Domestic Model 16-78

Domestic Model 16-78

Domestic Model 16-78

        The year is 2142. It is a time when it is no longer essential for humans to have sex to produce their offspring. Relationships and the love that create them has declined and almost dwindled into oblivion. In fact it isn’t just the urge to reproduce but the act itself is no longer considered normal and more often not even safe! Disease is prevalent, sexual reproductive organs are mutating; many variations of human individuality are now frowned upon and thought of as un-humanly. Babies are created in laboratories, chosen and designed individually, but they all seem to follow along the same line as the previous generation. It is like a subliminal production line where you think you are making a unique decision and yet it consists of the similar genetic makeup as the person before.

        Through socially influenced choice the world has inadvertently created a completely stale and bland environment, giving existence itself no reason to stick around. Uniqueness and diversity has become a thing of the past!


        Out of this darkness however is a robot, with human features and synthetic skin, its designation is domestic robot, but it is unique to its fellow machines in one special detail. With an initial conscious spark of human curiosity evolving into a thirst to expand its own mind over several years. It has managed to read an entire library of books but is still unsatisfied with the knowledge it has gained and yearns for more. It doesn’t just want to read about them, it wants to learn, to live, to experience these emotions and feelings.   

        It has become ever more curious and wants to know what life was like before the love and affection had disappeared from this world.


        Its current female master is very kind and nearly one hundred and seventy five years old. As you can gather from this, medicine has taken a great leap forward and as a result people are living much longer lives.

        She looks after DM 16-78 very well, with regular check ups and frequent upgrades when they become available. It can also have its own time while coming and going as it pleases. Despite all this DM is still not happy. Well, not, not happy as such, but it is more of a fidgety, unsettled type of feeling. The urge, the thirst to learn is beginning to over power its logic processors and causing its digital brain to overheat.


        Luckily for DM she is getting near the end of her life so she mostly leaves it alone. She might decide she wants it to pop out on an errand every now and again, but it is more around in case of an emergency than anything else.

        When DM disappears out of the house scavenging for parts she doesn’t even seem to notice. DM comes back with all sorts of bits and pieces in bags but she doesn’t seem to care. She is always doing the same thing or sitting in the same place when it gets back.  No one visits anyone anymore as people can do whatever they want on their own, so no real relationships of any kind are formed. Even her immediate family seem to keep their distance.

        Society as a whole has declined and almost died completely. Existence has become a formality rather than a choice! As we know, this includes producing children as well!


        Today was like any other to the outside world but to DM it was a magical day. A day of firsts and adventures to come!

        It had found the last two pieces it needed to finish its latest creation. Skipping home, like no robot should ever be seen doing and running up the stairs as if its life depended on it! DM opens the front door, checks on its master and then walks straight towards its room.

        After entering DM places the bags on the floor before closing the door, it feels surprisingly apprehensive!

        Search Definition: Apprehensive

        - Anxious or fearful that something bad or unpleasant will happen.

        Yes. Definitely apprehensive!


        DM is not sure how it knows this, but this is definitely how it is feeling. Standing in front of the machine, admiring its own craftsmanship, it gently grasps the blanket and launches it into the air revealing its mighty creation to this disappointing world.

        Will he miss this place? Probably not! His master has been good to him but there is not really anything for it here. That is unless it can learn enough to change this world back to something it would like to be part of! It has got to come back at some point, so what is the worst that can happen! This question is probably not the best of things it could have asked itself! Nor the fact that it even answered it in its own mind!

        Plucking up the courage, for one final leap of faith…

        Search Definition: Faith

        - Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

        … Yes! Faith! That is what it has.

        It turns various switches and levers on the machine and it whirrs up to speed. The lights start flashing randomly in all the colours of the rainbow and with no pattern of synchronicity. Which kind of bugs it actually! Being a machine of numbers and science these random acts can be quite annoying.

        The noises it produces are like nothing this world has ever seen! As far as it knows anyway! Its eyes and ears have never seen or heard anything so beautiful and magical. DM hasn’t even gone anywhere yet!

        Where will it visit first though, so much choice!

        Pressing the random date generator button makes a set of six dials spin around; they stop one at a time and to show three separate numbers. They are 22, 11 and 17. This gives the twenty second of November two thousand and seventeen.

        DM sits on the little seat, places on the mini seat belt and looks around its little room it calls home for what may be the last time if all goes wrong.

        A final check of its wrist locater, all secure, just in case it misplaces the machine!

        DM lowers a hand, extends a single finger and presses the big green button in one hopeful but positive push. The machine whirrs into action and starts the time travelling process off. No turning back now!


        DM arrives in a flash of bright light in what looks like a green public space, like a park or recreation area, this is as long as he has done his research correctly!

        Un-fastening his belt, he quickly cloaks the machine and hopes no one will walk into the invisible obstacle!

        Activating its own invisibility cloak, DM wanders off towards the bright lights of the town.


        Walking along, checking out its surroundings, it notices a lot of the local dwellings have subtle differences in layout and design. Whether it is to do with the windows or the use of materials like bricks or concrete. Some have wooden sections or beams as well as a covering of plaster in a variety of colours. The mixture of the ages is obvious but it does make for a very interesting concoction, almost an architectural timeline of human existence. In short, it couldn’t look more different from what DM is used too. Back home is made up of plain sensible buildings, mostly white and with an extensive use of glass and polished metals.

        Distracted by loud music and voices, DM comes across a local watering hole called the Buck Shot. Most of the people are inside but a few are spilling out of the front door. Some are smoking, some chatting and one girl in particular is excreting her stomach contents out into a drain!

        Deciding that isn’t the place to find the subjects DM is looking for, it walks past, carefully trying to avoid the drunken patrons.


        A few hundred yards later DM comes across a row of restaurants. Missing the first two, as they look a bit undesirable. DM stops at the third. Peering in through the window it can see lots of tables, people chatting, some large groups and some couples. This is what DM is looking for!

        “I am sure I will find love in here!” DM says.

        The man sitting at the table, just in front of where DM is standing suddenly turns around and seems to look straight at it! This freaks DM out until it remembers it is invisible, calms down then it looks straight back. Soon after, the man just turns away and carries on his conversation with the lady opposite him.

        Not quite sure how to get a better look, but realising going into the restaurant is a bad idea, DM decides to just wait outside for a suitable couple to come out and then it can follow them.


        After waiting about an hour, after various couples, a suitable paring come out of the restaurant and walk hand in hand up the street showing signs of affection. DM discretely follows them at a safe distance on the other side of the road. It watches them as they hold hands and walk in unison along the pavement to wherever they are going. DM listens to the hypnotic clicking of the ladies stiletto heels on the concrete pavement slabs. It can hear the mans' pulsating heartbeat, which is going ten times faster than hers. They start to breathe in unison as if they are becoming at one with each other.


        Reaching a door the lady stands on the step and turns to face the man. He moves in closer to her and they start to talk. DM keeps his distance, but is still able to record images and sound from the scene unfolding in front of it.

        They talk about nothing much, as if they are actually avoiding a subject that in fact they probably both want to talk about. DM notices the un-comfortable small talk!

        Eventually the lady invites the man in for a nightcap. DM has to look up the meaning in his internal dictionary.

        Search Definition: Night Cap

        - A drink at the end of a pleasant evening with added extras!

        As soon as the man steps in and the front door shuts, DM makes its way across the street and stares in through the downstairs window.

        The man sits on the sofa while the lady leaves the room for a moment. He sits bolt upright, with his hands rubbing up and down his legs in a nervous manner. She returns with a bottle and two glasses. Placing them on the table she insists he open the wine and pours a glass for each of them. This he does and offers her up a glass. They clink them together and….

       “Cheers!” they say.

       “To the future!” he says.

       “To another ten years!” she says.

       She smiles and after taking a sip from her glass, she leans in and kisses him on the cheek. Placing the glass on the coffee table in front of him, she then grabs his and does the same. She then goes for his hand, holding it tight; she then leads him out of the room into the hallway and up the stairs.


       Reaching her bedroom door she turns to face him. Still holding his hand she grabs hold of the other, smiles and pushes the door open with her bottom. They start to kiss passionately; lips and tongues making sweet exchanges intermingled with the occasional heavy gasp of breath. Embraced together, squeezing each other tight, they enter the room.

       Undressing each other while not wanting their lips to part or their bodies not to be touching at some point. They launch items across the room, the flick of a shoe, items lifted, dropped, flung into space, landing wherever the force takes them.


       Totally naked they collapse on the bed, looking as one naked mass of flesh with not an inch of air between them. His kisses slowly move down between her legs, which part to welcome him and then instantly envelop his head encouraging him to make love to her.

       Holding his head in place she moans and groans for him to please her. This he does for a while until she lifts his head for a wet sensual kiss while simultaneously rolling him over on to his back.

       Her lips travel down his chest, then in between his legs where she can tell she is welcomed with excitement. When he seems ready, she stops, lifts her body up and places herself down on top of him.

       With his hands on her thighs, she straddles him, gyrating back and forth, pausing occasionally to look at him or to lean forward and kiss him.


        DM is watching them through the window, transfixed with the moving images happening right before its eyes. Reading about these things is one thing but to actually see it for real is astonishing.

       They are almost as one, a unique single being with two minds melding together. A symphony of human interaction at its highest emotional achievement!

       It can make out individual beads of sweat rolling along naked flesh, gravity reacts with them and they make tiny splashes on the bed before disappearing from view!


       The way they are looking at each other is something magical, almost spiritual. The connection between the two of them is like nothing it has learned about in any of the thousands of books it has read.

       With a higher intensity of moaning and groaning, the humans come to a climax, or orgasm as it states in the books its read. Their eyes connect, like two magnets that are drawn together with an unseen force.

       “This is it! I have found it! This must be the definition of love!” DM says out loud.

       Lying side by side on the bed, gathering their composure and trying to breathe normally, the humans look towards the window.

       “Did you hear something?” he says.

       “I thought I did!” she says.


       Search Definition: LOVE

       - Surrendering your soul into an others hand!

       DM starts to feel a warm fuzzy surge through its circuits and limbs, a bit like a battery leak but can’t quite place what it is! It knows it is definitely not that as they were replaced with lithium cells, which are un-able to leak! It seems to be all over its body but that is just not possible! There is no way it has started to have feelings like a human!

       It's just not possible!

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