The Tennessee State Fair

It was time for the Tennessee State Fair again.  I never missed going at least one day.  As a former farm boy, I loved seeing the animals, and there were lots of other things to see and do as well.  One of the things I intended to see was Tiffany getting excited, if I could talk her into what I had in mind.

“You want me to go without my bra and panties and wear a short skirt?”

“No, I want you to go in the bra I bought for you, and in a short skirt with no panties.”

“Let me see the bra.  It’s isn’t one of those with holes for my nipples like last time, is it?”

“No.  It’s an actual bra, a demi-cup, to be exact, or at least that’s what the eBay ad called it.”

Tiffany looked at the black bra and then held it up to her chest.

“I don’t think I’m going to fit all of me in there.”

“Enough of those big tits will fit to make things interesting.  Go try it on.”

Tiffany walked back into her living room a few minutes later.  Just as I’d hoped, the bra gave her enough support that her cleavage was fantastic. The nipples that peeked over the edges of the cups were fantastic too.  Her voice was pleading.

“Don’t make me do this.  My nipples will show, and you know what they do sometimes.”

I chuckled.

“Yep, and I love it when they do.  So will all the other guys you see at the fair.”

“If I don’t wear panties, any time I bend over or cross my legs, anybody can see up my dress."

“That too, and the guys will be drooling, I promise.”

After a little more talking, which I knew Tiffany needed before doing something she really wanted to do but wouldn’t do on her own, she agreed.

I picked her up on Wednesday.  I chose that day for a couple of reasons.  The milking shorthorns and jersey’s would be shown that day as would the giant jacks and mules.  I wanted to see all of them, and they’d only be there for one day.

The other reason was that since the fair is in September there wouldn’t be a lot of kids there because they’d be in school.  I like showing Tiffany off, but I have some rules about kids.

After paying to park, and then driving around for fifteen minutes before finding an open space, Tiffany and I walked up the hill to the fairgrounds.  On the way up, I casually draped my arm around her shoulders and stroked the front of her breast with my fingertips.  True to form, Tiffany’s nipple swelled up a little.  I stroked it again, once more, before she grabbed my hand.

“Don’t do that.  People can see enough as it is.”

I smiled to myself.  Tiffany always did this, though I knew she liked displaying herself to other men.  She was doing quite well at the moment.  Her right nipple made a big sexy bump in her tight top, and the left one was starting to swell as well.

We walked through the buildings with art projects and domestic crafts first.  Tiffany tried to stay as upright as possible, but occasionally had to bend over to read a tag or sign.  When she did this, I’d lean down with her and whisper, “Tiffany, your ass cheeks are showing.”  She’d blush and stand back up, then grin and ask if I thought anyone else saw.  Usually, at least one guy had.  I knew because I’d see him grinning too.

“Yep, that old guy over there is getting the first boner he’s had in years.  Want me to ask him if he’d want to see more?  He probably would.”

“No, no…that’s quite all right.”

By the time we got through all the arts and crafts stuff, I was half hard from watching Tiffany’s nipples swell up and then go back down, and I was hungry.  I asked Tiffany what she wanted to eat.  She grinned and said a corn dog, so I started looking for a concession trailer that sold them.  Along the way, I put my hand on Tiffany’s ass and let it sit there.  

Tiffany didn’t seem to mind until I gave her right butt cheek a little squeeze.

“Bill, don’t.  Somebody will see you.”

“Then they’d also see me do this, wouldn’t they?”

I moved my hand to the center of Tiffany’s ass and pushed one finger in between her cheeks.  She jumped.

“Don’t do that.  It makes me get all wookie.”

“Wookie?  What’s wookie.”

Tiffany laughed.

“It’s when these little shocks run up my legs and I want to squeeze my butt cheeks together.”

“So, if I did this,”  I pushed my finger between her cheeks again and Tiffany jumped, “that makes you all wookie?”


“And if I do this”, I squeezed Tiffany’s butt cheek again, “does it do the same thing?”

“No, that feels nice, but we shouldn’t let people see you doing it.  They’ll think I’m a bad person for letting you.”

I laughed.

“Tiffany, you don’t feel like a bad person.  You feel pretty good to me, especially this ass.”

Tiffany pulled my hand away and told me to behave myself, but when I put it back, I noticed she left it there.

Once we had our corn dogs and lemonade, we looked for a place to sit down to eat.  There weren’t any chairs outside, so we went into one of the exposition halls where they were showing goats and sat on the bleachers there.  Well, I sat.  Tiffany was trying to figure out how to sit without someone looking up her skirt.

The skirt I’d picked out for her hit her at mid-thigh when she stood up.  When she sat, it rode up about half again as much, and if I leaned forward a little, I could just make out the start of the bush between her thighs.

She sat down and turned her body so her legs were almost touching mine.

“Can you see anything.”

“You mean like hair.”


“Well…I see something dark, but it might be just a shadow…no, wait…it looks like hair.”

“Oh God.”

“Don’t worry about it Tiffany.  If somebody sees, they’ll be too far away to see hair.  They’ll just think you’re wearing black panties.  Eat your corn dog before it gets cold.”

While we ate, the loudspeaker announced the next class to be judged would be dairy goat does.  As the people led them in, I nudged Tiffany’s side.

“The tits on those goats are almost as big as yours.  Your nipples aren’t as long, I don’t think.”

She chuckled.

“Thank God for that.  Can you imagine what I’d look like now if they were?”

“Yep.  You’d look really sexy, ready to fuck, even.   Hey, I think the guy two rows down is looking up your dress.  Open your legs a little.”

“You want me to show him my…”, Tiffany shook her head.  “Ohhhh, no.”

“Yeah, just give him a big smile and spread your thighs a little.”

“But he’ll think I’m flirting with him.”

“Probably so.  Smile and open, Tiffany.”

I thought the guy was going to fall over.  He looked, then grinned, then looked some more.  In the process, he leaned back so far he got off balance, and just managed to catch himself on the seat behind him.

Tiffany was a little breathless when she shut her thighs.

“He saw me.  He saw up my dress and saw my…my…”

“Yes he did.  Give him another show, but this time spread your legs more.”

I saw the guy moving in his seat and I knew why.  He was trying to get his stiffening cock somewhere in his pants that it wouldn’t show.  I knew because I was having the same problem.  When Tiffany spread her thighs a little wider, he stopped moving and started staring.

“OK, Tiffany, you have his attention now.  Act like you’re scratching your tit, but rub your nipple instead.”

With just one touch, Tiffany’s right nipple swelled up stiff and long.  The guy saw that too.  He formed one hand into a loose fist and then pushed his index finger in that fist and moved it slowly in and out.  Tiffany gasped when she saw that.  

“Is he doing what I think he’s doing?”

“Tiffany, I do believe the guy wants to fuck you.”

She grinned at me.

“Oh, I can’t do that.  I’m just for you, remember?”

“Well, blow him a kiss or something.  I know how he’s feeling, and he needs something.”

“How do you know what he feels?”

“If you look at my jeans, you’ll know how.”

Tiffany looked down, then up at me and smiled.

“You’re all hard.  Did I do that?”

“Yep, just like you did to him.”

The guy was still staring when we got up to leave.  Tiffany was feeling really good.  I know because she was grinning and her nipples stood out against her top like rocks.

We walked down the aisles of the cow barn next.  Tiffany liked the Jersey calves.  She thought they were cute.  She wasn’t much for the cows or the bulls.  I got my fill of cattle, and then we went to the mule barn.

Tiffany liked the draft mares with mule foals by their sides. She wasn’t very impressed with the rest until we got to a stall holding one of the giant jacks.  As they sometimes do, this jack had about half an erection.  Tiffany was fascinated.

“It’s so long and thick, and the end…it looks like a mushroom…how does he ever get it in?”

I squeezed Tiffany’s ass and laughed.

“Pretty much the same way I do.  He jumps on the mare’s back, his cock gets really stiff, and he just pushes it in.”

Tiffany chuckled.

“There’s no foreplay?”

“Oh yeah, a lot.  He nuzzles the mare’s sides and neck.  If she’s ready, the mare will squat down a little and spread her legs.  That pretty much does it, well, except he bites her neck when he’s mounted her and he’s stroking away.”

“What if she’s not ready?”

I laughed.

“Then she’ll kick the stuffing out of the jack.”

Tiffany laughed too.

“Aren’t you glad I’m not a mare?”

I put my arm around her and squeezed her breast.

“I don’t know.  You’ve always been in the mood.  Aren’t you glad I’m not a jack?”

Tiffany sighed.

“Well, yes, but just once, you know, just once to see what it feels like?”

“With a jack?”

“No, silly, not with an animal.  I’m not that weird.  With a man that big.”

“Well, you’re gonna have to wait a long time.  Guys don’t come in that size.”

“I know.  It’s just a dream I have.”

We walked through another aisle of mules and mares.  At the end of the aisle was a young guy.  He’d been watching us since we turned the corner at the end.

I squeezed Tiffany’s ass again.

“Now’s your big chance, Tiffany.  Go flirt with him.”

“But he’s young enough to be my son.”

“Nah, he’s at least twenty…no, he’s drinking a beer.  He’s twenty-one or else he’s in big trouble if the fair finds out.”

“He won’t pay any attention because I’m so much older.”

I chuckled.

“Tiffany, Honey, you stick those big tits in his face and sit down so he can see up your dress and he’ll be all stiff cock and eyeballs.  Now go make him feel good.  I’m gonna go back and look at a couple of mares.”

About five minutes later, Tiffany walked up beside me.  She looked a little dazed.

“Tiffany, are you OK?”


“What’s wrong?  Did he do something to you?”

“Yes, but it was good.”

“What happened?”

“I walked up and asked him if he’d explain the difference between a horse and a mule.  I had to bend over so I wasn’t yelling because he didn’t stand up.  He looked right down my front.  I think he saw my nipples.

“Then, I dropped my purse and had to bend over to pick it up.  I know he looked up my dress.  I know he saw my pussy.  He was getting hard when I turned back around.”

This was getting interesting.  It was a side of Tiffany I hadn’t seen before, and hearing about it was giving me a raging hardon.

“Did he touch you?”

Tiffany gave me a sheepish look.

“Well, I sort of tripped and fell against him.  He grabbed me and touched my boobs when he did.”

“Anything else.”

“No, I apologized for falling on him, and then left.”

“Then what’s wrong?”

Tiffany moved closer, close enough nobody could see her hand find the front of my jeans.  Her voice was low and sultry.

“I need to be fucked now.”

As Tiffany stroked my cock through my jeans, I remembered something I’d heard earlier at one of the mule breeder’s seating area.  Two of the breeders were talking, and I overheard the first say he had to leave for the night because he had a mare about ready to foal.  He’d asked the second breeder to keep an eye on his mules.  The name on the banner over the stalls was “Wayfair Farm”.  I’d seen a big horse trailer behind the mule barn with the same name painted on the side.

I took Tiffany by the arm and walked her back past the Wayfair Farm stalls.  The owner was gone.  Just to confirm that, I asked the breeder at the next set of stalls if Wayfair Farm had any mules for sale.  He replied that Harry was gone for the day, but I could call him at home, and gave me the phone number.

Nobody saw me as I opened the door on the side of the trailer and helped Tiffany up the steps.  The translucent ceiling panels let in enough light to see the stack of hay bales and sacks of feed stored inside after I closed the door.  Tiffany turned to me.

“What are we doing in here?”

“Well, you said you needed to be fucked.”


I slipped my hand inside Tiffany’s top and squeezed her right breast.

“Why not?”

“What if somebody comes along?”

“Well…I’ll just explain you saw a big donkey dick and said you needed this.  They’ll understand.”

Tiffany shuddered as I rolled her nipple between my fingers.

“No they won’t.  They’ll think I’m a…mmmmmm… some kind of slutty woman.”

I chuckled.

“I like it when you’re slutty.  Want me to stop?”

“No…just hurry.  I need you so bad.”

By then, I needed Tiffany just as bad.  After turning her around to the stack of hay bales, I lifted her short skirt and stroked up her inner thigh until I touched her pussy lips.  She did need to be fucked.  She was already wet.

“Bend over, Tiffany.  You wanted to feel what the mare feels.”

If she hadn’t been so wet, I’d have hurt her when I rammed my cock through her pussy lips and then on inside her.  As it was, Tiffany just moaned and rocked her hips up.

“Oh God, yes.”

I pulled my cock back out, and rammed it in again.  My belly made a soft slap on Tiffany’s ass cheeks as the base of my cock spread her swollen lips.  Tiffany moaned again, and then gasped when I reached around her sides and pulled both her nipples down.  I felt her pussy contract, and then she gasped again.

“Fuck me harder.”

It couldn’t have taken more than five minutes.  Tiffany was that aroused.  One minute I was slamming my cock in and out of her warm, wet pussy and rolling and pulling her nipples.  The next, Tiffany was pushing her ass back into my thrusts and starting to pant.

“Oh…so close…mmm…mnnn…don’t…don’t stop Honey.”

After she said those words, I couldn’t have stopped even if my mother had walked in the door.  I kept pulling Tiffany’s right nipple and rolling it with one hand.  With the other, I held on to her hip and rammed my cock in again.  Tiffany gasped, then cried out as I pulled back and slammed in again.

I lost it when her hips began to dance up and down.  The first spurt raced up my shaft just as Tiffany stopped panting, held her breath for a couple seconds, and then shuddered.  At my second, Tiffany clapped a hand over her mouth to stifle the cry and then arched her back down.  The third spurt was helped along by the rapid contracting and relaxing of Tiffany’s pussy.  She didn’t stop that for at least another minute or so.

I chuckled as Tiffany moaned and squeezed her own breast.

“Feel better now?”

“Mmmm.  Lots.”  

“What should we do now.  We’ve seen the fair.”

Tiffany eased to a standing position and pulled her pussy off my cock in the process.  She turned around as she adjusted the bra so her breasts were back in the cups, and then smoothed the skirt back down over her hips.  

“Let’s go home, get naked, and make this happen again.”

“I think we might be able to do that.  Uh…you’re dripping on the floor.”

“Oh God, I didn’t bring anything with me.”

“I have fast-food napkins in the truck.  You’ll just have to leak until we get there.”

Tiffany put her arms around my neck.

“Promise to fill me back up at home?”

“Until we soak down the sheets.”

“Mmm.  Sounds like a plan to me.”

Nobody saw us leave the trailer, and nobody seemed to notice the little drops that sometimes fell between Tiffany’s feet as we walked.  When we got to my truck, I opened the glove box and handed Tiffany half a dozen napkins.  She looked around, lifted the front of her skirt and wiped her thighs, then folded one and pushed it between her pussy lips.  A few minutes later, we were driving out the gate.  An hour later, I pulled up in Tiffany’s drive.

She didn’t say anything when I closed the door behind us.  She just pulled the top over her head and threw it on the couch, then slipped the bra straps from her shoulders, turned it around and unhooked it, and tossed it on top of her top.  Her skirt was next and then her shoes.  When she was naked except for the napkin between her pussy lips, Tiffany walked over to me and rubbed the front of my jeans.

“When that guy looked down my top and when he grabbed my boobs, it got me so worked up I thought I’d scream.  That’s why I said I needed to be fucked.”

“And now?”

“You fucked me like I was a horse.  Now fuck me like I’m a woman.”

Well, there was no doubt Tiffany was a woman, and it didn’t take much convincing on her part to make me want to do my part.  It was slower, there on her bed, but better in a lot of ways.  I got to hear all the little moans and sighs I love hearing Tiffany make when she’s enjoying what I’m doing.  I got to feel her getting wetter and wetter as I stroked my cock in and out.  I got to feel her pussy begin to make little contractions as she got closer and closer.  I loved all that, but most of all, I loved the little cry she made when she came and the way she came with her whole body.  She pulled me down on top of her while her body was still shaking a little.  As her big beasts mashed into my chest, she chuckled.

“Bet those horses don’t feel like this afterward.”

“Nope.  They just go back to eating grass.”

I felt the back of Tiffany’s hand touch my balls as she slipped it under her thigh.  She pulled it back out and wrapped it over my back, and then giggled.

“The sheet isn’t wet yet, and you promised, remember?”

I patted Tiffany’s wide ass.

“I remember.”

“So, what are you going to do about it?”

“In about ten minutes, I’m gonna fuck you again.”

Tiffany rolled her ass under me, and rubbed my cock against her thigh in the process.

“I could help with that ten minutes, I think.”

“You already are, Tiffany, you already are.”