The ink black dahlia dress fit me like second skin, molding to my curves and made me feel like an otherworldly goddess. The red bob wig and black spiked red bottoms also aided in pulling off the funky futuristic look with the matching rhinestone choker and cuff adding a bit of faux modern elegance.  I looked damn good...and I felt that way too.

I pulled out my favorite Ruby Woo lipstick from my clutch and gave my lips a slight touch up in the round backlit mirror as I swayed my hips to the sexy beat playing out of the wireless speakers.  After a smack of the lips, I walked out of the ornate bathroom decorated in black tapestry wallpaper with silver and crystal accents.  

A small group of girls walked down the long and narrow hallway splashed with midnight blue/dark purple ombre.  They were in their own world, some texting as they all chatted about what the night held for them.  One of the girls; a very tall and toned model type with long rose gold and blonde curls looked me up and down as I did the same to her.  

The tight white crochet mini skirt and strapped top set was absolutely stunning against her sun kissed skin making her look like she just stepped off of a tropical island and bringing out the color of her curls even more.  The gold star “y” necklace and belly chain set hung delicately between her perfect breasts and around her toned stomach respectively, exuding a soft and feminine sensuality that was in contrast to her powerful and graceful posture.  Maybe she was a model?

Our eyes met and she smiled at me as I grinned back, noticing the pink and gold theme of her flawless makeup with lips stained that perfect pouty pink that made you wonder whether they were just bitten or kissed.  We both said our “excuse mes” as we passed each other, our upper arms grazing due to the width of the hallway and causing both of us to turn back and look at each other as we smiled even more.

I continued on my trek back to the main area of the club and chuckled to myself as I slowly smoothed the front of my dress, more as a sensory reaction to the burning heat rushing through my body than an actual need to fix it.  This wasn’t just because of her, although it did turn my temperature up a few notches, it was also because of him and what was about to go down tonight.  However, I may need to find her at the end of the night to at least get her number.

We were meeting up here since he had a few things he needed to take care of before he left work for the night.  It was the opening of a good friend of our’s club, Opulence.  Years in the making and what started as a small pipe dream ended up becoming a very successful reality, seeing as how the club just opened and there was already an insane amount of people on the huge dance floor dancing to the chill electronic beats.  

The same black tapestry and midnight blue/deep purple ombre was the color scheme throughout most of the club with an expansive frosted glass bar taking up the majority of the lower level and a raised seating area surrounding the rest of the enormous dance floor.  A well designed space for both observing and interacting with the stimulating ambiance the club had to offer.

The upper level housed slightly divided VIP areas high above the club with walls that were lined with the same black tapestry wallpaper as the rest of the club and an intricate wrought iron railing ran all around the top level for both safety and design. Large black velvet sectionals lined with soft crushed velvet pillows in the same midnight blue/deep purple ombre made the fairly divided areas cozy and private without missing anything going on in the club.  Massive coffee tables were placed in front of each of the couches and were the same frosted glass as the bar but lined with black metal to match the railings.

This place was a luxurious feast for all of the senses as the name would suggest.  

I finally had the bar in my sights and took my phone from my purse, seeing he had texted me saying he was on his way and would be there soon.  Smiling, I texted him back a quick ‘ok’ then set out across the long seating area to the bar.  I took a seat on one of the many black and silver stools and noticed most of them were already taken up by various people either waiting on their drinks or just chatting with other patrons.  

Not long after I sat down, the bartender; a tall athletic guy in his mid twenties dressed in a black button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and black pants, came over to me to take my order.  Trying out a new persona for this exciting evening, I thought hard about what drink “she” would have and decided on a tried and true cosmopolitan.  A sexy drink for my new sexy persona, my body shivering at what his reaction would be.  

The bartender left and came back just a few minutes later with my drink, served in a large crystal martini glass and garnished with a perfect orange peel spiral.  I gave him a twenty, telling him to keep the change, and he thanked me as he walked away to serve the other patrons.  Turning around in my seat to watch the action on the dance floor, I took a sip of my drink and savored the delicious mix of sweet, tart and sour tastes all melding together into the perfect combination.  I’d have to give my compliments to the bartender before I leave.

I noticed people with all different kinds of dress styles from completely casual to incredibly chic dancing together on the open dance floor with lights of blue, purple, pink and green flashing from the what looked to be an incredibly expensive lighting system.  Sexy couples grinding, groups of girls having a fun night out and guys showing off their amazing dance moves to anyone who was watching.  Everyone was having fun and enjoying both the atmosphere and each other.

A girl wearing a pair of very tight gold short shorts, a matching halter top and a pair of black and extremely high leather thigh highs walked up and stood next to me.  I took another sip of my drink and wondered if she was apart of the staff as she grabbed the two huge margaritas placed in front of her.  After she walked away, the guy sitting a seat over from me looked in my general direction and smiled as I caught his gaze.  

While nowhere near as hot as him, the guy did look pretty good wearing a perfect fit white t-shirt under a nicely worn leather jacket and ripped jeans that probably cost way more than they should given how ripped they were.  Equally worn black leather boots donned his feet with an expensive looking black leather watch and rings completing the sophisticated bad boy look.

I smiled warmly at him as he moved a seat over, closing the gap between us.  “Hey.  Good party, huh?”

“Yeah it is,” I said and took a sip of my drink as he opened the beer in his hand.

“Are you here with anyone?”

“Not right now,” I said and eyed him.  Should I just stop this right now or see how it played out?  “Though, my boyfriend is meeting me here soon. How about you?”  He didn’t seem dejected at my answer, so I decided to continue on.

“Same thing but a group of friends.  Serious?”  

I thought for a second about the question and smiled to myself.  “Yeah...we are.”

He nodded his head.  “Nice, just recently broke up with my girlfriend not too long ago.  About six months after dating for over three years.”

“I’m sorry,” I said with remorse, reminiscing about some of my past relationships.  “Is it okay if I ask why?”

“Yeah I’m over it now, we just couldn’t work things out and found out a little too late that we just didn’t work as a couple.  Thankfully we didn’t rush and take things to the next level.”

“That’s good, are you still friends or…”

“Nah, she started happily dating someone new and I just found out they’re moving in together within the next few months.”

“Well,” I finished off the last of my drink and set the glass on the bar.  “There’s other fish in the sea.  She wasn’t the right one, but I’m sure you’ll find someone in the future who will make you happy.  Don’t worry, you still got plenty of time to find them.”

“Thanks, hey let me buy you another drink.” I went to stop him but he called the bartender over and ordered another cosmo before I could say anything.  “I know you have a boyfriend and I swear I’m not trying to hit on you or anything creepy like that.  Just wanted to thank you for being so nice.”

I smiled.  It was hard to find guys like him in clubs.  “Thank you, you really don’t need to…”

He smirked as he handed me my drink.  “I want to.”  

Clinking our drinks and saying cheers to a hopefully exciting evening, we started chatting lightly about any random topics that came to mind and enjoyed our delicious drinks.  The already large crowd on the dance floor grew exponentially as the music turned into a louder hypnotic dance beat matching with even more insane lighting.  Dancing also turned hotter as the drinks, and maybe other things, started flowing through their bodies.  It was arousing in so many ways just watching them grind and move against each other, mesmerized by the hypnotic beat and the intoxicating atmosphere.

Feeling my phone vibrate, I turned around and set my drink on the bar in front of me to pull out my phone and saw the text saying he was here.  ‘Still at the bar, you’ll see me’ I texted and put my phone back, grinning widely as I finished up my second drink of the night.  

“That him?” He questioned and took a drink out of his bottle.

“Yeah he’s here.  I told him to meet me at the bar.”

“Well that’s my cue to exit,” He laughed as he got up from his seat.  “I need to go and see where my friends are at anyway.”

“Hope you and your friends have a fun night.”

He thought for a second then grabbed a napkin and a pen out of his jacket pocket.  “Here’s my number, I really enjoyed talking with you.  Text me if you ever wanna just grab a cup of coffee...completely as friends.”

Something about the way he spoke and the way he looked at me told me he actually meant it, unlike other guys i’ve met at clubs in the past.  “Yeah I would love to.  I’ll text you sometime next week and we can meet up.”

He finished up his beer and set it on the bar as the bartender came by to clean up.  “Hope you have a fun night with your guy.”

“Thanks, you have a good night too.”  I waved and he smiled as he walked away.  I really hoped I did got to see him again.

I sat back against the bar and crossed my legs, my eyes scanning over the club in search of him and foregoing another drink when the bartender came back to ask if I wanted anything else.  A few minutes later I finally spotted him just as his eyes found mine.  He grinned at me when I came into his line of sight and the dark eyes I loved immediately came out to play. “Nice look,” He whispered in my ear and gave me a kiss on that spot right under my ear that drove me wild.

“Thanks,” I whispered in his ear as my hand caressed up the white button down shirt and caught the faint scent of his cologne.  This might be just a little harder than I thought.  “You like it?”

He pulled me into him and leaned down to kiss me hard, his tongue softly pushing into my awaiting mouth.  I moaned when I felt the bulge against my hip and grinned at hearing the small groan when I nudged into him.  “Where did you find the wig?”

“Was cleaning out my closet and found it buried deep in one of my storage boxes,” I murmured as my newly manicured red nails slowly traced over his exposed collarbone.  “I think it was for an audition or something…can’t really remember at the moment.”

“Did you just feel like dressing up,” He said with a rough tone when he felt my tongue graze over the shell of his ear.  “Or is this one of your little games?”

“Where’s the fun in me telling you?  You’ll just have to find out, won't you?”

The remixed sounds of “Sugar” came on as we turned back around to the bar, my mind running wild with what I wanted to do as he flagged down the bartender.  I “innocently” moved my hips to the infectious beat and grinned as my ass rolled into his hard cock, feeling his arms as they slipped tightly around my waist.

“Don’t start something that you can’t finish sweetheart,” He murmured into my neck and kissed it softly.

“But you know I can baby,”  I said sweetly as I looked back at him.  My hand found the front of his pants and I slowly rubbed the growing bulge, earning myself a bite to the neck.  It was always so much fun watching him crumble.  

Our drinks were brought over just as our friend and the owner of the club came over to greet us.  I tried to hide my grin as his hand stilled my movements, making sure that I didn’t move out from in front of him as we chatted with her for a bit.  We gave her our congratulations on a successful first night before she left to attend to other issues.  She was always about attention to details, making sure everything was perfect and exactly to her standards.  

She also informed us of the VIP area we had upstairs as a thank you for our friendship and all of our support.  I mean who would turn that down?

His hands were all over me as we made our way over to the tall wrought-iron winding staircase.  Sliding up and down my curves as we started walking, teasing the hem of my short dress as we maneuvered through the large crowd and discreetly kneading my ass as we waited in the line for the VIP area.  All with that calm and collected look that drove me absolutely insane for two completely different reasons; turning me on just as much as it made me want to crack that facade.  And, if everything goes well, that’s exactly what I planned to do tonight.

We were shown to our area by a gorgeous hostess who looked barely old enough to work at the club, dressed in a flowy white silk blouse, black knee length pencil skirt and black stilettos.  Her jet black hair was styled in a perfect bun that looked like it took hours to perfect, but most likely only took just a few minutes.  

She explained how to call for service and handed him a small black leather bound book with the club’s name engraved in silver calligraphy, telling us that it was a menu.  “If there is anything that we can do to make your experience more enjoyable, do not hesitate to ring the bell and I’ll see to it that it’s fulfilled straightaway.  Is there anything that I could get you now?”

“No thank you, I think we’re okay for now.”

There was the dejected look I was looking for earlier and it took every ounce of my being not to burst out laughing, feeling a little sorry for the poor girl.  

“Well, don’t hesitate to call if you need anything,” She said and briskly walked down the corridor to the staircase.

I laid back against the sectional and brought my legs up underneath me.  “She seemed extremely eager to make sure you were well taken care of.”  I smirked and took a sip of my drink.

“Not exactly my type.”

“Too bad, she was really hot.  Did you see her legs?  Her shoes were really cute too.”

And there’s a look of confusion.  “What?”

“You know,” He chuckled and sat down on the other side of the sectional, setting his glass down on the table.  “If you were any other girl I’ve ever dated, I would’ve thought you were trying to trick me.  But since it’s you...”

“Even if I wasn’t into girls, I can still appreciate a gorgeous and stylish women.  Too many times I’ve seen women hate on other women when it shouldn’t be that way, we should be giving compliments and supporting each other.”

“That’s true and I do love that about you.  I’m just saying I’ve never dated a girl who was okay with another woman openly hitting on me.”

“I see no reason for jealousy,” I stated and sat up as I crossed my legs, trying to hold back the smirk when I saw his eyes avert down to them.  Yeah...this dress was a good investment.  “We both love each other and know we would never cheat on each other.  However, if a day ever comes where we think one of us is cheating, we would be able to respectfully communicate with each other and be open about the situation.”

He leaned over the armrest and slid his hand around the back of my neck, pulling me into him for a tender kiss.  My thumb rubbed over his parted lips and wiped away the residual lipstick staining his lips.  “That’s also why I love you.”

“I love you too,” I whispered as my fingers caressed down his neck to right above where the second button of his shirt was concealing that gorgeous chest I just wanted to drag my nails down, preferably as I was riding him.

“So, are you going to show me what you have planned for me?”  He smirked, his warm hand sliding over my knee and causing me to shiver as I uncrossed my leg.  “Or...I have a better idea.  We can have some more delightful conversation over a couple of drinks, say our goodbyes, get out of here and I’ll spend the rest of the night showing you what it truly means to tease.  How does that sound, sweetheart?”

My resolve was going away as quick as the hostess had left, his hand now caressing the inside of my thigh as he stared at me with those dark playful eyes.  It would’ve been so easy to just give in to him.  To just let him take the reins and let him take control...but tonight I didn’t want that.  I had this planned out for weeks now and I needed to stick with it, mostly for the sake of my sanity.

I leaned my head back and finished the last of my drink, needing something to help steel my nerves, then set the glass on the table in front of me.  I stood up from the chair and looked down at him as he laid back and spread his arms across the back of the chair, waiting for my next move with that infuriatingly calm demeanor.

A noticeable hypnotic and enticing beat played throughout the club, helping me to calm my nerves as he spread his legs and moved his hand down to adjust the prominent bulge in his pants.

This felt familiar...but this time I had the upper hand.

“Love this song,” I said and smiled sweetly as I stretched my hand out to him.  “Are you coming?”

His eyebrow raised at me but other than that he was completely stoic which made it difficult to tell if he was going along with this or not.  He moved to grab his drink off the table, finishing it as he got up from the chair and willingly took my hand.  I was just about to leave when I was suddenly pulled back against him, smiling as I felt the bulge pressing against my ass.

“Don’t forget sweetheart,  I’m playing your little game for now but you know I have no reservations on dragging you off somewhere quiet and fucking you hard against the wall.  If you tease me enough...well let’s just hope you don’t mind an audience.”

I moved his hand to the hem of my dress and turned around to whisper, “Panty lines are a bitch.”

To my surprise, the squeal I made when he smacked my ass didn’t attract any attention.  He turned me around harshly and guided me to the stairs, biting my lip as I heard his groans every time my ass brushed up against him.  Was it odd that I was looking forward to the punishment I was getting for this?

When we made our way to the dance floor, I immediately turned around to grab his hand and pulled him into me as I turned around.  I felt his arms wrap around waist as I rolled my hips into him, his hot breath and lips on my neck rousing something deep inside of me to continue on with the teasing.  My body slid down his and rolled back up, my hands caressing my body as I raised my arms in the air and swayed my hips to the seductive beat.  His hands grabbed my hips and moved his against mine, grinning wide as I laid back against him and heard the sexy grunts escape his lips.

Even though there was a whole dance floor packed with people in such a close proximity, it felt like it was just the two of us alone in our own little bubble.  Everyone would surely see if either of us were to try something maybe just a little bit naughty...and that got me incredibly hot.

I turned around to face him and slowly dragged my hands down his body, feeling the hard ridges of his gorgeous abs as my mouth was right in front of the protruding bulge.  My tongue pushed out from my lips and teasingly grazed the bulge as I worked my way back up and licked his bottom lip, giggling with excitement.  The look on his face was an erotic mix of astonishment and pure lust; lips curled into a slight grin and searing dark eyes staring daggers at me, warning me of what would happen if I continued to tease him.  

Didn’t he know by now that it just made me want to push him even more?

I looked at him over my shoulder as I turned back around and swayed my hips, my hands running down my body to caress my ass and bent over again in front of him.  The hem of my dress moved to just right under my ass, almost giving him a peek at the lack of what was underneath the tight dress and my legs shook with the feeling of his fingers grazing the hem of my dress and the back of my bare thigh.  He was so close to where I needed him that I wished he would’ve forgotten where we were and just kept on going.  But, given how much I’ve teased him tonight, I knew it wouldn’t be that easy to convince him.

My body came back up and continued rolling my hips into him as my eyes averted to another couple not too far from us, the gorgeous woman with very long reddish brown hair almost to her firm ass clearly loving how her partner’s hand was discreetly up her black lace micro skirt.  Leaning my head back onto his, I closed my eyes and felt his arms wrap around me.  His mouth moved to my shoulder and sank his teeth in just enough to cause a mix of pleasure and pain but not enough to break any skin, causing me to bite my lip to catch the loud moan that would’ve come out.  

The hot breath on my ear made my body shiver and I almost came when his rough voice mumbled, “We’re done here.”

The song ended and I was barely able to breathe before two things happened.  First, the next unrecognizable but energetic beat played right after as if the last song didn’t even end.  Second, my squeal of exhilaration was lost in the music as quickly as I was dragged off the dance floor by him.  His hand gripped mine like a vice, pulling me effortlessly through the large crowd towards the entrance where a group of boisterous frat guys walked in.

In the midst of my lust-fueled mind, I was able to remember we still had our belonging upstairs.  “Wait wait, our stuff…”

“Go,” He commanded.  Even with how hot it was in the club, I still shivered and felt goosebumps prickle my entire body with his rough voice and intense eyes staring back at me.  I’ve never actually seen him this passionate and it was really turning me on...and it also made me want to poke a little more.  “I’ll get the car.  Get our stuff and if you’re not out here in five minutes, I will come find you and literally drag you out of here over my shoulder if I have to.”

“Oh, I forgot there was this girl that I saw and would love to see her again to give her our number.  Maybe I can find her on…”

He grabbed my arm as I turned around to walk away, pulling me back into him with such force that it made me gasp.  His head leaned into my ear and his hot breath teased my ear before he murmured,  “Don’t test my patience anymore, sweetheart. I let you have your fun...and now it’s my turn.”

We moved to the side as more people flooded through the large doors, none of them paying any attention to us and just continued walking into the club without a second thought.  

“Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Now.  Go.”

I walked back into the club towards the VIP staircase, my mind reeling from what just happened and my body was on fire as I made my way upstairs to grab our stuff.  Not that I was criticizing the other people I’ve been with, but no one has ever made me feel like I’ve been completely and thoroughly fucked, mind and body, without even being inside of me.  The thought made me smile and my whole body shiver.

When I left the club, I saw him waiting for me by the black SUV.  The frustration may have lessened a bit with the help of the cool night air, but his eyes told a different story of how much my teasing really affected him.  I struck a nerve and that made me happy.

He held the door open for me.  To all the passersby that night, we looked like the typical young couple with a sweet boyfriend who was holding the door open and helping his girlfriend safely get into the large vehicle.  However for me, it was my last attempt at completely cracking him as my body brushed past him, my ass pressing into his still hard bulge as I stepped up into the car.  

He tried to hold back a groan as his hand slid over the small of my back, which also looked like a sign of affection, but was more of a show of dominance by him and another hint at what was to come.  I grinned at knowing my punishment was going to be severe for teasing him.  Well, if I’m already in trouble I might as well see how far I can push this.  After settling into my seat, I licked my lips and looked up at him with hooded eyes as my red nails dragged along his black leather belt.

He smirked as he slid his hand over my thigh and whispered, “As much as I loved the wig, I can’t wait to have you on your knees and pulling your gorgeous hair as I fuck you into deep into the bed.  But that will be much later on, after I’ve had my fill of teasing your body to the point of complete madness and hearing you beg for me to fuck you.  Does that sound good, sweetheart?”

My legs parted slightly to him and smirked back as I showed him my bare pussy, swollen and wet from the anticipation to everything that’s happened tonight.  “I hope choking will be involved.”

Pinching the inside of my thigh, he pulled away and slammed the door shut.  “Point for me I guess,” I murmured and grinned to myself.  

Norah Jones’ soulful voice played low in the background as I adjusted my dress and laid back against the cool leather seat, closing my eyes and feeling my body vibrate from his earlier actions.  My thoughts drifted to the events of tonight as I moved to take my wig off,  throwing it into the backseat just as he opened the door and slid into the driver’s seat.  

Outside of the bedroom, seeing him drive was one of my biggest turn ons.  His hand gripped the black leather steering wheel, a silver watch adorning the wrist that was visible because of the rolled up sleeves of his white dress shirt, and the laid back position all made for such a sexy sight.  I tried to focus on the road ahead, but my peripheral vision was always on him, watching the intense concentration on his face.

He pulled out of the club’s parking lot and sped down the city streets, weaving in and out of traffic with such a calm fluidity that it caused my breathing to quicken and my heart to speed up.  My leg moved to curl up against the middle console as I stretched my arms up to take my hair out of the bun, letting it fall delicately over my shoulders and breasts.  

With a chuckle, he switched the hand controlling the wheel and moved to slowly caress my thigh, his touch almost burning my already hot skin.  “I missed the blonde hair.”

I nodded at his comment, not trusting my voice at the moment.  This whole night was supposed to be me seducing him, so why was I the one that was the complete mess in the end.  I needed to control myself, but my body was on fire from just being near him.  Tiny raindrops hit the windshield and he switched on the windshield wipers as my fingertips dragged down my neck, desperately trying to concentrate on anything but him.

I let out a little moan as his fingers grazed over the back of my knee, caressing back up my thigh closer and closer to where I needed his hand the most.  My hips subconsciously moved forward and his hand moved back down to my knee, a chuckle escaping his lips.  

“Not yet, sweetheart.”

“Please,” I whimpered.

“You’re not giving up already now are you?” He chuckled.

“Please,” I groaned as his hand left my thigh.  “I need you, sir.”  

A little groan escaped his lips as he moved in his seat a little.  “You’ve had your fun for tonight.  I recall saying something along the lines of “I would play your game for now”, which I think I did quite well.”

I grinned as I adjusted in my seat and leaned over the console, running my hand over his thigh.  “I could help you with this,” I whispered.


“Come on, you’ve always said you wanted to fuck me in your car.”

“Not while I’m driving it.”

“But it’s much more fun this way,” I giggled and licked the shell of his ear, my hand coming closer to the large bulge in his pants.  “More dangerous.  Hotter…”

He veered off into a random parking lot which looked to be a shopping center that was long closed for the night, considering it was now close to midnight.  Parking the car under a group of large trees and bushes, he turned the car off and then turned to me.  One of the large black lamp posts off in the distance was the only source of light for me to see the dark stare on his face and his hand cupping the back of my neck, pulling me in for a kiss.

The kiss wasn’t sweet or soft or romantic at all.  It was bruising and primal and oh so fucking hot.  Exactly how I wanted him to be.  Teeth biting lips, tongues fighting for dominance as my fingers ran roughly through his hair.  His hand dragged along the front of my neck and tightened a little as he pulled away from the kiss, my tongue moving to lick his bottom lip to savor the taste.  “You’re such a fucking tease, aren’t you?”

I nodded with a grin and moved my hand to slowly rub his clothed cock, feeling his hand tighten a little more.  “More,” I forced out.

He moaned and adjusted his seat back a little to spread out as I continued rubbing him, his other hand moving to undo my seatbelt.  I got up onto my knees and grabbed the black leather belt, hands shaking at the flashing thought of that night.  I slid my hand inside and pulled out his throbbing hard cock, licking my lips at the drop of precum already there.  

“Fuck, sweetheart.” He groaned and his eyes rolled into the back of his head, his hand tightening even more around my neck and causing my mouth to open.  “Do you want my cock?”

I moaned roughly with the lack of oxygen.  “Yes, sir.”

“You made me this hard,” He said as he let go of my neck and threaded his fingers through my hair, a ragged breath leaving his lips.  “Fuck that dance was hot.”

I leaned down and ran my tongue slowly along the underside of his cock, hearing the rough groan spill from his mouth as his hand grabbed onto a handful of my hair.  “I might have to repeat it someday.”

The intermittent raindrops had now turned into a constant rain that rhythmically beat down on the windshield as I rolled my tongue around the head of his cock, my hand grabbing the base and slowly began to stroke it.  The hand on my head pulled my hair lightly while his rough voice fueled my movements.  “Yes, just like that sweetheart.”

My head bobbed up and down as my hand moved down to knead his swollen balls.  The calming sound of the spring rain mixed with the soft sucking noise of my mouth sliding up and down on his hard cock made me moan at such a torrid contrast in sounds.  This must’ve did it for him because the next thing I knew I was pulled off his cock by my hair and watched as he tried to compose himself.  

Somewhat out of my control, a giggle left my lips as I licked them and tasted the delicious precum staining my now completely smudged lips.  “Aww, you’re not giving up already...are you baby?”

He moved his seat all the way back and leaned it back a little, his dark eyes never leaving mine.  “Straddle me.  Now”

“Someone’s impatient,” I laughed.  

I wiggled my dress up my hips as he laid there watching me and slowly stroking his cock, the combination of him and the cool air blowing over my swollen wet pussy causing me to shiver.  After a little bit of finessing I was able to comfortably straddle him,  his hand grabbing my hip and teasing my clit with the head of his cock.  My eyes closed and moaned when I slowly sank down on him, the low rumble of the far away thunder could be vaguely heard from inside the car.

The hand on my hip moved up to pull the zipper of my dress down enough that he could pull the straps of my dress off my shoulders, my black strapless plunge bra coming into view as he effortlessly unclasped it with one hand.  My breasts fell from it’s confines when he grabbed the bra and threw it in the backseat, going back to run his thumb over the hardened nipples.

“Yes, baby.” I moaned and threw my head back, moving my hips up and down on his cock.

“Shit you’re so wet.  All I’ve wanted to do ever since I saw you in this damn dress is fuck you, when did you get it?”

“Years ago.  Thought it would come in handy one day and clearly it did,” I chuckled and unbuttoned his dress shirt, my nails running up and down his perfect chest and stomach.

His head leaned down to my shoulder and nibbled on the spot he bit earlier, soft and teasing this time with his tongue slowly licking over the spot and driving me insane.  “You always feel so tight around me,” He mumbled.  “So perfect.”

“Same, baby.”  I slowly rode him, my hips rolling in a sensual rhythm to the irregular beat of the rain on the windshield.  Moans and grunts soon were heard over the loud noise of the rain, his hands gripping onto my hips as he rocked his up to meet mine.  My hands moved to grab the back of the seat on either side of his head and moved my hips faster into his.

He took one of my nipples into his mouth and began sucking and biting on it as one on his hand slapped my ass hard, causing me to moan loudly next to his ear.  “Fuck yes sweetheart.  You feel so amazing,” He roughly said as he moved to my other breast and giving it the same treatment.

My eyes looked around to see most of the windows were completely fogged from the combination of the rain and both of our body heat, creating this cocoon like atmosphere even though we were in the middle of an almost open parking lot.  It only added to the excitement that at any moment we could be caught with no plausible excuse to explain what we were doing. Fuck, we needed to do this again sometime.

I sat upright and took the hand he had his watch on to wrap it around my throat, moving my hips faster when his hand tightened a little.  “Please,” I said and held his hand in place.

Grinning as his hand tightened even more, he leaned into me and grazed the tip of his nose against my cheek, kissing it softly until he got to my ear.  The anticipation of what he was about to say coupled with his hot breath teasing my ear had me whimpering and bucking my hips faster.  A moan left my lips when I thought he about to say something but the only thing that came out of his mouth was a teasing breath against the shell of my ear.

“Were you waiting for something, sweetheart?” He chuckled.

“Say something.”

“ what?”

I seriously could’ve slapped him right now if I wasn’t so hot for him.  “Anything.”

“I am.” I could see the grin on his face even though I couldn’t see him.  He knew what I wanted him to say.


He moaned in my ear and bit my ear softly.  “I don’t know if I should.  You’ve been such a bad girl today, teasing me.”

My eyes watered and my body throbbed at the intense pleasure running through it, letting out a sob of frustration hoping he’ll have a small amount of mercy to give me what I really needed.  “Pl-please…”

“Given up yet, sweetheart?”

Of all the people I’ve dated, I’ve never had one that made me want to punch and fuck them all in the span of a few seconds more than him.  His hard thrust up into me had me covering up my mouth and screaming, trying to remember we were in the middle of a parking lot on not far from a major street. “Fuck yes, please let me cum.”

“Are you going to stop being such a fucking tease or do I have to punish you some more?  We are in the middle of a parking lot and could get caught any minute, we should stop this and wait until…

“No please, sir.” I sobbed out a whimper, so sexually frustrated to the point that I didn’t care if we got caught.  “I will be a good girl, just please...let me cum.”

The dark chuckle in my ear pushed me right on the edge of my orgasm, fucking him harder with the need to cum right within my grasp.  His loud groan told me he was also right there with me.  “Sweetheart...cum,” He whispered.

Both of us moaned and groaned in unison as our orgasms rushed over our bodies, his hand loosening around my neck as he pulled me in for a kiss.  Our tongues danced and our breathing was harsh as we savored the moment for a few minutes, caressing and kissing each other and slowly coming down from our euphoric high.

After those few precious minutes, we decided it was best to get dressed and leave before anyone really caught us.  Overall, I think my plan of teasing and seducing him did work, even though he still had the upper hand sometimes. that I finally got him to dance, maybe he’d be up for this again next weekend?

I’m wondering if he’d like me with silver hair?

©2017 Sinful Caramel