Unconventional Weekends

He left his belt here.

Not for any particular reason, just purely by accident, which wasn’t too hard to do considering how all our clothes were spread throughout various places in my apartment last night.  

But when I felt the buttery smooth leather and the hard metal of the belt buckle against my fingers, my mind raced with the memories of last night.  It was the first time I’d ever experimented with what we’d done...and my body was still reeling from it.

Before I knew it, I was shedding the t-shirt I’d thrown on and sank into the oversized chair where I had found the belt slung over the back.  Staring at the worn brown leather and tracing each of the notches, my breath hitched and my skin began to tingle as I remembered the feeling of it wrapped around my neck, slightly scaring me at how much I wanted to do something so twisted and depraved.  

How it only began with the two of us relaxing on my couch, him turning the channel to find something to watch and me tracing the belt with my finger, casually saying how I would love it if he would choke me with it.  It surprised me how easy it was for me to say, like telling him how my day was, and yet all he said was a simple “I could do that”.  It was probably the sexiest thing he has ever said to me.   

Hearing the clink of the metal and the rustling of the leather as I slid the belt through the buckle was all it took for the throbbing between my legs to begin, making me squirm a little to quell the ache but really only making it worse.  I bit my lip, almost letting out a moan as I felt my clit grind over my panties and knew it wouldn’t get better until I took care of it.

Wrapping my golden locks up into a makeshift bun, I started to unhook the belt from the buckle, licking my lips as I ran it along the back of my neck until the two ends meet.  I looped it back through the buckle, pulling it until it was taut against my neck, my eyes rolling back into my head at feeling the soft but rough leather around my neck, nearly making me cum with thoughts of him.

My hand traveled down my neck to one of my swollen breasts, moaning as my fingers ran over the already hard nipple.  I called out to play a specific playlist I had made a while ago for just these very moments and I hear the slow and sensual beat of a particular song.  Our song.  The song he’d picked specifically for the moment, whispering how hard he’ll get every time he hears this song, thinking of how beautiful I look with plump red lips, eyes half-lidded and his favorite belt wrapped firmly around my neck.

I vaguely hear my favorite part of the song just as my mind and body remember when we fucked to this song the first time.  How his hands threaded through my curls, forcefully pulling as he slowly thrusted his hard cock into my dripping pussy. Pulling ever so slowly, I feel the belt tighten as my hand dances over the other breast and pinching the nipple, the pain mixing with the pleasure and causing me to gasp.

Seeing my phone laying on the end table next to me made me shudder at the thought of sending a naughty photo to him and showing him just what I’m doing with his favorite belt.  How hard it will make him every time he slides it on.  How hard he’ll fuck me the next time I see him.  My eyes closed and I moan at that thought.  

Dragging my hand down my stomach, I passed the sapphire belly button ring he gave me.  He told me it was a purchase made on a whim after thinking how my belly button ring was incredibly sexy and smirking as he told me how it reminded him of the color of my eyes.  I chuckled at the thought of how hard I blushed when he said that, even though the first time wasn’t exactly romantic.  We’ve never really were the most conventional couple and that was just fine with me.

“Ah Ah, did I give you permission to touch yourself?”  Those words rang in my head as my hand dipped underneath the waistband of my panties, feeling the wet slick of my juices gliding over my swollen lips, gasping as a finger ran over my swollen clit. My mouth falls slack and my head falls back onto the chair as I rub my pussy faster, panting and moaning as the rhythm of the song dictated my every move and speed.  I pulled the belt more, feeling slightly lightheaded with the combination of pleasure and lack of oxygen.  Calling out again in a breathless tone to repeat the song as my hand dips even lower to insert a finger inside the dripping hole, pumping to the sensual rhythm and letting out a long gasping moan.  

Not long after adding one, I added a second finger and pulled even harder on the belt around my neck, eyes watering at the overload of pain and pleasure.  Moans becoming even louder than the music, the sound of my juices also mixing in and making a beautiful symphony of sex and turning me on even more.  “Fuck,” I cried out in a huskier tone that I wasn’t used to hearing myself make as I pump my fingers faster, the desire to cum making me pull the belt a little tighter but still conscious to not pull too tight.

My head fell back down and I noticed the small fading bruise just above my left nipple, remembering him playfully biting me as he leisurly fingerfucked me, the Saturday morning sunlight flowing in from the window and the sound of some morning news program on TV softly in the background.  Never would’ve guessed I’d have the best and kinkiest sex of my life that same night.  Belt around my neck, pulling as he fucked me from behind, smacking my ass and biting me down my neck, shoulders and back.

“Tell me who you belong to?”  I trembled at thought and remembered how gruff his voice was.  I pulled on the belt a little more as my orgasm neared, feeling the scratchiness of my voice with the lack of oxygen and how much I was grunting and moaning.  My fingers and panties were coated with my wetness as I thrusted my hips up into my hand, the need to cum becoming almost unbearable.

My head lulled to the end table with my phone as I hear a short ding sound and see he was texting me.  Through my hooded eyes, I was able to make out some of the shorter messages like ‘Are you out of bed yet?’, ‘Want to see you tonight.’  and ‘Text me when you’re able to move.’ with the laughing emoji ending the text.  

“Oh fuck yes!” I moaned out as my whole body tensed and my head flew to the back of the chair as I finally got right on the edge of my orgasm, my hips rolling into my hand to the beat of the song.  Just a few more pumps from my fingers and I screamed out loud as my orgasm flowed through my body, violently shaking at the intensity.  I let go of the belt and as it slightly loosened from my neck, I let out gasping breaths which coupled with my wet fingers pulling out of me and slowly running over my throbbing clit only added to the intensity.  My other hand played with my breasts all in an effort to prolong this amazing sensation.

With my breathing finally calmed down and I was able to compose myself, I grabbed my phone as I pulled my still wet finger out from my panties.  Holding the phone up I took a picture of myself with the belt still loosely around my neck and draping down between my still swollen breasts, my wet fingers teasing my slightly parted lips with tongue peeking out for a taste, Hooded eyelids, messy hair and the purple/redness around my neck from the belt all making for a pretty erotic picture in my book.

I savored the sweet taste of myself on my fingers for a moment or two, then grabbed my phone and finished sending the picture with a small message attached.

“Can’t wait for tonight but...are you going to punish me?”

I called out for the music to stop as I threw my shirt back on and started to straighten up the mess I’d made.  Within a few minutes, I hear my phone ring from the kitchen and my body grew hot with the thought of what he wrote.  I walked over to my phone and moaned at the message displayed on my phone.

“Screw tonight, you better be naked and ready in your bed when I get there in an hour or...let’s just say you will experience torture like you’ve never felt before.”

“Is that a promise?” I texted back and went on with my straightening.  

After a few minutes, I hear another ding and swore under my breath as I see a picture in what looked to be his car of his hard jean clad cock with his hand on it to emphasize it.

“Fuck, yes it is.”

It was already turning out to be an exciting Sunday.