That Night


Leaving a job is difficult at the best of times, even harder when you love that job, and your colleagues, and your boss. Your happily married boss.

He was always a flirt, my old boss, always had a comment to make, after I had left I missed the back and forth that we had. I agreed to cover some shifts while another member of staff went off sick, and that’s when it happened.

We worked the late shift that night, just the two of us in that snug little office, exchanging jokes and innuendos between phone calls and the odd bit of work, not that much work ever got done. The only thing different about that night was the blackout.

It was all quiet, just the Arctic Monkeys playing from my MP3 in the background, when all the lights went out, followed by the computers and desk phones. “Well this is shit”, I stated, “what are we going to do now?”

“We’ll just have to wait until it all comes back on, it might take a while though”

“But it's complete darkness in here, what on earth can I do in this?” It was no exaggeration, I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. I felt a hand brush my hair away from my ear.

“I can think of a few things”, he whispered softly, he must have been standing right next to my chair. I felt the hand edge around the back of my head, the faint sound of a zipper undoing rang loud next to my ear. His hand gently manoeuvred my head around. Although I knew what he wanted I didn’t resist, I couldn’t. I knew deep down this was wrong, and yet I felt no guilt, however I did feel the tip of his cock rest on my pursed lips.

I can’t say that he was attractive to look at, not ugly but not my usual fare. The charm in his personality and his quick off the mark sexual puns would trip me up and make me blush on the regular. The build-up of sexual tension had become unbearable over recent months, which is mostly why I had left the business, to resist temptation. But I couldn’t anymore…

He was bigger than I imagined, it quickly filled my mouth before I could even reach the base, I pulled myself onto my knees on the chair for a better angle and took him deeper, sucking hard. His hand matted into my hair and he pushed himself deeper again, down my throat. As I pulled back I grazed my teeth along his shaft in protest, he moaned out and pulled my head back to look at him, not that I could make out his face in this darkness. “Behave yourself now, Cherry”

“Make me”, I whispered, trying to sound as seductive as possible. It worked.

With one swift movement he lifted me to my feet, span me around and bent me over my desk. Leaning over me he worked his way under my tee and cupped my tit, my nipples were hard, poking through the lace of my bra. The ache between my legs had reached new heights, I could feel my pussy getting wet, wanting him, an uncontrollable want.

His erection pressed against my skin-tight jeans, sitting neatly between my ass cheeks. I wiggled my bum, grinding into him, letting him know I’m waiting. He exhaled heavily and pinched my protruding nipple hard before releasing it and dragging his hands down to my waistband. Again, like a man possessed with frantic speed, he whipped my jeans down to my knees.

“I like these”, he murmured, stroking the hemline of my lace Frenchie’s. He traced his finger along the hem, down my ass cheeks, between my ass cheeks, then gently pulled the crotch to one side, revealing the moisture gathered at my lips. The ache in my groin had become unbearable, I pushed back into him, feeling his erection press against me once more. He cupped my pussy, slipping a finger between my lips and stroking my clit. He was slow but firm in his movements, I moaned loudly.

“Your so fucking wet, Cherry, how long have you wanted this?”, I wanted to answer him, the euphoria I felt throughout my body made it hard to form words, even harder to form a sentence. I was incoherent, all I could muster was a low groan. His strokes became faster, slipping another finger inside me, franticly sliding in and out, “well?”.

“Oh shit”, I gasped, “fuck me, please fuck me”, it sounded as though I was begging him. He let out a sinister chuckle as he removed his hand. I pushed back toward him again, this time I was met with his cock, forcing into me with ease, the slickness of my juices giving a helping hand. He slammed into me, and again harder. I rested my head on the desk, leaning further forward to give him a better view.

He placed one hand on my lower back as the other gripped around my thigh, we got into a rhythm and it was hard not to lose control. I love being taken from behind, it adds an element of force and mystery to sex, like being used as a toy. His cock filling me felt so right and yet so wrong, knowing that his wife was oblivious to what we were doing. I wondered if he treated his wife this way, would she let him throw her around like this. These thoughts just made me hotter. I could feel my juices rolling down my legs, the naughtiness of it all gave me a release I hadn’t felt for a while.

As he rode me I melted into the desk, quivering in the build-up of climax. “I’m coming, oh fuck, harder, I’m coming!”, I screamed out as I felt my muscles clench around him. He groaned as he pushed deep into me, my legs went weak and I couldn’t support myself any longer.

He withdrew from me and helped me regain some steadiness, I turned in his arms to face him and whispered “Thank you” into his ear. He replied with another chuckle as he lifted me onto the desk.

“Oh, we’re not finished yet”, he got onto his knees and pushed his head through the gap between my lower jeans and my thighs. Using one hand to support myself, I guided his head toward my now dripping wet pussy. I needed him now, I was impatient for him to tongue fuck me, but he took his time. I could feel the warmth of his breath through my curly fuzz, it made me shudder with anticipation.

Slowly, he slid two fingers between my lips and went back to working on my clit, my groin bucked toward him. I moaned at him, begging please once more. He used the two fingers to pull apart my lips, giving him perfect access to my bulging clit, he kissed and sucked at it, using his teeth to bite down, as if in retaliation to my earlier protest. Getting more adventurous, he pushed three fingers inside me, a wave of pleasure passed through my body and I felt my juices running down to my asshole. He lapped them up in his mouth, “You taste so sweet, Cherry, I want some more”, he fucked me hard with those three fingers, drinking up my juices as I came again and again.

I thought he had finally finished with me. I regained a steady rhythm of breathing and began to come down, I couldn’t see or hear where he had gone. As I lowered my feet back to the floor I felt him grab my knees. He lifted them to my chest, my jeans still around my knees, restricting my movement. He used the waist of my jeans against his torso to hold my legs up and we kissed, hard. Forcing my tongue around his mouth, I pulled in closer, he rolled his hips and negotiated his cock, still standing hard, inside me. This time we rocked with each other, rolling our bodies together, locked in a moment off passionate bliss, I’d almost forgotten where I was.

As our thrusting slowed, I could feel my wetness spilling out. I pushed toward him and he wrapped his arms tightly around my back. I followed suit and we were nose to nose. I thought about how long we had been fucking, he couldn’t surely keep going could he? I couldn’t for much longer, I was exhausted at this point and in need of a cigarette. My thought pattern was broken by his deep whisper, “Cum with me, Cherry”.

His words were like hot chocolate melting over me. He shifted pace to small quick thrusts and I let go of myself, as I felt his warm fluid inside me he moaned, screaming “Fuck!!”. I screamed out with him, losing myself in him. Joint climax was a rare thing for me, with a normal one-night stand I’d have got bored long ago, so I revelled in the lust and danger of the situation. And as if the fates had aligned for this to happen, the power came back on, perfect timing.

For a few seconds we held each other in silence, then I looked up to smile at him, his face looked strange as he stared forward. “What?” I giggled, high from endorphins and unaware of the seriousness of it. I turned to look and there she was, all blonde hair, evil eyed, hands on hips. His wife, stood in the centre of the room.