Bringing in a Third: Part 1 - The First Night (REVISED)

Some readers may remember a small journey I went on to write out my sexual frustrations with a situation that didn't happen. After writing the first part, I decided I was content with the situation and felt no need to continue the story. I still feel this way, however, I always felt like the situation I originally wrote was not how I really thought it would happen. I have since re-written Part 1 "The First Night" to reflect a different series of events. I hope you enjoy this revision, and thanks for reading.


Morgan and I were high school sweethearts, two serial monogamists that found each other early on in life. While I had experienced many sexual firsts with another woman, I was her first for everything. And when we had sex together, it was the first time for both of us. The fact that we got married within the next year was no accident. It was a special bond for the both of us. And yet… we have both always wondered what it would have been like to be with other people.

The first time we had talked about the idea of having sex, or doing anything with another person, Morgan admitted she was curious. I had always figured she would be to some extent. Even though she married me, a man, she is not a straight woman. She just never got the chance to be with a woman before we met, fell in love, and all the good things that followed. That first conversation was filled with “what ifs” and “maybes,” but the idea came back again every so often. It wasn’t until an unsuspecting drive home after visiting family that we both decided that it was something we actually wanted to do, and something we wanted to experience. We talked about our reasons, and even though we are wildly in love, the curiosity of another person was enough for us to agree that it was something we both wanted. We talked about how to find someone, the easiest being Tinder or some other app or similar website. But the idea of bringing a stranger into our marriage, even for a night, was one that made us both uneasy. There were a few minutes of silence as we thought of how else to find a third, who we could ask… and it came to us at almost the same time.

The person we thought of was Andi, a mutual friend and one of Morgan’s co-workers. The three of us were all very close, and due to this, we knew how open Andi was about her relationships and sex life. Our conversations were always very matter-of-fact, logical, but always lighthearted and fun. There was no judgement between us. She was the type of person my wife could talk to about sex toys or lingerie and who would tell us about how none of her previous boyfriends had ever been interested including a third person, even though she was. And of course, we both found her to be very attractive, without being a sexual object to any extent. Asking her was a logical decision, it was one that made sense, and was one that we didn’t take lightly. We didn’t want to ruin anything between us, but we were confident she wouldn’t be offended. Morgan even joked she would most likely say she was honored, but not interested.

A week later, the three of us were hanging out just before dinner. Andi and I had been playing some video games with Morgan just hanging out and watching. We knew tonight was the night to ask; it was just a matter of figuring out when and how to ask. The moment arrived quite suddenly, led on by the realization that my heart was pounding with nerves. The level we were playing had just ended and Andi took the opportunity to excuse herself to the bathroom. When she returned, I knew it was time and, with admittedly a squeak in my voice, I asked her.

“So I was wondering if I could run something by you,” I said, starting out. Andi just said sure, so I kept going. “Morgan and I have been talking for a while now and we recently decided that we wanted to bring a third person in.” I figured she would catch on to what I was saying, without having to just blurt it outright, since the word “threesome” didn’t quite feel right. “And we were talking about finding someone online or whatever, but we didn’t really want to do that. And so we were thinking of what we should do or who we should ask… and we both thought of you.” Andi kept her face stoic, to her credit, right up until I asked her, “So we were wondering if you would be interested in that.”

I had planned to continue, letting her know that we didn’t want anything to change or anything like that, but Andi responded almost immediately. “Well… you know I’m always interested in trying new things… but what are we talking about exactly doing…”

Morgan and I had discussed this. We wanted to start off slow, making sure everything we did was something everyone was comfortable with. The plan was to start off with a night where we just do a few basic things like touching and being naked together, maybe masturbating, but nothing too extreme. If things went well, we could do more the next time and eventually do whatever we wanted together. The key was to make sure we were all having fun and comfortable with what we were doing. Andi seemed to like the idea as the three of us discussed it, but in the end, she simply asked for some time to think about it.

Of course, we weren’t going to tell her it was now or never. 30 minutes later we were making and eating dinner, hanging out the rest of the night without any real awkwardness between us. Morgan and I talked about it after Andi left that night, both of us in a bit of shock that she didn’t out rightly say no. I was even more surprised the next day when I got a text from her (to both Morgan and I) saying that she wanted to and that she was free that Friday. We quickly agreed that that was a good night for us as well. Morgan and I would cook some steaks, Andi would bring a bottle of wine, and we would talk about it a bit more over dinner and just have a chill, fun night. It was all sounding perfect.


The First Night

Friday crawled by slower than I ever thought would be possible. My wife Morgan came home early from work to help me clean the house and go to the grocery store. We were cooking steaks and having our friend Andi over that night, for dinner… and then to join us for some sexy fun. We were planning to all start things slowly, making sure everyone was ready and comfortable, but the fantasy becoming reality made the day frustrating, especially with Morgan at home. There was an energy flowing between us, one filled with nerves, eagerness, and pure sexual energy. Countless times throughout the day I found myself pushing Morgan up against a nearby wall, sliding my hand under her shirt to cup her breasts beneath her lace bra. She would stop whatever she was doing to randomly reach around me, stroking me through my clothing until I was hard, getting me to moan until I had to push her away, forcing myself to wait. Finally, when I thought I wasn’t going to be able to wait any longer, the doorbell rang.

Andi was dressed casually, wearing a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt, nothing especially sexy but something that made her look great. Seeing her wear what she would any other day made me feel silly for my earlier stressing about what I should wear, to which I had chosen a pair of khaki shorts and a bit of a nicer shirt. Morgan on the other hand had chosen a loose fitting top that showed just the smallest bit of her mid-drift and one of her favorite pairs of jeans.

The initial greeting with Andi was friendly, with a large hint of awkward. We all knew why she was there, so it felt weird trying to make small talk, asking how her day was and things like that. But we settled in to make dinner, and a few sips of wine later, things were moving smoothly. Once we relaxed and realized nothing was all that different, it was easy to make conversation as I flipped the steaks and the ladies helped prep everything else. We settled into our dinner, and a few bites in, I broke the ice.

“So I guess now is when we talk about what we want to do tonight,” I said. Andi and Morgan both nodded, but no one said anything, before we all broke out laughing, realizing that if this was going to work, we just had to go for it.

“Well,” Andi said after a sip of wine, “You guys initiated it, so what were you thinking?” Morgan and I looked at one another and she shrugged in my direction to tell me to take the lead.

“Well,” I said, “I don’t really want to limit what we want to do, because if we want to do it and we are all comfortable with it, then we should. But I don’t think anyone should have sex tonight.” Morgan nodded and Andi agreed, saying that she was okay with putting that off the table. “So I say we get comfortable just being around each other, being naked or whatever… maybe even some kissing or touching too, if we feel like it.”

A ring of nervous, but excited, smiles passed around the table. “I think that sounds good,” Andi said, “we can just kinda see how we feel, right?”

“Right,” Morgan said. “So, Andi, are you more interested in doing things with Raphael, or do you want to do things with me too?”

“Oh, I’m definitely interested in both,” Andi said immediately, laughing as she did, “I guess I’ve never really told you explicitly, but I’m definitely interested in being with a woman. I’ve never really had the chance to since I am more interested in dating men… but, yes, to answer your question, I definitely want to do things with you too.”

We talked for a little bit longer, but the nervous energy in the air was turning to something different, something more exciting. It was a natural que that dinner was done, and we were all ready for the next step. It wasn’t long before the table was clear, and Morgan and I were sitting on the couch (I was sitting against a corner with my arm around Morgan, who was leaning back against me, her legs spread out on the rest of the couch) with Andi in the nearby armchair facing in our general direction. We sat in silence; it was the moment we were all excited for, and yet, that awkwardness that had dissipated during the meal returned. No one was sure exactly how to start. I considered just kissing Morgan, starting there and seeing what happened. I wondered if Andi would end up wanting to join in or if she would just watch until Morgan and I started doing more. But we hadn’t really talked about starting with anything more than getting naked, so it was a challenge I was clearly overanalyzing. Luckily, Andi was bold enough to make up for my uncertainty.

“I guess we should just go for it,” she said, leaning forward. She reached for the bottom of her shirt, and in one fluid motion, peeled it off over her head. She let the fabric fall to the floor over the back of the chair, giggling as Morgan and I scanned her nearly naked body. She was wearing a dark purple lace bra. The lace was dark enough that you couldn’t see through it, but her features were well defined. I admit, I was completely entranced; this was the first woman I had seen in any kind of sexual way besides Morgan in over eight years, in person at least. And she was just as sexy with her clothing off as she was with it on. Andi laughed after a moment, covering herself up shyly, and said, “I’ll take your silence as a compliment then.”

“Definitely,” I said, pulling my eyes away from the lingerie and up to her face. I continued to steal glances as able, of course.

“So who is next?” Andi said, relaxing back into the chair. She was smiling confidently, a certain look of eagerness coming over her.

“Why don’t you choose?” Morgan suggested, still leaning back against me. Andi thought for a moment, and then to my surprise, said I should remove my shirt next. Morgan sat up and I quickly removed my shirt, tossing it aside.

“Certainly no big deal for me, right?” I said, “It’s not like I’ve never gone swimming.”

“Yeah, but…” Andi said, her voice trailing off a moment as the girls both looked at me, “It’s different when you’re swimming and when you’re purposefully stripping.” We laughed, and I agreed, my hands already snaking to Morgan’s shirt as I did. I slipped my fingers under the fabric, feeling her smooth, soft skin. She slapped my hands away playfully, but with just a touch of encouragement, she allowed me to lift it off.

She was wearing a blue lace bralette that left little to the imagination and left no question as to how excited she was. Her nipples poked through the thin material, just barely visible, but Morgan’s shyness took over as she covered herself, curling up against me to try and hide. “Where you going?” I asked, wrapping my arm around her. Her back was warm, soft, and made me feel a twinge of excitement as she leaned into me.

“Nowhere,” Morgan said, sitting up as she sighed, “It’s just a little bit awkward is all.”

“Yeah,” Andi said, “but at the same time, it’s pretty exciting. You guys are both really attractive. I’ve always thought so.” She smiled genuinely as I pulled Morgan closer to me, and we both thanked her and returned the compliment. “Honestly,” Andi continued, “I’m really enjoying myself so far.”

“Me too,” I said, feeling that familiar horny feeling growing inside me. “I don’t suppose it would be okay if Morgan and I started kissing, would it?” Morgan turned to look at me with a bit of surprise, but her face softened as Andi spoke.

“Oh, please do,” Andi said, grinning with more excitement than I think she meant to show.

Morgan nodded as I looked into her eyes, giving me the okay… so I did. I leaned in and kissed her lips soft, once, twice, and finally lingering on the third one. And when I did, something took over. Morgan moved in fast, pressing her lips against mine. It was a strange sensation to be honest. We had kissed thousands of times, from small quick pecks, to deep ones filled with moans. But as I felt her warm, silky lips press against mine, knowing there was someone watching, someone wanting to watch… it was intoxicating. It was a new kind of kiss, one we had never done before, and as I moved from kiss to kiss, each was purposeful, meaningful… I was in heaven. Morgan opened her lips to slide her tongue across my lip, eventually venturing inside to move against my own. She tasted sweet, but whether she was or not, I don’t know. It was probably just the moment all catching up to me, to be honest. I wrapped my arm around her waist, turning her and pulling her over me. She knelt on the couch beside me, her arms wrapped around my neck as my fingers slid over her bare sides and back. I pulled her again and she threw a leg over me, straddling my lap, just how I wanted her. She lowered herself down, settling against me, feeling how attracted I was to her and how badly I wanted her in that moment. Her hips began to slide back and forth, grinding against me, and just as a soft groan was about to escape my lips, she stopped suddenly. “Is this okay, Andi?” she asked, before turning to look where Andi sat in the chair, her voice stopping suddenly as she did. I followed her gaze, quickly seeing why.

Andi’s left hand was on her breast, her fingertips tracing over the smooth skin of her cleavage, with her palm pressed against the main part of her breast. Her other hand was on her thigh, as if she was inching closer and closer to making herself feel amazing. “Of course!” Andi said, smiling. “I’m definitely good with just watching for now.” She hesitated a moment before adding, “Please, keep going.”

Morgan returned to me and started kissing me once more, as if no break had occurred. She pressed against me, moving slowly, purposefully stroking me up and down with her body. I ran my hands from her sides, to her back, and down to her butt, pushing and pulling to urge her on. She followed my lead, going faster, pressing harder, small moans escaping her lips. I slid my hand into the back of her pants, over a lacy pair of underwear, as my other hand slid to her ribs. I inched upward, closer to her breast, but she suddenly grabbed my hand, stopping completely as she kissed me as deep as she could, pressing against me… and then finally sliding my hand up to grasp her. I moaned as she did, feeling her nipple press against my hand, but it was the soft sigh from the Andi that made both Morgan and I look.

Andi was playing with one of her nipples through the thin fabric of her bra, her other hand pressed tightly against her thigh, as if she was trying to stop herself from going further. When Morgan and I looked, she laughed and apologized, but didn’t stop running a finger over her covered nipple. “I just couldn’t help it,” she said, “this is really fun to watch.”

“It’s okay,” I said, still slowly moving with Morgan’s movements, “if you want to do more, that’s fine with me.” I looked to Morgan who agreed.

“I’m not going to object,” Morgan said, eyeing Andi closely.

“Thank god,” Andi said, leaning forward as we answered, reaching behind her back and quickly removing her bra. She tossed it to the floor, but I barely saw her do it. Her breasts were gorgeous, fairly large, but still perky. Her nipples were already hard as she ran her hands over them, squeezing her breasts together for a moment as we watched. She laughed as she saw us staring, before sitting back in the chair once more.

“Wow,” was all I said. Morgan agreed, but quickly turned back to kissing me again. We did this for another five, ten… I don’t know how long. The way she rocked her body was entrancing, going fast and hard, then slow, but still pushing me farther. I was lost in the feeling. Morgan was out of control. And I wasn’t going to stop her. Not until she leaned in to kiss my neck, and then to whisper in my ear.

“I really want to fuck you,” she said. Her breathing was heavy in my ear as she again picked up paced and it was nearly enough to push me to the edge of climax. But as she was leaned in on the side away from Andi, I was able to look at Andi, expecting to see her lightly touching her breasts and simply enjoying the show. Instead, she was breathing heavy, one hand still on her breasts, massaging and playing with her nipples, while her other hand was on her panties, rubbing herself through the fabric. The sight of her legs spread apart, touching herself in such a way, as Morgan groaned on top of me was too much. I grabbed Morgan, stopping her as quickly as I could as her words and the sight of Andi pleasuring herself almost pushed me too far. Everyone froze, just the sound of heavy breathing continuing, before I managed to push back the feeling.

“I think I need a quick break,” I said. Morgan and Andi grinned, and we laughed at the close call. I was eager to continue, but I was still aware of the boundaries we had set… and if nothing else, I really didn’t want to finish in my clothes. I much preferred to wait and hopefully do more. “Besides, Morgan, you really need to see what Andi is up to.”

Morgan looked, finding Andi grinning with a hand between her legs, even as she curled up into an embarrassed ball that brought her knees up to her chest. “Woah!” Morgan said, climbing off me to sit next to me, “where’d your pants go?”

“Well,” Andi said, “you told me to do more if I wanted to… and I really wanted to.” There was a bit of small talk after that, about how sneaky she was, but through the entire thing, Andi never removed her hand from between her legs.

“And what do you want now?” I asked.

“I really just want to keep watching you guys,” Andi said. Her hand was still between her legs as she sat in the chair, still curled up with her knees to her chest. Her butt was partly on display to Morgan and I, her purple panties just barely visible between her legs. “Maybe you guys could lose some clothes and do some more too?” she suggested.

Morgan and I of course agreed. Morgan stood up and reached to her bralette, about to take it off, when I had an idea. “Morgan, wait,” I said, catching her just in time, “why don’t you give Andi a closer look as you take it off?” She looked a little confused, so I added, “Straddle her.” Andi looked delighted at the idea and quickly jumped up from the chair, her breasts bouncing and swaying in a perfect way. She quickly moved to the far side of the couch, giving Morgan plenty of room, who rolled her eyes but obliged. The girls giggled as she tried to settle in, eventually opting to stand back up and quickly remove her jeans. Morgan bent over as she did, laughing as she tried her best to be sexy, showing off a very inticing pair of underwear that hugged her butt and showed plenty of cheek. Once comfortable, she again straddled Andi, moving back and forth a bit until they were both comfortable with her sitting on Andi’s thighs. Andi put her hands on Morgan’s waist, asking if it was okay if she did that. Of course, Morgan didn’t mind, even saying it felt good to feel her touching her there.

What followed was pure sexual energy, being held back by the frustration of uncertainty. Both women suddenly looked nervous, smiling and giggling occasionally, then going silent as Andi’s hands slid over Morgan’s sides, thighs, and back. She was purposefully avoiding Morgan’s breasts and butt, as Morgan did the same, wrapping her arms around Andi’s neck, running them over her arms, or down to her sides. Their foreheads were nearly touching as they looked deep into each other’s eyes, Morgan’s body now slightly moving on its own. The expression on their faces matched the desperation of their breathing, heavy and slow, almost breathing together as one. And finally the moment broke and they weren’t going to be stopped.

Andi grabbed Morgan’s hand suddenly from where it was touching her side and pushed it up, their fingers interlacing as she held Morgan’s hand against her breast. Morgan gasped in surprise and relief, but it was cut short as Andi pulled their bodies together, planting a hungry kiss upon Morgan’s lips. They held it for moment after moment, Andi’s hand still tight with Morgan’s against her own breast, until finally they parted. Morgan leaned back. She watched Andi lower her hand, leaving Morgan’s where it was. Morgan gently massaged her breast, not like I would, but in a sensual, gentle way that made Andi respond in ways I only wished I could have done. And then they were kissing again, lustfully, hungrily.

“Please take yours off,” Andi said between labored breasts. Morgan immediately crossed her arms as she leaned back, supported by Andi’s hands on her waist. In one move, she pulled the bralette off and over her head, exposing her beautiful breasts. I had seen them hundreds of times, but I still loved to look at her, whether she was changing, or as now, straddling another woman. Andi complimented them, her eyes large and unblinking, and asked to touch her. Morgan simply nodded, smiling, and took both of Andi’s hands to place them on her breasts. They were kissing again, running their hands over one another, now leaving almost no part untouched. I simply watched, at one point removing my shorts to neither of their noticing, and gently touching myself through my boxers, fully enjoying their first experience, almost as much as they were.

They continued to make out and touch for another few minutes, heavily at times, and slower at others. It was a slow moment; Morgan’s hand was resting on Andi’s breasts, planting soft kisses on one another’s lips. They were looking into each other’s eyes again, foreheads pressed together. Slowly, inch by inch, Andi’s hand moved from Morgan’s butt, to her thigh, up to her side, and rather than moving again to her breast, she turned it and slid down between Morgan’s legs. She moved slowly, passing over Morgan’s panties. I watched her hand disappear, hearing the sigh of relief that escaped Morgan’s lips as she did. Back and forth Andi slid her hand, ever so gently rubbing Morgan’s barely covered pussy. Morgan was moaning quietly, almost whimpering as she rocked her hips in time, and it encouraged Andi to speed up, until finally she wanted more, her fingers slipping up to the band of the cloth, pulling it down to slip her fingers inside and…

Morgan pulled back suddenly, gently pulling Andi’s hand away. Confusion and worry crossed Andi’s face, but Morgan just smiled and said, “I am really attracted to you right now and I want nothing more than for you to continue what you were about to do. But I don’t want anything to go too far tonight, if that’s okay.”

“Of course,” Andi said, laying back into the couch. She was clearly disappointed, as was I, but it didn’t last long.

“But, like I said, I am really attracted to you right now,” Morgan said. “And you too,” she said, turning to me, where I still held myself through my shorts.

“Busted,” I said, laughing as I still touched myself

“Yeah, we both knew what you were doing there,” Andi said, taking a longer look at the outline of my hardness through my boxers. Her eyes lingered a moment longer, until Morgan shifted off her lap to settle into the nearby chair.

“Which is exactly why I want to watch the two people I am most attracted to, have a little fun,” Morgan said, almost gleefully. I glanced over to Andi, who looked back. She was still breathing slightly heavy, her breasts rising and falling as she looked at my face, then her curiosity (or lust) betraying her as she glanced down at me once again. Andi agreed, as did I, moving to sit next to her. She turned to face me, sitting with one of her legs bent on the couch that spread her legs beautifully. Her panties were dark, darker than before, and as badly as I wanted to reach out and touch her, I knew I needed to be patient. I leaned in without another word, wrapping my hand around the back of Andi’s head, my palm cupping her jaw. She grabbed my wrist as I pulled her in, kissing her without a second thought. Her mouth opened for me, almost immediately, inviting me to enter. My tongue slid across her lips, moving in and meeting hers, which followed back into my mouth before breaking the kiss.

Right away I could tell Andi was a great kisser. Morgan always was of course too, but it was different kissing another person, the first person I’ve kissed since meeting Morgan. The way she moved her tongue just enough to give me a taste, just enough to make me want more, the way she groaned when I did what she wanted… it was intoxicating. And when I wrapped my arms around her, her skin was hot. A feeling of longing flowed from her, into me as she wrapped her hand around my ribs. I felt her pulling me and I was glad to oblige, pushing her over to lay on top of her on the couch. I positioned myself to straddle her leg, kneeling over her just enough to put some weight against her. Our kissing became harder, more forceful, our hands running over each other quickly. I took the first opportunity I had to put my hand on her breast, squeezing tightly as I did.

While Andi had been lustful with Morgan, she seemed to have been reserved compared to now. This was primal, the way she dug her nails into me, the way she pressed her crotch against my leg. I took a chance, giving her nipple a quick, but hard pinch. She yelped in surprise, but when I pulled back to make sure she was okay, she quickly pulled me back, moaning as I did it again. We had only been kissing for maybe a minute at this point before she pushed me back, twisting to look at Morgan. Morgan was relaxed back, her legs spread wide and her hand over her panties when we looked, and she didn’t stop rubbing herself when Andi asked, “I really want to feel him against me… if it’s okay with you both.” She was practically begging, and Morgan nodded with a smile as a wave of pleasure passed through her. They both looked back at me and my only response was to position myself between her spread legs, pressing myself against her. Only two small pieces of fabric kept us apart.

Andi wrapped her legs around me, moaning into my mouth as we kissed again. She began to move, grinding against me, and I matched her movements. The head of my cock pressed against her clit as we broke our kissing, breathing heavily… not together like she had done with Morgan, but instead like we were gasping for air. I moved to her neck, kissing her, sucking on her skin as she dug her nails into my back and pushed up against my cock. I moved lower, despite her trying to keep me against her, bringing my hand up to hold breast. I kissed it, licking around her nipple, before flicking over it. Andi moaned, looking down at me as I kissed, sucked, and licked it again and again, switching to the other now and again.

I glanced at Morgan as I did, and Andi followed my gaze. Morgan was masturbating fully now, going as quickly as she could as she watched. Her panties were discarded, still wrapped around her ankle. She was glistening from excitement and clearly she was getting close. Andi pulled me back against her as I tried to watch Morgan, then pushing me back. “Lift me up,” she demanded. I did, moving her to a sitting position. She wrapped her arms around me tightly, pushing my head against her breasts as she took over, rubbing against me in the perfect way that was inching me closer to cumming once again. We watched Morgan as she watched us, and just as I wasn’t sure I could go any longer, Andi looked me square in the eyes, and through labored breaths, said, “Fuck… I really want you inside of me right now.” I laughed, recognizing that I was thinking the same thing, and Andi quickly looked to Morgan, realizing she had said it out loud. “I know you don’t want us to go further… and I won’t if you don’t want us to. But I really want him to touch me.”

We both looked at Morgan, who stopped touching herself as she considered the request. I was about to, against what I wanted, to suggest we wait, when Morgan said, “Only if you return the favor and touch him too… I’m sure he won’t object.” I of course didn’t, and with permission granted, flipped Andi back onto her back on the couch. I reached my hand out, shaking in excitement as I touched the fabric of her underwear. She was soaking wet, hot to the touch. I slid my hand over her, only long enough to cause her body to seize up in pleasure, before grabbing the top of her panties and sliding them off. She raised her legs in the air to allow me to remove them, and then spread her legs as I tossed them aside. Andi reached down, running her hands over herself with a sigh, using two hands to spread her pussy, teasing me with such a pleasing view.

I pressed against her clit, making her jump and her back arch. I rubbed her for just long enough to make her breathing labored again, waiting for the right moment, and just as she opened her eyes and looked at me, about to say something, I slid my finger lower, inserting it into her easily. She was tight, hugging my finger with excited skin, and she gasped as I slid all the way inside. “Fuck,” she said, reaching out to me, “get over here, now. And please don’t stop.” I moved closer, eventually standing next to her. My right hand was on her pussy, my middle finger deep inside her, rubbing all the spots and exploring what places made her quiver. And there I stood, my erection clearly evident beneath my boxers, only inches from her face.

Andi’s hand was on my thighs immediately, moving up to grab my boxers. She attempted to pull them down quickly, finding it difficult from her angle and the cock beneath them. She was eager, desperate, and finally pulled them aside and grasped my cock. I pressed against her clit hard as she did, involuntarily putting my weight on her at the surprise pleasure of being touched. “This is incredible,” I said as she started stroking me fast, up and down my shaft, already oozing pre-cum. I immediately knew I wasn’t going to last long. The feeling of her inviting pussy, her hand working me fast, hard, expertly… I did my best to focus on Andi, but I found myself getting too distracted to continue fingering her. “I’m gonna cum,” I said, trying to hold off as long as I could.

Andi nodded, and gasping, said, “Morgan, please come help.” Morgan was suddenly sitting on the couch, Andi’s head in her lap as Morgan reached out and grasped me. A familiar hand brought me even closer as Andi let go, moving her own hand down to rub herself. Watching my wife stroke my cock, while one of our best friends laid on the couch below me rubbing her clit, with my finger still rubbing her best inner spots… it was all too much.

“I’m cumming,” I groaned, suddenly aware I was about to cum all over Andi. I reached to push Morgan’s hand away, to cum into my hand instead, but Andi stopped me.

“Just do it,” she said, looking me straight in the eye. And I did.

The first shot of cum sprayed across Andi’s arm and breasts, hitting the couch behind her. As she continued to rub herself, my second shot landed on her breasts again, covering them more. Morgan worked the rest of my cum out, allowing it to land on Andi’s chest and neck, spraying a wide area of her upper body. I stopped, my knees almost giving out, and I tried to pull my hand away from Andi’s pussy. But she grabbed me, pushing my hand in deeper. She was silent besides her breathing, her hand moving faster than before as she held my finger as deep inside as she could get. And almost as soon as she started cumming, she held her breath, reached the end, and then collapsed in an afterglow of pleasure.

We were all breathing heavily, but Andi the heaviest. The cum on her chest and breasts glistened as she relaxed, eventually giggling, then laughing as she looked at herself. “God, that was amazing,” she said, “I haven’t cum like that in forever. Haven’t had cum on me in a long time either.” She winked at me as she sat up, still admiring herself.

“Let me get you something to clean up with,” Morgan said, about to stand up, but Andi stopped her. She shook her head.

“Not before you finish,” Andi said, leaning in and kissing Morgan suddenly. Her breast pressed against Morgan’s arm and breast, spreading the cum to her. Morgan protested for just a moment, but as Andi took Morgan’s hand and led it down, Morgan gave in. I knelt near Morgan, rubbing her thighs as she began to touch herself again, moving my hands from her thigh to her breasts occasionally as the girls continued to kiss. Morgan was getting close quickly, urged on by my touching, Andi’s kisses, and as Morgan arched her back, Andi’s words.

“Cum for me,” she said, nearly whispering it into Morgan’s ear. Morgan moaned, soft at first, then louder as her back arched and her orgasm moved through her body. She continued to touch herself, pressing hard as wave after wave of pleasure hit her again and again, until finally, she collapsed back. Morgan turned her head and kissed Andi deep, once more, before reaching out to me. I leaned in and kissed her as well, before standing back to look at the two women, now laying together on the couch.

I sat in the chair nearby, watching the girls gently hold each other. We were mostly silent, besides occasional giggles and laughter, the realization of how incredible the night had really been only now coming to mind. After a few minutes, Morgan moved to stand up, looking at the cum on her left breast and arm, and at the now smeared cum on Andi. “I think we should go clean up,” she said. Andi agreed and followed Morgan to the bathroom, where I left them to shower. I gathered our clothing into piles while they did, having everything ready when they reappeared about five minutes later.

As they walked out into the room, I asked how the shower was. They glanced at each other and Morgan couldn’t help but smirk, but Andi simply said, “Refreshing.” I didn’t ask for more details, instead handing them their clothing. In a few minutes, we were all sitting on the couch, clothed now. Morgan was leaning against me, and Andi laid against her, just sitting and relaxing. I mentioned that that was a lot of fun, and the girls agreed. We all decided then that we wanted to do it again, and maybe more… but that we didn’t have to worry about it now.

Half an hour later, Andi decided it was time for her to head home. She stretched as she stood from the couch, and paused a moment, before looking back and saying, “I’m really glad we did this. And I’m really glad we didn’t go farther yet. I think it was a good idea. More for next time and less chance of regret.” She quickly added, “Not that I regret a single thing.” Morgan and I agreed with her, standing up as she put on her shoes, and we all stood near the door. An awkward moment passed where none of us really knew what to do, but we laughed, hugged, said goodbye, and then she was gone.

An hour later, Morgan and I were lying in bed. We had talked about the entire thing. We both felt it went perfectly, and we both couldn’t wait to do it again. But I was curious about one thing. “So what was with that look after your shower?” I asked. Morgan laughed, rolling over on top of me to straddle me.

She kissed me deep and then said, “She just told me that if I was going to fuck you tonight, that she wanted me to imagine she was here watching.” She kissed me again, running her hands down and into my boxers. “So how about we use our imagination a little for round 2?”