Finding the Future

Info Raphael
21 Nov. '17
Finding the Future

“Marcus, over here!” I called, pushing through the forest undergrowth. I hacked a few branches out of the way with my machete and finally stood in a small clearing. In the cliff face in front of me was an opening, a dark entrance to the underground. And more importantly, above the entrance in the upper right corner, was a small carved triangle with a line coming off the top of it… exactly the symbol we had been looking for. I pulled out the small piece of paper, shredded and soft after months of use, and held it up to compare. The symbol was the same as our contact had said. I smiled. It had been months, and we were here… finally.

Marcus came up behind me, putting his hand on my shoulder as he did. The pressure of his hand on my shoulder made me turn. I had to look up to see his face as he moved next to me. A sigh escaped my lips. It could have only been taken as relief and I leaned into him as his grip on my shoulder tightened in a comforting way. I couldn’t help but giggle as I saw him grinning like a small child. He glanced down at me and said, “What’s so funny Nora?”

“Nothing,” I said. I was beaming with pride too, so I knew I probably looked just as childish and foolish as him. “It’s just, we’ve been looking for this place for months, and finally we found it. You just look very happy… maybe for the first time, for real, in a few months.”

“Yeah,” Marcus said, looking back to the cave entrance, “It’s been a rough few years for us. And when we were told about this place, I thought it was just another ridiculous treasure hunt. But it’s all going to turn around now… Let’s go.” I waited for him to step forward, before following behind a few steps. It truly was stepping into the unknown, but my hopes were high. This could be the treasure that would bring us a few years of peace in this chaotic world.

Records say that the “end of the world,” or whatever, started around 2057, but my guess is it started a lot sooner than that… maybe 2020, or even in the 1900s. Technology had advanced in great bounds until that point, leading to many great inventions… medicines that could cure disease and correct DNA, plants that would grow more food than could be eaten by the world’s population… it was nearly a perfect world. Peace had been made and world pride was at an all-time high. So when it all started to fail… diseases mutating, the laws of physics acting differently or revolting altogether… the world came crashing down in fire.

Most record keeping stopped this moment when peace was gone and technology was no longer enough of a distraction to keep us from ourselves. So we aren’t exactly sure how long has passed since then. Marcus and I though, we’re both second generation end-of-the-world kids. Both our parents were born about twenty years after the end of everything, and I’m in my mid-twenties now… I think. Marcus is probably a bit older, though again… we don’t really keep track anymore. We’re much more worried about things like surviving, and keeping track of days or hours is a lot easier than years.

Even after the fall of society, people gathered. Well before the time I became aware of myself in the world, many colonies had been established. They typically aren’t large, mostly just permanent places where people have come together to try and work towards some kind of better future. Some of them are better than others too, like Osiris. The man in charge was elected and he is kind, or was the last time I was there. It attracts good people, expels the bad, and I had a good childhood there. Others, like Trackit, are lawless lands of bandits and murderers. I tend to avoid those places… most places, actually. As a Vulture, Marcus and I find our time is better spent in the wilds anyhow, until we find something really good anyway.

Vulture. It used to be a term that was used as an insult, but now is just a word in daily life. We’re scavengers, going out to old sites to find tech or tools, or really anything of value to the colonies. There’s still a lot of stuff out there, surprisingly, but you often have to travel a long way or search very carefully to find it. But that’s exactly why we were standing at the entrance of a cave, pulling out a few light sticks, and stepping into the darkness.

Marcus hit the large tube in his hand. It crackled for a second, light sputtering from it before dying away. Marcus grumbled, smacked it a second time, and it came to life to light up the surrounding area in a white-blue light. The tube only illuminated twenty feet in front of us, but was enough to know the tunnel continued inward. The walls were crumbling from disrepair, but as we walked, the structure seemed sturdy enough to trust.

But I didn’t look at the tunnel for very long. I couldn’t help lingering on Marcus, walking a few steps ahead of me. He was a tall man, maybe 6’5”, and had always kept good care of his body. Being the middle of summer, he wore a simple shirt that showed off his muscled arms and the tattoos he had received living in the colonies. He wore loose fitting pants that had plenty of pockets for his various gear and weapons, despite the heat of summer, as well as his pack for carrying any finds. A small pistol sat on his hip, as well as a knife that had come in handy more than once before. But I didn’t really look at any of that. I couldn’t help but look at his face when he turned to look back at me. He was still smiling, his usually stern, but attractive features now softened in a way I hadn’t seen since we left on this search. Admittedly, I found myself swooning a bit. It was the love I had always felt for him, but also something more primal… something heated and wanting. I felt a tingling, ever so slight between my legs, as he once again glanced back at me. I bit my lip.

I’m sure if I asked, Marcus would say he was looking to ensure I was still there, just a few steps behind him. But I know he was looking at me too, in that loving kind of way… or maybe he was feeling the same feeling of longing I was. I looked down at myself as I felt his eye flow over me. I was wearing more suitable clothing for the warm summer than Marcus, a tank top style shirt that didn’t really show anything, but was certainly helping me stay cool in summer heat. I had shorts as well, fashioned from a pair of pants that had been torn beyond repair, now only coming about halfway down my thighs, where a gun and my machete were strapped to for easy access. And even though it was the least of my worries, as we saw the end of our journey, seeing him smile, looking at me like that… it made me feel sexy. It made my mind wander, to the last time we had laid together a few days ago… but only before a moment. Another memory came to mind, making my face flush with heat.

I met Marcus soon after reaching adulthood. My mother owned a brothel in Osiris, a respected, legal establishment that valued its ability to comfort travelers and locals alike. My mother was able to give me a comfortable life and I grew up with the girls of the home as if they were my sisters. I learned all sorts of things from them, both in how to protect myself, but also how to enjoy myself. They taught me how to charm a shopkeeper for a better price on something, but also how to touch myself to make myself feel pleasure forever. As I grew older, they encouraged me with stories and advice on how to act with the neighborhood boys, ensuring that if I wanted, I would never be alone. It was fun, but my mother wanted more than that for me. I wasn’t allowed to be a hostess, so I occasionally disappointed visitors who requested my company.

One visitor however… Marcus… was much more persuasive. He was attractive, and cunning, and a very smooth talker. The girls warned me against falling for it, while batting their eyes at him, but when he said he wanted to meet me later that night, I willingly agreed. I snuck out of my room and met Marcus behind the brothel, taking him by the hand without a word. Using a key I had stolen from my mother, I brought him into a luxurious room, full of pillows and couches and a comfortable bed. My heart was pounding, from nerves and excitement, as he closed the door behind him. He offered to pay me, already with the money in hand, but I simply took it and tossed it aside. I didn’t want it. I simply wanted to be with him, a mysterious traveler I couldn’t stop thinking about. Call it love, call it lust… call it the hopes of a dumb horny girl who wanted something more exotic than she had ever had before. But whatever the reason was, as he slid my shirt off with his coarse but gentle hands, I knew I had made the right decision. He leaned in and kissed me, putting his hands on my waist, and I became a different person in that moment. My journey had begun with his lips separating and his breath entering my lungs.

I pulled him onto the nearby bed. I needed his weight on top of me and Marcus was eager to oblige. He found one of my hands, interlaced his fingers with mine, and held it down above my head as he kissed me. It was like he was searching for my soul, to steal it or release it; I didn’t care which option came to turn. I moved my hips against him, by instinct, driving him to move with me. I moaned into his mouth and felt his smile against my lips, just before he moved to graze my neck and breasts with his lips. He still held my hand while playing with my breasts with his other, making me sigh in wanting. I ran my free hand through his hair, pulling him against me as his mouth opened around one of my nipples. I was aching as he moved further down, releasing my hand to reach up my skirt and touch my thighs. I tried to close my legs, to tease him like the girls taught me, but he was firm in pushing my legs apart. Marcus found me wet and eager, and touched me with an experienced hand that made me beg him for more.

Marcus’ response was to kneel between my legs, pulling me to sit up in front of him. He cupped my chin and kissed me, just once, deep and heavy with his mouth open. But I knew he didn’t really want the kiss. And I was eager to please him with what he truly needed. I undid his belt and the ties of his pants, pulling the fabric down far enough to free him. He was larger than any of the neighborhood boys I had been with before. It was the cock of a man, like the kind of man who would visit my mother or her girls, but never me. I remember breathing heavily as I wrapped my hand around it. It was hot, and forbidden, but in that moment it was mine. He sighed as I began to stroke him slowly, gaining confidence form his reaction, and started moving faster. His eyes closed and he threw his head back, moaning just loud enough to fill the room. I smiled, lusting for him even more, wanting to make him feel even better. I placed my other hand around him as well, to stroke him tighter and faster with both hands. Marcus’ sighs and moans quickly turned to groans. He leaned forward suddenly, steadying himself on my shoulder… his cock was inches from my mouth. I glanced up at him, then back down, watching him disappear behind my hands and reappearing as I worked it. I still needed more… and I knew he did too.

So I leaned in, running my tongue over him. He shuddered with a wave of pleasure, groaning as I wrapped my lips around him completely. He put his hand on the back of my head, guiding me gently and I let him, enjoying the slight feeling of submission. My body was trembling as I used my tongue in all the right ways… and I needed to feel something; I needed to be touched too. I let one hand fall to between my legs, lifting my skirt up to brush against myself in just the right way. My lips were swollen with eagerness, wet and waiting. My finger was hard in the most perfect way as I slid it inside, moaning, even as I kept my mouth around Marcus. I rocked against my hand, forcing my finger in and out of me, rubbing against my most sensitive spot. I loved to feel this way, loved to make myself reach the pinnacle of pleasure, and doing it while bringing someone else to that point was too much.

I was beyond the point of no return and I felt the first wave of pleasure pass through me. I let go of Marcus, removing my mouth from him as I laid back on the bed. “I’m sorry,” I said, my eyes clenched tight as I moved my other hand down to rub above where my finger had entered. The second wave was stronger than the first as I rubbed myself in a flurry of tight circles. Finally I crested, my back arching and then collapsing as I gasped for air. But there was no waiting. I felt Marcus’ hands on my knees, pushing my legs apart, and I opened my eyes just as Marcus pressed against me. Feeling the head of his cock at my entrance, I opened my mouth in anticipation.

“Ready?” he asked. I could feel his anticipation. All I did was nod. And he leaned against me.

Marcus spread me farther than I had ever been as he entered me partway. But I was ready, wanting, and he slid inside easily without pain. He started slow, leaned over me, and looked in my eyes as every expression of desire and joy passed through them. He was already breathing heavily, obviously holding back to ensure I was okay. And I was, but I needed more. I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him all the way into me in a sudden movement. He gasped a loud and I couldn’t help but smirk as I held him inside. I refused to let go, even as he tried to pull back, locking my feet together. I held him until he was shaking, growling, until finally I let him go. He was crazed by my body and in that moment, he became an animal, his need to abuse me in all the best ways taking over. I had never been fucked in such a way, one that was filled with both intimate emotion, but also of primal lust. It was like he had never laid with a woman before and I was the goddess to bring him to the infinite, to make him forever want more. And when he did need more of me, he flipped me over, entering me from behind. I screamed as he entered me, pulling me back by the hips with each thrust. I bit the pillow beneath me as I reached a level of enjoyment that I couldn’t return from. My body was racked with unending pleasure. And just when I couldn’t imagine it lasting any longer, Marcus pulled out of me, flipped me over onto my back, and sprayed his seed all over my body.

My chest was rising and falling rapidly as he did. Marcus was breathing just as heavy, still stroking himself as he took in the sight of his cum on my breasts, stomach, and neck. I ran my fingers through it, spreading some over my nipple, watching his face as I did. His eyes were glued to my finger, so I raised it to my lips, licking it clean. He exhaled, lowering himself onto the bed next to me, and pressing his forehead against mine before kissing me gently. When he stopped, he stared at me… me, not at my body. And I knew at that moment that I couldn’t live without him.

I cleaned myself with a nearby cloth and then moved to put my clothes on. But Marcus insisted I stay with him. I had never slept naked before, but with his arm wrapped around me that night, I did. I awoke to him dressing the next morning, but I stopped him. I told him I wanted him inside me again, just once more. He ravaged me, lovingly and urgently, our moans ringing through the home. He finished quickly, and after I cleaned and dressed, we talked. He told me he wanted me to come with him, and I wanted that too. So we made our plans to meet, a day later, after I had prepared what I could.

I tried to sneak back to my room, but my mother was waiting for me, having heard Marcus and I as she opened the brothel that day. I fully expected to be screamed at and punished, but she simply asked me if I regretted anything. I said no. She asked me if I truly wanted to follow in her footsteps, but I told her no. I think I actually laughed when she said that, and continued to explain I didn’t do it for money. I did it because I wanted to… she was madder about that than anything else. She also didn’t understand when I explained my plans to leave with him, to become a Vulture and help him in his travels. She felt betrayed and couldn’t understand why I wanted to give up the comforts in my life, and I didn’t full either. There was just something about Marcus that made me feel safe, and happy, and excited about life… and I have felt the same every day since. Mother wasn’t pleased, but she allowed me to go. She told me that if she had found a man who made her feel loved, she might have done the same.

So I became a Vulture, working with Marcus to find things to sell. We were often alone, but never lonely, laying together as often as we wanted. Marcus made me feel more pleasure than every day before, and I did my best to do the same for him. The life I had left we dissolved in our passion and our love and I found a happiness with him that never made me regret. And following him into the cave, I couldn’t help but smile, knowing that I was going to be with him again tonight, in whatever way we chose.

Marcus put his hand up in a fist, drawing my thoughts from the happy memory. He stood at the edge of the tunnel, where it entered a larger cavern, and as I moved slowly to stand next to him, he whispered, “Nothing.”

“There’s nothing?” I said, stepping ahead of him. The light stick Marcus held cast my shadow against the far wall. I found myself in disbelief, even as my eyes told me the truth. The cavern was about 50 feet wide and maybe 20 tall. Parts of the walls were crumbling and there was a large mound of rubble near the wall on the far side. But beyond that, there was no tech, no tools... nothing useful. We had travelled a long way for this lead and there was just… nothing.

We circled the cave, meticulously looking for any sign of anything. Marcus was muttering to himself as we did, mentioning that our contact lied to us or gave us old information. I wasn’t sure what to say, or if I even should try to console him. So I simply moved away from him, walking to the pile of rubble. It looked to be from a collapse, from the ceiling or the nearby wall, but as I cocked my head to one side… something was off. “That’s… really weird,” I said aloud, glancing around the ceiling around the entire cavern before returning to where the rubble was.

“It’s not weird,” Marcus said, “just bad information.” He came over next to me, sighing. “I guess we can set up camp here for-“

“No,” I said, looking back to the rubble pile, “not that. Look at this pile. There’s nowhere that these rocks should have come from. The ceiling, nor the wall, has collapsed.” I huffed when Marcus didn’t realize right away what I meant. I took the light stick from him and inspecting the pile closer. I reached out and touched a rock, feeling it stuck in tight. I gave it a yank, jumping back as the pile began to collapse. I felt Marcus’ hand on my arm, yanking me back as he yelled for me to look out. A cloud of dust billowed up and away from the pile, settling after a moment.

“What the hell Nora?” Marcus yelled, whipping around to tell me how risky I had been. But I wasn’t listening. I just pointed to the rocks, to where a metal glint now met my eye. Marcus went silent as he followed my gaze, then rushed forward. We moved stone after stone, even retrieving a small shovel from my pack to dig out around it. I was sweating after only a few minutes, as was Marcus, who took a moment’s rest to remove his shirt. I gazed at his body, admiring his muscles and the tattoos that crossed his chest. He caught me staring and smiled; my heart skipped a small beat and my face flushed, the heat quickly passing through me, pooling deep in my stomach before spreading lower. Marcus turned back to his work and I followed suit, after only a moment longer. An hour passed and finally we stood in front of a large metal dome, about ten feet tall and just as wide. It was completely smooth, except for a six-inch square etching on the front.

“What the hell is it?” I asked, holding the light stick up.

Marcus ran his hands over it, hesitating to touch the etching on the front. “I can’t believe it,” he said. I waited for him to say more, but he simply stared at that square, looked at me, and then placed his hand on it. There was a crackling sound, then a soft buzz of electricity, and then nothing. Marcus pressed his hand against it again, and once again it made the sound, but nothing happened.

“So?” I asked.

“It’s… a time machine,” Marcus said. I started laughing as he said it, expecting it to be a joke at my expense. But he wasn’t kidding. I stopped laughing when he said, “I’ve only heard stories about them, but I never thought I’d see one. They say some guy figured it out before… all this… and built a handful of them. Most didn’t actually work, but supposedly a few did. What I need to figure out is why the hell it won’t open…” Marcus furrowed his brow. “I think it should be doable. It’s just gonna take some time.” He reached into a pouch on his pack and pulled out a set of tools. I smiled as I watched him. If anyone could fix it, Marcus could. I trusted him.

“I’ll get camp set up then,” I said, kissing his cheek and turning to leave him to it. But his arm was around me before I could move away, holding me against him as he kissed me. I took a heavy breath as he pressed into me, holding it as his tongue slipped inside my mouth and his fingertips grazed beneath my shirt and onto the skin of my sides. And just when I started to melt into him completely, he released me, grinning, and went back to his work. I was lightheaded as I stepped away. I busied myself in setting up camp, but no matter how many alarms I set up at the cave entrance or how much firewood I gathered, I kept finding my staring at Marcus. I needed him to kiss me like that, just once more. But he was bent over the machine, working hard, and I had to leave him to it. I was just finishing laying out bedding when Marcus came over to me, tossing his tools aside.

“It’s got some power left,” he said, “but it’ll take a bit more to get it working. But that’s enough for today I think.”

“That’s pretty incredible,” I said, hesitating before asking, “Do you really think you can get it running?”

“I’m not sure. I hope so. Imagine what we could do with it… I mean, we could sell it, but imagine time travel. We could visit anywhere, any time. Could even go back to a time before all this happened.”

I stopped what I was doing, thinking about what he said. There was silence between us, and finally I said, “I’m not sure I would want to do that. This world brought us together. It isn’t perfect, but I can’t imagine just leaving it.” Marcus didn’t respond. “In any case,” I said, grabbing my pack and walking over to him, “you’ve got to get it working first. And I saw a stream just through the woods and would love for you to join me in it.” I smiled, as innocently as I could as I stepped up on my tiptoes to kiss him. He received the kiss coldly, but warmed quickly, wrapping his arms around me. But I slipped away from him just in time, looking over my shoulder with a grin as he watched me.

“I’ll be right there,” Marcus said, his eyes glued to me until I left the cave and was out of sight.

The summer heat hit me immediately, even as the sky was filled with brilliant pinks and reds of the sunset. I took a deep breath, reveling in its freshness. Through the trees and brush, I found the stream I had noticed on the way in. It wasn’t that wide and only deep enough that the water would maybe only come up to my butt or so, but it was plenty deep to lay in and have my first bath in days. I dipped my hand into the water; it was cool, but refreshing, and I knew I was going to enjoy it all over me. I wasted no time removing my shoes, sliding my shirt off over my head, and slipping my shorts down my legs. I laid my knife and gun out close to where I could reach them if I needed, and turned my naked body towards the waning sun. Heat soaked into my skin. It was comforting; it almost tingled, in a way.

I stepped forward, breaking the surface of the slow, caressing water. Goosebumps rose through my body, climbing my legs rapidly, up my thighs and across my bare belly. I took a step further. The water was up to my shins, and the goosebumps rose again, continuing over my breasts, making my nipples harden. Another step cause another wave of chills, traveling up and through my neck and down my arms; I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling for a moment, before I ran my hands over my arms and chest. The bumps faded away just as soon as they arrived, massaged by my warm hands. I reached the deepest point of the stream, with the water just below my butt, and only then I dipped my hands in and lifted the cupped water to my face. I inhaled quickly as I splashed it over myself, feeling the cool trails travel down my neck and chest, curving over my breasts, before flowing across my stomach and down my legs into the water below. It was a pleasant feeling, and again I ran my hands over myself, lingering on my breasts as an image of Marcus, shirtless as he worked, flashed into my mind. I bit my lip and pressed against my nipple as I lowered myself into the water, dunking my head all the way under.

As I resurfaced, my thoughts lingered on Marcus. He would be coming soon, and I was starting to get anxious as I thought about what I would do when he did. I considered surprising him when he arrived, raise myself from the water, take his clothes off, wash him, touch him, and… I realized that my hand was on my breast, rolling my nipple between two fingers as I floated in the shallow water. Marcus still wasn’t here, but as I imagined taking him in my hand, taking him in my mouth, I moved closer to the edge of the water. I laid out, waiting for him to arrive so I could lay him down, straddle his body, feel him enter me… My hand moved as if of its own mind, slipping just under the water to rest between my legs. I glanced around once more, hoping to see Marcus, but I couldn’t wait any longer.

I spread my legs under the water as I pressed my fingertips against my clit. I exhaled a long, held breath, pressing with just a bit more pressure as I did. I sighed as I began to rub, slow, tight circles at first, my eyes fluttering shut as I completely relaxed. My breathing increased as I started to go faster, laying back completely now with my top half out of the water. I teased myself, sliding a finger down occasionally, moving just above my opening in just the right way as I held my breast in my other hand. Finally, I gave in, slipping my finger inside. I opened my mouth to moan, but remained silent. I pushed my finger in as deep as I could, reveling in the feeling, before pulling out again to massage my clit. I repeated this, fingering myself occasionally, and it wasn’t long before I felt myself clenching. I had been trying to stay quiet, to not let me guard down too far, but a moan escaped. I bit my lip to stay quiet. But it didn’t help, the moans instead escaping from deep in my throat, forcing their way out. Faster I touched myself, pushing myself to the edge of ecstasy, until I couldn’t hold back any longer. My pleasured cry rang through the forest and I curled into a ball in the water, holding my hand in place until I could finally relax, breathing heavily. The water tickled my sensitive skin that it passed over as I basked in what I had just accomplished.

“Nora.” I heard the soft word from behind me, jumping in surprise. I reached for my nearby weapon, but stopped almost as soon. Marcus was standing in front of, just coming through the trees, staring at my naked body. It was as if he was seeing me for the first time, and as he approached, still shirtless, I stared at him in kind. I twisted toward him as he approached, and I knelt in the water, stretching my back in a way I hoped would entice him closer. It worked, all the way until he stood directly in front of me, close enough for me to reach out and touch. I raised my arm, heading for his belt, but he took my hand and pulled me up, into his arms. He glanced at my breasts as he held me close, before looking at me and whispering, “I haven’t watched you do that for a long time.”

“I haven’t needed to do it for a long time,” I said, running my hands over him, biting my lip in the way I knew he loved. I snaked my hand down, wanting to feel him, but he again took my hand, wrapped me in his arms, and quickly lowered me to the soft grass of the shore. He lowered himself over me, his breath on my stomach as he moved lower at a quickening pace. His strong hands pressed against my thighs, opening my legs. I moaned as he touched my sensitive skin, so recently having felt so good. I could feel his breath on me, and I waited, internally screaming for him to move closer, to kiss and lick and make me incredible. His breathe was increasingly hot, moving faster over me as he hovered; I gripped the grass in anticipation, tearing it from the ground when he finally leaned in and pressed his tongue against me. I groaned as he ran it all the way up me, from my opening, to my clit, and back again. I gripped his hair tightly as he continued, doing it over and over. I clenched my thighs tightly as he went faster and harder, using all the skills he had. I gripped my breasts tightly, tweaking my nipples as he drove me closer and closer, until I was gasping for air. I bucked against him as I lingered on the edge, waiting for the feeling to build and build, and finally boil over. He didn’t stop as I shook beneath him, my voice ringing through the trees, until finally I pushed him away as it became too intense to handle.

I stared at the sky, trying to catch my breath for the second time that day. Marcus moved away from me and I watched him strip off his clothing, piling it near mine. He was erect as I watched him step into the water. I sat up and watched him, resting my arms on my bent knees. He was fully aware that I was watching, admiring him, but he made no action to continue what we had started before. His self-control had always been a challenge I liked to overcome, and something I didn’t have… not anymore anyway. I considered slipping my hand lower, just once more, but Marcus finished before I could start again. He left the water in a way that made me smile as he approached me, only to kiss my forehead gently and grab his clothes. I followed his lead and replaced mine as well, interlacing my fingers with his as we walked back into the cave together.

Marcus spent the next few weeks working to open the time machine door.  I was beginning to get skeptical that he even would, but I did my best to support him by hunting for food and helping around camp where I could. And when he was done working for the day, we would sit and talk. Sometimes we would just go to sleep, lying beside each other. Other nights we would kiss, holding each other sweetly, or he would take me passionately, fucking me by the river or the fireside. It was a gentle balance and a life that I was starting to enjoy. The dangers of the world caves didn’t reach here, and I actually began to feel like we could make this place a home. But it wasn’t truly a lasting peace. And eventually, Marcus was successful.

“Nora!” Marcus’ called met me outside the cave where I sat, working on a contraption to help catch some nearby game. It was an urgent calling, and I ran at the sound of it, all the way to where Marcus stood in front of the machine. His face held a look of pure joy and he stood in an open doorway, one that led deeper into the machine.

“You got it open,” I said. My voice wavered with a touch of fear that waved over me, but Marcus’ excitement was infectious.

“I finally did it!” he said, running to me, and wrapping me in his arms. He lifted me from the ground as I wrapped around him, twirling me in the middle of the room, two, three times before setting me down. He kissed me deep, holding my face, before finally pulling back. He was grinning and I couldn’t help but smile with him. He turned, pulling me to the machine.

The doorway opened to a few stairs the led down, into a small room, just barely big enough for us to walk around. The far wall was lined with screens, a series of controls laid out on a panel in front of a large chair. It was big enough for two people to sit on, though certainly sitting close to one another. There was a soft blue light coming from the walls themselves, casting a comforting aura over the room, and covering us as we entered. “This is incredible,” I said, running my hand over the smooth, glass-like walls. I watched Marcus move to the front panel, following to stand behind the chair as he sat in the middle of it.

He studied the panel for a moment, before reaching out to press a few buttons. They responded with electrical snaps and sizzles, like what was heard on the door. A few of the screens blinked to life, then out, and I stood in a lifeless room. Only the light from the walls remained as Marcus slumped back in the chair. “It’s pretty messed up,” he said, running his hand through his hair, “basic power is still running, but everything else is…” His voice trailed off and I reached out, putting my hand on his shoulder. “I don’t think I can fix it,” he said, looking over his shoulder at me.

“You haven’t tried yet,” I said, encouraging him.

“This is different from the door. There isn’t a lot of room for wires and the such in the walls, but somehow it’s all powered. This is… far beyond what I know.” I didn’t know what to say, hearing him admit such a thing.

“It’s okay,” I said, moving to wrap my arms around him. I just held him like that.

“No,” he said, “it isn’t. I wanted to take you to a different place. Someplace that isn’t dangerous like this world, where we don’t have to struggle to survive. This thing could have changed our lives completely.” He leaned forward, out of my grasp, but I quickly moved around the couch and knelt in front of him. His head was hung in his hands, but I pulled them away, lifting his head to look into my eyes. There were tears in his eyes.

“Marcus,” I said, nearly whispering, “you have given me everything I neede from this world, before I even knew what it was I wanted. You love me, you protect me, and together, we can handle everything.” I looked around, motioning to the machinery as Marcus followed my pointing. “Besides, the amount of tech and material that’s in this is going to make us a fortune. We can take it apart, carefully, and bring it back to Osiris piece by piece. We might never have to come back out to scavenge, depending on what’s all in this.” Marcus didn’t say anything. I caressed his face and continued. “You did this. And I did this. Together, we found this place. And it is going to change our lives.” Marcus looked around again, gazing at the machine he would never fix. He wiped his eyes and I could see he was thinking it over, a moment before a small smile crawled across his lips.

“You’re right Nora,” he said, leaning in and resting his forehead on mine, “You’re always there to remind me that our life is what we make of it. Even if we can’t get out of this place… you’re right. We have a great future ahead of us.” I smiled, nodding against him. He gazed into my eyes. I held my breath, waiting as tension built between us… and still I held my breath. But no amount of holding still could calm me. I leaned forward, placing my lips against his and holding them together.

I don’t know how long we stayed like that. It could have been a short time or half a day that we held that kiss. And when it ended, again we locked eyes. A switch flipped inside us both and I crawled into Marcus’ lap, straddling him as my breathing became somewhat labored. He was kissing my neck, one of his hands on my butt, grabbing me hard through my shorts as he began to guide me. I rubbed against the growing hardness beneath me as his other hand slipped up and inside my shirt. He cupped my breast, massaging me as he sucked on my neck, clearly intent on marking me as his own. His fingers caressed me, finding my nipple excited and hard to his touch. He pinched it suddenly, causing me to yelp in surprise and pain. I pushed his hand away, leaning back slightly to look down at him. He froze as I did, watching for what I was going to do next. My chest was rising and falling rapidly as I stared at him. Slowly, I intertwined my fingers with his, moving his hands with mine and sliding them under my shirt, all the way up to my breasts. I nodded as he pressed his palms against me and I began to rock on top of him again. We watched each other, and again he pinched my sensitive nubs. I threw my head back as he did, letting out a sound of pleasure that echoed through the room, consuming us. His lips were on mine in moments and we were again lost in a passion, now fueled by lust and wanting. And I was certainly wanting.

I tried to move away to stand in front of Marcus, but he stopped me, holding me to him for a moment in desperation. Finally, he released me, allowing me to stand over him. He watched as I bent over and grasped his belt, tugging on it as he did the same to mine. My belt was removed and tossed aside, but still I struggled, finally standing back and saying, “Get it out, now.” I glared down at Marcus, feeling powerful as he did what I said, helping him remove his pants by ripping them from his body. He was left naked, his hard cock springing directly into my hand. I growled as I leaned over him, feeling his warmth as I wrapped my hand around him tightly. Marcus pulled me to him as I stroked him quickly. He kissed me hard, his hands again all over my body, eventually reaching down to my remaining clothing. I helped him push the shorts off my butt and let them fall to the ground. Marcus was touching me, rubbing my excited pussy before the cloth even hit the floor. I was shaking, listening to our sounds of pleasure as we touched each other.

My legs were threatening to collapse beneath me when I realized I couldn’t wait any longer. I knelt onto the couch, throwing my leg over Marcus and felt him press against me, all in one motion. He grabbed my hips and pulled me down, forcing himself all the way inside me as I screamed into his neck. I dug my nails into his shoulder and side as I moved atop him. I was out of control. I wrapped my arms around him tightly as I bucked my hips faster and faster, grinding myself against him or lifting myself up just to plunge back down. Marcus guided me with his hands on my butt, but I was in full control as I rode him. I changed the angle, leaning back as I held onto him, my breasts on full display as they bounced with each thrust.

“Fuck me Marcus,” I begged, “please don’t stop.” He grunted in response, bouncing me in his lap. Each time he thrust, he entered me fully, pulled out just to my opening, before entering in once more. The sound of our strenuous breathing mixed with my cries of pleasure, his grunts, and the sound of our bodies slapping together with each thrust. I was entirely lost in the moment, in the pleasure, and was doing everything I could to find release.

Marcus grabbed my hips unexpectedly, pulling me down onto him as far as he could. He held me there, filling me entirely. I shook under his hold, slipping my hand down to touch myself as I ground against him. I was at the edge, inches away from finishing on him, and I couldn’t control myself. He continued to hold me down, no matter how I fought him, shaking on top of him as I reached my peak of pleasure.

“I’m gonna,“ was all I managed to say before Marcus suddenly began thrusting into me as hard as he could. He groaned, and I felt his hot seed inside me. I gripped him tight as I felt it, causing another wave of pleasure to move through me before finally collapsing. I stayed where I was, unmoving, just feeling him inside me.

Eventually I slid off Marcus, sitting on the chair beside him. Neither of us said anything. As we sat in silence, I glanced around the small room. It was broken and wouldn’t travel through time again. We were going to destroy it, sell its parts… maybe buy a nice place in Osiris and live well for a long time. It may not bring us to a better time, but as I held Marcus’ hand, I knew it was what would bring us to a better future.

Curled up on the chair, knowing Marcus and I would always have each other, I felt a sense of security stronger I had ever felt before.