A Hard Week Forgotten

Info Raphael
20 Feb. '16

((This work of fiction is written and owned by Raphael. Please comment and rate! Enjoy.))

It had been a long week of work; my new boss was a complete asshole, constantly yelling about something or another. I was in his radar today, and if it weren’t for my wife texting me to keep me calm, I probably would have exploded back at him. I parked the car in the garage, grabbed my things and entered into the attached kitchen.

A single candle was lit on the counter, a folded note next to it. I set my things aside, puzzled as I opened the small note: when you find me, I’ll make your day melt away. My breathing deepened; I set the note down, looking around and found another on the table. It sat atop my wife’s work shirt, discarded carelessly. I felt the silky shirt as I looked at the note: it was amazing to take this off…

My body reacted as I looked around, hungrily looking for the next clue. I found it at the bottom of the stairs, her black skirt laid out over the first three steps: just a little more baby, just a little more. I flew up the stairs, two at a time, standing outside our bedroom door. A pink thong hung from the doorknob. There was no note, but I didn’t need one by that point. The soft moans coming from just behind the door was the only clue I needed.

I removed my clothes quietly and then opened the door as silently as I could. The room was lit by fading sunlight, and there, in the middle of it all, was my wife Sarah. Her head was thrown back, long dark hair fanned out behind her, her body naked and open for my peeping eyes. She was completely naked, one of her C cup breasts covered by her massaging hand, her other jiggling slightly as her body shivered again and again. Her other arm stretched across her toned stomach, her hand on her pussy, just a small run of hair above her clit. Not that I could see that well as she rubbed her clit in tight, small circles, occasionally dipping lower to drive two fingers inside her dripping pussy.

My cock was hard, having been turned on well before and now stroking myself as I watched. I pushed the door open all the way, entering fully into the room; Sarah bit her lip as I entered, grinning as she took in my naked body. I was on the bed in second, my lips pressed against hers as my cock entered her, easily, in a single push. Her slender legs wrapped around my back, pulling me into her again and again. Her hot breath passed over my ear as she clutched me tightly, heaving as I fucked her, her body swallowing me, sucking me in, tightly holding me until I couldn’t hold back any longer.

I shook as my came, pushing as deep inside her as I could, my cum filling her up. My teeth sunk into her shoulder to keep from moaning too loud, making her hips buck, sucking every drop of my seed into her waiting pussy. We collapsed onto the bed, spent, the week behind us and a weekend of lust yet to come.