Joyeux Noël: Une Fête D'Alléchante

A string of pearls has the power to conjure up some of the most delectably dirty desires all while having this air of timeless elegance and grace.  So delicate and simple, accentuating wherever it gently lays.  No matter what you decide to wear, from a simple pair of jeans and blouse to a gorgeous floor length gown, a string of pearls will always exude a subtle amount of sensuality.

Which is exactly how I felt at that moment, standing next to him as we were greeted by his boss and some of his colleagues.  Everyone was very friendly and laid back, dressy casual being the choice of style for this Christmas party.  Of course, there were touches of the traditional Christmas flair; red and green mixing with silver and gold, velvet and silk and lace mixing with tulle embedded with diamonds and sparkles.  A perfect touch of elegance for a semi-casual get together.

My emerald velvet dress felt amazing against my body, sitting right above my knees with the low v-cut draping down right underneath my breasts.  It did reveal a little more than I had intended for tonight’s party.  However, judging by the look I received from him when I walked downstairs and asked him to zip it up, I knew it was the one.  It also gave more attention to the beautiful antique cream double strand pearl necklace and matching studs I adorned with the cream peep toe platform heels pulling the whole outfit together and also making my legs look fucking fantastic.

The entertainment was something I didn’t expect.  A classically trained pianist from Juilliard who played both classic and newer Christmas songs flawlessly and with so much warmth and passion.  The surprising part?  It was his boss’ wife.  They had met shortly after she graduated from Juilliard and married just a few years later, staying happily married for over thirty years.  Both of them supported each other in pursuing their passions with him starting up his own company and her becoming a professional pianist, playing with some of the world’s most renowned orchestras.  It’s so nice to see a long-term marriage that both people still loved and supported each other after all these years.

My mind drifted back to reality as his hand slid from the small of my back to around my hip, squeezing lightly as I looked up at him.  A burgundy sweater over top of a white button down dress shirt was the perfect outfit for a Christmas party without going too overboard.  Black pants and black ankle boots gave the look a comfortable but still dressy look, and the silver and red Rolex complimented the outfit nicely and was an incredible turn on for me.

Which wasn’t made any better by him taking every opportunity to touch or tease or torture me in many devious ways that would go unnoticed by the other party goers.  First it was a hand on my ass waiting for drinks at the open bar. Then a hand sliding dangerously close to the hem of my panties underneath the long and perfectly decorated dinner table.  Then it started getting more daring with stolen kisses in closed off hallways as we excused ourselves to the bathroom.  

Not that I minded much, but do you know how hard it is to talk with the wife of your boyfriend’s boss, chatting casually about romantic era classical music while his hand is halfway up your dress and act like nothing is going on?

As the night gradually drew to a close, most of the party attendees were either saying their goodbyes or relishing in the bar as they talked business.  However, we decided to enjoy the incredible view of the night skyline from the penthouse’s beautiful wraparound terrace.  The minimalistic metal melding with the thin frosted glass almost made you feel like you were walking on air, which made way for the most incredible adrenaline rush.  

This coupled with the inconceivable amount of lust and need that was simmering throughout my body started to make me feel lightheaded and it took all the strength in the world for me not to faint when I felt his hand slide over the small of my back.  

“Are you cold?”  He said as his eyes scanned over the beautiful view.  I could hear that damn grin in his voice indicating he knew just how much I was affected by him.

“Not in the slightest.”

Wrapping his arms around my waist, he nuzzled the spot right above where he “accidentally” bit me while kissing my neck this morning when we were cleaning up after breakfast.  Makeup really is a beautiful thing.  “What is going through that pretty little head of yours?”

“It’s breathtaking out here at night,” I murmured and lightly grabbed the glass railing.

I caught him looking down over my shoulder as he said, “I think my view is much better.”

“Making up for lost time?”  I quipped and turned around to lean against the railing.  I pulled him into me, craving both the warmth of his body and his delicious scent.  “You know, since you behaved so well in there?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”  His hands slid up and down my sides as the wide grin said everything.

“Uh huh.”

We both laughed and stood there, staring at each other for what felt like forever and embracing this moment of solitude to enjoy each other.  I started getting even hotter when he pulled back just a little and slowly looked me up and down.  “What?”

“Hmm nothing.  Just thinking how truly exquisite you look tonight.”  

I could feel the burning in my cheeks at his comment.  Yep, makeup is a beautiful thing.

Caressing my hand gently down his chest, I admired his outfit but also imagined the incredible body underneath.  I remembered all the passion and ecstasy and love he’s brought me since our first encounter, inhaling deeply and then exhaling with a slight shudder as I tried to compose myself.  “You don’t look too bad yourself.”

“I try,”  He chuckled low as his finger traced underneath my pearl necklace, my skin burning as his finger grazed over my neck.

“They’re a graduation gift from my grandparents.  My grandmother especially wanted me to have a nice necklace instead of the costume jewelry she always saw me wearing, so she passed them down to me.”

“She has amazing taste,” He mumbled as his finger moved to trace over the pearl necklace and slowly down over my collarbone.  He continued his slow descent down my chest, gliding dangerously close to the top of my dress where my cleavage was on full display.  My breathing hitched and I bit my lip as he looked up at me, his finger slowly teasing over my skin.

The sound of heels clicking on the marble floor made us turn our heads to the double French doors, seeing a small group of women chatting happily as they obliviously walked back to the party.  Suddenly I was turned around to face the railing, grabbing onto it mostly to steady myself from the arousal that pumped forcefully through my veins.  

“Keep staring at this gorgeous skyline, sweetheart,” He whispered into my ear.  His sigh against my ear had my eyes rolling back as his hand slid up to rest on my hip.  “Don’t look anywhere else and trust me.  Everyone else has either left or is on the other side of the penthouse enjoying the party.  No one will see what we’re doing from any...”

“I’ve needed you since we started getting dressed for this, so I really could care less who watches us right now.”

He groaned and guided me over to the other side of the terrace away from the door, lightly pushing my back against the railing.  His strong hand slid over the back of my neck and pulled me closer, kissing me hard as his hand caressed over the back of my neck.  The stray hairs coming down from my updo tickled my neck as his lips pulled from mine, his tongue skimming over the pulse point where my jaw met my neck and causing a combination of a chuckle and a moan to escape from my lips.

“Do you think we can get away with fucking on your boss’ terrace while everyone is inside?”

“Only if you’re quiet.”  There’s that damn grin again.

“Oh you’re one to talk.  You were the one that almost got us caught when I was blowing you in the bathroom while we were in Fiji.”

His hands slid my dress up and turned me around to slightly bend over the railing, his hand dragging down to caress my ass. “Do you want me to bring up the theater?”

Damn.  “Point taken,” I sighed.  “Can we just agree we’re both loud.”

“Agreed,” He chuckled and leaned down to my ear, softly biting it.  “So do you think you can keep quiet, sweetheart?”

I nodded, my heart racing with excitement both for him and also how at any moment we could get caught.  His fingers slowly traced up the inside of my thigh and teased my swollen pussy through the cream lace panties, my hand covering my mouth to stop the escaping moan.

“It’s so cute that I’ve hardly done anything to you and you’re already this wet.  I love it when you’re this turned on for me.”

“Couldn’t you have cooled it at dinner,” I whimpered as he pulled my panties to the side and slowly circled my clit with his finger.

“I didn’t see you complaining when you were slightly bucking your hips into my hand.”

I wanted to scream for so many reasons right now, but I needed to remember where we were or this could get ugly real fast.  He made one final swipe across my clit then dragged the finger down to my dripping hole.  A strong breeze blew across the immaculately kept shrubbery that lined parts of the terrace, creating this calming atmosphere as I bit my hand to keep from moaning when he slipped two fingers in and slowly fingerfucked me.  My cheeks were on fire when the wind calmed down enough and I could already hear the wet noises of his fingers thrusting in and out of me.

“Does it feel good, sweetheart?” He chuckled, his other hand holding onto my hip and his thumb teasing back and forth over my tingling skin.

My hips bucked into his hand on a particularly hard thrust and I involuntarily moaned into the night sky, not being able to take his torture anymore.  “Pl-please fuck me.”

“Well since we’re on a bit of a time crunch, I guess I’ll let you off this time.”  

I let out a whimper when he pulled his fingers out of me, closing my eyes as I heard the familiar clanking sound of him undoing his belt and sighing as I reveled in the moment.  Feeling the wind blowing gently over my sensitive pussy, remembering the taste of the delicious wine we had at dinner, smelling the faint woody scent of his cologne and hearing the soft noise of him sucking my juices off of his fingers.  

Grabbing onto the railing, my body wracked with pleasure when I heard the rustling sounds of him pulling out his cock and almost lost it when I felt his hand pull my panties to the side.  He slowly stroked the head of his hard cock over my pussy and I let out a small moan, laying my cheek against the cold glass of the railing.  My lips turned into a grin when I heard his low groan and rolled my hips into him, causing him to bite back a growl. “Fuck I need to be inside you.”

“It’s where I’ve needed you the entire night,” I sighed and spread my legs apart more, pushing my ass up to accommodate him as my dress slipped upwards.  “And no hair pulling, it took over an hour to get my hair done for tonight.”

The white hot pleasure that shot through my body when his cock pushed inside of me had my legs shaking and me almost dropping to my knees if his hands weren’t grabbing onto my hips.  He leaned over me and softly kissed the back of my neck, throwing in a few small licks and nibbles just to hear more of the low whimpers that spilled from my mouth.  “Can’t make any promises, sweetheart.”

His hips slowly thrusted into me, fingers digging into my sides when my hips thrusted back.  Thankfully I wasn’t afraid of heights because I’d be scared out of my mind at seeing the view I had from the 35th floor penthouse.  The vehicles on the road looked like toy cars and the people looked like ants as they all made their way to wherever they were headed, none of them realizing the debauchery that was happening right above their heads.  I can’t lie and say the thought didn’t add to the pleasure and lust running through me.

One of his hands dragged up my side and slipped in the slit between my cleavage, massaging my breast as his thrusts quickened.  “You know,” He murmured in my ear, his rough voice making me shiver.  “I really considered ditching the party when you came downstairs in this dress.  I wanted so badly to take you back upstairs, hike it up and slowly fuck your brains out as many times as it would take to render you speechless.”

Shit that sounded so hot.  “We can still do that, tomorrow is a Saturday.”

He moaned in my ear and leaned up, pulling me with him.  His hand firmly covered my mouth when a particularly loud moan came out as he thrusted hard and deep into my soaking wet pussy.  “What if I did fingerfuck you under the table during dinner?  What would you have done?”


“Would you have grasped your chair and dug your nails into the cushion in an effort to try and keep quiet?  Or would have it been too much for you and you’d just excuse yourself to the bathroom in the hopes that you could compose yourself.”

My mind shut down and mouth dropped open when wave after wave of intense pleasure surged through me as tears trailed down my face with the overwhelming feeling I felt.  

“Or...would you have let me fingerfuck you as you spoke with my boss’ wife, sweetheart?”

“Yes,” I whimpered, not even needing to think about it.  He just had that control over me that made me do things I normally wouldn’t do with any other person.

The groan he let out was single handedly the hottest sound he ever made.  His hand covered my mouth again, knowing full well I couldn’t keep quiet any longer, as his tongue traced over the shell of my ear.  “You’re such a naughty girl aren’t you?”

The muffled moans of acknowledgement spurred him on as his hips bucked even faster into me.  His other hand caressed down my stomach to my pussy where he slowly rubbed my clit, groaning into my neck as he lavished it with bites and kisses to keep from getting too loud.  

“I would have too,” He said, his nose skimming over my neck and then softly bit my ear.  “I would have leaned my arm on the back of your chair, being the doting boyfriend as I listened in on your conversation, my hand slowly trailing up your soft thigh as I began tracing my finger over your wet panties.”

My hands painfully grasped onto the railing at his wicked narration of what he would do, surprised that it didn’t break my newly manicured nails with how hard I was grabbing onto it.

“When I felt you squirm enough, I would slide my hand underneath your panties and slowly push two fingers inside your wet cunt, teasing strokes in and out as you are chatting away with my boss’ wife.  I would bring you right to the edge and then stop just as you were about to cum, adding to the conversation knowing just how much my voice turns you on.”

I gasped and moaned as my body violently shook with my orgasm, not being able to hold it any longer.  

He chuckled in my ear.  “Just like that.”

My hips bucked back into him, desperately wanting him to continue with what he would do to me.  “More,” I moaned, my voice raspy from the noises escaping my lips.

“You’re so insatiable,” He groaned and his hips bucked faster.  “Fuck I would’ve kept edging you the entire time you were talking.  Slow teasing strokes with my thumb brushing your clit every so often until it was finally time for dinner to start.  Only then would I let you cum, grinning as I watched you try and keep calm as your body wracked with pleasure just from my fingers.  Then, while everyone was distracted with the staff, I would slip my fingers out of you and savor your juices on my fingers.  More delicious than anything that would be served at this party.”

“Holy...fuck I’m going to cum again.”

“That’s it, sweetheart.  Cum for me.”

I leaned my head back and kissed him hard as my second orgasm crashed over my body, causing him to groan against my mouth as he came deep inside of me.  My hand moved to run through his hair when I felt him empty the last of his hot cum inside of me.  We stayed like that for a few more minutes just savoring the moment, kissing slowly as our tongues danced together.

When we finally composed ourselves, he slowly pulled out of me and I dropped to my knees to run my tongue all along his cock, the mix of both of our cum staining his still slightly hard cock.  My lips curled into a slight smile when I heard the muffled groan from behind his hand as my lips slowly sank down his cock to finish cleaning him off.  I fixed my dress as I stood back up and was greeted with his hand wrapping around my throat, pulling me into a searing kiss.

He groaned when my hand went to put him back into his pants.  “We need to leave.  Now.”

I had no objections to that statement.  Who needs presents when you have a hot guy that can read your mind.