I, Dominus: Meet Gil Part 3 of 3

Info Gil Renard
30 Oct. '17

Jessica called Heather early Saturday morning. Heather was up before her husband and kids, as usual. She excitedly answered the call, as she made her way to the laundry room in the basement.

“Hello,” she answered in a dry emotionless voice, toying with her friend.

“Fuck the hellos! Spill it!” Jessica chuckled in to the phone.

Heather replied as a giant grin formed on her face, “Two words, Jessica. Multiple, mind blowing orgasms,” Heather teased.

“EEEK!” Jessica whispered her squeal, “Told you! Details, give me all the dirty details, you slut!” She snickered.

“I will, but not now. And, I promise not to leave anything out,” Heather giggled.

“Ohhh, you better not,” Jessica snickered.

I picked up my phone off the kitchen counter and launched the text app. I had just finished breakfast and put the dishes and pans in the dishwasher. I added Heather and Jessica to the recipients of the text message.

“Both of you. Friday. My place. Noon sharp,” I smiled to myself as I hit send.

“I just got a text from Gil!” They whispered to each other at the same time.

Jessica spoke first, “Holy fuck!” She whispered to Heather, “What do we do?”

Heather was rubbing her pussy; the text had set off fireworks in her mind. She ached to be used and made to feel dirty again.

“What do you think, Jess? I’m in. It’ll be fun. Just like our college days. When we brought boys over and watched each other,” Heather said in a mischievous tone.

“Ohhh, fuck! This is so hot! I’m in too, Heather! We better reply fast, you know how Gil doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

I received confirmation from both of them.

“Beautiful sluts,” I smiled to myself.


They took Heather’s car to drive to my house. Neither one of them spoke much. Butterflies in their stomachs and intermittent shivers made up most of the nerve racking drive.

"You nervous?" Jessica asked Heather just as she killed the engine.

"God yes! It feels like there's a rollercoaster in my stomach," Heather replied and exhaled hard.

"Me too! But I need this so badly," Jessica whined.

"Whew! I need this also, Jess. It's now or never," Heather replied.

"Okay, let's do this. I just felt a twinge in my lady parts," Jessica snickered.

They nervously walked up the stairs of my porch and giggled to each other as Jessica rang my doorbell.

I opened the door. They were dressed identical, low cut, pink, summer dresses and pink stilettos. Each had their hair in a ponytail, blood red lipstick, and the same dark, blue mascara.

“Nice touch,” I thought to myself and grinned.

Both of them smiled back, they realized I approved and appreciated their effort.

“Please, come in,” I smiled.

They each got up on their toes and kissed my cheek as they walked past me. They eagerly and nervously followed me to the basement.

“Get out of your clothes,” I ordered.

Jessica and Heather obeyed quickly; they kicked off the shoes and stepped out of their dresses. Neither of them had a bra or panties on.

“Face each other, hands behind your head.”

They couldn’t help but smile as they stood naked in front of each other. I walked up behind Jessica, slid my hands over her small breasts, and roughly massaged them. Jessica moaned at my rough touch. I slid one hand to Jessica’s pussy and spread it. She was very wet and hot. I slipped my thumb in to her and rolled it inside. Her thick, slick juice covered my thumb.

"Dirty, Jessica, you are a very dirty girl. Your cunt is leaking already," I growled in to her ear.

"Sorry, Sir," she panted.

“Open your mouth, whore,” my words were directed at the wide eyed Heather. I slid my thumb in to her mouth, “Eat your friend’s cunt juice.”

Heather didn’t hesitate. She eagerly sucked Jessica’s musky, tart liquid off my thumb and swallowed it. I walked around and stood behind Heather. Pulled her head back by the hair and slapped her large breasts. Jessica gasped and jumped with a start at the loud smack that filled the room. Heather moaned and let the hot sting in her breast fuel her arousal.

I slapped her other breast, “Your friend is a bit of a pain slut,” I grinned at Jessica.

Jessica nodded and watched my hand strike another blow on her friend’s ample breast.

“On your knees,” I ordered.

They obeyed quickly, hands still behind their heads, “Good sluts,” I growled as I positioned myself between them, my crotch only inches away from Heather's face.

I took off my shorts, looked down at Heather and growled, “Suck.”

She eagerly opened her mouth and took my semi-hard cock in to her mouth, rolling her tongue over the head and shaft. She felt my cock twitch, and grow longer and thicker. When Heather had found her cock sucking rhythm, I looked over my shoulder, down at Jessica.

“Spread my ass and eat it,” I growled at her.

Both of them gasped at the same time. Jessica spread my ass cheeks and began to kiss, lick and suck my ass.

“Fuck! Good whores!” I rumbled in a low voice as I threw my head back.

Heather and Jessica were pleased at being called ‘Good whores’. I pulled Heather’s mouth off my cock and turned around. There was no need to tell them what to do. They hungrily attacked my cock and ass for a few more minutes.

“Filthy whores,” I grinned as I stepped out from between them, “Suck my cock and ass off your tongues,” I spat the order at them.

Heather and Jessica smiled nervously at each other, and slowly leaned towards each other’s parted mouths. They kissed, slowly and teasingly, for my viewing pleasure, and their own lustful need. Long, low moans and gasps, gurgled deep in their throats. The sluts were enjoying kissing. Jessica opened her mouth wide and sent her tongue probing in to Heather’s. Heather willing accepted the offer, and sucked on Jessica's cock and ass flavored tongue.

Jessica moaned and pulled her tongue out of Heather’s warm mouth. Heather immediately offered her tongue to her friend. The kiss escalated in intensity and passion. I watched on as they became more aroused by their kiss.

I grabbed them both by the hair and pulled them apart. Both of them moaned in disapproval. I pulled Jessica to her feet by the hair, and pulled her arms behind her back. I grabbed the cloth sack filled with ropes off the coffee table, and spilled the coiled ropes at Jessica’s feet.

Jessica would be first to be bound. She would spend the rest of the session in a ground tie. I tied her arms behind her back, and weaved two ropes in to a chest harness, tight, around her torso. I eased her on to the floor and tied her legs, individually, each bent at the knee, with her heels tight against the back of her thighs. I kneeled in between her legs, placed my hands on her knees and slowly pulled them apart.

“Keep your legs spread wide,” I grinned at her and slapped her dripping cunt.

“Owww!” Jessica yelped, “Yes, Sir. I will.”

Heather licked her dry lips and swallowed hard. She remembered the sting of my hand on her cunt. She had liked it, and had enjoyed watching her friend’s cunt being slapped.

I bound Heather in two, weight bearing harnesses. One harness around her chest and the other around her hips and legs. She would spend the rest of the session suspended. Her tits were perfect for rope - big, soft and firm. The rope bit deep in to her soft flesh, and made it swell beautifully. I fondled and sucked on each of her large breasts. Heather moaned when I bit her nipple.

“Turn around, slut,” I ordered.

Heather turned and stood perfectly still.

I tied a rope to the chest harness, and another to the hip harness. I wanted her in a floor facing suspension. I pulled both ropes through the suspension ring. Lifted Heather off her feet, by the chest harness, and tied the rope off. I bound Heather’s legs, just like Jessica’s. Legs folded and heels against the back of her thighs.

I pulled the rope that was attached to the hip harness, when her body was parallel to the floor, I tied it off. Heather moaned and let her head dangle in mid-air. I dragged Jessica by her bound legs and positioned her under Heather. Face to cunt.

“You sluts enjoyed kissing each other so much. Let’s see how much you enjoy eating each other,” I grinned as I untied a rope and lowered Heather’s face just out of reach of Jessica’s cunt.

I teased them for a bit, “Lift your cunt, Jessica. Heather looks eager to taste you,” I grinned.

“Uhhhhnnnfuuuuuck!” Jessica moaned in agony as she tried to lift her hips closer to Heather’s eager mouth.

I enjoyed their lust fueled struggle for a few minutes, and lowered Heather, her mouth landed on Jessica’s pussy. They both moaned out loud when mouth met pussy. Heather lapped and sucked with fervor. Jessica ground her hips in Heather’s face.

“Ohhhhhhhfuuuuck! I’m so close! Don’t stop eating my cunt!” Jessica begged.

Heather bit in to Jessica’s swollen, soaked mound. Her own pussy was on fire. She hadn’t hesitated to dive in between her best friend’s parted legs. The thought of making her best friend cum, made her head spin. So dirty. So sexy. So fucking hot.

I pulled Heather’s mouth away from Jessica. The both thrashed about and screamed out in frustration, “Nooooo! Pleeeeease!”

I lowered Heather’s cunt to Jessica’s mouth by letting the rope attached to her hip harness slip.

“Yes!” Heather gasped and braced herself for Jessica’s mouth.

Jessica didn’t disappoint. She hungrily sucked on Heather’s wet, hot cunt. Licked at her clit and sent her tongue deep in to her best friend’s hot hole. Heather began to quiver after a few seconds. She snapped her head back and shut her eye’s tight as an intense shock wave washed over her.

“Uhhhhhhnnnnnn!” She cried out.

Her body convulsed and her insides quivered as her orgasm peaked. Jessica didn’t let up with her mouth. Her best friend was cumming, and she was so incredibly aroused at being the cause of it.

“Ohhh, that was so fucking good,” Heather purred.

I pulled the rope and lifted Heather off Jessica’s mouth. Then lowered Heather back in between Jessica’s legs.

“Nnnnnghhhnnn! Yes! Eat me!” Jessica encouraged Heather.

Heather picked up where she had left off. She sucked Jessica in to her mouth, nibbled and licked at Jessica’s swollen clit. A few licks and Jessica thrashed on the floor as she came. I placed my foot on the back of Heather's head, and pushed her face in to Jessica's quivering pussy.

"Ohhhhhfuuuuuuck!" Jessica cried out.

"Keep sucking on your friend's cunt. I'll tell you when to stop," I sternly said to Heather.

I waited and watched for Jessica to edge closer to another orgasm, when she was a close; I took my foot off Heather's head and yanked it from in between Jessica's legs.

Jessica bit her lip and pleaded in agony, "Pleeeeease, Sir!”

I licked Jessica's juice off Heather's mouth and grinned, "Delicious, isn't she?"

Heather nodded her head and licked her lips.

I positioned myself over Jessica, my feet at either side of her head. Heather's ass was lined up with my crotch.

“You want to watch me fuck Heather’s ass, don’t you, whore?” I grinned at Jessica.

“Mmmm, Yes, Sir! Fuck her slutty ass good, and let me suck your cum out of it,” Jessica begged.

Heather moaned out loud. She couldn’t wait to be ass fucked and have her friend suck on her asshole. A shiver shot through her. How fucking dirty, her best friend watching her ass get fucked, and then have the cum sucked out of her.

“Sooo fucking dirty,” Heather moaned out loud.

“You like dirty, don’t you, whore?” I snarled at Heather.

Heather moaned and nodded.

I slide three fingers in Heather and rubbed her slick juice over the swollen head of my cock. I grabbed my greased cock, aimed it at her asshole and pushed the head inside her.

Heather inhaled and held her breath. I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me, I forced the rest of my cock’s length in her ass.

“Ohhhhhhfuuuuuck!” Heather grimaced as her ass adjusted to having my thick meat inside it.

I started my assault on Heather’s tight ass. Driving in her. Holding the full length of my cock inside her for a few seconds, pulling it out, and stabbing it back inside. Slowly and rhythmically, I picked up the pace and intensity of my thrusts. Heather became more vocal the harder I fucked her ass. Her moans, groans and grunts were getting louder.

Jessica licked her lips as she watched my cock disappear in to her friend and reappear, at increasingly quicker intervals. She couldn’t get enough of watching my balls swing in their sack. The smacking sound of my balls slapping against Heather's dripping slit filled the room.

My balls began to tighten; I was close to blowing my load.

“Fuuuck!” I growled out loud and pulled Heather to me.

I exploded and emptied my balls deep in Heather’s ass. Heather shivered and moaned as my hot cum splashed around inside her. I slowly pulled my cock out and reached to untie the rope attached to her hip harness. I lowered Heather’s cum filled ass to Jessica’s mouth.

“Mmmm, yes. Give me Sir’s cum!” Jessica purred to her friend.

Jessica eagerly sucked on Heather’s gaping asshole. Heather pushed my cum out of her ass, it plopped, in thick, stringy gobs, in to Jessica’s mouth.

Jessica caught and swallowed every drop of cum as it flowed out of Heather. She sucked on her friend’s gaping hole long after it was empty.

I lowered Heather to the floor and positioned her next to Jessica. I untied their legs and extended them with care. Heather and Jessica were watching me closely. Eagerly anticipating what depraved, vile act I had in store for them.

I left them for a moment, went to my bedroom and returned with a heavy flogger. Their eyes widened when the saw what I had returned with. I grinned.

I started with Jessica. The flogger landed on her tits, she yelped. I whipped at her tits again, this time she screamed and began to sob. I whipped the flogger between her legs. She rolled on to her side and squeezed her legs tight. I flogged her ass, four quick strikes in a row.

I looked at Heather; she had stared wide eyed, at the flogger biting in to her friend’s flesh. I placed my foot on Jessica’s shoulder and rolled her on to her stomach. I kept my foot between her shoulder blades, to keep her still, and struck her ass. A nice red glow appeared on Jessica's flesh.

I rolled her on to her back and spread her legs. She had been denied an orgasm early. I inserted three fingers in her cunt. She moaned and pushed her hips off the floor. I started to finger fuck her. Pulling my fingers completely out, and punching them back inside her. When I felt her cunt tighten, I folded my thumb in to my hand and slipped all four fingers, and thumb, as far as her cunt would allow. The maximum stretch of her cunt triggered her orgasm. She thrashed and bucked her hips for an instant, then drove her ass in to the floor, and came on my hand.

"Thank you, Sir," Jessica panted.

I slowly made my way to Heather. She looked at me and smiled, then rolled herself on to her stomach.

“As hard as, Sir pleases,” She gasped and took a deep breath in preparation of the flogging she was going to receive.

“At your service,” I snarled at her and whipped her ass cheeks.

“Uhhh!” The gasp sounded like it was punched out of her lungs.

I struck her again, harder, “Fuck!” She gasped and shut her eyes tight.

She took twenty hard strikes, before I heard her sob. I rolled her on to her back. I smiled at her as I flogged her big tits. She bit her lip and held her breath. I struck her breasts again. Red, thick streaks marked her pale, soft flesh. I struck her breasts ten more times and landed a final blow between her legs.

Heather cried out in agony, tears ran out of the corner of her eyes, and to her surprise, she came again.

“Such a dirty whore,” I smiled at her once she had stopped shaking.

“Thank you, Sir,” she panted through clenched teeth.

I untied them and allowed them to rub their wrists and sooth there hot flesh for a few minutes. I took a seat on the couch and made them crawl on their hands and knees to me. They were very eager to please me. I slide my ass to the end of the couch and spread my legs wide.

“Suck me together,” I ordered sternly.

Jessica and Heather kissed, licked and stroked my cock in unison. It took no time at all for me to reach full hardness. They alternated sucking and throat fucking my cock. They smiled at each other whenever their eyes met. Jessica held my cock at its base, and watched as Heather licked and kissed the swollen, purple head. She joined in on the licking. I watched, with great pleasure, as two tongues licked my cock. I got more aroused as I watched their tongues touch, as they battled for cock.

Jessica pulled my cock away from Heather’s mouth, and giggled as Heather pouted. She leaned to Heather and kissed her. They broke the kiss and went back to work on my cock.

I interrupted the sucking by slapping Jessica across her cheek. She gasped and immediately brought her hands to her laps and lowered her head.

“Is my cock a toy, Jessica?” I calmly asked her in a stern voice.

“No, Sir,” she quickly replied.

“Why did you treat it such?”

“I am very sorry, Sir. I do know better. Your cock is to be worshipped; we are only here to pleasure you and your beautiful cock. May I continue to properly pleasure Sir, and worship your cock?” Jessica humbly asked.

I looked at Heather, she had placed her hands on her lap also, but, she was looking directly at me. What her eyes were begging for was unmistakable. I slapped her across the cheek. She lowered her head and moaned softly. For an instant, she wasn’t sure how she felt about being struck. As the sting in her cheek slowly gave way to heat, she had no doubt that she liked the new experience.

“Is that what you wanted, whore?” I calmly asked her.

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir,” She replied.

“Continue,” I sternly ordered.

Jessica deep throated me till my balls were ready to be emptied again. Just before I exploded, she grabbed Heather’s head, pulled her own mouth off my cock, and replaced it with Heather’s.

Heather kept sucking my cock as it twitched and spewed cum. She remained motionless, looking at me, waiting for permission to share the cum she collected in her mouth, with Jessica. I grinned and nodded. Heather grabbed Jessica’s face and tilted her head back. Making sure I had a clear line of sight, as she slowly spit out half of her mouthful of cum in to Jessica’s mouth. They both turned to look at me and swallowed. They opened their mouths and showed me they had swallowed every drop.

I nodded my approval, got off the couch and made my way to Heather’s purse. I reached in a grabbed her lipstick.

“Come,” I ordered.

They stood up and quickly came to me.

I wrote ‘Sir’s’ across Heather’s navel, and ‘Cunts’ across Jessica’s.

“The session is over, you may leave,” I grinned to myself as I spoke the words and made my way up the stairs.

Heather and Jessica admired and giggled at the writing. They quickly got dressed and made their way to my front door, where I was waiting for them. They kissed me on the cheek and said, “Thank you, Gil.”

“You both are most welcome,” I replied and opened the door.

They drove away, satisfied and feeling well used, in silence.

Jessica broke the silence, “I hurt all over.”

“Me too. My ass is on fire. His cock is so thick,” Heather snickered, “But, I can't wait to see Gil again."

Jessica blushed and asked, “With me?”

Heather cleared her throat and answered, “Yes.”

“Who’s going to text Gil to ask? Is it too soon to text right now,” Jessica snickered.

Heather chuckled and replied, “Let’s wait at least twenty four hours. I need time for my ass to heal; besides, we don’t want Gil to think we’re too desperate.”

Jessica laughed, "Like he doesn't know that already," and asked, “Do you think we should talk about… You know?” Hinting at the sex they had eagerly engaged in with each other.

“I'm sure we will,” Heather smiled.

Jessica grinned and asked, "Did you like it?"

A smile slowly formed on Heather's lips, "Yes, very much."

“Me too! It reminds me of that song you hate, Heather,” Jessica replied with mischief in her voice.

“Fuck! Don’t you dare sing it, Jess. I fucking hate that song!” Heather replied quickly and very seriously.

Jessica kept teasing Heather, “C’mon, just once.”

“I swear, Jess, if you do, I’ll never talk to you again!” Heather snapped back.

Jessica rolled down her window, stuck her head out, and sang out at the top of her lungs, “I ate a girl and I liked it!”

Heather grabbed Jessica’s hand and chuckled, “Thank you for at least changing the lyrics, Jess. I ate a girl and I liked it, too!”