Unfortunately, 'fucked up' wasn't one of the categories to select from.  Not hard core porn, but has a (very) little 'sexy' stuff.  It's really short, so enjoy and comment!  Tell your friends (and enemies!).

             William (Bill) C. Hensley was the owner and proprietor of Hensley gardens; a resort that welcomed as many as four-hundred, upper middle class people over the course of the summer and early fall seasons each year.  He and his wife Madge were dedicated to making people’s annual vacation ‘home away from home’ a wonderful, relaxing experience.  Each ten-day package included camping, canoeing, trap shooting, hiking, and many other outdoor activities.  The old couple also brought in top entertainers, and dance instructors for their lucky guests. It was like a wonderful, luxury overnight ‘camp’ for the whole family; with a little nightlife thrown in for the adults.  At the end of the season, all the resort owners in this part of the state would get together to celebrate another successful run. 

              Bill stood in front of his gas grill and tended to the succulent steaks he was preparing for him, Mrs. Hensley, and all the other owners of resorts in their part of the state.  A butcher in his former life and a ‘type A’ personality, when it came to quality, it wasn't unusual for Bill to bring his meat directly from the ‘hoof’, to his carving shop, and then to the table.  His ‘home cut’ steaks, soaked overnight in his secret marinade, made the offerings from his grill a big hit with his close friends and family.  He poked at a couple of steaks before moving them into the ‘warmer’ pans he would hopefully finish filling before the crowd arrived.  Another successful season demanded a little tribute to the ‘resort gods’; and just had to be celebrated. 

              The two lovebirds, dressed in their robes, sat and looked across the table at each other before extending their hands out to caress and be caressed.  It was wonderful that they seemed to be just as in love now as they were the day they were married forty years ago.  After he poured another glass of wine for his wife, Bill again manned the grill.  He thought back to the beginning of the season when they were going through the normal growing pains; mostly because of maintenance, or lack thereof of the cabin units.  One glowing exception, in the midst of chaos, was the wonderful, young couple who provided dance lessons.  They came prepared, and immediately began their campaign of impressing the ‘socks’ off of everyone who came in contact with them. 

             Their incredible story was a tragic one of great love and loss though.  Benny and Jill came highly recommended by one of Bill's oldest and dearest friends; who ran a resort on the other side of the country.  The young couple were great dancers, who were equally great with the patrons; and their tender story, of love conquering all, was an inspiration to everyone who heard it.  They were both 'only' children with loving parents who all four met with a tragic end.  The two lovebirds, with no other family on this Earth to claim them, grew up in the system.  They met by chance, in a group home, and bonded over their grief.  Over several years, they became best friends, lovers, and eventually man and wife; before starting their own business.  After just a few years, they had become seasoned professionals. They were a perfect match with the Hensley’s resort; and Bill and Madge felt blessed to have the couple work for them.

             Their uplifting story aside, the two lovers brought with them a smorgasbord of dance styles; from the spicy Cha Cha, and exotic Meringue, to traditional ball room and modern dancing.  Bill was sure the resort's adult visitors, and some of the teens, became life-long dance enthusiasts during their stay this year.  Bill pulled Madge up from her chair and danced with her for a moment before sharing a long, sweet kiss.  He then followed her to the kitchen to help carry out hors d' oeuvres, side dishes and another pan of steaks he had soaking in the fridge.  As the guests started arriving, Madge went into ‘hostess’ mode and welcomed them.  As was tradition, all attendees wore fuzzy white robes; probably to signify that it was their turn to relax now that the season had concluded.  The bartender, they hired for the event, soon became busy mixing drinks for the normally reserved group; who would definitely ‘cut loose’ after a few cocktails.  He had a couple of jobs tonight.  When his fifth (a number Madge picked out of a hat) customer ordered her drink, she was presented with the traditional door prize.  She excitedly opened the package up to reveal a custom set of steak knives.  They weren't high end or anything, but it signaled the beginning of the time of the year that the resort owners began rewarding themselves; after months of giving all they had to their patrons.  Madge hugged the woman in congratulations, and then whispered something in her ear.  The two giggled as they went back to their prospective groups to continue ‘pre-dinner’ conversations.

            After the cooking was complete, everyone lined up to fill their plates, so they could eat while the business part of the meeting was conducted.  Since Bill was hosting this year, he went through a long PowerPoint presentation, showing the highs and lows of this vacation season; for the informal consortium of resorts.  After 25 minutes of boring dribble, Bill pushed the button to reveal the last slide of the set.  It showed the dance instructors lying side by side in the grass; heads touching, and holding hands.  A collective ‘awwww’ came from the crowd as they studied the slide.  Bill admitted to everyone that he had posed them like that because of their wonderful love story.  Madge loved her husband for being an ‘old softy’ like that. 

            After the initial cuteness of the ‘moment’ wore off, the group of resort owners cheered as they looked at the blood-covered corpses of the young couple.  Bill explained that he actually had to chase them down before he hacked them to death with a machete.  Fortunately, he had learned from seasons past, that it was best to drug the guests of honor (a little) before letting on that they were going to be murdered, and served for dinner.  They couldn't be unconscious because their fear was an important ingredient to preparing the meat to be consumed.  He also learned the hard way, a few years ago, not to hack at their torsos, where some of the best ‘cuts’ would be harvested.  The guests finished up their thick, bloody, ‘rare’ human-steak dinners before standing up and ripping at each other's robes to reveal varying levels of nudity and S & M-like orgy attire.  Madge took the cover off a large silver platter, sitting on the main table; exposing the heads of the ‘guests of honor’.  Benny and Jill's faces had begun to slide off of their rotting skulls, and they had each other's hearts shoved into their mouths; and down their throats a little.  Between them was a gold-colored statuette of an ox with a ‘goblet’ full of the sweet couple's blood sitting in front of it.

            The bartender's face became very pale, as he ‘took in’ everything he suddenly saw playing out in front of him.  He then turned to flee this resort full of crazy, homicidal maniacs; but was met head-on by the door prize winner, who had positioned herself right behind him.  She plunged one of her new steak knives into his gut before pulling him close and kissing him full on his lips.  He too, had been drugged at some point to slow him down a bit.  She tingled from the thrill of being the one chosen to kill him, and the ‘high’ she got from plunging her door prize into his soft midsection.  Blood, now coming from his mouth, only heightened her excitement as it ran down their collective chins and dripped onto her half-naked bosoms; soaking her bustier.  The poor man's eyes were as big as half dollars, but he never let out more than a muffled moan as she pulled the knife upwards and quickly ended his life.  He had thought his nearly empty tip jar was going to be his biggest problem this evening! 

            Bill stood in front of the food table where the two ‘warming’ pans were sitting on towels with ‘his’ and ‘hers’ embroidered on them.  They were still half full of steaks; that party goers would take home with them in ‘doggy’ bags.  Bill, a stickler for proper grammar, had drawn lines through ‘his’ and ‘hers’ and wrote in ‘him’ and ‘her’ instead.  Attention to details, and careful planning is what had kept their little ‘cult’ gatherings a secret.  Orphaned dance instructors and a drifter hired as bartender were just happy accidents this year.  As the leader of this year's ‘end of season’ celebration, Bill disrobed and pulled a large bull ox mask over his head before walking around to observe all of the other guests having sex on tables, lounge chairs; and even the hard, cool concrete.  Bill lost track of everything going on around him though, as he remembered earlier in the year fondly.  He thought back to the two lovebirds always touching and kissing throughout the day, and then having marathon ‘love-making’ sessions in their room; while Bill secretly watched and recorded them through a peephole.  He could barely contain himself as his attention focused on the second slide show of the evening.  It featured photos of the ‘main courses’ making love; running on a loop with sappy love song accompaniment.  He only looked away long enough to see his wife being pleasured by three men and a woman at the same time.  How he ‘loved that woman’!  He looked over at the beautiful center pieces sitting on the main table.  He raised his glass and said, "Thank you for a very successful year kids, and prayers to the ‘Dark Ox’ for an even better one next year!".  He smiled as he walked away to monitor and join in the night's activities.  He looked down into his empty glass, and then at a small group; taking turns defiling the bartender's dead body.  Perhaps his meticulous planning didn't cover everything.  He frowned before asking loudly, "does anyone know how to mix a Manhattan!?!”