, and commute home was uneventful. The thrill of having unsuspecting eyes on her body wasn't as intense, or as satisfying as usual. When she arrived at her home, she made her way to her bedroom, sat on her bed, and stared at the cell phone she had placed on her night table. Again, the thought of finding a message excited her. She turned on the phone, and was disappointed. Alicia typed and sent a message. “So, pervert, tell me some of the things you've asked women to do for you.”

She stripped out of her work clothes and put on a pair of shorts and a tank-top. She stretched out on her bed, placed the phone on her belly, and waited. Alicia drifted off to sleep, and was woken by the vibrations of the phone against her belly. She felt the vibrations down to her clit. She gasped at the stimulation, and sat up in her bed. It had gotten dark while Alicia slept; the sun had descended over the horizon. The time displayed on the phone's screen was ten-twenty-two.

She read the reply, “Are you sure you want to know?”

She huffed at his coyness. “Yes, I am a bit curious to know. I won't ever allow you to watch me, so keep it in your pants, creep,” she texted back.

“Very well. Before we continue, I need you to know that I know your first name. I heard someone greet you, and say your name. I do not know any other personal information about you, Alicia. Do you still want to continue communicating with me?”

Alicia wasn’t unsettled in the least at her voyeur confessing to knowing her name. In fact, it sent a slight shiver through her. She wondered what his voice sounded like, how her name would sound as it left his lips. As obscure as that the thought was to Alicia, she felt it brought intimacy to their interaction. 

 “I won't waste my time asking you what your name is. I have no doubt that you won't tell me. And, I could care less if you know my name. Continue,” she typed back.

The stranger replied, “I will satisfy your curiosity. The first task always takes place in a public setting. I might ask her to sit at an outdoor patio, and wait for me to text her instructions.”

Alicia fought the urge to touch herself as she imagined that it was her sitting on the patio, aroused and anxiously waiting for instructions.

“What do you ask them to do? And, being coy is not arousing me, dick. You do nothing for me sexually,” Alicia flat out lied.

“I don't believe you, Alicia. But, I won't breach the subject of your sexual arousal. I might ask them to wear specific articles and colors of clothing, and ask them to lift their skirt for me while seated on the patio.”

“What else?” she texted back.

“Asking them to slowly spread their legs is a must. I allow them the choice to wear panties, and inform them if they are, or are not wearing panties, as proof that I am watching them.”

Alicia brought her knees together; she was determined not to touch herself. “What else?” she asked again.

Her clit throbbed in cadence to the pounding of her heart when she read the next reply. “I might ask them to look straight ahead and remain perfectly still, until I have walked past them and gently brushed my fingertips across their exposed shoulder and up their neck. One play partner confessed to having an orgasm as she waited for, and anticipated my touch.”

Alicia bit her lip and squeezed her legs tighter. “That is hot, I'll give you that. Do you ever watch them when they are in their homes?”

“Of course. They are more than willing to stand in front of a window and masturbate for me, as I watch them from the shadows.”

Alicia bit down harder on her lip, and couldn't stop herself from raising her hips off the mattress. Her juice trickled out of her swollen opening, and over her rosebud. “Do you jerk off while you watch them?” The boldness of her question made her blush.

“No, I do not masturbate, Alicia. I prefer to wait till I am invited into their bedroom. They are aware of that, and are very eager to provide me release once I am with them, in the flesh. They beg me to gift them the seed that I have kept, because of, and exclusively for them.”

Alicia closed her eyes and imagined a silhouette at the foot of her bed. She slowly parted her legs and clawed at the fire that was consuming her. She dug her nails mercilessly into the heart of the fire, and exploded.

When she stopped shaking, she asked, “When was the last time you watched me?”

“Interesting choice of words, Alicia. Watched as opposed to saw? I watched you yesterday.”

Alicia removed her shorts and slid one finger inside her swollen, throbbing pussy. Her body still hummed with stored sexual energy that ached to be released. “Where?” she texted, already knowing what the reply to her question would be.

“You know that I won't tell you that, Alicia.”

Alicia swallowed hard and took a deep breath before she texted the next question, “How long have you been watching me?” She moaned and gathered the nerve to type and send the question that she really wanted to ask, “How long have you been saving your seed for me?”

Alicia closed her eyes and waited for the phone to vibrate.

“Over six weeks,” he replied.

Alicia shut her eyes again, tighter, to stop the room from spinning around her. The fervent hunger to have the stranger watch her as she came for him became an obsession at that instant. For all the times she fantasized and wondered about what went on in the minds of the hundreds of men and women that had stared at her deliberately exposed flesh, she never expected that knowing, and being able to converse with her voyeur, would open a passage-way to a hidden world of new and thrilling sensations, feelings, and sexual arousal of such intensity and wanting.  That world was no longer hidden from Alicia. She wanted to explore it. She also realized that it was much too vast to be taken in with just one glance. He was correct in his assumptions of her. As much as she wanted to keep on hating him, she no longer could.

“You are a liar. I don't believe you,” The words Alicia typed were desperate lies. Knowing he became sexually aroused as he secretly watched and ached for her, and not providing himself release till she allowed him to, edged her closer to another orgasm. She imagined herself willingly offering him a trembling, outstretched hand as she lay back on her bed. Inviting her voyeur to enter her. To take her. To fuck her. So that she could claim and ease his aching need, and, his hot cum that belonged only to her. She didn’t want him to know how she so desperately wanted to experience all he had offered her, and more. Alicia wasn't sure how much longer she could conceal her needs from him. Her need to be watched was slowly approaching the proverbial, point of no return. “Do I make you hard when you see me?” she asked unashamedly.


“Are you hard for me right now?”

“Yes, Alicia. I am certain that you have no doubt that I am very hard for you right now.”

“How far away are you from Yorkdale Mall?” Alicia trembled as she typed the question and tapped the send button. Her need to be watched, and cum for the stranger, had grown too great to deny and hold at bay any longer.

“Thirty minutes, or there abouts.”

“I live ten minutes south of there. I’ll text you my address. Text me when you get here, then look up at my bedroom window. I'll light a candle and place it on the window sill. I want you to watch me. When I extinguish the candle, I want you to leave.”

“It would bring me great pleasure to watch you, Alicia. But, it will have to be on my terms. That, I will never compromise.”

Alicia moaned and squeezed her legs together. She was willing to submit to any demand the stranger made, if it meant she could put herself on display for him. “Name your terms,” she eagerly replied.

“Place a lit candle in your window, stand far enough away so that I cannot see you. When I ask you to, walk to your window, naked, Alicia. You will remain perfectly still until I nod at you. When I nod, you will begin masturbating for me. The second time I nod, you will cease masturbating. Pay attention, and do not look away from me. If you miss my second nod, or do not stop touching yourself, our little game ends and I will leave. Are we clear, Alicia?”

“We are clear,” she texted.

“Thank you. I am on my way to you.”

Alicia removed her tank top and fetched a candle and matches from her kitchen. The thought of being watched by the mysterious stranger as she masturbated, set her mind a whirl and her belly aflutter. She waited in the darkness of her room. Each minute that passed brought with it shivers and gasps of anticipation. The uncontrollable need to cum, while the faceless stranger watched her, was maddening.

The phone vibrated, announcing his arrival. She placed a call to the number that was programmed in the cell phone. Her heart pounded as she waited and wondered if he would answer the call and talk to her. Alicia needed to hear his voice.

He did answer her call.

And to her surprise, he spoke. “Good evening, Alicia.”

His voice sent a sexually charged chill through every nerve in her body. It possessed a hint of gruffness, and Alicia thought she heard a slight growl in his words. She couldn’t place his accent. But that only added to the mystery behind the stranger, and added more heat to the fire raging in-between her legs.

“I like your voice,” was all Alicia could manage to reply.

“Light the candle and I will get out of my car. I’ll stand under the street light and watch you cum for me. That is what you want, isn’t it, Alicia?” There was no mistaking the sexy growl in his voice. She felt his words reverberate between her legs, and in the pit of her belly.

Alicia remained silent, not wanting to admit that she ached for him to watch her as she came.

“Answer me. That is what you want, isn’t it, Alicia?” he sternly asked her once more.

“Yes, I need you to watch me cum for you,” Alicia confessed with a sob.

“Good girl,” he softly replied.

Alicia struck a match, lit the candle, put the phone on speaker, and placed it next to the candle on the window sill. She stepped back far enough away from the window so she could not be seen, but still keep him in the line of her sight. She watched wide eyed as he stepped out of his shiny and black, Cadillac, and leaned against the street light’s metal pole. He was wearing a dark suit, a white shirt and a dark tie. The brim of his Stetson hat kept his face in the shadows, and out of her sight. Alicia strained her eyes to catch the slightest glimpse of his face, to no avail.

The stranger cradled his phone between his shoulder and ear, as he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a Zippo lighter and a pack of smokes. Alicia stared wide eyed as the light of the flame illuminated, and danced across his face. The brim of the hat concealed the top half of his face. All she caught was a glimpse of his upper lip down to his chin. He sported a neatly trimmed, silver goatee. Alicia moaned in lament at being denied even a fleeting glance at his full face. He drew a deep drag on the cigarette, and let the blue smoke slowly out of his lungs. He lifted his head as he took a step backward, out of the street light’s illumination. All Alicia could make out was the silhouette of a tall, broad shouldered, well-dressed man wearing a hat.

Her heart skipped a beat as he slowly lifted his head and looked up at the flickering light in the window.

“Reveal yourself to me, Alicia,” he ordered. The tone of his voice was gentle, but it demanded obedience.

Alicia clenched her fists, took a deep breath and walked towards the window on unsteady legs. Her juice seeped out and trickled down the insides of her thighs, with each beat her heart pounded out. When she reached the window, the air felt as if it was punched out of her lungs as she exhaled. Her breathing became ragged and deep. Her chest heaved with a desperate need. She remained stock-still, inches away from the window that framed her nakedness for the stranger’s voyeuristic pleasure.

“You are much lovelier naked than I have imagined, Alicia,” he softly panted.

Alicia moaned and bit her lip. She could feel the nameless stranger devour her body with his steely stare. Her clit hummed to the electric tingle of a million pin pricks. Her arousal increased with every aching second that she had to wait for, and anticipate, his nod.

There was an unashamed plea in her wide eyed and focused stare. It was a silent, desperate begging for the stranger to nod. He took another long drag from the cigarette. The glow of the fire orange tip lit up the grin on his shadowy face.

He nodded at her.

A rush of relief washed over her as she brought both her hands to her slit. The fingers of one hand parted her swollen lips, while the fingers of her other hand rubbed feverishly over her clit and inner folds.

She remembered his instructions ‘Pay attention, and do not look away from me. If you miss my second nod, our little perverted game ends.’

She stared with more focused intensity at the well-dressed man in the shadows, and mouthed, ‘I won’t take my eyes off you.’

Her left leg began to shake violently, signaling an orgasm was near. She pressed her breasts and chest against the window to steady herself, as her fingers pinched and twisted at her throbbing pussy and clit, with an urgency and need that frightened her. She was close to erupting. Alicia pressed her forehead against the glass. Her eyes wide and struggling to keep their focus on the beautiful stranger that was providing her sexual bliss on a level that she never knew existed, or could have ever imagined, if not for him.

“Watch me cum for you! Please!” Alicia desperately begged through the glass.

She felt his steely gaze locked on her desperate and wild eyes. Alicia’s mouth flew open. Her body shook and bounced against the cool glass that was holding her body upright, and keeping her from collapsing to the floor.

He nodded a second time.

Alicia’s hands flew upwards; she slammed them hard against the window’s frame. She rode out her orgasm as she dug her fingers into the wooden frame, and pressed her body harder against the cool glass. Her gaze desperately locked on the beautiful stranger that was watching her from the other side of the light.

“He’s watching me cum,” her own voice boomed like a distant echo in her head.

Bright lights flashed in front of her eyes. Another orgasm quickly peaked and detonated from her core. It was short, powerful, and made her teeth rattle.

Condensation from her breath and body heat had gathered on the window where her hot flesh and steamy, ragged breath met cool glass. Alicia slowly recovered control of her senses. She smiled warmly at the beautiful stranger. When she realized how improbable it had been for her to even have imagined masturbating for the anonymous author of the note, she covered her mouth with both her hands and laughed at what had just transpired between them. Alicia giggled, and blew the stranger a two handed kiss.

He stepped out into the pool of light that the street light shone on the sidewalk, lowered his head and removed his hat, then ran his fingers through his salt and pepper hair, brushing it back and away from his face. He slowly lifted his head and half grinned. Alicia gasped, and placed both her hands on the glass, as stared wide eyed and slack jawed as he revealed his face to her. He winked at her, and placed his hat back upon his head.

“You are fucking gorgeous,” she purred. “Thank you.”

The stranger tipped his hat and vanished from Alicia's sight, behind the tinted windows of the Cadillac.

“Wait!” Alicia exclaimed in a panic as he shut the door of his vehicle. “What do I call you?”

The vehicle came to life, its headlights cut through the darkness that had cloaked him, and lit up the street and sidewalk. He calmly and coolly replied to Alicia, “S. You may call me S. For now.” And he drove off into the night.

Alicia giggled, “Sweet dreams, S for now.”

The stranger softly growled, as Alicia watched his taillights disappear into the night, “Sweet dreams, Alicia.”