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11 Nov. '17

Some women can tell when they ovulate. There is a distinct and unmistakeable sensation when it happens. As it is to do with hormonal changes, it isn’t surprising, though it is perhaps unusual! In my case, I find myself getting turned on by the slightest thought to do with sex and sometimes without any thought at all so that I can be like the proverbial ‘cat on a hot tin roof’. This may last for about five days beforehand, after which I seem to return to my normal state (whatever that is!).

I hope that you enjoy this short romance. I want you get turned on as much by reading it as I did by writing it.

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I can tell when I’m going to ovulate. For about a week beforehand, I start to get powerful sexual urges. I am 33 now and not in a relationship so it can become a bit of a problem, like an itch that is impossible to scratch. Anyway, this month it happens to coincide with a short hiking trip I had been planning for when the Spring weather came so maybe I will not have any spare energy for it to arise.

I intend to walk for four days in the Scottish hills. The evening before, I take the overnight coach, breakfast in the town and hike 12 miles to a bothy. Next day is the hardest, a bit on my limits if I am honest about it, being 21 miles to a second bothy. 12 miles after that is to a hostel, followed by 14 miles to another coach terminal and home. I carry three days’ food, a small camp cooker, sleeping bag and spare clothes.

The weather forecast predicted rain on the second day but I had booked the coach and I think of myself as pretty hardy so I decided to go ahead anyway.

I enjoy the drowsy nature of overnight coach journeys and I felt fine after a ‘full scottish’ breakfast washed down with three large mugs of tea. The air was damp so I dressed in my waterproof hiking jacket with a fleece underneath for warmth and mid-thigh length snug-fitting shorts which have the advantage that they dry quickly and are very practical. The route is on a long-distance footpath so that finding the way is easy and I don’t have to carry a map case hung around my neck, which I find irksome.

I set out in good spirits, enjoying the freedom of the open air and the glow of muscles pleasantly stretched. There were hardly any others on the path so it was a solitary hike and I arrived in mid afternoon at the first bothy. It turned out to be little more than a shed with wooden benches to sit and sleep on and a little primitive kitchen alcove. Water had to be fetched from a nearby stream and there was a humble earth closet out the back.

It was very peaceful and the day was warm but drizzling so I sat in the open doorway drinking tea and reading a book until dusk came in around seven o’clock and I closed up, made a simple meal and settled down in my sleeping bag. The faint dripping of water, soughing of wind and muted rustling sounds of the countryside soon had me sound asleep until the next morning.

This was the long day, already raining and I set off early at a brisk pace. Things went well for the first hour or so and I made a good distance. By mid-morning, though the clouds had lowered ominously and the route was on rising ground. The path had become muddy and rutted underfoot and I found myself either squelching through it or stepping over hummocky grass, it was harder going and steadily up hill.

Around midday, I came out of forest on to open moorland and it was then the wind hit me. It was gusting in my face and noticeably colder. I was not yet halfway and there was nobody about. I knew there was nowhere close to the path where I could find shelter and I was too far committed to turn back. At this moment, I remembered that I had forgotten to bring my mobile phone!

I was starting to get anxious.

There was no cover anywhere. The terrain underfoot continued to be muddy and hard going and I was feeling tired, if not yet exhausted by the time I reached the highest point around one o’clock. I had been going for around six hours with no opportunity to rest and I was starting to feel worryingly cold. And about nine miles still ahead of me.

I paused behind the shelter of a drystone wall and ate some bread and cheese, noticing that my hands were cold and clumsy. I was dying for a hot drink but there was nothing for it but to press on. I shouldered the pack and put my hands into my pockets, leaned forwards against the wind, now stronger than ever and causing the hood of my parka to slap irritatingly against my cheek.

It was an hour later that I slipped on wet grass and fell heavily, pushed over by the pack. Luckily I hadn’t sprained an ankle or wrenched a knee but I became even more aware of my vulnerability.

I hadn’t seen any other person since yesterday. Nobody knew where I was! I had no means to call for help. I wouldn’t be missed for three days.

I stumbled on.

I won’t say that I was actually frightened but I was certainly growing anxious. And I was getting more tired and colder still. The wind and rain weren’t letting up either. I eventually gained some respite going downhill into more forest but took a wrong turning soon afterwards, the way petering out in a quagmire after half a mile or so. I cursed wearily. With my head hidden in the soggy confines of the parka hood it had been an easy mistake to make. I reprimanded myself, I had to keep alert. This was getting dangerous. There was nothing for it but to backtrack, adding a mile to the already long trek and losing a precious hour of daylight.

By four o’clock I reckoned that I still had seven miles to go and I was going more slowly as cold and tiredness insidiously crept into me.

I had a second fall. I stepped into a swampy patch which filled my left boot with water, hastily pulled it out against a suction which made me stagger and put my right boot under, lose balance and go hands and knees into a peaty porridge. My right ankle gets weak when I’m tired and I felt pain as I went over.

Somehow, I extracted myself. The ankle was hurting but it had turned short of a full sprain. Cold, sodden feet added to my misery. The only dry part of me by now was under the waterproof and the relentless coldness was moving towards hypothermia. I knew the symptoms. It wasn’t the coldness as such so much as the constant wetting. Water evaporating from my shorts was chilling my thighs and my feet were gradually losing feeling.

I stumbled on, afraid now that I might not survive!

It was just after five o’clock when I noticed the tent. In a small, mossy clearing a little way off the path, a green two-man backpacking tent, blending in so well with the surroundings that I almost missed seeing it.

My heart leapt with relief. “Hello!” I called and a voice answered. A few seconds later, the front unzipped and a curly head poked out, blue twinkling eyes taking me in. I must have looked a sorry sight by now.

“Can you help?” I pleaded. “I’m very cold and tired and I’m not going to get to the next bothy by nightfall.”

“How far have you come?”

“About 16 miles, including mistakes.”

“Hear that, Angus?” to an unseen companion. “16 miles in this crap weather!” He had a broad Scots accent. “You must be about all in!”

I didn’t need to say anything, just nodded my head in agreement. “There’s nowhere to take shelter.”

“We packed it in a couple of hours ago. It seems to be getting worse, if anything. Do you have a tent?”

“No, just a sleeping bag for the bothy.”

“Nothing for it, then. You’d better come in with us. What do you say, Angus?”

“Och, aye. It’ll be a bit of a pinch. How big is she?”

“I’m pretty small!” I must have sounded a bit desperate. “Please, I’ll try not to be a nuisance.”

“Oh, come on then, Girl. Put your pack in under the back lobby. Then take your waterproof off and poke it in as well, zip it up and come into the front. We will pull our stuff to the back so it doesn’t get wet and you can sort yourself out from there.”

I was suddenly weak and shaking, could hardly stow the pack in on top of theirs. It was all I could manage to unzip the waterproof and pull it off, it was sticking soggily against my arms and fighting with me. One arm turned inside out and it came free, I balled up the soaking object and pushed it into a corner, drew up the zipper and blundered around to the front, practically fell forward into the welcome shelter of the awning.

“Zip up the outer” he commanded. I turned into a sitting position and closed the wet flapping fabric over me. Next I fumbled with the laces and pulled my boots off, turning them upside down against the outer fabric to allow the brown slurry to drain out, then dragging off the sodden and filthy socks. I gave them a quick wring out and pushed them back into the boots.

Next, I squirmed off the wet and tightly clinging shorts, left them in the awning and at last could draw my feet back into the inner tent and blessed dryness. A hand passed over my shoulder to draw the zipper which closed the entrance tunnel, quickly running over and past me and I was safely inside

“Your fleece is wet, too. It’ll have to come off!” Strong hands helped as I dragged it over my head and I was too far gone to care that I was stark naked other than a damp pair of knickers.

I was face to face with my saviours. Two young men in their twenties, huddled at the back of the tent, their sleeping bags gathered around them, Angus still mostly still inside his. Between us, a short area of dry floor protected them against my wetness.

“I’m Fergus, this is Angus.” He handed me a blue garment. “Put this on” he said kindly. It was a sweatshirt. I lifted it over my head and tried to don it without my wet hair damping it too much. I must have given them a perfect closeup of my breasts thrusting towards them for a good while until I managed to drag it down over my midriff and halfway down my hips. And at last began to feel less cold.

My legs weren’t drying, I was so chilled down. Angus produced a small towel from somewhere, exited from his sleeping bag and rubbed me dry, then pulled me over and rolled me into it. It was still warm from his body! I mumbled thanks as he zipped it up and I could lie out flat, exhausted.

Meanwhile, Fergus had a camp cooker going and served me up a big mug of hot chocolate. Angus had to haul me into a sitting position, keep his arm round me and help me hold the mug, my hands fumbling and trembly as I gratefully drank the sweet beverage. The first mug was followed by a second

“You are probably dehydrated. It’ll do you good” he said.

Once I was snuggled down again, they opened the rear vestibule and extracted my sleeping bag and spare clothes. I had stowed everything in polythene bags and the pack had a rain cover so that thankfully, everything was dry. Angus used my bag and they sandwiched me between them for extra warmth.

I remember them asking me lots of questions but had become so drowsy that any replies I gave were mumbling to the point of incoherence. As I gradually warmed up and the light faded, I drifted into a deep and dreamless sleep.


It was growing light when I came to and at first I didn’t realise where I was. I slowly became aware that I was snugly pressed between two other sleeping figures in their bags and turned my head cautiously to look at them. One was turned away, just a mop of black, curly hair visible, but the other was facing me. A handsome young man, at peace in his sleep. I recognised him as Fergus so the other one had to be Angus.

I was warm, as warm as the proverbial bug in a rug! I was also aware of a pressing need to relieve myself and at the same time, I was both hungry and thirsty. For a time, I lay quite still, unwilling to disturb my (pleasantly) close companions and beginning to feel an additional and different kind of need altogether!

But first things first. I carefully unzipped the bag and sat up and forward, unzipped the inner tent as quietly as I could, then the outer and went forward on hands and knees to the outside. It had stopped raining but the sky was still dark and ominous, heavy with yet more rain to come. I attended to my toilet and washed in a nearby streamlet, drank several cupped handfuls of sweet-tasting water and returned to the tent, diving forward through the entrance tunnel.

Fergus was coming the other way and we met face to face. He grinned, raised a finger to his lips and whispered “Angus is asleep. See you in a minute!”

He squeezed past me, his naked body rubbing deliciously against mine and I crawled forward on to the unzipped sleeping bag. Angus hadn’t moved, just the black mat of his hair erupting from the sleeping bag as before. I pulled off the sweatshirt, my knickers had departed into the bag in the middle of the night and I was, I was certain, nakedly irresistible. Just touching Fergus had turned on a fiery want inside me and I knew from that wicked grin of his that he had the same want inside him. My time had come!

I lay down, face up on the open bag and waited for him to come to me, aware of my faster breathing and my throbbing pulse. He was not long, rolled in and quietly zipped up the outer, then inner tent and came to kneel beside me. His eyes were glinting as they gazed into mine. He lay across me, I lifted my knees, put my feet flat down and opened my legs. It had been such a long time!

I felt the touch of his erection inside my labia, reached with my hand and grasped his shaft, made the head of him rub the length of me until he found my opening, I was slickly ready and he did the rest.

I drowned in the wonder of him. His body against mine, the tingle in my breasts as they pressed eagerly against his chest. My aching body drinking up sensation as he moved deeper inside me, slowly and cautiously at first, then more confidently and gradually with greater urgency. I wrapped my arms around his neck and squeezed him closer to me, my lips sought and found his, my teeth nibbling his lips. I was greedy for him beyond anything in my entire life and surrendering body and soul to the overwhelming sensations coming from inside me.

My vagina clamped on to him as the great surge of orgasm swelled within me. I remember moaning softly with the sheer joy of it. I rose against him, thrusting back in equal response until he exploded inside me and the warm spurts of his ejaculation took me there again and again until we were both finished.

After which we lay still in our embrace as our racing hearts and gasping breaths became quiet and we grew sleepy. Eventually, he rolled over to his side of the tent and I spread the towel underneath me to soak up the wet patch forming there.

Rain started pattering against the canvas.


Angus sat up. He looked at us, muttered something and barrelled his way out of the tent.

“What happens now?” I said.

Fergus’s eyes twinkled. “That’s up to you!”

“Up to me?”

“There’s only one way the three of us can remain in this tent without war breaking out!”

“So what can I do about it?”

He grinned his evil grin. “You surely know what you can do! Unless you couldn’t fancy him.”

I felt my face reddening. And yes, I could fancy Angus. Right now, even with Fergus’ semen still leaking out of my vagina.

“What about you?”

“If it wasn’t raining, I would go out for a walk. I’ll watch you instead!”

“But won’t you – mind?”

“Me and Angus have been mates for as long as I remember. We share just about everything.”

Before I could respond, a large and naked Angus came through the entrance tunnel, crawled forward on to his sleeping bag and slumped face down, looking away from us.

“Don’t let him wait” whispered Fergus. “Go for it now!” It was a command. I turned over and pressed up against Angus’ back, put my arm around his shoulder and bit his earlobe. He twitched somewhat but didn’t otherwise move so I climbed over on top of him and put my tongue into his ear. That moved him!

He rolled over until we were face to face, then stroked my breasts with his large but surprisingly gentle hands. My body reacted powerfully. I felt a tightening sensation down below and my nipples went up into hard points. He kissed me, first my cheek, then my lips, pushing them apart with his tongue. By the time he had come fully erect and I had rolled in under him, I had forgotten that Fergus was there at all.

I was so wet between my labia that Angus slipped inside me, going all the way in one smooth push. As his belly pressed up against mine, I remember crying out with the pleasure of it, encouraging him to a powerful series of thrusts, each one dragging a further cry from my lips. I had expected my body to be quiescent after my previous ecstatic coupling with Fergus, but in that I was taken by surprise. I bucked and writhed under him, meeting his downward pressure with my own upthrusting hips, my vagina demanding his so deep penetration to lift it to the rippling pulses of orgasm that came again and again until I dragged him to climax, gripping him inside me and milking him of everything I could, flooding out of him just under the neck of my womb.

We collapsed into sweat-soaked exhaustion and all fell quiet inside the tent until I became aware of the patter of rain on the canvas just above us. After which Fergus busied himself making mugs of tea and a big bowl of muesli and hot water (‘got no milk’ he explained).

We had this simple but filling breakfast sat in a huddle with the bowl on my lap and all three of us eating from it. I’ve never felt so wonderful, so cosseted, so loved! Their two large, naked, well muscled bodies rubbing up against mine, their arms brushing my breasts as they dipped into the bowl of muesli. I continued to leak into the towel, an erotic reminder of our recent couplings while I listened to the tingling thrills of my bare skin on theirs, their breathing warm and close to my neck, their eyes glancing at me in obvious approval. I was just so happy!

When the bowl was empty, they found some chocolate bars and we had a second mug of tea. My hands were beginning to stroke their bodies, learning the feel of them. They were beginning to stroke me, sending delicious messages through me and causing a warm tingling to come from between my thighs. Fergus ran his hand over my breast, fingers caressing the nipple until it teased up hard and I ran my hand down his belly until I was stroking him up to erection.

He was ready for me in no time. He ran his hands under my bottom and lifted me forward on to hands and knees in the centre of the tent. While Angus watched, he came up behind me, ran his hands between my thighs and teased them apart. I felt him close behind me, the head of his manhood rubbing and pressing into the dark triangular space under my bottom. He found my opening and thrust himself fully up inside me until his pubic bone was nuzzling into my buttocks, dragging a gasp of delight from my lips.

It feels so much deeper like that! I sensed the head of his penis taking its rightful place at the very centre of my being. He took me with a steady, powerful insistence and now I didn’t need to be quiet. I let myself croon with pleasure, adding to his excitement, knowing the incredible pleasure he was giving me. Orgasm comes more slowly in this position but the build up to it is beyond description so that when it at last exploded inside me, Angus ejaculated too as my vagina clamped him the more tightly inside me, drawing his seed from him. I revelled in the rhythmic pulsing of his member as he pumped me full of his juices for the second time that morning.

When he sank down beside me, Angus at once took his place. I thought I would be exhausted and satiate by now but it was the opposite. The more they worked me, the more sensitive I seemed to become, the greater the pleasure for me. Angus gave me his all. His great, powerful thighs thrust him up inside me, almost lifting me off my knees with each stroke and this time, he finished me! I lay down underneath him, feeling his weight lying pleasurably over me as he slowly subsided. Fergus had already dozed off and now so did we, three bodies intimately pressing together in the close confines of the little green tent.

It stopped raining in the early afternoon, prompting us to stir slowly and the boys to think about moving on. I would have been quite content to stay in the tent forever, making love whenever they were ready again and eating and drinking the humble supplies we had left. But it was time to move on.

Angus and Fergus are Glaswegians. They had been mates from their schooldays and at one time joined the scouts which fired their enthusiasm for the great outdoors. Usually doing hikes or fishing trips with a loose group of like-minded friends, they were alone for this trip, going as far as the same destination as myself. Living at home, sometimes in work, sometimes not, their lives tended to be freewheeling.

I was the first female to become involved in their outdoor world!

They decided to break camp and make for the bothy. Stay overnight and walk in the morning as far as the hostel and take a bus from there so that I would get home as planned and so would they. It made good sense and (I glowed inwardly at the thought) I would have another night in which to cement our relationship!

We packed our rucsacs from inside the tent by opening the inner tunnel at the rear, getting the sleeping bags and our other dry stuff safely stowed away. Next, kitting up in damp clothes and sodden boots is never pleasant but I had to do it and get outside. Donning my soggy waterproof was especially unappealing but then I was free to watch the boys close down the tent and pack it away, which they did remarkable efficiency. So we moved on.

My garments dried on me as we hiked at a brisk pace and I was soon warm. I surprised myself at how sprightly I felt after everything that had happened to me in the last 24 hours or so. Inside, I was glowing with remembered pleasure and my thoughts ran eagerly ahead of me of the night to come.

It isn’t very practical to hold hands on the trail but if a chance came on a wider track then I would take the nearest one and once, for perhaps half an hour on a forest track I had them walking either side of me, my hands gripped warmly by both of them. When the track diverted to a narrow path, I made them stop and kissed them both in turn, with a passion that was already rising within me. If there had been a grassy bank, I would have pulled them both down on to it and demand they make love to me there and then.

But the moment passed and next thing we were standing in front of a small stone cottage. We had reached the bothy! We were the only ones there and the daylight was waning so we would be on our own. I shivered with a frisson of pleasure at the thought and we opened the door and went in. A homely little place, only one big room with a fireplace, kitchen sink and drainer and a boarded sleeping area. There were mattresses. It would be comfortable!

The boys busied themselves lighting a fire and making a hot meal. Soup, bacon and eggs on two slices of bread and more chocolate bars to follow. Food has never tasted so good. The fire brought redness into our cheeks, we laughed and swapped details of our lives. They kept touching me and I couldn’t keep my hands off them. Suddenly Angus pulled me to him and kissed me fiercely, hard on the mouth until I was panting with desire for him. Next Fergus drew me to him and did the same. There were no further words!

It was time to go to bed!

I stood in front of them and undressed in the flickering firelight. In turn they took their clothes off. They looked incredibly erotic and they were both fully roused. They came to me, picked me up and laid me face up on top of the sleeping bags. I was trembling. This was to be a true threesome.

They laid down beside me and kissed my breasts, engulfing my already hard nipples in their mouths, causing me to shudder with the double flux of sensation that coursed through me. I reached my hands down and held their burgeoning, hot erections, rubbing my thumbs gently over the heads of them. I felt both their bodies shiver with pleasure. Their hands slipped down over my abdomen and I felt fingers probe in under my mound of venus, massaging my most intimate places, opening me inside and massaging the walls of my vagina until I was beginning to whimper with the sheer joy of it.

Fergus rolled over me and snuggled down my body, his tongue tracing a line of wetness down to my belly-button and below, then pushing inside my labia, licking and probing the length of my vagina until I was moaning with the joyful sensations he created in me. They say it is the greatest pleasure a man can give to a woman and it felt like it just then only I did not know that there were even greater joys to come!

He turned me over on top of him, pulled me up until my womanhood was pressing against his erection and lifted me until I could take him in my hand and guide him inside me, letting me push myself down until he was fully inside and my mound was pressing deliciously against his pubic bone. It was then I felt Angus straddling behind me. He began rubbing his glans in between my bottom cheeks, it was transfixing! It was also lubricated and very slippery. And I had a mental picture of a half-empty bottle of olive oil in the kitchen area. It was extra virgin!

I didn’t really know what he was doing until he found the entrance to my bottom and began to push. “Don’t fight it” he murmured into my ear. “Let your muscles relax. Let me come inside you.” Fergus ran his hands over my thighs, then my hips and around my buttocks pulling my bum cheeks apart. “Do it!” he said. Angus pressed and quite suddenly I popped open and he was inside my anus. I gasped with the almost painful tightness of it. He paused there, murmuring endearments into my ear, calming me, getting me used to this new way of loving.

Then, slowly but relentlessly be began to thrust, moving further inside me until I felt his thighs pressing up against my buttocks. The sensation was beyond anything I could have imagined! My whole lower body was on fire, a mass of delightful sensations. I could feel them both deep at the centre of my being, their tips must have been almost touching.

I was faint with the ecstatic pleasure of it. Now they both began to work me, pushing up into me together, then pulling back, very gently at first but gradually building up the force and depth of each stroke. I felt that I would drown in sensation. I was utterly filled with their hot, pulsing manhood and they took me to heaven. The orgasms were huge and came repeatedly, I cried out my ecstasy time and time again until I felt the ripples surging through their members, then the pulses of their ejaculations. Fergus was only a matter of moments before Angus so that I had the joy of them singly but almost as one!

I had gone completely to jelly and I sort of fainted, overwhelmed, or at least fell immediately asleep!


Sunlight lighting up the bothy brought me awake. I was neatly zipped into my sleeping bag and I could even feel the slight roughness of the towel under my bottom. The boys were asleep either side of me. There was a warm glow emanating from my vagina and a gentle throb in my bottom. Gradually coming awake, I knew that I was hooked! I was enslaved to these two and I could only wish that they were likewise enslaved to me.

I quietly unzipped the bag and tiptoed outside, feeling the morning sun on my naked body. I felt wonderful! I washed in a nearby stream and let the sun dry me then returned inside to wake the boys which I did with a kiss and murmuring “I love you” into their ears.

We didn’t say a lot as we ate our breakfast and prepared to move on. I think we were all a bit stunned by where our love had taken us. We tidied everything up but we didn’t put our clothes on and nobody touched the sleeping bags until Angus spread them carefully, then came to me. I was looking out of the window so it was his arms around my body and his body pressing up against my back that made my heart leap! I could feel his erection pressing against my bottom and I was instantly and fully aroused. He picked me up bodily and carried me to bed, turned and lay down so that I was on top and straddling him.

This time it was Fergus in behind. My muscles couldn’t have tightened against him even if I wanted them to. He penetrated easily and deeply and this incredible lovemaking began again, even better than last night, if that were possible. We worked together as a team of three, I pushed back against Fergus, hardening the power of his thrusts, Angus then pulled me back again, raking my vagina with his manhood. I was making one long moan of joy in response to their grunts of effort as they serviced me.

As before, my orgasms were enormous, I felt as though I was repeatedly exploding inside and the heavenly moment came as they ejaculated simultaneously again. I think I did faint for a few moments and certainly I was prostrated for a while afterwards.

It was an hour later that we finally left our love nest. What we had done here had forever changed all three of us. We hiked slowly and very quietly. Every step reminded me of the joyful pleasure I had taken from them and I wore a pad inside my knickers to soak up the residual leaking that was still pleasurably ongoing.

The journey is hazy in my memory, we reached the hostel by mid afternoon and the bus came by shortly afterwards. We reached the bus station just right for me to board my coach and so I hugged and kissed them both, then sat by the window to wave goodbye to them and settle down drowsily in my seat. I was still glowing gently down below, a pleasurable memory that would go with me on my journey and persist long afterwards.

I smiled sleepily and looked again at the piece of paper Fergus had given me. It was the date, time and starting place for our next hike. In just one month’s time, around five days before I was due to ovulate!


I’ve written other short stories under this series, ‘Virgin’ and ‘The Queen of Spades’ both of which you can enjoy for free on Smashwords.

Love you, dear reader for enjoying my work.