I, Dominus: Meet Gil Part 2 of 3

Info Gil Renard
30 Oct. '17

Jessica and Heather left the gym after their workout and headed for the coffee shop. Heather had asked Jessica if she could talk to her, girl to girl. They were in Jessica’s car, in the coffee shop parking lot.

“Everything alright?” Jessica asked.

“Yes. I need a favor from you, Jess,” Heather replied with flushed cheeks.

“Anything, name it,” Jessica replied when she saw her friend struggling.

“I want to try, you know, what you did,” Heather finally got the words out.

“Heather! Are you serious?” Jessica exclaimed in excitement and disbelief.

Heather snickered and nodded.

“W-what brought this on?” Jessica asked, still not believing what Heather had asked.

“Not sure. Many things I guess. It’s not like I have never thought of sleeping with someone else,” Heather replied.

Jessica smiled and pumped her fist, “Yes! How can I help?”

“Eh-hem, would you be okay with introducing me to Gil? Or am I way out of line?” She asked as she turned in her seat to face Jessica.

“Are you kidding me? I’m more than okay with it!” Jessica bounced in her seat as she replied, “It’ll be just like college. Another notch in our lipstick cases. What’s that song? We loved it in college.”

“Pat Benatar? Hit Me With Your Best Shot?” Heather replied.

“Yes! I love that song!” Jessica squealed and they both started to sing the chorus.

They laughed and reminisced about their college adventures.

“Shit, look at the time,” Jessica announced, started her car and chuckled, “I’ll ask Gil if he’s up to pleasing another frustrated, almost middle aged woman.”

They looked at each other and burst out laughing at Jessica’s comment.

Jessica rolled down her window and screamed out, “My girlfriend is going to experience multiple, mind blowing orgasms!” as she pulled out on to the road.

“Jessica!” Heather burst out laughing. 


I ordered a scotch, neat, at ten minutes to noon. I had arrived early at the hotel and checked in to my room. My cock was semi hard already. I was looking forward to putting Heather through her paces.

At noon, sharp, Heather approached the bar and spotted me. I had taken a seat at the end of the bar, my profile visible to anyone that approached. She gasped when she spotted me. In an instant, what she was about to do, became real. Up until that moment, it had been a fantasy, a mystery man, thoughts of dirty sex, unknowns; all of it was in her mind. Now, seeing me in the flesh, it had become a reality, and soon to be part of her past, part of her.

She took a deep breath patted her short dress down and greeted me as she approached.

"Hello, Gil," a shaky voice called out to me.

I turned to look at her and smiled as my eyes roamed over every, sexy millimeter of her fine body, "You look lovely, Heather," I grinned as I stood up. "Let's, shall we?" I asked and offered her my arm.

Her face flushed red, as she hooked her arm in mine, and walked beside me in a trance like state. I led her to the elevators; we rode up to the sixteenth floor in silence. I felt her jump at the sound of the electronic ping announcing we had reached our floor.

When we got to the room, I handed her the electronic key. She looked at me as she grabbed the card key.

"He's definitely hot, and scary sexy, Jessica wasn't exaggerating," Heather thought to herself and tried in vain to ignore the butterflies in her stomach and the nervous quiver in her body.

She swiped the lock and pushed the door open. She looked back up at me and hesitated an instant, before she entered the room.

"Fuck, this is really going to happen!" she thought to herself.

I followed her inside and let the door swing shut.

"Please take the lipstick out of your purse and place it on the bed, next to my rope," I casually ordered as I undid my tie.

Heather swallowed hard and fumbled in her purse as she made her way to the bedroom. She felt fear, mixed with a rush of excitement, when she saw the ropes neatly coiled and laid out on the bed. She placed the lipstick next to the rope with a shaky hand.

"Disrobe," I ordered, the sharp edge in my voice left no doubt that she had no choice in the matter.

She nodded and nervously slid the straps of her short, red dress down her arms. I sat in the recliner and watched her slip her dress off. How hard her heart was beating was visible in the veins in her neck. She closed her eyes as she pushed the dress down and over her hips, and stepped out of it.

She had a truly lovely body. Her large breasts sagged ever so slightly. Her hips had a subtle flare, in perfect proportion to her waist and legs. And, the dirty little slut had recently shaved her cunt.

"Come," I ordered.

She crossed her hands across her pubic area and walked to me.

"Turn around."

She gasped and turned around. I remained silent for a few minutes, keeping her in suspense as to what would happen next.

"Bend over and spread your ass."

She flinched at my words and hesitated. She now understood what Jessica meant: as crude as what I said sounded, it was super sexy.

"Now," I said in a stern tone.

She nodded and slowly bent over, placed her hands on her ass cheeks and spread them for me.

I slapped her cunt hard with an upward swing of my hand.

Her knees buckled and she winced in pain as her hands left her ass and covered her cunt.

"Stay bent over and keep your ass spread for me," I snarled.

She nodded and assumed the position again. Her cunt was still stinging from the blow.

"Both your holes look like they haven't been properly used in ages. Is that why you're here, Heather?" I grinned as I asked the question.

Heather moaned, "Yes."

I slapped her cunt hard again. "Sir."

She winced, held in a cry and sobbed, "Yes, Sir."

"On your hands and knees," I barked at her as I stood up from the recliner.

She immediately obeyed; her cunt was still stinging, she didn't want it hit again.

I pushed her head to the floor with my foot. She turned her head and I held it pinned tight to the carpet.

"Do you have any doubts about your place, for the remainder of our time together?" I calmly asked her.

"No, Sir," she replied as I put more pressure on her head.

"Good. If you behave and obey me, I'll make sure both your holes look like a dirty, two bit whore's, after I am finished with you."

I grinned down at her and took my foot off her head. The word 'whore', made her wetter. She felt shame at being aroused by being degraded.

I reached down, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up to her feet. When she was upright, I kept pulling her hair upwards and watched her dance.

"Ow-ow-ow-ow," Heather yelped as she danced on her toes.

"You've got big tits, Heather. I love watching big tits, jiggle and bounce," I growled in to her ear and smacked one of her bouncing breasts.

"Fuuuckowwww!" she squealed.

I led her to the bed and pushed her face in to the mattress. “Spread your whore cunt,” I growled and kicked her legs apart.

“Fuuuuck,” Heather softly moaned. If any of what she was feeling was shame, she didn’t recognize it. The filthy words almost made her cum. She reached around with both hands and spread her whore cunt.

I ran my fingertips over her slit, “You’re fucking soaked, whore,” I calmly stated and slid two fingers deep inside her.

“Ohhhhhhyeeees!” she gasped, and rocked her hips.

At that moment, Heather thought of the countless times her husband tested her wetness with one fingertip. The countless times she had secretly wished he would plunge all four fingers inside her and make her scream.

“More, put more in,” she begged.

“Hmmm, you’re a special kind of whore, aren’t you, Heather?” I teased her and withdrew my fingers from her slick hole.

“Ohhhhhhpleeeease!” she pleaded, the ache inside her reverberated in her words.

“You’ve yet to earn anything,” I grinned and slapped her firm, round ass. I slapped her cheeks again, “Ohplease what?” I snarled.

“Ohhhhhhpleeeease, Sir!” she panted her plea.

“Slut,” I growled and forced two fingers in her gorgeous ass.

The unexpected penetration of her ass caused her entire body to stiffen. A low groan gurgled in her throat. She was shocked by the sudden pain and burning sensation in her ass. I pulled my fingers out of her and spit on her pink, puckered hole and pushed three fingers in her ass.

She had braced herself for another attack on her ass. This time, it didn’t hurt her as much. The sensation of having her ass stretched and finger fucked was pleasant. She relaxed and let the feeling wash over her.

“Stand up,” I ordered and pulled my fingers out of her.

She obeyed immediately. I reached for a rope and uncoiled it. I turned her around roughly by her hair and pulled her wrists behind her back. Heather was in a daze. Her cunt was on fire and dripping. When her wrists were bound, I turned her around and reached between her legs to grab the running ends of the rope. I gripped her face and squeezed, as I pulled on the rope and let it slip in between her slit. I pulled on the rope till she lifted herself up on her toes.

I shoved the rope in her mouth and growled, “Bite it, keep it tight between your cunt lips." 

Heather nodded, she was eager to please me and experience dirtier, vile acts on her body.

I grabbed another rope and stood in front of her, “Fuck my rope, whore,” I grinned at her.

She nodded and began to pump her hips. The first sensations of the rope digging in to her soaked folds and clit sent a shiver through her. Her clit felt as if electricity was being conducted through it and shot through her, from head to toes.

I watched, smiling, in silence for a moment.

“Don’t stop, no matter what I do to you, whore,” I said, and lashed out at her big, soft tits with the rope.

Heather bit down harder on the rope and jumped back, “Uhhhhhhn!” She let out a muffled cry.

I stuck her tits harder with the rope; she lowered her head and grimaced in pain.

“Keep the rope tight on your cunt, whore!” I snarled and pulled her head back by her hair.

She nodded and whimpered as she pumped her hips again. I whipped the rope across both her tits. Heather shut her eyes tight and let the pain and pleasure wash over her. Each strike on her tits heightened her arousal. The stinging pain gave way to a soothing heat. Soon she was eagerly awaiting the bite of the rope on her tits and the sweet heat between her legs that was edging her closer to an orgasm.

I kept whipping her tits and kept an eye on the quiver that was building in her legs. Her knees had buckled a few times. Up to that moment, she had managed to regain control and remain standing. I knew she couldn’t hold off from cumming much longer. And I knew how intense the release was going to rip through her. My cock twitched at the thought of her losing control of her body and senses.

I whipped her tits one more time and Heather threw her head back, the rope slipped through her teeth and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. I wrapped her in my arms and held on tight to her. A quick gasp escaped her lips and her body convulsed, shaking violently. I squeezed her tighter. Her knees gave out, I lifted her off the ground and held her suspended in mid-air as she came hard.

“That’s it, cum just for me, my beautiful whore. You were born for this. Look at how hard you cum when I treat you like a two bit whore. You fucking love being degraded and used,” I whispered in her ear.

When she stopped shaking, I untied her wrists and laid her on the bed. I stripped out of my suit, grabbed her by the ankles, and dragged her ass to the edge of the bed. My cock was fully erect and throbbing hard. Heather glared at my hands gripping her ankles. I grinned at her as I spit on the tip of my cock and aimed it at her pink asshole. When she saw the size and thickness of my cock, her eyes widened. She threw her head back, arched her back, and screamed out as I thrust my cock in to her tight ass.

I released her ankles and grabbed her wrists. I gripped the first two fingers of both her hands and shoved them in her cunt.

“Hold that filthy, whore cunt of yours spread wide for me. I want to look inside you while I fuck your ass,” I ordered with a snarl.

“Ohhhhhhhyes, I’ll stretch my whore cunt as wide as you want. Fuck my ass hard,” she thought to herself.

The filthy talk was an aphrodisiac for her. She never would have thought that it could excite her to the degree she was experiencing. She pulled her cunt open for me and looked me in the eyes. I spit on her cunt and watched it seep inside her.

I spread her legs wider and started to fuck her ass, pulling out and stabbing back in. Each time my pelvis crashed on to her ass, her tits bounced on her chest. I pinched her nipples between my thumb and the middle knuckle of my index finger. Thrust in her ass and pulled on her nipples. Heather cried out, I didn’t stop the assault on her ass or nipples.

“Keep that cunt spread wide, whore!” I growled as I twisted her nipples.

“Owwwww! Yes, Sir! I’ll do anything for Sir!” she replied through the mind numbing pain and pleasure.

I picked up the pace and force of my cock pounding her ass, and yanked on her nipples each time my cock was fully buried in her slutty ass. Heather started to moan and thrash her head. The slut was close to cumming again. I released her nipples and slid both hands to her cunt. I pinched her clit and ground it hard against her pelvic bone as I shoved four fingers inside her.

Heather almost lost consciousness when her second orgasm hit her. This time, her body stayed frozen still. I felt a gush of hot liquid spew from inside her and flow over my cock. Her cunt clamped down on my fingers and squeezed them for a long minute. When she finally was able to suck air back in to her lungs, her cunt relaxed its grip in my fingers.

Her arms fell limp at her sides, her legs dangled motionless over the bed. I pulled my cock out of her ass; she barely winced at the quick withdrawal of my hot meat from inside her. I slapped her face and shocked her back to the moment.

“I’m not done with you yet, whore,” I snarled.

Heather looked up at me and nodded.

“Anything thing you want, my beautiful Sir,” she softly moaned.

“My cock wants your whore mouth,” I grinned at her as I pointed to floor.

She nodded again and crawled off the bed on rubbery legs and arms. She knelt before me and stared at my rock hard cock with hunger in her eyes.

“Now, show me how grateful you are that I treated you like the whore you are. Suck and lick your ass off my cock,” I ordered.

Heather smiled, grabbed my cock with both her hands and kissed the head. She licked the entire length of my shaft down to the balls. She stroked my cock as she licked my balls and gently sucked them in to her warm mouth. She opened her mouth wide and slid it over my cock. When the head hit the back of her throat; she pushed her face forward and took it deep down her throat.

I moaned at the sensation of my cock in her warm tight throat. Her hands roamed over my muscular chest. She slid them over my flat, ripped belly and around to my ass. Her nails dug in to me as she pulled me deeper in to her throat. She quickly pulled her mouth off my cock and took a deep, raspy breath.

I grabbed her hair and made her look at me.

“Grab my cock with your left hand and suck my cock till I cum in your whore mouth. Keep your eyes on your wedding ring. I don’t want any doubt in your mind as to how big of a whore you are,” I snarled, and pushed her mouth on my cock.

Heather’s clit tingled at my words. She loved being called a whore and being degraded.

“The dirtier, the better,” she thought to herself and began to suck my cock.

“Fuuuuuck!” I growled as I threw my head back and emptied my balls in to Heather’s waiting mouth.

She smiled to herself and kept sucking my cock long after the last of my cum left my balls. I grabbed the lipstick that she had placed on the bed.

“Keep sucking, whore. I want to leave you a reminder of our time together,” I grinned at her.

I brushed her hair off her forehead and wrote on it. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and wrote across her cheeks.

“We’re done. Don’t look in a mirror till I leave,” I coldly ordered her as I got dressed and collected my belongings.

Heather was anxious and excited to know what I had written on her face. Heather excitedly called out to me, just as I had exited the bedroom, “Thank you, Sir!”

“The session is over, Heather. Call me Gil.” I looked over my shoulder, grinned at her and answered, “You are welcome, Heather.”

When Heather heard the door lock, she jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom. Her heart pounded with excitement to learn what I had written on her face. She closed her eyes and felt her way to the mirror. She took a deep breath, exhaled and slowly opened her eyes. A big grin slowly formed on her face. Her forehead had the word ‘Sir’s’ in red letters written on it. Her right cheek had the letters ‘CU’ and on her left check ‘NT’ completed the word.

“Yes, I am Sir’s Cunt, and I’ll be as filthy as you want me to be,” she giggled to herself.

My phone vibrated, Heather had texted me a few minutes after I had left, “When may I be Sir’s Cunt again, Gil?”

I smiled to myself and put the phone back in my jacket pocket.

Making her wait, with no idea of what would happen next, would only serve to heighten her next experience.