The Exhibitionist Neighbor - Part 2

Info Raphael
16 Feb. '16

Andrea woke the next day, feeling fully rested, better than she had in months, if not years. She stretched, her shirt rising up, passing her hands over her breasts and stomach as she lowered them and remembered the night before. It was like a faded dream, but as she showered and got dressed, she knew it had been real. The way her blinds were barely open, her vibrator discarded on the ground, and the way her body was still revving from hours previous… she knew it was real. Before she left the bathroom after a quick shower, she opened the blinds, biting her lip as she did.

It was a sunny day, akin to those of summer, with a warm breeze that begged to be let indoors. Andrea was happy to oblige. She opened every window in the house, at least a few inches, even leaving them open as she left to run a few errands and meet a friend from work. She tried to pay attention to what she needed to do, but she struggled to keep Melissa out of her head. Each time she was finally able to forget, something reminded her, shooting a jolt of ecstasy through her. On her drive home in the afternoon, she passed Melissa out on a jog. She wore only a black and pink sports bra and tight pants; they waved and smiled as if nothing was wrong, but Andrea opened her favorite collection of porn the moment she got the house, touching herself on the living room couch as she watched men and women get off together. Even as she finished, reclined back on the couch breathing heavily, she couldn’t remember any of the images she had just seen; only one, from the night before, came to mind.

It was getting late as Andrea sat in bed. She had been trying to read, but at the rate she was going, she wasn’t remembering anything she had read even a paragraph soon. She was constantly leaning over, looking out the window, through the part that was still open to let the night air in. The blinds remained unchanged, mostly closed as the night before. She was hooked, and she knew it as she tossed her book aside, running her fingers through her hair. She stood up, in front of the window, feeling no better than a common peeping Tom, trying to justify her behavior by remembering the smile and wave.

Andrea lit an aroma candle in the bathroom, opting to shower before trying once more to get over it before falling asleep. She stepped into the warm water, candle light dancing through the glass doors and off the shimmering tile. All she could think about was Melissa, fantasized about the water cascading over her small breasts, down her flat stomach, onto her pussy and off her legs. Andrea’s fingers moved on their own, finding her own large breasts and sensitive nipples. She bit her lip as her other hand moved to her clit, all but forgetting to wash herself in the feeling of her own touch. Andrea leaned back, against the cool wall, groaning as she ground her fingers in a circle, over and over again.

The feeling was as intense as ever, but she wanted to do more, slamming the water off in a quick movement and out of the shower. Andrea dried off in record speed, passing a towel over her body well enough to avoid getting her room and bed wet. Tossing her towel to the floor, she nearly flew to her bed, grabbing her vibrator from her drawer once more. It was inside her waiting body before she even settled in, sending waves of pleasure from toe to fingertip, again and again. She moaned softly to start, but placing the toy on her clit made her jump with pleasure. Her voice carried though the house as she came to a crescendo, her voice catching in her throat just before she pushed herself over the edge.

A moan met her ears, quieter, farther off than her own; Andrea jumped at the sound, pulling her toy away and trying desperately to quiet her breathing as she sat up and listened. Again she heard it, a sweet, pleasing sound wafting in through the window on the breeze. Andrea leaned out of bed to look out the open window. There was a soft light on in the house next door as she strained her ears to listen, waiting, begging in her head to hear it again. Silence held, louder than any other in Andrea’s life… and then again, a longer, lingering sound, higher pitched.

Andrea jumped as she pressed the vibrator against her clit again. She rubbed it, pressing in hard in tight little circle, the sounds of pleasure escaping her lips for seconds at a time, only to hold her breath so she could hear Melissa pleasuring herself. Again and again she heard her neighbor, her new friend, and again and again she replied, her voice getting higher and higher pitched as she got closer and closer, the think silver toy being hugged tightly inside her pussy. She was dripping in desire, her mind reeling, visualizing Melissa with her legs spread, a toy deep inside her, or two fingers, her breasts out and bouncing as she breathes heavily. A scream, echoing outside, a scream meant just for her that pushed her again to the edge, calling her to answer, groaning, turning to moaning, turning to a words; she heard herself saying “yes, yes” over and over again, getting louder and louder, putting her toy in and out and on her clit and back in as she rubbed herself and finally she was cumming. Her sounds filled her ears and she knew, without a doubt, that Melissa could hear her cumming, and knew it was because of her. Melissa was quiet as Andrea lay in her bed, breathing heavily, straining for any kind of noise.

She lay there for a few more minutes before sitting up. Disappointment spread through her; looking back, she assumed the scream she heard was Melissa is orgasm, but she hadn’t realized it at the time. She stood to clean her toy in the bathroom, passing by the window as she did. Melissa stood there, mostly a dark silhouette. Andrea approached slowly, unsure what was to happen after this, but she did it anyway. She opened the blinds all the way, exposed. Melissa tucked her arms under her breasts to hug her ribs, smiling in a sleepy, almost shy kind of way. She waved, and Andrea returned it, just before Melissa closed the blinds and turned off the light within.