Yuri is the Guard Commander. That’s his title anyway. He is in charge of the security detail of four men who patrol the perimeter of the coppermine. I am the Administrator and my office is an add-on to the guardhouse.

Each morning Yuri brings me the time sheets for the shift workers from which their pay packets are made up.

It is Yuri that I want. And he knows it and I know that he wants me just as much as I want him.

Only it is forbidden because I am a married woman!




The door burst open to admit Yuri. As usual, he was red faced and cheerful, brown eyes twinkling from under black eyebrows in contrast with a brown, neatly trimmed moustache beneath a surprisingly broad flattish nose. He took three paces toward me as I sat at my desk, stood rigidly to attention, clicked his heels and handed me the folder with a straight-armed flourish. He must be all of 1m 90 cm tall, his stocky body heightened by his military bearing. His forage cap sat at a slightly rakish angle over short-cropped, even darker hair. He looked heart-flutteringly magnificent!

I took it with a hand that visibly trembled, looked up to meet his gaze, feeling the heat rise in my face as my cheeks glowed blushing red and thanked him with a voice that wasn’t quite my own. My body was broadcasting my desire for him in a manner that I found to be completely uncontrollable.

I set it down before me and opened it, looking down briefly to see that the contents were as they should be. Yuri continued to stand before me, my ears twitching to the sound of his breathing.

“Aren’t you going to dismiss me, Miss Anastasia?” His voice was positively twinkling with humour and perhaps something more.

I looked up again, locked eyes with him, becoming aware of our synchronised breathing and a tension growing between us as our thoughts, wants, desires for each other gradually became overwhelming.

Today, I had determined that I would follow my heart wherever it was going to lead me. Or rather, that I would follow the yearnings of my wanton body. My feelings for Yuri were all about lust, as a man, I hardly knew him. It was now in the heat of summer and as my little glass box of an office was uncomfortably hot, I had dressed in my lightest blue cotton blouse. I had undone the top four buttons just before he came in and as I wore nothing underneath it my cleavage was fully exposed to his gaze. My breasts swelled beneath the thin fabric, nipples taughtly pointing through, each surrounded by a damp patch about the same size as my aureoles. I’ve always been a bit milky when I get excited and I know that it turns men on. It was certainly turning Yuri on, if the bulge in the front of his uniform trousers was anything to go by!

“I need to check these with you” I pointed to the opened folder. “Come round here so that you can see properly.”

Yuri stepped around the desk so that he was behind me and looking over my shoulder. “I want to verify that these men were present when the shift changed over – you know that they sometimes work overtime.” I pointed to the list, he leaned forward and ran his finger down it, counting off the names. When he had reached the bottom of the page, he withdrew his hand and let the palm rub over my left breast, just as I had meant him to. His breath was rasping in my ear. His touch set me on fire, a flush of sensation spreading out over me, a tightening between my legs, my mouth opening to sigh out my pleasure, encouraging him. My breasts have always been highly sensitive, so that waves of sensual delight flowed over me as he stroked me, my nipples immediately hard, tight, swelling in response.

He brought his other arm around me, both hands now pressing inside my blouse, massaging my breasts into a flood of wanton desire. I leaned back against him, crooning softly as the palms of his big hands rubbed over my swollen flesh, burning the tips of my straining buds. He continued to knead my soft flesh, making circular motions to cover every part of them until I was squirming with desire, my hips gyrating against the seat of the chair, everything a wet mess under my bottom.

“Don’t stop!” I moaned as seconds turned into minutes and I began to feel faint with the excitement of it. My whole being was centred in my bosom, beneath those glorious, searching hands and the burgeoning need for him to possess me. I wanted him to take me, there and then, leaning forward over my desk, thrusting from behind into my soaking, throbbing womanhood until I exploded into an orgasm that was already not far away.

He pulled his hands away and abruptly stood back as a group of miners passed by the window, turning to give me a wave as they always did. I am only one of two women up there, it took time to get used to the flattering glances of all those men!

But it broke the spell.

Yuri returned to the front of my desk, stood up straight, albeit somewhat flustered, saluted, turned and departed without another word.

With the closing of the door, I slumped forward on to my forearms, my mind a maelstrom of emotion. Also triumph. He was mine! Yuri was mine for the taking and I revelled in it. My breasts still throbbed milkily, pulsing in time to the tightness inside me. My knickers were slippery and soaking on the chair seat I sat on and I wriggled pleasurably from side to side, enjoying the memory of this first erotic encounter with this so delicious a man!

It was just a matter of where and when.

And that was quite a problem.

It was impossible at the mine. People are everywhere and even if we were seen flirting with each other the news would run and that would be a disaster for both of us. My husband would get to hear of it and he would divorce me, I would lose my home and disgrace would fall upon me. I would become a shamed and fallen woman. Yuri would lose his command, be reduced to the ranks and moved to another posting. I would never see him again.

No, there was no possibility! It was dangerous even doing what we had just done. I would have to be very careful to control him, lest his passion should openly run away and I wasn’t sure that I could resist his advances. I wanted him so much just at that moment that my insides were positively quaking with my desire for him.

It would be very difficult to meet up after the day’s work. The only way to the town was by the train which was met from there by the bus which delivered me to the bus stop only 50 metres from my flat and my husband. He was always at home because he worked an earlier shift than me in the ore smelting works. There was only the one bus and I had always to be on it, it was too far to walk.

It seemed hopeless.

I sat outside in the shade of the guardhouse to have my packed lunch. Yuri sent one of his men to bring me my coffee, he was avoiding me. “Just as well” I thought because now this could get out of hand. Nonetheless my body wouldn’t leave me alone. I felt like a bitch on heat and I knew with an awful certainty that it wasn’t going to let me rest until I had possessed him.

I took the empty cup back into the guardroom only he wasn’t there and my insides felt a deep lurch of disappointment. I left it on the table and went through into my own office where I spent the afternoon squirming damply on my chair with paperwork spread out in front of me. I don’t think I got anything done that afternoon. Instead, I imagined scenarios where he could take me without anybody seeing us. I glared up at my filing cabinet in the corner where there was it was partly secluded from the windows. If I shut my eyes, I was leaning against it, my skirt raised and Yuri’s obviously substantial manhood filling me from behind. It was almost palpable. My knickers were a wet mess, the thin cotton clinging inside my vulva, adding to my erotic preoccupation.

It was impossible in the one ‘ladies’ privy over by the nurse’s first aid room. There was no way that Yuri could sneak in there with me without the nurse, at least being aware of it.

There was simply nowhere. Nowhere at all, I concluded miserably but I would see him for the journey home. At 5pm precisely, Yuri formed up his guard detail and marched over to the brake van of the loaded ore train, having been relieved by the incoming late shift. The new detachment had come up with the crew train bringing the shift changeover, the miners being dutifully logged in by Yuri’s men before they accompanied the new guard to the guardroom and the handover signoff.

It was the signal for me to close up my office and follow them. Matilda the pretty Caucasian occupational health nurse was doing the same. If there was an accident on the night shift, the victim would have to make do with a first aider’s rudimentary training. The brake van had been adapted to carry a few passengers with bench seats along each side. I sat beside Matilda on one side, Yuri and his three men facing us on the other with only the central grab pole between us.

At first we avoided each others’ eyes.

The train started up with a roar from the diesel locomotive up at the front end and the clank of buffers, to begin hauling its daily truckloads of rock at a leisurely pace down to the smelting works where even now my husband was going off shift. Dragging along behind it we clanked and swayed along in the brake van, Matilda occasionally bumping against me. After twelve minutes we entered the first, short tunnel (I always timed it), plunging us into pitch darkness for the two minutes it took to go through, during which time all I could see was the surprisingly bright luminous dial of my wristwatch.

Five minutes later, we entered the long tunnel. Seventeen and a half minutes of complete blackout during which we sat quietly awaiting the eruption into daylight at the far end. We had a hurricane lamp which swung from a hook above our heads but nobody could ever be bothered to light it. Matilda was inclined to fall asleep!

From the end of the tunnel it was another twenty minutes to the buffers in the smelting works and the creaking minibus into town.

As we emerged into daylight I was aware of Yuri looking at me. Our eyes met and he twitched me a brief smile, unnoticed by the sleepy Matilda. My insides wrenched with a mixture of pleasure and frustration as silent communication passed between us. He was as hungry for me as I was for him and it was becoming unbearable.

Eventually, I looked down and shortly after that we reached the end of the line. He had arranged it to be next behind me as I climbed up the step into the bus, the sudden touch of his hand against my bottom, pushing in between my thighs, so briefly as to be unnoticeable by anybody else but sending a shockwave thrill through me. Just long enough for me to push back on to his fingers and then I was into my seat and only then did the flush rise in my cheeks.

I had to find a way or I would go mad with frustration.


As I lay sleepless beside my sleeping husband that night in the hot darkness of our apartment bedroom, I turned the possibilities over and over in my mind. Each time I rejected an idea, I considered it again more closely as I drifted towards the wanton edge of desperation. Yuri’s masculine, musky scented body obsessed my thoughts until I was beyond reason or caution in my infatuation with him. In the tossing and turning dark heat of the night I came to determine that in the morning when he came into my office I would lead him over to the filing cabinet, open the top drawer and squeeze myself in between it and the blank wall. I sighed with the delight of imagination. His hands lifting my skirt, finding my naked, slippery womanhood, bottom thrusting eagerly out to him. The swift downpull of his trouser zipper, the head of his swollen erect manhood nuzzling in between the cheeks of my bottom, pressing me until I popped open to take him fully up inside me with just one powerful thrust, his groin tight up against my two pink globes. His teeth nipping the side of my neck.

The imminent orgasm which my searching fingers had aroused collapsed, interrupted by my husband’s snuffling pig-like grunt as he turned sideways towards me, his breath warm, a faintly unpleasant miasma from our recent supper.

I rolled over away from him, there were tears in my eyes. I had never loved him, nor he loved me. It had been a way for us to be able to leave the confines of my parents’ crowded little apartment and my competitive, rowdy siblings. It had been much the same for him. Our quiet flat had seemed like paradise at first and the discovery of sex in our double bed had been one of the great joys of my young life, alas not destined to last.

Whether it was the exhaustion of his hard manual work or the toxic, corrosive effects of the fiery cauldron of the smelter or maybe both of those things but he rapidly became unresponsive to my advances until I gave up, repelled, unwanted. I began to think myself ugly, undesirable, unlovely.

Until Yuri came along!

And by the morning, I had conceived of a plan. One that would work.


He was even bolder than yesterday. He marched to my desk, laid down the folder, flipped it open to show the list of names and stepped around behind me. His hands, those big beautiful hands slid down over my shoulders, inside my blouse, covered my hot, swollen breasts, rubbed my wet nipples up into hard nubs and drew a catch from the back of my throat as I began to mew with pleasure. My head was resting against his upper chest, his chin was touching my hair, his breath ruffling it.

“I want you, Natasha” he murmured.

“Yes!” I moaned softly. “Yuri! Yuri!”

“When?” he said.

“On the train” I gasped the words out.

His hands stopped moving, except that he was gently pinching my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, sending such surges of electrical delight through me that I could only moan my desire for him.


“In the tunnel.”

His hands began to stroke me again, waves of sensual delight flooding through me. My bottom was oozing wet already on the seat of my chair. I knew that he must be able to smell the scent that my body was making just for him. I could feel the lust in him, in the touch of his hands, in his breath in my hair, in the press of his chest against my shoulders. His need for me was palpable.

As mine was for him.

He suddenly stood back, quickly walked around my desk until he was facing me just moments before a gang of workers passed by. They couldn’t see Yuri’s straining manhood against the front of his trousers but I certainly could and my face reddened even more in response. He looked down and smiled. It was a lustful smile.

“Tell me how.”

“When we come out of the short tunnel I will get up and go to the grab pole. I will be ready for you when we enter the long tunnel.”

I looked into his eyes with such directness that he was momentarily embarrassed and looked down, shuffled his feet.

“You will have seventeen minutes.”

He met my gaze, no longer smiling. “What about the others? My men. Matilda the nurse?”

“The only light is this” I held up my arm with the luminous watch at my wrist. “I will hold on to the pole. It will guide you to me.”

“They will hear us!”

“The train is noisier in the tunnel. But we must be quiet all the same.”

He stood still for a while, his eyes searching mine, his mind going over the scene, perhaps looking for flaws, finding none. My plan will work, he could sense that it will work and I could see a great surge of need, want, desire suffuse through him. He was mine! And I was his for the taking.

“Bring me my coffee this afternoon. I want you to come, not your soldier this time” I said.

Yuri nodded his head, turned and marched himself back to the guardroom, the door closing quietly behind him.

I picked up the folder and my hand that was holding it was shaking with such violence that I dropped some of the papers and had to go around my desk to pick them up, suddenly aware that everything between and under my thighs was slippery, slickly wet as was the seat of my chair.

The minutes dragged into hours as I sat at my desk, filling out the paperwork without really being aware that I was doing it. My mind was in complete turmoil, my body continuously a-tremble. I don’t really know how that time crept by that day. I ate my lunch seated at my desk, not actually tasting my food. Yuri’s presence hovered over me even though he was out on his rounds and I only actually saw him for a brief moment crossing the yard to check up on his sentries.

Then it was 4pm and my door opened to admit him, coffee cup in hand. An electrical tension crackled between us, our eyes locked together. He almost dropped the cup, slopped some into the saucer as he set it down before me. We gazed at it with great solemnity, then at each other until I suddenly burst out in a near-hysterical burst of giggling, breaking the mood and the unbearable tenseness.

“I can’t stop thinking about you” he said. “Thinking about…”

I nodded my head. “It’s the same for me…”

He reached forward, touched me on the breast.

“I want you!”

“I want you, too”

“Soon. Very soon now!.”

I reached into my handbag where I had stowed my soggy knickers, balled them in my fist, withdrew it and placed them in his hand. “Give them back to me when we have…when we have finished. Now go!” I dismissed him, suddenly curt, unable to cope with him.


Then it was 5pm. Yuri was marching his troops to the train, Matilda lined up with me following behind them. We sat in our accustomed places. Somebody closed the sliding door. I met Yuri’s gaze briefly as we began to rumble down the tracks behind the growling diesel locomotive. He smiled tentatively. I felt my hands clench into my palms, fingernails pricking my skin. A tightening in my insides. A sheen of sweat over my body.

We entered the short tunnel. Erupting into bright daylight on the other side, it was the signal. I met and held his stare for a long minute, almost transfixed until I could find the courage to stand up, take the few steps to the grab pole and hold on to it to steady myself. Matilda looked up briefly as did the soldiers opposite. I flexed my arms, swayed against the pole along with the movement of the brake van as if exercising. They quickly lost interest, Matilda had closed her eyes.

Only Yuri was watching me now.

We entered the blackness of the long tunnel.

I splayed my legs apart, held my right wrist high up on the pole where the faint luminosity of my watch began to show.

Seconds passed as I swayed in the blackness.

His hand touched my shoulder. I jumped!

His other hand grasped my other shoulder. I leaned back against him as his hands slid down to my waist, waves of fire flowing out from them over and through my burning body.

A brief breaking of contact. A ‘clink’ from his trouser belt buckle as it fell to the floor. His hands now on my bottom, lifting my skirt up to my waist. I reached behind with one hand, felt the firm flesh of his inner thigh, a brush of short hair then my fingers found him! My hand closed around his thick, hot shaft, my circling fingertips touching, enthralled by the size of him. I rubbed my thumb over the bulbous head of his manhood feeling its swollen throbbing then guided him in under the cheeks of my bottom until the tip of him was nestling in between them. I began to feel a swaying faintness at the excitement of it, I was just about overwhelmed and the sheer size of him was enthralling, much bigger than my husband and to my fevered mind, almost frightening.

He made a tentative thrust forward, I felt my vulva opening up to him, I was so juicy that he moved easily inside me. My hand guided him into my opening so that he found and pressed open the walls of my vagina forcing a gasp from me. I had never felt anything so incredible in my life before. He filled me until I felt that I could barely stretch open enough to take him, only take him I could and take him I did. He was remarkably gentle. The thrust of his hips was just powerful enough to push him more deeply up inside me until his groin was nestling warmly against my bottom. I leaned back against him, feeling the firmness of his muscular, militarily honed body, drowning in his embrace, his hands around my hips, holding me in place so that he could squeeze himself inside me as far as he could be.


I felt utterly possessed. Waves of sensual pleasure flooded through me from the squeezed walls of my vagina, delicious delight growing inside me as he began steadily to draw back most of his ample length, then stroke forward, engulfing me within himself. I gasped each time, my mouth open in a muffled moan of ecstasy, crooning to the rhythm of his penetration. Only my toes touched the floor now. Deep inside me a vast upwelling of sensation was beginning to take over my whole being. I knew what it was but the intensity of it far exceeded any physical sensation I had ever even imagined to be possible. I was turning to jelly, my legs shaking. I think I might have fallen had he not held me so tightly around the hips.

When the orgasm came, it rippled in a shockwave that began at the head of him where he probed inside me with slowly increasing force and depth. It spread out through my inner belly and swelled over my skin, tingling my breasts and straining the taughtness of my burgeoning nipples.

Yuri was nibbling my neck, creating another centre of sensory delight until I exploded into the first of a rising cadence of orgiastic releases, each time sundering me, each time overwhelming me, mind and body until at length I felt him spurt out his ejaculation. I heard the groan of release through his lips, still buried in my neck, muffled close to my ear. My wanton vagina clamped on to him as spurt followed pulsing spurt deep within me until I had taken his all and I felt him slowly relax.

We stood swaying together, our breathing almost in perfect harmony as we came down from the enormity of that first coupling. Slowly he slackened inside me, then slipped out and it was over. I heard him pull up his uniform trousers, tighten the belt. His hand found my arm, then my open fingers, lifted it to his lips and put something into it.

A moment later he was gone. My luminous dial told me that it had taken just eight minutes, there would have been enough time to do it over again and my body immediately shivered in the memory of those incredible sensations. I could have done it again, I was far from finished!

He had put my knickers into my hand. I grimaced with a kind of pleasure, found my way to my seat and put them on with a pad from in my bag to soak up the juices oozing out from inside me. I felt wonderful.

Matilda leaning against me came as a shock but she seemed to be asleep and thus we sat until daylight, the tunnel’s end lighting up the brake van. Yuri was looking across at me. He was smiling. We were conspirators, lovers, a couple at last!


As soon as I got home, I drew myself a bath, ignoring the unwritten rule of our household to economise, locking my husband out so that I could relax and luxuriate in remembrance of that wonderful pleasure with Yuri, so recently taken. And to look forward with a sudden churning within my womanhood that we would do it again tomorrow.

Yes, we would do it again tomorrow!