Learning From Joy's Parents

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03 Dec. '17

I sat behind her. 'Wow, I love her ass. I'd gladly eat off if she'd let me.'

"I can see you in the mirror, so are you having fun eye fucking my ass, Kaylee? Dare I ask, is your hand down in your panties right now?"

"Yes, and yes, Joy. You said I could look all I want, and you didn't say I couldn't pleasure myself."

"I'm not disputing it," she pointed out, peeking back at me. "Have fun."

"I will; I'm sticking my fingers up into my slit at this very second. Now I'm twitching a bit and letting my juice out on my panties. It is leaking out on your bed too, does that turn you on?"

"I'm afraid not, sexy chick. Just feel lucky I'm okay with you masturbating on my bed."

"Trust me; I'm not taking that right for granted."

"The right?" she pondered, strolling towards me and raising her eyebrows. "You think you have the right to pleasure yourself in my presence?" she wondered, getting on the bed.


"Cocky bitch, aren't you?" she inquired before she kissed me.

It lasted for a moment, but our hands remained down. 'All I can do is enjoy Joy's soft lips while I can, I certainly would never want her ever to feel like I'd ever take her granted. I just have to find someone to teach me so I can pleasure her. At least she still kisses me, so she must like me in that way a little bit.'

Her lips parted from mine slowly, and she slanted her head down somewhat. I had no idea what she was thinking, but I just felt she needed a moment. My eyes stayed on her face, even though I could easily view the tops of her breasts.

"Trust me," she said, arching her head back up and placing her hand on my leg. "I wish I was a lesbian, Kaylee. I want to want to be a pussy licking lesbo so we could do it, just because I know you want it so bad."

"Don't worry," I stated before I kissed her. "If it happens, then it'll happen in due time."

"Okay," she mentioned, leaning up.

We eyeballed each other as like hawks. My hand never vacated my panties, but then I noticed that Joy's hands wandered to her back. She calmly undid her bra and took it off. Then she calmly lowered her thong down as well.

She stood up. "Do you like my body?" she questioned, pushing up her boobs somewhat.

"Joy, I cherish it and you to death, but that was a bitch move."

"You know you adore me, Kaylee."

I lazily got up and walked to her.

I wrapped my arms around her neck and brought my face within a couple of inches of hers. "Maybe we can be like your moms and then I'll get you to carry the baby."

"Tell you what, if you get me to join your team, I'll have the first baby. If we have another, then you are carrying that one."

"So, to be clear, if I convince you to get pregnant with the first one and when we desire to have another one, you are gonna make me carry that one? We can't adopt?"

"Why can't we adopt the first one?"

"Fine, whiny-ass," I complained, breaking eye contact. "It is a deal. I'm gonna go to the bathroom now," I informed her before I kissed her.

"Wait, you are gonna go out in your bra and panties?"

"Yes, why not, it is after midnight now. Don't you think your moms are in bed now?"

"Maybe, maybe not. My moms already love you, so you are probably safe if they catch you."

I blew her a kiss and grabbed the knob. I calmly made my way out there and closed the door.

I took a deep breath. "Call me crazy, but if Cindy and Sage would be be okay with me dating their daughter, then they have to relish me."

I quietly voyaged down the hall and found the bathroom. I went in and silently shut the door.

I did my business and came back out. "I just don't know," I whispered, leaning against the wall. "I want Joy, but obviously I have to sweeten the deal a bit for her. As soon as I figure out how to do that, I will."

I stood there for a moment, but then my right hand found it's way onto my crotch. I rubbed my pussy back and forth a couple of times and closed my eyes too.

I twitched somewhat. "Yes, Joy, be a joy and eat my pussy for me. I know you'll love it, and I'll be the perfect best friend by splattering your face."

I failed to let my hand into my panties for fear of getting caught, but I still enjoyed the fantasy for the time being. I licked my lips and rubbed my back against the wall too.

"Damn, I love her," I moaned, shedding a tear.

I strolled back towards Joy's bedroom, but I suddenly I halted. "I guess Cindy and Sage are still awake; I can see the light on the floor in their bedroom," I observed, prior to walking closer to their door. "Well, maybe I could ask them for advice. It is their daughter, but as previously stated, I think they might love me too," I whispered before I brought my hand towards the door.

I bit my bottom lip and froze. "I guess this is harder than I expected. They are open to me, but maybe it is still a little weird." 

I just took a deep breath and shook slightly.

"We got together in our senior year of high school, and now they are both in college. It could happen between them, and I know for sure that Kaylee wants Joy. She was undressing Joy with eyes when we were in the living room. I'm sure she loved the comment about them being together too," I heard Sage say.

"It is true," I whispered, wiping off my forehead. "I want Joy like you can't imagine."

 "I don't think Joy is on board though, we saw the slight disgust on her face, so it seems doubtful that she is gonna join our team," I heard Cindy point out.

"Well, I guess not every woman is a lesbian," Sage mentioned before it went silent.

I licked my lips again. 'I think they might be kissing. Damn, I have to see it,' I thought before I brought my hand to the knob and twisted it. 'Now my pussy is acting for me.'

I opened the door just a little bit, but I received a perfect view of them. "Yes, Cindy and Sage are kissing. I'm actually seeing two MILFs making out in their undergarments. Holy shit, they are stunning. I can only see Sage's backside, Cindy's right breast, and her stomach, but I can see their smooth skin. Yes, Cindy, just sit there as your wife kisses you, now bring your hands to her melons," I muttered, prior to letting my right hand into my panties. "Now I'm masturbating to them, this is wrong, but it feels insanely good. I always have noticed that they were both dazzling, but I never saw them under dressed before. I'm sorry I'm acting as the voyeur here, but I must watch. I love your daughter, and I see where she came from now. Both of you are wearing perfect sets and bras and panties. They certainly don't leave too much to the imagination: Cindy in a pink silk set and Sage in a green silk set. Joy has moms that can showboat their beauty. Even if they are behind this mostly closed door right now."

I watched them as they just made out for a few minutes and I pleasured myself like never before.

'I've never watched someone without their consent before, so this is all new to me.'

Suddenly, Cindy's lips parted from Sage's. "Are you just going to toy with me all night? We've been in here for five hours now, and we're both still wearing our undergarments. Aren't you gonna strip me thoroughly so we can have sex, or do you want to keep playing my curly blonde hair?"

"Hey, it is my move: I've been working it on you for nearly twenty years now."

"Just because it is a ritual, that doesn't mean I have to like it," Cindy pointed out before she kissed her wife. "Why don't you at least bring your hands to my back, and undo this pesky bra?"

"I'm starting to think you love me because of our sex life, is that correct?"

"Maybe, but you have taken the art of teasing to a whole new level. You should only bring it to a certain degree and then give in, woman."

I scrubbed my pussy nonstop for another moment as neither of them spoke a word. Sage came closer to her wife, and they began rubbing their heads and breasts together. I found myself twitching around and shedding more tears too. After another moment, Sage's hands nonchalantly made their way to Cindy's back.

"Yes, take off her bra and let me see those melons," I sobbed, sending a couple of fingers up into my slit. "There they are," I observed, widening my eyes.

Sage dropped it and slowly brought her hands down to Cindy's panties. Sage calmly tugged them right off her, separated her lips and brought them to her face.

"Oh, you like the scent of that sweet pussy, Sage? I bet so," I muttered before I angled my head down. "And there is Cindy's pussy with that sexy landing strip."

"Do you remember the first time I did that?" Sage pondered, releasing Cindy's underwear.

"Yes, when I caught you doing that, right before we had sex for the first time. We were in my bedroom, and I just happen to spot you, you horny bitch. I even remember it was a Saturday night when we were supposed to be working on a project together."

"Impressive," Sage complimented her, bringing her hands to her back.

"No," Cindy protested, getting up. "Let this woman undo that bra," she offered before she positioned her hands on Sage's back and her lips onto hers.

Cindy got her wife's bra off in just a few seconds and then she pulled it off her.

'Sweet, two pairs of hooters are in my sight. I can only see one of Sage's, but fuck yes,' I thought, licking my lips.

Cindy caressed Sage's boobs for a moment as they kept eye contact, so she covered up her wive's nipple, but nothing seemed to reduce the hotness of the situation. Although, after a moment, Cindy uncovered Sage's nipple and took it into her mouth.

"Oh, yes, the years have been great to your nipple sucking skills, woman. I love you, but your mouth is one huge part of the equation to make me love you so damn much," Sage moaned, placing her hands on Cindy's head. "And you are always good at making constant eye contact too, so you are just the perfect package."

Suddenly, Cindy's hands dropped to Sage's panties, and she gradually brought them down to just above her knees. Sage got them off completely as she shook around. I couldn't get a good view of Sage's twat, but I got to see some of it as she spread out her legs somewhat.

"Yes, prep yourself, Sage: your hot wife is sucking on your nipple, and now she is also rubbing your pussy lips too. Oh, you two lesbos are in love if you are still having sex after these years. If only I could make Joy want me as you want each other."

Neither of them had a clue that I was there just a few feet away. They were sucked deep into their whole sexual world. I nearly opened the door a little more, but I wasn't about to push my luck though.

My right hand calmly came out of my panties and made the trip to my mouth. I let my cum soaked fingers in there and made sure to get every drop of my juice I possibly could. My fingers stayed in my mouth for over two minutes, and my eyes never parted from them.

I saw every single move they performed, from them rubbing one another, jiggling around and of course stripping each other. Cindy and Sage were unknowingly putting on the greatest show I had ever seen before, and it was completely authentic too.

After another moment, Cindy's mouth came off Sage's nipple, but she immediately began licking it rapidly. Astonishingly, they made me open the door just a little more. It was at least a foot open by then, and I even came into the room just a little bit.

Both of my feet were on the carpet of their room, but I kept the door right against my body though. I got an even better look at them, but it still wasn't perfect. I noticed that both of them had their eyes closed too.

'Damn, what am I doing? What if they catch me? What if they just kick me out and deny me to see their daughter again?' I thought, prior to shedding a tear.

I had no idea, but my pussy was making my choices for me, and it insisted on staying to see the magic. Then the show progressed as Cindy slowly got off the bed, but failed to take her face away far enough to see me.

Sage peeked down at Cindy as she also wouldn't take her fingers from Sage's slit. "And I remember quite fondly the first time you ate me out too. After that twenty minute make out session, you slowly climbed down to my cherry and teased me for another ten minutes before you finally let your tongue right in between my pussy lips."

"Do you want to keep going on and on about our history, or would you like to feel that very same tongue take shelter in your twat again?" Cindy wondered, thrusting her fingers.

"Quit asking rhetorical questions and do it already."

"Yes, sexy lady," Cindy muttered before her face went to Sage's snatch.

As Sage had her legs spread out, I could still see Cindy's tongue slither inside her slit.

'Shit, I can view Sage's hot breasts and her cherry as she eats out Cindy. Whoa, with all their experience, I know they could turn me into a woman pleasing machine. Oh, she is moving her tongue so quickly and has Sage shaking around nonstop. Fuck, what I wouldn't give for only five minutes with them.'

I couldn't physically make myself get out of there, and I also failed to stop even a single tear. My hand went on for over ten minutes at that point, so I had juice streaming down my legs, but I never had a full orgasm.

'I just can't stop, I won't. Seeing these two MILFs have sex is extremely hot, and they have already made me push myself out of comfort zone a bit. They are two sexual witches.'

I peeked back up them. 'Sage's eyes are still closed, so I'm gonna do something stupid,' I thought, biting my lip.

I slowly began walking around them and over towards the end of the bed. I kept watching the two MILFs, but at the other end of them. I was closer to them, which just made the pleasure even sharper.

"Hell yes, you ravishing chick," Sage moaned, scrubbing Cindy's head. "In twenty years of sexual activity, you still amaze me when you go downtown. You've always been my rock, and I certainly hope you take that role with us to our graves. After we're dead, you can still pleasure me in our own personal heaven."

"Damn, Sage. I hope I can get in there with you, and maybe you'll invite me to watch. If you really like me, maybe you'll let me join in with you. By then, I'll be that pussy eating princess I know you are gonna transform me into, you beautiful goddesses. Or, I could just watch without you two knowing because now I love watching you two have sex. Take her lips into your mouth now, you sparkling hottie," I whispered.

I didn't get to see that, but I managed to see her tongue moving up and down mercilessly, which nearly made Sage lose her balance. She stayed up, and her eyelids stayed down too. It was perfect for me because I just acted as the horny woman I was and kept pleasuring myself.

My fingers dug deep into my slit, and I felt myself getting closer and closer to climaxing. My mouth opened up entirely my other hand landed on my back. I got my bra off, and I shook it off myself in about a minute.

'Damn, they are making me do insane things now,' I thought before I dropped it and lowered my panties as well.

I stood naked within just a couple feet of them and shoved my fingers back into my pussy again. I wasn't sure how long my fingers were, but I was positive that every single millimeter of them was up in there.

I leaned forward as I felt like my entire circulatory system shut down. "Shit," I mumbled, letting my juice out quietly, but rapidly.

"Kaylee?" Sage questioned, jerking away somewhat. "What are you doing in here?" she inquired, looking at me.

I instantly brought my hands to my face and covered it up to my eyes. I failed to utter a word, but then Cindy glanced my way too. She stayed down there, and neither of them spouted off a word either.

It went on for over two minutes, and my heart was beating against my rib cage like a jackhammer. I had no idea that was even possible, but yet, it was happening.

'Shit, I'm on the other side and I'm completely nude now, so I can't even run.'

Their eyes never parted from mine, even as Cindy stood up.

Then she calmly strolled towards me and placed her hands on her hips. "Were you enjoying the show that there was no cover charge for, Kaylee?"

I failed to talk, but the tears kept forming on my face frequently, and my hand never came off my face.

After a moment, Cindy pulled my hands down. "Do you have something to say, Kaylee?"

"Yes, please don't hate me," I cried, bringing my hands together. "Don't make me stop being friends with Joy."

Cindy just smiled at me and leaned towards me. She laid a single kiss on my forehead and then she lowered herself to her knees. I failed to angle my head down, but I noticed that Sage was eyeballing me.

'I think they might be turned on, but the jury is still out. Both Cindy and Sage are also smiling at me; maybe they are not mad. I don't know, but I'm nerve wrecked right now.'

Cindy stood back up with me. "Is this your pair of panties and your bra too, Kaylee?" she pondered, holding them both.

I peeked at both hands and calmly nodded. Cindy swiftly dropped my bra and slowly brought my underwear to her face. She locked eyes with me for a few seconds before she took in a deep inhale.

"Oh, my, the aroma of pussy is quite underrated, don't you think, Kaylee?" Cindy wondered, prior to letting go of them.

I stayed quiet for a few seconds. "Yes, I guess."

She closed the gap between us and brought her hands close to my butt. "May I?"

"Do you promise that you won't make me stop being friends with Joy? I can't lose her."

"We wouldn't do that," Cindy confessed, placing her hands on my butt. "You have an extra soft behind, Kaylee. If only you could make our daughter love it, correct?"

"How did you know I had a crush on her?"

"Kaylee," Sage said, coming towards us. "You give yourself away when you keep eyeballing her ass. It is okay with us, but we don't think she is gay," Sage pointed out, wrapping her arms around Cindy. "It just seems unlikely that you'll get her join the other team. Obviously, you are already a full-time member, or you just really love what you see right now," Sage mentioned before our of their heads turned.

Their lips came together, and my mouth opened up fully. I stood there, moaned a bit, and I had to start masturbating again. My whole body was vibrating, and I had to lean forward slightly.

"I think our daughter's best friend likes us, babe," Cindy pointed out, glancing back at me.

I slanted my head down somewhat and nodded. "If you two aren't upset, could I ask a favor, pretty please?"

"What would that be?" Sage pondered, coming towards me.

She placed her hands on my lower back and got so close to me that her breasts touched mine. She was a little taller than me, so her nipples came down on the tops of my melons.

She smooched my head. "Does Joy know how you feel about her, Kaylee?"

My tongue came out onto my lips for a few seconds. "Yes."

"Did you tell her yourself, or did she figure it out?"

"Both, would you be mad if I divulged that something happened between us?"

She smiled and wrapped her arms around me. So, I felt her entire naked body on mine for a moment.

"Wow, Kaylee, you have your cum plummeting out like a waterfall," Cindy mentioned, strolling towards us.

"If you hug me back and keep that juice flowing, then no, we won't be mad, and we might just grant you a favor."

I encased my arms around her as well, and I had no choice, but to shake frequently. We held one another for a couple of minutes before she let go of me.

"She let me give her oral sex, and we kissed each other multiple times too. She just wasn't interested in being with me and said it might ruin our friendship. I know I love her more than a friend, so she told me if I could learn how to please a woman properly, she'd give me another chance with her. So, will you please teach me how to pleasure a woman so I can make your daughter love me in that way too?"

They both glanced at each other a few select times over the next moment. I wasn't sure what to think, but at the back of mind, I had to think they'd at least respectfully decline.

Cindy came to me and brought her lips close to mine. "May I kiss you, Kaylee?" she wondered, setting her hands on my butt.


She slathered her lips for a moment and let them onto mine.

We only kissed for a five seconds before she brought her head back. "Well, there is no doubt: you do like the ladies. You can fake kind of thing for a camera, but not for another woman," she muttered, scrubbing my ass. "Has Joy seen you nude as well?"


"She still wasn't buying though?"

I shook my head no and had my palms slither onto her butt. I caressed her cheeks as our eye contact remained in tact.

"That's a shame; you are quite dazzling if you ask us. We've checked you out before, Kaylee, and you do have a great body. You know, if you were anyone else, we'd be screaming at you right now."

"It is alright though," Sage pointed out, coming towards us.

She gave me a string of kisses on my left arm and shoulder, but she slowly made it up to my face. "We'd love to show you a few things, so how about you bring your naked figure to the bed with us?" she wondered before she kissed me on the lips.

I cheesed as much as I could before they both strolled away from me and lay down on the bed. I stood frozen for a moment as I just watched Sage and Cindy kissed each other and touched one another's pussies too.

"Holy shit, did someone bash me something on my head, so now I'm hallucinating?"

A few seconds later, their lips separated, and they both glared at me. Both of them brought a hand up and signaled me to come to them. Although, I just remained there for the time being and kept eyeballing them.

"Come on, you sexy young thing, we can't teach you if you are standing way over there," Cindy pointed out, rising to her knees. "We want to help you, not judge you."

"Okay," I muttered before I slowly made my way to the bed.

I sat down in between them with my feet hanging off the end. I placed my hands on my lap, and no one said a word. I smiled somewhat awkwardly and jiggled a little bit. I also felt the bed shaking a slightly too.

"So, there must be something you had in mind to try on her, so tell us," Sage ordered me, placing her hand on my leg.

Cindy put her hand on my other leg, and they both caressed my legs for a moment.

"How about you lick my nipple and I'll see how well you can pleasure me," Sage suggested, bringing her left tit closer to me.

I glared at it, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

"She has stage fright, so maybe if she sees someone else do it too," Cindy mentioned, getting close to Sage. "She'll feel better," she said before she took Sage's right nipple into her mouth.

As I got the view from only a foot away, my pussy immediately doled out a shit load of juice. My arms waved around in front of me, and I felt like I was already having a giant orgasm. I saw Cindy sucking on Sage's nipple and having her cheeks go into her mouth too.

"Wow, that is so hot. I never knew how much I love seeing two MILFs together."

Sage calmly brought her left hand to my head. "Get in on this action, Kaylee. I promise, when you leave this bedroom, you'll be ready to please our daughter. You have to get off those training wheels first."

"Do you promise not to tell her about this?"

"Yes, of course, what happens in the MILF bedroom, stays in the MILF bedroom," Sage let me know before she kissed me. "Have some fun and learn with these two MILFs, we promise you won't regret it."

I just watched Cindy work her sexual touch on Sage's nipple for another moment, but I couldn't just come in and pleasure Sage's other nipple. Even as they physically and emotionally supported me, I could only guess I had stage fright.

Sage planted a kiss on my forehead. "May I touch your pussy, Kaylee? I certainly don't want to make you feel uncomfortable, but we want to please you too."

"Yes, you may, Sage."

I peeked down at her hand and saw slither over to my slit. First just the tips her fingers touched my lips down there, and I immediately closed my eyes. I also began breathing heavily and brought my hands to my boobs.

"Do you like that, Kaylee?" Sage had pondered before she rubbed my lips going all the way up.

"Yes, Sage."

"You wouldn't be asking us for help if you just wanted to have sex with her for a little while and break with her, would you?"

"No, I love your daughter. She is a beautiful woman," I moaned, jolting a bit.

"Open your eyes."

I calmly followed her order and then she slowly came over to me. "Would you like to marry her in due time?" she wondered, placing her other hand on my butt.

"Maybe, if she'll have me."

"You wouldn't want another man, just her?"


"Good," she moaned, inserting a couple of fingers up into my cherry. "We'd love to have you as a daughter-in-law, Kaylee," she let me know before she kissed me again. "Then you'll have to give her all this pussy juice, now join my wife and suck my other nipple."

"Okay," I muttered, smiling.

I lazily leaned down to her other nipple and opened my mouth. I took it into my mouth and instantly began sucking on it.

"There is that kinky lady," Sage moaned, scrubbing my head. "Don't be afraid to feel any part of my body, Kaylee. Your future mother-in-laws are here to make you feel good about getting our daughter to love you."

'I don't want to jump too far, too fast, but we'll get there,' I thought, grabbing onto her boob.

I wanted to keep it light, but with all the adrenaline going throughout my body, I felt the powerful lust and passion between us, so I just aspired to make her feel as incredible as possible.

"Holy shit, Kaylee, are you sure you haven't done this before?"

I failed to stop, in fact, I sucked even more of her skin into my mouth. I had her entire nipple in there, so I even got her vibrate somewhat. I had to take joy in it because they welcomed me with open arms and made me feel extremely comfortable.

"Oh, it is so hot to see her sucking on your nipple, babe. Come on, let me see you finger fuck my wife too, Kaylee. I want to view it," Cindy moaned before she kissed my cheek.

My right hand made the trip right to Sage's pussy, but I placed my whole palm on it. I grabbed onto it a bit, but didn't apply too much pressure to it. I instantly felt her juice dripping off my hand and then her arms went around me.

Sage did put pressure on me though. "Yes, yes, yes, young apprentice, suck that nipple and rub those lips. Damn, you are already working towards thrilling our daughter beyond her imagination," she whispered, caressing my back.

I felt a couple of tears coming down my cheeks, and my insides were tingling, with my heart acting as the base. 'Fuck, if I make Sage feel satisfied, I should be able to work wonders on Joy. She just has to give me a chance; I'll fuck her all night if she desires.'

I slowly felt Cindy push her boobs on my back and her hands on my butt. "I love you, Sage," I heard her mumble before they kissed.

"I love your breasts, Cindy," Sage replied.

She rubbed my cheeks down there, but I couldn't look at them much. I felt my head hurt a bit, but I wasn't about to stop. All three of us just pleasured one another.

Although, I was going to prep myself to go as long as possible. I took a deep breath and fought the joy, even as one of Cindy's hand came up on my pussy. She immediately started washing it with her hand, but it didn't distract me from sucking her wive's nipple.

"Do you like that?" Cindy wondered, placing her chin on my shoulder. "Pleasuring my wife in two ways as I finger fuck you?"

I nodded once and instantly switched nipples.

"Without flinching," Sage giggled, shaking my head with both hands. "Damn, she is a natural."

All of us went on and on for over ten minutes, and each of us had limits. I just knew I'd crack first because they had had their sexual encounters for years beforehand. Every time I sucked on Sage's nipple again, I found myself hurting a little bit more.

The pain was clashing with the physical and emotional pleasures, which just made the whole experience so much more special. Cindy laid a string of kisses on my neck, left shoulder and upper back for a few minutes.

'Damn, it is almost like they want me to stop, they are just making me feel amazing. Cindy is playing with my pussy like it is a guitar and Sage is scrubbing my head. They are also giving me so much emotional support too; it is almost too much.'

She rubbed her forehead on my neck. "You are making me cum too, Kaylee. Dare I ask, did you enjoy making Joy feel right?"

I nodded before I calmly shifted my head back. "Fuck, you two are tough nuts to crack."

"Of course, we were fucking each other years before we even started talking about having a kid," Sage reminded me, placing her hands on my cheeks. "You can't expect to make a MILF have an orgasm on your first night. Granted you know how to suck on a nipple and finger a woman, but you still have work to do. Dare I ask: would you like to improve your pussy eating skills?"

"Yes, Sage."

"Good, but now I have the urge to see your tongue slither into Cindy's slit. Do you feel okay eating her pussy, Kaylee?" Sage inquired, caressing the right side of my face. 

"Can we all just cuddle afterward?"

"Anything you want, babe," Cindy replied before she smooched my cheek and calmly lied down in front of me.

I examined her whole body and Sage got behind me. "Soak in her sexy figure, Kaylee. Doesn't she have big tits and a nicely trimmed pussy too?" she muttered, bringing her palms to my stomach. "Believe it or not, she is much sexier now than when she was in college. She is so much more sexually experienced now and is more than ready for you. Just lean down and let your tongue out. Allow it to slink right into her slit and fuck her. A ravishing MILF will only encourage you, not make you feel incompetent. Again, we'd surely love for you to be with our daughter, so make my wife feel immeasurable. Tomorrow, ask Joy to talk and show her that you are ready to make her feel like a whole new woman. Stay in her room with her all day if you want, Kaylee. If you'd feel more comfortable, Cindy and I can leave for the day. Whatever gets you with her, we're on board, we promise."

I took a deep breath. "Okay," I muttered before I climbed up towards Cindy's face.

I kissed her once, and we both just smiled at each other. I calmly went back down as we kept eye contact. That was until I slanted my head down and glanced at her cherry again. First, I placed my right palm on it and rubbed it going down.

"Oh, she likes that, but don't tease her," Sage warned me, caressing my butt.

Cindy also spread out her legs and pushed her beaver onto my left leg. As I felt her juice coming onto my leg, I just went for her snatch.

"Yes, Sage, we've got her under our spell now. Her tongue is between my lips now, and she is licking my pussy walls," Cindy let out, putting her hands on my head. "I guess she already knows a few things, but get down here so you can make sure she sharpens her skills," she moaned, caressing my head.

After only a few seconds, I had her jiggling around and humming a little bit. 'She likes it, probably because it is hot for her. Well, I'll make damn sure I get her to shed a few tears too. It is the least I can do.'

I knew they were both watching me, but I fought the stage fright as much as I could. I just kept my hands on the sides of Cindy's cherry and kept the pleasure coming with my slick tongue. I knew where her labia was, but I decided not to feel it just yet.

"Yes, just like that. Sage was slightly wrong, tease her when you're fucking the woman, but not before. Then when you have it in there, float around the clit and make her shake, dear Kaylee. We can already see that you are committed, so if you show that to Joy, then she'll be eating out of your hands in due time."

I angled my head up slightly so I could get a look at her. Her head was moving back and forth and I can she was sweating up a storm too. Meanwhile, I felt Sage come closer to me. She lied down next to me and smooched my cheek.

Her left hand landed on my butt again. "Yes, you might just be a natural pussy-eater. Although, don't go so fast. Let her slit feel the smooth touch of your tongue, Kaylee. When you know how to fuck a woman, you have to learn how to pleasure her for as long as possible. We love the passion you have, but you can't just let that lead you though. It can get you far, but when you want the woman to love it, you have to know all the rules to make her feel like that whole new woman. Alternate, between going slow and picking up speed. Don't be afraid to suck her lips into your mouth, and let that tongue in there even deeper. Or you can just kiss her lips if you'd like. Please her, but make it last."

I calmly backed away from her slit. "Damn, you have good juice, Cindy," I praised her, catching my breath. 

"Thank you. Make sure you relax your neck though, it is the unappreciated muscle you use when eating pussy. It is all about pacing yourself, okay?"

"I understand."

"Wrap your arms around my legs too and hold me tight. You have to be ready to receive all that pleasure too," Cindy advised me, prior to blowing me a kiss.

I lowered myself onto my stomach and wrapped my arms her legs too. Once I had her ready, I went back down to her cherry once again.

Sage lowered her head to mine. "May I kiss you again?"

"Sure," I replied, peeking at her.

Our lips came together, and we made out for a moment. Our tongues even made appearances in one another's mouths. I felt all three of us jiggle again and I had tingles surging throughout my body.

Her lips gradually parted from mine. "Joy is gonna be one lucky woman."

I cheesed for a few seconds, and then I peeked back at Cindy again.

"You can finger fuck a woman, kiss her all over, lick her nipples and eat her out. Once you have my juice splattered all over your face, then you'll be ready for Joy. You'll hit her like a ton of bricks, we swear. We just want to be invited to the wedding, that's all we ask in return," Cindy explained, bringing her hands to my forehead. 

"Okay," I whispered before it slithered into her pussy one more time.

"Fuck yes, Kaylee. Massage those lips down there too. Damn, there are just endless things you could do for Joy, but make sure she knows you love her though. Have it written in her brain if you have to, okay?"

I nodded and sucked in as much of her lips into my mouth as I possibly could. Once I did, I just held my breath and sucked on them.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes," Cindy moaned, arching her back up. "We have our pussy eating princess here now, Sage. She is ready for our daughter."

I heard slight kissing sounds, but then she slanted her back down again. I noticed the top half of her body moving back and forth slowly, but she also had her eyes closed. I fondled her pussy lips and poked at her labia.

"I know that move; you are reaching in deep now, Kaylee. Good move, after pleasuring her for a few minutes, slowly go in for the kill," Sage muttered before she kissed my cheek. "Did you get your reward from Joy?"

I nodded one more time and Sage got up with Cindy. They encased their arms around one another as they both viewed the sexy action which was me fucking the shit out of Cindy with my mouth.

'Fuck, I just want that with Joy. Cindy and Sage just get one another and have excellent chemistry, both sexual and emotional. Who could not want that? I can make Cindy and Joy twitch, so I'm on my way now.'

She tapped her heels on the bed repeatedly and brushed my head nonstop for the next few minutes. Over those minutes, she doled out juice at a never ending rate and shook so much; the bed legs came off the floor some times.

"Son of a bitch, Sage, she is giving you a run for your money now," Cindy moaned, turning her body back and forth. "Oh, I love this woman, she is one sexy lady that knows how to pleasure a woman. You didn't need any help from us, did you, Kaylee? No, I think you wanted some more action, didn't you? And you knew we certainly wouldn't turn you down either."

I couldn't even look at her because she had her juice coming out so fast, it just kept getting into my eyes. I closed them and attempted to drink as much as I could, but it seemed like she wanted me to drown me in it.

"Oh, fuck yes, dear wife. Give this horny young lady all the cum you can blast out, Cindy. If she gets to eat your pussy, then I want to see the spectacle. Won't you do that for me?" Sage asked.

"Yes," Cindy moaned, breathing heavily. "I swear, with every passing day, I love you more and more. You just never know what is gonna happen when you are married to you. I never thought I'd be holding you in my arms as our daughter's best friend eats my pussy."

"That was just her, babe, but you're welcome."

I shed tears and laughed slightly at the same time. Then my tongue voyaged right in between Cindy's pussy lips, and it attacked her labia. It started down at the bottom, and it went all the way up to the top.

"Fuck yes!!" Cindy yelled, pulling my face onto her cherry even more.

There wasn't even a splash zone; her lady juice just demolished my face for I don't even know how long, but it was fantastic, to say the least. I just stayed right there and took every single drop of her juice I could get.

It was all warm at first, with the air in the room it quickly cooled it down. I took the deepest breath I could and held it in for a moment. All the while, I kept my eyes closed and let Cindy's juice dry on my face and chest. I felt them snagged both of hands, and they pulled me up with them.

"Open your eyes, Kaylee," Cindy ordered me.

I opened them as I was on my back and I saw I was in between them. I failed to speak, but I peeked at both Cindy and Sage as they placed their heads on my shoulders. I just wrapped my arms around their arms and held them somewhat tightly.

No one spoke for about twenty minutes, and the intimacy was powerful too. They both caressed my stomach and tits from time to time and even delivered a few kisses to my neck, shoulders, and chest.

"Damn, if you two wanted me to start loving you, then mission accomplished."

"Good to know," Sage mentioned, leaning up somewhat.

She calmly came to me and kissed me. I felt remarkably great tingles going throughout my body and even shed a few tears too.

Sage's lips lazily came off mine. "The feeling is mutual."

"Very mutual, Kaylee," Cindy added before pasted her lips onto mine too.

This time, I positioned my hands on her back and felt even better.

I lightly pushed her off me. "Crap, I hear footsteps out there, it must be Joy," I muttered, arching my back up. "What if she is looking for me?"

"Open the door and let her know you are in here," Cindy suggested, getting off the bed.

"What,? I can't do that."

"Just tell her, if she loves you back, then she'll be okay with it," Cindy pointed out, putting a robe on.

"She is right, Kaylee. If Joy gets upset and can't deal with it, then it is not meant to be," Sage agreed, putting a robe on too.

They were covered up, but I just went to the door completely naked.

I opened it and poked my head out. "Hey, Joy, I'm in here," I announced I saw her.

Her eyebrows went up. "It is after three in the morning, why are you in here with my moms?" she questioned, barging in there with us. "And why are you naked, Kaylee?"

She glanced at both of them a couple of times, but didn't speak just yet. 

"They were just helping me, Joy. That's all," I let her know, slanting my head down.

"Those are my moms though," Joy pointed out, pointing at them. "Why would you bring them into this, Kaylee? You weren't seeking advice on how to dress fancy; this is sex. Are you admitting that you did it with my moms?"

"Yes, we had sex, Joy," Sage mentioned, grabbing my right arm. "I'm glad you are wearing those red pajamas we got you last year."

"You're welcome, Mom, but you had to do it with my best friend?"

Cindy walked in front of her. "She wanted to get better at pleasuring a lady, that's all. She wants you, honey. At least give her a real chance, you owe her that much. You have two moms, so we're gonna support you in anything you do, but we really think you should at least let her kiss you right now," she explained, prior to smooching her cheek. "She loves you more than a best friend, Joy. So, give her a chance," she suggested before she backed away.

Joy and I looked at each other, and I licked my lips. Neither of us talked for a moment, but we eventually strolled towards each other.

She took my hands in hers. "Don't you want to put your clothes back on?"

"Do you want me to?"

She checked out the front half of my body for a minute before her eyes came back to mine. "I guess not," she replied before she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around my neck. "You suck though."

"I know," I added, placing my hands on her butt. "Although, we love each other."

"True," she mentioned before she kissed me.

Our lips became pasted together, and they failed to stop moving for over three minutes. The whole time I grabbed onto Joy's butt cheeks, and she caressed my shoulders. I had my eyes closed, and I was sure she did the same.

'I feel pretty freaking good now, I'm shedding more tears, and my heart is blooming too. I certainly hope she is having the same effects happen.'

After those three minutes, her lips calmly parted from mine. "Okay, I'll give you another shot, but we have to do it back in my room, and your friends stay here. Fair enough?"

"Okay, I know the sun gonna come up soon, but can we do it tonight before we go to sleep?"

"Anything for you best friend," she answered before she kissed me again.

I enjoyed that for a few seconds, but then I went right to Cindy. "Thank you so much," I mentioned, wrapping my arms around her.

"Anytime, you were always our favorite out of her friends," Cindy pointed out, hugging me back.

After a minute, I hugged Sage as well and had another intimate moment.

Then I backed away, and Joy instantly took my hand. "If you are gonna be with me, you can't keep eye fucking my moms, got it?"

"Yes," I responded before I kissed her and picked up my undergarments. "See you tomorrow, ladies."

"See you both tomorrow, and sleep in if you need to, it is Sunday after all," Cindy mentioned.

"Okay, Mom. I love you both," Joy said before we left.

We instantly took off to her room, and she shut the door behind us. "You sexy, but bitchy skank. You went to my moms, seriously? How could I deny you that wish when they endorsed you?"

"I didn't plan on it, but I'm pleased I did it. I want you, ravishing woman."

Then she instantly disrobed to her bra and panties. "Then have me, Kaylee. I have no one else interested in me."

"I will," I pointed out before I kissed her and placed my hands on her back. "I know it is really late, but I have to please you right now."

"I'm not gonna stop you; I'm ready to go until the sun comes up. So, please get my bra and panties off and fuck me."