Pleasing Joy

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10 Dec. '17

I glued my lips onto her and took off her bra too. I dropped it, and immediately pressed our boobs together. We made out and placed our hands onto one another's butts.

She caressed my bare ass, but I scrubbed hers as hard as I could through her undergarments. 'No thong? She usually wears one, but I guess not tonight. These silk panties of hers do feel good on my skin though. Yes, this hot chick is mine, and I will have my way with her.'

In no time at all, I felt juice flowing down on my leg and my heart slamming against my chest like a jackhammer. Our lips never stopped moving for over ten minutes, and I also felt Joy's wet panties pushing on my leg too.

Her lips swiftly came off mine. "You wench, now you are just teasing me," she whined, angling her eyebrows down. "You can't fuck my moms and not pleasure me afterward, Kaylee," she warned me before she snatched my hands.

She brought them to the sides of her panties and planted a smooch on my forehead. Neither of us said a word for a moment, but we both had lusty looks on our faces. I found myself just jiggling around somewhat and biting my bottom lip too.

"What, do you have stage fright now? You had no problem doing it before, Kaylee."

"I'm sorry," I answered, breaking eye contact. "This is just screwed up, but in the right way."

She pushed my hands marginally, but didn't make her panties come down just yet. We glared at one another for a moment in silence and just looked into one another's eyes.

"You have beautiful brown eyes, Kaylee. I've never noticed before, but they perfectly match your hair."

"And your green eyes no way shape or form go with your red hair," I pointed out before I kissed her. "Now tell me you love me, Joy."

"I love you, Kaylee. Now get my underwear down, and screw me. Let's do each other so much, that it feels like tonight lasts forever, and tomorrow just never comes."

"Do you mean you want us to screw into a dream?"

"Maybe," she muttered, shifting my hands and her panties down.

Without breaking eye contact, she got out of them and brought them up to my face. "Care to sniff these twat scented undergarments?" she offered, pressing them onto my face. "You can't make me want it, and then force me to wait, sexy witch."

I grabbed onto her underwear and took in a huge inhale. I closed my eyes, leaned my head back and jiggled around a bit as if I was having an orgasm.

I dropped them and peeked back at her. "You know your moms are gonna come knocking sooner or later, right?" I pondered, wrapping my arms around her neck.

"Are you just trying to prove that we have chemistry, Kaylee? Is that why you are not down on your knees right now?"

"Shut the hell up," I whispered before I smooched her cheek and lowered myself to my knees.

I went towards her snatch and stuck a couple of fingers in there. I failed to look at her or communicate in any way, except for me pleasuring her. First I began thrusting my fingers in and out of her slit and saw a lot of her juice plummeting out.

"I guess you have me rather excited now, Kaylee. I'm in the palm of your hand, so be good to me."

My eyes remained on the prize, and I brought my face even closer to her cherry. I gave her a long lick from bottom to top. She immediately giggled and twitched around somewhat. I cheesed and gave her another lick.

"Oh, you beyond sexy tart, you are just teasing me yet again. It is four in the morning now, so fuck me."

I blew her a kiss with my other hand and moved my fingers inside her slit a bit too. She shook as if she was in an earthquake and placed her hands onto her melons. I couldn't help, but to cheese.

"I have to appreciate the sight first, skank. If I win you over, then I want it to last and remember every single detail too."

"How about to start that one when you start eating me out? I want you, Kaylee. I need that tongue to slither inside my cunt, so deliver it for me, or I may just slap you."

"Violent whore, aren't you?"

"Yes, now quit playing games with me and screw me."

"Yes, best friend," I muttered before I brought my tongue to her cherry.

I let it slide right in, and I placed my palms flat on the floor too. 'I'll win Joy over, and I'll do it on my terms too. She is one horny chick and one that wants what she wants when she finds out she desires it. I had to push the bitch a little, but she did test the waters to see for herself if she was interested. Yes, look right into my eyes as I fuck you with my tongue and you scrub your breasts. The sun will come up soon and what could be better than feeling on top of the world as it begins shining on you again? I learned from your moms so that I will make you cum.'

I let my tongue roam freely, going in any direction I wanted. I only maneuvered it rather slowly and let pleasure build up. Joy managed to keep her eyes on mine, and I kept mine open, despite her juice coming leaking out onto them. My head also moved back and forth which spiked the pleasure somewhat.

"So you want to make me feel good, but you are in no rush to make me cum, are you?"

I shook my head no and gently poked at her labia, so once again I was teasing her. Just as I wanted, I brought out her lesbian urges and made her want me. I saw her sweating up a storm and seemingly pacing herself.

'With my tongue sliding all around her pussy walls and pressing onto your clit too, you are is losing it. Just don't do it too quickly, I want it to last. I know we'll just have sex again, but this is quite amazing. You wanted me to fuck you this time; I just want it to be the best memory ever.'

"Fuck, Kaylee, are you crying?"

I nodded, but failed to stop. In fact, I took Joy's lips into my mouth, but just a little bit to start with then.

"Oh, you hussy, you are quite good with those lips," she praised me, caressing my head. "I can only guess that my moms guided you in ways to make you want to fuck me like that, am I right?"

I nodded yet again and brought my hands up to her thighs. I grabbed onto them, but didn't apply any pressure for the time being. I sucked on her lips and just watched the results for as long as I could.

I scanned her body from her stomach to her face numerous times. 'Oh, what a view: a nude Joy as she twitches around and pulls my hair somewhat. You like it, don't you? You can admit it, you horny chick. My tongue can indeed pleasure you down on these lips, and many other places on your body, Joy. Nothing will be off limits, so feel free to ask me for whatever you want.'

"Yes, I like that, Kaylee," she moaned, slanting her head back. "I was full of shit; I like it when you tease my clit. Poke at it, and make this cunt beg for more."

My tongue calmly slipped out. "You aren't a cunt, Joy. You are an angel."

"You are my best friend, but I still rejected you," she sobbed, bringing her head back, but not looking at me. "Now you are making me feel perfect. Why didn't I just tell you I'd love to be your girlfriend?"

I stood up with her. "Don't worry, you sexy woman," I muttered, wrapping my arms around her. "I think you just needed to feel me and to know that I went to your moms so that I could pleasure you properly. That changed things for you, so you have nothing to be ashamed of, Joy."

We both held each other for a moment, but then her head lazily came back. "Do you really think so?"

"I don't know; I'm just talking out of my ass."

Her right hand dropped down to my twat, and the tips of her fingers slid onto my lips down there. "So, all those times I let my thong stick out, you are were eyeballing it?"

"Are you admitting that you knew that it was showing all those times?"

She stayed quiet for a moment and played with my pussy for a moment. Then she had me jiggling around somewhat, but I stayed up with her and enjoyed the pleasure.

"Maybe I did know," she confessed, lying down on the bed. "Now finish the job, woman."

I positioned myself down by her cherry and placed both of my hands on it. I rubbed her lips going from side to side on each one for a moment as no one said a word. Although, her movements yelled everything.

"I never noticed what soft fingers you have, Kaylee."

"You have to feel them on the most sensitive part of your body, Joy," I informed her, leaning down to her snatch.

I gave her another lick going from bottom to top.

"Fuck yes, make me twitch again, lady. If you do it enough, maybe you'll get a lot more of my juice, fair enough?"

"Of course," I mentioned, wrapping my arms around her legs.

My tongue dove right into her beaver. Most of my body laid on the bed and I paced myself to make her feel as great as possible. My total tongue sought shelter inside her, so I instantly had her moaning.

"Fuck yes," she let out, putting her arms up. "Yes, just like that: lick fast, but not too fast. Make those lips down there your bitch, Kaylee," she mentioned, breathing heavily.

I had to grin and watch her. 'Teasing is fun, and it is like adding lighter fluid to a fire, ounce by ounce. After I finish the deed, she'll have the memory of when I gave her one hell of an orgasm. I've seen it in porn, and I'm more than committed to making it a reality for both of us. You'll cum all over my face, and I'll have your juice scented on my face forever.'

"Oh, yes," she moaned, leaning up quickly. "I had no idea getting your pussy eaten could feel so damn good. Fuck, I love you, Kaylee. You are the best friend a woman could dream of; I bullshit you not. I'm shaking, so you are making my titties wiggle around too. My cherry is on fire now; you are close, so please keep going."

'Who is crying now, and can't you just shut the hell up? I realize I'm making you feel pretty damn terrific, but damn you are a chatterbox. Your juice tastes amazing, and you just know how to react to sexual pleasure that makes me just want you more.'

She lied back down and placed her right palm on my neck. She caressed it, and I let her legs go with taking my mouth off her twat. I prepared myself as much as I could to attack her with pleasure. My tongue came out somewhat, and I began licking just inside her lips.

'She is beating the shit out of the bed with her heels, so the clock is running out. Yes, Joy, be the hot bitch and show me the love, show it to me like I'm your queen. We can show each other the tears, lust and everything else. We'll be sleeping together, and then you'll have a girlfriend you can dish with and fuck. One that will lick your labia like it is a lollypop,' I thought before I gave it a firm lick from top to bottom.

"Shit, Kaylee!" she screamed, squeezing my neck. "I guess you are done teasing me now, enjoy my juice now, best friend."

I brought my face away just a couple inches and kept my eyes on her vagina. It was like waiting for a volcano to erupt, I knew it was going to happen, but I found myself feeling like it was Christmas morning.

"Give your girlfriend that juice, Joy. Spread the joy to me now," I requested before I blew her a kiss.

I peeked right back at her cherry and even spread out her lips as far as they would go. I just held them there, and then I saw the miracle of having her cum shoot my face like a cannon. It exploded, but I immediately closed my eyes.

I couldn't see it, but I felt it with every single inch of my face. As if it was a fire hydrant loaded with Joy's juice, she blasted it all out. I wasn't sure how long she lasted, but I knew it was at least thirty seconds.

I just remained in that position and let the hot chick spray me for as long as she could. I already loved her as my lover, but as she spread the most sincere form of affection to me, I knew she was mine.

No matter what her sexual preferences or feelings previously were, I knew they changed, and she was mine at that moment. My heart felt to be beating like a heavy metal drummer drumming, but for the best reason I possibly imagine: I brought the sexual spark to both of us.

Even after Joy couldn't give another drop of cum, I stayed down there with my eyes closed and let that juice dry. I knew the aroma would be stuck on there forever, at least emotionally for us.

"Kaylee, get your ass up here and kiss me."

I zoomed up there with her and glued my lips to hers. Both of us encased our arms around one another and held each other tightly. Our breasts clashed together, but we didn't move around too much.

'I feel the adrenaline going through my system, but it just isn't necessary now. It would be like we needed to prove we had sexual chemistry when it is already clear as daylight.'

The make out session lasted for over twenty minutes, and by the end, I felt depleted physically, but bulletproof emotionally. Nothing and no one could put a stop to us it seemed.

After those twenty minutes, she gently pushed my lips off hers. "Damn, I'm sure it is after four in the morning now, but you aren't ready to go sleep just yet, are you?"

"This isn't a one night stand, but no."

"Maybe you can be gay for one person, who the fuck knows?"

"Beats me."

She softly pushed me off her, and I sat down.

I watched her as she got off the bed and went to her dresser. "What are you doing?"

She failed to answer, but I saw her rummaging through her top drawer. I didn't say anything else, but a few seconds later, she turned around. Her hands were hidden behind her back as she slowly strolled back to the bed.

We stared at each other for a moment, but then she brought them out. "I'm pretty this was meant to be a gag gift from my moms, but I think I want to try it on you now, Kaylee."

"No shit?" I giggled while clapping. "They gave you a strap on as a gift?"

"Yes," she laughed, calmly slipping into it. "I just never thought I'd use it though."

I viewed her put it on then she grabbed onto the dildo. "Do you think you can handle me now?"

I glanced at the dildo. "Well, it is big and pink, so let's find out, Joy," I answered before my eyes met hers again.

She licked her lips and nonchalantly made her way back over to me. She got back on the bed with me and positioned herself right over me, leaving a small gap between us. Then we made eye contact, but not a word leaked from our mouths.

She blindly reached down, snagged the dildo and lowered herself down a little further. Without breaking eye contact, she managed to press the head of the dildo onto my beaver lips and rub it back and forth lazily.

I was about to speak, but she instantly brought her pointer from her other hand to them. She shook her head no, but blew me a kiss. I directly returned the favor and then she looked back down at my slit.

She positioned it right in between my lips and pushed it in just half an inch. "Are you ready for me to fuck you, Kaylee?"

"Yes, so do it already. Just because I teased you, that doesn't mean you can tease me," I warned Joy, placing my palms on her shoulders.

"Hey, if we're gonna be girlfriends, then there is going to be some give and take, bitch. I'll give you pleasure and take your breath away at the same time," she told me before she pushed the dildo further into my slit.

"Holy shit," I moaned, closing my eyes and grabbing onto her shoulders really hard. "How big is that dildo?"

"It is massive" she replied before she kissed me.

We made out for a moment as I felt the entire thing deep inside my pussy. Joy failed to begin thrusting it, but I did feel her moving her body somewhat on mine.

'You fickle tart, of course, I can't completely hate that, because now I do have you in bed. I had no idea you'd be such a good kisser, or that I'd love feeling your bigger breasts on mine. I guess you got those from Sage.'

After five minutes, her lips parted from mine. "When you first became attracted to me, how did you know?"

"I guess because you were you, floozy."

"Good to know," she whispered, leaning up.

She grabbed onto my thighs and held them somewhat tightly.

I was about to speak again, but she instantly shook her head no. "No more talking, wench. I'm about to fuck you hard," she warned me, glaring at me. "If I'm a floozy, then you are my wench, simple as that."

"I'll only take that from someone with such big knockers," I mentioned, snatching hers.

For a moment after that, not a word was spoken as we gawked at each other and I rubbed her tits right over the nipples. 'I think our chemistry is growing by the minute.'

She couldn't keep constant eye contact; she had to peek down at my bosoms. She licked her lips for a few seconds and even shed a couple more tears.

"What's wrong, Joy?"

"If we do this, just promise me you won't leave me."

"You dim-witted witch, I had to convince you to give me a chance, and now you are worried that I might bail on you?"

She nodded. "I don't want to lose you, Kaylee. Anything could happen, especially if we start a lesbian relationship," she cried before she kissed me. "I don't want to lose my best friend."

"How about you start making love to me, and make this the best memory we can?"

"Fine," she muttered before she began thrusting the dildo.

She stayed close to me for the time being and let our melons stay together. Needless to say, it wasn't so much the physical pleasure we both received, but the emotional connections that were quite tight for both of us.

Our eye contact remained stable, and both of us felt tears making appearances on our faces too. I felt amazing feeling her thrust the dildo in and out of my pussy, but the emotions that were flying around were priceless.

Her slow pace seemed to build the anticipation of the feeling of being fucked hard. I was sure she knew what she was doing, despite that this was her first time. As minutes went by, neither of us could stop smiling to save our lives.

"Your extra soft body feels astonishing on mine, Joy. It feels like you just bathe in lotion, how else could your skin feel so delicate?"

"You saw Sage naked, and I guess you felt her body too, so that explains it, Kaylee."

"I understand."

"If you are with me, you better not see them again. My bosoms should be the only ones you gawk at, whether they are clothed or not, got it?"


"Good, so enjoy these," she suggested, arching her back up.

I glanced at her boobs as they bounced around somewhat. She got herself into position and grabbed onto my thighs again. She failed to begin pleasuring me just yet, but she still made her tits move a bit.

"So, it is fair to say that you love my hooters?"

"Yes, Joy," I whispered before I peeked up at her face.

"Well, maybe when the time comes, we'll get you inseminated, and your jugs will become bigger. I'm sorry, that is way down the road, but you never know," Joy theorized before she began thrusting the dildo.

"Well, we can't all be born lucky, but maybe that will happen."

"I never thought I'd be fucking you, Kaylee, so anything is possible."

"Enough talking, Joy."

"Fine," she groaned before she came back to me and kissed me. "You are gonna be a handful, aren't you?"

"I already went to your moms for sexual help, so anything is possible with me."

"Good to know," she mentioned before wrapped her arms around me.

She brought us both up, and she leaned her back on the wall. I suddenly began riding her, and she brought her hands to my butt.

"Squeeze those cheeks, hussy. Squeeze, slap or pinch them if you want. Nothing is off-limits now."

"I like that," she muttered before she kissed me and clutched my butt.

My arms rose, and my hands landed back on her shoulders. We just kept smiling at one another and then I felt her beginning to thrust the dildo again. Even as I was on top of her, she seemed to have no problem doing that.

That time, neither of us said a word for over twenty minutes. I wasn't sure what time it was by then, but I did see the sun starting to rise. Regardless of what time it was, nothing was about to stop the passion we had for each other.

We stayed close and let our melons clash together several times. Her back just scrubbed the wall, and it got rather slick. So, she had no problem to move effortlessly. Also with me being slightly lighter than her, it seemed to be like flipping a light switch for her.

Both of us also attacked one another with our breaths, but it didn't slow us down. I felt my heart get back into overdrive, but the love I had for her and the adrenaline just kept me going.

'And she is licking her lips and giving me her puppy dog face again. Could she feel guilty, loved, or a mixture of both?'

Then we brought our foreheads together, but she failed to stop moving. Nothing needed to be said, our actions and looks on our faces blurted out everything and more. We kissed each other on and off during that time as well, which made it even more intimate.

Although, after some time, her forehead slipped off mine and her face went down to my boobs. Her hands also made the trip over to them, and she grabbed onto my left tit. She gave that nipple a solid lick from bottom to top.

I felt tingles and chills surging through my body, and I loved it. I had to angle my head back and vibrate a bit to deal with the pleasure. I brought my hands up to the back of her head and scoured it as she began licking it frequently.

I fought the urge to utter sexy things because I just wanted to keep the intimacy as high as possible. Joy let my nipple fling up and down numerous times for a couple of minutes as she failed to look back up at me.

'I even still feel the dildo maneuvering somewhat, so I just have pleasure flowing out mercilessly. Whether it is physical or emotional, she knows what buttons to press, and it seems that she has taken it to an art form.'

I twitched a bit, but didn't break away from my position. Although, I grabbed onto Joy's neck and held it rather soundly. She had my pussy oozing out a shit load of juice onto the dildo and the bed.

She stayed right on that nipple for over ten minutes, but didn't just lick at the same speed though. She had been doing it at a constant rate for the first few minutes, but then she did slant her head, so she was looking at me.

Once she did that, she slowed down her speed and gave my nipple extra sexy licks. The results of that were instantly showing as I made the entire bed shake after each lick. The gratification of each one made tears come onto my face.

"I love you, Joy," I cried, applying pressure to her neck. "Words can't express how my feelings have grown. I can tell that your feelings have evolved as well."

Her tongue calmly came off my nipple. "I know, trust me, all the feelings are mutual. Was that just so obvious that it just needed to be said?"

"I guess."

"Your nipple tastes fantastic by the way, like the sweetest candy on the planet."

"Thank you, but yours tastes like white chocolate."

"Good to know, now kiss me again, Kaylee."

We made out for some time again and let our breasts come together yet again. Of course, both of us wrapped our arms around each other and held one another securely. I could feel my own tears and hers on my face after only a few seconds.

Her lips slowly came off mine. "Don't ever leave me, Kaylee. If I lost you as a friend, I don't know what I'd do. I want you to be my lesbian lover, but if it doesn't work out, can we please just go back to being friends?"


She kissed me once again and gently pushed me off her.

She got onto her feet on the bed and took off the strap-on. "Care to sleep with me?" she pondered, dropping it on the floor.

"Well, you do have me exhausted, both mentally and physically."

"Good," she replied, lying down with me.

She pulled the blanket up to our heads and kissed me again. "And you are quite a delicious piece of eye-candy."

"So are you."

We stared into one another's eyes for a moment and said nothing. Although, that ended as we heard a knock at the door.

"Hey, ladies, are you decent so we can come in?" Sage asked through the door.

"We're undressed, but we're under the blanket. So, you may come in, Mom."

Sage opened the door, and we got the view of her and Cindy still in their robes. They both came over to the bed and bent down on their knees.

Cindy laid a single kiss on Joy's head. "So, is it safe to say that you two did indeed take your relationship to the next level?"

"Yes, Mom, and we even used your gag gift. It is down there on the floor."

They both peeked down and just laughed.

"I knew it was a good one, Joy. That look was priceless that day though," Sage chuckled, slapping her knee.

Joy and I also smiled and stayed close. We remained covered up and just watched them react.

"Well, you naughty ladies have been up all night now, it is five in the morning now," Cindy pointed out.

"Yes, so after you two sleep in, we are gonna want to know a few things. Just how you two feel now and what the future might hold. So, you two better go to sleep now," Sage said before she planted a kiss on her head too. "We love you, sweetie."

"I love you both too, Mom and slightly younger Mom, but you better not let my girlfriend see either of you nude again though."

"We're sure it was a one-time thing, Joy, but thanks for the warning. We'll see you both tomorrow," Cindy pointed out before she blew us a kiss.

Then they both walked back to the door and slowly exited.

"Damn," she whined, getting on top of me. "They are going to grill us, but I'm sure the sex will be worth it. So, you did get your wish; you satisfied me so now I want to be with you, Kaylee," she reminded me before she kissed me.

"That was evident, now let's sneak in a quickie before we go to sleep."

She threw the blanket off us. "Good idea," she agreed before she went down to my pussy. "I'll be the one eating this cherry until the end of time."

"I'm gonna hold you to that, but you have to learn as you go along."

"Sweet," she moaned before she dove into my twat.

"Jackpot," I let out, prior to placing hands on her head.