Experimenting With Joy

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25 Nov. '17

"Hey, Mom, and somewhat older Mom?" she asked, peeking at them as we walked in the living room.

"Yes, Joy?" Sage asked, glancing at us. "You two make a cute couple."

"Hey," Joy objected, shaking her head no and placing her hands on her hips. "We're not a couple; we're just best friends. We have been for six years now, but we're not thinking about taking this to the next level. I know you two would support us even if you weren't lesbians, but that's not us."

I looked over Joy's backside. 'Maybe, but I'd love to see more of you, Joy. Oh, I just don't know how to tell you that though. I've never been with a woman before, but I'd love for you to be my first. You have sexy red curly hair, a beautiful petite body and of course that cute face too,' I thought before I looked at them. 'And now they are whispering to each other, fuck, could they know I want to screw their daughter?' I thought, biting my bottom lip.

"I just wanted to let you know we'd be hanging out in my room, that's all," Joy pointed out before she went to Sage.

She hugged Sage and then she switched to her other mom.

"Okay, don't stay up too late, babe," Cindy told her, hugging her. "By the way, she is only three months older than me."

"Dually noted," she replied, letting go of Cindy.

After that, she came back to me, and we both strolled over to her bedroom. We walked in, and I just sat on her bed. The whole time, I couldn't take my eyes off Joy as she stood in front of her mirror.

As her back was to me, I glanced at her backside again. 'Her thong is sticking out a little bit. It is out there just enough so I can see some skin, damn she is sexy. How do I tell my best friend that she gets my pussy wet every single day?'

"What are you doing? Are you stripping?" I wondered, shaking around.

Her shirt dropped to the floor. "What, we're both ladies here, and neither of us is lesbians," she explained before peeking back at me. "Nothing to be weird about."

"Okay," I whispered, checking out the top half of her body.

She turned her body back and slowly pushed down her shorts too. 'Holy shit, that g-string is incredibly sexy. She appears to be an underwear model,' I thought before my right hand nonchalantly made it to my crotch. 'Yep, it is soaked again. Why is she just stripping in front of me now, she never has before? I have no idea, but I can enjoy the view.'

"I swear, I think my moms want me to be a lesbian. They have told me many times before that they'd support me, but I'm not gay. It is perfect for them, but either you like pussy, or you don't," she mentioned before she turned to me. "I hope her comment didn't make you feel uncomfortable."

"No," I answered, shaking my head no. "I'm good, Joy. A little lesbian joke among friends is nothing to fret about."

'Stop staring at her tits, just stop before she catches you.'

"Good, Kaylie," she said, coming over to the bed.

She sat down next to me half naked. "What about cock, have you gotten any lately?"

"No, I have not," I responded, slanting my head down.

"Too bad, but we're only in our freshmen year of college now, so it is still early."

'Yeah, yeah, take off that white bra or your panties if you like,' I thought, breathing slowly and checking out her crotch.

Then she lay down and just start yammering. I had the perfect view of the front half of her body, and she wasn't even looking at me. Whether I wanted to or not, my right hand calmly made the trip into my shorts and then into my panties too.

I rubbed my pussy going back and forth rather slowly and began jiggling around a little bit, but she didn't seem to notice. I licked my lips as my eyes just kept bouncing from her bra to her panties. My juice was flowing out at a good speed for a little while because I just wouldn't stop.

'Yes, keep your head down and let your body stay out. I certainly love seeing it, I don't know why I have a crush on you, but I do.'

"What is it like having two moms?"

"Well, I can't compare it to having a mom and a dad, but it is what it is: normal to me. I guess it is better because I have two ladies knowing what it is like to be a young woman. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure I'm not a lesbian though. I've heard stories from both of them how they came to terms to being gay, and sometimes I think they'd be happier if I were. Hence the joke about us being a couple. Sage is my biological mom if you didn't figure that out because we both have the red hair. They actually never told me why they landed on her getting pregnant. They just shared that they went to a sperm bank and Sage got inseminated. They also haven't shared what it was like being a lesbian couple in the late 90s. I was just born in 1999, and now I'm a legal adult. I still have no idea who I could ever possibly marry, but they knew they'd be together before they graduated high school. They got hitched right after they got out, and then less than a year later, Sage was pregnant with me. And no, I don't love one more than the other."

"I wasn't thinking you did, Joy, but how did they land on that name?" I pondered slowly, sticking a couple of fingers up my slit.

"I have no idea, Kaylie. What about Jack, I was thinking about asking him out?"

My hand suddenly halted movement. "You mean Jack Brincome from math class?"

"Yes, don't you think he is cute? I mean, with his brown hair, bright face and that flat stomach too? Don't you think he is handsome?"

My hand calmly slithered out of my panties. "Sure, Joy."

She slowly leaned up and peeked at me. She failed to say anything, but her eyebrows rose.

'And you are thinking what?'

"What, do you want him? Just tell me, I certainly wouldn't want to date a guy that you are interested in, Kaylee. We're best friends, and that kind of thing could complicate things, just as if we did get involved with each other," she explained, getting right in front of me. "You are sexy though, I'm your best friend, so I'm biased in admitting that. Your straight brown hair, soft skin and with that cute face, you are ravishing," she mentioned, prior to putting her hand on my leg. "With that said, if I were thinking about being with a woman, I wouldn't come to you. No matter how wet you could get my panties, I couldn't risk our friendship," she clarified before she smooched my cheek.

"If you want Jack, then go for him. I'm not interested in him at all, so he is all yours, Joy," I responded, slanting my head down.

She wrapped her arms around me. "There is someone out there for everyone, you just have to be patient and hope you meet them sooner rather than later."

I returned the favor, but she got me to release a lot of my juice, which leaked out right onto her bed. My body shook a bit, but I did my best not to give myself away. Although, it came as no easy task because her nearly nude body was pressing onto mine.

We held each other for a few minutes, and I managed not to set off her alarms. Then we let go of each other, but our hands slithered onto one another's laps. We couldn't make eye contact, but I could tell that both of us were smiling somewhat.

"Are you checking out my breasts, Joy?"

"No," she objected, getting off the bed.

I peeked at her ass again as she looked away from me for a few seconds. I got off the bed and lazily strolled over to her.

I placed my hands on her thighs. "For the record, I think our friendship could withstand us experimenting a bit, Joy. We could rub our naked bodies together and kiss each other too."

She slowly angled her body towards me again and put her hands at the bottom of my top. I licked my lips and instantly brought my arms up. She took it right off me and tossed it. Her eyes glanced at my breasts and then she bent down to her knees.

Our eyes met again as she snatched the sides of my shorts. She nonchalantly brought them down, leaving me in just my bra and panties. She rose back up with me and stopped her face right in front of mine. She failed to speak, but I was sure what the unspoken words were.

"You may kiss me if you want to, Joy. I don't mind."

"Are you sure?"

I nodded for a few seconds. Joy's lips gradually floated over to mine, and her palms landed on my butt too.

'Yes,' I thought, positioning my hands on her butt.

Her lips abruptly came off mine. "Just as I expected, I love you, Kaylee, just not in a lesbian way. I'm sorry, but I had to test the waters. I gave it twenty seconds, but I didn't feel any spark."

I stayed silent for a minute and slanted my head down.

"What, Kaylee?"

"You have thought about it though?"

"I live with two moms, of course, I have thought us being together. We're best friends, so it is only natural for me to think of you when that idea came up. You are pretty too, but still, we can't get involved. I've seen you checking me out, so I know you like me, Kaylee. I've always just hoped you'd arrive at the same conclusion. Are we gonna have an issue? I certainly don't want to lose you, but we both know you want me now."

I covered my face with both hands and kept them there for a moment. I had no idea what to say, but there was a dead silence in there for the time being.

"What if I knew how to please you though?" I wondered, uncovering my face. "I mean if I could pleasure you properly? I could learn how to eat your pussy and lick your nipples too. We already have the kissing thing down, but maybe I can become a lesbian."

"Just for me though?" she giggled.

"I guess, yes," I replied, breaking eye contact. "I don't think it would mess up our friendship, but we'll never know until we try it."

She stayed quiet and checked my figure out again. "I'm sorry, but I'm just not interested."

I peeked back at her. "Okay, but you are the one that showed me your body for the first time tonight. I also caught you checking me out too, so there are loose ends here to keep it alive for me."

She brought her hands to her back and undid her bra. "How about we just label this as 'Never say never.' for the time being?" she pondered, taking off her bra.

My eyes widened as they came across her melons.

"I'm sorry I'm staring, Joy."

"Don't be," she mentioned, leaning down and lowering her thong down too. "I can at least let you see my naked body if you desire to, Kaylee," she pointed out before bringing her body back up. "Soak it up, horny lady."

I painted her completely nude body in my brain inch by inch. 'Wow, skinny legs, sexy thighs, trimmed pussy, flat stomach, big jugs and an extra graceful face.'

"Watch the drool, lady. I still don't have any enthusiasm towards us getting together, but I'll sleep naked if you like," she mumbled, leaning towards me.

"Thank you."

She lied down on her bed and patted the other side of the bed. "We won't have sex, but feel free to strip out of that bra and pair of panties. I still want you to feel comfortable, and I can handle seeing a cute nude lady."

I cheesed and immediately exposed my fully naked body. I undid my bra, dropped it and instantly slid my panties down as well.

"Wow, I don't love nude women, but you are still quite a looker, Kaylee."

"Thank you," I whispered, peeking down and covering my boobs.

"Now are you doing that, don't you want me to see those sexy tits?"

I nodded and dropped my hands. Then I slowly lied down with Joy. I jiggled around, and she only pulled the blanket up to our stomachs. I couldn't help, but to eyeball her melons, so I wasn't sure if she was looking at me.

"If you want to masturbate, go right ahead. I won't make you suppress your urges, Kaylee. What kind of bitch friend would that make me?"

"I don't know, Joy," I moaned with my eyes widening and placing my right hand on my twat.

I directly began pleasuring myself with her only a few inches away. My hand went back and forth swiftly and my eyes wouldn't part from her to save my life. Even with her bosoms being front and center, I scanned the top front half of her body going up and down numerous times.

"You are one great friend, Joy."

"I know," she agreed with me before she snagged the blanket and threw it up. "I'll do you one better if you'd like. Would you?"

I heard her words, but my hand never stopped moving. In less than a moment, it felt like there was a knife lodged in my wrist.

"Oh, fuck, Joy," I groaned, slanting my head back. "I guess it isn't necessary," I let out, shaking my body around back and forth a few times.

"Oh, are you letting your cum out on my bed now?"

"Yes," I replied, banging the mattress with both heels.

I let out my juice, and I kept my eyes closed. Again, I wasn't sure where Joy's eyes were, but I was too turned on to care. It also wasn't clear just how much I let out, but it seemed like I filled up a bathtub by the time I couldn't dole out anymore.

My pussy was just dispensing out my juice like a hose on full blast. With the added fact that I knew I had Joy lying next to me while she was completely naked made me love the whole thing a lot more. That just made me want to cum a hell of a lot more. 

After I had finished, my eyes remained closed for a moment. I needed to catch my breath, but I also needed to try to comprehend the whole situation. I wasn't sure what it all meant exactly, but I was more than happy just at that minute.

My eyes slowly opened and I saw her right above me. "May I touch you, please, Kaylee?"

"You may feel any part of my body, with any part of your body, sexy lady. Although, is it fair to say that I'm swaying you?"

"I think so," she muttered before dropping her hands to my tits. "Oh, those are nice: they are squishy and soft. I think I only like it more because you are my best friend. So, I must ask, why are you doing this to me?"

"Well, you don't choose who are attracted to, Joy. I think we both want each other deep down; it is nothing to be ashamed of, you know. Your moms both concluded that they loved pussy, so enjoy my melons."

"I will," she added before she arched her back down to them.

Her tongue slipped out, and it came onto my left nipple. She licked it once and closed her eyes. I wasn't sure what she was thinking, but it seemed that she liked it. After a few seconds of holding her position, her tongue fell right back to my nipple.

"Oh, yes, there is that sensuous coming-to-be lesbo," I whispered, placing my hands on her head. "Experiment with me and make me feel good."

She continued to frequently, but slowly lick that nipple going in the same direction. I desired to keep my eyes on her, but she left me no choice as her actions made me feel amazing. My whole body tingled, and I did my best not to open my mouth and ruin the mood.

"Kaylee?" she asked, peeking back at me.

"Yes, Joy?" 

"May I touch your pussy too, pretty please?"

"Give me another kiss, and I'll say 'Yes', sound right?"

Her lips slowly ventured down onto mine, and we made out for a moment as my hands stayed on her head. Our tongues played a small role: just tapping together gently occasionally. As we made out, my body suddenly twitched as I felt her right-hand fingers suddenly come onto my cherry.

"Yes, touch me there, ravishing lady."

She rubbed my lips down there going back and forth for a few moments as our lips never stopped moving. She tried her best to remain on her side, but I knew it was becoming a challenge as I felt her body jiggling a bit.

'She is losing it, I don't have any idea where this will go, but I love this fun activity. She does know how to finger fuck a woman, that's for sure. She has more of my juice contaminating her bed, so she must like it. I know I love her and her entire body. I have to keep my hands on her head and keep kissing her; I seem to like it even more than her touching me down there. Why do I love that more? I don't know, but maybe we'll both get under one another's spells.'

After a five minute make out session, her lips calmly parted from mine. "You are one hell of a woman; I'll give you that," she complimented me, leaning off me somewhat.

Her fingers took a dip into her mouth, and I watched her suck off all my juice from her fingers. My mouth opened up a bit, and my eyes closed about halfway. She knew what buttons to push, and when to push them.

A moment later, she calmly climbed onto me and let our boobs come together. "You are sexy, Kaylee, I just don't think I'm lesbian, but I'm not opposed to you swaying me. Apparently, my moms already adore you, and I guess they'd love us to be together."

"So, that means what?"

"Can we just start slow, I mean just stay friends, but maybe become closer friends for now?"

We kept constant eye contact for over five minutes as neither of us uttered a word. The answer was obvious, so we both already knew what it was.

"May I still kiss you now and then and will you show me your naked body too?"

"Yes, and you can gawk at it, but don't get too creepy."

My lips calmly made the trip to hers again, and we both leaned up. Our hands both voyaged down onto one another's lower backs and butts. Our breasts rubbed together, and that just made the whole thing hotter.

A few tears even shed and flowed down my cheeks a moment before my lips came off hers. "I don't want to push you too far, too fast, but may I try something on you?"

Her eyes went adrift for a second, but came right back to mine. "I'm intrigued, so I must ask: what did you have in mind?"

I licked my lips for a few seconds as we kept eye contact. We failed to say anything, but then I peeked down at her pussy.

I glared at it for twenty seconds, and then I brought my right hand to it. "May I bring my talking lips to the pair of lips you have down here?" I pondered, rubbing her slit.

"You think eating me out is taking it slow?"

"Well," I muttered, glancing back at her. "You already love me, so it should be easy to say 'Yes.', Joy."

"You're right," she pointed out before she kissed me. "I do love you, so yes, you, pain in my ass," she groaned, lying down. "Stick your tongue into my twat."

She spread out her legs as she licked her fingers from her right hand. Then she brought it right down to her cherry and rubbed for a few seconds.

She shook a little bit and peeked at me. "I'm ready for you, horny bitch."

"Good to know, but I'll pleasure you, skank," I replied, leaning down onto my chest.

She yanked her hands away, and I brought my hands to her snatch. We looked at each other as I left a string of kisses on her left leg. I slowly worked my way right to her pussy and left the final one right on her lips.

"Tell me you love one more time," she requested, jerking body back somewhat.

"I love you, Joy," I let her know before my tongue ventured in her snatch.

I kept my fingers on each side and gave her cherry a single lick from bottom to top. "How was that?" I wondered, peeking at her.

"I liked it, do it again, woman," she ordered me, getting up on her elbows.

'She is getting a good view of me, so she must have liked it. Why else would she do that?'

We kept constant eye contact as I kissed her all over the area and slipped in a few licks too. Everything was all new to me, but I was confident I would pleasure her. Then my tongue dropped halfway out, and I let it slither right in between her lips.

"Okay, now start eating your best friend out, woman," she advised me before she blew me a kiss.

I returned the favor and brought my tongue right back to her lips. As half of it vanished inside her slit, I immediately tasted her juice and liked it. I couldn't help, but smile, although, I kept my eye on the prize. I just wanted to please her and make her love the pleasure.

I just let my tongue loose in there, but I moved it slowly. I knew it touched Joy's pussy walls, but I wasn't sure what the best course of action was to make her feel good honestly. I noticed that she was breathing heavily and smiling at me, so she was enjoying herself a bit.

I was just going at it blindly for a few minutes as neither of us spoke a word. I could only figure that Joy was trying to comprehend everything as she attempted to deal with all the real feelings I was giving her.

She took in a deep breath. "Only a faithful friend comes to her best friend when she wants to experiment with her sexuality," she muttered, reaching over to the back of my head with her right hand. "I've never had my pussy eaten before, but you are making me feel good, Kaylee. So, keep going, hot stuff. I certainly hope you like my juice."

I nodded slightly and let my tongue out. "I just want to make sure I can pleasure you, Joy. I want us to be together, that's all. We're already best friends, so I know we can make it work if I can just make it worth your while."

"You better keep it up then."

My tongue fell out once again, and I gave her pussy another long lick. She had a full twitch that time and broke eye contact. I also saw her body jiggle around a little bit, but I didn't get cocky. My tongue coasted right into her cherry, and I felt it touch down on something.

"Oh, fuck, Kaylee, that's my labia," she moaned, leaning onto her back. "I'm pretty sure you want to tease me by fondling it a bit. After you have me feeling good, then you go in for the kill and lick it ever so slowly."

I nodded again and took her words under advisement. She brought both palms to my head and caressed it ever slowly. As she did that, I let even more of my tongue into her twat, so almost all of it was in there.

She couldn't keep looking at me, so I had to shake around a bit myself. I gave the bed my juice and the happier she seemed to be, the more I could dole out. I let my tongue toy around with her clit just as she suggested.

I felt my head getting dizzy due to her scrubbing my head nonstop, but nothing could compare the emotional spike from fucking my best friend. The physical pleasure of feeling my tongue poking at her labia and massaging her pussy walls was sensational.

"Fuck, you are swaying me now, Kaylee. I had no idea you could eat pussy, but maybe it is just because it is me, right?"

I failed to give any answer.

"Yes, take my lips into your mouth now and suck on them. You'll have direct access to my juice then, so make sure you swallow every single drop I give you, best friend. Do it for me, and no one else. I better be the only chick you eat out."

'Jackpot,' I thought, shedding a couple of tears and taking her lips into my mouth. 'All the dominoes are falling, but how many are there for the prize to be mine? I don't know, but I'm about to find out. I've seen women do this is girl/girl porn, so let's try it,' I thought before I wrapped my arms around her legs without letting my tongue out.

Her hands landed on each side of me. "Oh, yes, I'm sorry, I just didn't know it would feel so damn good," she moaned, rapidly tapping her hands on the bed.

Then I let my face off her pussy. "It is alright, woman," I groaned, rubbing her twat. "Just walk down the lesbian rode with me, that's all I ask."

"We'll see," she pointed out, arching her back up. "Just make me feel good with your lips down there, but no promises. I still want cock, not just pussy," she informed me before softly grabbing my arms. "Maybe we can double team a guy some time," she suggested before she kissed me.

"Okay," I whispered before biting my bottom lip. "Am I pleasuring you?"

"Yes, but I'm sure with practice, you could thrill me without even trying."

I pushed her down on her back, and I went right back to her twat. My tongue slid in there far, and I sucked her pussy lips right back into my mouth too.

She spread her legs out as far as she could. "Oh, you have the passion for pussy, that is priceless," she moaned, placing her hands on my head again.

I peeked up at her for a moment. 'Her head is back, and her body is moving back and forth too. Yes, I have her now. I've never felt so much pride in my life; she is going to love me as her lover by the time our fuck session is over. We'll be just like her moms, so both of us will be in love. I might be using my mouth to make that happen, but it'll happen. Yes, Joy, let me give you all the joy you can take. Go nuts and fight with all your might not to cum too early. I'll make you shoot your lady juice sooner or later, so let's make this last for as long as possible.'

Her cum came out rather quickly, so I couldn't swallow it all, but I managed to drink a great deal of it. I found myself loving the taste, but I was sure it was only due to it being from her. She also had a little bit of hair down there, but it wasn't any hurdle for me to get over, I just sucked on it too.

"Oh, aren't just a dirty girl, you didn't take me out to dinner first," she muttered, arching her back up. "You just got me into bed and fucked me. That's not the classy woman I know, that just makes you a filthy skank. That's alright; I love you anyway," she moaned, letting several strands of my hair going through her hands. "Even if you don't make me cum, I'll still love you, Kaylee."

I got as much of her lips into my mouth as possible and angled my head up. We locked eye contact, and I sucked as hard as I could.

So my lips rubbed onto hers down there. 'Yes, shed those tears and gyrate around like you just drank a gallon of energy drinks and you are ready to run across the country nonstop. Your juice is amazing coming directly from the source. Blow a series of kisses my way and cheese too. In the end, that's what is keeping my going. I know you love it deep down, but I'm not too sure if you'll just let yourself have me. I hope you do.'

She rubbed my forehead a few times and then my cheeks somewhat too. I could only imagine that it was due to the intimacy, which made it that much hotter for her. She failed to scrub my body parts, but caress them quite softly.

After I had begun sucking on her lips, she started jiggling around even more. She had no problem keeping eye contact with me, but I knew I was poking at her clock which was counting down fast. No matter what, it seemed like our friendship was about to soar.

'Fuck, even if I have to convince you over the next month, I'll do it. You are worth it, Joy,' I thought before my tongue made the trip between her lips and onto her labia.

I touched down at the bottom and gave it a good lick.

"You, bitch," she giggled, leaning her head back. "Yes, I'm cumming!"

I just maintained my position and my whole figure vibrated as I knew it was coming. I smiled, but closed my eyes right before the final second. Then I felt the mighty wrath which was a powerful orgasm from my best friend.

I already knew it felt great on my skin, but I got it in a much larger amount coming directly from her pussy. It was all fresh, and it was quite the sensation as she covered my entire face, ears, forehead, a little bit of my hair and my upper chest as well.

I maintained my smile over the whole duration of her cum splatter. I had never experienced a female orgasm before, but with it being my best friend, I felt like I won the lottery. I took every single drop she could pass and let it all dry on my face.

I couldn't seem to lean up and felt dazed. Joy failed to move from in front of me, but she did lie down flat on her back. I managed to peek over at her, and I just saw her trying to catch her breath.

After a moment though, I calmly climbed on top of her and laid my body onto hers. Our melons collided and both of us brought our palms to the other's head.

"You are stunning, Kaylee," she praised me, moving a little hair out of my eyes.

"Do I sense a 'But' coming, Joy?"

She kissed me on the lips for a few seconds before her lips parted.

"Are you crying, Joy?"

She nodded. "I just don't want to lose you, Kaylee. I mean, we can have sex, but what if things don't work out? The sex could go dull; you know what I'm saying? We could stop being friends because we took the relationship too far," she explained before she leaned up. "And I'm just not a lesbian. It felt good, but I think it really was just because it was you," she explained, placing her hands on my legs. "If I had another woman eating me out, I might have just been grossed out. I'd certainly never want you to resent me because my heart just wasn't in our sex life. Do you follow me?"

I let out a few tears out and pecked her cheek. "Yes," I answered, slanting my head down. "I just don't like it," I pointed out, placing my hands on her thighs. "What if I get better at eating pussy, or you just try mine to test the waters?"

"I don't think so, but I did enjoy our little adventure here. I want you to find someone to be with, whether it is a man or a woman."

"What if I lick your nipples?" I questioned, bringing my face to her right one.

I instantly began licking it, but I didn't get much of a reaction from her.

After a moment, I lifted my head up. "Are you sure?"

She angled her head down for a moment and said nothing.

'She is thinking something.'

"If you find someone to practice on and believe that you can pleasure me so much, that I'll have to take you as my lover, then we'll revisit the subject later. I'm sorry, but I can't risk our friendship on something like that, Kaylee," she told me, prior to putting her palms on my cheeks. "You mean everything to me, and I do mean everything," she assured me before kissing me. "If you want it badly enough, then make me utterly irresistible to you sexually. If you do, then my heart will be yours."

"May I still kiss you now and then?"

She took a deep breath and smooched my cheek. "Fine, but don't do it too often."

"Can we sleep naked together?"

"Okay, but don't get any ideas though. You may touch a little bit, but that's it. You'll just have to fuck me with your eyes," Joy mentioned, lying down.

"Feel free to do the same," I said, lying down with her.

We got close to each other and pulled the blanket up to our arms. Then I laid my head on her chest, and she wrapped her arms around me.

'My ear is right next to her heart, and I feel and hear it beating. If I need to practice, so I pleasure her so much that she accepts me as her lover, maybe I'll just have to ask for help from an experienced woman. I'll make her mine, and she'll love it.'