The Log Of The Trading Ship Julay - Xanmar

His name was Gorndor, and he was happy. Well, at least I think Gorndor was a he.  It’s kind of hard to tell with Yuglicks.  Both sexes look pretty much the same.  There is some difference in size – females tend to be larger – but just as with Earther humanoids, there are exceptions at both ends of the scale.  The Yuglicks don’t seem to have a problem figuring out who is what, and they’re very good at making little Yuglicks when in the mood to do so.  The problem is they can’t get in the mood unless they have Jananga fruit.  I’m a little fuzzy on just how it works, but it’s something about the proteins in the fruit that triggers them to make these special hormones that get things going.  Jananga fruit comes from their home planet, Yuglon, over in the Randall-5 galaxy.

I first heard about the Yuglicks from a Calendian trader named Nodo.  Yuglicks are much sought as mercenaries because they’re very strong, aren’t afraid of anything, and, well, they don’t get distracted by sex like about ninety-nine percent of the other humanoids in the known universe.  The Yuglicks are aware of all these qualities, and are very proud of their reputation for the first two.  They don’t like the third at all.  Well, can you blame them?  I mean, how would you like going out to fight somebody else’s war and not even be able to get laid before the battle?  That’s not my idea of a great time.  I decided I’d give them a little help in that area as long as they were willing to pay for it.  That’s why Gorndor was happy.  I’d just brought a supply of fresh Jananga to his duty station on Zancin 4.  

I was happy that Gorndor was happy, well… sort of.  Gorndor being happy meant he wouldn’t rip off my balls and have them for lunch.  It also meant that each breath I took, and believe me they were few and far between, made me want to double up and puke.  

See, Yuglicks have this unique way of showing happiness.  Most humanoids smile, although there is the Logawn species who frown.  A couple just blink their eyes or stick out their tongues.  Yuglicks fart, and it’s not your ordinary humanoid fart.  A Yuglick fart is a huge, silent, odorous cloud that would gag a Rellian rorg worm. To me, it smells a little like a dead fish decomposing in a pool of rotten eggs, but Yuglicks love the smell.  They were all grinning from eye to eye.

I controlled my gag reflex, because puking would have been disrespectful, and you never want to show disrespect to a Yuglick.  That makes them unhappy, and an unhappy Yuglick is not a fun playmate.  I just sat there with tears streaming down my cheeks and hoped my skin wouldn’t dissolve.  We still had to negotiate the terms of the trade.

It’s not like I had anything better to do.  You see, my great-great-great grandparents doomed me to this life.  Oh, they didn’t intend to do it.  Hell, they didn’t even know they were doing it.  Nobody did until we got to….   Uh…. Sorry.  I can see this must be confusing, so I’ll start at the beginning.


Way back in the late twenty-first century, Earthers had put several colonies on their moon, and had a couple going strong on Mars and Venus.  That was about as far as they could go in spreading the human presence in their galaxy.  All the other planets were either too hot, too cold, or were just big balls of gas.  They started looking to the stars, as dreamers often do, I’m told, and found a likely looking galaxy to populate.  The only problem was it was way to hell and gone away from Earth.  There wasn’t any way of getting there within one person’s lifetime.  The great minds of the century thought about that for a while, and came up with a plan.  In hindsight, my hindsight anyway, it was a suck-ass plan, but the Earth Congress bought into it.  

They built the EC Jacobs, an enormous ship powered by nuclear thrusters, loaded up a thousand or so fools, I mean volunteers, and pointed it toward Alofit 1.  Alofit 1 is a planet in the Entropian cluster and was discovered by one Alonzo Fitzhue, hence the name.  The volunteers had been challenged to go forth and multiply, and so they did – two offspring per couple, one male and one female guaranteed by genetic manipulation.  Those children grew up, were paired into couples by the ship’s computer, and had more offspring.  The calculations said the EC Jacobs would make it to Alofit 1 by the time the fifth generation of crewmembers turned twenty-five, give or take a few years for calculation error.  That generation happened to include me, Will Blanden.

After I turned 18, the ship’s computer program looked at my test scores from high school, and decided I should learn aquaculture.  Aquaculture was a big deal on the EC Jacobs, since much of our protein came from fish raised in the on-board tanks.  I learned how to feed them and to check and adjust the water quality pretty quickly.  Evidently I did have a flair for raising fish, because they happily made lots of little baby fish that grew quickly into really tasty fish fillets.

Once I mastered that skill, there wasn’t much to do every day and I was bored.  When I get bored, I usually get into trouble, but I was saved from that by Gus, the head of the ship’s maintenance crew.  He didn’t really fit in with most of the other adults on the ship, because he pretty much thought for himself in matters of ship’s rules.  I liked him because I really didn’t fit in very well either.

Gus was about fifty, and because he and his crew had to fix anything that broke, he had the run of the ship.  He also had enough stuff and knowledge to build all sorts of technical gadgets, and taught me how to do the same.  I owe a lot to Gus for that, since it lets me do most of my repairs by myself.  I also owe Gus for teaching me the finer points of sex, well, at least for introducing me to someone who did.

We all had the standard issue reproductive training in school – woman lays on her back and opens her legs, penis goes into vagina, then strokes in and out until ejaculation.  We were taught how that causes pregnancy, along with why we were to be genetically matched with a mate as soon as we reached the age of twenty-six.  

Since it was a given that we would want to practice what we learned, we were all issued standard masterbators, vibrating sleeves for the guys and dildos for the girls.  We were taught how to relieve our own tensions so as to “save ourselves for that perfect match”.  I spent the next three years jacking off to the training videos the ship’s computer supplied on demand.  Then, I met Gus.

I first met Gus when he came to fix one of the circulation pumps on the fish tanks.  When I seemed interested in what he was doing, Gus began explaining how the pump worked and what had gone wrong.  He even let me put the pump back together and grinned when it worked the first time.

“Young fella, you’re in the wrong game here.  You oughta be workin’ in maintenance, but I guess that friggin’ computer didn’t think so.  Tell you what.  You come down to my place when you get done with whatever it is you do here, and I’ll show you some more maintenance stuff.  Can’t ever know too much, I always say.”

Well, there wasn’t much to do in the fish room except put in some feed, check the filtration system that strained out the fish crap, and weigh a couple from time to time.  I spent a lot of hours with Gus.  After about a month, he let me in on a secret.

Now, Gus had a spouse, but like Gus, she had a personality quirk that had somehow escaped the genetic filtering designed to make us all perfectly normal, whatever the hell that means.  Doris had to see sex to get aroused.  According to Gus, once she was aroused, she’d leave him limp, drained, and was still begging for more, but getting her aroused was the problem.  Gus solved that problem in his own unique way.

Gus could go anywhere on the ship through the maintenance passages, and so had access to places nobody else had.  Those places included the women’s gym showers, girl’s college dormitory rooms, each couples sleeping quarters, and the sick bay.  Being a devout voyeur, Gus had installed video cameras in each of these places and connected them to the monitors in his maintenance office via his own encrypted network.  

He’d record some of the video every day, and then take the memory chip back to their living quarters.  His wife would watch the video until, as Gus put it, “she was hot as a plasma injector, dripping like a leaky faucet, and wanted to fuck all night long”.

“Yep”, Gus grinned, “havin’ her drape them big titties over my face so I can suck her nipples, and then ridin’ my cock until she comes all over my balls is a real trip.  You never seen a woman get so hot ‘n bothered as Doris does.  Why the other night, she sucked my cock until I shot a load down her throat, swallowed it all, and then kept on suckin’ to get it hard again.  We finally quit ‘bout midnight, ‘cause I couldn’t get it up anymore.  I did have to give her a good lickin’ ‘fore she’d leave me alone though.  She’d have a time with you, young fella.  When I was your age, I could get it up after about five minutes, and do that for hours.  I expect you’re about the same.  You ought to try her out sometime.  I know she’d love it.”

I said I thought Doris was his, and that meant nobody else could be with her.

“That’s the bullshit they teach you in school, boy, not what really goes on.  If you’d seen some of what I’ve seen with my little camera system…well, let me just show you so you’ll know.”

Gus turned on his monitor and pressed some buttons.

“The women’s exercise class should still be in the showers about now.  Let’s go see.”

Well, they were…two of them…and they were naked…and the showers weren’t running.  Since the actors in the sex education tapes were always the same, I hadn’t realized there could be so much variation in women’s bodies.  There was Jack’s wife, Melody, who lived next door to Mom and Dad.  I knew she didn’t have big tits.  I didn’t know she had really long, really stiff nipples.  I also didn’t know she liked having them pulled and twisted, or that Janice, Mom’s best friend, liked doing that for her.

“But they look like they’re lesbians.  We’re not supposed to have any lesbians.  The computer fixes that when it matches people up, doesn’t it?”

“Boy, women are different than you and me.  I got no desire to have another dick anywhere on me, but women…well, usually they don’t mind another woman touching them.  Some of ‘em love it.  Oh, they still like a good, stiff cock, but they’ll play with each other when they don’t have one handy.  Just the way they are, I guess.  Doris is like that.  Gotta find her a woman one o’ these days.  She’ll get hot as hell watching this.  I’ll just record for a while so I can take it home tonight.”

Gus pressed a couple buttons, and then we watched as Janice pulled Melody’s nipples some more, then sucked on them gently while she slipped a finger between Melody’s thighs.  Melody’s mouth opened to form a little “O”, and then her head fell back as the finger disappeared inside her soft lips.  When Janice slipped in another finger, Melody’s tummy started to contract, and she started pulling on the nipple Janice wasn’t sucking.  After three fingers, Melody started arching her pussy into Janice’ hand, and finally had to hold on to the shower head to keep from falling down.  She gasped, arched hard, and then shook all over for almost a minute.  Then, she kissed Janice full on the mouth.

The sex education videos were nothing like this.  My cock was hard as a rock, and I really needed to jack off.  Gus saw me rubbing the front of my pants and stopped me.

“Don’t you go wastin’ that on your hand.  Come to our place tonight, an’ Doris’ll teach you what to do with it.  I guarantee you’ll never regret the lesson.  Now, let’s go see what the Williams are up to.  They’re off work today, and that means…”  Gus punched some more buttons.  “That means he’ll be giving her big clit a good lickin’.  There…see what I mean?  I’ll zoom in some so you can see better.”

Mrs. Williams had been my seventh grade math teacher, but I never suspected…I mean, her clit was almost an inch long and Bill was licking away at it like it was hard candy.  It did look hard, really hard and it glistened with wetness.  I didn’t know if that was from his tongue or from her.  The sex education videos said women get wet when they’re aroused.

“The sound is always great with them”, breathed Gus.  “Put on these headphones.  Don’t want anybody guessing what we’re doin’, now do we?”

If my cock could have gotten any harder, it would have.  Mrs. Williams, that soft-spoken woman who taught me about dividing fractions and started me into algebra was not quite so soft-spoken when her clit was being teased.

“Oh God, Bill, yes…now suck it…suck it hard.”

I watched, breathless, as her husband wrapped his lips around the throbbing nub and then sucked.  As his cheeks moved in and out, he snaked his hands under Mrs. Williams’ hips and up to the big breasts that jiggled on her chest.  He squeezed and Mrs. Williams gasped.

“Ah…Oh…pinch ‘em Honey…yes…now twist ‘em…Oh God…watch out…it’s coming.”

Bill sucked hard a couple more times, and almost managed to get out of the way when the stream of clear liquid shot out of Mrs. Williams pussy.  It hit him on the chin.  He wiped his chin and latched on to her clit gain, this time sucking faster and pulling on Mrs. Williams nipples pretty hard.  She began to writhe under his face, then arched her back to push her pussy into his face.

“Honey, stick in a couple fingers now…Oh God, yes.  I’m gonna cum if you keep sucking.  Don’t stop, Honey, don’t stop.”

Well, he didn’t and she did – all over his face and chest.  

Gus cleared his throat.

“Doris loves that, but she doesn’t squirt that much.  You do that to her, and you’ll be welcome in her bed anytime.”

“I didn’t know girls did that… squirt, I mean.”  

“Some do, some don’t, from what I’ve seen, and I’ve seen most of ‘em at one time or another.  Doris just gets really, really wet.  Tastes pretty good, I think.  You’ll have to try it and see for yourself.  Doris will show you how tonight if you’re willing.”


I didn’t know Doris.  She worked as one of the ship’s babysitters, so we’d probably met when I was little, but I didn’t remember it if we did.  I didn’t know what to expect when I buzzed their entry that night.  Gus opened the panel and beckoned me inside.

“You come on in.  Doris is so excited.  She’s in the kitchen making up something special for us.”

He bent to whisper in my ear.

“Now, I didn’t tell her anything about this afternoon.  I just told her you were a nice young man I met, and I’d invited you to dinner.  She asked if you’d be staying to watch some videos – she means some of our special ones – and I said she’d have to ask you.  Doris just giggled and said maybe she could give you a couple of reasons to stay.  I think you’d be a fool to back out, but it’ll be OK if you do.  I’ll take care of her.  After we eat, she’s gonna suggest we watch a video – probably the one we made this afternoon – and we’ll see what happens.  Just play along if you decide to stay.”

Doris was a great cook.  She was also a very shapely, very pretty woman.  Yes, she was a little more filled out than the girls my age, but where she was bigger, she was bigger in an extremely sensuous way.  Her dress was not all that revealing, skin-wise, but it fit tight enough to accentuate her heavy breasts and full, inviting hips.  The black stockings and shiny high-heels were pretty hot too.  She was a perfect wife and prim lady all through dinner.

As we were finishing up the dessert, she smiled at me and thanked me for coming to dinner, then asked if I liked watching movies.

“Central Entertainment has a really big collection, and we have a few that belong to just us.”

By then, I was sporting half an erection because every time Doris got up from the table, she bent over in my direction.  The dress that normally didn’t reveal much skin would sort of fall open and give me a view of two big, soft breasts nestled inside the fabric.  I could also see the kitchen from my chair, and every time she went in there, she seemed to find a reason to bend over again.  The way her dress rode up her hips and showed the lacy tops of her black stockings and the creamy white of her thighs sent a little wave of anticipation through me.

“I like watching videos, depending on what they are.  I’m not a big fan of documentaries or scary stuff, but about anything else is good.”

Doris laughed.

“I’m pretty sure we can find something that’s not a documentary or scary.  You two go in on the couch and I’ll see what I can find that we’ll all like.  Gus, why don’t you fix us a drink from your special stock?”

Doris walked over to the video screen and started pushing buttons while Gus walked me to a small cabinet next to the couch.

“Damned regs won’t allow alcohol with much kick, so I make my own.  It’s smooth and sweet and a lot better than that crap the ship’s still turns out.”

He handed me a glass of clear, amber liquid, picked up one for Doris and another for him, and walked to the couch.  Doris came back with a smile on her face.

“I think I found something we’ll all like.”  She took her glass from Gus and took a sip.  “Umm, just the right way to finish off a nice dinner and start a better evening.”  She looked at me and smiled again.

“Gus says you work at the fish tanks?”

“Yep, I’m the chief fish feeder and cleaner-upper.”

“Must get boring.  I’d be bored out of my mind.”

“Yeah, it usually is.  That’s why I like being around Gus.  He always has something to do.”

“He says you’re a big help even though you’re just learning.  Maybe you’ll be able to get a transfer and help him all the time.”

“I doubt it.  The computer picked me to be a fish farmer, so I’ll probably just be that.”

“Well, maybe somebody will see that the computer made a mistake and fix it.  That’s possible, you know.  It’s happened before.”

“It has?”

“Yes, to me in fact.  I was supposed to be a software engineer.  Went through all the classes and everything.  Then, when I started the job, I didn’t like it, so I just programmed myself to be a baby-sitter.  I’ve done that for years now, and I’m happy as can be.”

“You re-programmed your job assignment?”

“I didn’t say I couldn’t do the job of a programmer.  I said I just didn’t like it.  It wasn’t that hard, and it won’t be that hard to fix you, if you’d like that.  Before I left, I fixed it so I still have access and I’ve kept my passwords up to date.  Never know when something needs fixing.  Speaking of fixing, Gus, why don’t you fix us all another drink while I turn on the video?”

Once we had our drinks refreshed, Doris plopped down on the couch beside me and pressed the button on the video remote.  I thought she was maybe a little closer than she’d intended, but I wasn’t about to complain.

The video was an old one about robots and how they tried to take over from their human masters.  Like all movies of that era, it had a guy and a girl who saved mankind and fell in love in the process.  There was lots of action and some, but not too much romance.  When it ended, Doris laughed.

“If they’d known then what we know now, that video would have been a lot different.   I still liked it, though.  Will, do you have time for another?  We have one that I’m sure you’ve never seen.  It’s probably not what you’re used to watching, but it’ll be interesting.”

Gus winked at me.

“Yeah, I have time.  I don’t have to feed until late tomorrow morning.”

Doris beamed.  “Great.  It’s so nice having company to have fun with.”

In a few seconds, the scene from the women’s shower popped onto the screen.  We watched for a few minutes without saying anything, though I thought Doris caught her breath when Janice slipped her finger inside Melody.  I did notice that she’d opened her legs enough that her knee was touching mine.

As for me, the video was having the same effect it had that afternoon.  My cock was in the process of growing long and stiff, and it was beginning to show through my pants.  I crossed my legs in hopes of hiding it.  When I did that, Doris turned to look at me with a smile on her face and pressed the remote button to pause the video.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed, Will.  The video is doing the same thing to me and to Gus.  You just can’t see what it’s doing to me.  You can feel what it’s doing, if you’d like.”

“Uh…I’m not sure if I should.”

Doris took my hand gently and slipped it down the front of her dress.

“Feel how hard my nipple is?  That’s one of the things it’s doing to me.  There are other things too.  I’ll show you if you’re not afraid of me.”

“I’m not afraid of you.”

Doris stood up, undid some hidden fasteners, and the dress fell open from her neck to the bottom.  Her large breasts welled out the front and swayed gently a couple of times.  Doris slipped the dress from her soft shoulders and tossed it to the side.  While she’d looked a bit thick in the middle in the dress, once it was off, her waist blended into seductive hips and thighs that were exquisitely inviting.  She took my hand again and moved it to the mound of dark curls between her thighs.

“Touch there, Will, and you’ll find I’m getting wet.  I always get wet when I watch videos like this.”

She was wet, wet enough my fingertip was shining when I slipped it back out.

Doris grinned.  “See, I told you.  Now, if you’ll get out of those pants so you don’t hurt yourself, you can watch the rest of the video as comfortably as I am now.  Here, I’ll help you.”

Doris’ idea of helping was to stroke my cock at every opportunity while she undid my belt and unzipped my pants, while she pulled them down my legs, and while she pulled off my underwear.

“Now for your shirt”, she giggled.

After pulling the shirt over my head and tossing it on the pile with her dress and my pants, Doris plopped down on the couch beside me, her thigh pressing against mine and her arm around my shoulder.  She pressed the remote button again and the video started.

With her arm around me, her left breast was pressing against my shoulder.  I’d never felt anything like that before, but it felt great.  So did Doris’ hand stroking my thigh.  My cock was standing at attention, a fact not missed by Doris.  Those soft, slender fingers stroked from my thigh to my belly and then found my cock.  With the lightest of touches, she stroked the underside, then fondled my balls.  I was ready to cum, and arched up a little.

“No, no, Will.  We haven’t even gotten started yet.  Just sit still for a little while, OK?”

Sitting still was a problem, what with her fingertips doing all that touching, and was nearly impossible when she closed her hand around my shaft and began slowly stroking it.  It was a whole lot different than when I did it, and I decided right then and there it was a whole lot better.  I just had to rock my hips up again.  Doris chuckled.

“My, my, Will.  You just can’t be still, can you.  I’ll have to give you something else to think about.”

Doris put my hand on her breast.

“Play with my nipples, but gently at first.  Just stroke around them a little.”

I did, and they both seemed to swell even bigger than before.  I chanced brushing the tip of the left one, like I’d seen Janice do to Melody, and Doris moaned.

“Yes, just like that, only more.”

By then, the video had stopped, and I saw Gus get up to shut off the viewer.  On his way back, he winked at me again, and then said he had to go check on something.  As he left the room, Doris stood up, took me by the hand and led me to their bedroom.  She pulled the blankets to the foot of the bed and gently pushed me down, then sat down beside me and grinned.

“Gus’ll be out for a couple of hours at least.  Think we can figure out how to pass the time before he gets back?  I have a couple of ideas if you’d like to hear them."

I had a pretty good idea one of those ideas involved me licking her between the thighs like Gus said she liked.  I was a little hesitant about that, but he’d said I should play along.  I grinned.

“And what would those ideas be?”

“Lay still and I’ll show you the first one.”

Doris’ fingertips stroked my cock again as she knelt down and kissed me.  I’d never kissed a girl before, and evidently I didn’t do too well.  Doris chuckled.

“Will, open your mouth a little so our tongues can touch.”

Well, I did and it was more like Doris’ tongue slipped into my mouth and licked my tonsils than our tongues just touching, but it was a fantastic feeling.  I tried to do the same, and when I did, Doris moaned.

“That’s the way.  Lick my lips and my tongue with yours.  Um…you’re a natural at this.  I hope you’re as good in other ways.  I’m gonna show you how good I am at something now.”

Doris changed position so that her hips were even with my face and her face was even with my cock.  Well, it was even for a few seconds.  After that, her mouth had closed around my cock and was creating some really, really great feelings.  So were the soft fingers that first cradled my balls, then circled my shaft and stroked up and down.  In seconds, I was sure I was going to cum, but Doris fixed that.  She raised up off my cock and squeezed my shaft firmly between her fingers.  The feeling didn’t go away, but it eased enough I stopped humping up off the mattress.

“Ummm…I think you like what I’m doing.  Want me to do it some more?”

“Yes, Maam.”

Doris thumped my cockhead with her fingertip.

“Don’t call me Maam.  Call me Doris, just like I call you Will.”

“OK, Doris.”

Her wet mouth closed around my cock again, then went down, then down some more, then down further.  About the time I thought she would choke, my cock head hit the back of her throat and Doris swallowed.  As my cock slipped in another inch, Doris swallowed again, then again until her lips were mashed against my belly.  She slowly pulled up off my shaft until just the head was in her mouth, and I felt her tongue licking the underside.  I must have groaned, because Doris chuckled around her mouthful of cock, then pushed her head down again.

After half a dozen times of this, I though I would explode.  I was pushing my hips up each time she went down and I know my cock head had swollen because it felt like it was filling up her whole mouth.  Then, Doris straightened up and smiled at me.

“I know you’ll be good for several times, Will.  Don’t disappoint me, OK.”

“OK, I’ll try not to.”

She smiled again.  

“I know you won’t, Honey.  Let me take care of this and I’ll show you one of my other ideas.”

With that, I felt her lips sucking their way down my cock head, and when they wrapped around it, her tongue licked the underside again.  I felt her hand begin stroking my shaft again, and then another fingertip probing between my ass cheeks.  That fingertip pushed in gently, then a little more firmly, then went away.  It came back wet with something and pushed again.  This time, it slipped in, and that caused me to rock my hips up again.

Doris didn’t say anything.  She just kept on sucking and licking and stroking until I thought I’d explode.  When her fingertip went into my ass up to the knuckle, I did.  

Doris swallowed frantically, and that only made me cum harder.  She didn’t stop until she got it all, and then kept on sucking and licking.  It would have been torture if it hadn’t felt so great.  When I stopped humping up into her grasping lips and stroking tongue, Doris gave my cock head a good licking, then raised up and licked her lips.

“Umm, that was a lot.  I was hoping it would be, and it was.”

Doris gave my softening cock a little shake.

“Wakeup there, big boy.  I’m going to need you again.”

“I think he’s asleep.  You wore him out.”

“Nah, he’s just resting, but that’s OK.  I have another idea for something we can do while he rests.  Remember the second video, with the Williams?”

“Yeah.  Uh, I’ve never done that.  I might disappoint you.”

“Not if you can follow directions.”

Doris stretched out on the bed beside me.

“First, you need to do my nipples some more, and you don’t need to be as gentle this time.”  She giggled.  “Don’t bite one off, but little nibbles and bites are fantastic, and so is a good snug pull once in a while.”

That part was fun.  Of course, the sex education videos had shown girls breasts and nipples, and told us boys they were sensitive to the touch, but they underestimated everything.  Doris’ breasts were full, round, soft, and were really fun to squeeze.  Her nipples were as thick as my little finger, but not really long.  They got a lot longer with a little fondling, flicking, and sucking.  Doris got a lot hotter too.  After I gave each one a good long sucking and then lifted her heavy breasts up by the nipples and gave each one a little shake, she gasped.

“Will, I’m ready for the next part.  Don’t be afraid.  I’m all clean and fresh just for you.  If you’re like Gus, you’ll love it.  Just kiss down my tummy until you get there, and I’ll tell you what to do next.”

I got to the short mass of dark curls before I realized it, and when I inhaled, I got the scent of a sensuous woman for the first time.  It wasn’t bad, in fact, I found that the scent stirred my cock a little.  I stroked one finger through the curls and felt Doris’ soft lips hiding inside.

“That’s right, Will.  Now slip your finger between my lips and see how wet I am.”

She wasn’t dripping like Gus said, but she was almost that way.  I stroked the folds and felt all the little ripples of wet soft skin.

“Down a little more, Will, down to where you can get inside me.”

I moved my fingertip down, then down more, following the curve of her body.  At one point my fingertip just went inside Doris and kept going all the way up to my hand.

“Oh God, yes, Will.  Now move it in and out a little.”

I was watching my finger slide in and out of those soft lips and marveled at how they seemed to just fold up around it.  It was fascinating, and evidently pretty good for Doris too.

“Oh…slow down a little Will.  I don’t want to cum this way.  I want your mouth there, Honey.  Think you can you do that for me?”

I didn’t answer.  I just slipped my tongue between Doris’ swollen lips and gave her a tentative taste.  She was musky and tart and a whole bunch of other things I’d never tasted before.  She was also the most erotic thing I’d ever tasted in my life.  It took a minute for me to get between her thighs and a few seconds more to lay down with my face just inches from her dark muff.  After parting her soft lips with my fingers, I slipped my tongue from her entrance up to the top and then back down.  Doris liked that…a lot.

“Oh, yes, Honey.  Keep doing that, and right at the top…you see that little fold?  Under it is my clit.  You can lick that too and it’ll come out to play.  When it does, if you suck on it I’ll cum hard.”

Well, inexperienced as I was, I soon learned which things Doris liked the best, or at least those things that made her moan the most and made her push my face down on top of her soft lips and bush.  She seemed to like long licks from her entrance to her clit and then back down.  She loved it when I tried to push my tongue inside her.  She jerked and moaned really loud then.  She liked…well, I can’t really remember anything she didn’t like.  She just liked some things I did more than others.  

When I felt the soft little nub of her clit under my tongue and licked it hard, I thought Doris was going to push me off her and told her I was sorry.

“God, Honey, don’t be sorry.  Do that some more…that’s right…a lot more.”

Her clit responded by coming out a little more, not as far as Mrs. Williams, but enough I could suck on it.  When I did, Doris gasped and then moaned, “nipples, Honey.  Pull.”

At the same time I began a rhythmic sucking on her stiff clit, I rolled her nipples and then pulled them up.  Doris lurched up off the bed into my face and cried out.

“Oh Honey, you’ve got me so close.  Don’t stop.”

I don’t remember if I felt the gush of fluid on my chin first or if it was Doris lifting her hips off the bed and grinding her pussy into my face.  What I do remember is her long moan, then a gasp, then rapid panting, and finally a cry of “Now” as her whole body began to shake.  I kept licking until Doris collapsed back onto the bed, still shaking, and gently pushed my face away.  She pulled me up over her body and kissed me on the mouth, just like when we started.  This time, I knew what to do, and Doris’ little moan slipped over our tongues as she tasted herself on me.

I felt Doris’ hand stroking my cock and then she giggled.

“I think he woke up just in time.”

“But you just…”  Doris cut me off with another giggle.

“Honey, some girls can cum over and over.  I’m one of those girls.  I need you to use that beautiful cock inside me until I cum again.”

It was quickly apparent that to Doris, fucking her meant her sitting on my cock and doing all sorts of really fantastic things to it with her pussy.  I watched, fascinated, as she spread her swollen lips and worked her hips until my cock head disappeared into her entrance.  She slowly impaled herself and the feeling was absolutely wonderful.  Just inside her, my cock head pushed against a tight spot, but Doris didn’t stop.  She just kept sinking lower and lower until she’d pushed my cock past that place.  I shuddered when she finally sat her sexy hips on my thighs, and then caught my breath when I felt her pussy muscles give my cock a quick little squeeze.

“Did that feel good?” Doris asked.

“And how”

“It felt good to me too.  Now, Honey, play with my nipples some more and I’ll show you how it feels to do the real thing.”

I was already thinking the real thing felt a lot better than my hand or the standard issue masterbator.  As Doris started riding me, it just got better and better.  She’d raise up almost to the point my cock slipped out of her and then move up and down slightly.  When she did that, I could feel that tight spot catching on the back side of my cock head and it did a lot for me.  Apparently, it did a lot for Doris too, because she kept doing it every few full strokes.  

The full strokes were great too.  Doris would push down until I thought I was inside her as far as I could get, and then rock her hips a little.  I’d feel my cock head slide into sort of a pocket that sucked at it when she raised back up.

Doris’ full breasts were easy to fondle and in no time her nipples were thick, stiff, and long again.  There were little wrinkles and bumps all over her dark nipple beds, and she’d shiver when I stroked them.

After a while, Doris leaned down and dangled her right breast over my face.

“Suck, Honey, suck hard.  I’m getting close.”

As I sucked away on one nipple and rolled and tugged on the other, Doris began to grunt with every thrust she made over my cock.  When she began to pant, I knew she was nearly there.  I moved one hand between us, found her erect clit and rubbed it a little.  The effect was amazing.  Doris began to shake and moaned, “Again Honey.”  I started a gentle rubbing up and down and Doris began to pant faster.

The next time she sank down over my cock, I couldn’t help but push up.  My cock head slipped into that little pocket inside her again, and this time, the pocket was really wet and sticky.  Between that and the little contractions Doris’ pussy was making around my cock, there was no way I could keep from cumming.  Just as Doris’ hips began to dance rapidly up and down, I shot the first spurt of cum into that little pocket.  When she raised up a little, the suction forced another shot that started in my balls and raced through my cock.  I was so deep inside her, there was no place for it to go, and I saw it sort of leak out between her swollen lips and my cock.

Doris shook for another minute and then sagged into her arms.  Little contractions kept massaging my cock.  I started to pull out of her, but Doris moaned, “no Honey, keep it in there.  It feels really good.”

She was still breathing hard when she lowered herself, mashed her breasts into my chest, and started kissing me.  Every once in a while, she’d moan as a little contraction raced up and down over my cock.  It finally slipped out on its own, but Doris stayed on top of me for a while longer.

When she rolled off to my side, Doris chuckled.

“Well, was the real thing better than those vibrating tube things they give you?”

“Wow, a lot better.”

“Well, we’ll see if we can make it even more fun next time. I’ll see if I can get your beautiful cock to stand up again so we can find out.”

Those soft lips started sucking away at my cock again, and that same finger probed my ass.  It took her about ten minutes, but Doris managed to have me standing tall again.  I thought she was going to stop and ride me like before, but instead, she got up, turned around and rested her hands on the bed.

“This used to be called the doggie position, Honey, but I just call it fun.  Just get behind me.  You know the rest by now.”

She was pretty slippery from before, but somehow, she tightened everything up as soon as my belly bottomed out on her delicious ass.  I started to stroke in and out, just like Doris had before.  Things were progressing quite well, with Doris pushing back into my strokes and moaning.  She was getting wetter, it seemed, but was still tight enough to get me almost to cumming.  It was then that the idea struck me.  

Rubbing my finger beside my stroking cock soon coated it with her slippery juices.  I slipped it in between her soft ass cheeks and moved down, just like she had done with me.  When I reached the tight little ring of muscle, Doris shuddered.  I pushed in gently, and she shuddered again.  I started rubbing the taut little ring in a circle and Doris began to shake.

I tried getting that fingertip through the tight little ring, but it was too dry, so I wet my finger again.  After several attempts, I managed to slip the finger tip just inside.  Doris moaned, “Ohhhh”, and started to quiver.  After wetting my finger a few more times, and after some more massage, the finger slipped in to the knuckle.  It was like I’d plugged Doris into one of the electrical outlets in the room.  She cried out, “Now Honey, Oh God, Now”, and started to shake all over.  

I was there too, and one more stroke to the balls started the spurting that made me shake as hard as Doris was shaking.  I kept gently moving my finger in and out as I kept thrusting deep inside her with every spurt, and Doris lost control of everything.  One minute, my cock was buried in her pussy and my fingertip was in her ass up to the knuckle.  The next, Doris had fallen flat against the bed, shaking and moaning as the orgasm shook her, and the last spurt from my cock hit her in the small of the back.

She lay there, gasping for breath, and I saw her pussy moving in and out over and over for the next minute or so.  Finally, Doris rolled over and inched her body back on the bed.

“Honey, where did you learn that?”

“Learn what?”

“To put a finger in my bottom.”

“Well, you did it to me so I thought…if you didn’t like it, I won’t do it again.”

“Honey, you do that as often as you want.  Now, come here and we’ll rest a little before…well, I told you I can cum lots of times.”

I’m not really sure what time or how I got back to my room.  I’m not sure how I got into bed.  I know when I showered the next morning, my cock looked shriveled and it didn’t have much feeling when I washed it.  None of that really mattered, though.  I knew I’d be visiting with Gus and Doris a lot in days to come.

In about a week, I got a transfer from the fish tanks to maintenance as Gus’ apprentice.  I worked beside him and learned about the technical side of the ship.  At night, I worked with Doris and learned the technical side of pleasing a woman.  Both sets of lessons were great, though the lessons Doris taught were a lot more fun.  Those days ended about six months later when the ship’s navigation computers identified Alofit just to starboard.  After a slight course correction, we were on track for Alofit and scheduled for orbit in about ten days.


Just as planned, the EC Jacobs went into orbit around Alofit a few days after my twenty-first birthday.  We were all excited at the prospect of exploring new lands and meeting the local residents, that is, if there were any.  Well, as it turned out, there were.  Our shuttles landed just outside a well-established trading settlement – of Earthers.  It seems that technology had progressed at a little faster rate than our forebears had anticipated, and a second ship taking a path through some newly discovered worm holes had beat us by a generation or so.

They really didn’t know what to do with us.  Our knowledge was outdated and most of us seemed a little slow compared to them.  They finally decided we’d probably make acceptable cooks and habitat cleaners. I wasn’t cut out to be somebody’s window washer, so I said goodbye to Mom, Dad, Gus, and Doris, a rather extended goodbye with Doris, and hitched a ride on a Ludean freighter leaving for Ongoro.  

About half way out, we stopped at Calendia to pick up some cargo, and that’s where I met Nodo, the old Calendian trader I told you about.  He needed a hand, and I was pretty much available. We had three Calendian lunar cycles together on his ship, the Julay, and he taught me a lot about trading with the various residents of the many planets we called at.  Nodo also taught me the finer points of trading in certain restricted items that were in high demand throughout the galaxies.  That knowledge and the hidden compartments on the Julay, were to serve me well in future years.  

On a trip to Kalina, Nodo got a bad case of frilby flies and died.  He’d never said anything about any relatives, so I figured I’d inherited the Julay.  After trading some of the cargo for supplies, I started out on my own.  That’s why I was sitting across the table from Gorndor today and praying for a strong wind.

I really needed to hurry.  Jananga is banned by every government that uses Yuglicks, so I was on the shady side of legal. OK, I was illegal as hell, but somebody was going to help the Yuglicks get off and I figured it might as well be me that made the profit.  It wasn’t like I was selling them Denovan dream water or anything like that.  I was just helping them do what comes naturally.

I took a cautious breath.  The reek seemed less, so I risked inhaling all the way.  After only a slight gag and a cough, I asked in my broken Yuglonian, “OK, Gorndor, what do you have to trade?”

“Ah, I have something worth a fortune.  You will be pleased with my trade.”

“Well, bring it out and let’s look at it.”

I figured he’d looted some settlement for a case of Burder brandy or something like that.  Yuglicks don’t get out much unless they’re fighting, so most of what they find seems valuable to them.  I sat back while two of Gorndor’s lieutenants left the room.  The air was almost breathable.

They came back in the room with a female of a humanoid species I hadn’t seen before.  She had a chain around her neck, and wore some sort of filthy sack that covered her from neck to ankles.  The parts of her that weren’t covered were pretty grungy too.  Evidently, the trip back from whatever campaign the Yuglicks had just fought had been pretty rough on her, but then, Yuglicks don’t wash up much so they don’t have showers on their ships.  The only thing I could tell about her was that she would have loved killing every Yuglick in sight.  Her dark eyes glowed with a fire that could only be hatred.

I got ready for Gorndor’s spiel about her being worth a large ransom on whatever planet she called home.  I wasn’t about to trade for her.  I make it a rule never to deal with ransoms.  True, ransoms can be profitable, but I’d heard of the worm pits on Nibia.  That’s where kidnappers were sent if caught and convicted.

“You’ll have to do better than this, Gorndor. I don’t do ransoms.  Besides, it doesn’t look like anybody in their right mind would want her back.  She’s too dirty.”

“No, not ransom.  Sell her on Runos for a slave.  They like these, these, Felinians for some reason.”

One of the cardinal rules of trading is to never accept the first offer.  Knowing when to say “yes” is a skill I’ve honed to an art form, and the trade always gets better if you refuse the first couple offers.  

“Well, sorry, Gorndor, but no deal.  Slave traders get tied up and fed to the bangas on Borchan.  If you’ll excuse me, I’ll take my Jananga and be on my –“

“Of course, you do realize he will probably rip out your liver and feed it to you if you take his Jananga away?  They have been talking about it since they caught me.  First the Jananga, then a big party, then many happy Yuglicks.  With no Jananga and no party, they will be very irritated Yuglicks.  I would avoid that if I were doing the negotiating.”

The voice was low-pitched and sultry, and she was speaking Earther.  If I hadn’t seen her lips move, I’d never have believed it came from the muddy person in the rags.

“Besides, my mate will reward you well if you take me back to Felina.  Is that not better than being torn apart while you are still alive?”

“You speak Earther.  Where did you learn?”

“That is not important right now.  Gorndor is becoming aggravated since he can not understand what we are saying.  Just tell him you will take me.”

Gorndor was looking agitated.  He was reaching for the wicked looking sword on his belt and licking his lips.  

“OK, but you better be telling me the truth.  Otherwise, I just might sell you on Runos.”

“Just get me away from these stinking Yuglicks and you will get paid.  I promise.”

Gorndor was starting to stand up.

“You know, Gorndor, I haven’t been to Runos for a while.  Tell you what.  You throw in a couple cases of Yuglick beer, and you got a deal.”

Gorndor sat back down and waved at his lieutenants again.  While they were getting the beer, I was treated to another attack of Yuglick farts.  At least he was happy again.

It was difficult to carry the beer and hold the female’s chain at the same time, but I wasn’t about to let her get away.  If she was telling the truth, I might come out of this all right, but if she got away, all I had was the beer.  Yuglick beer is good beer, but not that good.  We were almost at the shuttle when I heard the blast of a particle weapon and then a shout.

“Stop.  You’re under arrest.”


Only a fool would have stopped, and I’m no fool… well, not usually, anyway.  I toggled the remote to open the shuttle hatch, and pushed the female in ahead of me.  There were a few tense moments while I started the engines, because the shuttle is a little cold blooded, but just as the first particle beam hit the hatch, we lifted off.  When we cleared the atmosphere, I set the autopilot to home in on the Julay.

“You are not very adept as a smuggler, are you?”

“I got my Jananga fruit to Gorndor, didn’t I?”

“And nearly got caught in the process.  You know, this shuttle would start up more acceptably if you would tune the reflux coils regularly.  The thrust nozzles are in very poor condition too.  Have you ever considered new nozzles, or do you just enjoy the risk of vaporizing during one of your shuttle flights?”

“So, you think you know all about shuttles?  Well, when you’ve been in space as long as I have, then you can -”

“Actually, I am an expert in propulsion systems, as well as stellar navigation and solar-accelerated time jumps.  I am very well educated.”

“But you’ve never actually flown, have you?”

“Yes, just a couple of times, but that does not change the facts that your coils need tuning and your nozzles are eroded.  It also does not change the fact that those customs officials are still chasing you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Those little dots on your sensor screen?  Perhaps they are only dirt.  Everything else in this mechanical disaster is filthy, so that is probably what they are.  It would be odd that dirt would keep getting closer, though, do you not think?”

They weren’t dirt.  Usually the local customs guys gave up once my shuttle took off.  They hadn’t given up this time.  Six of their attack shuttles were heading toward us.  I couldn’t understand why they were so interested in me, but I wasn’t about to stop and find out.

“Damn!  If we can get to my ship, I can outrun them, but we still have a way to go.”

“If I might?”

She quickly tapped a few keys on the control console, and the shuttle surged forward.  As my freshman science teacher had once explained, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  I surged backward and ended up with my face mashed against the aft bulkhead.

“There, that is better, is it not?  Where… where did you go?

“I’m laying on my back behind you.  What the hell did you do?”

“I merely crossed the polarity of the mixer chambers.  It is not something you want to do on every flight, you understand, but when it works, it is good for approximately three times the thrust.  I just hope the nozzles can take it.  I told you about the nozzles, if you remember.  You do remember, do you not?”

“Yes, I remember.  Who said you could do that?  I don’t like other people messing around with -”

“I believe this must be your ship coming up.  Does this shuttle dock automatically, or must one pilot it in?”

“It’s automatic.  Now, like I asked before.  Who said you could do that?”

“I just thought it an appropriate action, given the circumstances.  You were not doing anything.”

I was still muttering to myself when we docked in the shuttle bay.  It took only a few seconds to reach the bridge, and in a few more, we left orbit.  As soon as the computers calculated a clear path, the Julay hit light-one, and the customs guys were only a memory.  Of course, I wouldn’t be able to go back there for a while, but there were other settlements.

“Do you have bathing facilities on this ship or do you just stay as odorous as you are now?”

“I don’t smell.  Well, I might, but it’s only because of the Jananga fruit.  Yes, I have a shower.  Just go easy on the water, OK?  It takes a long time to recycle.”

“I shall keep that in mind.  Where are the facilities?”

“Down the passageway to the right, and remember about the water.  I want to shower after you do.”

“I have a very good memory.  Would you please remove this chain from my neck so I may wash properly?”

While she was gone, I set a course for Borchan, a small planet on the way to Felina.  Borchan is kind of convenient as a rest stop, and their customs laws are, shall we say, rather flexible.  I’d met the governor of one settlement, Manoleen, on a trip with Nodo, and I had some cargo to drop off as a special favor to her. Manoleen had a particular passion for human men and also for cuccros, and I’d picked up a few on my last trip to Calendia – cuccros, that is.  

I wanted to give her a little gift for…  Well, let’s just say, she and I had a very enjoyable time together on my last trip.  Borchan females have these special muscles and they’re very adept at using them to…I imagine the effect is something like that of the penis pumps used by my ancestors back in the 21st century.  What I do know is that I couldn’t get my cock to stand up for a week after that trip.

It was going to be a while before we got to Borchan, so I set a couple of bottles of Gorndor’s beer in the airlock to cool.  After a minute at deep space temperature, they were nice and frosty.  I broke the seal on one, settled back in my chair, and took a long pull on the bottle.

“Ah, so you chilled one for me too.  Thank you.”

I heard the sound of the seal on my second bottle pop.  Whoever she was, she was starting to get a little pushy, and I didn’t like it.  First, it was messing with my shuttle, then her comments about me smelling, and now she helped herself to my beer.  It was time I showed her who was captain of the Julay.   

I turned the chair around to face her.

“Now look here.  I’m getting tire-”.

I couldn’t finish my pissed-off captain speech.   No man could have talked while seeing what I was seeing.  The look on her face was questioning.  The look of the rest of her - almost like a dream.

“I am not familiar with that Earther word.  What does it mean – tire?”

I still couldn’t talk.  She was completely naked, and I hadn’t seen naked like that in a very long time.  Hell, I don’t think I’d ever seen naked like her.  She didn’t seem to be the least bit modest either.  While I was staring, she put the bottle to her perfect lips, tipped it up, and I watched as three perfect swallows slid down her perfect throat.  A mane of perfect yellow-blonde hair cascaded over her perfect bare shoulders.  That mass of burnished gold was the only hair on her body.  Where a human woman would have had a bush between her thighs unless she shaved often, the soft slender lips between hers were totally bald, and were just as perfect as the rest of her.  The little pink bump that stuck out at the top of them seemed to be just perfect too.

“Ummm, I can not believe creatures so absolutely repugnant could make such a wonderful beer.  It is almost as delicious as Felinian ale.”

“Well, go easy on that stuff.  It’s made from langlon berries, and it’ll sneak up on you.”

“You have obviously never sampled Felinian ale, have you?”

“No, why?”

“Felinian ale has been known to render a male incapable of standing after only two bottles.  Fortunately, we females are immune.  We just like the taste of it”, she took another long swallow, “like I like this.”

“Is that right?  Well miss, uh, whatever your name is, I’ll have you know I can hold my liquor with the best of them, so don’t get your hopes up.”

 I took another pull at my bottle.  It was something to do besides staring at her with my mouth hanging open.  I was starting to think about more than getting her back to Felinia so I could collect my reward.

“Xanmar Porquanitisamal Encholazid Manasolarovarias is my name.  You may address me as Xanmar.  You keep staring at me.  May I ask why?”

“Well, for one, you don’t have any clothes on.”

“Oh?  Are the females of your species never without clothes?”

“Not usually, unless they know the other person in the room very, very well.”

“And it bothers you that I am unclothed?”

“No, not at all.  Well, yes.  You’re, um, well, you’re very … distracting.”

“Distracting?”  She wrinkled her brow, and then smiled.  “Ohhhh, that peculiar drive to reproduce that seems to occupy some specie’s every waking moment.  That is it, is it not?”

“That would be it.”

“Felinians have evolved away from that habit, but I understand.  I shall clothe myself, that is, if you have anything except that filthy rag the Yuglicks gave me.”  She slowly rubbed her hand over her firm breasts, then down her side and over the curve of her hip.  “I still feel dirty after wearing that.”

“In the cargo hold, back down the passage.  I’ll show you.”

She turned around.  It had to be.  Her ass was just as perfect as the rest of her.

I had a small assortment of clothing on board that I’d been stuck with, I mean traded for on Winleer.  None of it was really for women, but she found some black, zang lizzard pants, a white shirt, and a pair of boots she liked.  Without anything else to do, it was natural for me to just stand there and watch her dress.

The pants were somewhat of a challenge for her since they fit like a second skin.   She wriggled and pulled, then rocked her perfect ass back and forth, and finally got them on.  They were also a little short in the waist, so her cute little belly button showed.  The shirt turned out to be too small to button up, so she left it unfastened and just tied the shirttail in front.  The result was that her breasts pushed the fabric out until the shirt gaped all the way down to the knot.  When she bent over to pull on the boots, I got a nice view of her round, leather-clad bottom including a very cute little ass crack.

“Well, is this more acceptable?”

“No, not really.”

“No?  I am still…distracting, as you say?”

“Yep, ‘fraid so.”

Just then the guidance computer beeped that we were approaching Borchan.  We went to the cabin and I plopped down in my chair.  She took the chair beside me as I keyed the com system.

“Borchan control, this is Julay, requesting permission to orbit.”

After about twenty seconds with no response, I repeated the request.

“Should not they be answering?”

“Well, probably, but Borchans have a few little quirks that -.”

The voice on the speaker was, slow, breathy and low-pitched.

“Julay, this is Borchan control.  Will, Honey, is that you?”

“Hi, Reega.  Yep, it’s me. How’s every little thing?”

“Well, I’m not Reega, I’m Reegine, and my every little thing is tingling all over.  We haven’t seen you in so long and…well, you remember the last time you were here, don’t you, Honey?”

I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Why does she keep calling you, Honey?  What is “Honey”?”

“It’s a term of endearment they picked up from Earthers.  We use it as a nickname for someone you care a lot about.  You have those on Felinia, don’t you?”

She shrugged. “If you mean someone we care about, not really.  If you are referring to a nickname, I am not familiar with the term.”

The com system sputtered and the female voice came back from the speaker.

“Will, Honey, you want to lan-“  I heard a muffled, “not now, not while…oh no, I’m going to…Ohhhhhh.”  In couple minutes, Reggine came back on.  “Sorry ‘bout that, Will.  I had… I got busy with something.  You want to land or what?”

“That’s the general idea.  I have something for Manoleen.”

“Oh, I see.  Well, if it’s the same as before, she’s gonna be very happy.”  A giggle came from the speaker.  “She couldn’t walk until the next morning, and she didn’t stop smiling for a week.  You take pad ninety-six, Honey.  See you when you get here.”

The space port shuttle picked us up from pad ninety-six along with my cargo of cuccros.  I checked them just before we landed and they were still alive and not yet mature.  Cuccros are little fish like creatures from Calendia.  They’re apparently very tasty when young, but go bitter about two weeks after they’re hatched.  I’d gotten mine a week ago from a trusted trader who guaranteed they were just a day old.  Manoleen would be happy, and when she’s happy, she wants to spread it around.  I was in for at least a day, if I stayed conscious for that long, of some really great sex.  I think I told you about her special muscles…

Manoleen’s aide, a nubile young Borchan girl, met us at the mansion gate and escorted us to the governor’s suite.  

“Her honor will be with you in a moment.  She’s attending to some settlement business with the Intergalaxy Council.  Something about a smuggler who escaped from Zancin 4 if I heard correctly.  They think he might be coming this way.”

Well, this was, as they say, a quandary.  I was pretty sure Manoleen wouldn’t turn me in, but not sure enough to stick around and find out.  She liked me, but she still had her government responsibilities to take of.  On the other hand, she’d probably know why my mostly innocent trip to Zancin 4 had attracted so much attention at such a high level.  I really needed to talk with her but I didn’t want to spend much time on Borchan if the authorities suspected that’s where I was.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait long.  In a couple minutes, Manoleen walked into the room and smiled, then reached down and stroked the front of my pants.  Manoleen doesn’t keep her feelings to herself very well.  

“Will…it’s so good to see you again.  What have you been up to?”

“Nothing much.  Just my usual trading trip to some of my usual places.”

“That’s not what I hear from Intergalaxy.  They gave me a description of your shuttle, and they say you’re smuggling things that aren’t legal.  They wouldn’t say what, but I can guess.  Morovian happy seeds, Gillisan eggs…No?… Then what did you have?”

“Just some Jananga fruit.  I know it’s not legal, but it doesn’t hurt anybody so I don’t know what they’re so upset about.  They never were before.”

Manoleen smiled and her white tooth plates beamed between her blue green lips.

“No, I doubt they’d send out a search and capture on you for that.  It must be something else.  By the way, who is this with you?  Not your wife, I hope.”  Manoleen grinned.  “That is, unless she’s very flexible.”  

Did I mention that Manoleen is not picky about the sex of her playmates?  Well, she’s not.

“No, not my wife.  This is Xanmar, a Felinian I sort of traded my jananga for.”

Manoleen’s brow made a long furrow over all three of her deep, dark sensuous eyes.

“I have heard of a Felinian female with that name.  She was captured by the Yuglicks at Bonamar, correct?”

“Well, the Yuglicks had her, but they didn’t say where or how they got her.”

Manoleen turned to Xanmar.

“How much did you tell my dear Will?”

“That I was captured and held against my will and that he should trade for me.  In his defense, he did not want to make the trade but I convinced him.  I said my mate would pay him if he took me back to Felinia.”

“No, I mean what did you tell him about yourself?”

“Just my name, Xanmar.”

 Manoleen turned back to me with a look of concern on her face.

“Will, darling, I know why you’re being chased.  She’s standing beside you.”

“She’s just a Felinian female.  Why would she cause such a concern?”

“The Felinians have an insatiable curiosity about everything.  As far as I know, they’re a pretty harmless species and they’re not at war with anybody, but they just have to know everything about everything.  As you know, most other species have things they want to keep secret.  Xanmar is a Felinian spy, and from what I heard, an exceptional one.  

“She was on Bonamar trying to find out about the Bonamar defense system when the Yuglicks attacked.  Yuglicks being Yuglicks, they didn’t know what they had, but a couple of the regular Intergalactic military did.  I don’t know how she let herself get caught, but once she was, the Intergalactic commission wanted whatever information she’d found.  Since you took her away, they think you’re part of her team.  That’s why they’re chasing you.”

Xanmar’s voice was sharp and resolute.

“I do not work with a team.  I work alone.  I only got caught because of my…because the attack was so sudden.  Otherwise, I would have killed every Yuglick in sight and escaped.”

Manoleen’s voice was still calm.

“And I’m sure you could have, my dear.  The Council doesn’t know you work alone, but they do want you back at almost any cost.  Will, I think it would be best if you leave here.  I can stall them for a day or so, but then I’ll have to report that you were here or I’ll lose my standing with the Intergalactic Council.  I think you should take Xanmar home, and then maybe try trading in the Blixom galaxy until this settles down. I’m sure the Felinians will explain that you were just a trader in the wrong place and not a spy. The council has other things to do, so they’ll probably stop looking for you once they know they can’t reach her and you were mostly innocent.  It is a shame though.  I was looking forward to another couple days with you.”

I gave Manoleen her cuccros and she promised to get word to me when it was safe to come back.  Then, Xanmar and I boarded the shuttle, flew back to the Julay, and set course for Felinia.  After we ate, I took another Yuglick beer up to the observation deck to relax and think about what I was going to do until things cooled down.  

I didn’t know much about the species in the Blixom galaxy.  Nodo never traded there because the humanoids are a bit backward and don’t have much anybody else would want.  He did tell me the Carison species has a particular love for some sort of rock that is found in the asteroid belt around Plinder 3, so maybe there was something to be gained there.  I had no idea of what they might trade in return.

About halfway through my Yuglick beer, I had one of those feelings that something or someone was behind me and turned to see what it was.  It was Xanmar, without her boots, leather pants and tight shirt.

“Xanmar, what are you doing?”

Her voice was low, breathy, and sultry as all hell.

“Just looking at the stars.”

“You’re naked again.”

“Yes, it feels better to be naked at this time.”

“What time?”

“It has been eight of your days since my last - I do not believe there is a word in Earther for it - my last reproduction time.”

“Reproduction time?”

Xanmar had walked to where I sat and her fingertip began stroking my chest.

“Every eight of the lunar days in this galaxy, Felinian females become receptive to the males of the species.  It is the only time we can reproduce.  The result of this evolution is that not only are we receptive, we seek out males to impregnate us and entice them by the way we look and by pheromones that we produce only at this time.  Do you not notice the changes in my body?”

I could see that her perfect breasts seemed bigger and her perfect nipples were longer and as stiff as the spines on a Lancor’s back.  When I sniffed the air, I didn’t smell anything, but I found it strange that my cock gave a lurch and that I suddenly remembered how Doris had tasted.

“So what does all this mean to me?  I’m not a Felinian male.”

The fingertip traced its way down to my belly and then to my cock.

“It means I am driven to couple as many times in a day as I can.  I have no control over this once it begins.  I can only do what my instincts guide me to do.  That is what happened on Bannomar.  I was hiding until my reproduction day was over when the Yuglicks found me.  I could not resist them in that state.”

“OK, but like I said, I’m not a Felinian male.”

Xanmar was stroking my cock through my pants.

“You have the same equipment, though you are somewhat larger.  You will be an acceptable substitute.”

“And if I don’t want to?”

Xanmar’s pupils were beginning to get bigger.

“I will rip off your reproductive organs and satisfy myself with them.”

“Oh…so when does this reproduction day start, just so I know what to look out for.”

“Right now.”

Xanmar turned around, bent over, and waved her shapely ass in my face.  I determined two things at that time.  The scent coming from between her thighs was exciting me very rapidly and the soft lips that had been so pink and slender before were now taut, swollen and much darker.  As I watched, they opened all by themselves, and then closed.  They opened again and I saw the little bump of her clit had also grown and grown a lot.  It was moving in and out of the little sheath of soft skin at the top of her slit.

Those swollen lips moved lower, then lower until they brushed my nose.  When that touch came, Xanmar gasped and more or less sat on my face.  My nose slipped between her lips and she began to rub back and forth.  I felt a slippery liquid flow down over my cheeks and lips.  Not tasting it was an impossibility, but I found it strangely erotic.  In fact, it was so erotic my cock was rigid in seconds.  In another few seconds I decided I wanted to fuck Xanmar until I passed out or died, whichever came first.

There was also an unfamiliar noise in the cabin, a soft, low rumble that I realized was coming from Xanmar.  It got a little louder when my tongue rubbed over her swollen clit.  Then she dropped to the floor, raised her sweet little ass up in the air and whispered, “I am ready now.”

I got down on my knees behind her and started to ease my cock between her dripping wet pussy lips.  That lasted for about half a second.  As soon as my cock head touched her, Xanmar rammed her body back and impaled herself on my cock.  I felt my balls slap against her just before she began arching her back and writhing her hips around.  All that motion and her exceptionally tight passage were taking me to the point of no return, and taking me there fast.

“Slow down, Xanmar, or I’m gonna be done before you are.”

The words were almost a whisper, and I could tell she spoke them with great effort.

“Do it.  I am ready.”

Xanmar’s internal muscles clamped down on my cock, and there was a really fantastic sucking sensation around my cock head that was more than I could control.  I came and came hard, filling her tight little pussy with my seed.  Just as the first shot hit her, Xanmar cried out and clamped down even harder on my cock.  She shook, then gasped, then fell to the floor, pulling my cock out in the process.  What followed was something I’d never seen.

Xanmar rolled around on the floor, first stretching, then stroking her breasts and sides, then rubbing between the swollen lips now wet and leaking my cum.  Her wet fingers went to her mouth and she sucked each one clean, and then stretched some more.  The rumbling sound got a little louder, and then she smiled at me.


“I can’t, not yet.  Anyway, let’s go find something softer than the floor.  My knees will be rubbed raw if we keep this up.”

“It will not go down.  Again.”

She was on me in a flash, stroking my cock and trying to get my cock inside her again.  I managed to steer her down to the bed and pushed her onto the mattress.  

In the light of the room, it was obvious Xanmar was not really in control.  Her eyes were wide open pools of lust, and her body was doing everything by itself.  She rolled over on her knees again and spread her thighs wide.  The voice was so low it was almost hoarse.


She’d said my cock wouldn’t go down, and I hadn’t believed her, but it was still just as stiff as before I came.  I found I also had the same desire to bury that stiff cock in Xanmar’s tight pussy again.  Almost without thinking, I grabbed the swell of her hips and pushed my cock inside her until it wouldn’t go any deeper.  Xanmar gasped and began the same hip shaking, ass rolling, and pussy clenching as before.  

It took a little longer this time, but not much.  Xanmar was panting, gasping and pushing her pussy down to bury my cock as deep as possible when she cried out again and those muscles began massaging my cock.  I shot my cum deep inside her, and the feeling was even better than before.

I was tired and tried to pull out my cock, but I couldn’t.  Xanmar had it firmly clenched with the same muscles that had massaged it into cumming.  While those muscles wouldn’t let my cock go, they were still massaging it and I was beginning to feel the tension that meant I was going to cum again.


“Xanmar, you’ll kill me if we keep this up.”

“Not…if… you… are…strong…enough.  Again.”

I decided either I had to wear her out or I probably would at least pass out.  Reaching around Xanmar, I tweaked each turgid nipple a couple of times and then rolled them around.  Xanmar screeched and the massage on my cock got stronger.  I pulled both nipples down hard, and she screeched again, then arched her back down and drove my cock just a bit deeper inside her.  The sucking sensation started again, so I gave up and let things happen as they would.  I felt a flood of something around my cock and down my thighs just before Xanmar cried out and her pussy clamped down on my cock again.  

That was all I could take.  I don’t think I came much, but it still was a fantastic feeling.  This time, Xanmar let my cock slip out.  She rolled on the bed again, stretching and rubbing her body, tasting the fluids that seemed to flow from her pussy and down onto the bed sheet.  She was smiling as she writhed sensuously.


“Xanmar, no.  I can’t.  I have nothing left.”

Xanmar breathed,  “Put it back in.  I will fix that.”


“Remember about me ripping off your organs?  Put it back in.”

“Can we do it my way this time?”

“However you want.  Just put it back in.”

I knelt between her upraised thighs and positioned my cock at her dripping entrance.  As soon as it was inside her, I felt the now familiar clamping sensation along with a new one.  Xanmar seemed to bear down and I felt something surging up my cock.  It was like cumming, only in reverse, but the effect was the same.  With a gasp, I started to stroke away like mad.  

Xanmar was with me all the way.  Her pussy was clenching and unclenching, her hips danced around putting all sorts of wonderful angles between my cock and her passage, and she was panting and gasping for breath.

“What you did before…my nipples…again.”

I couldn’t really hold myself up and pull on her nipples, but I could reach them with my mouth.  When I sucked on the right one gently, Xanmar groaned, “Harder”, and clamped down on my shaft again.  I sucked hard enough I lifted her breast up and then nipped the taut nub with my teeth.  Xanmar cried out and came with the same flood of fluid.  I came a second later and was surprised to feel spurt after spurt racing down my shaft to fill what little room there was between my cock and her passage.

Xanmar stretched under me a little, squeezed both breasts with her slender fingers, and then I felt that same reverse cumming feeling.  That started things all over again.  I came just as hard, and after I sucked her other nipple and nipped it, so did Xanmar.

After that, things are a little blurry.  What with my cock never getting soft and Xanmar “recharging” me, so to speak, I think we kept it up all night and for sometime into the next morning.  I fell asleep – passed out is probably a better word, but I kept having this dream about Xanmar riding me over and over and over.  Each time, I came hard just when she did, and then she’d fill me back up for the next round.

When I woke up, Xanmar was standing over me, dressed in her leather pants and tight shirt again.

“Are you alive?”

“I think so.  Let me stand up to make sure.”

I was pretty wobbly, but I managed to make it to the galley.  I needed a cup of Meningian coffee in the worst way.  After that was fixed, I fell down into one of the chairs at the galley table and sipped the bitter, but very awakening brew.  Xanmar sat down across from me.

“Thank you, Will.”

“For what?”

“For seeing to my needs…and for not dying in the process.”

“Is it always like that?”


“Every eight days?”


“Why didn’t I get soft afterwards?”

“I believe you must be very affected by the hormones in my body secretions.  Felinian males are affected so.  We have evolved in this manner to allow them to breed with us multiple times in one day.

“Damn…I’m going to need something more than this coffee then.  How do your males keep up?”

“Usually, they do not.  There are an average of one hundred Felinian males born for every Felinian female.  It is the way we have evolved.  We make more males since they tend to…to get used up during our reproduction days.”

“What if you don’t find a male?”

Xanmar shrugged.

“For the first hour, we will try to kill anything within reach.  After that, we spend the day being out of our minds.  I was not making a joke about ripping off your organs.  We have tried artificial inseminators.  They take the edge off, a little, but not much.”

“Females can’t uh, help other females?”

“A little, I suppose, but we really need to feel the spurts of reproductive fluids inside us to ease the tension.”

“And that’s why you kept on topping off my tank, so to speak?”

“It is another product of our evolution.  Once or twice is enough to impregnate a female, but the desire does not stop until the end of that reproduction day.  It’s our way of trying to preserve the stronger males for use again.”

“If she becomes pregnant?”

“Pregnancy lasts nine of your months, just like most humanoids.  During that time, there is no desire to couple.”

“Not even for fun?”

“Reproduction is not for pleasure.  Reproduction is a biological necessity.  Besides, that would waste our males for nothing.”

I sighed.  Having a female like Xanmar would be fantastic if one could sort of average things out a little.  A whole day of non-stop sex every eight days would surely kill me if I had to keep it up.  Thankfully, Felinia was only six more days away.  I’d have Xanmar back home and I’d be on my way to the Blixom galaxy to see what I could find.

Two days out from Felinia, the plasma injector on the Julay’s engine plugged up.  Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have been too concerned.  It wasn’t hard to fix.  It’s just that fixing it took time and someplace to set down for a couple of days.  I didn’t have a couple of days before Xanmar’s eight day cycle came around again, but I really had no choice.

The small moon that orbited Tangel 8 wasn’t ideal, but there was a relatively flat surface on one side, and my sensors said the temperature was about right and there was enough oxygen in the atmosphere I wouldn’t have to use a suit.  By using the auxilary pulse engine, I was able to set her down gently.  Now I had to fix the injector.

The injector was buried under the hull plates by some engineer who’d probably never flown in his life and was an absolute bitch to uncover.  It took me a day to get the plates off and open the engine cowling so I could take it out.  The spare part was in my stores, so at least I didn’t have to try to clean up the old one.  That would have taken another day at least.  As it was, I got the new injector installed by the time the moon rotated us into darkness.  The next morning, I’d put the hull plates back on and we could take off for Felinia.  If I didn’t have any more trouble, I’d have Xanmar back on her home planet a couple hours before she went into her reproduction day again.

The next morning, I was putting the hull plates back on when Xanmar called me from the bridge.

“There is a ship approaching us very quickly.  I believe they have found us.”

The blip on the screen didn’t look like an Intergalactic warship.  It wasn’t big enough.  That could only mean one of two things – another trading vessel like the Julay, or a Nog pirate vessel.  A trader would have hailed me if he knew I was there, and the Julay would have shown up on any scan he made.  It had to be the Nogs.

“Pirates.  They’ll take everything I have, including you, and they won’t be very nice to you.”

“Can we not fly yet?”

“Not until I put the last two plates back on.  That’s at least a couple more hours.”

“Then we fight.”

“We’ll have to, but we’ll have to be careful.  There usually aren’t more than half a dozen on board any ship, but we can’t take them all on at once.  We’ll have to separate them somehow.  I think I have an idea about how to do that.”

The ship touched down a few meters behind the Julay.  Just as I expected, she wore the slash and cross of a Nog pirate vessel.  A few minutes later, the front hatch opened and half a dozen Nogs peered out.  By the looks of what they carried, they only had particle beam pistols and ion rifles, not as bad as I expected, but still a threat.  Now, to get them inside the Julay.

As we’d planned, Xanmar opened the Julay cargo bay hatch and walked outside as if to greet the Nogs.  I was sure one look at her naked body would bring them running, and it did.  She quickly ran back inside and stood by the cargo bay wall opposite the hatch.  I stood by on the bridge where I could watch the cameras that circled the ship.

They were taking it slow, like I had hoped they would.  Two came up the ramp in a crouch and then entered the hatch.  When they saw Xanmar, the two Nogs charged into the cargo bay and ran over the tarp covering the open hatch to the lower hold.  

As they fell, they tossed their weapons in an attempt to grab the edge of the hatch, but the valve grease I’d painted there didn’t give them much to grab.  Xanmar came out, picked up their pistols and rifles while I dusted a little Borchan dechy flower pollen into the open hatch.  That would keep them out for several hours.

“We have two of them.  Now what about the other four?”

“I need you to go out again, but this time wave them in.  Just be quick about it.  They could decide to shoot you.”

“I know something about Nogs that you do not.  I will be all right.”

 I lowered the ramp and Xanmar walked down it, turned around, and spread her ass cheeks for the Nogs.  With one finger, she started rubbing the little brown rosebud between them, and then slipped the finger in.  With a shudder, she started slipping the finger in and out.  After a few seconds, she turned to the Nogs, smiled, and walked back up the ramp.  Once inside, she turned her ass to the cargo bay door and bent over with her hands on her knees.

I guess Nogs have a thing for the back door, because they weren’t as slow as the first two in boarding the Julay.  They still came in pairs, though.  The first two walked up the ramp, peeked around the cargo bay door, saw Xanmar and came on in.  After giving his partner his pistol and rifle, one of them walked toward Xanmar, unfastening his pants as he walked.  Xanmar wiggled her ass and spread her legs wide, then wiggled a finger at him.  He was almost within reach of her seductive hips when I hit his partner with the injector wrench.  He went down like a wilted Gach stalk.  At the sound of him falling, the first Nog turned, and that gave Xanmar enough time to kick him in the crotch.  He went down too, rolling on the floor and groaning.  I dumped them both in the open lower bay hatch and dusted in some more pollen just to be safe.

That left two, and Xanmar said she had a use for them on Felinia, so we set two particle beam pistols to stun.  Xanmar walked down the ramp with one behind her back, and I was ready to jump out as soon as she stunned the first one.

It all happened pretty fast.  I heard Xanmar’s pistol twang and jumped out onto the ramp.  The first Nog was lying on the ground twitching.  The second was leveling his pistol at Xanmar.  Xanmar and I both fired at the same time.  I hit him in the chest and Xanmar’s shot blasted his crotch.  

We had them all, we thought, until a turret on the Nog ship began to rotate.  The barrel of the plasma cannon spurted flames just as the ion charge erupted between us.  The blast evaporated Nog number one, and as we ran back into the Julay, the second hit close enough to Nog number two that he wouldn’t be doing much pirating for the rest of the day, if ever.

Xanmar looked mad.

“I thought there were never more than six.  That is what you said, is it not?”

“Well, that’s what I was told.  I guess that was wrong.”

“The others will not be deceived by the same trick.  What do we do now?”

The Nogs had landed behind the Julay for a reason.  The Julay doesn’t have rearward firing plasma cannons, so they were safer behind her.  They probably also saw the open hull and realized we couldn’t fly away.  Well, I couldn’t fly the Julay off this moon just yet, but that didn’t mean her engine wouldn’t work.

“Xanmar, I need you to start the reverse thrusters and bring them to full power as soon I tell you.  Then, I’m going to start the main engine and cook the Nogs in their own ship.  You keep the thrusters going to keep us in place for a few seconds.”

“Will they not shoot at us?”

“Not until they’ve had a chance to see what we’re carrying and get their shipmates back.”

“Just tell me when.”

“Start them now.”

I primed the plasma engine, and when all the indicators were in the green, told Xanmar to bring the thrusters to full power.  As the ship surged backward, I activated the plasma engine.  The new injector worked right the first time, and with a roar, the engine came to life.  I couldn’t let it run for very long or it would have pushed us several kilometers away, but the three seconds it burned was enough.  After one, the Nog ship’s hull started to glow red.  After two, it was white, and by the time I shut down the engine, the Nog ship was on fire and starting to drip molten metal.  That was the end of the Nogs, well, except for the four in our lower hold.  I asked Xanmar what she intended doing with them.

“Since you were so kind as to take care of me during my reproduction day, I learned that it does not require a Felinian male to do that.  These Nogs will probably do as well, and like yours, their DNA is not compatible with ours so there will be no hybrid offspring.  We will probably have to tie them down to make them service us, but they will save some Felinian males for when we truly want to reproduce.  It’s better than they deserve, do you not think?”

We made it to Felinia with half an hour to spare, although I was beginning to notice the effects of Xanmar’s pheromones by the time we landed.  The Felinians whisked her away while I stood there watching.  I supposed she was headed for an all-day romp with some lucky Felinian males.  It was a little disappointing, really.  I mean, yes, it would have drained me again, but then, I’ve never cum so many times in such a short period in my life, and probably wouldn’t ever again.

The Felinian government treated me as somewhat of a hero, and promised to fix things with the Intergalactic Council, so I wouldn’t have to leave the galaxy after all.  They also expressed an interest in trading some of their Felinian ale for Yuglick beer, so I gained another place to trade.  I could go back to visit Manoleen for a while if I wanted, or take more Jananga to the Yuglicks, or do whatever else I wanted to do.

While I was wined and dined until I couldn’t eat any more, the four Nogs suffered a worse fate.  From what I was told, they lasted about an hour before expiring under the Felinian females.  They were smiling when they gave up their last, so to speak, so I guess it wasn’t all bad for them.

After two days, and a little careful trading, the Julay was restocked and ready for another trip.  I wished I could have said goodbye to Xanmar, but the Felinians were keeping her under close wraps.  I supposed they were debriefing her about what she had learned on Bonamar.  When the shuttle docked in the Julay, I went to the bridge, started the engine, and in a few minutes was flying toward Borchon and what I hoped would be a day or two with Manoleen, or if she was busy, maybe Regga, or Reggine, or both, or maybe, all three.

It was a long way to Borchan, so I chilled a couple more Yuglick beers and settled down on the couch in the observation deck to watch the galaxy go by.  About half way through the first one, I had that feeling of being watched again.  When I turned, there she was, as naked as the day I’d traded for her.

“Xanmar.  I thought I’d never see you again.”

“I can not be a spy anymore because every one in the Galaxy knows who I am. I did not wish to stay on Felinia and become a breeding female either.  Can you imagine carrying six or eight little babies inside you for nine months, and then doing that again every year for twenty years?  I did not wish that fate.

“I asked the Council if I could go with you instead, and they said yes as long as I promised to come back on occasion and tell them where we have been and what I have seen.”

“But doesn’t that mean you’re still a spy?”

“I will not be actively looking for secrets.  I just have to report anything I see that is new.  Others will do the real investigation once they know that for which they are to look.”

“I don’t know.  You got me in big trouble the last time, and that eight day reproduction thing…well, what with losing a day while you suck me dry, and then losing another couple days to recover from that, I’ll only be trading a few days in between.”

Xanmar smiled, something I’d seldom seen her do, for real at least.

“We can plan our trips around my cycle so we are travelling during those days, and…”

Xanmar walked up to me and stroked my cheek.  

“I have been thinking about the way Earthers do it for pleasure.  Felinians have never tried it that way, but perhaps it might ease the tension of my reproduction days somewhat.  My research into Felinian biology indicates such might be the case.”

“I don’t know.  I suppose it might be nice to have someone else on board, some of the time…just to be company, you understand, not to run my ship.  I’m the captain and I do that.”

Xanmar stroked the fingertips down my chest.

“I can be your interpreter.  I speak over a thousand languages and dialects.”

“Ok, you can be my interpreter.  What else can you do.”

“I can navigate, remember?  I can help fix the ship too.”

“Anything else?”

“I learned some things from my research, like this.”

Xanmar kissed me then.  It was about the same as when Doris kissed me years ago, but something was different.  My cock sprang to life in an instant and I wanted Xanmar right then and right there.

Xanmar stopped kissing me and grinned.

“Your species is particularly affected by all my body secretions, even when it is not my reproduction day.  You feel differently now, do you not?”

“Yes, I do.  But what about Manoleen?  She’s expecting me back, and once I’m there, she’ll be expecting me to…well, about every day for Manoleen is like your reproduction day, just not quite as intense.”

“She and I have discussed an arrangement.  Manoleen is really quite nice, and promised to share you with me.”

Xanmar’s fingers had found my crotch and was lightly stroking my rigid cock.

“She also said she would teach me more about females helping other females, and about more than one female being with a male.  I think the Council would like to hear about that, do you not?  Manoleen said you enjoy such pleasures too.”

Her hand was now inside my pants and slowly jacking my cock.

I couldn’t have said no if my life depended on it, so instead, I gently pushed Xanmar down on the couch.  She stretched out seductively, but she looked a little worried.

“On my reproduction days, my instincts guide what I do, and I am not really aware.  I do not know how to act on my own.”

I stripped off my clothes and sat on the edge of the couch beside her.

“I’m the captain, remember?  I’ll do the driving.  You just do what you feel like doing.”

I did drive, for about the first five minutes.  It amazes me how quickly Xanmar learned how to act, as she called it, but she wasn’t acting at all.  With the first stroke to her nipples, Xanmar’s tummy contracted and she smiled.

“Um…that was nice.  Do it some more.”

I did, and her tummy contracted again.  A little pinch to the other nipple caused her to moan.  A little twist and a tug made her gasp.  When I closed my lips around her right nipple and sucked gently, Xanmar just pulled my face down on her breast and started feeling for my cock.

She let go long enough for me to settle myself between her upraised knees, and then pulled my face to her other nipple.  I sucked it gently, then a little harder, and then pinched it between my teeth.  Xanmar’s hips lurched up against my cock and she sighed.

“More, a lot more.”

She was wet when I slipped a finger inside her pussy, wet and tight.  I stroked in and out until I felt her open a little, then used two fingers.  With my thumb, I gently rubbed the little hood of skin over her clit.  It was amazing how quickly it grew from under its hiding place and how stiff it was when it did.  It was also amazing how Xanmar responded.  She started pulling on my cock to force it inside her.

I wasn’t about to let her first time outside of her reproduction days end quite so fast.  Nibbling my way down her soft tummy, I stopped for a minute and stuck my tongue in her little belly button, then moved on down to her soft lips.  They were just as swollen as I remembered, and her scent was just as erotic.  My tongue licked over those soft, swollen lips, then up and down the side of each one, and finally between them.  Xanmar just moaned again, and opened her thighs wide enough those soft lips separated.

Her clit was engorged, stiff, and stuck out like a little pink finger.  I licked it and Xanmar’s whole body jerked.  Her hands found the back of my head and pulled me closer.  Another lick brought another jerk and a gasp.  I closed my lips around the little shining button and sucked gently.  Xanmar arched her hips high and a trickle of fluid flowed out her opening and onto my chin.

What Xanmar had said about her body secretions must have been true, because once I slipped my tongue to her entrance and tasted them, there was no way I could keep from sticking my cock in that velvety, wet opening.  I tried to do it slowly, but Xanmar’s hips kept thrusting up and driving it inside her.  I finally gave up trying slow and settled for medium.  I figured I could keep it up for long enough that Xanmar could catch up.

As it was, I was the one who had to catch up.  At the first stroke, Xanmar started to pant.  At the second, she grabbed my ass and pulled herself up over my cock.  With the third, I felt this milking sensation that her pussy muscles were causing.  

Xanmar tried to grab the material of the couch as she cried out and arched into my next thrust, then cried out again and stroked her pussy rapidly over my cock.  I couldn’t hold back and shot a spurt of cum, then another, then another.  Xanmar shook her hips, cried out again, and then wrapped her arms around my back and held on tight.  The little ripples that stroked my cock didn’t stop for several minutes.  Xanmar’s heavy breathing took a little longer to return to normal.

When her arms fell to her sides, I raised up to look at her.  Her hair was splayed out on the couch, her breasts were full and firm, and her nipples were still long and taut.  When she opened her eyes, they were deep, sultry pools of desire.  Her voice was just as sultry.

“Is it like this with your females?  On my breeding days, I am not really conscious of anything.  My body is just doing things by instinct without feeling.”

“Yeah, about like this, except my cock gets soft afterwards.  Doesn’t seem to be doing that with you.”

“I told you about my body secretions, remember?  Your females must want to do it all the time.”

“Some of them yes, but most just like it a few times a week.  Some only a few times a month.  Some even less.”

“I think your females are very foolish then.  I want to feel this way all the time.”

“Well, as long as you’re staying, we could make it something we do often.  Just not all day, every day, OK?  I do have places to be and trades to make.”

Xanmar sighed.

“I know, but I feel so…so warm and…and contented.  Can we do it again, right now?”

Well, we did, a couple more times in fact.  Then we showered together.  Once I had Xanmar’s juices washed off, my cock finally went down, though she managed to get it to stand up once more.  She said she wanted to see what it looked like when I came.  She got an eyeful, or rather, a tummy full, and giggled when the streams hit her.

“I want to do this again, but differently.  In my research, I learned that females of your species sometimes like to have the male release his reproductive fluids into their mouths.  Will you teach me that?”

Well, we have another week until we reach Borchan, so I have time for that lesson.  I’m not as sure I have the stamina.  Xanmar’s reproduction day is due tomorrow, and I’ve been taking Wischan Water Weed extract in hopes of being able to keep up.  After that…well, when we get to Borchan, we’ll see what she and Manoleen have cooked up.  Xanmar has been talking with her, and said they have some sort of celebration planned, and that I’d like it a lot.  I can’t imagine liking anything more than I like fucking Xanmar, unless it would be fucking Xanmar and licking Manoleen, or fucking Manoleen and licking Xanmar, or having Xanmar and Manoleen and Reega and Reeginne…well, you get the idea.