Her Life After

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09 Nov. '17
Her Life After

Her Life After…

                       Trish lay silently in her giant bed and stared at the ceiling.  Waking up alone sucked, but the alternative was worse.  Her husband of 25 years was out "finding himself" somewhere or another and she really couldn't bring herself to speculate or care where or how.  It had been months since she signed the paperwork to remove that cancerous tumor from her life, but, as much as she thought she would be moving on quickly, things just hadn't worked out that way.  The musty smell coming from under the covers and the wetness inside her panties made her reflect on the dream the alarm clock had robbed her of.  She remembered making love to a shadowy figure, but didn't get a good look at his face.  She recalled sweet kisses and what seemed like hours of foreplay before her mysterious visitor fucked her into a frenzy that put the 'wet' in her wet dream.  She remembered his face starting to come into focus as he filled her with his cum, but "alarm clockus interuptus" kept his identity a secret.  She studied the ceiling a bit more as she psyched herself up to start her day.  Those water spots that had made her so mad at the ex asshole just months before didn't bother her as much and she thought... 'maybe I'll get around to fixing that someday'.  She didn't know it, but today was the beginning of her "life after". 

                       Trish was frightened and excited when Ray finally left her, closely followed by her second daughter leaving the nest for college life.  She wondered if she would wake up alone in this house for the rest of her days.  Between her job and the savings that remained with her after the divorce, Trish would be financially OK, but she missed having a man around; someone to share her bed with.  Would she find someone worth taking a chance on?  Someone to grow old with?   Ray was a certifiable ass in every sense of the word, but he was the 98.6 degree "something" that woke up with her for so many years.  Trish stepped out of the shower, wiped the steam from the bathroom mirror and looked at herself.  She thought she was fat, well, certainly not skinny.  In reality she was just a little thick.  At 41, she would be considered attractive to many, but not necessarily prime pick up material at the local pub until a little closer to closing time.  Washboard abs were something she'd never known, but she had a decent shape and was in great health.  She had a good job, but most of her married friends had fallen away quickly after the split.  She won the "who do the kids still love" contest though.  Her prospects of meeting someone to love, respect, and take care of her seemed bleak at best.  She was optimistic that it would never happen for her.

                       After months of going to work and coming home to her empty nest, tonight was going to be a little different.  It was Friday and she agreed to meet two of the girls, who worked in her office, at the local pub where she occasionally went with Ray in happier days.  After what seemed like the longest day of her life, Trish stacked her dinner dishes, then set off on her adventure.  As she drove to the bar, she fought the urge to turn around and go home more than twice.  She pulled into the parking lot and sat with her hands on the wheel contemplating her life, or lack thereof, when Mindy knocked on her window.  "Do I need a crowbar?...for your hands?", she asked.  Trish wanted to laugh, but she was too nervous as she eased, then released her death grip on the steering wheel.  Her and Mindy walked into the establishment and made their way to a table that Paula, the other drone from work, was sitting at.  After a few drinks and through the cloud of smoke her new friends generated, they provided Trish some much-needed, girl talk.  Their conversation eventually turned to the universal subject everyone loves to talk about when they're not getting any...sex.  “Look at the ass on that guy over there”, said Mindy, a short, heavy set, dark haired woman in her mid 40s, with kind of a cute, even pretty face and a whole chest full of boobs.  “You rope it, I'll ride it", said Paula, a kind of tall, very slender, small busted woman in really good shape, and with a stunning head of immaculate, long blond hair.  It was hard to pinpoint her age, but Trish assumed she was also somewhere in her forties too.  “Let's just get our drink on", replied Mindy.  Trish thought she felt a tingle somewhere deep inside as her mind got busy.  "If one of these guys smells the desperation on me and isn't too full of shit, maybe I can get some male attention out of this evening", she thought.  She pictured herself riding one of the gentlemen in question's cock in a grimy bathroom while a line of woman beat on the door trying to get in to pee.  A few minutes and another cocktail later, the sex conversation continued.  What did their ex’s do that they liked most?  How long had it been since they’d been with a man?  Trish didn't have much to offer the conversation since her ex hubby was barely a step above a Neanderthal; without the club, of course, and lacking the strength to drag her around by the hair.  Paula and Mindy, who were very close, traded knowing looks occasionally, making Trish wonder what their deal was.  She hoped they weren't a couple of "those gays" hoping to covert her.  She could never have fathomed the carnival ride she was about to get onto.

                        Mindy got up and walked over to a group of 4 men, who were most likely in their 40s except for one who may have been in his mid twenties, and started a conversation.  Soon, the men followed her back to the table where Paula and Trish were still talking.  The conversation never changed from sex, and soon the whole table was joking around, flirting and becoming more and more bold, as the content became more and more sexual and intense.  Trish was getting a little uncomfortable with all this, but one of the men was gorgeous and it piqued her curiosity.  After a few cocktails and a growing call from in her gut to run like hell, last call was announced and signaled time to decide what to do with the rest of the evening.  Mindy offered that she had a fully stocked bar and suggested they all go to her place for awhile.  Trish, though apprehensive, didn’t want to go back to her empty house…back to her reality.  With the road's white, broken center line swirling back and forth a little, Trish followed the others across town to Mindy’s place; a decent sized, "cookie cutter" type home in a nice, middle class neighborhood. 

                        When they went through the front door Trish noticed a very large sectional couch with lots of pillows in the living room adjoining a small dining room.  The dining room table was laid out like a well-stocked bar with many bottles of booze and mixers.  It was like Mindy had prepared for a party of 20 or so people, and then went to the bar instead.  "Time for an orgy", Trish thought, and laughed at the absurdity of anything like that happening.  She walked in and stood around feeling lost like she was attending a dance without a date.

                        The group sat around the 'dining room' table drinking and talking about the normal events of the day, and exchanged a few stories to help them get better acquainted.  The girls were smoking; a lot.  Trish  stared longingly at her former favorite habit.  She was still happy she had finally quit years before.  She found herself cozying up to (gorgeous) Tim, a forty-something guy; tall with touches of gray in his full, thick head of hair.  As the night progressed she and Tim became friendlier and friendlier with each other and he sat very close to her with his arm draped over her shoulder.  The side of his hand lay right on her breast and she was uncomfortable with that.  Not unhappy...just a little uncomfortable.  As the booze had softened her defenses, he leaned in and kissed her lightly on the cheek very close to her lips a couple times.  About the third time in, Trish turned and caught his peck on her lips.  This little game was soon replaced by the trading of passionate kisses.  She was feeling aroused, but would normally never consider taking it any farther.  Tonight was different though.  The combination of the last few lonely weeks and five whiskey sours had her ready for more than light flirting and making kissy face.  Besides, no man, as hot as Tim, had ever showed even the slightest interest in her.

                        Trish was too busy wrestling with Tim to notice the conversation had turned completely sexual.  Mindy and one of the guys broke off to the couch and were making out quite heavily.  As he pushed his hand inside her shirt to enjoy a little second base, Trish began to feel more and more ready to fuck some guy she had just met.  As the rest of the group was trading horror stories of past relationships and encounters, Trish and Tim moved to an overstuffed chair and continued their make out session.  Soon Tim was rounding second base himself.  One of Trish's breasts was half out of bra jail with most of her left nipple exposed; just enough for him to lift her blouse and kiss and nibble at it.  The chair was close enough to the “love pit” sectional unit to see what was going on there.  Mindy’s bra was hanging over the back of the couch now and she and her guy were stretched out.  The rest of their buttons, zippers and such were quickly coming undone.

                        A housewife, mother, taxi driver, career counselor, and the manager of a family of four, Trish was, in every sense, a completely normal 41-year-old woman with no aspirations of being anything less or more.  She wasn't apt to do anything rash or act on a carnal impulse any more than the man on the moon.  But, on this night, Trish got up and let Tim lead her down the hallway that would hopefully end up in a bedroom with a lock on the door.  She couldn't believe she was acting so forward, but her pent up sexual energy could power a small city, and that seemed to be the only thing pushing her decision making.  She couldn't help but ask herself though; 'does he have a condom...am I ready for this...will I meet his expectations...am I going Crazy...will I have to go to the free clinic tomorrow?'.  Finally, 'am I being stupid?!?' 

                        Trish's mind raced as they made their way down the hall.  Having 'lucked' into Mindy’s guest room, Tim closed the door and he and Trish began pulling at each other’s clothes in a mad rush to get them off.  They fell onto the bed and began kissing passionately and exploring each other's naked bodies.  Trish wasn’t a super model, but was in pretty decent shape for her age.  Her genetics made her a little short and, as discussed previously, 'thick', but  without the benefit of large breasts.  She had always laughed about that particular cosmic joke being played on her.  What her breasts lacked in size, they made up for by being firm and almost perfectly shaped.  Tim was lean and tall, and had a substantially bigger penis than Trish had seen in her limited sexual history.  All the better she thought as she grabbed it firmly but gently and felt it spring to life.  Being a bit old fashioned and inexperienced, she lay back on the bed and let Tim take over.  He spent a generous amount of time nibbling and sucking on her almost painfully hard nipples, and gently ran his hand from breast to belly to her pussy.  He rubbed over the top of her bush without breaking the plane of the hair that was standing guard.

                        Trish was very excited and said, “I want you inside me, please put it inside me".  She could never have been called sexually aggressive in her life, but she knew she wanted that cock inside her dripping wet pussy, and she wanted this beautiful man to fuck her like she had never been fucked before.  She was in a state where she probably wouldn't have protested if he put his bare penis inside her, but was very relieved when he produced a condom from thin air and slipped it onto his manhood.  He climbed aboard and gave her just the head and then, suddenly, the entire length all at once.  She gasped at the way it filled her.  It was a little uncomfortable for just seconds and then felt like it belonged in there.  He alternated between stroking slowly and speeding up.  After a few minutes, he pulled it out and let the shaft rest atop of her clitoris area.  Keeping her lips spread out, he slid his cock up and back as if fucking an imaginary hole above her pussy while dragging the full length of his penis across her clitoris.  She could see enough to notice that the condom wasn't a truck stop bathroom special, but one that fit snuggly around his manhood and made his giant cock feel as natural as a giant cock might feel...'like I would know that!', she thought.  Within four strokes, Trish began to cum hard for the first time in years. She was overcome with sexual feelings, guilt, and pure excitement.  After her orgasm seemed to subside, Tim pulled her even closer to him and put his penis back inside and started to fuck her again.  Her eyes were closed tightly and she felt his hands massaging her breasts masterfully as his cock filled her up.  He placed his thumb on her clitoris and began to work at it using her own juices.  Trish was in heaven, but suddenly realized that Tim had both his hands on her breasts while rubbing her pussy.  As she opened her eyes, the other man who had snuck in to join them was leaning over her head to suckle her breasts.  In all likelihood, Trish would have gotten up and ran for the door if the second man hadn’t leaned in and covered her face with his chest.  Her brief anonymity gave her time to reconcile that she was in bed with two men, and her curiosity wouldn't let her natural instinct to get up and run win out.  She decided to just let this happen.  She'd deal with the aftermath later.

                        Like he was a really old, distant aunt that smelled funny, Trish put her arms around her second lover to reassure him that she was accepting of this arrangement and because she was a little too embarrassed and self-conscious to protest or discuss it at this point.  The prospect of four hands and two penises was a little much to take in, but excited her.  'Full service island', she joked to herself.  The second man rose up, moved back, turned her head to the side, and began kissing Trish’s neck and the front of her shoulder.  He put his lips to her ear and whispered, “I’m Dave”.  He then moved to her lips and kissed her lightly, but like he meant business.  Back at her ear again he said, “If you get uncomfortable, I'll stop and go in the other room.”  “If you give us a chance though, you might have some fun”.  "Just remember that you’re in charge”.  Trish felt a little reassured and pulled him down to return the interloper's kisses.  She knew that her inner Trish might be in charge, but conscious Trish was almost to the point of hyperventilating and couldn't have gotten off the bed if she tried.  By this time, Tim had pulled out of her, moved down and was lapping at her pussy while probing the outskirts of her ass with his finger.  Dave lifted up and moved into position so Trish could take him into her mouth while he continued to massage her breasts.  This wasn’t something she was experienced at but she began sucking as he gently moved his penis, rain coat and all, in and out of her mouth.  His sheathed penis felt weird in her mouth..."kind of like an erotic dog chew toy", she thought to herself and laughed.  Trish was surprised how much she liked it though, and was overwhelmed and surprised that she was cumming again!  In her excitement that she had Dave’s cock in her mouth she had almost forgot about Tim skillfully eating her pussy.  As he slipped the tip of his finger into her ass, she began to buck wildly while clamping down a bit on Dave’s penis.  'Well, there’s a first', she thought.  Trish had cum before with a vibrator and even with her finger when she was young, but not so much with a man; never twice and never with the ex asshole.

                        As she settled down, Tim and Dave switched positions.  Dave wasn’t as big as Tim, but he was hard as a rock and pushed himself into her as deep as he could.  She began to participate more while sucking Tim’s penis.  She really wanted to please her hot, new 'man toy'.  His penis filled the condom so much more than Dave and she confirmed that it didn't have a wrinkle or saggy spot on it.  It was stuffed, and stretched thin.  The thought that it tasted like rubber and pee only lasted a split second, before she reached up and grabbed him around the base of his penis and used her other hand to massage his balls.  Tim showed her how to lighten her grip and told her to leave saliva on his shaft, and instructed her to grip a little firmer as she approached and glided over the rim to the head.  He said he wanted to cum on her face while Dave came on her breasts.  Trish felt as if she were going to cum again, but, in defense, she diverted her full attention to Tim's voice as he coached her to his point of no return.  Dave pulled his penis out of her soaking wet vagina just as she began to have what she thought would be her third orgasm.  "Fuck", she thought as it died after only a mild shiver.  'Better speak up next time', she said to herself...'next time!  Holy shit...next time...really'!?  As if they'd done it a hundred times before, Tim and Dave were on both sides of her jacking off.  The condoms were gone now, and she wasn’t sure what to do if the stuff got into her mouth.  She had heard horror stories from her high school friends way back when, and from her mother before her wedding night.  She just wasn’t that experienced.  The ex asshole's stuff would only occasionally make an appearance on toilet paper as she wiped herself clean after sex.  Tim and Dave both started grunting and moaning and Trish was scared that she was getting ready to ruin the moment...this new chapter in her life.  They signaled that they were going to cum.  Tim started first as his significant first 'shot' skipped across her forehead, with subsequent 'shots' going across her nose, then, finally, her mouth, which was shut tightly.  She opened her lips a crack accidentally as the warmth and amount of his cum startled her.  It wasn’t that bad she thought and opened her mouth a little more.  By this time, Dave began shooting his load onto her titties, but suddenly turned and blasted a lucky shot directly into her mouth.  The sticky goo startled her and tasted funky compared to Tim's.  She panicked a little, but a sense of calm came over her as she instinctively turned her head and let it run out of her mouth and onto the bed.  Tim smiled and touched the side of her face with the gooey head of his manhood, then pushed it up close to the corner of her mouth.  Trish wanted to turn towards it and take it into her mouth, but she couldn't bring herself to do it.  Dave used his dick like a club and slapped it on her cum-covered right breast then ground the tip on her nipple for a few seconds while continuing to jack off.  Tim took a towel from the nightstand and wiped the goo away from her mouth and, then handed it to her to finish the job.

            'I don’t know if I’ll ever do it again, but that was a lot of fun', thought Trish as she lifted up and sat on the side of the bed imagining the orgy that was probably happening on the 'love couch' down the hall.  When she tried to stand up, her knees buckled a little bit and Tim caught her in his arms.  She looked up into his eyes and thought 'You, though...I wouldn’t mind seeing you again, and again, and again'.  "This was nice", Tim said.  Dave had already slipped out and down the hallway.  Trish finally managed to get dressed, look in the mirror and wipe the cum from her hair.  She, then, followed Tim back out to the living room.  As she wobbled down the hallway she thought, 'my walk of shame'.

              When she poked her head around the corner, she saw Mindy sitting upright, but still in her birthday suit, smoking a cigarette and talking to her partner.  Paula was topless and standing by the 'bar' talking to Dave and the other guy who saw Trish spying on them.  She exchanged goodbyes with everyone because she couldn't get out of there fast enough.  Her mind raced as she drove home; still drunk and wondering if she'd be able to show her face in public again, much less at work.  As she pulled into her driveway, a vehicle she had worried was the police passed by.  It seemed it had been following her for awhile, but turned out to just be an old pickup truck.

I have 524 pages that takes up where the above 'taste' leaves off.  I'll probably post monthly, if you think it's any good.   Thanks for reading!