Bad Boy

You’ve been a bad, bad boy
I’ve been a bad, bad boy
But I am not your toy
I want to share your joy
Don’t want to be coy
I want to taste your joy

Being bad can be good
Being good can be bad
I caressed you as I knew I could
I saw in your eyes nothing but sad
I pressed on, I knew I should
I really gave it all I had

So happy to see you come to life
So excited to ease the strife
Turn around and feel the heat
Forget the bad, take the meat
Forget the sad, feel the shove
Kiss me now, feel my love

Feel me inside you, bad boy
That’s me for real, not a toy
Take me inside you, good boy
As I stroke us both to joy

Bad boy, let me feel you
Good boy, let me taste you
Mood boy, let me help you
Sad boy, let me love you