All I Need


Five in the morning. Wide awake, I listen to the gentle stirrings of a new day: birdsong, a car engine revving, the distant rumble of a passing train. Central heating pipes twang softly into life, a metallic tap-tap staccato rhythm syncopated against a blackbird’s intricate, floating melody.

Beyond my curtains, dawn’s pale fingers reach above the horizon to paint the clouds in hues of palest yellow and pink. The sun creeps stealthily into view, its warming rays melting the sky's inky blackness into the brightest blue.

I roll over. The brushed cotton pillowcase caresses my cheek while soft duck-down cradles my sleep-fogged head. A smile creases the corners of my mouth as I gaze upon a sight I never thought I’d see. I rub my eyes, mistrusting my senses, my heart lurching when your image doesn’t fade.

You. You’re here, beside me, deep in slumber with a wondrous look of contentment on your face.

My heart drums against my ribcage, the rhythm frantic, excited. I'm lightheaded. I’ve waited so long for this moment: countless days, sleepless nights. Carefully, gently, I brush your cheek with my fingertips. I’ve no wish to wake you; I simply have to check that it’s you who lies there dreaming, not me.

Your flesh is soft and warm to the touch. Edging closer, I breathe in deeply. Your scent fills my nostrils, the aroma as delicious as hot chocolate on a winter’s day. I inhale again, savouring the essence.

I long to hug you, kiss you, make love to you. Leaning close, I plant the lightest kiss on your lips and watch as you murmur an incomprehensible babble of words accompanied by a fleeting smile. Your eyelids flutter momentarily, you reach out, palm open… But sleep has you wrapped tightly in its arms and doesn’t let go. Hand flopping onto the bed, you roll away from me and draw a deep breath as you return to your dreams.

Propped on one elbow, I watch you breathe. I’m mesmerised by the steady rise and fall of your chest and the gentle hiss of each escaping breath, a sound so pure and peaceful. Our messages, explicit though they were, never mentioned these tiny, endearing noises – the rustle of your shirt, your deep, throaty groans when we kiss, your ‘purr’ when I nuzzle your neck. I had no idea a single grunt could trigger burning desire, or that the whisper of my name would send irrepressible shivers of delight racing through body and mind.

Snuggling against you, I slide my arm around your torso. You shift position and, still sleeping, take my hand. Fingers entwine, linking together as inextricably as our hearts. Satisfied, I rest my head beside you and close my eyes.

I often imagined we’d lie together this way. I willed us to overcome our inhibitions, take the plunge and set a date. Yet the moment of actuality still took me by surprise. I’d resigned myself to playing it safe, loving you from afar, and never seeking a physical union. Too risky. Too much at stake.

Now, squeezing you tight, I know I was wrong. Throwing caution to the wind, meeting you, was the best decision of my life, magical. Your first touch tied my stomach in knots; your kiss tightened my throat and sent my pulse racing wildly. The reality of finally coming together was so much more than I’d imagined – your touch, your scent, your taste, the unpredictability of your actions as we made love.

Words. That’s what we’d exchanged: words of love, words of commitment, all of them heartfelt yet two-dimensional. It’s hard to be spontaneous when composing lines, but face to face, our emotions were free to run – and they did. Last night was real and my pussy still tingles with delicious aftershocks.

I cautiously touch the sensitive slit, delighted to find it moist. I stroke, gently, until tiny spasms ripple through me. The waves keep coming, one after another, unstoppable echoes of the pleasure my mind keeps revisiting. I shudder. Exhale.

What a night we had: your hands on my skin, lips locked with mine, our bodies entangled as lust consumed us. Kisses became fervent, mouths explored flesh, hands grasped contours and curves. Your rasping tongue teased my aching pussy and flicked my clitty 'til my sex was aflame. We writhed together, frantic, urgent. Sweat soaked the sheets as months of pent-up desire exploded in a lascivious fiesta of the frenzied passion. And the exquisite squeeze of penetration… more heavenly than any dream.

We fitted perfectly as if made for one another, lock and key. Your girth stretched me, your thrusts thrilled me. But it wasn’t only physical pleasure; we came together in more ways than one. The groans, the squeals, the string of expletives that poured from my mouth were a product of carnal and spiritual release.

And now this… Pressed against you, the heat of your body warms me to my core and memories of the night fill me with profound contentment. I was right to choose you – you are all I need.

Stifling a yawn, I kiss your back. Tasting you, I carry on, planting butterfly kisses along your spine. As I move, daylight throws shadows across your skin. I see the light but choose to ignore it. Time can stand still a little while longer. I pull the duvet higher, covering us both with downy warmth. A few more hours, safe in our nest, that’s all I ask.

I’m inside my bubble, my personal Elysium, yet my mind is uneasy – how will I ever I tear myself away from you? How can I return to my life?

Shutting my eyes, I hold you close. Now is what counts, this moment, right here. No questions, no doubts, just you, just us.