They had been chatting online for quite a few weeks, had also been on a couple of dates when the conversation of insecurities came up. He stated that he didn’t really have any, other than his general body, but as long as the person he was with was happy, then he was happy. It had never stopped him from doing what he wanted to do anyway.

She on the other hand, stated that she had always been embarrassed about her feet. Confused and concerned at the same time, he asked in what way. She said that an ex-boyfriend told her once that he didn’t like them and thought they were ugly.

Sympathetically, he tells her that he is sure this is not the case and the next time that they meet he will check them out for himself.

He hadn’t mentioned it, but he actually really liked feet so was very keen to check them out! In reality he had glanced at them more than once or twice without her noticing!


A couple of weeks go by and after a few texts, another date had been arranged for them to meet up.


It’s Friday night and he is getting himself ready. Remembering the previous conversation about her feet, he wonders if she is still up for him checking them out. He is quite looking forward to it and hopes to god that the ex-boyfriend wasn’t right. Mind you, what is the definition of ugly anyway! Do we not judge everything on a daily basis and then someone else will contradict us! Each to their own as they say!

Continuing to get his clothes, he checks the time, not long now, so he must get a shifty on or he is going to be late. That is a No! No! Something he in particular hates.

Checking his pockets, keys, wallet, phone, yep all there, he shuts the door behind him and starts to walk to the bar.


When he arrives, he looks around but it seems she is not here yet. Checking his watch again, he realises she has a few minutes to show, so he orders himself a drink and finds a seat at the bar. Elbows placed on the counter, staring at the mirror backdrop, he doesn’t notice her come in. She sneaks up behind him and taps him on his left shoulder, which is a shame as when he looks round, she has moved to the other shoulder. That old chestnut! What a plonker! They both have a giggle and she pulls up a stool next to his. Sitting down she looks up as he asks what she would like to drink. Taking her order and passing it on to the barman, he looks back at her and smiles.


A short time and a couple of drinks later, still at the bar he is surprised she hasn’t brought up the previous conversation. She must be really embarrassed about it or she doesn’t even remember having it. As it had been playing on his mind, he decides it is up to him, so he asks her about it. She shyly smiles, with blushing red cheeks, saying that she wasn’t going to say anything. He asks why not and she explains that it is not really a problem.

He takes a moment to look down towards her feet. She is wearing a lovely dress, has very shapely legs, or at least he assumes under those really thick tights and cute little flat pumps.

“If that is the case why are you so covered up!”

“What do you wear in the summer?” he asks.

Looking a bit bemused, she asks in what context does he mean.

“I mean, what do you wear on your feet in the summer?”

“Do you wear sandals or flip flops?” he says.

“Oh No!” she replies.

After a few seconds pause, she continues.

“I don’t wear anything that reveals my feet!”

“I can’t!” she trembles.

He can see she is getting upset about it and leans forward to console her. With her head on his shoulder, he whispers in her ear that it is a problem and needs to be sorted. Holding her close, she relaxes in his embrace, feeling the warmth of his body and for a moment she feels very comfortable.

A few seconds later he releases her, smiles and says that they are going to sort this out.

When we finish our drinks, I am going to take you back to mine and I am going to prove to you there is nothing to worry about. Picking up his pint, he takes a drink, faces her and smiles. She smiles back, picks up her glass and almost finishes it off in one. Thinking maybe he has done the wrong thing, he watches her and then decides that no this needs to be done. She needs his help and he is the man to resolve this.


Finishing their drinks, the taxi is waiting, he says thank you to the barman and escorts her to the exit. Walking by her side, just a little bit behind her, he cradles her arm to make her feel secure. Getting in to the taxi, he states the address and as soon as it is in motion, she leans towards him cuddling him. He feels very muscular and strong and this gives her a warm comforting feeling. This is good because she is very nervous. She does like him and she doesn’t want this to go bad, but then surely he wouldn’t do it if he didn’t want to!


What seems like a fairly long journey soon comes to a stop when the taxi pulls up outside his house. She hasn’t been to his place before, so that is adding to her nerves, but she trusts him and at this moment in time, that is all that matters.

Shutting the car door behind her, he puts his arm around her shoulders and leads her up to his front door. Leaning past her, he places the key, turns it and swings open the door. Letting her walk in first, she looks around. First impression, it seems like a very nice place, very warm and cosy.

Offering to take her coat, he places it on a hook and gestures for her to follow him in to the kitchen. Going straight to the fridge he gets out a bottle of wine. Explaining what type it is, she smiles and agrees. Grabbing two glasses off a shelf, he pours the wine and offers her a glass. She accepts it and takes a sip. Very nice she thinks to herself.

They leave the kitchen and make their way to the lounge. He gestures for her to sit on the settee and he proceeds to pull over a footstool. With her heart pounding, he places it a few feet in front of her and sits down on it. Smiling at her, he has another sip and then takes a deep breath.

“Right” he says.

Her apprehension is overwhelming. Sitting really stiff, with her legs and ankles together, she wonders how this is going to go.

“Right” he says again.

“I would like to see these feet, so I can judge for myself!”

“Would that be alright with you?” he asks.

Nervously, she smiles uncomfortably but agrees.

Cringing, she stands to take off her tights. First she must slip off her pumps. She watches him as he watches her. He is hypnotised so intently something must be up! There is a missing element here that he is not telling her! She sits back down and to his surprise, stops what she is doing.

“What’s the matter?” he says.

“You are not being entirely truthful with me are you!” she says.

“In what way!” he says with a confused expression on his face.

“You like feet don’t you!”

“I can see by the way you are watching me so closely!” she says.

“Yeah I do, but is that a problem then!”

“Surely that would make me an excellent judge!” he chuckles.

After a moment of silence, conceding that he may be correct, she stands up again and starts to pull down her tights. Half way, she sits down so she can slide them off, keeping her dignity, but also hiding her feet for as long as she can. Despite her being really nervous, she hasn’t really anything to lose. If it ends up the same she has lost nothing!

With her feet on the floor, tensed up and toes curled, he bends down and places his hand around her ankle. The feel of his slightly cold hands on her skin makes her twitch sending a shiver up her leg. This might not be such a bad experience after all. She can’t help closing her eyes as he lifts her foot up towards him. A momentary pause and she can feel his warm breath swirling affectionately around her toes. Squinting, she can see her foot is right in front of his face. With a deafening silence she waits for his response. The pressure is killing her. Arrggghhhh!!!!

“Do you know what!” he says.

“Your feet are really sexy!”

“Your ex is an idiot!”

“You have beautiful dinky little toes, your nails are pedicured and painted, your ankles are stunning and your feet are really, really soft!” he says smiling.

A little relieved, he starts to massage them in his lap for her. She looks him straight in the eyes and the relief she feels is overwhelming. All this time she has kept them hidden from the world and there really was no need. Relaxing back in the settee, she concentrates on his gentle but firm touch. Twitching like she has never done so before, she is not quite sure what to say or even do.

Drifting off, he watches her as she slowly relaxes in to slumber. Feeling quite chuffed with himself, knowing he has made a small change in her life, he moves her legs around and down the length of the settee. Placing a blanket over her, he slowly creeps out of the room and heads towards the kitchen. Reaching in a small pot on the counter for a pen he decides to write her a little note.


Good morning my sexy little foot queen.

I hope you had a nice relaxing night.

If you wake before me, come and get me!!



He places the note on the footstall in front of her and quietly leaves the room again. Making his way up to his bedroom, he chuckles to himself. He is quite relieved that her feet were as sexy as they were! Probably the sexiest feet in fact, he had ever seen!!


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