The Exhibitionist Neighbor - Part 4

Info Raphael
24 Feb. '16

Andrea slid off her bed, curling her legs underneath her as she sat in front of the window. It was open a few inches, cool air passing over her face and down her mostly naked body. She had decided to wear her sexiest underwear, a white with black lace set that had long been her favorite. Resting an arm on the windowsill, Andrea watched the room opposite, waiting, holding her breath as if it would expose her to breathe too heavily.

Melissa’s bedroom light turned on, a golden glow filling the opening between the houses. The shades were pulled all the way up, as Andrea had become accustomed to seeing it be. She watched intently, waiting, waiting, and finally Melissa appeared around the edge of the bed. She walked towards the window, removing a piece of jewelry as she went and setting it on the bedside table. It was an excuse to see if Andrea was there, as her glance out the window and subsequent flash of a smile proved. Her black dress hugged her body, the few curves she had evident in her silhouette. Andrea’s heart began to beat faster, and a feeling passed through her, something that she had only realized was there the afternoon before.

As she took in the vixen before her, a shirtless man appeared, stepping up behind Melissa and wrapping his arms around her. Andrea’s feeling changed, a wave of jealousy flowing through her, unexpectedly, but was quickly replaced by a lust that had held her in a tight grip for hours. The man placed his hands on Melissa’s body purposefully, one on her hip, the other on her thigh as she pushed back against him. He tucked his head into her neck as she craned it to the side, biting her lip as she peered out the window. Andrea bit her lip as she watched, her hand cupping one of her breasts, gently running a finger over her nipple in a teasing way.

Melissa rocked her hips as the man kissed her, moving up to her jaw line, his hand turning her neck to kiss her on the lips. They stayed this way, Melissa’s hand intertwining with his, sliding it up her body to cup her breast. Andrea breathed heavier as she watched him fondle her, soft moans escaping the house opposite and rolling into her ears. She watched as they progressed, the straps from the dress pushed off her shoulders and down her arms. The fabric flowed away, leaving Melissa naked; she glowed in the golden light of the room, turning away from the window. Andrea slide a hand to her panties, gently touching over them as she now kneeled in front of the window, watching Melissa and her boyfriend kiss, again and again, his hands playing over her body.

Melissa undid his pants, dropping to her knees as she pulled them to the floor. His erection was evident behind his boxers and Melissa wasted no time wrapping her hand around him, kissing just above his waistband. In moments, she pulled him out, his hard cock on full display. Andrea couldn’t help but wonder if he was aware of her watching, but as Melissa’s head began to bob up and down on him, forcing his head back in pleasure, she pressed one finger into her dripping pussy. A moan escaped her lips, not loud enough to be heard over the passionate slurping sounds coming from Melissa’s mouth.

As Andrea began to finger herself harder, Melissa moved to sit on the edge of the bed, turning the man with her. She stroked him, looking up as they spoke; he played with her breasts as she put her mouth around his cock once more, slowly moving up and down his shaft. Melissa glanced out the window again, quickly, making Andrea’s body shiver as she rubbed her clit slowly.

“My turn.” Melissa’s words were clear as could be to Andrea, who had already moved to remove her panties and toss them aside. Her pussy was dripping wet as she watched Melissa mostly disappear as she laid back on the bed. The man’s head disappeared from view, but the moan’s that followed left little to Andrea’s imagination. She rubbed her clit harder, listening to the pants and moans as Melissa’s pussy was licked and kissed, again and again. Andrea closed her eyes, listening, wanting nothing more than to be in the room, right there watching. Her stomach clenched, her toes curling as the moans from next door got louder and louder, a scream escaping and echoing through the neighborhood. It pushed Andrea over the edge, who collapsed to the floor, shaking with her first orgasm of the night.

She sat up a few minutes later; Melissa was standing now, stroking her boyfriend hard, and holding him close. How she stood was purposeful, looking past him and out the window. When Andrea sat up and caught her eye, she was rewarded with a small wave behind the man’s back. Andrea waved back, her body tensing between her legs as she watched Melissa turn, bending herself over the bed. Her boyfriend wasted no time entering her; Andrea twisted her vibrator to turn it on, gently resting it against her clit. An audible moan escaped her lips; she ducked down, knowing she had been loud enough for her neighbors to hear her, but still too afraid to be seen. Eventually she sat back up, the sounds of sex calling her to look again. The vibrator was deep inside her in seconds as she watched the man, hands on her friend’s hips, thrusting into her again and again. Kneeling in front of the window, she rode the vibrator, deeper and shallow, moans and yelps from Melissa pushing her closer and closer to her second orgasm. She followed in time with their fucking, rubbing her clit with one hand as she fucked the vibrator, closing her eyes, imagining Melissa was there, fucking her instead of across the grass being fucked. Her toes curled again, glancing out the window as the man’s groans got louder; he pulled out suddenly, cumming onto Melissa’s ass again and again.

Andrea collapsed to the floor, her orgasm shaking her, unable to hold herself up as wave after wave of pleasure flew up her legs, across her tummy and down her arms, retreating to her vibrating pussy before shooting out again and again. Her moans filled the room, purposefully loud now, no longer caring if she got caught, or if the man across the way found out. As her lust subsided, she spread out on the floor, her eyes suddenly heavy, as heavy as her breathing. She stayed there, covered in sweat, her still vibrating toy set beside her, waking in the morning only as her preset alarm went off to wake her for work.